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Monday, December 28, 2015

My greatness has been further confirmed

I've updated my acclaimed academic diagram invented a couple months ago. I've added a mathematical equation which shows that I am yet again on top of the zeitgeist.

Website 538 has stolen my analysis along with linking to the Jill Lepore New Yorker article.

That's pretty funny. One of the websites which has been up there for polling garbage is stealing the scoop which exposed lame outlets such as their own.

This guy must have gone to the Mandy Nagy School of fake journalism:

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Lenny Fritos said...

I guess I can't blame him. Was the dude supposed to put a disclaimer at the top that he lifted my ideas?

Oh yeah, I was reading some nobody blog. Here's a hat tip to mi amigos at DFQ2. They say funny things and then bet on it or wtf.

I'm not saying it was a clear cut case of theft like Mandy, but I dunno. I think we may have saved Nate Silver's career. Ever since he got socratised, he censured Enten with negative feedback loops.

The BernBots are winning.

Oh, so I go to Slate and what garbage they are. One op-ed is now playing some Hillary sympathy card as in everyone stop hating her so much.

It reminds me of when the nurses ganged up on nasty, anal retentive Hot Lips Houlihan. But this is for the presidency, not some sitcom. I am at peace with the nuclear option called Bernie or bust. It feels moral and just.

Hillary is a very, very bad person. I looked into it. It wasn't some Breitbart hoax. Even the dumbass shut ins are waking up to Bernie. Everyone will put up pictures of him. What about Mount Rushmore. Is there more room on that thing?

By the way, I did see the Cary Grant movie where he and the dame were on the Monument. That's a great movie. It's a good escape. That was Hitchcock and Grant as transcendent greatness. I don't even remember the plot or too much about it, but the beginning was great too. I remember him getting buzzed by some small plane.

But I digress. I wish I could watch Shemp, but my to watch list is in a certain order and some things have to be done according to rules. I suppose. I can wait. The feeling comes and go. Wanting to watch Shemp episodes.

Lenny Fritos said...

There is something that just came out called the Basketball Power Index. It favors the Celtics in 28 of the next 32 games. What have I not scooped that some big shot outlet later steals?

Lenny Fritos said...

Golden State might not lose five games, but that's only if they remain healthy and I hope they do that only to not win it all. Their start is pretty good. It will look bad, though like when the Patriots went 18-1. You have to win the last game. The same physics are in place for why one arrives fashionably late for parties. More teams make the playoff than not. It is ridiculous. The regular season isn't that important unless one wants to follow an individual team's trajectory for their younger players. Only four teams have a realistic chance of winning it all.

I wouldn't want to follow the Mavericks. It's getting ugly for them. It was no picnic those last couple years with Pierce and KG. I imagine the Mavs are slogging forward with a boring, dead end season.

If I was from Philly, I wouldn't watch any of it. Talk about being a patsy.

Hey guys! How about that Okafor.

That is a cringe worthy team. Or have fun watching Kobe. Or let' snot.

People are probably thinking I do that awkward typo on purpose. It' snot that.

Lenny Fritos said...

Maybe you are under ten feet of snow with no power, but I did find an article that makes you look like a Clinton operative, a wolf in BernBot clothes.

"Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders voted for regime change in Libya"

It's a weird little article that spends 99% of the time proving it was a stretch of the imagination by Hillary only to conclude it is mostly true.

Hillary's a warmonger. End of story. I'm not sure why you are trying to smear Bernie Sanders.

donkeytale said...

You correctly (I think in this thread) indicated that not all Bernie voters are BernBots. I am a Bernie voter, not a BernBot an certainly will never be a Bernie homer.

If you prefer this blog to be a source of all BernBottery/Bernie homerism all the time, that is your right. I understand you're practice of repressive tolerance in this campaign, although Marcuse was aiming much higher with his theory than merely electing a liberal President. Probably where we disagree is whether Bernie is also fomenting Marcusean dissent and sociopolitical revolution. He may be a step along that path but to me he has allowed himself to become circumscribed within the Demotardic apparatus in pursuit of his electoral prospects and there is nothing wrong with that. Clearly, he needs the DNC. This us also a truth from DataGate.

Bernie Sanders as a Senator and Demotard is no free form revolutionary thinker which is why Chomsky, Hedges and other true leftie intellectuals are not BernBots. They are not political operatives or useful idiots .

They recognize that Bernie is a Independent Senator running for President as a Demotard. He is establishmentarian, not revolutionary. He has already stated his allegiance to Hillary should she win the nomination. There is nothing wrong with that, but one does a disservice to his academic credibility when one is blinded to the truth as a BernBot/Homer.

I agree that mine is not the simplistic, non-credible take of the Bot/homer or outright propagandist who believes in a cause regardless of the truth. I enjoy being trolled, although the same trolling over and over again my fren gets old and boring, even in this era of mailed-in repetition and nothing new under the sun.

You need to replace "regular guy" with "conspiracy theorist" in your diagram. The title of the diagram then becomes "social media."

Zeitgeist Theory is greater than tin foil theory.

Lenny Fritos said...

Touché. You win. You are the winner.

Lenny Fritos said...

The reader decides and if they care, they can go through previous comments and see you have some kind of contrarian racket schtick.

Lenny Fritos said...

The Lakers are at Boston tonight. The basketball terminology for this game is cupcake.

donkeytale said...

Sorry that comment took about two hours to get down as I was distracted as shit this morning. Real life getting in the way of a blogging melt down. Go figure.

By accident I left out the intentionally strained humour. It sounds grimmer than I felt. Actually I was feeling pretty good when I thought about it. Which I didn't.

That's the problem. One must stop and remember that it's all good.

Back in the day people like us were routinely burned at the stake. You know regular guys.

Today we are considered witty, wise and prescient, especially in Russia.

Maybe they are scouting talent and looking to hire a few good paid fakes.

I for one would have no problem loosing my amateur status. And Russia is the big leagues my friend.

donkeytale said...

The way I look at it is more performance art then sports. We use sports metaphors sure. There are no winners here because we are playing music more than sports. If you catch my drift. Sometimes the music is harsh, sometimes its mellow. John on rhythm and low harmony, Paul on Bass and high harmony.

George the third part harmony and lead.


Lenny Fritos said...

The Celtics choked and are about to lose to the Lakers.

I think everyone is suffering from silly season fatigue. This was yet another indulgent entry and I deserved to be sent to the woodshed.

I am not a tinfoiler. I am definitely a proud BernBot.

Bernie is trying to poach the Trump vote. I think some states you don't have to register a party. It'll be extremely interesting if Bernie wins Iowa and NH. The rumour mill is starting to brew that Bernie will shoot out to the 2-0 lead.

Not all my stuff will be greatness. I'm a blog hog.

I saw Dallas getting knocked around. I saw 15 inches of snow forecast on top of tornadoes and monsoons and stuff.

You said you had that hill safety mechanism while the people in the valley will have to fend for themselves.

I thought it was kind of funny what you wrote. It was a bit better than the poor man's Bukowski.

I'm out of material. I don't see where my schtick has gone tinfoil. The Snowden documents are real. There are also a lot of sock puppets. I've seen them. That is the holy grail of regular guys, to be able to avoid the paid fakes and by extension, useful idiot. I am a humble messenger who has sourced every bit of confirmed paranoia.

I also do stuff like essays on personality traits, some actress chick jumping off the Hollywood Sign, let's deprogram Roseanne was good and she and I had a memorable back and forth on Twitter. A handsome woman, no doubt. She certainly has a few screws and bolts rattling around in there, but her heart is in the right tinfoil.

Man, I debunked that false memory junk. I should be able to mail in whatever I want to after winning the internet.

This zeitgeist sniffing victory is icing on the top of the zeitgeist cake. Sorry for diction. I said zeitgeist twice. What is it, 62% don't vote? I am trying to rephrase the known known that not enough citizens vote in elections.

Damn I am going to try to forget about that basketball game. The Celtics looked so bad.

Bernie on the other hand continues to kick ass. But you don't realise that because you've been hitting snooze on your election coverage except for your random overreaction to the San Bernardino crime scene.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm reading some search results for what these Russians are trying to prove. I see no url's explaining who they are. All I see are the big numbers and Russia. I'm finding it difficult to grok. We got some real hits from another website. Otherwise this is a boutique blog, a word festival delicacy.

I'm done. I'm gonna try to relax and watch some old movies on youtube.

Lenny Fritos said...

It's very strong tinfoil. I thank you yet again for bringing up Cass Sunstein.

"Debbie Wasserman Schultz is impeding democracy"

Lenny Fritos said...

Maybe take a break. We are still over four weeks away from when it will be clear I was correct. I am upping Bernie's odds to 94% to win the nomination. You could come back in a month and say you were right, kid. Bernie had it the whole time. The polls failed me. Not me. You could say that.

donkeytale said...

ok, you win the pre=debate 94-50

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm watching Shemp. I'm trying to remain positive.

Lenny Fritos said...

They found an 800-year-old cell phone.

I like the stuff they find on other planets better, like that mouse on Mars.

Though that was on Earth too, some form of Capricorn One in the Nevada Desert filming the moon hoax.

I'll wait for the dust to settle on the time travel phone. It could be a coincidence, but it looks legit.

I mean, if you are going to smear me as tinfoil, I might as well get my money's worth.

Lenny Fritos said...


"Just ONE person shows up to hear Democratic also-ran Martin O'Malley in Iowa – and he says he doesn't know who he'll vote for"

Lenny Fritos said...

Jesse Ventura is an expert marksman and couldn't do what they claim Oswald did.

"Jesse Ventura reveals who shot Kennedy..."

Lenny Fritos said...

"History is proving LBJ killed Kennedy"

Lenny Fritos said...

I didn't know Jack Ruby fingered LBJ as behind the killings.

Could it be that Oswald was involved then they turned on him?

In conclusion, the CIA/neoconliberals killed JFK.

I am not sure how that is tinfoil in 2016. 2016 is in a day or two.

Everyone knows the shot that killed JFK came from the grassy knoll.

Lenny Fritos said...

"RFK to Johnson Why did you kill my brother"

Of course there is a big conspiracy going on.

Lenny Fritos said...

"Lyndon Johnson Admits To Walter Cronkite That He Knows Who Killed Kennedy"

Lenny Fritos said...

"NIXON jokes about LBJ killing JFK"

Lenny Fritos said...

"JFK Assassin caught on Camera"

Lenny Fritos said...

"Photo & 1st hand witness of grassy knoll JFK assassin 1 of 2"

you can't handle the truth?

Lenny Fritos said...

Regular guy said there were four shots and the big one came from behind that picket fence. It was railroad guys back there.

And I see that the woman who id'ed Oswald killing Tippett was unreliable.

There's tons of stuff at YT. Lots of witnesses.

So whenever people talk about tinfoil, I just say JFK and the Johnny Cash.

Lenny Fritos said...

Guy was there with his son and saw JFK's head explode from up close and he said the material went... to the left and backward. Or in other words, back and to the left.

But let's blame the conspiracy freaks for everything. Wow.

donkeytale said...

Nice straw man there.

We were talking about one specific incident of tin foil and you go directly to the Mother of All Conspiracy Theories, as the vaunted exception that proves the rule to try to prove...what?.

Nice work. Plus this gymnastic leap of logical fallacy just seems not up to your normal intelligence:

"But let's blame the conspiracy freaks for everything. Wow."

Maybe your defensiveness is your way of saying donkeytale is correct in this case. The unnamed Bernie source who suggested that Uretsky was a plant just makes Bernie look bad. Er, I mean, not Bernie himself who took the high road but the BernBots and the Bernie Homers who unthinkingly donned tin foil suits immediately in the aftermath of the Yahoo "news" report that only Gawker apparently picked up on.

Dude, I don't care about tin foil one way or other. It is part and parcel of infotainment. It is a real psychological phenomenon that exists because people are feeling baffled by reality and unable to change their circumstances. I'm not obsessing over your obsession with Tin Foil at all. Except as a potential movie plot chemtrails never interested me. Sorry. The enemy inside of us is just a plant of the real enemy outside.

I admitted the Plant Theory was plausible but I had a different point to make and I made it and you ignored it. See below, others didn't ignore it. Tin Foil cannot be disproven, that's what makes it tin foil. There is always an out and always another iteration.

You believe CIA killed Kennedy> I believe the Mob done it. You think the govt is the ultimate enemy while I believe the govt acts as puppets on a string for private monied interests. That is why I back Bernie. We have had this debate years ago. Again. LOL.

donkeytale said...

The allegation that Uretsky was a sleeper cell planted by the DNC to bring down Sanders is just the type of wild conspiracy theory certain to be readily accepted by the average Sanders supporter. It’s also totally within the realm of possibility. DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz clearly favors Clinton for the nomination and has done everything within her power to stack the deck for her former boss — most markedly and egregiously by scheduling the six Democratic debates on nights with historically low viewership, resulting in fewer people to witness challenges to Clinton’s status as the frontrunner.

Even if it’s true, though, it doesn’t absolve Sanders’ campaign of responsibility, and it’s hard to see how floating the allegation can help the candidate in any way whatsoever.

For one thing, doesn’t the Sanders team do any of its own vetting? Or does it base its staffing decisions solely on the recommendations of an organization accused of acting in cahoots with its main rival? This unnamed Sanders adviser attempts to deny culpability in Uretsky’s breach by criticizing the DNC for recommending him, but this scenario would implicate Sanders in what has been one of the most common critiques of his candidacy: That he’s not ready for prime time.

Throughout his campaign, Sanders has had to frequently battle the suggestion that he’s a naive Mr. Smith on his way to Washington. This conspiracy theory would confirm that suggestion. Clinton’s only real strength as a candidate over Sanders — because it’s certainly not her voting record, platform, or personal integrity — is her political savvy. Could there be anything that showcases that savvy, or Sanders’ lack of it, more than the intimation that he’s not responsible for the mistakes of his people because, hey, they were endorsed by the enemy!

Lenny Fritos said...

You're a fucking clown. You read next to nothing on anything and don't follow any of the politics or debates and then you copy and paste from other jackasses.

You can suck on that Snowden document which speaks of "conspiracy stories."

This makes sense. Texas is garbage. Texas is the kind of state holding back the country.

If you don't know what you're talking about, maybe keep your right wing mouth shut?

Look at know-it-all from Texas who never shuts up about Cass Sunstein and especially conspiracy theories when they are being produced by the Military-Industrial Complex.

Donkeytale is maybe a bit to the left of Don Lemon when everything gets boiled down to its essence.

Lenny Fritos said...

The point is DWS went immediately to the "let's finish off Bernie for good" by taking away his data.

Let's hear some more from donkeytale about how politics is a game of inches and change is always slow like dripping molasses.

Let's see him link some more to losers such as Dave Weigel and Ezra Klein and his new lover Nate Silver.

Yeah, that was some crazy stuff over the years whenever someone might wonder if you are a DLC, oops, a DNC plant.

Donkeytale is becoming an indicator of what the brain dead "demotard" believes. He is part and parcel of what Counterpunch refers to as sheep herding.

In his own way, he is like a Harry Enten. He just updates his schtick when it becomes obvious he was wrong. Yet, that's done without an ounce of humility.

Why does donkeytale keep serving the Bilderbergs?

Why do people serve interests that are not their own?

Why do people keep getting played?

Why is it okay for someone to co-opt great wisdom, say in that the medium is the conspiracy, and then that allows the individual to spread venom about conspiracy theorists?

It's like when donkeytale came up with his one line, "Okay, Obama sucks dick, too."

Not only was that gay baiting, but it showed where donkeytale gets his bread buttered, and that would be from the fake left.

If there isn't a conspiracy to steal the nomination for Hillary Clinton, then there is no such thing as conspiracies.

It is funny to see donkeytale come out months after the fact and admit that polling has become obsolete.

Then he expects us to forget that he has been a big supporter of Obama and that he attacked the zeitgeist sniffers who questioned polling.

He has a disdain for peaceniks and free thinkers. That must be it.

It's called moving the field goal posts.

I am more of a live and let live kind of guy at this point in my life, but it's hard to keep my pie hole shut when I see someone saying one thing and meaning another. It's called hypocrisy.

Go on, link again to Dave Weigel. We all know he's one of your favourites. Or Ezra. You seem to like the Journolist.

And one last point, because I do realise most of what you say is some kind of contrarian knee-jerk reaction game. You can't claim we are dancing poetically on the same team when you keep going to the conspiracy theory kook well for spin.

You like this. You like it staying in the realm of attacking Bernie and his supporters when it was Wasserman Schultz who tried to crush his chances.

Ha! Donkeytale asks whether Bernie knows how to vet who he's hiring. Gee, Wally, didn't the DINO's recommend Uretsky to the Bernie camp?

You wouldn't talk trash like this to Jeff Weaver or Nina Turner. But I'm an easy target. I've witnessed your act for years. Facts, schmacts?

The story becomes about conspiracy kooks. You love that and push it on this blog. It's been the main thread running through your "sane" leftier than thou perch. Oh, did it offend you that LBJ turned out to be a dickhead and that Dallas is owned by evil? That your mafia explanation for who killed JFK has been the true mother of all straw men?

donkeytale said...

Moving the goal posts? LOL. We were discussing tin foliage specifically related to DataGate. The actual DataGate was a boon for Bernie because it got him back in the news in a positive assertive manner when he filed suit and quickly (like in one day) got his data rights restored. The event showcased Hillar's control over the the DNC apparatus in a negative light.

Bernie then apologized at the debate, which was the statesmanlike thing for him to do. It was also a tacit admission that his campaign team f'd up.

The specific tin foil is well documented in the link. It is the most grindingly obvious type (Using unnamed sources, LOL) and as I earlier pointed out, if Uretsky was a DNC plant that information just makes Bernie's team look stupid for hiring him. However, the facts are much simpler. Uretsky is one of only a handful of political operatives who have enough knowledge of the DNC database to be an effective manager. Yes, Bernie is operating also within the apparatus. Yes he needs the DNC if he's going to win, whether BernBots like it or not. Now, I can hardly wait til after he wins and he confronts the solid wall of GOP obstruction in Congress. This will be the difference maker. Will the BernBots rise up and tear down the walls?

Or will we wait for the next iteration of leftism.

The movement of inches and the molasses are part and parcel of Amerikkkan Demotardacy. The only short cut is through action in the streets.

Your histrionics here, while repetitive in nature simply obscure the truth.

BernBots and Bernie Homers spreading tin foil are playing right into the hands of the establishment. Bernie doesn't benefit by being associated with wackjobs who in effect are useful idiots for the Hillary and the GOP when they taint Bernie by association with tin foil.

This is a story. Not the story. the over generalized nature of your commentary regarding ---one--- specific event of tin foliage will not obscure the truth.

The story is being written. The first chapter finishes on Feb 1. The great unknown of every campaign is how well it performs on the ground. There is no way to predict how this will go until it starts happening.

In 2008 Obama killed Hillary on the ground. Ditto 2012 vis a vis Romney.

Bernie will need a stellar ground game too as he appeals to much of the same Obama demographic. And he lacks the natural advantage with the minourity community. As we have discussed more than I care to repeat because it is grindingly obviosy, Bernie must win a significant percentage of those minority voters. And to win them he must deliver them to the polls on election day.

donkeytale said...

I will state again, if you want this blog to become a BernBot site ala Jeanette's twitter feed I am fine with that. Bernie is a worthy cause. There are paid policial operatives working for Bernie and there are amateur volunteers. There is nothing wrong with either.

You have provided me a platform for my schtick and some great back and forth over the years. You seem now to be going in a new more politically charged direction and my schtick does not fit easily into any box because, and get this, I am NOT a political operative. LOL.

So if BernBottery is now required at DFQ2, sorry I am definitely a Bernie voter but I am going to call the tin foil when I see it, especially when it emanates or gets tied to Bernie because the one thing he cannot have and succeed is the label of Kook attached to his campaign.

The Unnamed Source accomplished that exactly.

I'm done.

donkeytale said...

The other night was a very contrarian NBA night. The Celts lost to the lowly Lakers. Kobe got a standing O in the Garden.

GS got blown out by Dallas.

And to top it all, Philly beat the Rondo Kings.

Normalcy was restored last night when the Warriors went into Houston and beat the Rockets. Curry missed both games.

donkeytale said...

In fact, DataGate is an instructive moment for Zeitgeist theorists.

It proves donkeytale prescience. Yes, you have appropriated my schtick recently to the point where its become nearly all mine.

But this is the way life bends and folds as it flows like a river to the endless sea.

Obama won because of superior ground game. That ground game was grounded in his database. After 2012 with no further electoral need, he donated his database to the Party for future candidacies to utilize.

Just as I donate my schtick for future bloggers to utilize for their bloggng campaigns.

Bernie now uses and obviously badly needs that DataBase for his own campaign.

If Bernie's team performs as well as Obama's using O's database as the foundation then it is game over for Team Fat Hillary.

Obama leads to Bernie.

Lenny Fritos said...

Happy New Year!

I know where to begin. It sounds like you are feeling the bern.

I would also Jesse Ventura to say you smell what the Bern is cooking in Iowa and expect some goose-bump inducing results. That's good.

I thank you for this. People can research for themselves and then cross-check what you have been mailing in lately and see that except for some tiny variations, you might as well be working for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

There is no BernBot conspiracy theory movement. There was no BernBot connection to fake polls saying Black people do not like Bernie Sanders.

I don't know where you are getting your info.

Yet not always but sometimes, I see you parroting mainstream paid fake attacks on Bernie. Didn't you say something once about Bernie calling Black people "youse guys?" I asked for the link. I may have even found where you came up with such an idea and it might have been from The Washington Times. Anyway, you apologised for that faux pas. Or you deleted it.

Bernie's made great strides with African Americans. Maybe you missed that development.

I don't get why you keep spinning BernBots and Cass Sunstein.

The chemtrail crack was uncalled for. I am not going to search for it, but one time you admitted the skies looked a bit funkier than they should. I went out on a big limb early in my blogging career and do not regret it. I still 100% believe that there has been wide scale manipulation of the atmosphere. That is based on atmospheric science and the fact that climate change has been classified as a national security concern.

It is the knee-jerk calling of anyone with sincere questions a kook which is your biggest sin.

Maybe Uretsky wasn't a plant. You are the one who is so fascinated by the idea that anyone would wonder if DataGate was a setup. You are the one pushing the conspiracy theory.

You're welcome for my staying on top of the pulse of the Democratic Primary race to enough of a mailed in point that I put the story onto the DFQ2 table. That does not give you the liberty to spin attacks on BernBots as kooks who if not careful are going to extinguish the bern feeling their cult professes devotion towards.

It's more than a feeling.

Lenny Fritos said...

Apparently a lot of Lakers fans got into the Boston Garden. It wasn't Celtics fans acting like Kapos. (Godwin alert?)

L.A. has to be careful. If they get much better, they might lose their draft pick. It is only top three protected. Even if they excel at losing and catch up to Philly for the most losses, they still could have a run of bad ping pong luck and the pick still goes to Philadelphia.

LeBron James had a tough week. He is a baby. Some woman in the front row made the baby wipes his eyes look right in front of the King. Talk about an ouchie for schadenfreude. Then it got worse for LeBaby as he admitted in recent days that he has no clue about Tamir Rice.

To paraphrase, my name is LeBron and I am the King. I have no clue about one of the biggest stories in my city. Thus, I cannot add any commentary, mailed in or otherwise. That's LeBron, not me. I am paraphrasing.

We must take a look ahead:

Lenny Fritos said...

To paraphrase Boston, all I want is a piece of pie, hopefully chocolate with that crunchy graham cracker base.

donkeytale said...

You mean most of the time the MSM parrots me.

But in this case you were busted parroting Yahoo News and Gawker's planted tin foil and you reacted badly when caught in your tin man suit. Your overreaction is always the telling point.

Here is a newsflash. More often than not the MSM mostly gets it right. And your alternative is........?

Here is another newsflash. No one serious buys the polls until after Iowa and NH. The herstory of both states is that neither is predictable very often, especially in a year when no incumbent is running.

So while your argument is seemingly a good one and may well be true, it is also an argument you are having with yourself. Especially when you believe the polls that show Bernie ahead but disbelieve the polls that show Bernie behind.

what is that called again in academia? Confirmation bias? Pseudo-intellectualism? Scientism?

Or Socratism?

There if you can accept that I'm ready to move on. If instead you want to return to full-on ballistic mode I'm also ready to move on or not.

I'll go back to being a paid fake for the DLC. Anything, just don't make me kiss DWS on the lips.

Yikes, that is some kind of not attractive. Definitely not presiditzial material.

At least she's not fat.

donkeytale said...

And I stand by my comments: Bernie's worst enemies are the BernBots who go out of their way to antagonize anyone who doesn't feel the Bern and even some of those who do feel the Bern but keep their wits about them....Bernie will need those voters too in the general after he vanquishes Hillary in the semi-finals.

donkeytale said...

The Lakers will be back just as surely as the sun shines up David Stern's butt crack.

See, I also believe in tin foil. We all do at times. Still, it remains belief until proven.

And since tin foil cannot be disproven it also cannot be proven.

That is what makes it tin foliage in the first place.

If it is proved then it is no longer made of aluminum and the tin foiler is vindicated.

Here is hoping you a happy new year of immense vindication and mailed-in masterpieces.

donkeytale said...

TBH, I much prefer you in semi-automatic semi-ballistic mode when you have your humourous prose chops working, which I admit is most of the time.

We all have some bile that we must rid from our systems when it reached our gullets or we tend to become bitterly bilistic and decidedly unhumourous.

Unnamed sources from within the Whiteysphere tell me unhumour is what drives away our Russian traffic.

donkeytale said...

This is interesting campaign trail narrative...and scroll down to see the full body shot of Fat Marco....

Lenny Fritos said...

I tried reading that article, but it went on for too long.

I did see the Rubio photo. Yes, he is turning himself into a tub of lard.

And I see yet again you are writing as if you expect Bernie to reach the nomination mountaintop.

Maybe you were waiting to see if Bernie could maintain his schtick and not be just another tease job like with Howard Dean and Ron Paul.

I was never a Ron Paul fan, but I could see he was a decent guy in regards to civil liberties and speaking against war. Rand Paul tried to carry on that legacy, but he is the John Drew Barrymore of that family. He is doing the equivalent of making a few B movies and living off of his last name.

Whatever the reason for your newfound optimism, welcome back to the fold. I understand how the beauty and love instilled by the deadhead demographic is in contradistinction to the bile of say a Bukowski or Creedence's I ain't no fortunate fat f*ck face.

It's just you being you, Mr. Bitterness.

It's why I will calm down and not eviscerate yourself for the outright lie that I am debating myself. You couldn't be more wrong. Fake polls have been driving political race coverage the whole enchilada. Of course there is a media conspiracy to limit Bernie's on-air time. If you weren't such a useful idiot with the Sunstein overkill and this new spin that Bernie's kooky fans are jeopardising his destiny as revolution leader, you'd notice that my zeitgeist sniffing has had a major impact on propelling Bernie's momentum.

I did my part. While you were crying in your cereal that Bernie wasn't attacking Hillary enough or in the way you wanted him to, myself and Jeff Weaver went to work.

You still haven't explained what that Snowden document was about, nor how it just happened to mention conspiracy stories and herding with other Frankenstein Psychology applications.

I guess you missed the memo that it is illegal for our govt. to perform psychological operations on its citizens.

Oh, that's all tinfoil?

They just arrested another mentally ill patsy. They make it sound like they stopped an imminent terror attack. But then when you read into it, the FBI informant supplied the patsy with the weapons and just so happens to be the state's main witness.

But keep on attacking the truth?

I am but the messenger who understands the fine art of academic sourcing, Horatio.

I use real tinfoil, not the fake stuff.

I mean, the real tinfoilers are the people claiming there is no conspiracy.


Lenny Fritos said...

Oh, and I also see that your buddy Dick Morris has predicted a Bernie win. He was Clinton's triangulation man. I know you know that. The point is you love triangulation. You want the DLC/DNC/DINO's in power rather than Republicans. Your best point was that Nader didn't have any chance of winning, so why did he run and hurt Al Gore. It gives you some plausible deniability. It also helps that you are trying to will a Bernie victory. You are trying to visualise Iowa leading the way to a Bernie presidency. I never expected you to become New Age. I explained why above. Maybe we can make a Hillary voodoo doll for the next debate. Then when the questions get serious, we tickle her armpits making her laugh during inappropriate moments. I am non-violent, but it seems some kind of voodoo tickling schtick might work.

Haha I am so funny. Not. But the point remains, and you get full credit, that H. is a loss waiting to happen. If we can get through the rest of this day, then technically we will be under one month to go for Iowa.

She is a loss waiting to happen. I don't know if you saw it, but she pissed off a lot of people the last couple weeks with her pandering. If you haven't watched Bern with Killer Mike, you should. It's pretty good and at YT.

All we really have to go is the eye test, as the polls have failed us. I see a lot of Black support building for Bernie. Maybe the two big endorsements he got has made you more positive.

You sound a lot more hopeful than the 50-50 scenario you've been clinging to. Maybe my 94% Bernie to win proclamation has woken you up from a nasty nightmare of H. being inaugurated and then you hear her say, "Thank you, Bernie!" And then all your Monday morning quarterbacking comes back to haunt you. As in, do you want to win this sucker or not, Bern?

He does. He is. I've been following this. The Amerikkkan people may be more sophisticated and nuanced than we have been giving them credit. It's just not going to show up in rigged polls.

You say I am debating myself, but I see next to no coverage that shows polling has become obsolete. I mean, you really have to search for the few articles that explain this.

But for you to dismiss my passion for outing rigged polls as a debate between myself, I disagree. It'd be akin to Mandy saying, hey guys, this is a hidden story that I am scooping on a bomber. It'd be a great story for her if it had been true. That was my scoop. Mine. Same with the anti-polling zeitgeist sniffing schtick. Well, it's not my scoop, but I am fairly sure my pioneering blogging has settled down the BernBots and led others to consider Bernie since because of my fine work exposing conspiracies, now they recognise a vote for Bernie is not a throwaway vote. They recognise that this is a political revolution. It is not being televised, but it is being blogged.

Lenny Fritos said...

It's not that I promote polls when they make Bernie look good or vice-versa when Hillary is looking coronation good to go.

Those polls are not completely meaningless. They do not reflect the electorate but a small fraction of it. So if Bernie is doing better in fake polls, he really is doing better with the kind of losers who form Hillary's base.

Lenny Fritos said...

I feel that the above posts get me the win. It was like Pedro having only his slow junk. I admit I am relying heavily on the change-up. My fastball is barely hitting 86 on the radar gun. Thankfully it has a bit of movement, and with the effective change-up, it goes a little bit faster by the batter. You are definitely in some kind of in season shape for supertrolling. I am a bit wary of throwing you a curve. I stopped following the Red Sox. I am going to google Tim Wakefield. Is he still pitching that knuckle cheese? Too bad Pedro Martinez didn't learn that pitch. He'd still be playing? I wonder what TLNL is up to this holiday season? Inside baseball? I'm done?

It's hard to prove I'm driving the zeitgeist bus, but we shall see. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. If not, you're snot?

It may be a coincidence, but I have to go blow my nose.

Lenny Fritos said...

Massachusetts will be the perfect litmus test if by God's grace he sweeps, takes three out of four headed towards Super Tuesday.

That's what my new entry is on. It is a perfect way to kill two blog birds with one case study.

While Massachusetts is arguably home court for him, Hillary is pounding on Bernie in fake polls.

It might answer the question of is Bernie the front runner in the big progressive states.

Sorry for being rude earlier. I agree it is best for people to vent in safe ways. That should now be out of my system.

We were Ali-Frazier. No one won.

donkeytale said...

The thing people miss is that Frazier was actually a light heavyweight. He didn't have the size or reach to naturally compete against Ali, especially the pre-draft dodger Ali who was lighter on his feet and could dance around for 15 rounds.

Pre-banned Ali would have simply moved away from and outpointed Frazier or wore him down with jabs and maybe TKO.

Probably it is the banning that caused his Parkinsons as Frazier rocked him hard in both the first and third fights with several strong punches to the gourd. In the first fight ALi was clearly not yet back in fighting shaoe and Frazier was able to burrow in and under Ali. Ali went down hard with a broken jaw.

ALi never regained his dancing abilities after the banning. He cam back more mature and heavier. He could rock n roll on his toes for a round here and there but never for extended portions of a fight.

The second Ali-Frazier fight when Foreman held the title was a boring affair that featured much clinching and little action. Ali won a decision.

Frazier wss more exposed as a light heavy by Foreman who simply pulverized him when he tried burrow in and under the younger, stronger Foreman.

There is a reason Ali never rematched with Foreman.

donkeytale said...

Of course you are arguing with yourself. Outside of Iowa and NH few people are even paying attention to the race at the moment much less considering the meaningless polls. Living inside the social media bubble as a BernBot distorts your perception of hat matters to the 58 million voters of whom about 57.9999 million don't follow much less retweet Jeanette Jing's Twitter feed.

Here is the MSM telling you (once again) that no one ever takes primary polls seriously, especially at this stage. You do remember Howard whatshisface? I mean you supported him in 2004 along with the DKOS and DU herds, correct?

"You have undoubtedly heard that primary polls aren’t necessarily very predictive far from an election. With just a month to go until the Iowa caucuses, I’m writing to tell you that ... it’s still true.

Yes, even with that little time left until Iowa, the first contest of the 2016 race, there’s more than enough time for candidates with little or no support to surge to victory, for forgotten former front-runners to mount a comeback, or for strong and consistent poll leaders to collapse abruptly.

This phase of the race — the final stretch before Iowa and New Hampshire — can be the most volatile of the entire campaign, as early-state voters make up their minds, politicians and newspapers make endorsements, and candidates make strategic decisions to invest time and money in particular states.

In recent primary campaigns, going back to the 2004 Democratic primary, those candidates who have led in Iowa or New Hampshire polls with just one month to go have lost as often as they have won. On average, candidates’ share of the vote at this stage differed from their final share of the vote by around seven percentage points. With many candidates running, it was not at all uncommon for a candidate to move by more."

donkeytale said...

I do agree with you that Mass will be very interesting because Bernie is a New Englander and yet there is also a heavy urban minourity concentration.

Here again, If Bernie clouts Hillary as we both expect in NH then his momementum should carry across the border. Mass is also an elitist upper middle class white liberal enclave which plays strongly to Bernie's demographic appeal.

How he does with minority voters in the larger bicoastal liberal markets will also start to emerge here. He will need these voters a great deal also in places like NY and Calif.

It is all good. This race will be extremely interesting in the early going especially. In both parties.

donkeytale said...

OTOH, recall that Obama throttled Hillary in Iowa and the polls were in his favour to take NH as well but there was a backlash created when she cried on TV and she actually won NH which was considered an upset and kept her fom being blown out of the race altogether.

Who won the Mass primary in 2008???

Hillary 55-38.

donkeytale said...

Correction: Hillary won the popular vote but they tied in delegates. Obama won the most delegates eventually when Edwards threw his 4 to the Big O.

This is an example of Obama's serious strategic superiority and ground game.

Ground game and political strategery are far more important than polls and unfortunately no one can tell in advance who will be superior in this all important part of the election landscape. But cutting-edge zeitgeist theorists will be looking for clues more in this phase of the game than what the polls say in the early going

donkeytale said...

In NH that is.

donkeytale said...

Norton and Holmes also smacked Ali around pretty hard. Probably had he not been banned he wouldn't have fought Holmes at all.

Or maybe he needed the dough because he was a twice divorced philanderer with heavy child support bills [projection alert]

Lenny Fritos said...

Ali was thoroughly ripped off. I agree there is no way to gauge his greatness because his natural progression was stunted by outside forces.

The British guy knocked down Ali early in his career, but I don't think the fight was actually that close. Getting knocked down occasionally means nothing if the boxer has heart and stamina. Ali was the equivalent of the tallest basketball player also being the best ball handler. KG could guard every position. Ali had no holes in his game.

It was ridiculous how long Ali's career went on. Spinks. Holmes. So yes, there are two or three separate Ali's. The first was the greatest. The second was the best, but hardly transcendent. The third Ali phase should never have been allowed to box.

I don't understand why Ali-Foreman had no rematch. I still don't get why Foreman quit like a baby. I did like how he came back and won the title as a dinosaur. He had the proverbial puncher's chance and had one more anchor punch left in the tank.

Maybe Ali knew Foreman would crush him if they played in air conditioning or something other than what they did?

That's interesting on Frazier. So Frazier-Holyfield would be a fun match-up to simulate.

Ali as Greatest would have crushed Holyfield? He would have demolished Tyson? Ali could stick his hand out and was fast. Little guys seemed to have no chance with him. And I also guess Ali having an unbreakable gut and strong chin meant he was unfortunately fated for major health consequences.

Maybe Foreman was a genius.

I've seen some older Frazier as retired and aging. He didn't look so good.

And of course the pretty man Apollo Creed said no rematch to the Italian Stallion. And good luck punching Hagler in his prime. You might bust your hand on that skull. Some guys have chins made of rock. For Marvin, it was his noggin.

I guess I'm done with boxing and will next attempt to instill enlightenment on Iowa/NH and how Bernie is historic greatness like a young Ali going up against Sonny Clinton.

Lenny Fritos said...

I don't mean to downplay how much better a boxer Ali was than Foreman who relied on brute strength.

The conditions allowed Ali to let George burn himself out and then tag him at the end of rounds. He could no longer dance, but he could with his head. He was still fast when stationary. The rope-a-dope was actually the best strategy he could have conjured. I saw on one ESPN Classic how Ali could not be hurt by body shots. So all he had to do with Foreman was avoid the head shots. Now some of those body shots did hurt Ali. It's possible that if Ali wasn't around, Foreman never would have retired and ended up 50-0. I have no clue. It does seem that the heavyweights were starting to fade in a pound for pound debate.

Leon Spinks was good enough to be a true champion? I have my doubts.

The Celtics have a matinee at 3 in one hour. I am not sure if I can respond quickly to politics, but maybe.

Lenny Fritos said...

Outside of Iowa and NH few people are even paying attention to the race at the moment much less considering the meaningless polls. Living inside the social media bubble as a BernBot distorts your perception of [what] matters to the 58 million voters of whom about 57.9999 million don't follow much less retweet Jeanette Jing's Twitter feed.

I disagree. Look, enough is enough. Bernie is different. You even said yourself he is feeding off of Obama's "Bob Hope" train. He is feeding off of Occupy Wall Street.

People who usually dgaf are in it to win it. They are tired of the Billionaire class making more and more while the middle class shrinks.

The point isn't to predict everything to a T. That being said, a true scoop prediction might entail looking at each state, as I have done with Massachusetts. It is a lot of work. My focus on polls is kind of narrow. No, I usually dgaf about politics. This is the first one I am following very closely. And another thing, to me it is all about Bernie and Hillary, just as it was always about Kimberlin.

Marty Walsh seems up in the air for endorsements. Warren is the one to keep an eye on. If she endorses Bernie, that could trigger the national feel the bern domino effect I need to prove my greatness. It's not just about vindication. It's about winning titles.

You are correct Bernie needs to show he is a regular guy and not kooky. Jerry Seinfeld once said, "Not a pick." His gf thought he was drilling for snot oil. They were in separate cars and by chance they pulled up side by side to the same red light. He was scratching his nose, but to her, it was a pick.

I digressed, but here's the beef. Where's the beef? I don't mean some form of spat or gripe, maybe a brouhaha. You attack Chomsky, but he is some form of linguistics genius and would understand what I'm trying to articulate. We both noticed he looked weird at the podium for debate #1. He cleaned up that mess and was highly infotaining in the debates that followed. Meanwhile H. continues to make unforced errors.

This isn't a gotcha game, but I imagine confirmation that I have won the internet should start pouring in on February 2nd and continue until Bernie accepts the nomination in late Summer or whenever that's planned. God bless Bernie and the American people.

I am not sure how Jeanette does for stats, but she is very sweet and probably reaches more people than your hyperbolic guesstimate.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie's also feeding off the zeitgeist saying enough is enough with police brutality towards African Americans. He has to be doing well with Black people. Someone would have to be brain dead and Black to be a Hillary over Bernie supporter. African Americans just didn't want pasty but well meaning white folks shouting them down.

It was bizarre to see Bernie being attacked on his civil rights record, as in marching with King, getting arrested leading protests against housing discrimination, speaking on the House floor against draconian crime bills which discriminated against Blacks, you'd think those would be good things from an African American perspective.

Anyway, no need to retort about lip service and how he made it too much about the economy, stupid, and not on outright state sponsored harassment based more on skin color than class. Gotcha, bruh. No huh wut here. The main point is that Bernie, even if it is pandering or a strategic decision to appeal to Black voters, Hillary does the opposite. It is about her capacity to "Shaqtin A Fool."

She can look marvelous in front of numbnut Bengazhi hearings or her thank you Bernie moments, but all in all, she is one very overrated politician.

Bernie is underrated. But he has been #2 for a while. I do agree he needs to show this is a viable race and not some Harlem Globetrotter versus Washington Generals match-up. He doesn't want to be McGovern winning one state or you would no better than me.

It is a unique game. No one had the balls to run against Hillary. No regular guy DINO, I mean. Bernie is an outlier. He has a very funky history as an independent who votes with Democrats. This is pretty wild stuff to even give him a 50-50 chance.

If Bernie can win places like NH, Iowa, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, New York, California.... you see where i'm headed. There is a road map Bernie could take to shock the world. We will find out soon. He does seem to need to resonate in Iowa. If with such a focus on that state for so long, if he doesn't do well, then the coronation conspiracy seems to have solid crazy legs. If Bernie shoots out of the gate with actual wins and not potential alone, American politics will get extremely interesting. I'm done. I can't believe there is a game on in ten minutes. This won't be a trap game because the C's already had one against the Lakers their last game. Brooklyn might have to take a beating.

donkeytale said...

I cannot argue any of your points here, either boxing or political, because they are airtight.

Either that or I forgot to remove my CPAP when I awoke this morning from a long winter night's dogmatic slumber.

Curry re-injured himself in last night's win over Denver. Draymond Green had yet another another triple double with truly Magic Johnson numbers 29-17-14. He is the anti-lottery argument in a nutshell, a second round pick from a big name Big Ten school who has become transcendent. Who among the NBA current elite picked from the lottery is outplaying Draymond Green at the moment?

And perhaps most pointedly: Could he have come this far this fast playing on any other team? Or has Golden State truly figured out basketball? In other words, how to win no matter what? They started OT last night with 7 players on the bench, having choked away a huge lead at home and in the 31-2. Wow.

I'll go out on a limb and state that the last man who figured out the NBA was Red Auerbach and he produced a run of titles that will never be matched. This far, GS has one transcendent season under its belt. In the post modern era we will never see anything like the dominance of Stengel, Red or Lombardi ever again.

One could argue Belichek or Bill Walsh but even their great winning records pale compared to Casey, Auerbach and Vince team's dominance in consecutive seasons back in the day.

You have free agency now. You have huge money for players whether they win or loose.

You have great training and fitness regimens for elite players starting in grade school.

You have the fact that this Warrior's team will need to win the title this year and even then will still be one shy of a three peat.

Still it is difficult to downplay what they have accomplished last year and so far this year in this era where parity is the name of all games.

donkeytale said...

Also, I want to make sure you understand that there is NOTHING wrong with your strategery on Twitter. I applaud the fact that you hype the Bernie mentions in Jing-style repetition. She may or may not be paid and I know that you are an amateur.

But there have been two eye opening dairy worthy events recently that eplain the media and also why it is so important that Bernie get his props.

The media takes its cues from social media. There was a story about the oped columnist Harold Meyerson, an old school union labor lefty like Ed Schultz, both of whom Bernie admires and both of whom lost their gigs recently because, and this is the gist, because their bosses saw their schticks were not attracting eyeballs and links in from social media.

There was another article (which I cant find now unfortunately) that lined to an analysis of social medi mentions in 2015.

Trump was numero uno. Hillary was numero dos.

Bernie was on the list but farther down.

If the media is taking its cues from social media mentions then they have followed this to a T. Trump gets the most coverage, followed by Hillary and Bernie in that order.

Therefore it is incumbent upon BernBots to keep pimpng our man and you should be applauded along with Jeanette for so doing.

However, I would also advise following Bernie's cue of not alienating Hillary or her supporters. Bernie will need them in the general.

Remember when Gore ran in 2000 and he distanced himself from Bill?

He lost, as I recall.

donkeytale said...

The other notable factoid from the social media analysis was the overwhelming amount of social media mentions of Paris and San Bernardino.

Of course, what this study proves is what Zeitgeist Theory has long posited:

the medis doesn't control the sheeple. The relationship between th etwo is symbiotic.

symbiosis - interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

donkeytale said...

In fact, one can make a powerful argument that the sheeple control the media moreso than vice versa.

If the internets is truly a powerful voice for the sheeple than these studies bear that out, along with Bernie's success in the first place.

Obama, OWS, Bernie. They are not directly 100% causative in progression but they are most definitely related phenomena.

And as Bernie has stated, he wants to lead a political revolution.

Obamabots failed Obama more than the other way around. Not to mention that Obama's actual premise was to end polarising obstruction not foment a progressive revolution in DC. Once he got elected fake lefties went back to their happy lives and expected the Big O to mop up Congress and the SCOTUS on his own.

Doesn't work that way as events proved and Bernie knows so well. The reality was the Tea Party happened, out and out racism re-emerged within a large segment of Amerikkka (also confirming donkeytale prescience that this country is nowhere near post-racial even with Obama's election).

We learn from our mistakes. Hopefully. And if for some reason Bernie looses, please please please. Do NOT fold your tent like Marisacat and all fake lefties.

Bernie or Bust is a loosing argument. It is self defeating.

Don't give up the struggle. Win or loose. Because the forces of oppression won't stop. Bet on it.

The game is never ending. The sheeple united shall never be defeated.

I'm done. This string of comments was dairy worthy but I'll leave you to take it to the next twitter level.

donkeytale said...

I attended most of the 1984 Olympic boxing matches. Amateur boxing is actually more interesting than the pro game because it is more strategical than it is a brute force exercise.

Anyway, the one memory I hold clearly is that Holyfield was BY FAR the most accomplished boxer of the event, in all weight classes.

The fact that he ended up getting politically jobbed out of the Gold by the N. Korean Judge (or WTF) didn't obscure the fact that this also light heavy would go on to professional greatness without a doubt.

In their primes, I would pick Ali (pre-banishment) as beating all comers. He just had too much size and speed. He was bigger than Tyson and would be able to avoid him, possibly knocking him out if Mike got off kilter with his bull rushing.

Ditto Foreman.

Holyfield may have presented him a better challenge because he was also very skilled and underrated.

Tyson beats Holyfield in his prime for the same reason Foreman beats Frazier but the fight would be much closer, of course.

Tyson beats Frazier.

Holyfield v Frazier would probably be the best match of all.

Prime Tyson beats aged Ali like Holmes and Norton.

Prime Mike is right up there near the top.

donkeytale said...

Agree too that Hagler got shafted because no one wanted to fight him, he was too good plus as a southpaw very difficult to train for in advance.

I lived in Beantown while all this welter/middleweight schtick was going down and agree that pound for pound you had Leonard, Hagler, Hearns and let us not forget the immortal "Hands of Stone" Duran.

They were all world class fighters capable of beating each other, IMHO.

Yes, Leonard was that good also, although he was also more of a little guy stepping up in weight class, which is always a challenge as it was for Frazier and Holyfield.

donkeytale said...

In fact, Duran was the most feared fighter on the planet just as Iron Mike was for a spell.

Leoneard for some reason got psyched out by the macho Duran and abandoned his normal Ali-style dancing because Duran scoffed that it was sissified.

SO he went toe to toe with Roberto and naturally got his ass kicked.

In the rematch he smartly went back to sissified dancing and extracted his revenge when Duran let one of if not the most memorable statements of all time that will never be forgotten as long as there is an internets:

"No mas."

donkeytale said...

No mas.