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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Over and Over and Over Again, My Fren


donkeytale said...

If you lookie carefully at exactly the 3 minute mark you will catch a glimpse of Frau Tale in what is believed to be her first public appearance on the internets

Lenny Fritos said...

The guy actually does say Fren not friend. Hmmm.

Yes, nothing is new under the sun. I sneaked in some of the same cynicism that this song echoes. I must have subconsciously lifted the schtick from this song.


Wow. He must have stolen his schtick from Bad Lieutenant Harvey Keitel.

I actually ruined my chance for greatness by predicting or wondering if Pacteles would become the next famous cop. I suppose I did him a favour.

What is up with idiotic cops?

What is up with this Holtzclaw loser? Did he not get the memo that the cops have lost a lot of power over the last couple years? Omg, he was bawling so much when the verdict came out as guilty. And those stupid cops in Illinois. I am very curious what will happen with the Sandra Bland story and of course the trial in Baltimore.

They found a victim's DNA in Holtzclaw's pants. I'm not grokking his explanation that he is an innocent man, Giuseppe.

Lenny Fritos said...

Frau Tale was a rambunctious little cutie. Or precocious. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between those cutie pie words and the petulance of say Rondo, DFQ2's favourite NBA styled punching bag.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes on your point on the other thread too bad last night wasn't shown to everyone. I guess there are all these various contracts in place. The local t.v. people would probably lose money if TNT or ESPN had the game.

There is something called league pass, for example. And also NBA-TV. If the game is on NBA-TV, it is blacked out on league pass.

Maybe there is a sports bar that is busy enough to buy such packages. But then again, that is probably rare unless the bar owner is a basketball nut. No one wants to have to pay for a million packages. And except for the rare GS run, how many sports bars are going to need anything than the local cable t.v. package which shows every local game?

People tend to be very provincial.

Those streaming sites aren't always slow, but I know what you mean. It's not like getting a direct feed as the cheaters are probably running the stolen junk through a million websites and TOR.

Speaking about practice, it's the same with everything even finding free stolen stuff. You need the internet condoms. You may find a perfect feed. It does happen. But one must also be patient or consider the idea it is not worth it.

A true basketball fan everywhere in the country with some cash can shell out $200 a year to watch almost any game. You can also get it for only one team. It's not bad if your team is blacked out by ESPN or TNT, but that NBA-TV thingie is simply a bitch.

donkeytale said...

Well, Texas in the big cities actually has majourities from other states (and countries) so it is not that provincial any longer. r you could say there are a lot of competing provincialisms. And there are these huge sports bars that have all the games and other bars that rally around one team or another, altho this pertains mainly to football teams and colleges especially.

I don't really follow that closely so would never shell out any money for that type of access. I'm cool with logging into to check out the final score in the morning.

The year Green Bay won the SB 2011 I think the game was on ESPN and I didn't have cable so didn't watch it. I was on probation for DUI too so decided to avoid the sports bar milieu altogether. Frau Tale was in the old country so I culda got away with it but decided to play it straight.

I thot I might get the game streamed but the Feds shut down all the sites the day of the game. I followed the Milwaukee newspaper live blog and actually it was OK.

I may have bummed a doobie too so it was all good.

donkeytale said...

The strip clubs definitely have all the games....

donkeytale said...

You cant even begin to know how true your words are here:

Lenny Fritos said...
Frau Tale was a rambunctious little cutie. Or precocious.

donkeytale said...

Also tough as nails. I could never survive 10% of the stuff she went through in her life.

Lenny Fritos said...

I may be in the mood to write a little in this comment.

All these thoughts emerge without making an effort.

It's not that we are being pretentious, captain obvious, or otherwise telling the other what they already know.

That being said.

We were both playing blog chess. You slipped in the stolen old-school schtick of yes, tell me all about your friend and his ineptness in leonardoing a woman into proverbial weak in the knees tomato status.

It is interesting what we touched on and we probably did make life a whole lot easier for whippersnapper horndogs.

The Stooges were prescient. They'd have these hot tall chicks and Moe, Larry, Shemp dressed as cavemen. It was pure comedic gold on many levels.

It's all about levels. That was even an episode of Seinfeld. For those who know the episode, they are seeing eye to eye with the person behind these words. If not, it was a classic i guess u had to be their, brah. Cool story, mi amigo?

I haven't been in a sports bar in so long. They are effective if by chance you don't have cable t.v..

There probably are bars with league pass and you can find them through Google. I do think the Google algorithm has been rigged for Hillary. That's what Assange has said to look out for, the googler. And as did you. Then I made that entry i forget the title basically admitting my ignorance and that you were correct about Google.

It might have been a blind squirrel finding a nut or more likely a nutter finding a squirrel on his porch. That being said, I am not talking about you specifically.

I am following the Celtics. I am in it to watch it. But I don't expect anyone else to care. I try to hog Twitter if I must during the way dark early hours.

I also feel awkward if I write too much here.

Obviously, I then usually become transcendent beyond any personalised devil's advocate insinuations implying violation of blog hogging statutes.

That's about it. I've run out of ideas for now.

Lenny Fritos said...

there, not their. oops. whoopsies.

Lenny Fritos said...

whoopsie, daisey? Was that the stuff?

Lenny Fritos said...

Daisy Mae, you get your arse walking that ten miles and don't spill a drop of the beer?

Lenny Fritos said...

We've never had it so good.

That being said.

It's never been so bad.

At least with genocide and war, slavery, it did end. This is more of a molasses drip drip into dystopia.

That song had good lyrics. I can't tell who the f was saying what to who. It seems like one hippie is shaking the other saying man, it's just not that easy. Yeah, like Ringo. You know it ain't easy.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm waiting on laundry and will now listen to Harrison's What is life. I love 70's tunes. I agree that the Eagles were mostly garbage, but they nailed it with peaceful, easy schtick.

What is life, bro?

peaceful, easy feeling

I'm done. Truly. I'm spent. I must find my Lawrence Welk dvd and warm up the oat milk.

Lenny Fritos said...

One more. The Traveling Wilburys

Handle with care. Dinosaur musicians getting it done.

donkeytale said...

Well, it never did come easy, especially for Ringo, when he was singing. Actually, there was much evidence in those very early before they hit big Beatles that they all had a bit of trouble staying in harmony, especially when performing live. It wasn't until they got hooked up with their producer, George Martin that they seemed to hit their vocal spots.

Maybe he knew better which key they needed to be in or wtf but man what a difference. They also produced a lot of piano based music which allowed escape from the twelve bar guitar based blues progression. Pianos allow for more notes and vocal flexibility. Martin helped them get to a higher level of sophistication.

The thing I've noticed is not that things are good/bad but moreso that people when they tend to have it good they tend to whine more in proportion to the better they have it.

It is inverse to real suffering, which lets face it, most old white people are not really suffering these days much at all, they have nothing to fear except death, and even that will be relatively comfortable and well attended for most of us.

In a very real way for a large section of white Amerikkka it is not the economy stupid and that is why so many waste time fretting over imaginary terridst monsters of their imaginations.

The people who truly have it bad frankly dont have the time or energy to waste luxuriously whining about fake stuff.

Those people are truly focused all energy on surviving the bone crushing effects of life in hell. They can't afford to escape into fantasy grudges; when they look back something is gaining on them for real.

H/T Satchel Page.

Lenny Fritos said...

Dude. When I was in Ireland, they were considered a "third world" country. It's a pretty good life there. Life is more how it ought to be there, than here.

Amerikkka is huge. It's not as easy to cookie cut.

There are also a lot of poor whites. We must reach them. I posted a nice article here from archive wayback on Bernie explaining how progressives must get back the Reagan blue collar vote.

Oh, I asked someone I know at Twitter who is hard core left and from Canada if their Trudeau dude was good and about hard left turns or if Tony Blair has been cloned. I didn't use those exact words.

But apparently they are elated and so are the Brits with Corbyn, a confirmed communist and agitator supertroll with the highest seat in the land in fascist England.

That makes it look good for Bern. Maybe Greece is the anecdote of never get your hopes too high. But getting Bernie in there as president would be a major accomplishment and sign of a start towards great positive social change.

It's Bernie or bust in that O'Malley has no chance. I admit he is not as bad as he seemed at first.

No one else is someone I would break bread with.

The scenario will be if Hillary beats Bernie and loses to GOP that we, you and I and the other BernBots are to blame. We are oftentimes left with nowhere to go in this world with no chance of victory, only survival.

Look, some of us will never turn away from the abuse and hardships other Americans are experiencing. We do not deserve any guilt trips.

The big lie is that social change is from another time and place.

Unless those voting machines are rigged, Bernie has a real chance.

I'm not saying they are rigged and I won't say they are if Bernie loses. I might be curious if there is some weirdness coming out on stolen votes from the usual dumbasses I exposed years ago.

Or maybe I will not care about any of that and will simply watch even more old movies. I am going to be a cranky f*cker if Hillary beats Bernie.

Lenny Fritos said...

I mailed in a new entry on Hillary. I hadn't realised how stagnant I'd become with the blog mailing service. She looks huge. She might be more bloated or something than usual. Allergies. I have steadily been losing the few pounds I put on for Thanksgiving. I haven't been exercising much either because it's no longer the Summer. I used to bloat up on that Quorn product. Oh my, I went after them big time on Twitter. I went after TFA. I know deep down you're correct that "keyboard commando" does not equal activist. But it's close. It can even be effective if you can toss in the name Marshall McLuhan every once in a while.

I always wanted to write a book, but they've already been written and I'm grateful to those writers.

Lenny Fritos said...

I somehow found myself on this classic from 2010.

One of the Alex Jones videos needed to be replaced.

The title: Does Alex Jones Suffer From Hal Turneritis?

I tried the last thirty days option and it is still no good, too predictable.

Maybe we can point readers to certain oldies and try to manipulate the top seven day leader board that way.

It's embarrassing to say, but maybe I was a little bit too prolific. I actually did get at least one scoop off of the Hal Turner story. I google translated something I found in I think it was a Brazil newspaper. I fricken forget.

I thought the cold spy guy was a real live cointelpro with an international leaning.

People should track down the contra one but then the dude came here and he's a regular guy kook or I have no clue.

It can often feel like 50-50, so paid fake or useful idiot covers all the necessary blog chess common sense strategy. Carson is a real life regular guy right wing kook.

It's fascinating.

Aaron Walker.

Those are revealing posts. All the circumstantial evidence said paid fake. Turned out he and Mandy are way out there crazy kooky mckooks.

Brandon Darby is confirmed sewer rat and that all makes him seem very shady. I wouldn't put it past Styranahan to make a little dinero on the Hal Turner side, same as McCain. I wouldn't be surprised with anything. I am not sure if anything can ever be truly resolved for the very weird stuff. You'd think someone could FOI something somewhere on Rauhauser. It's like chemtrails. You won't find the truth about them by turning on the computer. You watch the skies. Then when it is weird plane trails turning into total cloud cover, then go back into the home and turn on the internet. Check out the readings from your nearest weather station. I proved chemtrails are real. I did. It's going on. Chemtrails are off the internet, but they are not off the table. Alex Jones or no Alex Jones. All signs point to Hal Turner and my being prescient. I predicted Celtics-Golden State to a point of perfection that defied the laws of physics.

I forget what I tweeted, something about an instant-prescient schtick.

donkeytale said...

Zeitgeist theory scores another victory as Golden State lost in Milwaukee to the lowly Bucks mere hours after the exhausting double OT Celtics win. Yes, I called it. Trap game.

So, they end up with several meaningless junk records, IE best start to a season, best road start to a season, etc etc. The coast to coast 7 game road trip in the NBA just seems beyond rational to me. But it is what is.

Good on Boston for traveling down to Charlotte and winning their game.

As you suggested, the close loss to the champs the night before has to serve as a confidence booster for the C's in their quest to fulfill your bold prediction for 50 wins, which I recall you subsequently shaded to 48 and are now slyly attempting to re-adjust to 45.

"45-50" I think you are now calling it. Nice move. Fortunately I may be the only one paying attention. Their home record is a bit troubling to me but it is early yet and they could go on a home cooking roll at any time.

Stay the course my fren. The Celts are a good, rising young team and I see them possibly into the second round of the playoffs this year. I am sticking by your early analysis that they will need 1 transcendent player to reach true contender status. I will add I don't see anyone on the current roster with transcendent potential so this will be all on Ainge either through draft, trade or signing.

We had huge rains overnight with and I need to travel today so must get out early because there may be some lingering water on the roadways, flooding closures, traffic jams etc.

Will return to the zeitgeist beat when possible.

Lenny Fritos said...

I was double shocked last night. I saw that Golden State got crushed by the Bucks. Then I saw that the Celtics won. I didn't realise they had a game and missed my first one.

A quick look at the box score confirmed what I have previously articulated, that the season is a process and no single game should ever be taken out of context. I saw that the C's starters had a great game and the bench was why the final score was closer than it should have been.

It's like following a frustrating baseball team. You lose games 2-1 and 14-10. I sez to the guy, why can't we have hitting when the pitching is good and vice-versa?

I also noticed that Stevens is starting to trim his rotations. Good. This team is all in and completely outside of any tank talk.

I had no clue what you were talking about with an alleged revised C's win prediction of 45-50.

You must mean this tweet:

I know it's just sports, but the Celtics are definitely a top ten NBA story. A lot of us predicted 45-50 wins, but nothing like this.

I have never been in the 35-40 win crowd. Myself and 538 I think had the same number of 48. I forget. Maybe I said 50 because it is a nice round number.

The Celtics are built for having a better winning percentage as the year continues. Most good teams rely on a couple hotshots to go with another eight players. Most people do not have rosters that run 15 deep. I have felt that the C's have 14 guys they could play. It might now be 15 as James Young may or may not have turned a corner.

The only thing stopping the Celtics from beating up all mediocre to bad teams is if they are trap games. Period.

They have had a tough schedule to start. They may only be 7-5 at home, but what if they go 10-2 in their next twelve home games? Then they'd be 17-7. They are also 7-5 on the road. In short, the Celtics right now are the proverbial 50ish win type team. If they keep gelling, they then have the opportunity to approach what Atlanta did last year which was pile up a lot of wins.

I've made a few tweets today. I am fascinated (obsessed?) this morning with the Leonard-Hagler fight.

I read a great article at Grantland filled with a million quotes providing a lot of inside info. The link was tweeted. I also tweeted the youtube link to the actual fight. I will try to watch that.

My gut instinct is that Hagler won. I wavered a little after someone tweeted me that Leonard won. After reading the Grantland link, I am done hedging with waffles. Hagler won! His destiny was stolen. I am not going to worry about debating this. The article speaks for itself. I'll post it here.

Lenny Fritos said...

The Celtics "lost" the game, but they did some serious damage. GS must have been exhausted last night.

I sometimes see that Texas gets battered by weather. Be careful.

Lenny Fritos said...

And I think I said with a fireworks trade, the C's become a 60 win type team.

Durant. If the C's could convince him we are a better place to play than Oklahoma, Washington, or wherever, that team is a guaranteed 60 wins on paper. That's a top or is close to the top of the zeitgeist for a win percentage.

Yes, they probably won't get Durant. Maybe, maybe not. The Knicks thought they were in the hunt for LeBron. Doesn't mean things go the way we want them to.

I think the Celtics could get out of the East and into the Finals even if they don't make a trade.

It is time for some people to update their knowledge of the Celtics. They are not the same 0-4 first round loser as last year.

I'm not even afraid of LeBron. I say bring it on.

Golden State? In the Finals? Boston versus GS? I wouldn't bet on the Celtics, but I wouldn't put it past the Celtics winning it all. Even by standing pat.

It'd be one of those rare teams like the Pistons when they won it all despite having no big stars.

Unlikely, but very possible.

The Celtics will probably end the season as a top five team. Maybe 55 wins. If I am going to change the prediction, I will go upward, not down from 48.

Being a winner is like juggling. It seems impossible until you get it done. The Celtics seem to have finally figured out how to win games at a good rate.

14-10 is not that shabby.

It should be interesting when they play Cleveland. I think that is the next big game. Yes, I checked. It's Cleveland at Boston on Tuesday night. That one I will not miss. I have no regrets missing last night's game. That is another big win, though. You can't expect to beat the elite at the top, but if you're beating the people in your own bracket in the tier below the best, that too is a sign you are probably going to win around 50 games.

donkeytale said...

I think this is one of my favourite lines by myself:

"I think the Grand Slam back then included the US and British Opens, the US Amateur and breakfast at Denny's."

donkeytale said...

As for the Celtics the good news is we shall see exactly what happens.

That's why they play the game, Giffer, so they can pull their pants legs up one at a time.

Turn off the light, the party's over.

donkeytale said...

14-10 annualizes to 48 wins.

In the mid-range of your prediction.

Not too shabby.

Lenny Fritos said...

You take the schtick as far up towards the top of the zeitgeist as one can, then exhale, and then go watch the Boston Celtics or an old movie. It's better than inhaling opiates during my Lenny Bruce years.

Yes, I am prepared to take this Lenny Bruce schtick up a notch if necessary to implement gravitas and destiny completion proper.

There's some decent schadenfreude going on at Twitter. DeRay and Shaun King have had their Beatles' styled break up.

Uhm, more unarmed or non-threatening Americans have been assassinated by police. It must be happening three times a day.

But no worries. Obama is making sure that Cuba will be graced by his presence only if he is allowed to speak with so-called dissidents.

Marcuse was definitely heavier reading than McLuhan, but that stuff I posted on tolerance definitely fits in. This is social psychology 101. In my humble opinion, it is possible to piece together social reality and document it. I suppose that has to mean something. If by chance Bernie is elected, that will definitely put a hippety-hop into one's steps.

What else hmmm. I need to come up with an encore comment.

My mind is blank, or to be honest I am now thinking about Big Al from Happy Days doing Encore ads. I'm a big fan of Flo from the insurance ads. I never liked the gekko.

I don't regret fiddling and diddling into pop culture or wherever my regular guy -nutjob- eccentric dribblings, is that the word? Google is saying dribblings isn't a word. This is the kind of shite that forced me to quit playing scrabble. Yeah, let's waste an hour or two fake learning with some annoying game that always jams up. They all sucked, but Risk. Best. Game. Ever. Or I recant that. Someone would always roll the dice awkward and f up the board.

Chess sucks. I bet even people who like it will admit it's ultimately stupid. Under that microscope, everything becomes stupid.

I'm just tuning up and getting my fingers loose for kinda sorta wanting to write a real blog entry, one to be proud of. I got a pile of stuff I wrote in college. Maybe I could just work off of those without telling anyone I am stealing my own junk?

I am thinking ahead to when they do documentaries on us. I'm trying to make it easier for them.

I actually do not care at this point. I think I used the word IDGAF for the first time ever. It does seem to deserve its own simplified word. I think the Asians must be very sophisticated compared to us John Wayne-ified U.S. general dialect. They can say in one letter what dumbfucks like us need ten to twenty words. I am not sure. Maybe your wife agrees. She might think aah Mr. Yankee Blowhard makes some good points when he's not digressing on misunderstood, beautiful men such as Joseph DeRita and Michael Jackson.

donkeytale said...

That is pretty much her take on me. English idioms baffle her, when I try to explain something I realize how many clich├ęs and euphemisms we employ. Metafurs.

I may make a good point a couple times a year and may digressions are many.

Dribblings is similar to irregardless. Regardless = irregardless regardless of how you use the fake word and dribblings = dribbling. The plural is already contained.

Or wtf.

I need to stop reading 538. I now wish to 'statify' every thought like I did with the Celts W-L record.

The problem is my math skills end at 2+2=5.

Maybe I can pitch Silver on a statistically valid sex advice column.

donkeytale said...

38% of men say they enjoy performing cunnilingus while 100% say they enjoy receiving fellatio.

Yet only 87% are willing to go down on their female partners with the express intention of receiving a return favor.

The other 13% have been divorced an average of 1.7 times while the 87% are more likely to have Michael Douglas Disease.

Lenny Fritos said...

Your wife is okay, no skin off my nose. I had originally written it with her having an Asian immigrant accent. Total racism from some percentage of those polled.

But I done good and turned it around. When in doubt, self-deprecate.

You let people troll themselves. Like Trump. He's been thoroughly trolled on by America. Go on, Donald, we love it. You're so funny and a maverick. The Republican Party got weird, period. It is scary he has been the so-called front runner, but none of the other Republicans seem any more sane.

Like I've said. The time for debate is over. That is a huge problem, Republicans. Too bad we can't put them in detainment camps while figuring out what to do about the police problem.

Lenny Fritos said...

I am a proud American. A lot of these uppity foreigners are simply jealous of our greatness, especially the French.

Lenny Fritos said...

I mean I am proud of the authentic leftier than thou American schtick. A lot of us are very bold. That has to count for something. These people should be helping us. We're getting our asses kicked by everything. Debate time is over. Chicken Litte knew what the fock he talked about.

The shite has hit the fan? That line is as old as dirt.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is what I was trying to say. We are oversexed in talk, but in reality a lot of people have no clue.

A guy should be willing to do that with no expectation in return.

It comes (no pun intended!) back to my idea that the female thingie and the male thingie aren't exactly a two-way street for old-school. They still enjoy it obviously, but if we are going to go Dr. Ruth technical and efficient, dry, matter of fact sex talk, dudes need to provide the oral for her if they expect her to experience what they selfishly perceive as the center of all universal importance, their fricken prime, Mick.

I think young people should chill out and be careful with it. Brains keep developing until 21-22, so folks should be selective in who they choose to be with in the biblical sex. But wait, wasn't the bible against oral?

This stuff makes me a bit nervous discussing.

If a dude really wants to find true love, he's going to have to go there. That's my advice. I am old-school. This is making me feel uncomfortable. It's your fault.

Lenny Fritos said...

"Your wife is okay, no skin off my nose."

I don't even know what I meant. No offense intended.

We suck. We are not worthy.

We have fricken Counterpunch as one of the main links. I am not Mr. G.I. Joe. I am not the enemy.

I hate my country and will probably soon be put in a detention center if Alex Jones is correct. Though, I think he is a paid fake.

That is zeitgeist sniffing conjecture. I admit. But he has said some crazy stuff. It's borderline Hal Turner. Why would Hal Turner be the only one?

Lenny Fritos said...

Think of people like me who were talking up cointelpro well before Anonymous exposed Hal Turner. It's all on those New Jersey fancy newspaper archives. That's a major historical story.

Anyway, yeah anyways isn't a word, gotcha on dribbling, like deer, okay that's a run on sentence digression. Anyway, then Hal Turner gets exposed and people like me are basically doing the chicken dance on all the useful idiots and paid fakes who called us tinfoil users. I like tinfoil. It is a wonderful product. But I do not wear it.

Astroturf. Etc..

That Mike Rivero stuff was gold.

The significance of Turner is in the pay stub. It became conspiracy fact. And then one can read the snowden documents on military internet cointelpro and see why I keep mentioning Hal and those documents. Debate time is over. Like I said. It's check-mate. You can't win the internet then lose it. You can't attain wisdom and then lose it.

It's just not just Hal. I won. A win's a win. I'm done, done.