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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Why do I even bother?

They were called Advantage Consultants and that's conspiracy fact.

Donkeytale wonders why anyone would ever think he is a political operative. His reaction to DataGate is to spin it as tinfoil. Does the truth even matter with that kid? Is the end game to be a contrarian? If the internet is meaningless, should we perhaps just get in some kicks?


Paid astroturf is weird. The guy who breached the Clinton data was recommended to Bernie by the DNC and the dude just happened to work for the data company. There are other tidbits. But when you are up against contrarians, it doesn't matter that Larisa Alexandrovna had discrepancies in her Mike Connell narrative including with the mailbox. Someone would never discuss the implications of the mailbox. This was at one of those now defunct Daily Kos offshoots.

He even created the signature line, what about the mailbox?

To be honest, even I do not remember why the god damned mailbox was so important, but I do recall it was an effective scoop point.

The point is I am rarely incorrect. I do not claim to be driving the bus merely to toot some delusional horn. The paid fake or useful idiot schtick was prescient and predates anything Snowden came up with. Two words: Hal and Turner.

I busted NASA running a world wide web "conspiracy story" based on "chemtrails." I linked Mike Rivero and Tinoire to McDonnell Douglas and military intelligence respectively.

The nickname I should have had if my destiny hadn't been stolen is Scoop. If I had become an actor, I think I would have gone with the nom de plume Scoop Cunningham, maybe as some mysterious hereto before unknown second brother of Richie's. Something bad must have happened to Chuck, cuz no one's talking.

Here is a link:

What Really Happened With the DNC’s “Datagate”?


I think Sirota was another guy run off of Daily Kos.

I think she is looking to pad her individual contributor list and track more people. She is always trying to mimic Bernie.

I don't think dollar contributions are what she's after. They monetised the presidency. It's grotesque. Those Clintons. I'm flabbergasted.

There's nothing more bizarre than people knee-jerking to describing so many things as instant tinfoil. That too is grotesque. What about my due process, Mick? It is the running of interference for the status quo.

It'd be refreshing if donkeytale admitted he was wrong and that there are more paid fakes on the internet than at first assumed by regular guy internet addicts. They are everywhere. You can kind of pick them off easily. Being a troll buster is akin to working for a utility or dealing with supermarket food. There will always be a demand. The key is to expose real people and not anonymous cowards. The latter are a waste of time.

By choice I did put my sleuthing skills onto the shelf.

I feel enough research has been done. How many times can one hammer in the nail?

That's checkmate.


Lenny Fritos said...

The Celtics had another easy win against a good mediocre team. Now they have the Knicks, Lakers, and Brooklyn. They are on pace to run that seven game table I predicted. They will then be 21-13 and all bets will be off as to who gets out of the Eastern Conference. Kevin Love is fragile. Cleveland can be beaten if the refs don't rig it.

Lenny Fritos said...

Fatterico called me the Perry Mason of communist bloggers.

Lenny Fritos said...

And we'll always be grateful to Glenn Beck for tipping the hat with some respect for the liberal fella. All is forgiven for McCain who loved us before stabbing us in the back. He couldn't help it. There are some side effects to having a diet heavily leaning on you guessed it, possum, and best dined while watching some Shemp while smoking some _ _ _ _. It's been fun, but I'm done, Irene Dunne.

Lenny Fritos said...

17-13 on pace to win 46 with easy wins coming up. It is a Bernie like trajectory. Did you know Oprah is not endorsing Hillary? She is part of "The View" demographic.

donkeytale said...

Well, DataGate is interesting for a several reasons, the most interesting being the way the campaigns share the same data base. I did not know that. And the database itself I believe was built or perfected anyway by the Obama campaign who won two elections rather easily by out ground gaming the GOP with sophisticated data mining tools, which he then bequeathed to the DLC for use by future Demotardic national campaigns.

But is Uretsky a plant or was the plant actually the innuendo by the "unnamed source" to that bastion of journalistic integrity "Yahoo News" which in turn was spun by the long form investigative reporting outlet "Gawker" into calling Uretsy a "plant" is probably the least interesting, except for how it is picked up by the intended targets "Bernie Homers" who immediately do your part in spinning a non-story into an overarching, if rather fuzzy, conspiracy that somehow implicates the DNC (the direct target of Bernie's counter attack) and the Hillary Clinton Foundation (the indirect target).

Quite frankly, the conspiracy would be a lot cleaner if Uretsky had worked for the DNC or HRC herself, but as a tin foil theorist you must play the hand your dealt, I guess.

You see, a wise man once said "the Medium is the Conspiracy. In order to have a conspiracy you must have a network". So this incident is actually a valiation of donkeytale prescience (in several ways....more on that later).

In this case the software program and it's operators are networks inside the Demotardic campaign apparatus.

I am very familiar with the delicate interaction of systems and systems analyst/programmers in the postmodern business enterprise. The enterprise requires a system. In order to use the system the business people are wholly dependent on system experts who specialize in the software. By nature, this will be a limited number of people, who you are forced to hire because they and only they have inside knowledge of the system.

It is at once a setting for crony capitalism, at least of the acquaintances/co-workers referring others for jobs.

In fact, this is the entire raison d'etre of LinkedIn. A place to find people with the very specific skillsets and experience required in business today.

There is very little need/use for "generalized knowledge" in the world anymore.

So, it is very plausible, in fact to be totally expected that the Sanders campaign, when they realized they actually had a great shot at winning this thing, needed to tap expertly into Obama's database much like The Big O hisself did, in order to upend Fat Not mi abuela in the primaries.

Campaigning is an industry where people generally stay within the party apparatus but work for different candidates from campaign to campaign.

It is highly likely that once they got their hands on this software, the campaign realized they needed someone to manage the process. And of course, they would need someone who had specific knowledge of this data base. Obviously, that would be a limited number of people who had to have worked in prior Demotardic campaigns using the same software since it is proprietary to the Demotards.

Now is it possible that Uretsky is a "plant." Of course, conspiracies require at least a low level of probability. Is there any evidence that Uretsky was planted (by the DLC? By Hillary? For what exact purpose?).

Of course not. There isn't even an accusation if you actually read and apply your critical thinking skills instead of Bernie Homerism in service of tin foil theory.

And note in my comment that set you off I stated that this was tin foil theory that is plausible.

Just because it's made of tin today doesn't mean in time it might be spun into gold.

But for today at least, with the "unnamed source" actually not accusing anybody of anything other than the vendor recommending a guy for a job that the campaign of its own free will decided to take, this story still exists in the aluminum wrap section of the internets.

donkeytale said...

Now for the interesting and prescient part.

Bernie has been in the media doldrums for awhile now as I have pointed it. Terridsm, Inc painted him into a corner and he chose not to cross the line. In fact, you can see why. His own track record is about same as Hillary and Obama when it comes to dealing with terridsts.

Turns out he too wanted Qadaffy gone, for instance, and sponsored a bill.

Bernie needed to wrest back some media relevance.

As we both predicted, the overreaction by the DLC in banning his campaign was an opportunity for the Bern to regain some media relevance and go on the attack against the PTB (IE, DNC/Fat Hillary).

The fact that he has done so, first with the lawsuit and now the planted internet schtick about "the plant", using an "unnamed source" who doesn't actually accuse anyone of planting anybody nor infers any purpose for the plant, is great!!!

It shows Bernie is ready to roll in the slimy muck as he needs to in order to win. I was beginning to doubt that he had what it takes when he took a pass on the damned emails schtick.

The fact that he is using "unnamed sources" to spread disinfo while taking the high road himself (standard Clinton operating procedure) is a wonderful, Machiavellian sign that (finally) confirms for me that he is in it to win it.

Now, if some credible evidence of some wrong doing besides insane overreaction can be tied to the DNC, Uretsky or Arkansas Fats then you have struck the main vein.

Although the other side's spin would be "your incompetent campaign hired the plan without vetting him and let him run amuck inside your own campaign as if he were a political Snowden in the Cyber candy store stealing data and feeding it to the "enemy."

So in summation, The Media is the Conspiracy is a masterwork that describes the conspiracy at the heart of postmodern networked world. donkeytale prescience is further validated when Bernie campign finally goes on the attack, albeit in the same sleezy style usually attributed to Arkie Fats and her handlers.

Yes, there is always more to the story when you apply critical thinking skills and professional insights.

Great dairy here, especially as it mentions me in the text.

donkeytale said...

As always, your basketball prescience is right on target.

The Celts should go 7-0 over this stretch just as you predicted as they have beaten the "toughest" road opponents they will face during this run and only have a few assorted cupcakes such as Brooklyn and LAL. IE the worst of the worst not counting Philly.

I read somewhere that over the prior 25 road games, Boston has the third best road record in the league behind only GS and CLE.

If they manage to start winning games at home at a normal clip they will be the 50-55 win team you also predicted before you began hedging bets.

Can they match up against GS, CLE or SA in a 7 game series? That may be a tall order this year but definitely a bright future beckons for this team once they gain a "go-to" player or two who can take the game over at crunch time, like Curry did the other day when he blew past first LeBron and then Devilledova for two easy lay-ups at the end of the game that sealed the win for the Warriors.

donkeytale said...

Thinking about Curry, it still took him 3-4 years to develop into a top three player in the league so the question remains, will the Celts draft and develop patiently or will Ainge go for the sign/trade or free agent option?

If they win 50-55 this year, and a series or two, I say the future is now and they eschew the draft or trade the picks for an immediate answer.

donkeytale said...

Has (the incredibly cute) Jeanette shown you her pay stubs yet?

Or does she too reside in the potted plant section of the internets?

donkeytale said...

LOL. "The Medium is the Conspiracy."

Forgot the the title to my own masterwork....

donkeytale said...

I mean, she doesn't seem to exist outside her love of all things Bernie.

Not that there is anything wrong that. Fighting paid fakes with paid fakes woud be another confirmation that Bernie is fighting to win this election by any means necessary.

Is this the real Jeanette (with longer hair and a less darkened facial image???)

donkeytale said...

OK, there are two kite boarding vids on you tube that seem to confirm her regular guy status, although she is now all Bernie all the time on youtube too.

Plus her Bernie piece is awesomely good schtick, whether paid or amateur.

And did I mention she is hot?

donkeytale said...

FWIW, this straw man simply isn't a true statement:

Donkeytale wonders why anyone would ever think he is a political operative.

I have never questioned anyone's ability to accuse anyone else of being a paid fake on the internets.

I mean, I just did the same with Jeanette.

Of course, everyone has long known there are paid fakes on the internet. The question you ask may be the correct one...Why do you bother when the truth has been so well documented? You convinced me 6-7 years ago.

Cass Mamzstein laid it out in the open years and years ago, like at the turn of the century. Long before Snowden came along and reaped the greater glory (mostly for paid fake Greenwald, but whatever. Ed S. seems to be doing comfortably numb and well for hisslef there under Putin's protective gaze).

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie to Jeanette you tube and her wonderful pro-Bernie essay. She is an excellent writer, too!

donkeytale said...



Many millions of people hold conspiracy theories; they believe that powerful people have worked together in order to withhold the truth about some important practice or some terrible event. A recent example is the belief, widespread in some parts of the world, that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out not by Al Qaeda, but by Israel or the United States. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law. The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined. Such theories typically spread as a result of identifiable cognitive blunders, operating in conjunction with informational and reputational influences. A distinctive feature of conspiracy theories is their self-sealing quality. Conspiracy theorists are not likely to be persuaded by an attempt to dispel their theories; they may even characterize that very attempt as further proof of the conspiracy. Because those who hold conspiracy theories typically suffer from a crippled epistemology, in accordance with which it is rational to hold such theories, the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups. Various policy dilemmas, such as the question whether it is better for government to rebut conspiracy theories or to ignore them, are explored in this light.

Number of Pages in PDF File: 30

Keywords: conspiracy theories, social networks, informational cascades, group polarization

donkeytale said...

I was going to say that the Chinese Jeanette play was a parody of your "outing" MSOC as that rather ugly naked chick in the movie Stranahan worked on....but then I recall that MSOC turned you into the FBI didn't she?

Mea culpa. Jeanette, I am very sorry to have impugned your amateur status as a BernBot. Please accept my humble apology.

Initially, because your only online postings seemed to be 100% Bernie promotion (not there is anything wrong with that) I assumed that such diligence could not be the result of playing purely for the love of the game.

Subsequently, I did find 2 videos pertaining to kite boarding that seems to prove you as a regular guy and not a paid political operative.

Besides which, I am 100% also for Bernie Sanders and #BLM.

Keep on trucking with your always excellent schtick-- just know that I truly do not care whether you are paid or not and hereby retract any insinuation that you may be in Senator Sander's employ. That is ear elephant as they used to say back in the day.


Lenny Fritos said...

First things, first: Wow.

I don't imagine I overdid it with "it must be a plant" schtick. On the other hand, you are correct it is a very plausible scenario in contradistinction to "The moon is made out of cheese" type conspiracy theories.

It doesn't matter. If it turns out before the coronation is clinched that he was a plant, there is your "October Surprise."

But that isn't necessary. Just the fact that Sgt. Schultz smeared Bernie and tried to ruin his chances by denying him crucial data is enough.

I thank you for this and especially for copying and pasting Cass Sh*tStein.

That "conspiracy story" screenshot is from a US military document that Snowden released. Here you go again moving the field goalposts. It doesn't matter that paid fakery was exposed by myself before any of the Snowden documents proved my greatness or at a minimum vindicated my schtick.

Donkeytale's revised blogosphere history is that everyone knew that.

No, that' snot true.

On a side tangent, you have woken me up from a dreamy slumber with Ms. Jeanette. Ugh, that probably sounds very creepy. But I do recall Kay Lenz had a thingie with William "Billy" Holden. It was a very breezy relationship. Me nips hardened, Laddie!

No worries, my friend. She is the daughter I never had and there's no sexual tension between us.

Yes, who is she? I don't want to dox her, but I did some quick searching old-school socratesian styled.

The first thing I did was google her image. I see no Jeanette Ling mentioned in the first videos you cited. It's sky diving or water skiing. I have no clue. I simply didn't see her name in the video description section.

I couldn't find any picture of a famous singer or wtf photo as you insinuated earlier in your above blogging filibuster.

It's okay to make money at blogging even if it includes being pro-Bernie. I don't begrudge H.A. Goodman at HuffPo, especially not after he predicted Hillary coming in third in Iowa! I thanked him for that in real time.

I don't begrudge Benjamin Dixon for selling commercials on his blogcast. That's not a podcast? That's an apple product/phrase? Schmogcast, whatever. I still want one of those fancy microphones. Or maybe a fake one would work? I've never discounted the potential for gag props. I just think they have to be used within reason. The whole schtick can't be gags and props. That's why The Three Stooges are dated except for the Shemp ones. He was a beautiful, misunderstood man. He was the universal regular Joe. With Moe, Larry, and Curly, they went to the well of slapstick violence too often. Shemp was sophisticated. I believe he was up there with W.C. Fields for greatness. Shemp was transcendent. Yet, this is a digression.

Jeanette is doing great work. At some point, she upped her game and started posting short clips exposing Hillary as a fake leftist.

We are a two-person BernBot machine, similar to the donk-soc autopilot project.


Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, that's not maryscott in the Stranahan or wtf play. But she was in it and that was her stand in. I haven't checked in a while, but it was up at youtube, maryscott acting. It was really bad, like soap opera midday bad. The soap operas got so bad, that that's the reason The View gained viewers which we now know are perverting the political process through their participation in rigged polls.

Haha, to now see you come back with great to see Bernie is finally attacking. Welcome to what I blogged on months ago.

You showed your cards with the last statement.


Maybe take a laxative?

I think that is Jeanette in the picture. But I think it was one of those fancy, pro photography sessions and from when she was younger.

I think she is this person mentioned in a HuffPo piece on folks selling Bernie type products.

I don't recall anything in her articles or on her Twitter page linking to this.

Scroll down to "Bernie Bobble Head."

Maybe I'm wrong, but I think she's a regular gal who is simply devoted to blogging on Bernie.

I think this might be her.

There's a photo at the first one and it could be the same person, maybe just older and not dolling herself up for some glamour shot.

I'm not sure. That's what I found.

And God bless her for putting in all that time on behalf for Bernie Sanders. I imagine she's made a big difference.

And I was prescient with the Celtics and phew they won the harder games first. Now they are entering the milieu of potential trap games. But they are home games.

Home games are easier to win if you are trying to mail in a victory.

I think a good sign is that the Cerltics are surviving the teams which have giants in the paint. Last night it was Drummond. That game wasn't as close as the final score. Isaiah's shot was off last night. He still hits all his free throws. He must be a good shooter if he hits those as good as anyone.

He's strong too or the aspect ration was off. He has huge arms.

Andre Drummond has to be the worst free throw shooter I've ever seen. Most like Shaq could at least always hit the rim, more of a clank shot. Drummond can't shoot them at the target. They veer far right or left. He is so bad, he should do them underhanded.

Stevens was very Popovich like in hacking at Drummond. It became part of the overall defensive strategy. It wasn't non-stop but rather just another option in the flow of the game, like three pointers.

The Russians are back all over us.

There were 487 page hits yesterday. 516 so far today. In the last week, there have been 1,093 Russian visits.

That should just about cover everything.

Lenny Fritos said...

The only thing I've ever asked from Bernie Sanders in return for my unpaid campaign work is a handshake over a Guinness.

God bless the audience.
There'll be none of those shenanigans.

I just hope his suit doesn't hit the foam. Maybe we can shake hands first, then take a seat at the bar like regular guys. Or I'd love to chill out with Killer Mike in his barber shop. Or hang out with Jeanette. It's all good.

Lenny Fritos said...

It looks like Dallas is getting ripped apart by weather.

donkeytale said...

The weather has been intense as all get out. 3 out of four roads aroud were closed today because of fast moving street water. This is like the third major storm of the winter season. Thunderstorms and tornados in December are pretty weird and wild stuff.

Frau Tale was going out to get something from the store but I did it instead. That's when I saw the neighbor's house two doors away and around the corner from us got flooded. A pond across the road lost it's load and the overflow went directly at their house which is on lower ground. We live in a hilly area which is good because tornados prefer flat spaces, but when you are below water level that's a problem. Lucky for us we seem to be situated on a hillside and the drainage is good. And I say lucky because I had no idea never thought of such things when buying the place.

Yes, I botched the Jeanette from Singapore shot. I think I linked to the wong Singaporean.

I too have no problem with paid political operatives or even unpaid ones. And Bernie is a good cause to put your efforts into. There is the concept of enlightened self interest.

I probably got a bit too worked up on the unnamed source thingie but it was such a flashback to any of about ten thousand moments of whiteyspherean belief in any inane conspiracy that is so easy to see through.

Yes, none of this will ever be substantiated. The fired staffer has been all over ...cable news...haha. He's a known known. Yahoo News and Gawker can own that nonsense forever.

The point is Bernie's staff seems to enjoy a bit of the dirty tricks and there is nothing wrong with that. Politics is all about playing a little country hard ball. Sometimes you have to make a statement, play a little chin music with the high hard one.

I, for one, am happy to see some grit from the demotardic Eisenhower socialist camp for a change.

donkeytale said...

I have a hard time picturing Bernie drinking but yes a Guinness would probably be his draught of choice. I doubt he would go for the Extra Stout. He surely smoked some weed back in the day, probably experimented with some psychedelics too.

I could be wong but usually I can tell the drinkers from the teetotalers.

Hillary, now there is a drinker. Hard and stiff.

Lenny Fritos said...

The C's are up 12 with 8.5 minutes left in the fourth.

Marcus Smart is back playing.

I'm glad you posted since that means the tornado missed you. I guess it's a reverse kind of lottery system where you'd rather not win.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie is a sophisticated troll. He's not going to say Fuck you. He is not the Morton Downey Jr. of the left.

Lenny Fritos said...

I think Bernie is a total square who not only avoids the sauce, but also marijuana.

I used to think Janie was some kind of illicit woman, a deadhead, siomething like that, but I also believe she used to have a fancy job.

I was wrong.

I missed Uretsky doing the interview circuit.

Maybe it is a coincidence. I admit the only thing close to proof is it's so obvious. Like when April Glaspie said the U.S. would have no opinion on any Iraq-Kuwait border dispute. I also suppose I'll be accused of making noncongruous digressions.

Lenny Fritos said...

I think Bernie has no problem with pot. I am intuiting that it makes him experience feelings of paranoia or some other excuse for not toking.

Lenny Fritos said...

H. must drink a lot of booze and then need to soak it with food.

She probably does zero exercising. She is probably going to balloon to 300 pounds if she doesn't turn around her out of control lifestyle.

Back in her day she was almost cute with the Blondie look.

She signs off as H.. I'm not playing around by referring to her as that.

She went Liz Taylor style, no doubt in my mind. Oh to be a fly on the wall at their dinner parties.

They are greedy fat pigs.

They want more, more, more and Hillary stealing the presidency would extend their monetisation of politics.

This is Captain Obvious material. I'm sincerely flabbergasted. I don't use that word lightly.

The C's are now 18-13 and I look prescient for that one.

donkeytale said...

It's not a coincidence, it's hardwired. It's the way life rolls in the networked era. You get a gig in some obscure specialized database thingie and if what you do has a vital connection to businesses (political campaigns are businesses) then you are in clover.

This database thingie has been around only since Obama's campaign developed it 2008. There are probably only a handful of people who are experienced enough with it and have references to validate their expertise and trustworthy character of WTF.

They are probably all friends at the end of the day whether they work for Hill or Bernie. Dude, Bernie and Hill are friends at the end of the day.

This same schtick is repeated in business after business as the world gets more specialized and complex, esoteric and obscure to the common man on the street.

This is why incompetent people continue to get fired and find gigs.

Snowden is an example. He knew how to work these obscure systems and programs. He was valuable to the MIC, switching gigs easily and making loads of money in the process doing something relatively few people had experience doing. He was locked in for life, which is why what he did was noble, except for the part where he turned tail and ran to Mother Russia. Don't get me wong here. I would have done the same thing, although as is my nature I would probably have preferred to remain an anonymous coward out of the spotlight.

But the comparison from a linked in style networking arrangement is similar to Uretsky's gig.

So, you see these relationships are sinister when looked at from the outside but from the inside it is normal cronyism. And logical. Who would hire some novice that would require training, acculturation and lead time to get up to speed when there is an experienced guy out there needing a gig. I'm sure the Bern campaign jumped at him and felt fortunate to hire him early on.

donkeytale said...

Actually, Bernie claims to have smoked weed once or twice but had coughing fits. I looked it up. You are correct tho, it is usually the paranoia or the pounding heart during the buzz that scares people straight. I sometimes don't like it either, especialy the new hyper THC active strains. In some ways Mexican dirt weed was better because a milder buzz. Especially if you just liked to smoke weed. Today you need a toke or four and let it go.

Back in the day before there was much research most of us thought pot smokers had more heart attacks and cancer when in fact that is now known to be untrue. Some studies even think weed kills cancer cells in the lungs because people who smoke weed and tobaccy have less lung cancer than people who smoke tobaccy only.

Although some are now saying the intense high can lead to a sort of weed induced psychosis. Actually, having consumed toms of weed both the week shit back in the day and Sinsemilla in the latter era, I am probably the proof of that thesis.

I do tend to agree that weed is harmful in a very subtle way to the emotional and psychological being.

But I recommend it to those who can handles it as an occasional mind relaxer in a stressful world. The way it puts you in touch with your senses and makes your brain babble mindlessly in an unfixed manner is healthy in moderation when every day is a complete and total mindfuck stress out, thanks mainly to all the instant communication that rules our lives.

It's just not for me.

I'm just an addictive personality

donkeytale said...

I think a podcast is like radio. No pictures.

Lenny Fritos said...

The Russians are still here. Maybe the problem is Pando has become subscriber only. Chicken dancing man Mark Ames is a former Yank from Moscow. It's either that crowd or it's some mysterious spam program.

Hey, whatever gets us closer to the million served customers schtick, I like it a lot.

I'd rather get padded stats from them than Breitbarts. I don't know what I did to finally shake that crowd off me arse. But it worked. Maybe it is too painful for them to know their George Washington doe snot like them.

Lenny Fritos said...

Maybe the Russians have access to youtube unlike China and know all about the subversive agitator Shemp. Maybe they google his name and end up here.

Maybe they wonder who are these mysterious Yankeee bloggers who speak of greatness.

You're nuts if you think people can't see what you do. You always go for the quick tinfoil knockout. If that doesn't work, you go the let me tell you how the business world works, sonny.

So you called DWS Sgt. Schultz once. You admitted one damn time that Sugar Ray Leonard was all packaging. That is not enough. You need to hit the point where enough is enough.

That's the story. The Correct the Record/David Brock thingie was also a story. The debates you ignored were stories.

Your fallback is well, I'm rather busy these days what with work, tornadoes, and floods. You say enough is enough with Shemp, that indeed he has already been classified by DFQ2 as greatness. You even showed a bit of compassion for George Carlin admirers and backed off.

Datagate was an attack not just on Bernie, but on all that is good in the world.

And there are millions of paid fakes. I even put one up for you, that Sokule woman who knows how to get manufactured pro-Hillary comments onto eighty websites in one click. They even have software that tracks such comments and any responses.

This is the perfect storm for Bernie who is not friends with Hillary. I disagree that Bernie likes Hillary one bit. He said it because it's politically expedient for him to not be a dick.

Bernie is similar to Jesus and even Killer Mike said that in the barber shop interview. Bernie got so red. He was like, whoa there big guy, slow down, I'm a regular guy. Mikey might have said in response was not Jesus "mi amigo" Christensen a regular guy? I digress and it's a bad one. I should not mock the Christian people especially during this commercialised part of the season. Santa stuff.

The new old astroturf is that BernBots are despicable. That's where I draw the line. DNC astroturfers are way in over their heads. Bernie did not coin the phrase enough is enough. He simply captured the zeitgeist's germundschnitzle.

Hillary is the mafia boss. Not one real candidate in the DINO Party risked running against her. Was that not odd? Chaffee? Doesn't count. Webb? Ditto. O'Malley? Why is that asshat still in the race?

The DNC's new fake campaign is to portray BernBots as conspiracy theory freaks on from the fringes. And there you were doing their dirty work. It truly makes no sense. Our audience is mostly comprised of Russians who are not eligible to vote in primaries/caucuses.

Bernie's become trans-Black. Oh, another spin by paid fakes is that Bernie is no different than Hillary, that all politicians are the same; that Bernie is cold and calculating. He may be cold, but that's because of the John McEnroe NY anger genetics and it gets a bit nippy in Vermont. The best thing that might have happened to Bernie is El Nino or whatever is making this the most mild Winter weather in the northern states since 1298.


Lenny Fritos said...

Will Debbie Wasserman Schultz be fired as DNC chair? That is a big part of the story, not some spin attacking tinfoilers.

No one is ready for Hillary but the most lame of people. They are to be despised. Hillary pissed off a lot of Black people with something to do with Kwanzaa. It was the same ilk of a story with the Latinos and her being told to cut out the shite with cold, calculating pandering.

No one is ready for Hillary but the most self-centered, brain dead individuals who sop up fake posts and polls generated by corporate fascism and their sock puppets.

I think Bernie will take both Iowa and NH. Then there will be further goal post movement as the paid trolls resort back to their so what if Bernie won a couple lily-white racist states? This is divide and conquer 101.

You should have stuck with your original analysis from when DFQ2 first started covering US POLITICS 2016; That Hillary is a loss waiting to happen.

Thank God I have been lifting the heavy water ever since you started yawning and said wake me up February 1st when the voting starts.

It's important that the regular guy internet addict vote understands that the H. supporters found in comment sections, on Twitter, you name the milieu, that they are paid fakes and useful idiots with sock puppets.

I can't see Bernie getting clobbered by the Black vote. Not now. And wasn't that the big question mark? Can Bernie compete with Hillary for the minority vote?

Nate Silver was brilliant to slow down the process with one phrase, negative feedback loops.

Not only do I look forward to Bernie winning the nomination, I especially can't wait for Harry Enten to get his ass chewed out in 538 comments for having been a tool who was very, very wrong. It's referred to as schadenfreude.

Uretsky did 25 searches on Hillary's data? That wasn't bizarre? Why didn't he just go whoa Nellie and contact the DNC ptb's at that point? Why was Bernie ostracised by DWS when it was her jackass company involved making the mistakes, the same one reported by Bernie's camp back in October?

You can't win this debate if it's gonna be spun as tinfoil because then you might as well be doing dirty work for H. and Sgt. D.W. Schultz. I guess your plausible deniability is that you are a useful idiot?

I would like to see Joe Biden endorse Bernie. I don't know what he's waiting for. Maybe he too needs to see that Bernie is viable by winning actual states. Same with Warren. Same with donkeytale. Same with any Democratic Party sheepherder who hates Hillary but hates the GOP worse.

Lenny Fritos said...

There's another possibility to your being a useful idiot. We have already confirmed you are a regular guy contrarian. Perhaps you are a beautiful, misunderstood mensch.

Yes, we have discussed the problem before of weed being too strong. I disagree however about the support for Mexican weed. That stuff was no good. Too many seeds.

There is a middle ground between dirt weed and super hydro one hit and you're done weed.

We have lost that middle ground for pot.

It is a big problem in this country.

And some people simply do not react to weed whether it is the crap stuff that never gets you high or the super duper can't we turn down the volume on this stuff marijuana.

Personally I do not drink much booze. It takes too much effort to line my stomach and drink tons of water and aspirin or wtf so I'm not a mess the next day.

I'll take a little paranoia over a splitting headache/nausea any time of the day.

I will say this. The most important thing in life is not weed or booze. It is eating healthy. It is not sitting all day. For me, my quality of life was greatly improved once I quit the Quorn products and started to take supplements and an allergy pill. I won't get into specifics, but each of us has our own ecosystem. Health is everything. None of us will live forever, but we can at least try to be healthy while we are here.

Pot might be psychologically addictive, but booze seems to be up there for biological addiction. If someone is deep into it with the sauce, they are looking at some kind of hell going through detox. I know this from my experiences with trying to quit nicotine. In this respect, booze should be outlawed, not pot. But we know how prohibition turned out. It doesn't work.

Oh, and that's another demerit on Obama's fake greatness. His administration suckered a lot of potheads into thinking the war on weed was over. Then the raids continued. And Obama's attacks on whistle blowers will also make him look like an idiot in future history books. It's got nothing to do with the color of his skin. There are dickheads of every race and creed. Obama is a dickhead first, a Black man second, and that's why Black people continue to be gunned down by the fuzz.

Bernie is a spectacular candidate. The BernBots are actually a small percentage of the actual Bernie vote. I am fascinated by this election and can't wait for Iowa to vote. As time marches on, I am becoming more confident, not less.