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Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Post-Manifesto Age

I told everyone that everything is rigged and fake, but no one believed me. Even conspiracy theories have been one big, fat farce created and maintained by the Military-Industrial Complex. It's looking like we didn't even go to the moon. You want to know how I know that? What is the best evidence that we went there? It's all a false positive.

You'd have to be nuts to think that.
Are you one of those conspiracy turds?
Yeah, well, Alex Jones isn't going to pay your rent and put food on the table.

That isn't proof. Getting spun as a conspiratard doesn't equate to defeat.

Those are the same losers complaining about fake news. George Orwell called it doublespeak. Maybe in German it is referred to as dougenschaden. I just made up that word to mock German words placed in italics. Fricken. How fake is everything? Paid fakes are telling us what's real and what's Memorex. I guess you had to be there.

That's the rub, Horatio. McLuhan was right. Content don't mean shite. The medium is a machine. It is currently in the process of rebooting. Ye can't let them get away with it. Turn off the t.v.. Wake the fock up. There is nothing greater than nature. Everything we were taught has been outright lies. Outright, I sez to ya.

"Conspiracy Stories"

It's right there above in our faces. We are in a post-manifesto age because it's no longer possible to tell the real from the fake. Until the U.S. government stops playing psychological operations with its citizens, nothing will improve.

We should probably thank Bernie Sanders for being a tool. Now we know. The best of the best in U.S. politics didn't have what it takes when it mattered most. He didn't want to be blamed for Trump's win. He did nothing to confront the demon which is the DLC/DNC or whatever acronym they switch to next. He kissed their butt. He gave away too much. He settled too much. He got his arse paddled and responded with, "Thank you, sir. May I have another?"

No one can be trusted means what it says.

Except for me. That's how this schtick continues to flow non-dependent on viewer support.

It's been said that stats are for losers. Anyway, there were two big spikes on my Twitter signifying zeitgeist movement.

I'm not trying to show off. I could easily show some stats for this blog showing how little traffic it gets. I stopped blogging. It takes hard work to maintain internet stats. Anyway, the above was from Sept. 11th to the 12th. That was the day Hillary collapsed.

The above would be considered good stats for myself. I can't speak for others. The point isn't to pat me on the back. These stats were from November 25th to the 26th. Those solid numbers were myself capitalising on the fallout from Julian's alleged appearance on Beirut television.

I guess my whole Twitter is accessible for reading. This is how you do it.

For example, this is what I filled in to find my tweets from the day Hillary collapsed.

I filled in my username, the date and also included my retweets. Although Twitter confines us to 140 character micro posts, I have always tried to write in a flow from tweet to tweet. I don't want to reinvent any wheels. I'm just saying there is a lot of schtick to be found there. I got tired of blog writing. But now I am tired of Twitter.

I'll have to make a solid effort to not be scrubbed from Twitter. I have a copy of all my tweets. They send them on request. But if my Twitter was erased, they wouldn't be much good to me or anyone. It would be painstaking work to republish. I would be working off of old junk for the rest of me life. I would be wallowing in internal chatter.

And I truly believe I am the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce, for what it's worth. This is a pretty wild ride we are all on. There is nothing more trippy than consciousness.

I am incapable of writing a manifesto. I'd rather just leave it as, this was my schtick and make of it what you will. You are the universe.

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