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Friday, May 25, 2018

Alexa and Assange

                                      Is this That Poppy in ten years?

Personally I love meself some average Jane Doe looks and don't care what race or whatnot. The woman above just happens to be average looking with the Aryan race genetics. Then I thought of Poppy. This observation actually has nothing to do with the blog entry. Nothing matters anymore because everything is rigged and fake. I'm just killing time. I wanted to say first that good looks are also a hoax. Everyone is beautiful except for fascist pigs and various personifications of turd.

The above lady had a private conversation which Amazon's Alexa copied and sent to a contact.

Come on. That's deranged. And where are the claims of put on some tinfoil or if you're doing nothing wrong, then what does it matter?

Amazon is owned by Jeff Bezos who also owns the state-sponsored propaganda rag named the Washington Post.

                                      Who doesn't hate this guy's guts?

Our country is run by criminals, period.

Meanwhile, there is another story I wanted to mention which also pertains to a blondie. Julian Assange is getting squeezed. Sweetie Pamela Anderson said that. Spain didn't like Julian voicing opinions about Catalonia. They have ties with Ecuador and the new dovche president also wants to do dirty work for the Military-Industrial Complex.

This is such a disgusting world.

Oh, apparently Jeffrey Esptein has been an FBI informant. Isn't that special?

The Celtics may or may not win tonight, but rest assured the talking heads and commercials will be extra annoying.

I'd say more, yet we're screwed no matter what is written. I am sick and tired of rigged garbage? I only begrudgingly care about basketball? Assange is the greatest human being alive. Trump is ungrateful, despicable trash for not granting Julian his freedom. I don't think he expected to win and I don't think anything has changed. It's called bread and circuses, fellas.

The scum has been identified. They transcend political parties. They control everything. I pray that younger people will figure out strategies to save the planet and humanity. I am at a loss for solutions. Put Bezos, Zuckerberg, Thiel and tens of thousands of other capitalist warmonger pigs in prison? Well, duh. But how do we get to that point? Bernie would have provided some hope despite his own flaws. A free Assange would provide some hope.

The PTB's have taken away all hope. The military is the #1 problem. Youth will have to figure out how to enforce the constitution. I've got no clue how to get to that point. I do truly believe that most people agree with me. One cannot believe anything produced by social media. It's called online covert agents breaking the law denying us of freedom of speech and association.

This is referred to as a constitutional crisis. The medium acts as if this is not going on or that we must resist Trump or globalism. Pick one of those sides. I say fvck this and fvck them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The truth hurts. These are enemies to humanity.

This is trash named LenĂ­n Moreno. He is the president of Ecuador and is responsible for the shutdown of Assange's internet access.

The problem is wac-a-mole. I've pretty much described enough over the course of my social media participation explaining wtf is going on. I am one regular guy who is neither paid fake nor useful idiot. Resistance is futile as only fake resistance is permitted.

Kudos go to former leader Rafael Correa for protecting Julian. He is a true hero now living in Belgium. I am also thinking of trusting Craig Murray who claimed to have received the leaks in Washington, D.C.. I don't visit his website but perhaps should.

The mainstream media is clearly an enemy to humanity. There's no point in trying to prove that as paid fakes are all over every comment section to gaslight. If we retreat from every single website, the powers that be become irrelevant. The biggest impediment to positive social change is the mythology that this is democracy. Check this out. The Washington Post is wetting its pants not allowing access unless one shuts off ad blocker.

The Post has direct ties to the CIA. Never turn off ad blocker. Part of a widespread social movement must include the boycotting of all mainstream media. I can pinpoint who the bad guys are. That is very easy. I am simply lost as to how anything can ever improve. This is a tragedy and very frustrating.

It's easy stuff to identify bad actors such as Moreno. It's no problemo to realise that all medium is rubbish. But where are the answers? How can we save the planet from the ptb's? This is the essence of being left with nowhere to go.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Santa Fe kid is demented but so is society

One girl interviewed said it felt like just a matter of time as school shootings happen quite often. I get that feeling and haven't been in education for about fifteen years. I have come to the conclusion that we are all screwed.

It wasn't always like this. The internet changed everything. It brought the fake nature of social reality to the surface. Beforehand one would have to read a lot of books. It boiled down to the hard work of sincere reflection. It took being a devil's advocate and considering all possibilities. Why hasn't anything ever gotten better? How come as awareness has risen nothing ever changes? Why is society caught in a demented loop of good cop, bad cop medium mythology?

The above woman is connected to Greenwald and that sort of fake movement. I hadn't noticed her in a long time. On the surface she is an anti-surveillance Snowden type. On her Twitter she is basically promoting divide and conquer between left and right. No one is sticking to facts and staying humble. She is promoting Reality Winner as some form of whistleblower. It is quite ridiculous.

She retweeted the above. She is also promoting Jake Tapper. There's a reason why I refer to paid fakes and useful idiots. You can't call everyone cointelpro without pay stubs. Or one gets pinned as calling everyone a paid fake. That's actually a standard response from disinfo agents. E.G., you can't call someone a shill for disagreeing with you. Whatever. It's like her rare tweets making sure everyone knows she supports Assange. It seems like lip service as it's clear who she actually supports.

She is pulling convex hull crap. There are people such as myself who will never not support Julian. So the above tweet was basically two-faced. She rightly calls the film a hit job, yet on the other hand, she spreads the unproven claim that Russia was behind the DNC leaks. That's too much of a coincidence. Anyone pushing the "Resistance" crap is full of it, period. That includes this suspicious Radack person.

But it's wac-a-mole. It's pointless. Everything is being manipulated by the Five Eyes. There is no legitimate platform anywhere. No one is believable.

And now I see she is being sued by someone named Trevor Fitzgibbon for allegedly making a false rape claim. Isn't Fitzgibbon the one who has represented Chelsea Manning? That name sounds familiar. Ah yes, a quick search verifies that. He has also done PR work for honourable greatness Assange and Wikileaks. This is some weird stuff. Kevin Gosztola put up an article that if true, Radack is apparently a cointelpro operative.

I have no faith in the future in regards to public discourse and society. Zip, nada, none.

Gosztola gets no comments on his website. I checked Benjamin Dixon and Pakman stats and they seem to have fallen back into obscurity. A while ago it seemed that Cenk Uygur is no longer getting much action. Rogan is suspicious. People may be waking up but everything is still rigged and fake. Status quo bootlickers and fake intrepid activists own all the big platforms. Someone could be the best, brightest, most sincere fvckface and no one would know they even exist. Go watch some Jake Tapper? Is that what we're supposed to do? Fvck that and fvck you.

I don't like Pakman and Dixon. The former seems to definitely be a plant. The latter probably just got in over his head and his limitations as a free thinker have prevented him from growing. I sense that the vast unwashed masses are retreating from social media involvement or doing it on their own terms similar to my attempts. Who wants to be gaslighted? No one.

This person below is grotesque and obviously a disinfo tool, imho.


The Poppy thingie was an interesting distraction, as is the NBA. We have no power to change the world, but hey, we have the freedom to be passive listener objects for influence leaders containing us within the convex hull.

No one needs a rocket science degree to have suspicions. The Repzilla turd makes my skin crawl. He is a little bit too obsessed. He likes to use that old-school hypnotic circular thing. It took me three weeks to first hear of "Poppy" then put it together wtf happened. I am not a big fan of turds who are either paid fakes or useful idiots.

Then there is this guy Marsii from Australia. It turns out he collaborated with RepTurd and basically promotes him. I've been leaving some comments here and there on Youtube videos. I still have my fastball for writing. It just seems pointless. There is no way to play this game within the system. No one has the fortitude or skills to set up a major website while keeping out riffraff. I think Gosztola may be on the up and up, but he gets no comments and he seems basically naive. It shouldn't take someone years to wtfu and realise there is no such thing as community on the internet. Of course Assange was circumscribed by fake freedom advocates such as Greenwald.

I tried a bit of escape by getting into the Poppy story. Repzilla and Marsii dominate the dialogue. On Marsii's channel there is a regular named Stingy Jew.

The Israeli government is verified trash. Name one country which isn't. It can't be done. Yet, how is the above not anti-Semitic and cointelpro 101? I ban scumbags like that from my videos. I had to shut down comments entirely on the Corman/Shatner movie which dealt with segregation and race issues. I wash my hands of all scumbags. None of this is my fault. The Five Eyes are demented trash. They are world-wide English speaking cointelpro actors.

Marsii just so happens to speak in the hypnotic ASMR voice. That's another coincidence?

I'll end with a video showing Freemason Shaq zoning out for what appears to be a full minute or two. It's referred to as the MK-ULTRA schtick. It is very weird and shows how much of a demented loser Shaq is. But in regards to all these conspiracy channels having no problem coming off as loons, they can also fvck off.

Someone named Sabelo gave the standard Five Eyes cointelpro response. And of course it does sound bizarre for anyone to make MK-Ultra claims, so that is how militarised "conspiracy stories" work. Real people are left with nowhere to go.

I notice shite all the time. I see multiple users on Daily Mail comments for example saying the same concepts. It's as if cointelpro writers are given standard bullet points to paraphrase, yet getting away with plagiarism is easier said than done. They get away with it because the whole stinking internet is manipulated by the Military-Industrial Complex. This has been my schtick since 2006-07 when I first got into so-called social media. Before all this new chatter of fake news and disinfo, I was already frothing over it. I could see how rigged everything was or at least the mainstream part. Then I could sense that all of it is fake. I will never trust any website or internet person again. I can grok what is going on and how we are powerless to change it. The culprits are as clear as a blue sky. It is the system in itself. I can't grok how we are to go from awareness to positive social change. Everything has been reduced to irrelevant noise. Orwell nailed it.