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Monday, June 4, 2018

A solid conspiracy theory emerges.

The Theory: An abandoned camp was found in Arizona by a non-profit or wtf that was searching for homeless veterans. It seems to have been for child trafficking. Below is what's called a real t.v. news station reporting on the discovery.

I don't know who these guys are, but here is some additional footage.

I almost made my first youtube video. My eyesight sucks and it's very difficult to see what needs to be done. I am an old man hating the new junk. It seems like it should be as easy as hitting a record button. I guess it'll be figured out.

Anyone who has seen my few photoshops knows I ain't too artistic at drawing. My Tokyo Shemp avatar is an example. There's paint and screenshots. It takes money and hiring someone to put stuff together. The medium is very expensive.

I am going to be a minimalist. I was thinking of recommending the best movie uploads on the channel. I have never done radio. I've done public speech. The writing blog medium seems to be dying. The videos are much easier to draw attention. Twitter was the best option for my kind of schtick, but they bounced me. Blogger here is very isolated. I have some interesting articles from over the years. It feels like a dead archive walking.

I am not antisocial. It's called social anxiety.

It's not 24/7. It's not set in stone. I bet Lenny Bruce had social anxiety. Richard Lewis is a nervous mess. God bless him I suppose.

Youtube might be a way for me to get some views.

My movies already have over 1.1 million page hits.

I know it was just uploading, yet that's still impressive from a love of the game angle. I started in 2012. I got lucky. Some of my uploads were amazing public domains that I was the first to upload or had found the best copy. There was the Corman/Shatner movie. There's Sam Fuller's The Naked Kiss. The Van was a major find. One has to log in because it got the community R rated classification. That one has big views.

There are almost 150 movies on the channel and rising. Some are bad, but most are good to great. Some are so bad, they are a good waste of time or better background noise than t.v. news or other dumb shite. I uploaded two Josephine Baker movies. People love my transfer of D.O.A..

I worked hard and created subtitles for the Chinese made flick titled Street Angel.

The Intruder, that Shatner movie, has 330,000+ views.

I make no money off of the Youtube channel, not one cent.

I would upload more but shady companies are claiming copyright on public domain movies.

If you see any ads, it's not because of me.

If I was ready to make a video, the first one might have been promoting my top picks for the channel's uploads.

Or I could have tried to make a clickbait on paid shills and disinfo. Say, look at Reddit Conspiracy admitting they are cointelpro. They have two stickied threads.

Here's #1:

On what planet are those conspiracies? Nimoy got away with it because his show was called In Search Of. It wasn't called In Search Of Conspiracy. So they went after a lot of stuff like the Bermuda Triangle or what happened to Amelia Earhart. Conspiracy to me is who killed JFK. What's up with cointelpro? Did we go to the moon is a good one. Did the DNC rig the election for H. against Bernie with demented astroturfing? To me, legit conspiracy theorising should be permitted to cohabitate with proven conspiracy. One reason I think we might not have gone to the moon is that there are so many obvious JTRIG alphabet produced flat earth videos.

No one wants to think Alex Jones is disinfo for two reasons.

1) That sounds kooky. Maybe he just has a schtick?

2) If true, that is grotesque and terrifying. Thus one blows it off.

Hal Turner was a verified media cointelpro agent. You're telling me he was the only one?

It's better to know the truth. Anderson. Cooper. /cough

I figure if flat earth is thrown into our face so much there must be a primary reason. One could be to soil all conspiracy diapers. Or it could be to throw people off the scent of the moon schtick.

They have socially engineered the internet into the new television. The net has consumed all previous medium as McLuhan explained the process. This is the big endgame. There can be no other medium beyond internet. It is inconceivable. The only next step would be installing computer access into our bodies. I mean, at that point we'd have to fight back as in civil war. But that's the words of science fiction. It is not legit conspiracy.

My point stands. The internet ends the medium. All medium history has led to this. There will be no more McLuhan styled predicting of future medium. This is in "it is what it is" territory, period. Nothing will ever change and this is a permanent matrix or the wildest most positive shite in history will go down. This matrix I speak of is called social reality and based on the laws of physics. Nothing is simulated by a computer. That idea is no better than flat earth. Anyone talking of aliens is either deluded or a psyop.

The PTB's have the useful idiot conspiracy theorists caught in a double bind. There is nowhere to go. Pewdepie or wtf should be modern day Malcolm X. Then maybe we'd be getting somewhere. There's that wackadoo Australian who never shuts up about Poppy. He never has anything to say about Assange. Get the fvck off my American medium outlets, ya bugger. Stick to interacting with Australians.

Youtube sucks. Their search engine is crap. The medium is utter garbage. The people not making the money need to take over the medium. It'll never happen? 

Conspiracy theory should revolve around medium and military. C. Wright Mills called it an Iron Triangle. You've got the executive, the corporate and the military. It's kind of simple when one looks at the specific institutions. Mills said the conspiracy is in the institutions. Wtfu? If it don't apply, let it fly. No, yes I copied that line from Paul Mooney. Everyone who is living in a community needs to let it go. Christians. Satanists. UFO nuts. The mainstream. People are getting pigeon-holed. I swear to God the internet has become the t.v.. It is the same dead end for critical theory. They warned us. It's been verified. I'm proud to have been banned from Twitter. I spoke up. All we can do is speak to the future. Pockets of awareness seem to have dwindled. Everyone has been dispersed. I'm talking real and not shallow participants in social media. No one liked Hillary relatively speaking. She didn't get big crowds.

Assange. Oh God, this is so frustrating.

Internet means the ability to produce content without any publisher or authority. The catch is that the deep state is all over this fvcker. Now we're talking legit conspiracy,

The way it is now, the word conspiracy is inextricably linked to insanity through internet as total pysop. The second stickied post at Reddit Conspiracy says it all. I thank them for this.

They misspelled his name. They are very proud to have him. I doubt he was recommended for a nobel. Listen, when Alex Jones is implying you are a fruitcake strawman for the truther community, you are some form of demented psyop.

Steele claims there is a child slave labour colony on Mars.

Crazy people do exist. I concede that.

But so do the Snowden documents which discuss Batman and conspiracy stories. Wtf was that? I will never forgive nor forget. Of course there is a major real conspiracy in play.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Why do they always send the poor and much, much more

Today is wicked awesome. Life is never ending wisdom accumulation. We all go through rough patches. Some years are better than others. Shite happens or it's good day, sunshine- hat tip to the Beatles. Alan Watts spoke of inner chatter. Not everything is gaslighting. Think of it as birds whistling, in and out the ear. Dwight Howard said don't forget to breathe.

I don't think Blogger allows playlists. Maybe a recent rut happened because the last time I obsessed over music, it was Pink Floyd and then Radiohead. If you are what you eat, then there must be something to what we ingest in other ways. Pick good earworms? Curate the best darn great internet addiction doth must wilt done? You can click on the bottom link which will make a new tab with SOAD. The first song is where I got the title. I am closer to making YT videos. Blogger is making me feel isolated. Twitter had its perks. Heck, if Julian comes back, I'll be there everyday to read him. His account is being run by Wikileaks or his mom. Sorry I don't have the exact info.

For useful idiot arseholes out there claiming he can simply walk out the door, there are or were British cops stationed outside ready to arrest him. If he has health issues, the military probably figures he will be forced outside for medical care. I would like to see the thing blow up. People in Australia, the U.S., Ecuador and England must fight for his freedom. This is bullshit and the most important story there is. He is a modern day Nelson Mandela. He is a form of the other dude's plight when he languished in prison. Now he has no internet and no visitors. It's despicable. The Five Eyes is treasonous trash. The world needs Julian Assange.

"System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B." - playlist

Friday, June 1, 2018

No one can be trusted.

That's Craig Murray. I am scrambling to find anyone or anything to believe in since Julian got all his electronics taken away. I don't think he can even have guests. I'm not sure what is going on. It is scary. It seems Murray is buddies with Julian. So I finally go to his website. My jaw dropped seeing Juan Cole and Glenn Greenwald on his blogroll. There's nowhere to turn to. Cole is 100% fake left with direct ties to the CIA.

I feel defeated. The "Mars Argo community" at YouTube has turned out to be extremely creepy and fake. My head is spinning on all the weirdness which is Repzilla, Marsii, Irrelevant News and DaelyJoy. At least Anthony Weiner and Speedway Bomber were historic players. There was a there, there. It had to be interesting to a lot of people. I don't grok how anyone can watch these others or how that's a community. What is left to be said about Corey Mixter and Moriah Pereira? There wasn't much to begin with. They suck. They committed schtick theft. End of story.

I could tell Repzilla was bad news and started dropping some comments. Then Marsii went on a rant about the clown lifting his material without hat tips. Now it's some stupid drama bouncing off of four or five channels.

I feel done in regards to social media. I concede that. My writing has gone downhill. My lack of trust in the entirety of the medium has left me with no content in which to bounce off. We're well past headed into the wrong direction and this is what social media dystopia looks like. It doesn't matter if someone is sincere, honest and intellectual. There is nowhere for such a person to go to build an audience or partake in so-called communities. There is no way to discern what is fake from real. There is too much interference and outright noise. We are clearly doomed in regards to internet.

I may have one more trick up me sleeve. I could try making original videos at Youtube.