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Monday, November 13, 2017

Bryan Cranston is an Insincere Turd and Moron

So, I basically have three hours to kill until I'm allowed to post again on Twitter. It makes me wonder. Will a day come when we are banned from everywhere for posting facts and opinions that fascist pigs deem unacceptable?

I took a power nap. Despite the micro-blog penalty getting lifted during soon to arrive overnight hours, I should still be awake to at least say, "Hiya, fellas. I'm back. This is your good buddy Tokyo Shemp."

Cranston is saying that Harvey WeinStain and Kevin SpaceFungus could possibly make future comebacks because the shite revealed happens everywhere. According to that numbnut, this is a societal problem.

Sure thing, pal. There's nothing weird and demented about the entertainment industry. It is a fantastic institution like baseball which survived its own nasty troubles from 1919. Back then folks thought the game was over and cooked done. This is Cranston talking, not me. He didn't mention baseball, but his point is similar. Look at the game show scandal when it was exposed as rigged and fake. No one thought the genre could survive that, but it did. Match Game ended up on prime time t.v.. There was Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Cranston is saying come on guys, make some popcorn and keep on a watching.

I had an epiphany the other day. Hollywood is the problem! Many other countries do not have the sexually deviant and violent tendencies we do.

The wow moment had me remembering life as a kid and young adult. I could trace back my road from innocent cute boy to very aware, no going back understanding of sexuality in terms of myself as an individual. It then made sense that whatever I had experienced is not much different than anyone else and it's getting worse. Young people are not provided the room to develop as normal, ethical full humans capable of goodness and living life the way it should.

I once tweeted that the answer perhaps lies in between the burqa and the striptease. You don't want to be a slut nor prudish. I mean this in regards to both sexes. All of us suffer when demented worldviews are pumped into everyone from young age well into adulthood. We are only able to cop on to what happened decades later.

Some never do. Most cling to the false ego all the way towards one's inevitable death. Eating disorders are a result of Hollywood. Blokes acting macho come from the medium. Stupid nationalism is crammed into our minds. We are gaslit and abused psychologically to this day. That's why I have quit accepting any of this garbage, from the mainstream outlets to the Military-Industrial Complex controlled alternatives. Think of a place like Reddit Conspiracy. To read there is to be in direct contact with deep state psychological operations.

They are not only perched and contaminating that small pond. They are everywhere.

Hollywood wants us to drool over strangers. They want us to know that if one is single, they can still let their depraved minds drool over Taylor Swift's legs, for example. Gwyneth Paltrow presents herself as if we should want to gobble her up. Who would name their daughter an apple? These people are demented. Cranston and the men like him are also 100% fvcked in the noggin. It's not my fault that 95% of people are fake and deranged. I am simply observing and probing social reality.

There are as many sexes as there are people.... in theory, in the way it ought to be. But noooo, the ptb's want you to look to Hollywood to teach you how to act as men and women.

Cranston has basically wet his pants. I wouldn't be surprised if he also took a dump, a number two in said undies.

We must 100% boycott and ban all of the entertainment industry. We must do the same to cable t.v. news and all mainstream news outlets. We must also accept that so-called alternatives are also full o'shite and not worthy of trust or support.

I hate to be the bearer of nightmarish news, but that's what is truly going on. It is a leap of faith to kill the medium in one's mind, yet that's the only possible path out of the big mess. There are to be no Cranston styled comebacks. His point is correct only in a simpleton way. Two cancers do not make a right. The entertainment industry is one of the biggest tumors of them all.

Vast numbers of men and women are not living the lives they should because they have been psychologically beaten down by all forms of medium, from parents to entertainment to government to schools to military to corporations to any that I forgot to include.

The reason why people are incapable of living in the moment and at one with Tao is because of scumbags, turds and garbage. While they are to be somewhat pitied, they are not your friends and couldn't care less of your pain. This is an epic battle between free will and indoctrination. If this is lost, we are done and cooked as a society.

Most people have this societal cancer or like myself stay in direct contact with it. I do realise there are more spiritual steps for meself. No one is perfect. Yet, until one can first accept that there is a big mess and that it is institutionalised, one will remain mired in terminal conformity. They will continue to get their chains yanked and not understand why they are miserable and why it never gets better.

                             eulogy for the medium and its fake life

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Reverse the Propaganda: The U.S. Military Equates to Garbage

                                       image from zombierust.com

Uncle Satan wants you to defend our freedom to enjoy fake entertainers, media and government. President Trump loves himself some military and Rodrigo Duterte. Meanwhile, Donna Brazile hustles and bustles for the DINO Neoliberal Resistance. Divide and conquer is on the move. Our rigged nightmare continues.

This is a documentary done on military manipulation of Hollywood:

Jesus, help me find my proper place

Each day I wake up more surprised that some vigilante nutjob hasn't ended the life of a famous alleged sex predator. It's almost as odd that some of the accused haven't done all of us a favour and done it to themselves. While innocent until proven guilty is a good thing, scum like Kevin Spacey and Harvey Turdstein have already been convicted through the blog court system.

I'm glad people are starting to wake up. The vast majority have come to the conclusion that police are criminal scum protecting government and corporations. If we are waiting for cancer to cure itself, it's not going to happen.

Power must have its feet held to the fire or nothing will change. Masses of people must seize power from the fascistic, brainwashed elite. I'm not sure if it will happen. We are clearly living in a form of matrix. Many kooks feel vindicated with justice lagging behind.

So who will be the next Weinstein? Steven Spielsberg's name is whispered. The Dan Schneider scumbag from Nickleodeon is mentioned.

Go to Youtube and search for videos on Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears, that sort of child star stuff. It all starts to add up. Many Hollywood celebrities are basically freaking out because their bread and butter is falling apart. Their whole lives have been one big fat, ugly lie. The dirty laundry is everywhere.

We the audience feel disgusted.

Oh, there really is something called autotune and it is apparently in use by nearly every modern pop artist. Not only are appearances tweaked and brushed, most of these so-called celebrities and artists have been exposed as victims, predators, narcissists and con artists.