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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

You can't have it both ways

That was Dolores' boyfriend, some turd named Ole Koretsky. I like to repeat stuff. Anyone who is flashing Illuminati and satanic hand symbols can fvck off. It really is that simple. O'Riordan needed to be with a better, more spiritual person or at least not that sort of pig. She was meant to be a good girl, not hang out with a tool making the devil horns.

What a great guy? I doubt it. Look at her dark makeup and the negativity both exuded. Dolores claimed the Church was a positive influence. Then why was she with someone flashing satanic signs? She was definitely trapped between the flesh and spirituality. But I'm trying to move on. I can't save everyone or even anyone. Like I've said, none of this is my fault and I wash my hands of all of it.

In other news...

A piece of shit pizza shop manager named Mahmut Yilmaz is facing assault charges after slamming a Black woman's head into the floor of a pizzeria after refusing to allow her to use the bathroom. There is a never ending wave of insane, inexplicable violent stories. There's that weird couple which shackled their thirteen kids some of whom were already adults. I will never understand violence. I don't even want to kill insects at this point. What is wrong with people?

It must be due to socialisation and a society which never offers relief.

Yikes, a mentally ill N.Y. woman sprayed acid all over her face and claimed she was attacked only to later admit she had done it herself. How is one to make sense of such a story?

The medium is just a never ending cycle of violence, government corruption, Big Brother and sex.

There are all these nasty whore bitches revealing too much skin. I am not a misogynist. Someone has to say these things. I will not screenshot the proof of that. I've already used up my allotment of posting what is pretty much soft porn.

I will merely list some of the scumbags:

Dakota Johnson
Victoria Beckham
Courtney Stodden
Kim Kardashian

Oh my God, this next example takes the cake. A porn star named Alana Evans was a guest on Today with Megyn Kelly smearing Donald Trump. Maybe it is all true. It wouldn't be surprising. He is a total d!ckhe@d. There's not really a debate. Anyone who would call his own daughter a nice piece of arse or wtf is not a good guy and clearly demented.

But now porn stars are getting spots on national t.v.? That is just too much.

I'm not sure who either of those women think they are fooling with their proper clothing. It would have been refreshing if they both did the interview in lingerie. Just admit you are whores making money off of sexuality. 

Real men do not need porn. Real women do not give a fvck what anyone thinks of their bodies and subsequently dress appropriately and with self-respect.

Key to good life is humility and being down to earth
Crucial decision must be made to quit the medium
Sex as promoted is conformist evil; love making is where it's at

You can't have it both ways, ladies.

Here is a woman named Brooke Burke-Charvet.
She wants her cake and to eat it too.

Below she is mostly naked and for no apparent reason is doing a form of the all-seeing eye Illuminati schtick.

Below she is with her children:

People are basically splitting their minds and bodies into two. Here's the big secret. The heart pumps the blood. It is the body's motor. The brain is the location by which all thought is formed. Some meditate on the heart which is a big mistake. Just let it do its thing. Most meditate via the brain. They try to empty all thoughts which unfortunately is a thought in itself. It is a form of posing. I am not thinking. I am not an ego. That sort of effort.

This is the big secret. Enlightenment comes not from the heart, mind or both. It comes from the entire body. There's a reason why children and older teenagers should not rush into sexuality. They are not ready. The brain is still developing until ages 21 or 22. The problem with this basic truth is that soft porn has seeped into every facet of the medium. There is no escape from it.

And it's getting worse. Cindy Crawford's 16-years-old daughter is now busy flashing her flesh. Three's Company served its time and place with double entendres which left room for one's imagination to slowly fill in the blanks.

We are simultaneously becoming dumb downed and perverted. Perhaps that is the primary source of insane violence, demented relationships and wasted incarnations.

Ireland, Hollywood and the Church Destroyed Dolores O'Riordan

There's obviously a very effective cover up in place. No one knows why or how Dolores died. The most obvious theory would be accidental drug overdose or suicide. The latter might be far less likely since she was apparently a devout Catholic who had kissed the Pope's hand. But she might have done that. Forty-six is too young to die. I suppose it's possible she had something like a heart attack. Maybe some answers will be revealed soon. There's really no way to know right now.

Yet, it's pretty clear that she was not a happy camper. I didn't know she tried to kill herself in 2013 or had a strange airplane rage event. The Irish tend to get a wee bit emotional off of booze. From what I can see, she was giving off a vibe of deep shame. She seems to have fallen down the same path as Sinead O'Connor. Fame no longer seems to be anything good or worth the money.

O'Riordan must have felt trapped in a double bind perhaps mixed in with a mid-life crisis. In a world of dualities, it is often very difficult to stay balanced. Fame and glamour is a dead end. It damages the psyches of both actors and audience. It has evolved into an excessive stew of narcissism plus voyeurism. It is very difficult at this point to pick any celebrity from past and present and either respect them or feel jealousy.

I lived in Ireland for five years. Those people got historically brain fvcked by both the British and the Church. They are nicer and better people than us, for sure, but there is no escape from materialism and controlled experience even in the land of green grass and gorgeous nature. All religion and non-religion in modern day society boil down to cults. Human beings are caged within an epic battle between the status quo and enlightenment, restricted movement versus free thought, and clouded paths pointing towards lightness of being or inorganic conformity.

Folks can't have it both ways. One cannot be both slut and monk, star and regular guy or free while participating in the medium. Everything comes at a price. One cannot be both rebel and role model. Dolores was too good and classy a woman to survive as a pop star. She wasn't strong enough to keep the two separate. She couldn't just keep her chin up and live out life gracefully. She must have been on medication. At some point she found herself on a bipolar path. There was talk of her being abused as a child. So, she must have been hurting throughout the whole career despite becoming rich and famous.

I saw the Cranberries right before they made it big. I had been in the right place at the right time. They played at the college bar in Cork. We were very impressed, as in wow, that sounded really good. Life is about continual new points of departure from the now. Everything becomes a major factor in one's development- parents, culture, schools, peers, medium, technological change and government. There is carnal knowledge. There is a clear difference between youth and maturity. It is easier to be confused than strong. We are always the same soul, but after certain events there is no going back.

What binds us and provides some hope is a collective growing awareness that social reality is not the way it should be.

Well, it looks like French Intelligence has finally hit the road. Blogger only provides the most basic of stats, so all I can see is that a massive amount of page hits were coming from France. Two days ago, the blog got 1,707 hits. Yesterday saw a big drop off all at once and finished at 994 views. Today so far has only accumulated 81 views.

I did a bit of research and French intelligence is clearly into military capitalism and spying. France expressed shock and dismay in 2013 with the Snowden documents. They were very fake mad because in December of that year a law was passed making it legal for the French military to spy.

France was doing pure doublespeak. It had been reported by Le Monde in July 2013 that their military buggers were part and parcel of Snowden's revelations.
France's foreign intelligence service intercepts computer and telephone data on a vast scale, like the controversial US Prism programme, according to the French daily Le Monde.
The data is stored on a supercomputer at the headquarters of the DGSE intelligence service, the paper says.
The operation is "outside the law, and beyond any proper supervision", Le Monde says.
The French government is full o'shite. I see no other explanation than that quite a number of their spies were studying this blog over approximately a two or three week period. I hope the scumbags enjoyed themselves!

All governments are illegal. They break human right and national laws. When caught, they simply fake legalise the criminal activity.

They completely control and manipulate social media. I saw a bunch of tools promoting a Buzzfeed article claiming the O'Keefe Twitter investigation was full of lies and distortions. Yet, Buzzfeed seems to have gotten their arses sued for smearing Trump with the Russian dossier hoax. Up is down. Hot is cold. Blah, blah blah. Rinse, flush and reboot.

Our political military system is fvcked up. France is also demented.

It is inconceivable how despicable and deranged one must be to work for the military, but they are everywhere. Quite a number of them were all over this blog. I'm not exactly sure what the point of all that was. It's like trying to make sense of someone who would say some women liked being raped. It's trying to understand why someone would commit violence.

We can know for sure that state-sponsored mind control and surveillance dominates the internet by stepping back from it. We can further enhance such an endeavor by studying it on one's own terms. McLuhan referred to this as probing.

I will simply restart on the challenge for self-enlightenment and the lightness one feels when nailing expression of thought. People have been boxed in. One should look at social media participation as a massive collection of individual habits. First try to quit cable t.v. news. Then quit internet mainstream media. Then wake up and smell the fake aroma of  so-called alternative media. Stop allowing one's chain to be yanked by demented allied governments.

Crush all the profits everywhere. Bring the system to its knees.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

I'm not a big fan of holidays, but this is a good one.

Kevin Spacey has been accused of using the N word on the set of House of Cards. A security firm with primarily African Americans had gotten the gig and the demonic pervert whore didn't like that.

I am doing the mail it in schtick today ripping what I can from ultimately meaningless headlines.

A lot of teachers are still getting busted for having sexual relations with minors. That is something I will never understand. I was attracted to older women for anything unusual, not the other way around. People are much more fickle when younger and not anywhere ready to make a commitment. I am talking about women 18-30ish. It is illegal to have sex with minors and there should be no reason to ever be attracted to them. The challenge is to find someone who is on one's own level close to age and temperament.

I am from the Alan Watts school of thought that enlightenment can happen in any one moment. If someone is having difficulty finding a decent mate, that is a sign that he or she must first work on personal development and come to terms with who one is. Just be patient, like I said. Everyone is in the same boat. The medium is not helping.

Another French media loser is in hot water for asking for comments on the porn whore's claim that some women enjoy rape. Listen, women are not built like guys. If most ladies do not easily orgasm from intercourse as is with the fella they love, they sure as hell aren't going to from rape. Men and women do not think the same sexually. I am starting to think there is no possible way for men and women to ever understand the other in regards to internal sexual experiences.

We can only learn enough to know how to make the person we love have an orgasm. One figures out what works and sticks to it, for one wants the person he or she loves to experience that ultimate pleasure which the body provides for possiblities. At best, we can ask the opposite sex did it happen. Or do you have any suggestions? Is there something I could do better? Stuff like that. It might not be as bleak as I just phrased it, but we have different equipment and that is a big part of the mystery. Watts said reality cannot be put into concepts. He didn't mean that completely, but in general, the best things in life are related to self-realisation, and that is simply an experience incapable of being duplicated through language.

Yikes, a report is claiming that children on average are witnessing porn by age eleven. I am not sure what they are referring to as porn. If it is soft porn or implied porn or even stuff like scantily clad celebrities or Miley Cyrus dry humping props and/or other entertainers, then the average age is probably two.

To repeat, we have been collectively brain fvcked and it is getting worse for the emerging generation.

Then there is this piece of shit:

Duterte has shut down a news website named Rappler for critiquing his Nazi styled drug policies. The world couldn't be more fake when a turd like that is allowed to run a country. I hate his guts. He is pure scum.

In conspiracy news, it appears that Stephen Paddock was an arms dealer. The Las Vegas massacre might have been an FBI sting operation gone bad? It seems to be shaping up into a similar story to that of Daniel Morley and the Boston Marathon bombing. What did the FBI know and when did they know it? We do know that they harassed M.L.K. Jr. and tried to manipulate him into committing suicide.

Twitter continues to be demented garbage. One of their employees is named Pranay Singh. He is 100% dog shit and an enemy to humanity.

The above is a screenshot from O'Keefe's part three of Project Veritas' Twitter investigation.

This is the kind of thing that makes me very mad especially because I was recently banned from Twitter by a dickhead just like Pranay and probably via government request. I cannot write what I am thinking.

I wash my hands of the United States government and every scumbag in collusion with it. None of this is my fault. If anyone should kill themselves, it is tools who work for military intelligence. It's not like they are happy and have any kind of spiritual worth. I have nothing but dark thoughts in regards to such asswipes and will leave it at that. I am non-violent and am not going to say anything else in regards to these emotions.