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Sunday, October 8, 2017

I'm Driving the Bus

It's been a while since the medium's death. Stories still happen. Catalonia happened. Patton Oswalt couldn't have been more wrong. The comedian doesn't create funny ideas out of nothing. Children raised in cages or by wolves were not able to catch up. Development years had been shattered. Content is meaningless only in regards to Orwellian gaslight medium.

An intellectual artist can create. Comedy may be included. It will be formed off of memories. Those are not nothingness. Content is a product of socialisation plus motive. Words ring true only through sincerity.

There was a media personality named Earl Nightingale. He was sort of one of the original self-help motivators, the kind of people who would later on frequent Oprah and share with the audience ways for one to improve. It is the medium by which TEDx apparently operates. It is Tony Robbins styled shenanigans. It is perhaps Alan Watts. It is perhaps the schtick of a million nobodies pissing into the internet wind.

I mention Nightingale because that's whom I'm currently listening to. Here it is for those interested.

He's saying we become what we think. Our brains are akin to soil which doesn't care what seeds are used. They will produce what's planted. Plant corn and that's what you'll get. Plant poison flowers and the soil will work off of that, too.

I was listening to another fella before this. I'm wasting time on youtube. Or maybe this is time well spent. I desire to write and present worthy material. I wish for it to be universal and profound. I desire good people to understand it and get baked off of enlightenment.

I do not know that other person and am fearful that linking to him could backfire, but he got me thinking. And I am not one to steal a thought if I can help it. He spoke of rampant corruption leading to disruption of free thinking.

Yes. We have words and medium. They are shared. There is consciousness which everyone has. No one is any better than anyone else. We all bleed, cry, laugh, uhm, er, sparkle, depress, doubt, love etc..

The lesson I'm grokking is that those who disrupt are the fricken problem. That's the idea I got from the person I'm too lazy to vet. That's not his discovery. We knew as kids all about disruption. Say in sports the other side had too much momentum. You'd stall to bring them back to earth. We all had teachers who couldn't handle a class and deserved what they got. We know of audience hecklers.

People should have the right to self-publish in social media without so many state-sponsored and useful idiot distractions. I am thinking of avoiding the main Twitter page where I can see what others are posting. Donkeytale was a distraction. He forced me into putting all comments into permanent moderation.

People are people. People snap when they are distracted just a little bit more than they can handle. Cointelpro distracts some people enough to socialise them into domestic terrorists. Paddock was apparently a big fan of 9/11 conspiracy theory sharing the topic with a hooker. The conspiracy stuff has boomed in the internet era. No way in hell would he have been so paranoid if this wasn't here.

A person I like tweeted a link to Voice of America. Such moments crush my internet soul. It is a feeling quite different from bird tweets going in and out the noggin. I feel trapped. I like nature and freedom, but I am addicted to writing. This is a digression.

I don't want to quit Twitter because tweets like that devastate my false ego.

I finally gave up on Pappy Korn because he retweeted a link to H.A. Goodman.

He had made it seem he grokked and respected my schtick. Such events devastate me. There is nothing crueler than the bait and switch.

I'm sorry extraverts struggle without social contact, but introverts can get on just swell with nothing from nobody.

People should have the right to not be disrupted.

Enlightenment in this world is a lonely spot.
One should not have to explain no way to VOA.
I'm flawed, but that's my problem.
I was in college and made it through two master's.

                                          No Time ~~ The Guess Who

I know what the rules are and they're not being followed
Worst part is it's state-sponsored as confirmed by Snowden.
Conformity forms the bedrock of useful idiocy.
Fvck you and your links.

I am extremely cynical at this point.
Elections are rigged.
Social media is influenced, disrupted and corrupted.
The medium, DNC and GOP became dead ends.

I wrote the title to this entry before bumping into Nightingale's big secret reveal schtick. He seems to be saying one needs to drive the bus. I've been vindicated.

This Nightingale guy made a few good points, but he was clearly a capitalist pig. I will never listen to him again.

But I do agree that thoughts are everything.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Just Go Away

                                                  random screenshot

People have the fundamental right to be left alone. This is your last warning, Donkeytale. Do not post here again. Do not contact me in any way. It goes against my ethics to out someone, but I know who you are. I know what it's like to be outed and try hard to not do it to others. So to quote Hillary Clinton to Wall Street, "Cut it out!"

Well, as long as I'm here I might as well post something. I will copy and paste a few tweets. I sure am using the word I a lot. I'm hoping to improve at writing. We shall see.

That'll about do it. Thanks, guys!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Medium; dead and done

There were a few core reasons why it seemed life would always run on a medium centered socialisation. No one could envision a day when people would say this is crap across the board and we should no longer give a fvck. One could act the snob and say, "I do not watch television." Yet, that person was most definitely still reading books and magazines, listening to radio, going to art exhibitions, watching films, etc.. Ted Kaczynski apparently went off the grid, but even he could not let go. We are social beings. We crave content. I'm sure he had books and other stuff keeping him busy. Maybe he had battery operated radios. Going off the grid completely is basically near impossible.

One would have had to reflect hard and deep to have come anywhere close to predicting this death and decay to words, songs and indeed all mechanisms for cultural exchange.

Snowden and Assange together have brought the medium to a standstill. I just watched a Hunter Thompson documentary. Perhaps he was the last of the creative rebels who had success. We are born. We go through the same basic educational process. We are asked what we want to be when we grow up.

The old system looked good to go for many more centuries at a minimum. The beautiful and talented could compete in entertainment and newsprint. They could become architects, bus drivers and teachers; in other words, regular guys.

They could get married and have kids or stay single and play it out.
They could stay where they grew up or seek different scenery.
The one constant was the medium.
It was always there to fill any spates of boredom.

There was this idea that one is never too old to try.
Old codgers Bukowski and Walter Brennan made breakthroughs.
Jesse Jackson said, "Keep hope alive. Keep hope alive."
And nothing seemed so profound as a Black man finally becoming president.

It is finally impossible to be an artist within the system.
The endgame for the winners is narcissism.
One can no longer pull a Greta Garbo, get it done and then it's out of town.
The best of the best from the rear view mirror could never succeed today.

Experience has been reduced to a collective hangover from an unsalvageable medium. Snowden proved that cointelpro is alive and well, that it never went anywhere. He showed that the Church Committee was a limited hangout. I have seen on numerous internet occasions a propensity to push the idea that the CIA of today is not the deranged one from the past. The difference between myself and seemingly everyone else who has commented on the Snowden docs is I ask, "Who the heck are these cyber magicians?"

The charade could have continued if Bernie had been elected or there was no Wikileaks. Trump had to be the second worst presidential candidate of all time to make it to the Finals. Assange through the leaker(s) proved that the nomination was rigged. Perhaps equally important, it was proven that the media is rigged. We can now see that every facet of democracy is a lie.

Everyone but the paid fakes know that the ballgame is over for the Russian narrative. I am confident that Julian can prove the leaks came from Washington D.C.. I don't know what the hold up is, but apparently Trump was the last guy to get the memo on J.A.'s trade proposal:

I give you proof further exposing the deep state and its political farce based on fake balance. You give me the pardon.

I will never toss out the whole medium, although I am sincerely saying it died. It's dead. My Boston Celtics look good. I am still able to find crap at Youtube to watch. There is such a volume of content that through search engines, one can always find junk worthy of one's time.

Boredom to me seems to be a hoax. How can anyone ever get bored? Correction. If something is boring, find something else.

I do feel the need to check out headlines here and there. I keep my ears open for any news friends might mention.

I haven't been to Twitter in a couple days. Now I'm back here and it feels better already.

Plagiarism. Okay, so recently I got into comedy. I watched George Carlin. It was good. I finally checked out the Joe Rogan schtick maybe a month or two ago. Then I socratised him and didn't like what's out there. Mostly, it was watching him do stand up which confirmed he is some form of fake. He is not a real comedian, period.

He is or might as well be a CIA operative.

He seems to have gotten a big scoop or was a player in the Carlos Mencia plagiarism story. Whatever. Schumer and Denis Leary seem to be much more important cheaters for that sort of topic. Why do people plagiarise? It is out of laziness and lack of talent. Leary clearly cheated Bill Hicks. Only a narcissistic sociopath could have ever done such a thing.

I don't get it. I mean, there is an explanation called sociopaths with narcissism. Those with integrity will be better off in the long run. Reincarnation is real. Clowns unwilling to evolve will carry over the energy (karma) and predilections into their next lives.

People should want boredom, but they haven't a clue what it actually means. It is the in-between of exhaling and inhaling. It is complete awareness of the moment which is all that can ever be accomplished. This is about the silence after the death of the medium. Once something is known as fact, one needn't worry about remembering the proofs and details. The sun rises every day. You push that one button and the computer turns on. And then it becomes clear that everything is rigged and fake except for the silence.

It is impossible to plagiarise if one is enlightened. You know who you are and where the ideas came from. You either give credit where it's due or it's stolen. The awake realise that no body lasts much longer than 100 years. It could end at any point. We know that we know death is inevitable.

It is the stillness in which freedom lies and nirvana awaits.