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Saturday, February 24, 2018

He said, they said and IDGAF

CNN claims the kid or father doctored an email, but to me it seems to have not changed the tenor of the exchange. I refuse to go running around chasing this one down. It is conspiracy fact that CNN rigged debate questions for Hillary. It is fact that Chris Cuomo told everyone it was illegal to read Wikileaks. I could make a list. Even if these people doctored the email to make CNN look bad, there is enough dirt on CNN to prosecute them for racketeering and treason.

The military-industrial complex wants us to care. CNN needs to go bankrupt and the Haab family is just part of the noise process called medium.

This is similar to the Chachi-Eggert drama. One can wait to see if the truth comes out in the wash. Or they can be like me and not g.a.f..

Twelve percent of French women may have been raped according to a poll. About half of them were apparently teenagers with much of the crimes taking place within personal homes. The age of consent there is fifteen. I once saw a movie in which a teacher and teenager ended up in an affair. I complained in the comments about the pro-pedophilia nature of the film. Now it all makes sense why the French mainstreamed perversion into cinema. We won't even discuss how dirty and grimy Paris is and how French people are nasty towards tourists. I recall that a lot of the French had been big fans of Adolph Hitler. I'm sure there are some decent people in France. I suppose I'm not a big fan of that county.

I've one more tidbit to share.

The above is a cvnt named Vinod Khosla. He is a billionaire who co-founded Sun Microsystems. There's no way the above is the okay sign. The 666 shares the "o" part, but sixes are curled while k's have a straight line. It's possible people are unwittingly praying to Satan.

The C's are playing the Knicks in real time. Lasy night was a good one against the Pistons. I mention this because Kyrie Irving was making the same symbols while on the bench. He had a double 666 resting on his head. There is definitely an Illuminati aspect to the NBA. It is a bit disturbing. The league also hosts a lot of military events. I have loved hoops since as a kid. I can't give it up considering the Celtics have become so good. It is sport as art when done well.

I'm digressing.

The billionaire above is trying to close access to the beach next to his $32.5 million mansion. The stretch of landscape has been open to the public for 70 years.

Vinod Khosla can go to fvcking hell! He is clearly an enemy to humanity. In a just world, he would be thrown into prison with all of his property and wealth confiscated and redistributed to society.

Things cannot persist as they do indefinitely. The internet is good in that we can identify and document all of the scumbags, turds and garbage responsible for the big mess.

Rich people are scum.

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Mythology of Rise and Shine

A discussion based on the worst people of all time would have to include J. Edgar Hoover. I have a lot of free time now since quitting the medium. Going one's way is related to Buddhism. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to put into words what is the way or Tao.

I see what is going on with new so-called stories. They mean nothing to me. I'm interested in the big picture and not in how the Military-Industrial Complex wants us to proceed. Thus, Hoover needs to be creatively assassinated post-death how Hitler was. J. Edgar Hoover was the American version of an Adolph Hitler. The simulation process needs to be reversed. The demented ptb's must be stopped. They are responsible for why everything sucks and is stupid.

Prince Harry and Meghan got sent some of the fake anthrax. It's called a Five Eyes' agitprop unless stupid random clowns are proven to be doing the hoaxing.

There was a wild scene in Los Angeles as a result of a SWAT hoax. The same rule applies. If no one is caught, then it was the deep state who made the call. It's the laws of physics. I encourage everyone to see My Cousin Vinny. One learns a lot about common sense. One must think like Gambini and Tomei. It was made in 1992 making it perhaps the last great movie ever made. Meet the FvckFaces was made later on but wasn't that good.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Adam Sandler were not the true talent. Neither was De Niro.

I'm trying to say use Logic 101 with everything.

I'm vouching for shutting down the medium. They want us to rise and shine each day, grin, bear it and put on either Fox, CNN or MSNBC. If one isn't into cable news and many aren't as the landline vote ages and collects stamps, one is prodded to find their internet herd.

I am a herd of one.

I do realise other people are made of the same junk as myself with the same natural gifts in regards to awareness capacity. Women and men have different thingies, but that is a micro-topic. I am trying to get to historic juice which includes the present. Nothing just happens. History is linear. Hence, we are taught to rise and shine.

Enlightenment can happen when arising. Yet, it could happen right now in the early p.m. or any fricken second. That is the nature of reality. It is always in the present. It is timeless. There is no such thing as time other than for scheduling purposes.

The global ptb's are trying to wear us down. I wrote some good stuff a long time ago including a socratisation of Erich Fromm's take on authoritarianism. It comes down to control. Fascists and psychopaths love having complete power. Fromm identified them as non-death necrophiliacs. They want us both dead and alive if ye grok this point. Hidden invisible numbnuts aim to destroy independent thought. To them, there is no such thing as authentic free men and free women. This is the essence of the universal gaslighting we all get attacked with in which there is never any relief, only demented reboots. It is about the total control and manipulation of private minds through the medium.

us: What about the DNC rigging the primary for Hillary?

them: Uhhh, Bernie sucks. You are a sexist racist. We are moving on.

us: But that is a deal breaker. This is supposed to be a democracy.

them: We don't need your vote anyway. You are permanently banned.

us: Fvck you and fvck this.

them: Buh-bye, ya kook.

CNN apparently asked Florida shooting survivor Colton Haab to replace his question with one of their own. I don't give much of a fvck. I do respect the kid for exposing them. Yet, deal breakers mean a relationship is over. I've been done with not only CNN for quite some time, but also with all trash referred to as the medium. Probing does not equate to compliance.

CNN got busted as part and parcel of the rigging of the election. I pulled some headlines this morning. The Haab story was one of them. I was up at 5 a.m.. Sometimes one has those days when they start too early. I just started writing this entry in the last hour. I actually do rattle a lot of shite from the top of me noggin, though I do go back to clean it up. This is referred to as free form writing.

I vouch for the mosaic approach over linear rote for pedagogy. One ought to be in search of universal truths. While history is certainly in a line from then to now, students should not be restricted from hippety-hopping wherever they feel inspired. Think of the teenager who only reads the sports and leisure pages. He or she is at least reading.

I only have a few more tidbits to get through from earlier. Eventually this will end up on Hoover, the worst scumbag turd ever born and worse than Hitler. At least Adolph didn't mess around. He didn't presume himself as good while doing bad things. He just did them. He made it clear he needed to be put down. It was all bad cop. Cointelpro is bad people doing bad things on a massive scale denying folks freedoms of speech, association, due process and the right to privacy. Adolph forced compliance. The U.S. military does it in the dark. We are brainwashed to love us some U.S. flag and wars. The harsh truth is that G.I. Joe is a baby killer doing dirty work for the state apparatus.

Dumbass Chevy Chase says he was the victim of a road rage attack. He says he flashed down a driver whom he thought had scraped his car. It turned out there was no damage. These are all Chevy's words that one must accept or question. I'm giving him one paragraph. The Hoover stuff might be a bit of work to accomplish. Long alleged story short, there were words exchanged. Chevy said if he was younger, he'd kick their butts. Instant redaction and clarification. This is a real story. The cops were called. The other person claims Chevy threw the first punch. It's he said, he said, but with some other witnesses. I suppose it is a developing story. I also suppose, IDGAF.

I mentioned Jennifer Lawrence the other day. I forget why. From one of the last pulled articles for dissection, she is mad at Harvey for his use of her name in his defense. There was a similar Meryl Streep rant the previous day. Her rise and shine medium moment preceded Jennifer's.

I have wondered about those two. They have loved themselves some Harvey Weinstein over the Hollywood years. Rose McGowan is flying around at bookstores hawking her book. She is pure wackadoo. She is the female equivalent of Corey Feldman. I haven't shut down the medium completely. It's tough to explain. I know deep down what the medium is doing without paying much attention to it. The gun stuff is a so-called wedge issue. It's this:

It's 8:39 p.m.. I guess my blog is evolving into a public diary. I'm already preparing meself for sleep, such as get to bed by 3 a.m.. I love sleep. I don't see what the problem is. It's not good for health to sleep wackadoo hours. I must have gotten rid of the ego somehow. I fall right to sleep.

I always know I am the same guy. That must be what enlightenment is. It's a perpetual rise and shining moment as vibration which transcends medium. Oh yes, I've only got one more thing to add before getting to the juicy stuff. Seriously, what is up with Rose McGowan? How can she hate Harvey Weinstein so much when well after the alleged event she was posing with him with smiles?

I do believe he raped her. She says it happened in 1997. Someone please then explain this:

I used to follow General Hospital. I got to make a lot of female friends that way, so it wasn't too stupid an activity. There was one famous story plot centered around Luke and Laura. He raped her, yet they ended up as a couple on the run. It was very controversial. I knew it was wrong. I should find when that took place. Ah, fvck it. Rose was in some weird sex cult? Is that her plausible deniability? I'm not trying to condemn her, but she is basically driftwood. She needs major psychoanalysis. One doesn't need a Kerner styled P.hD in Sexology to know she is fvcked in the head. I still like her. She's just very lost. The sad part of a rigged system is that we can only save ourselves. I do not want to keep rising and shining to the same old, same old. I want serious reform and justice. I don't forgive deal breakers made by bread and circuses. I am in George Carlin mode. That dude nailed it, imho.

I'm not nailing it, but I'm not making money like George did. I'm just talking personal philosophy. McGowan is part and parcel of the medium. She is in it to win it. She is mad at Ronan because he described her book as dark. That is unhinged behaviour. She should leave Hollywood and live out her incarnation as a regular guy. Rose is dreaming if she thinks #MeToo is a real movement.

This entry is awful, yet it's still only a rough draft. There's plenty of time to clean up the mess with schtick polish. I searched for "assassination attempt on J. Edgar Hoover." I only see one result and it's from a creative writing forum. It's fiction. It's not even on J. Edgar. It's Herbert Hoover.

Hitler was pretty bad, no debate. One might wonder if someone had tried to assassinate him. I uploaded a film which had Americans dropping into Germany and going after him. It was a B-movie. I forget what happened. Movies become a blur akin to a million stamps.

Sleep is good for unloading the inner mind of clutter. Nonetheless, whether one is resting or in rise and shine mode, one always remains the same spirit. We are nature in itself.

Long stupid blog entry short, the search results went directly to the J.F.K. Assassination. This was a 20 minute phone call between L.B.J. and Hoover:

I cheated and went to the comments first. I haven't even listened to it yet but will before hitting publish. This is me within the rough draft. One edits in order to make one's writing more presentable. One tries to write junk that they wouldn't mind reading from others.

I used the word one and then they in the second half of the sentence. One is singular. They is plural. This is one of the things to look for. Those guys used the word they. Oswald was one guy. There is also apparently something about Connolly blocking a bullet, yet he was in front of Kennedy. Oopsies? Hoover spoke of the fifth floor when everyone knows it was the sixth. People in the comments advise folks to consider that those two clowns knew the call was being recorded. Think of paid fake shill comments. They know what they're doing. Yet, stupid is as stupid does. This audio seems to provide circumstantial evidence that these guys were involved.

I'm going to save this draft and do something else. It's too much right now. Bukowski said don't write unless you're really into it. I'll need to get focused to listen to those jackasses for twenty minutes, while probably pausing here and there to provide live blog feedback. I'm not ready to turn off Tool. Meddle by Pink Floyd got blocked. That is a really good album.


It's Friday, February 23 in the early afternoon. I still haven't cleaned up the above. I hope it isn't too big of a mess. So the theme has been rise and shine. Sleep, rise, shine and just do it like a Nike ad. Rah rah USA, morons? Rise and shine is no different than birth, school, work and death.

Trump's popularity is being pushed at 50%. "They" say he has had a remarkable surge. It's called the CIA, you losers. They want to reboot this svcker, period. I would rather not g.a.f..

And I don't. And you shouldn't either.

So, I'm adding next to nothing to this rough draft. I must get back to the moment.

I hate Jake Tapper's guts. That is all. I just had to toss that in there. I hate the medium. I despise so much and so many people that I need to let it go. This doesn't mean I am quitting blogging. I still have to edit what's here. French intelligence must be wondering where is the new entry.

It's true. None of this matters. Our world is dog shit. One headline says poor women in India are being offered free boob jobs. India is full of it. The so-called Hindus are the personification of satan. They act so high and mighty with spirituality yet can't even take care of their own people. Instead of raising the poor to a lifestyle with dignity, Hindus say that plastic surgery will save us.

This is the stuff that should inspire revolution. What I would do is immediately arrest approximately 20,000 military intelligence agents and contractors. Maybe it is more than that. Every person in on the rigging of the DNC primary needs to be put in a prison. I don't fvck around. I speak great truths that make sense. I am able to do so because I say fvck you to rise and shine. The system in itself represents the death principle and is the true enemy. Shut down the medium.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lots of worthless stuff

I am not a big fan of Queen Elizabeth II. She might be the biggest reason the stamp hobby seems to be in a nosedive towards oblivion. We have entered a modern period of reverse Enlightenment. People not only sense that everything is rigged and fake, such a heightened level of awareness is leading to whole facets of society losing value.

Stamps are just not that popular to collect. The old-school catalogue system has decayed. There used to be big shops which sold stamps and coins. Those have gone extinct. The coin dealers don't even seem to give a fvck anymore about the aesthetic side of collecting as sport. They want your silver and gold. They want stuff that can be melted down or otherwise has intrinsic value in their elements. There are spot prices for silver. People get ripped off on both sides of the deal. Silver is money, period. But the spot price does not move fast enough to turn it into an investment. We are talking quarters on the ounces of silver after the money stores have deducted fees on both ends of deals.

There was a brief time when silver hit $50 per ounce. Now it has hit a pattern seeing it fluctuate back and forth between approximately $16-$18. One can look at the silver and stamps, too, for just so much time. Then they get stored. Silver has the edge over stamps in that they do not decay or lose value unless the piece also has aesthetic or trading value beyond the content.

Stamps are dependent on their condition. They are more akin to baseball cards or other forms of memorabilia. Keep them preserved and they retain as much value as possible. But the old school maxim is also correct. The value of most things is dependent on the demand side of supply and demand. If something means nothing to nobody, its value boils down to zen buddhism. It becomes just is in the now like anything else in the world and universe. Can nothingness have value? I would argue yes.

Enlightenment of consciousness is the greatest gift one can experience. It is in the stillness of nothingness in which one may truly know one is alive.

No one wants your common stamps. No one wants to collect any with rips, creases, disrupted gum for mints post-1940, lousy centering or which contain frayed or missing perforations.

The catalogues are only meaningful in that they allow the hobbyist to identify a stamp's specific rating within speculation. One can figure out if something is an apple or orange, yet still not be able to pinpoint a price.

Common stamps are listed at ten or so cents out of sympathy. They are not worth even that much. It's not like silver in which there is a real value assigned to it per weight. Damaged common stamps are worth less than nothing. They are trash to be thrown out.

I try to find stamps that are listed at $.50 or greater. Of course I am also looking for $20 stamps or name the higher number. I have some that might be worth bigger money, into the hundreds, perhaps a few might be worth even more than that. One needs to pinpoint the stamp's identity beyond hoping or maybe. It does take some work. One needs watermark fluid. They need the stamp lift fluid to clean backs without damaging stamps. Common stamps are good in that novices can practice and learn without fear of destroying a stamp's value. One cannot really destroy something which isn't worth anything or that much to begin with.

Presentation is important. One must put the thingie together in such a way that buyers know what they are purchasing. The collector should create an inventory of what they have. There's no way in hell one should go to a dealer and plop down a big box or wtf of philatelic materials and let the "expert" give a price. They don't know either. This sort of identification process takes time.

Then the problem remains of how much one can expect to get back in regards to the catalogues. Is it 40%? That to me is doubtful unless they are better than average good and not common stamps. Then they could be sold separately. Yet, then what is one to do with the rest of the stuff? It's the higher priced items which make the collection. Start selling off too many of those and you're left with good job, good effort, but no significant sale.

I do not want to turn stamp collecting into an Ebay or something business. I am into this for the pure hunt. There is a definite thrill to chipping out some cash (not too much) and getting a big lot to look through.

If I had to guess, one can expect 10-20% back from catalogue values. But I could be wrong. When in doubt, do not sell them.

There is no real science to it. We are all individuals. Step one is to ask oneself if this is something one enjoys doing. If not, then quit. There is not any big money to be made in stamps unless one gets extremely lucky. My disclaimer to that is I haven't yet to try to sell my collection. I am still in hunt and collect mode. A nice stamp album costs around $30. Each page holding the stamps costs about a dollar. One needs the perforation gauge. All this stuff doesn't cost a fortune, but can slowly add up. It can be a risky investment. But it makes a hell of a lot more sense than going to a casino and just throwing away money. One can probably expect to at least break even. Stamps are probably the video poker of hobbies. The odds are not that bad. But one must put extra thought into it. What is the endgame?

At a minimum, do no harm. Those deciding to collect stamps are basically philatelic physicians. I am like a free stamp doctor running a stamp clinic. I probably won't get any comments, but if anyone has any questions, I am not too shabby with this topic.

Once valuable stamps are located, preserve them. I put mine in order of countries and year. Putting together the inventory part is not easy, but it is necessary. If one doesn't want to take the time to figure out where stamps lie on the spectrum between common and rare, one is probably going to waste a lot of money. Unorganised stamps border on worthlessness. People have lives to lead. Stamp dealers and serious collectors know all about the hunt. Someone who doesn't know their stamps and is just looking to unload them will get ripped off or perhaps even told their collection is common and worthless. There could be stamps of value in there, but the buyer can't take a million hours to find them and then offer a fair deal.

The saving grace to the stamp hobby is that it's not rocket science. While there is definitely a learning curve, knowledge in anything is built over time. It is called development. It's the same reason why there are 101 courses freshman year. Everyone at some point is a novice. We are born as vulnerable fragile baby humans. Incarnations play themselves out. Stamps despite going into a tailspin for value are not going extinct. They will probably never die out completely. The art is simply transforming.

People will get back into stamps as they age. Some will develop the passion while younger. Once people realise that the internet medium is a waste of time, they will seek out other ways to pass time.

I got lucky buying big boxes from a huge stamp dealer. I got thousands of dollars worth of stamps by buying three of those for around $50. I found a good source and ran with it. Now I see that the same place has jumped the price for those kind of bulk offers.

This is a great time to buy stamps. However, one must not look at it as business, but more of a hybrid of leisure and finance. A lot of the deals offered on EBay look like ripoffs. Most of it is common and/or damaged crap in bulk. But that is part and parcel of the hunt process. Another dealer I found was giving out old stamps in bulk for $30 a batch. I got a few of those.

The costs can start to add up, so one needs to ask oneself if they are into stamps for the right reasons. If one plays their cards correctly, the chance of losing money is low. It is more volatile than collecting silver for the reasons stated above, but if one knows what they are doing, it is not too volatile. But folks need to be serious. I'm not saying be grumpy and not have fun, but stamps deteriorate over time if one doesn't take care of them. The values have dropped. There's no point in shelling out big bucks for high quality stamps because that would be risky. It's like the housing market. That became a bubble. Stamps became a bubble.

I was going to write a big generic DFQ2 styled blog entry today but got into stamps and now this sucker keeps expanding. I had tons of news articles opened up in tabs, but I closed them all and am just going with stamps here. The medium truly sucks and is the ultimate waste of time, not stamps.

In short, I recommend stamp collecting. It is highly enjoyable once one gets through the initial frustration. They do seem overwhelming at first. I now have tons (hyperbole) of nice stamps. I only spend what I can afford. I got lucky in finding sources which has motivated me to continue.

Granted I am very cynical towards stamp dealers. They can put up an ad saying the stamps are unchecked, but I have a hard time believing that. But there are levels of expertise within all the handling and invisible history of the stamps. Maybe the checkers missed something. Maybe the previous collecters and dealers didn't know every stamp and took guesses. Maybe they were swarming in stamps and couldn't possibly check them all.

Stamps have never been so belittled. They are portrayed as a sky is falling financial sector. I think this just means that people are not so impressed anymore with historic stamp dealers, so-called experts and auction houses. They do not like ripoff dealers such as Mystic Stamps. I wonder how those fvckers stay in business. Well, apparently they get older people or others duped into buying at catalogue pricing. Every stamp collector needs to look at themselves as both collector and ultimately dealer or they are asking for a common big mess.

Maybe the collections will be passed on to future generations and the cycle will repeat. If that happens to mine, the recipients will be getting a good deal. They will be pleasantly surprised. Yet, I do want to sell them before finding a new incarnation. Maybe it can become a little nest egg, nothing dramatic or life changing, but with a decent return at the right time. Think of that one holiday one dreams of. Or wtf.

Now take a $20 stamp for example. This is where my knowledge base drops. Should I expect $5 for such a stamp? That would be 25%. Yes, that seems about right. It has to be a nice stamp in good shape. It's probably worth more on its own if one can find someone who wants the specific stamp. But who the heck wants to break up the collection by spending a million hours running an Ebay business?

So eventually I will need to find people who know how to move stamps. They will need to make some money and their buyers on the resell will need incentive to pay more than they did. 25% might be wishful thinking. But that is why one must put solid effort into creating a valuable collection. That's why I remove all common stamps. Granted, 50 cent stamps could also probably be seen as common, but they should clearly be in demand compared to the common crap everyone is tired of looking at. Common stamps represent the bubble.

That being said, those $0.50 and above catalogue listings better be in good condition, placed in context by country/year and logged into an inventory; or they too become invisible meaninglessness. The stamp struggle continues.