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Sunday, March 22, 2009

In Memoriam for Dave Weintraub i.e. davefromqueens ID

davefromqueens was a real hero as I have said before many times. He was able to confront a pack of e-brownshirts and beat them. Asch's research studies on conformity are pretty damning. When there is a group in on the game, an innocent experimental subject, and all are asked to estimate the length of a line, the ones in on the "game" will all say the wrong length. The naive subject will show anxiety but will conform and say the wrong length. We are talking about short lines of 3 to 4 inches or so. But and this is important, when there is just one other person validating the truth, by choosing the correct estimate, the naive subject will then say what she really sees, the correct line estimate. Just one other person makes all the difference.

Consider this in your life and seek that just one other person.

The experiment is simple: short lines. Now we have a financial situation thousands of times more complex, with many liars all in on the game, we are searching for at least that one other who will validate the truth. Because we all know the experts are lying and cheating us. Does Obama know? Well, he is fast reaching the time when, if he doesn't with all the info out there, he will have to go into denial or lie right along with them. And those of us who know the truth are holding our breath and waiting.

If Dave were still here working with us, he would be outing these mother fucking thieves and conspriracy billionaires. He would have found the real name and address and dirty laundry of every last mother fucking one of them. And anywhere in the world they would go their faces and names would be as recognizable as your favorite celebrity.

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socrates said...

Nice post, Abbeysbooks.

I've this one friend. One on one, he is very thoughtful and considerate, but add more people to the equation, and he takes on a less thoughtful disposition; The herd mentality, so to speak.

In schools, one strategy is to minimize the numbers of student in a class to fifteen. Any more than that, and what you are saying starts to unfortunately come into play.

As for Obama, it's one thing to work within the system in order to change it. He's gonna have to toughen up and take chances. Hopefully, Obama realises that this is his chance to save the planet. Let's hope he is up to the challenge and not susceptible to doing whatever he feels he needs to do to win a second term.

In fact, if he doesn't start to break away from the old boys network, if he doesn't start rolling the dice for humanity, he will not win that second term. He will be blamed for the state of things he inherited.

It is time to slash that military-industrial complex budget drastically and put those funds into stimulating social and environmental justice.