This blog is dedicated to the memory of David Weintraub, who took on insidious astroturfers and won.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet the Real David Weintraub

Dave was a prolific blogger at The Daily Kos.

Don't believe anything the dark side has been saying about him. According to Antoinette of,

Last week, Hannity has called Dave out, not by name, as 'Psycho' on the air when he talked about his upcoming booksigning with Levin. If Dave was alive today and heard this, he would have responded.

Check out who the real Dave was, a compassionate, beautiful person on the right side of history.

The following rare videos are courtesy of Edwin Rutsch.

What are Progressive Values? The Documentary Project.

We are working on creating a documentary about Progressive Values. Post your comments and responses and help create the documentary. See more videos at:

Taped at Netroots Nation 2008 - NN08

Failed Conservative Values


Killed Conscience

Metaphor: Black Hole

Progressive Values Metaphor: Rainbow


kayrock said...

Thanks for posting the videos of David - I'm really glad they are online so :) -Karen (dave's sister)

socrates said...

Hi Karen,

Thanks for the post.

The vision of this place is not to have it all about cyber sleuthing this or that. I posted a bit on that, so newbies and fence-sitters can more easily figure that stuff out, if they so desire.

Dave was an intellectual with a love for the common person. His recent fight was for justice for every sincere Democrat and progressive unfairly driven off of Daily Kos. Dave was a true patriot in that he might not agree with you, but that he would fight for your right to say it.

We will ensure that this forum will be devoid of hate and flamefests.

One line I like to use is that trolls should be bashed, but then one needs to get back on topic.

Fortunately, this place has been set up where trolling will not happen.

We wish to be a supplement to Antoinette is doing a wonderful job.

Also, when high-minded ideas are presented here, it is not the intention to be snobs or turn anyone off. Everyone is special and capable of reflection and contributing. A true Democrat, as Dave was, is the opposite of an elitist.

The goal is to present high-minded ideals in a way accessible to everyone.

In a democracy, it takes everyone for truth and justice to prevail.

The major progressive forums do not seem capable of being rehabilitated.

I believe we thus need to create pockets of awareness.

So anyone interested in a safe haven to develop and share thoughtful posts, they are encouraged to participate.

Thanks for taking the time to post. I wish real life wasn't calling me. In the future, I'll try to write up some stuff on the real life accomplishments of Dave which had nothing to do with his troll busting.

Dave was not obsessed. He figured out that a major "progressive" domain called Daily Kos was rigged. He was simply doing his best to squash the trolls. But he also showed his ability to get back on topic.

He was a beautiful human being. God bless you and your family, and may you find some relief in knowing how important Dave was as a historical figure. I respect what he was trying to do in regards to utilising the internet as a force for positive, social change.

abbeysbooks said...

Thank you for having all this info about Dave in one place. He was so special in so many ways. I miss him every day so this helps a lot.

Susan Something said...
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socrates said...

Hi Susan,

You're the one who first posted the videos. The tip of the hat goes to you.

You've a cute way with the words- stuffing. Abbey does too. There's nothing more attractive than thoughful, sensitive people. Karen included.

I look at blogging as being similar to first driving a car. At first, it's simply wonderful. But at this point, at least here in Boston, there are too many cars, people are tailgating, flipping the bird, etc.

Life is tough enough without having to deal with hate dialogue. Lefties and peaceniks are not mean people. Something doesn't add up with DKos and the other major "progressive" forums.

What Dave uncovered is simply astonishing. No fake attacks on him can alter the truth.

I believe that is truly Karen. I am hopeful you can find a way to get in contact with her. Where there's a will, there's a way.

As you probably know, I went after this dude named Brett Kimberlin. A big part of what we know about him is due to the fine journalism of Mark Singer of the New Yorker. I sent him an email. He wrote back. He even sent me a signed copy of his book, Citizen K. I couldn't put it down. It was that good.

This place is open to the public. As a member, you can post whatever you want to. Anonymous folks can also write comments. There will be a moderation queue, so nothing mean will be allowed.

I'm no computer whiz, but I bet somehow it is possible to copy those videos. Hey, maybe a good idea would be to contact Mr. Rutsch and say hello, share with him your concerns.

The beauty of the Dave videos is that they prove he was articulate and highly intelligent. They show how non-elitist he was, that he was a regular dude, albeit extremely talented.

So when all these meanies come out of the woodwork making up lies about him or portrayingt him a certain way, these videos show that they are wrong.

It is sad how democracy on the internet has evolved. Why on earth would being sensitive ever be seen as a sign of weakness? Why do reasoned thoughts with good sources get replaced with putdowns and contrived zeitgeist?

What Dave proved with the UGOG/KosKops obviously was a legitimate boost for a 'kook' like me. I've been rambling on and on about internet fakes since around late 2005, starting at HuffingtonPost.

I love to write. I love hippies, peaceniks, lefties, and Democrats. I even don't mind conservative liberals, if they debate fair.

The internet feels rigged. I know that makes me look a bit nutty. But the UGOG files don't lie. Michael Fingerit and Lloyd Lachow picked the wrong people to mess with, especially Dave.

Fingerit shouldn't have messed with me as Prepostericity either. I promise I'll try my best to keep a lid on the 'tinfoil'. Nonetheless, I am proud for watching Dave's back the best I could after he died.

It gets to be an information overload. I think I did pretty good at in showing how a newbie could retrace the steps and figure out what happened.

One thing Mark Singer told me. You can't be sued for libel, if it's the truth.

Hopefully, someday you can get your blogging legs back. In all sincerity, you are a very interesting writer. Same with Abbeysbooks.

I love reading smart chicks. Oops. A bit of male chauvinism. I love reading sincere, classy people who aren't afraid of lively debates, but who are put off by the yelling that goes on at DKos, DU, and the so-called major forums.

I have a real problem with insincerity.

Hopefully, real progressives can show up and help build the place, or friggen please let me know where I can go to write about things I care about. Do I really appreciate people like Howard Zinn, Erich Fromm, Hannah Arendt, Lady Di, Ann Richards, and many others? Yes!!! Am I a poser? No. Am I long-winded? Perhaps. :)

I definitely do not have the time anymore to blog and sleuth like I have been doing. I want my time on the internet to have meaning and to feel safe. I don't want to come off as elitist or kooky. I just want the internet to have a chance to be a positive force for social change. I want people like Dave, like any of us, to have the chance to write on the internet in peace while keeping hope alive that the planet can be saved.

I don't like how I become when around the meanies.

Susan Something said...
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Susan Something said...
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socrates said...

Hi Susan, thanks for the response and kind words.

I think you can get in touch with Karen through facebook.


So yeah, I wish you well in trying to contact her. You may also try asking Antoinette for her email address, as she recently made a post there, and we are required to leave one. Hey, it'd be nice if she wanted to blog. I should invite her. The worst she can say is no.

I'm also guessing you could track down family members or others who could lead you to her.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

I can understand why you would be considering giving up totally on the internet as a blogger. I have had a rough time of it for a few years. I do realise that "chemtrails" leads to 98% funky, tinfoil results. I could easily have picked a new username and put that behind me. But I refuse to. At a minimum, it is fact that aircraft are creating hideous white-outs. NOVA even did a special on global dimming. It's not my fault, er, there's nothing kooky or strange about me simply because I feel this is deliberate activity. I'm not even gonna mention those here. Just as an analogy.

Like with my questions about Brett Kimberlin and Larisa Alexandrovna. I'm not a stalker. I am not malicious. I just feel like Dave did and many others that we need to weed out fake progressives.

It's like with DonkeyTale who can't shut up about the trinity of women named Susan Something, Ms. Devore, and Sabrina. Enough is enough. Why can't the people at FSZ let us post in peace? It's as if they are saying we have the right to be verbally abused. I'm not buying into that one anymore. If and when I post there, it will be on my terms.

There is strength in being sensitive. Others don't see it that way. Perhaps it is like Alice Miller's theories on poisonous pedagogy. She said that the child's raw emotions are too much for the conditioned adults. So they find whatever way possible to get the baby/child to stop crying or whatever.

This place is foremost going to be a safe haven. If you want to write poetry or prose or anything, go for it. It's not right when people like Dave get pushed off of forums like DKos, especially after providing so much for them. Dave made Kos money. He did it for free. He did it because in his own way, he was a hippie!

I guess I have a few years on Dave. That still makes him a Generation X'er. I won't ask you your age, but I figure you're right in that ballpark.

I definitely agree it must be tough for the family to trust us. I guess that takes time.

A lot of folks are always trying to differentiate between on-line and real life. I think there really isn't much of a difference. I think Dave simply hit that wall that many of us had hit much sooner.

This is the deal. Myself and Abbeysbooks have admin powers. If you want them, too, they're yours. If you know anyone who is looking for a safe haven to be themselves and blog, they are invited and can be added on so like yourself, they can post without moderation.

I think the reason myself and Abbeysbooks continue on is because we just have it in us. I notice that you were never actually banned from DKos. That says a lot about your integrity and Dave's, that you quit the place on your own terms.

I think you should avoid FSZ. But that is your decision. I am shocked how little there is that is progressive, anti-war, and thoughtful. I agree with Abbeysbooks that the place is kind of boring.

I like freedom of speech and association. That you would even consider making posts and diaries here eventually is soothing. I miss my college days when the "beautiful people" would get together and strategize against apartheid or the atrocities we heard about going on in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

My new post here I actually got to post about a few of the many positive things Dave was involved with. I think he only became a trollbuster, because he was forced to. It is incredible what he got done. So, I put up the photo of him confronting Lieberman. I linked to his column on the bogus McCain town hall meetings.

Did you once post about Howard Gardener and multiple intelligences? That's the kind of stuff I'd like to see here. I did something like that with Erich Fromm. I think that's what's missing from the internet, not more "chemtrails" and flamefests, but more on the groovy stuff.

I actually feel inadequate sometimes when writing to Abbeysbooks. My memory isn't so good. I am the type who had his head in the clouds thinking Sociology, while Dave was probably studying law 16 hours a day.

But I'm trying to help Abbeysbooks figure out screenshots, and I wanted to help her get an avatar for her username. I offered Hannah Arendt. Then she wrote back about how she loves her, but then I was like yikes, even though I do too, I haven't much to say about her. Erich Fromm was more my taste. Along with Alice Miller, Paulo Freire, Howard Zinn.... I do recommend Citizen K by Mark Singer. If folks knew the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Brett Kimberlin, I believe they'd cut me some slack.

I'd like to crank out a bit more on Dave's accomplishments. People can crack jokes about us being the Church of Dave. For me, it was simply listening to him on the videos. He was a normal kid. He was a good guy. He was trying to cross t's and dot i's. He was the real deal. Who can blame him for going after the KosKops and Moulitsas? This had nothing to do with obsession. I think he said he wrote over 10,000 posts, 700 diaries?, and 50 were recommended? Sorry, I am bad with numbers. But what choice did he have but to fight back, when all that effort went down the drain. Well, at least the stuff is still there to be perused.

Also, feel free to write whatever you want here, if and when you feel up to it. If you need any pointers on codes, screenshots, embedding videos, I'll do my best to help.

That's my vision. To have groovy, intellectual, peacenik stuff posted for everyone, in a non-elitist manner.

And again, please forgive me for going on and on and on with my posts. But also be grateful that we aren't friends in the real world at the coffee shop, or else you mightn't be able to get a word in. :)

Like with Howard Gardener and the multiple intelligences. That's the kind of thing that I never forgot about. It made perfect sense. And it has such worldly applications, from outing standardized tests as being a joke, to showing that students who want to learn technical crafts shouldn't be penalized if they are having trouble with math or english.

So that's my vision. One could put up a video of Mr. Gardener. Write a bit on him for newbies, fence-sitters, and those who know and admire him. I think that was where Dave was evolving. I doubt he would have been on about DKos or his trashy Kos Kops for that much longer. I believe he would have gone back to building a grassroots network of progressives.

That's where I think myself and Abbeysbooks are coming from. We wanted to bash the trolls and then get back on topic.

I'm definitely not gonna be doing "meta" on FSZ or DKos. I'm also thinking of making my diaries shorter and sweeter.

I guess if you love someone or in this case, Something, you have to set them free. Here's hoping you get in touch with Karen. From the few words I've seen from her, she is quite delightful. A couple Grateful Dead songs just popped into my head, Sugar Magnolia and Box of Rain. Maybe that's an entry. :)

socrates said...

If you sign up at facebook, you can go to the link in the last post, click on Karen's name on the right. I think you can then directly contact her.

Susan Something said...
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socrates said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the response. I like it when people watch my back. I like it whenever anyone I respect has their back watched also.

I don't agree that I've made that many mistakes. Yet, when they are pointed out, I do correct them.

I don't see how things could get any worse in regards to this stinking internet. The lies being spread about Dave are libelous. The irony is that this Eddie Kestrel9000 guy can be tied to sexual perversion. Dave can't. It made me so mad to see what he wrote about DaveFromQueens.

Ok, first things first. Yes, that was a brain cramp putting up his kids' pictures. They weren't needed. I could have screenshot just the small visible parts of the confederate flag.

I don't agree that I'm making that many mistakes. I fixed the Alec82 comment. He is the same person as Alec.

I am a writer, though I'm not saying I am a professional. Yet, I do stand tall as having a good academic background while remaining down to earth.

If you notice, I'm not linking to FSZ or Kos too much.

You are correct about FSZ. None of them dialogue fairly. Perhaps I am helping that place to grow, when I should just leave? I have been trying to. I am just astonished at the extent of the disinformation campaign put in place against Dave.

It's not a matter of choice for me as to how I blog. I have invested too many years and sweat to back down now.

I know exactly what Dave went through, the same things except under different circumstances. That means we both stumbled onto things that insidious individuals don't want known. Folks need to ask why the messengers get attacked rather than the messages.

You're lucky I like you, for I have figured out your fake, real life identity. You are either Madonna or Rosana Arquette. :)

Trollbusting is a lonely business. I know you are trying to help, and it is appreciated. It is desired.

Yet in a way, you are making things kind of worse, sorry to steal your idea.

I'm not trying to get you to post against your will. I can relate to how you seem burnt out from what was probably a very satisfying enterprise at first. But to say I am making so many mistakes, without saying what they are, makes it seem like I am not a good blogger. This somewhat discredits the 98% of good stuff I have correctly blogged.

Remember when you thought I was going down the wrong path with Buffy Something? I wasn't. I was just being nice and replying to someone else. And I saw their point. I saw your point.

Now a month or whenever later, I believe that Buffy lady is for real. Without the original diary, however, there's no way to know for sure whether it truly seemed like she was in real danger or not, or if she gave that impression, or whatever the true nature was of her diary.

Nonetheless, what the DKos people did to her was unethical. She is a real person with nursing as her bread and butter issue, imho. If someone seems to be in physical danger, yeah, contact authorities, but don't friggen make it worse by making a big public scene about it. And what was up with the guy calling her a fake? Yet, this is digression city. I just wanted to stand up for one of those instances where you seemed to say I was going wrong when I hadn't.

I am done with FSZ and have been for the most part for a while. I just wanted an extra diary or two in there to wrap it up. I didn't want to end it with me charting Lauren S' strange posting patterns.

She is the epitome of someone who slams others without any regard for the posted content.

These people are all about making anyone not fitting their model look bad.

I am telling you Susan, no one can do anything to me on the internet that hasn't already been tried. Doesn't that make you wonder? Why would a nobody blogger like me have crazy cybersmear scripts put in place? Argh is correct. And now I see how the same things have been and continue to be done to Dave.

The putdowns and smears on Dave have no basis in reality. Perhaps you are doing him a disservice by not spelling out my errors? Because then readers who see that might not trust anything I have written.

These people find a person like Dave or myself, and then every word we type is monitored and noted. Dave wrote something funny at the Democratic Underground, about how Angelina Jolie was on his wish list. He mentioned Tom Brady.

Yeah, it was a bit awkward. But I liked it. I thought it showed that he wasn't all wound up, that he did like to be a regular dude.

I found a DFQ dot com thread yesterday, where Dave actually protected Kestrel9000. He deleted something a guest had written connecting him to sexual perversion.

Kestrel9000 needs to retract, apologize, and then stfu. I have found him on a few websites of very dubious nature. And he wants to equate Dave with sexual deviance?

Then there is the sock puppet thing. That is exactly what happened to me starting in 2007.

Please list to the best of your abilities the mistakes that I've made. I know you are correct about the FSZ, and I swear I'm not reading that much there.

You see, Susan, no matter what, people like myself, Dave, and Francis are always gonna be smeared for no good reason. Our findings are always gonna be downplayed. But none of what they are saying has anything to do with the merit of our work.

There are not many at FSZ with integrity. Not even supersoling. He asked me to spell out the election integrity stuff. I did. He never responded back.

Argh is so very correct. I have uncovered many great truths. The things I have come up with on Michael Rivero, Steven Hertzberg, Brad, Larisa, and Brett Kimberlin and other things are based in fact.

Dave's outing of MajorFlaw was based on a post Fingerit made at UGOG, about a local case he had worked on. I am not sure exactly how Dave found out that he was the only lawyer on that case. Did he have to do busy work outside of the internet? Perhaps as a lawyer, Dave knew a website to go to, or perhaps the name was revealed in a newspaper article.

I know Dave got the real name wrong at first, but how long was that up? And it wasn't malicious of Dave to initially get the name wrong. It seems he corrected himself within an hour or whenever.

I think Fingerit is a major player. He may not be a big wig political consultant, but he certainly could be some form of modern day cointelpro. No one is on the internet doing the stuff he does for free, in my humble opinion. The UGOG/KosKops were clearly involved in psychological operations, whether for intel or corporate interests or both.

What about the stuff I have come up with connecting Fingerit to the "election integrity" people? That is great stuff.

I'm trying my best. I don't see anything that Dave did that was ethically wrong. I am fed up with how he is being framed, especially now, when he is no longer around to defend himself.

Your analysis about FSZ is correct. To repeat, I have only been trying to get in a last diary or two then never look back.

If you look at some of my new entries here, they have been pretty cool, from posting videos of Erich Fromm and Howard Zinn to giving folks easy access to the PBS NOVA show on the spy factory.

I would love to be able to get back on topic, and then no one could frame me as a one-trick pony saying fake this fake that. With Dave, I can totally understand why he had to devote so much time to troll bashing. It's not about obsession or personal vendettas. One cannot always just ignore organised trolling. Sometimes, it takes extra time to squash their efforts.

Please consider posting here once in a while. Did you mention an interest in Howard Gardener? I thought you did. An entry on that would hit the spot in regards to the vision of this place. Maybe you could tie it into Dave's teaching? You have so much potential as a writer. I'm hoping you are able to blog again, like you wanted to at DKos, then PFF, even FSZ before the turnoff trolls took every last drop of satisfaction out of it for you.

I don't want to make anything worse. I truly don't think I have. I don't think Dave or Francis Holland getting smeared has either. When such folks are attacked systematically, I believe it shows the reader that there could be great merit to what the gadflies are writing.

You think MajorFlaw was just participating in a bizarre hobby? You're entitled. It's clear that he had the full backing of top Kos administrators. It is clear that DKos is a cash cow. I am also curious about Peeder's claims that the DKos model is set up for eventual failure. If so, if it continues to shell out money for their mediocre front pagers, that implies outside funding. It makes no sense that DKos would drive off thousands of good bloggers, if not more. Their readership appears to be dropping by hundreds of thousands. I'm thinking Peeder was correct in his analysis.

Please consider helping me to move on. Please point out and correct any big mistakes you think I've made. I actually try to post in a way that allows the reader to decide. That means I'm trying hard not to make mistakes.

I like blogging. I don't want to give up. And I don't want people like Fingerit and Kimberlin to get away with anything.

You don't think Fingerit's name should be circulating? What about Lachow? I am curious how his name got figured out.

I know there can be some hazy ethical lines. I figured out Steven Hertzberg's real name only because another poster outed him. His name was perhaps unethically released, but then again, he's certainly no 'regular guy'.

Should not that be the barometer? Fingerit, Lachow, Bouldin, Markos, and many others are not regular dudes. Brett Kimberlin is not a regular guy.

I am a regular guy. You are regular gal. Our real names being revealed wouldn't mean squat.

Michael Fingerit is some form of attorney/political consultant. That his career seems to be of a mediocre variety, perhaps a step above a real estate attorney closing out mortgages, his background does seem very pertinent.

Kestrel9000 can be found having perused shady websites dealing with churches of satan and pornography. Yet, he's gonna spread lies about Dave like that?

It was a brain cramp on my part to post his kids. I should have just used the link and screenshot the bits of the confederate flag.

Thanks for giving me the head's up that it was overkill. I deleted it. I corrected what I wrote about Alec82.

It's a big time drag that lefties, progressives, and peaceniks have been driven off the major forums.

I refuse to be thrown off the internet. If I ever quit blogging, it's gonna be on my own terms. I am very impressed with yourself that you left DKos and were never banned. You are a great person with tons of integrity.

Susan Something said...
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socrates said...

I love Rosana Arquette, and I see no problem with responding in three sentences, since as an amateur blogger, I figure there's nothing wrong with run on sentences, unless of course you are some kind of English teacher, but to reply, that was excellent what you just wrote, and it really is giving me a chance to move on.

I think I'll just say once more that Dave did not stalk anyone, he was not sexually deviant, and he did not run around with sock puppets, and that's why I made that last diary, but now I feel good and whole and totally get what you're saying, as it is spot on what you say about DonkeyTale, that he's too fixated on the female posters in a negative way, and he is going about things the wrong way, that if he was truly sincere in asking the ladies to come back, he would stop mentioning ye.

I hate it when stuff gets deleted, as I believe that is a form of censorship, but I'll close off by thanking you for gracing my life with your presence, and for dragging my arse out of that sewer, but for your homework this weekend, you are to listen to all 530 minutes of Matt Damon reading from A People's History of the U.S. {20th Century}.

socrates said...

Desperately Seeking Rosanna?

Susan Something said...
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socrates said...

Thanks for the feedback. The overriding key to any minor mistakes made is that the reader decides. We already know we are gonna be trolled no matter what we come up with. I took a peak at Miss Devore's diary at FSZ where she said point blank that the forum was a failure. You made a number of good posts. Then one can see how the margins were deliberately messed up by DonkeyTale. There are always gonna be cheaters around unless there's good moderating.

I had a big breakthrough yesterday. I went through a lot of archives. I found the exact spot where Fingerit first turned on Dave. I located where Bouldin had a meltdown and made racist posts.

All your points are worthy.

However, I think the few good souls including yourself are tired and still in mourning. I do appreciate your concerns that things could be made worse. I'm asking that you roll the dice and see where this leads.

With that said, I did have major breakthroughs yesterday. I can see why Dave was specifically targeted. In short, Dave had all the makings of am great activist. If he had been around doing this kind of thing in the sixties and seventies, without doubt, cointelpro would have been all over his ass.

In a way, I have an advantage over the few of you who have banging your heads aganst the Kos wall the last few years. It is frustrating to watch the dark side cheat and seemingly get away with it. I am telling you that they didn't!

Dave was traveling all over the place as a pure activist. There is a reason he is fairly well-known by many people, including influential politicians and much of the progressive blogosphere.

My next entry will be of Dave on video. He really stirred the audience with his Socrates with a capital 's' speaking truth to power.

None of us live forever. I believe in an afterlife, in reincarnation. Without doubt, Dave is at peace. It is very tragic for someone to die that young, but keep in mind that he got so much done. In fact, do not be surprised if someday a movie is made about him.

I believe that Michael Fingerit is part of modern day cointelpro. That will be explained when we get to the fundamental question of why Dave was targeted for removal from the Daily Kos. Folks need to realize that Michael Fingerit aka Major Flaw was trying to protect Sean Hannity. Antoinette even mentioned last week or so how Dave was recently referred by him as being a psycho. Come on, good people. This is classic methinks they protest too much about Dave Weintraub.

We must keep our eyes on the big picture. Dave did go back to Daily Kos, but there is a big difference between sock puppets and zombies. I believe in the power of the zombie. I went back in there as NoMoreKosHate and put up a good argument for a 50-80% reduction in the military budget. I went back to Democratic Underground as Prepostericity, and people now know about the utter shady nature of Brett Kimberlin.

If Dave had multiple accounts at DKos after his banishment, that is not sock puppetry. Perhaps he was trying to round up recommending power in order to offset the thought police being managed by Fingerit with the full authorization of Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and top administrators.

Dave thought FSZ was the place to be. He trusted them. How was he to know how immoral it is there, that they would join forces with Fingerit?

As for Dave writing as MajorFlaud at FSZ, everyone knew it was him.

The culture of FSZ actually promotes the idea of multiple accounts, sock puppetry, and zombies. Dave initially did not realize that FSZ is about wolves guarding the henhouse. When it became apparent that Jack's Smirking Revenge was working with Fingerit, Dave's workload was further increased.

What others continue to portray as obsession was actually Dave going Rambo on the whole stinking Kos Empire and the offshoot gatekeeper opposition.

Think about how much Dave put into being a progressive activist. For him to be discredited by the Kos Kops meant all his work done on behalf of we the people was in jeopardy of going down the drain.

I've been there myself. I know what it's like to be one person against 20 to a hundred where you're lucky to even get one or two people to risk helping. The cards have been stacked. The moderating rules have been rigged. But I swear to God, they will not get away with it. They haven't. They are trying to pull a Brett Kimberlin. They are like the Jon Lovitz character from SNL going yeah, that's the ticket.

I can picture what a lot of newbies and fence-sittersle might be wondering.

Why did Dave call Bouldin a racist? Why did Dave believe 10,000 good Democrats and progressives were thrown or turned away from Daily Kos? Why does any of this matter? Did Dave cross any ethical lines? Did Dave out 'regular people'?

The tables are about to be turned. These same folks will start wondering why Dave thrown under the bus by both FSZ and Daily Kos. Why did Michael Fingerit run interference for Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly? Why has Markos Moulitsas Zuniga ever been considered a progressive? Is Fingerit part of modern day cointelpro? Is Kos some form of spook or simply a rightwinger making a buck off of naive democrats? Why did Bouldin post in a racist manner? What's up with that timeline where Kos said he interviewed with the CIA and got to the point of signing on to perform clandestine activities while running Daily Kos and then being hired by Howard Dean? Why isn't Dave's true work as an activist documented and well-known? Why no love for Dave? Who the fuck do these people think they are kidding?

I could go on, but in due time, the tables are gonna be turned. I refuse to let fakes and cheaters steal the destiny of peaceniks, good Democrats, and progressives. I refuse to let smart bloggers such as Susan Something and Abbeysbooks feel defeated. I refuse to let the dark side win. This is gonna make a whole lot of sense, hopefully sooner than later. But mark my words, the true record will be known, and I am not afraid to let the readers decide.

Fingerit picked the wrong people to go after. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is on the wrong side of history, and someday, that will be a well-established truth among the vast majority of people.