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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sing for the Reverend Martin Luther King

First things first. I am unequivocably done posting at the FreeSpeechZoneBlog. The events over the weekend have confirmed that it is a cheater's paradise. While the goons there would love for me to remain to serve as fodder for their cruelty, I refuse to take verbal beatings from anyone.

So Mattes has come up with a new diary praising Larisa Alexandrovna. Whoop-a-dee-doo. She also has referred to me as a she, just like DeeDogg has done before. There is no explanation for that, other than that they are nasty people. Why would someone be called a she, even if those are unaware of the person's gender? Whatever happened to he or she as the qualifier, when there is doubt?

This latest thread by Mattes confirms to me that the same folks with their greedy paws all over Democratic Underground and Daily Kos are all the same disinfo, fake progressives. My exposing of Brett Kimberlin, Brad Friedman, and Larisa Alexandrovna hit a raw nerve. They can make fun of my pointing out about Alexandrovna's lies about the Connell mailbox, but when is it ever justified for a "reporter" to lie? They can gloss over the fact that Clint Curtis' dog was never proven to have been killed. Heck, they can even ignore the strange turn of events leading to Brad Friedman's sudden rise to internet popularity as the face for Brett Kimberlin Productions. What-fricken-ever.

When one finds themselves at any forum that cheats, one must find the fortitude needed to leave.

DonkeyTale, the historic troll, has been one of my only few supporters at the FreeSpeechZone. Over the weekend, he caught Jack's Smirking Revenge in an outrageous lie about how he was such an important factor in outing the UGOG's. When DT corrected that disinfo, Jack decided to delete the whole exchange. Then Jack continued to layer lie upon lie for his censorship at an alleged free speech website. He explained that he didn't have a cancel button. That turned out to be true. But then why didn't he just hit backspace, leave the window, or delete his words before hitting post? Then he explained that he deleted his post unaware that DT had written a response.

The truth of the matter is that Jack suppressed Dave's activities at FSZ. He even went so far as to delete all of his posts. At FSZ, when that is done, all the other comments get deleted that come after. By deleting Dave's diaries, the whole enchilada was pruned. By deleting Dave's individual comments, every comment written on those subthreads also got scrubbed.

Now Dave certainly was happy his posts were vanquished. I accept that. It enabled him to better articulate things on his own terms at his own place. But in no way whatsoever did FSZ out the UGOG's. In fact, when Dave was given the heave-ho, Jack proceeded to delete the UGOG file link from the front page. He also went on to call Fingerit and the others regular guys.

One can go through archives and see that Dave was hounded at FSZ. His two main supporters were Sabrina and Susan Something. For those efforts, all three were trolled on.

Now, unless someone painstakingly runs through archives, it is very difficult to get the full picture. It especially doesn't help when so much has been deleted, as was Peeder's Political Flesh Feast website. I have been trying to figure out DonkeyTale, whether he is a good or bad guy. I can be a chump at first and fall for folks. Eventually, however, I do figure out whether someone is a paid fake, a useful idiot, sincere, or simply unclear.

I believe there is a way for newbies and fence-sitters to figure out the Dave Weintraub chapter where he pretty much single-handedly crushed FSZ, UGOG, and DKos, three websites which deserved their doomed fates. While anyone who has been following this story in real time may think it old news being unnecessarily rehashed, I disagree. An example of this will be when we look at Michael Bouldin's comments pertaining to African-Americans and the homosexual/lesbian referendum. Then folks will understand why Dave felt Bouldin was a racist. MBNYC has used DFQ's statements as a justification for his utter cruelty. Newbies and fence-sitters are not gonna understand what really happened unless someone like myself does this busy work. Another example of the need to rehash is with how I showed the original point by which Fingerit focused his efforts on "swift-boating" Dave. I am proud of my efforts. If I am making any mistakes, if anyone can help fill in pieces, I wish they would do so. But not everything is an enigma. I am gonna do what I gotta do to fill in what pieces I can, and then move on with being a progressive, lefty, peacenik blogger. Trolls need to be bashed, and then it is time to get back on topic.

Anyway, it has come to my attention that DonkeyTale is a liar as regards to his saying that he supported Dave while he was at FSZ. Here is a cross-post from Antoinette's where I gave Mr. DonkeyTale a cold splash of water.

DonkeyTale, while I appreciate your kind wishes for my forum and the blog dedicated to Dave, alas, I cannot let you get away with the misinformation that you supported Dave while he was at FSZ.


"Why should she be offended at anti-anti-MAMZ Meta-meta? As devoutly practicing scientismists we all know the laws of nature: light a fire at someone else's (orange) house and you will soon engulf your own house in flames...


Glass houses/stones


etc./ad nauseum"

"I'm getting sick of all the META schtick too"

"Yur calling me out for calling Susan, Dave and you out for calling out DKOS posters who have been made targets in a very unhealthy way.

There have been outings and a banning, much ugliness and dissension, all resulting from MAMZ meta. None of this involves RL issues."

"I believe he thinks the unhealthy obsession with DKOS thats gone down here is pretty equal to my unhealthy obsessions, which I am at least healthy enough to admit are unhealthy."

"You are free to continue with MAMZ meta. Of course, I am also free to continue the anti-MAMZ Meta-Meta.

Your comments on this blog are increasingly bizarre. You have set out on a self appointed "mission" to retaliate and destroy the KKKOS KKKops. It appears, as so often happens with personal obsessions, that you are having a much bigger impact on your own self than you are on "them"."


"Moulitsas Meta Blows"

"Dave is planning to usurp MAMZ role
in the Whiteysphere, on Jack's Freespeech zone"

"Goose/gander. Some people find me more interesting than yet another top thirty Kos asshole list and the ancient history of hidden comments."

"The DKOS meta seems to have effectively erupted into a cross blog flame war which now has led to a banning and the driving of hamburgler off FSZ and into hiding.

And for what actual "interesting" gain?"


"Anti-Anti-Anti MAMZ Meta-Meta Meta"

"I think the last straw was when Jack recommended my last anti-anti-MAMZ meta-meta masterpiece "Moulitsas Meta Blows" which called out Something, Sabrina and Dave."

"No one pays any attention to Meta, especially donKKKeyturd Meta"

I appreciate that you stuck up for Dave over the weekend against Jack's lies. But there's no need for you to whitewash how you truly acted when the DFQ versus UGOG/FSZ/Kos battle was at its climax. Dave was Rambo. He was one person who despite all the odds single-handedly crushed three websites who deserved it.

Now that I have that out of the way, here is Martin Luther King's famous speech against the Vietnam War, in which he artfully showed it to be an attack on poor folks, both black and white.

posted by noncorporatenews

Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. against the Vietnam War. Audio.

This speech was released by Black Forum records, a subsidiary of Motown, and went on to win a Grammy in 1970 for the Best Spoken Word Recording.

Excerpts of a Sermon at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on April 30, 1967.

Text of entire speech:

Real Audio file of entire speech:

Martin Luther King, "Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam"

posted by u2mixer
I felt that I had to make a video of U2's Pride that actually included footage of Martin Luther King Jnr. I don't know why U2 decided not to use any footage - was it possibly the corporate shirts not wanting a black activist shown on primetime MTV? It seems hard to believe that U2 could have allowed this, but we should also remember that the band were still young men wanting to make progress in their musical career and maybe decided to take heed of their management's 'advice'. I wouldn't want to speak for the band.

I felt that a black and white theme would give the viewer a sense of time and place with relevance to the footage used. A sense of the man and a sense of history.

I dedicate my video to all the people of all colours who took part in the fight for freedom and those that continue to do so all over the World today.


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socrates said...

There is a lie currently circulating at FSZ that I harvest ip's at AAANI.

That is not true. One thing I agree with Jack's Smirking Revenge is that "regular people" should not be outed. There has been only one ip that I have done so. It was that of one of cyberstalker/smearers.

Back in 2007, I noticed a strange ip lurking. Back then when the place was slow, it was easier to check on them. I bookmarked it. Many months later, I googled it, and it led to a forum where all ip's are posted. The content of his one post convinced me that this was the person most blatantly giving me angst. While at BradBlog as a regular, the cyberstalkers arrived. On a whim, I asked Brad to confirm if one of them had this ip. Brad confirmed it.

I then proceeded to out this information for a number of reasons. For one, the person in question made posts at BradBlog as a debunker of 'chemtrails'. This should have been the last person to ever play both sides of the fence, as he is a well-known name associated with that topic. Secondly, his postings at BradBlog were very similar in nature to the neo-nazi ideology I attacked that was being presented at Michael Rivero's "Unofficial" WRH forum. That was where the fake socrates cybersmearing took on a life of its own.

I believe that modern day cointelpro is all over the internet. I believe that all over the blogosphere is controlled opposition. I am very critical of the Israeli government's actions towards the Palestinians. However, I believe there is plenty o'disinfo coming from concern trolls such as Rivero and fakes like Mattes from FSZ. They are the Palestinians' worst enemies. They make it seem that the Israeli's are justified in their actions due to there seemingly being so much hatred towards Jewish people. I say seemingly, because i believe a lot of the anti-Jewish hatred is fake. I'm not saying there aren't bigots. But I don't for one moment believe that Rivero types are always sincere with their hate speech.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify that I do not harvest ip's. The only ip's I have revealed is of this one person, who is not a regular guy, and of military ip's that have visited my humble forum.

It would take too much time and effort to check out ip's. I don't even know if it's possible to do with blogspot. It is not even something I would ever consider doing.

There was one other mistake I will admit to having done. My first moderator told me a lot about his real life, which I never wanted to know about. I'm not even sure if he was telling me the truth. This person has been leeching onto me for over two years. When he started to attack myself and others at the forum, I banned him.

Then when he kept coming back with sock puppets, I revealed the info he had provided to me. Back in the day, my forum was able to have guest posts. As soon as he asked me to remove the info, I did. At that point, with all the cyberstalking going on, I no longer feared my real name being revealed. I was tired of feeling alone having one injustice after another foisted on me. I wanted to explain why this person had been able to become such an important cog to my blogging.

Recently, I tried to make up with him. But he continues to throw me under the bus. I now see that he is writing about my specialized interests at other blogs, stuff on Kimberlin and now even concerning Dave. It has gotten downright creepy, and I am now forced to permanently ban him from my forum.

Other than that, I have not outed any "regular people" or ip's. I do not harvest them. For myself to get attacked like this, to me, are just more attempts at preventing freedom of speech and association.

For real, I have also been in contact with three journalists. They know my real name. The thing is, even if my real name were exposed, there is absolutely nothing about me on the internet. There are other people out there with my same name, but none of that has to do with me. I've checked. There is no info about myself other than what I have provided through my usernames.

I do not believe that Brett Kimberlin, Brad Friedman, Michael Rivero, Tinoire, Larisa, Leopold, Johnson, Steadham, Zuniga, Hertzberg, Fingerit, Lachow and many others are regular people. One of the best moves I made as a trollbuster was to figure out that anonymous usernames don't mean much. When we are able to figure out the real names of political operatives and fake progressives, all bets are off, and I do believe such people need to be held to account for their actions. That was the beauty of Dave's trollbusting. He took it beyond enigmatic blog wars among anonymous usernames to the point of figuring out real life, insidious players.

It's sad that I even had to write this post to explain myself, to counter the lies being said about me at FSZ. Yet, I will never set foot again at that sewer of a domain and felt this needed to be said.