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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Abbeysbooks' Revenge Fleshed Out

I am trying to piece together her story. She may have made a few politically incorrect statements on rare occasions, but that is no excuse for how she was selected for banishment by Michael Fingerit. It is not outlandish to think that Fingerit {MajorFlaw} is the proverbial paid fake, perhaps even some form of modern day cointelpro. If he wants to sue me for libel, he can go right ahead. We'll see how the jurors feel about the UGOG files. It'd be one thing if he was an unemployed crack head living off of a trust fust. This guy is an attorney and political consultant. In fact, the Daily Kos is dominated by such folks.

It's getting late here. I have already posted The Revenge of Abbeysbooks at MyLeftWing and FSZ. That showed how Abbeysbooks had confronted Dadanation {Michael Shriver} as being a KosKop at MLW. It showed how Maryscott O'Connor told Abbeysbook to stifle herself. O'Connor is well known for a bunch of things. For one, she loves to share her psychological problems with the world in the form of rants. She's also known for putting limits on Kos bashing and for being the catalyst behind the formation of Peeder's PFF website after unfairly tossing the amazing Kos critic Francis Holland from her pseudo leftwing forum. MSOC owes apologies to both of them. She is busy kissing Obama's ass, so don't expect her to even try to figure out the UGOG/KosKops or how Kos' CIA timeline doesn't add up. Perhaps her frontpagers give her some greenery as incentive to turn the other way.

I am not a trusted user at DKos. I am unable to see the hidden comments. But I can see many of the troll ratings given to Abbeysbooks. She fingered Fingerit as the kingpin well before DFQ came on the scene. She even warned Shriver to steer clear of the KosKops, for people were onto their antics. She wasn't some run of the mill username. She'd been at DKos since 2005 and contributed over 7000 posts before becoming a target for the scumbag, fake lefties.

I live with them all around (2+ / 6-)
Recommended by: agnostic, Rex Manning
Hidden by: MissLaura, Ahianne, carolinadreamer, Marcus Tullius, vox humana, SpamNunn
and those of us who see do not revere or admire them them. They run the most disgusting puppy mills, and shoot the ones they cannot sell. Their children are poorly educated so they can control them and their daughters are basically sold in marriage to consolidate land holdings, the way rulers used to do. A lot of them are winos with big red bulbous noses.
They are often sexually perverted but I am not going to go into stories here.
They know how to present an image and when the community is threatened as in this school shooting they know how to manage the media.
They won't drive but they hire drivers to take them to construction sites. They don't have electricity but they use our laundromat. They don't cook with gas and electricity but they eat junk food at McDonald's and the local greasy spoon.
And of course some of them are wonderful.

Someone named CarolinaDreamer used this above one as an example to explain why Abbeysbooks needed to be banned. But she left out the part about that some of them are wonderful.

As I said I read too many books (2+ / 5-)
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Hidden by: musing85, Chamonix, vox humana, Mia Dolan, PhantomFly

Sounds just like some people here at dkos (4+ / 5-)
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Hidden by: MissLaura, musing85, PaintyKat, carolinadreamer, Elise

Never forget that in the concentration camps (2+ / 4-)
Recommended by: rasbobbo, corvo
Hidden by: silence, annetteboardman, iliketodrum, jeff in nyc
when a jew had given up and had the look of death on him he was called a moslem. It meant that he was to die soon. Now that's hatred....

I worked clinically with them for a number of (3+ / 4-)
Recommended by: Jon Meltzer, ActivistGuy, Randgrithr
Hidden by: MajorFlaw, tony the American Mutt, tecampbell, Joelarama
years and you are exceptional, that's all. Exceptions do not prove a point.
Oswald was also a dyslexic and read extremely difficult texts and wrote laboriously but I think brilliantly.
You have directional confusion, which is often mistaken for dyslexia. A true brain damaged dyslexic is rare. 5% of the population and 4 out of 5 are boys. There don't seem to be any in Japan according to the last piece of research I read on this subject.
Also Leonardo is a famous exception. And IMHO I think it is an evolution of the brain that gets messed up by our culture. Because dyslexics are certainly super aware of visual images and score higher on that subtest of the WISC or WAIS. Just lower on the verbal subtests. This is one way you diagnose them, this discrepancy of score.
But your heading this is bullshit and the mistakes in your writing either indicate that you don't know, don't care, or do not have the frustration tolerance to correct it.
And mine is a made up case. And yes the person in my made up case cannot tell right from left. But a dyslexic will give directions and never tell you they get it mixed up.
As for speed reading I developed Evelyn Wood's mini lesson and I can read very fast but also know when to change gears.

He is lazy is what kids who have trouble reading (3+ / 4-)
Recommended by: Jon Meltzer, ActivistGuy, Pager
Hidden by: ChiGirl88, MajorFlaw, ticket punch, Joelarama
are labeled. It's typical layman's judgment.

I also think Carter is a lousy writer (7+ / 3-)
Recommended by: exmearden, Opakapaka, NearlyNormal, mariachi mama, Red Sox, dmsarad, noneya
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Which also means he is not a careful literate studious reader.

Only to counteract this blockquote (1+ / 3-)
Recommended by: blueness
Hidden by: carolinadreamer, andgarden, blue vertigo
as strong, as humble, as psychologically or spiritually enlightened

which is really no different from what was said above by someone else. I just am in closer proximity to them than others posting here as they drive by my front door in their carriages every day. Five groups a day is not unusual. They wash their clothes where I do, eat where I do, buy groceries where I do and go to the same social worker's office as I do to get aid. They are my neighbors.
And everyone in my neon red town talks about the discrepancy of the way they live and advocate and their use of modern conveniences when it suits them, which is most of the time. They just don't own them. They will ride in a car and pay people to drive them, as they can't own or drive a car themselves and jobs in Springfield are 35 miles away.
And all of us dog rescue people loathe their treatment of dogs, their puppy mills, their caging the breeders in small cages, and their shooting of the ones they can't sell. And buying poor old pregnant bitches cheap at auction to sell the puppies. These auctions are desperately sad and the bidders are almost all Mennonites and Amish. My director was kicked out of the one at Cabool because she saved (bought) about $8000 worth of pregnant dogs to worm, vaccinate, and neuter and get adopted to keep them out of the puppy mills.
And for this I get troll rated into hidden comments so any criticism of these people described in the diary as
strong, as humble, as psychologically or spiritually enlightened

is eliminated from the thread.
The Soviets used to airbrush out of group pictures those who fell in disfavor with Stalin's party line who were eliminated into death or a labor camp. Here at kos your words are eliminated. Gone just like smoke into the atmosphere.
Sorry I didn't keep the other one but I will keep this one and the thread. Since when is telling the truth about some people in a religious sect bigoted? And they are known locally for their love of homemade wine. So they drink. So what. So they get drunk. So what. They are just like everyone else.

NO he is dyslexic and it is made worse (3+ / 3-)
Recommended by: Radiowalla, ActivistGuy, Pager
Hidden by: MajorFlaw, tony the American Mutt, Joelarama
by his drinking and the brain damage that comes with 20 years or more of alcohol abuse.
Dyslexics can be everything wonderful that you say and they can also be slow learners and poor readers. They can be taught to read and even enjoy the newspaper. I worked with a 22 year old farmer from rural Delaware once who just wanted to be able to read the newspaper and he came to our clinic for about 2 years. Clinical experience and success will trump the book reading about this any day.
Others were marginal. Most are not dyslexic but mask the syndrome because they were taught to read before they were ready to read. Which means their visual discrimination was poor and their auditory discrimination necessary for word attack skillls was not developed. Start them right and you prevent the problem before it happens.
see elephant see _ which two words are the same
were where where - which word is different
was saw saw - which two are the same
want went want - which word is different
The above goes from easy to difficult. If they can't see the difference in went and want quickly without effort, then they are not ready.
Say see seen seen - which words sound exactly the same or which word sounds different. And so on and so one.
You make them up and improvise but if you have got to submit lesson plans 30 days in advance you are probably going to forget to put these little ditties in as they aren't in the reading book.
I knew a first grade teacher who when she passed out paper said how many do I need for this row? Or she would count out three and ask, how many more do I need for this row. And so on.

"Sgt Major Myers" is a dipshit freeper who deserved what Abbeysbooks said to him in the next one.

Sgt Major Myers (1+ / 2-)
Recommended by: Ryvr
Hidden by: calipygian, Shiborg
Your post is written like a true brainwashed military person. We need far fewer of your type in this country.
They all seem to come to Missouri to retire as the living is cheap here. Still planting the flag in their front lawn and yellow ribbon bumper stickers on their pickups.
These kids have been had from the getgo. Lousy public schools and indoctrination everyday of their lives. They have been alseep all these years,and now in Iraq,they have been jolted awake.
Paul Goodman has said it all in Growing Up Absurd
And he is not our president. He stole both elections. He is our dictator,our despot.

A big reason why I'm not supplying DKos links is because I don't want to direct traffic to that bullshit, fascist website. Let them and their addicts stew in their irrelevant blatherings. The main thing is that Abbeysbooks confronted these assholes and two years later has finally been proven correct. One dude who stood up for at the end was Jon Meltzer. One of his last posts, I don't believe he was banned, had him confronting Fingerit. You see, it is fairly obvious to anyone with the time and mouse skills to see how shady FKos has been and who the culprits were. This is what Jon said to Fingerit many months after Abbeysbooks had been unfairly banned.

TRed again for bullying (1+ / 0-)

The only time I ever see you make a comment, MajorFlaw, is to hand out one of your precious "d0nuts". You never post diaries and you do not participate in the discussions on this site. If this person is worthy of banning he will be by the administrators or in response to genuine trollish comments. Not by being hunted down by self-appointed net police.

Back to Abbeysbooks getting troll rated. Here she got 2 downrates for writing one word. These usernames don't look familiar to me. And the dittoed comment is gone.

Ditto (1+ / 2-)
Recommended by: Rita in DC
Hidden by: gobacktotexas, etherapy

Happened to me too after a year of being TU (4+ / 2-)
Recommended by: JekyllnHyde, victoria2dc, gatorcog, LaFajita
Hidden by: brittain33, andgarden
So now I can't see the comments of mine that I made and that they hid.
Just the ones they provide links to that are quite damning in isolation.
In the context of the Palestinians I have called the Jews fascist and that one lonely comment really sends people over the edge.

Calling someone a bitch, whore, cocksucker etc (1+ / 2-)
Recommended by: The Baculum King
Hidden by: musing85, MajorFlaw
so and so because you disagree with them is cause for TR ing them. Comparing them to Rove swiftboating or advocating a nanny state of protection from information is not.
People did the same thing to someone who wrote a diary about alternative cancer cures other than the classic medical model.
And the classical medical model is not more successful at all.

Fingerit responded:

Um . . . (9+ / 0-)
Recommended by: musing85, Ahianne, dadanation, Goldfish, mcfly, DMiller, Fabian, blue vertigo, Runs With Scissors
People did the same thing to someone who wrote a diary about alternative cancer cures other than the classic medical model.
And the classical medical model is not more successful at all.

Now you're a medical expert as well? Have another d0nut.
by MajorFlaw on Tue Aug 21, 2007 at 03:01:33 AM PDT

Here's an interesting sequence:

He's definitely being coached (4+ / 2-)
Recommended by: Jon Meltzer, Radiowalla, Light Emitting Pickle, Randgrithr
Hidden by: MajorFlaw, trashablanca
by abbeysbooks on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 07:54:42 PM PDT

Folks... (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by: Radiowalla
...why is this trollrated?
by MBNYC on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 08:26:20 PM PDT

I don't get it. (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by: Light Emitting Pickle
Uprated for uncalled for troll rating.
by Radiowalla on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 08:32:40 PM PDT

Andgarden is part of a group (0+ / 0-)
that stalks and trolls me. They uprate each other for their attacks and that way they never lose TU status. I have BTW and they hide all my comments that they don't like. It would take an army of recs to get them out of hidden territroy.
I am not the only one they do this to. I have lots of threads on my hard drive. I think you and MBNYC are the first to have noticed this and commented on it. Quite a number of my favorite posters are now gone from here. I don't know if they have been attacked or just do not like this new atmosphere here.
by abbeysbooks

And now the accusations of stalking again (3+ / 0-)
Recommended by: Eternal Hope, trashablanca, Joelarama
Why do you think I noticed you in the first place?
by andgarden on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 08:45:15 PM PDT

Some of my comments out of context (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by: mswsm
are indeed damning. If you read them I suggest you read the diary and entire thread of comments but that is a lot to ask anyone when one comment will suffice to hang me.
But isn't that what the mass media does that we so criticize it for doing?
Lots of hypocrites here.
by abbeysbooks on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 08:43:56 PM PDT

The context makes your comments (4+ / 0-)
Recommended by: Eternal Hope, PaintyKat, trashablanca, Joelarama
even worse.
by andgarden on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 08:45:30 PM PDT

And the worst part is that (0+ / 0-)
if you do read them in context you will have to click on all the hidden ones too. a daunting task. Only someone researching these people would want to do it. I have and it's a veritable nest of snarls.
by abbeysbooks on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 08:45:26 PM PDT

I have now given you this (6+ / 0-)
Recommended by: Ahianne, Eternal Hope, carolinadreamer, andgarden, trashablanca, MBNYC
comment multiple times with no response from you. I have given you these facts and you continue to ignore them and say that it is some small group. It isn't. You may want to check your behavior to see if it is perhaps influencing people's reaction to you.
By the way, the 91 is now about 96 unique UIDs (I haven't checked since you were at 94 the last time I posted this to you).
You keep claiming this but, having done the research and linked to it so people can check, you are not correct.
by SeattleLiberal on Tue Oct 16, 2007 at 08:57:21 PM PDT

The link provided by Seattle Liberal led to this:

I've got details for you (15+ / 0-)
Recommended by: clonecone, DHinMI, Adam B, Ahianne, madhaus, carolinadreamer, sarahnity, Hanna for Change, DMiller, Elise, andgarden, Marcus Tullius, Grannus, blue vertigo, LynneK
and it doesn't bode well for your little theory. I decided since you made the claim that you are being hounded by a few individuals, you must know what you are talking about. But I decided to give you the information you needed to verify it.
I went through all of the comments you have ever had troll rated. You have had, since the time you started posting here, 77 comments have had at least one troll rating. There have been 91 unique UIDs that gave them to you. Many of those individuals are well known to HATE the ratings system, but you managed to cross even their lines. Many I never heard of before.
I get tired of the arguments you are making here because they are patently bullshit. There have been a few users that rated you more than others, but you call them out and have a personal vendetta against them, so I am not surprised by that. The distribution of your ratings has been fairly evenly spread out among those 91 individuals.
91 separate individuals in 77 comments. Your "only 10 mean people hypothesis" is wrong, wrong, wrong.
I have never given you a rating, by the way, but you certainly have managed to piss off a lot of people.
These are the facts and anyone with TU can verify them.
by SeattleLiberal on Sun Oct 07, 2007 at 03:05:53 PM PDT

I didn't call you any names. (2+ / 0-)
Recommended by: blue vertigo, LynneK
Someone who claims to read all the time should really learn to read.
by clonecone on Sun Oct 07, 2007 at 04:51:35 PM PDT

Ok, this next one probably deserved the troll rating. The point of the Reveng of AbbbeysBooks is that she has shown how once one becomes a target of the KosKops, extraordinary efforts including "troll rating on sight" and inside connections with upper level Kos adminins will always lead to the victim's removal from the forum. In short, the Daily Kos is a fascist entity. Abbeysbooks never deserved to be banned. Tens of thousands of people have been unfairly banned by DKos.And that's why I think it is some form of intel, for such a strategy has caused the website's popularity to utterly crash. So what is the rationale behind the Daily Kos, if they aren't into being one of the top websites? Disinformation? Divide and conquer? To be a honey pot?

Barbara why didn't you toilet train (2+ / 2-)
Recommended by: Bulldawg, greenearth
Hidden by: Alohaleezy, Tuba Les
your little bastard? Or better yet, have an abortion.

Or perhaps it was just dark humour against Barbara and GW Bush.

From an abbeysbooks' tip jar on one of her do it yourself legal diaries:

tipjar (23+ / 2-)
Recommended by: Charles CurtisStanley, zgveritas, steelman, PeteZerria, walkshills, G2geek, Tigana, RiaD, buddabelly, KenBee, blueoasis, Unknown Quantity, kurt, Snarcalita, old wobbly, uniongal, offgrid, yoduuuh do or do not, Carib and Ting, FOS, kafkananda, NotGeorgeWill, peaceloveandkucinich
Hidden by: Adam B, dhonig
And go over to the upper right and hit recommend so people can save their property, their lifestyles, their friends, their family.
I think Kunstler would love it too.

I think Adam B is DKos' attorney, not sure. I think Abbeysbooks was targeted for expulsion because she offered the idea that people didn't necessarily need attorneys to work through the system. It'd be akin to myself being on a military forum calling for an 80% reduction in their services.

More Abbeysbooks' comments where she was troll rated:

I've walked thousands of steps in her shoes (3+ / 2-)
Recommended by: Odysseus, RabidNation, steve davis
Hidden by: dadanation, Sharon in MD
which is why I can say what I have said.
Any normal IQ person living in Bushland would have pulled the plug. The kids set her up knowing that she would freak, try to close the windows and not be able to do it. They must have laughed their butts off.
Any one who has the audacity these days to go in a classroom had better be savvy and cool. Not ernest and sincere and intelligent.
You can bet the farm she voted for Bush.
Now tell her how to cash in. Make the school district eat shit and pay for the privilege.

I'm not sure, but I think Sharon in MD is a real estate attorney. DadaNation, of course, is the KosKop who Abbeysbooks confronted at MyLeftWing only to have the mentally unbalanced Maryscott O'Connor tell her to shut up.

I agree absolutely with you. (2+ / 1-)
Recommended by: clio, samddobermann
Hidden by: Black Max
I feel that Clinton was very attracted to Chelsea. She has the kind of mouth he is attracted to if you look at all his women. It is very natural for every father to appreciate and be attracted by his teenaged daughtr, or maybe even son. It is just not all right to act on it. I believe he substituted Monica for his desire for Chelsea which was unconscious to Clinton. I think Bush is not attracted to his daughters and so they have acted out in undesirable ways to get his attention.
The problem comes when fathers cannot acknowledge the sexual attraction. They repress it and this is when you get daughters being beaten for having boyfriends, staying our past curfew,etc. The beating is sexual sadistic perversion for a natural open sexual feeling for the child.
This needs to be communicated to parents.

I see BlackMax likes to give out a lot of ratings. His background is available through his profile. He admits to being pro-military and other bullshit.

Hmmm. It turns out he used to be a staunch Republican. It also turns out that Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is a big supporter of the CIA. Will wonders ever cease?

That's the kind of syncophant the UGOGs liked to turn into useful idiots.

Sorry I really like her (1+ / 1-)
Recommended by: hrh
Hidden by: Mia Dolan

Let me guess. Mia Dolan is a paid, fake username.

There was a huge snow storm for crissakes (12+ / 1-)
Recommended by: Wanderer, DHinMI, ohwilleke, juls, GregNYC, PsiFighter37, sukeyna, LeftofArizona, wader, rqstnnlitnmnt, bill in wa, Tuba Les
Hidden by: wystler
A low tunout was expected because of the extreme snow drifts,so this looks pretty good to me.

Let me guess. Wystler is another sock puppet. Dana Houle even liked Abbeysbooks' post. Never trust anyone with 666 in their username or email address. :) Wystler can be reached at bb666 !at! comcast dot net. Hmmm, he's still around giving ratings, yet he hasn't written a new diary since September of 2007.

You can email me and I'll give you a list (3+ / 1-)
Recommended by: RW, slatsg, Zack from the SFV
Hidden by: blue vertigo
The way to find out is to look at the recs when you are attacked. Each time somebody attacks you, troll rates you etc they rec that person and then they have them aboard the train.
There are a group of them and I expect this comment to go into hidden territory as they constantly search to see where I am commenting. They will come when this diary is off the front page and no one is here and then they will load up on comments damning me for saying this until it is hidden.
So I keep a record on my harddrive of before and afters.
The Soviets air brushed group photos when Stalin eliminated someone or sent them to the camps. Just disappeared them. Same here at dkos.
And the diaries the leaders have posted are either non-existent or shallow with cute pictures.
Check back later and see who has dumped on me here and you will know who they are.

Blue Vertigo is a known troll. Abbeysbooks believes she and Lauren S could be the same person based on similar linguistics.

Had she taken the legal seminar (3+ / 1-)
Recommended by: CTLiberal, libertyisliberal, dmh44
Hidden by: feebog
by Gene Zimmerman that I recently finished, she would never have been in this mess and she could have brought a personal injury suit for the loss of her baby, making millions as it was an expensive pregnancy as I understand it.
Zimmerman will come to you to give it to a minimum of 10 people for $500 for two weeks of 10 hour days and all the backup help you need in the future. Anyone interested in knowing how to protect their rights can email me for his address. I receive nothing for this. I am only a grateful graduate of his seminar.
Now just wait for all the lawyers here to start trashing me again about it.
No the cops won't go on trial, but they could still have huge financial responsibility probably through the city, after this part is over.


Lived all my life in So. Cal. Viet Nam era vet. Currently in practice as a labor arbitrator.

There are getting to be a lot of people (11+ / 1-)
Recommended by: slatsg, StupidAsshole, ghengismom, CSPAN Junkie, mango, greenearth, arodb, james risser, Andy Lewis, rogerdaddy, Johnny Rapture
Hidden by: Mia Dolan
calling others trolls. I see nothing trollish about this diary except the people bashing it in the way they are bashing it. There are starting to be groups of them that do this together.
I am remembering what kos said about this. He has warned us about it. He will not warn the next time; he will act.
I have just gone through a bout of it for my legal seminar diaries this past week. Switching tags and pjorative tags. It is exhausting. It makes you want to go somewhere else where it isn't happening or where it is forcefully forbidden.
I have used more troll ratings this past month than in the past three years. I don't think this is accidental. I didn't expect it to happen in this diary. I thought it was just me since I have a history of being a target for aggression.

The vigilantes are out in full force I see (10+ / 1-)
Recommended by: CJB, slatsg, naltikriti, drag0n, mango, greenearth, Pete Rock, Dianna, james risser, rogerdaddy
Hidden by: Mia Dolan
Just because the massacre involved Americans does not change anything. They are dead. Just as Iraqis are dead. Just as Cindy's son is dead. This boy Cho was growig up in a time of government sanctioned violence. Our government is setting an example that young emotional people are likely to follow. Cho will not be the last. And there will be worse to come. When you mourn them you are really mourning the loss of innocence in this country.
The feeling of safety and peace, tranquility, purpose that one gts walking through a college campus is a lovely thing. I am sure large city universities now have lots of security in place. I will miss being able to walk into a campus, go to a film club showing, enter the library without showing ID and justifying why I am there. I don't expect that freedom to continue for me.

Strange. Mia Dolan is still at DKos yet hasn't made a new diary since March of 2006. She's a fake.

Actually you have touched on one of the variables (5+ / 1-)
Recommended by: ghengismom, naltikriti, mango, greenearth, james risser
Hidden by: Mia Dolan
of this massacre. We are now living in a milieu where the media talks about dead Iraqis without a blink of sympathy. It is part of the Zeitgeist now and we are breathing it. How much worse for a young student, Asian, whose parents work in a dry cleaning establishment and have sent a daughter to Princeton and a son to VT. Not too shabby.
To a young person with emotional problems the present day carnage we are causing in the middle east does not set an example we would want our young people to emulate. Now does it?
If they want to get at the bottom of these killings, let them really examine the true issues. They won't.
Why is it permitted for Bush to kill 650K Iraqis, many women and children, and an entire country not string him up lynching style. Because it is governenment doing it, it is accepted. If we do not object we condone it.
This is Edwards strength, his lawyer training. If you don't object, you accept. Very simple. You must object.
This boy was projecting his rage in the way he sees the superiors in goverment projecting theirs. Only they do not do it themselves (except Cheney)they force others to do it. The behavior of our troops in many cases is the same as Cho's behavior. Only theirs is sanctioned, it is official, so there is no punishment. Except when an example must be made to appease those who object.

Here's another sequence where an abbeysbooks' post led to her getting swarmed by the 'political consultants/lawyers'.

In Germany as Hitler was coming to power (3+ / 1-)
Recommended by: emeraldmaiden, BeninSC, KathyinSC
Hidden by: MajorFlaw
there were really hideous crimes. People murdering people in their apartments and then canning them and selling the meat.
This is so rotten that it predicts our future.
by abbeysbooks

Um, Ben . . . (7+ / 0-)
Recommended by: Ahianne, Elise, trashablanca, Cali Techie, BeninSC, blue vertigo, NogodsnomastersMary
You might want to be a bit more careful about just who you hand mojo to.
by MajorFlaw on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 07:03:34 PM PDT

And dig this (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by: MajorFlaw
{Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket}
What, Trashablanca's special or somethin? I want one of those!
by blue vertigo on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 09:59:25 PM PDT

People uprated that? (0+ / 0-)
Geez. If that one hasn't been hidden yet I'm willing to recycle a d0nut for it. Got the link?
by MajorFlaw on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 10:08:54 PM PDT

Oops. (0+ / 0-)
That's what happens when you come in through hidden comments. No link necessary. When I find a d0nut I'm gonna drop it on this one.
by MajorFlaw on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 10:12:28 PM PDT

TREd for this preposterous claim: (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by: blue vertigo
People murdering people in their apartments and then canning them and selling the meat.
Got a link for that one?
by MajorFlaw on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 10:28:32 PM PDT

Yes I do (0+ / 0-)
From Christopher Isherwood's Berlin Stories. I have sold the book and do not have the page number as I have no more editions of his book.
by abbeysbooks on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 10:39:13 PM PDT

Um . . . (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by: blue vertigo
abbey, you do understand that Isherwood was writing fiction, don't you? I'm sure he got many of his ideas from his life experiences but you can't use a fictional event in one of his stories to prove that the event actually happened. This is kinda important as it was a Ronnie Raygun specialty.
by MajorFlaw on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 10:43:24 PM PDT

Isherwood wrote both fiction and non-fiction (0+ / 0-)
and Berlin Stories has both in it. He tells of the hidden strength of the labor movement that did not realize their own power at the time and so the brown shirt SS vigilantes won. Hmmmmmmmm.
Also in Berlin Stories is his return after the war when Berlin was all rubble. He visits his old landlady and she is glad to see him. But everything he loved is gone: the cafes, everything.
by abbeysbooks on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 10:50:09 PM PDT

abbey . . . (0+ / 0-)
I've read quite a bit about Weimar and Nazi Germany and I've never seen the claim that people were murdered in their homes, canned and sold for meat. If you want to make such a claim I suggest that you find a legitimate link for it. Isherwood was telling a story, perhaps using a metaphor and you tend to believe things too easily.
by MajorFlaw on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 10:54:44 PM PDT

You are confused (0+ / 0-)
I did not say people were murdered in their homes. What I said was:
there were really hideous crimes. People murdering people in their apartments and then canning them and selling the meat.
To be more detailed a particular serial killer lured mostly young girls in his apartment, murdered them, canned them and sold them as meat. The people were starving at that time, no one had money or food, and inflation was outrageous.
When Isherwood writes of visiting his old landlady and telling what was left of the block after the war, that is not fiction. His retelling of newspaper articles was not fiction. Berlin Storiesis a mixture. Just because he uses the name stories in the title does not mean all of it is fiction. That would be rather a fundamentalist literary interpretation, don't you think?
by abbeysbooks on Sun Sep 30, 2007 at 11:11:09 PM PDT

abbey . . . (1+ / 0-)
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we are not talking about his landlady here we are talking about whether your comment:
People murdering people in their apartments and then canning them and selling the meat.

Is based on fact. For one thing you provide no link to demonstrate that this happened even once. Then you magnify that error by exaggerating it, turning one presumably nutso serial killer into "people". The "meat processing and sale" claim is the part I really would like you to document. This could be a teachable moment.
posted by political operative and internet fake, Michael Fingerit

There was a screenshot in one of the above comments showing how Trashablanca had been the lone person of four troll rating Abbeysbooks. Abbey has explained how these people would even speak out loud about their KosKop maneuvers. It's true. They did it to me, wondering aloud when the admin wiould be hammer banning me. This is the photobucket address for the screenshot.

That's odd. Kim. The UGOGs have said that Lauren S is Kimberley Stone. Abbeysbooks believes that Blue Vertigo is Lauren S based on writing patterns. Wow! Blue Vertigo's first name appears to be Kimberly.

More of Abbeysbooks' posts that got troll rated. keep in mind that the good stuff is hidden from the masses and can only be seen by 'trusted users'.

Stop name calling. At least here. (2+ / 1-)
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{oops- deleted the post title by accident}
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It's also going on with our military in Iraq on both sides of the fence. And I get this from a film In Their Own Words.
They admitted to multiple and continuous atrocities.

aah, here we can see that Denali, another KosKop, was in the mix. I now see him as also being a concern troll. He used to show Dave some support at DFQ's. He troll-rated Abbeysbooks. But one needs to look through the whole subthread to get the context.

Abbey even gave him a good rating for the following. Abbeysbooks is an intellectual. They are not wanted at DKos or anywhere on the internet.

You're an armchair historian (3+ / 0-)
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I come from more or less a military family. I say more or less because a few had military careers, but most have served one time or another.
Until you have had bullets fly past you intended to snuff out your life like some useless dog in the middle of a field or have seen life snuffed out in the same manner... you can talk as wise and strong as you want about those men, but you will never understand them.
Please come out of the novels and join us in the real world.
Blaming the troops is so 60's.

Here are more Abbeysbooks' posts that got unfair troll rates:

Anybody know any insurgents? (11+ / 1-)
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Politburo appears to be another fake name or tool. His last diary was in December of 2005, yet he's still going strong to this day at DKos.

Me too as the brownshirts are here (3+ / 1-)
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They take comments out of context that are damning all alone and get others to go along with them.
I can't get at my hidden comments but they've got them over 94 now and can't understand why auto banning isn't kicking in.
You will go back later and everythig you wrote is hidden and the thread looks smooth sailing.

Here's the last troll-rated one that is visible.

There are enough thugs here at dkos (3+ / 1-)
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so maybe we should clean our own house first.

Somebody here must have really PO'd you... (0+ / 0-)
...for you just keep repeating that line about the DKos "thugs". What are you referring to?
by Larry Bailey on Wed Oct 10, 2007 at 03:53:37 AM PDT

The first comment in this thread? (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by: exMnLiberal
The various other comments that refer to violence? The name-calling?
There is a lot of it here. The ONLY difference is "our" guys are on the proper side of the issues. But, conservatives really believe they are too. So, is the method proper if you think you're right? The answer is no.
by PsychoSavannah on Wed Oct 10, 2007 at 05:23:18 AM PDT


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