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Monday, May 25, 2009

Meta Lollapalooza- Right Circumscribing Left

{cross-posted from, a separate post on a diary titled, Is MajorFlaw a Paid Fake?}

For some reason, I find the shadowthief username fascinating. His posts at Booman Tribune and Daily Kos, from what I looked at, were very good, imho. But then one hears all this bad stuff about him, and the mysteries accumulate. Was he the same dude as the Blogging Curmudgeon? Was he some sort of concern troll, or as donkeytale said, some form of a double agent?

Then I start wondering about the Blogging Curmudgette. Heck, I wonder about a lot of this stuff from the past. It intrigues the fock out of me.

Anyway, I started out at this Marisacat thread. From reading some posts, it appears that shadowthief and the Blogging Curmudgeon were not the same person. I mean, ST and MCat were chatting away, and it seems to me as if Blogging Curmudgeon was a third person.

#91 Marisacat:
...At the time I thought both TBC and Curmudgette were running a bit of a scam to be taken in at WIngless and accorded some sort of rights.

Sorry to be rude, I was right.

One can also look at post #94, where MCat refers to both Curmudgeon and Curmudgette. It wasn't the way one would think she would phrase things, if shadowthief was Curmudgeon.

Uhm, perhaps we should look at the rest of post #91 which preceded the above excerpt.

The only thing that ever happened with Curmudgette as in thsi thread. Starts at about comment 29.

The Blogging Curmudge was careening around the netteries slamming me for my rather simple commentary on Msock. “Go home rest and stop hiding behind the kid. Get a grip. You are boring”

But he was not being consistent. He was coming here complaining about Msock, then emailing a commenter here that he would never post here for a list of reasons.

It was too looney.

So I posted that if Curmudgette agreed with TBC I would be happy to delink from the blogrool.

Not a big deal.

I left a comment at TBCurmudgeon site.

WHile there I noticed Curmudgette had a piece decrying blogging practices and linking to a thread at MBM that was inhabited with DavidBYron, Pyrrho and Supersoling. LOL Gettng their tiny rocks off slamming me. She also linked to a really stupid fp piece by Martin, his Paparazzi piece… slamming me (as well as others, mostly people who started MBM), using a blockquote of a smush of all sorts of comments here from all sorts of people and linking only to an old Sept 06 post here that had nothing to do with blogging or Blahgers…

I asked her that as I was the subject of the two posts she linked to, to please link to my site. Not to delve in and find a post of mine that related to such wide disparity of slams but to link to my site.

She refused saying the post was not about me. yes but she linked to two posts that were all in reference to me.

Basically, I must say that Marisacat comes across, in my humble opinion, as being legit, same with HRH. I'm kind of leaning towards agreeing with Marisacat's analysis, that Curmudgeon and Curmudgette had been working some sort of scam script. The only problem is that the Blogging Curmudgeon made some excellent posts at Booman's. I guess I then lean towards donkeytale's idea of a double agent. Perhaps bait and switch is a good phrase to apply also. But questions linger. Did a poster known as shadowthief have his username stolen and misused similar to how we've seen attempts done to a bunch of us, or was he also part of the act?

Don't Let the Paparazzi Get You Down

There are a lot of goodies to be found in that thread. It appears like Booman was being a whiner of epic proportions trying to cover up the fact that he is indeed a proprietor of some form of fake DKos refugee haven. He was upset that information he had put out about his girlfriend was revealed. He was all over Marisacat as discussed in the MCat thread.

It's as if the Kos Empire was at a point, where they wanted to establish strategies for shutting down sincere meta growing outside of their control.

Again supersoling shows up as usual. Who the hell is this guy, and why has he been in the middle of so much? Wormwood made a great observation a while back. Supersoling and shadowthief can be found on a lot of the same threads. But more than that, he noticed this.... colorsplash62 for supersoling and Shadowthief1962. That is definitely a strange coincidence.

Then what was up with LouisianaGirl and her porn is good for feminism attitude? Curmudgeon's responses were very funny. That's actually a fun thread to look through. It had a Dickensian type evolution with a bunch of layers to it.

The thing with the pole dancing debate actually triggered in my noggin the way Ben Burch has been some alleged feminist who supports the sex industry. Oh wow, if folks could get out of their Kos-centric Meta tunnels, there's a dude who is ripe to be looked into. He's a Mr. Libertarian with a bit too much influence in the "progressive" blogosphere. He also got busted harrassing Violet Blue, a well-known sex writer from California. But this is Digression City.

I'm simply trying to wrap up my Meta questions to the best of my abilities. It can be never ending. It can become mind boggling. Yet, many things can be figured out.

In short, I don't trust Curmudgette one bit. I don't buy into any of the stuff that went on between herself and Curmudgeon. I do believe in MarisaCat, though I admit I'm not one to read her blog too often.

I've a few more goodies to share with this post. I'm not a spammer or blog wrecker, and that's my explanation for some of these longer ones. If folks are into it, they can take from it what they want. If others don't care, they don't have to read it. So it's all just here, nice and tidy and non-disruptive to the rest of this forum.

Here's a good donkeytale post I'd like to copy and paste for prosperity.

Yes, I think vox misses the point when he says "every poster we loose is an important loss" (3.50 / 2)
is like sayin "every drunk who quits coming into this bar is an important loss."

Is it really important? For whom, the drunk or the barkeep?

For instance, I do not miss Sabrina, Howardx, Devore or Something. I know they are still lurking, but so what? They are gone. Does it matter? Of course not. Should I care? of course not. Should they come back? Of course, if they want to come back...

In some cases, leaving is best for the leaver. I would say definitely thats the case for Sabrina and Something, both of whom acted pretty deranged around 11/28/08 and thereafter.

And yet, vox doesn't think Jack caused or stoked their derangement with his little banning game? "There never really was a donkeytale, but multiple users using tha name across different blogs." Huh?

Vox. It. was. He wasnt threatened. First he changed noom's, erics and my userids, at least twice each. I was "cocksucker mcgee" and "Joseph K" remember? Would jack have done that if he was truly threatened? Of course not. He was jacking, making pffun, pyrrhiod.

He even let me back in once during the middle of it all, then rebanned me when I made a purposefully hateful comment toward Devore, Sabrina and Something in a fairleft dairy ironically enuff. See? I knew his game and I was playing him back. Wanted to see the reaction to validate in my mind. And he reacted just as I thot he would. Rebanned me. Matybe he thot he was teaching Eric, noom and I a lesson. But he went way overboard and caused some RL damage to Sabrina and Something and perhaps some others, too.

Let me repeat. It was only after Sabrina melted down, thinking some form of four headed imaginary monster with multiple userids named "donkeytale" was "stalking" her, possibly in RL, that jack finally called off the jam, as we say in the Roller Derby game. He realized that he was messing up some fragile emotional states....

But he sat back and allowed me to take all the heat. Same basically as he did with dave. Turned it into a game and let dave twist, altho Jack is shirley happy about the new users dave brought in with the "secret Kostapo" file and all the other attendent huey.

That's FL's point. Controversy is good, but the KKKrowd will always seek to contain and restrain it. They want "civil discussion." Of course, the KKKrowd is never civil when it rears its ugly head, but thats the part that is interesting to me...

Ok, just a few more things left to share. Hat tip for the next one ironically goes to shadowthief. Here is an extensive interview done by Markos Moulitsas with ABC News. {excerpt- concerning his banning of conspiracy theories and in particular "election integrity"}

MOULITSAS: In 2004, there was -- there were a lot of claims that there was fraud in Ohio. And for several months, people, you know, kept talking about how George Bush stole the election in Ohio. And after enough of that, I thought, 'OK, the evidence isn't there. This is being counterproductive at this point. If you have new evidence that would indicate that, then by all means, you know, share.' But the same discredited, so-called facts were regurgitated over and over again, and finally I got tired of that. I thought it was destructive. I also banned that type of diary.

And I think, in a case like that, what the problem wasn't necessarily people saying that the election was stolen. It's they were making claims that it was voter-box stealing, when in fact, I think a really strong case can be made that enough people were disenfranchised in Ohio that perhaps that was the margin of victory for George Bush. And instead of focusing on the, on the real problems in the electoral system, such as ballot-box access, having people put in felon voter rolls when they were not felons, not enough boxes in poor neighborhoods, in Democratic-leaning neighborhoods while out in the suburbs, there can be an in-and-out voting in 15 minutes.

Those are real problems. And people are still fixated on, you know, the boxes -- the black boxes were stolen. That, I thought, took the focus away. And then actually de-legitimize actual conversations on voter rights issues that actually, you know, voter right violations that happened in Ohio.

The rule is really is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. That's all we're saying. And when people make accusations without proper supporting, it's really frowned upon in the Daily Kos community, because we want to be reality-based. We want to be a reality-based community. We don't want to be one that's just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. I think I'd rather leave that to the Republicans -- that's what they do.

Then why wasn't Larisa Alexandrovna banned? Why was I attacked by the KosKops for supporting what Kos said above? Why was MajorFlaw such a big supporter of Larisa in regards to my Prepostericity diaries concerning Brett Kimberlin and "election integrity" hoaxes. Of course electronic voting machines are no good. Yet, of course hoaxes have been circulating for years revolving around the black box theories.

Jeepers, the Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove hoax just recently got pushed. Flaw can be tied to the fakes at Democratic Underground. He had a problem with Dave going after Sean Hannity and John McCain but had no difficulty in supporting hoaxes revolving around election fraud? Epluribus media is still on the DKos blogroll. That website has had plenty of "coverage" giving the Connell and other hoaxes credibility. It just doesn't add up. Same with all the attacks on me for being a so-called conspiracy theorist. If I'm that, then the ex-KosKop Kops are living in glass houses. On their blogroll at FSZ, one can easily get to BradBlog and RawStory. They also have all the DKos off-shoots lined up. It goes back to what donkeytale said in the link above.

...It was only after Sabrina melted down, thinking some form of four headed imaginary monster with multiple userids named "donkeytale" was "stalking" her, possibly in RL, that jack finally called off the jam, as we say in the Roller Derby game. He realized that he was messing up some fragile emotional states....

But he sat back and allowed me to take all the heat. Same basically as he did with dave. Turned it into a game and let dave twist, altho Jack is shirley happy about the new users dave brought in with the "secret Kostapo" file and all the other attendent huey.

That's FL's point. Controversy is good, but the KKKrowd will always seek to contain and restrain it. They want "civil discussion." Of course, the KKKrowd is never civil when it rears its ugly head, but thats the part that is interesting to me...

{emphasis mine}

Mendacity, hypocrisy, honey pots, same as it ever was, concern trolls, rabbit holes......

I'll wrap up this meta lollapalooza with some MSOC stuff. From the FSZ link, here is an excerpt from Fairleft.

fairleft, you're a lying hypocritical douchebag.

And yet... here you still are -- not banned.
Just another lying, hypocritical douchebag.

Life in the big blogosphere.

by: Maryscott O'Connor

MSOC's unprovoked trash mouth attacks drive down discussion and contributions at her site because a lot of whimpy, gentle, or just plain normal self-respecting folks find such attacks rude and abusive and don't want to subject themselves to them. And when the attacks are coming from the site owner, participants who say nothing indicate they're 'okay with' potty mouth abuse and baiting of people with incorrect opinions (which differs from potty mouth self-expression, which people need to get over themselves about). Authoritarian types may be attracted to the protective, conformist cocoon of a righteously and abusively led blog, but 'normies' will just move along (especially if they don't have axes to grind). Traffic down.

But there are many ways . . . and it can happen here, even at fsz! Today donkeytale (emphasis added), discusses the non-reaction of many at fsz to Jack's crazed banning of multiple users last Nov. 28:

There was no WMD. Jack acted like Bush, abused his powers one night when he was high or pissed off or wtf. Fine.

The problem is, you all fell for it, willfully. Nobody wants to piss off the Commander-in-Chief even on a third-rate blog.

Why? Isn't this the "left?" Don't answer. I already know that it isn't.

Yup, here too we live within the fear and groupthink of the whiteysphere, as indicated by the by-and-large whimpy reaction to Jack's drug-addled banning spasm. Suddenly he morphed into the boss, not just that cheery undergrad who happened to plop into blog admin. And many reacted instinctively....

I got the same treatment from MSOC. Then when I returned fire more efficiently than she ever could have imagined, she perma-banned my arse and reported me to the FBI for cyberstalking. That was after it seems I had the gall to rummage through her HuffingtonPost comments and see that she doesn't support taxing the rich. That was after I had shown just like Fairleft did that certain fight clubs are rigged. That was after I had shown as Marisacat had, that if public personalities are gonna bring their family and issues into the public sphere, such folks cannot complain when others use their free speech rights to discuss such self-wallowing meanderings.

The following is from a right winger, that I in no way support ideologically speaking. Yet, this person has hit the spot in regards to explaining the MSOC phenomenon. I don't agree with his political conclusions. I agree with how he explains how MSOC is all about MSOC and her misfortunes.

Vietnam Psychosis

This also takes us back to the Booman overreaction to folks finding out who his girlfriend is. I believe that was just a ploy to shut down the growing dissent centering around the awareness that the so-called left blogs are not so leftish. Markos Moulitsas is a big fan of the CIA. That is not left wing. Democratic Underground is neither democratic nor underground. True lefties do not allow one-sided hate speech as seen at these venues. True lefties do not cozy up with "progressive moderates" like KarmaStench nor producers from Fox News {AngryRich?}. In short, true lefties, peaceniks, and intellectuals are not wanted at the political dinner table.

Here's another strange thingie. Maryscott and other Kossacks used to hang out at the right wing website named Red State. That one has been characterised as being a right wing version of Daily Kos.

Hmmm. Armando was on this thread too. Fancy that.

Maryscott O'Connor in 2005:

Truthfully, I don't come here. Ever. I came when it first opened, but there were no conservatives here -- just curious Kossacks.

I don't have enough time in the day to spend any part of it on a website that espouses virtually everything that I loathe in politics and social issues.

But oh boy did she ever post a bunch there. And if what she wrote above is true, then what's up with there having been a lot of Kossacks dominating a right wing website?

Perhaps the answer to that one is with Joshua Trevino? He was a co-founder of that forum. To really take this post full circle, I stumbled across a piece done on Mr. Trevino exhibiting more curious ties between right and so-called left wing bloggers.

Interview: Josh Trevino, Online Integrity


1) Having seen what happened to the families of Erick Erickson and Ben Domenech when the online left went after each -- and operating on the assumption that similar things had happened to leftists -- I conceived of OI while on business travel in the last week of April.

2) I floated the concept to Mike Krempasky [and] Erick Erickson [of RedState], Armando and Mcjoan [of Daily Kos], and received their unanimous support for a nonpartisan, nonideological code of practice....

4) Matt Stoller [of MyDD], one of the initial invitees, asked if he could share the concept with others. I readily agreed -- my assumption was that he would share it with his colleagues in the online left, and I wanted this to happen, as I strongly felt that absent that milieu, this effort would be crippled. I was right: He posted it to a Google Groups [distribution] list that he runs called Townhouse. It must be emphasized that Townhouse is, by all appearances, the internal brain trust of the big-time online left. I believe Garance Franke-Ruta of [Tapped] was once on it; and Maryscott O'Conner of was once on it (more on her shortly)....

It's really sad what happened to MSOC and her life. She'd probably be happy to hear of someone feeling sorry for herself. Though she does have her small group of syncophants eating up her every sorrow with a cold glass of milk. She basically got in over her head. She is an admitted college dropout. She is virtually unreadable due to all the cap locks and cursing. She is incompetent at running a fair ship. She has supported too many right wingers and "progressive moderates" such as and Phil. I. Stine {AngryRich?} and Karmafish. She has been too easily manipulated and made the fool by KosKoppers like ThereIsNoSpoon, Armando, Eugene, and also by apparently insidious forces such as Curmudgette. And what's up with the poster named Nonpartisan? Isn't the point to be partisan and get stuff done on behalf of social and environmental justice? I advised her to dump the fake progressives dominating her forum. At that point, I hadn't been too aware of her complete background, of how she had been the wrong person at the right time to build up the counter-Kos following.

Well, maybe she can get back into the acting field. She claims to be a natural at acting and is proud of her blue eyes. Is she also proud of being semi-nude in Lee Stranahan's film? This is her, correct? That looks like the same Maryscott O'Connor from the cast photo.



donkeytale said...

I don't recall this classi META Masterpiece. But it reminds me that my blogging has always been spot on.

And of course, the bottom pic is MSOC while the top one is snot. Yes, there is a slght facial resemblance but the dead give away is in the legs. And I think I recall her making this comment too, that MSOC had great legs. They are well proportioned leading down to a slender ankle.

The naked model is shorter, stouter and much thicker of leg and ankle.

Believe me when I tell you that I am an expert in this specific area of lifelong study.

And of course, there was no way for Marisacat to connect the dots that Shadowthief was BC on MLW at that point in time. I think it was Curmudgette who ultimately stated that claim.

Those were great times. I wish I had a screen shot of the Wikipedia page someone did in our honor, IE you, me, Shadow, Eric and Noom. It was deleted because it was considered an entry about sock puppets or wtf. The title was Shadow's infamous Berkeley School District IP address if I recall correctly.

Swedish Jack confirmed as much when he found the Shadow working in the school library.

A true genius of our genre. One of few, among whom I include yourself, noom and of course David Byron.

donkeytale said...

There were also weird twitter goings on. I found people, no doubt Matty Jack, or Darrell, or Howard X, or wtf, discussing me. LOL. This was clearly 2009 because I was living in Houston for business purposes with no social life whatsoever and doing a lot of weird stuff like googling me blog name. This was also soon after Dave passed away and we started blogging at his site in his zombiefied threads. We were like an invading bacterial infection in a cadaver. I really found those times satisfying from a blogging perspective. It was also the beginning of Pffugee Camp.

I remember a rather fecund period of creativity too that included the Snake's Eyelids masterpiece, originally posted at MLW as Joseph KKK. Curmudgette let me nknow that I could post as donkeytale because not only had I been reinstated but MSOC had allowed me front page privileges. She had sent an email supposedly that I never got. Oddly, this was an admission by MSOC that she had slightd me for years while I done some of my best, especially most humourous work at MLW.

Of course, then MSOC came in quickly to say my front page privileges had been revoked, I guess after she had sobered up. I never did re-log in as DT and soon enough got banned as JKKK anyway pretty much thanks to your attack on Lorraine. LOL.

Fun times.

Maybe we shoud devote some time to old fashioned META from that era.

That will intrigue the Russians to the max.

donkeytale said...

I also posted my gay masterpiece, The Night of the Angels at MLW and a classic reminiscence from childhood matinee movie days, The Movie Theatre, on Pffugee.

donkeytale said...

I have all those masterpieces stored. Maybe once we are out of election season I will post them here for postericity sake.

donkeytale said...

Also saw your defense of Corny and Killer Mike on Twitter.

I'm not attacking them per se, I'm just pointing to their ineffectiveness shilling for Bernie in the African American community.

Well, maybe, I am attacking Corny a bit. Teasing him might be a better term.

It also doesn't escaep my attention the Paul Krugman appears to be a Hillbot and I confess there is way too much bloviating going down in the media about the so-called significance of Hillary's narrow win in Nevada.

Yes, it is true that Bernie needs a clear delegate win in order to assume the mantle and he is not done far as I can see. There are many states where he can do well as you noted elsewhere. The big prizes of NY, California and Florida are intriguing to me.

Texas I am not so sure. Hill/Bill have long herstoric reach into the Latin and black communities here. OTH, there are lots of younger minority voters who can be made to feel the Bern.

My son, who is a libertarian college student says the kids on his campus are feeling the Bern in a big way.

The issue is turnout. Disheartening to see that to date the turnout in the primary/caucuses has been lower than 2008. The Bern needs an yuge turnout to win this thingie. He came close in Nevada. He will need some respectable non-blowout numbers in SC (of course an upset win would reverse the narrative completely)followed by good showings including some Super Tuesday wins.

Then the big prizes. If he nabs those it's anybody's ball game.

I'm standing on 50-50.

donkeytale said...

The GOP turnout is much greater, in fact, hitting record levels.

Trump may take this thingie. From an infotainment perspective it doesn't get any better than Trump in the finals.

It also could mean the death knell of the GOP. About fucking time for those old white blowhards to give up the ghost.

Trump is speaking to the frustrated base in a way that the clueless "leaders" can't comprehend. The GOP sheeple are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, feeding the ultra rich while they subsist on baloney and peanut butter in their dying off years. Loosers.

Lenny Fritos said...

I thank you for this. You've given me a lot of good ideas to play with. It'll take me a bit of time. And in general, maybe we can start posting off of old threads especially ones with no comments on them and then link back to the present thread. What we really need is the Townhouse Memo schtick. We are giving out too much info here to the peanut galleries. Aren't we to become what we criticise in others?

Just kidding, but if we don't learn the mistakes from meta past, we are doomed to be chicken bloggers running around with our heads chopped off.

Lenny Fritos said...

I don't know if this is a parody account.

That's for the dude Josh Trevino mentioned in the blog entry who is from Texas.

Maybe you can track him down for an interview. You could also find Stranahan and it would be an oustanding, epic DonkCast episode #1. I don't know how much those Ben Dixon microphones cost. I might get one of those if I decide toenter the internet radio show for internet milieu.

Yes, I messed up mistaking Maryscott with her understudy or wtf. That is an interesting little tidbit that MSoc worked with Stranahan way back in time before the internet social structure truly formed in the 2000's.

I always meant to update this thread. You did point that out in real time I had mistaken the two ladies.

This has probably just been a little bit of a response for now.

One of the entries we should revive is the Goldman Sachs Sucks entry. It got zero comments. I mentioned it at Twitter to show how prescient and precious prescience can be.

You didn't like that phase. You said I was turning into every other blogger with a deep Walker Cronkite voice reporting common news and finishing with a "That's the way it was, blah blah blah."

Seriously though, it's right there. I took a big dump on capitalism and Goldman Sachs. I also mailed in my vision of a socialist democratic vision.

As one of my tweets from yesterday said, "I'm on top of the twitter, ma."

And for those clever audience members playing at home, of course that was my stealing James Cagney's schtick in White Heat.

Lenny Fritos said...

omg, I need to proofread my junk better. Lately I have been having diction issues repeating words in the same sentences. It's embarrassing, but I am too lazy to copy/paste those from above and tidy them up. I also meant we could comment in these zeitgeist dark matter diaries and link to them from the current threads. The way I wrote it above, we would link to current threads from here and that would be a simpleton schtick.

Lenny Fritos said...

I believe the internet would have a much more copacetic aura if we substituted politically correct phrases for the abusive ones.

retard becomes simpleton
c_ _ _ becomes wench
Uncle Toms become the Black elite

Of course even then some folks will say we are using coded language.

Lenny Fritos said...

I thought my rant on Twitter was pretty good.

The one where I was sarcastically accepting that we the BernBotBros are ruining things for Bernie.

The Cheney/Whittington story was some sort of Greek tragedy wtf it had my head spinning.

I'm sorry my face got in the way of your hunting? Wtf?

That kind of thing explains the essence of my new entry.

like hush hush everyone it was Bernie people, so let's starve the oxygen out of this one.

I'm like, wait a second. You're out of order. The whole trial is out of order.

Lenny Fritos said...

in the last comment i lifted Pacino's schtick from And Justice for All.

Lenny Fritos said...

omg, I scrolled down Josh Trevino's linkedin and he used to work for Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. at the same time he founded and helped run Redstate. It reminds me of Stu Piddy and Francis Holland studying Markos Moulitsas' timeline for the CIA and Daily Kos.

And one of the things I wanted to say was this old diary covered the Markos "extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence" phase. The Snowden documents would imply that Piddy and Holland have been vindicated.

Holland, however, has shown up on my bullshite radar. He is a Hillary bot. I don't know if his Twitter is still protected, but he goes by the username @colorarousal and was recently promoted by paid useful idiot Joy Reid.

Lenny Fritos said...

Maybe I can stay right here and finish up my responses, to look at this as having been morning blogging chores.

We had great threads at Isn't that the url? I haven't checked for a while. Antoinette had taken the website offline and I attacked her for that. However, she did eventually put it back online. If she stopped paying the fee to the server, DavefromQueens probably made its way into

We both know that Political Flesh Feast did not get saved very well by the wayback machine.

I have no clue about MLW. I assume FSZ probably didn't do too well with the archives either. I think was not as efficient as it could be for saving forums, the ones in which you have to do some clicking to get into the comments or to see whole diaries.

One more thing. Jack from Sweden confirmed nothing about SAhadowthief working for the Berkeley school system. I'm not sure why you keep falling for that one. Maybe it is true, but there is something called a proxy in which one can mask their location. Just saying. Someone at his level of supertrolling would be well aware of not giving out his location, especially at places like Marisacat's.

And hmmmm, you can't have supertrolling without Supersoling?

Lenny Fritos said...

Yikes, I see even if I artfully responded to the meta stuff, there is this whole other type of blogging genre you have tapped into called politics. I'll try to get to that stuff too. And I already posted on the current thread that folks can find us here. This thread and many like them are the internet equivalent of dusty book corridors in libraries.

Lenny Fritos said...

yes, add your old schtick to complement mine and we have it won against all those sewer pit forums not even completely saved at the wayback machine. I just photo-shopped the wicked witch onto hillary and am trying to find the one I made for your glenzilla-hamsher masterpiece. I want to show how I've picked up the pace with photo-shop media medium.

Lenny Fritos said...

This isn't the Russians. We are getting some serious traffic.

Lenny Fritos said...

It's a shame if Marisacat truly kicked the bucket. Even she has won against My Left Wing. Blogger might be limited, but Google isn't. She picked wordpress? If we could time travel 100 years, there's probably some new entry out there on our greatness.

donkeytale said...

I'm going to call BS on your calling my BS.

Jack did a follow up article where I believe he actually met with Shadow at a Berkeley public school library or skyped him or wtf. They had real communication it wasn't just proxies. It warent no proxy.

I thot I linked it somewhere at the time, but it is the follow up to his original masterpiece on Veronikka Larsen. I'm sure of it.

when I get a chance I'll google it....always possible I'm dreaming like about the Bernie "you people" schtick that I couldn't find. LOL. Which I'm sure is the reason blacks aren't today feeling more of the Bern in greater mistaken comment is of course at fault not the fact that blacks are ignoring Corny and Killer Mike.

donkeytale said...

Here it is:

"And then there was M. He refuses to give me his real name but he contacted me to tell me about how he met Veronika on Myspace. It was about the same time that writer Richard Cox did, but unlike Cox he didn’t suspect anything untoward about her until my article found its way to his screen.

“As soon as I saw the title "Who is Veronika?" I was like "oh shit!". Then I saw the pictures in the article and I can't forget that face,” he wrote to me in an email.

After a while chatting on Myspace they exchanged phone numbers and soon they were talking regularly on the phone. Her voice sounded just like the recording attached to the article, he says. They discussed everything from politics to music and Veronika again introduced a friend to a Swedish band – The Deportees. They talked about meeting for brunch and one M even called her when he was drunk.

“She found it funny when we later talked.”

Then M drops a bomb. He has a name for someone who seems to be the person behind Veronika.

I gave myself a month to uncover Veronika’s true identity, and find the way to her. Exposing the name was never really interesting, it wouldn’t be motivated by the things she has actually done. No, the only thing I wanted was to have an answer to one simple question: Why? And with the name M had found I hoped to do that.

Veronika has seldom been careless when discussing with people on the Internet, but one thing seems to be real kryptonite for her secret affairs: Attaching documents in emails. In a music file she sent to Richard Cox she exposed another email address that looked like it belonged to another person, and when she sent a Word document containing links to songs by The Deportees she messed up again. In the Word document’s metadata were the first and last names of the person owning the program.

Let's call him Steven. I’m pretty sure that Steven is Veronika.


donkeytale said...

Steven is in his 50’s and works as a school librarian somewhere in Kalifornia, USA. He has travelled around and worked in some of the areas that Veronika has been to and his work as a school librarian gives access to computers and the time that would be needed to create Veronika. But there are also other things that tie him to Veronika.

All the accounts and websites that Veronika had disappeared rather quickly after my story was published. All except one. In a quite bare user account her name appears, a photo of Tiffany Olson (whose photos Veronika used as her own) as well as a user name linked directly to a school where Steven has been employed.

IP-addresses that Richard Cox could link to Veronika can also be linked to the area around this school.

In different local papers’ online commentary fields Steven has been an active writer, and his tone is very similar to Veronika’s.

Furthermore there’s an email address, that Steven has stated has his own, is linked to a woman’s name and only appears as a user account on Second Life. This user account also has a style of writing that is similar to Veronika’s. And there are a few photos of a dark haired girl, whose name doesn’t appear on Google.

So I called Steven.

He absolutely didn’t want to talk to me, but said that he had no idea about what I wanted or talked about and hung up rather quickly. Then I emailed him the information I had and he replied accusing me of being an Internet fraudster. I replied with a photo of myself and an edition of Metro and my identity card for the newspaper, but got no reply. However, he emailed my editor-in-chief Linus Paulsson. He wrote that he sold a laptop six years ago and had since then been subjected to different types of attempted fraud online. He gave two concrete examples, when and in what US cities where it was supposed to have happened.

Then I called those police stations.

They had no record of these crimes being reported. I informed Steven of this in an email, assured that his name wouldn’t be mentioned and that all I wanted to know was why he had done it. He then sent his last email and stated that he would report me to the police for harassment and that Homeland Security probably would forbid me to never enter the US again. I had sent him eight emails, he had replied in five and now he’d had enough. I sighed and gave up.

Some weeks later I telephoned the police station in his hometown. There was no report about me.

I will never get an answer to the question why Steven created Veronika, not today.
Veronika herself is missing. On her commentary page at The Guardian there’s a small entry that says ”Activity history last 30 days”, and lists the few comments she has written during this time. Since 1 October, when my article about her was published, the number has shrunk from 66 to 22. It will soon be down to nothing. When I look at this I wonder if I’ve killed Veronika for nothing. If she gave more ideas and discussions than she stole in identities and being fake.

And I wonder whom the female voice belongs to. Steven’s voice, as I heard it over the phone, was somewhat high pitched and could have been made to sound like a young woman’s."

donkeytale said...!S1fbi5Dls0cQ/

donkeytale said...

There is an entire subset of guys who exist online as women.

I've noticed this phenomenon previously too on a Green Bay Packer website where I sometimes lurk during football season. They've had multiple femme fatales.

This is why in the back of my mind I wonder: Who is Jeanette Jing?

LOL. Not that it matters politically. Just curious. And like Swedish Jack I don't want t see her/him outed.

That is why Jack is vague about where "Steven" works. But clearly, the article mentions IP addresses consistent within the same area. It is established by Curmudgette and Marisacat both that Shadow's IP was Berkeley ISD.

Shadow himself often mentioned The Alameda Marina where he supposedly was refurbishing an old sails boat in his spare time and how he often drove past MAMZ nice shiny new Berkeley.

Jack by the way seems like a most awesome dude and intrepid reporter. His question did he kill Veronika ending an interesting and not really harmful internet persona or was it part and parcel of something more sinister?

I think he jumped the shark there at the end but you never know. And it scarcely matters at end of day.

Shadowthief is/was the man/woman.

Blogging Hall of Fame, first ballot unanimous vote.

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie

donkeytale said...

And with last night's win Trump moves up in the Zeitgeist to 50-50 for the GOP nom. The only chance to stop him now is Cruz, Kasich and Carson dropping out thus coalescing their votes behind Rubio. Or some other re configuration of votes behind Cruz or Kasich or wtf.

Even then, Trump will also pick up some of these votes too.

He may be 60-40.

But let it be known: DFQ2 Zeitgeist Theory thoroughly trashed 538 data analysis on Trump for sure.

I'm done.

donkeytale said...

But the polls once again were vindicated by the result.

Lenny Fritos said...

This IP address,, is registered to Berkeley Unified School District and may be shared by multiple users of an educational institution. In the case of institutions using proxy servers, this IP address may in fact represent many users at many physical computers.

For this reason a message intended for one person may be received by another and a block shared by many. If you are editing from this address and are frustrated by irrelevant messages, you can avoid them by creating an account for yourself. In some cases you may temporarily be unable to create an account due to efforts to fight vandalism, in which case please see here.

Caution should be used when blocking this IP or reverting its contributions without checking - if a block is needed, administrators should consider a soft block with the template {{schoolblock|optional comment}} as the block reason.

Note: In the event of persistent vandalism, anonymous editing from this IP address may be disabled for up to 6 months at a time while abuse reports may be forwarded to your school administration for further investigation in case of long-term abuse by registered users.

And yet again, haha, I try to explain to you nothing was proven.

Do I think he was in that area? Perhaps.

I had this weird moderator from Utah, not here, but at my first blog. He f'ed with me as an experiment. He made it seem someone got into the admin panel from various locations. One had the infiltrator typing out of Boston University, another from Denmark, Norway, or some place like that.

It's called a proxy.

Lenny Fritos said...

Your analysis is correct. DFQ2 zeitgeist theory completely embarrassed 538 in regards to Trump's overall chances and especially this idea that the Bern surge was over or that Hillary is pretty much a free throw attempt by Rick Barry. I just googled. Barry hit free throws at 89.98%.

Just to show how stupid 538 is with tunnel vision, track back a few weeks or whenever to where Nate said maybe they overplayed the endorsement card, basically that don't blame us, that this is unprecedented and not our fault.

Yes, Rubio and Cruz and to a lesser extent Kaisuck need the others scandalised or otherwise exposed as losers to whittle the contenders. You are correct to a degree Trump could grab some of those. Bernie could grab some of those, yet probably not many. Maybe there is a Jill Stein type third candidate for conservatives who they will flock to. If Bloomberg runs, that could be a factor, though only for the general.

Yes, it is big news that Trump has won so far. There are scandals circulating around Cruz. Kasich is the "nice guy," but he never seems to gain any traction.

I can't see Carson getting back into it. He probably figures the longer he stays in, the more of his book he can shill or line up some Hillary styled speaking gigs.

I am cornered. New polls are looking sweet for Bernard. But I can't pimp those due to calling them obsolete.

Okay, I was wrong. They are not completely obsolete and I even explained this in past commentary. They show something. The difference between myself and corrupt media is I don't try to stuff them into some funky narrative.

Maybe what the polls are saying is that the longer the race goes on, the more likely polls are becoming more accurate. Perhaps the numbnut landline vote is rejoining society, returning to the norm. Perhaps it is coinciding with the Bernie as political movement always continuing to grow forcing media to cover his arse.

Do you know what 538 does? They add up all polls and then divide them for an average.

Here's an idea. Let's create a dartboard with all the poll numbers. Find a dart thrower who isn't great but not terrible enough to miss the whole board. Call that your projection.

Or I heard of this one guy who says the glass if half full or it looks 50-50.

Calling something 50-50 means no matter who wins, the so-called expert always looks good as long as the contest remains relatively close.

I'm just kidding. I actually respect how you've viewed the odds.

I think Bernie kicked arse last night. He was relaxed and made great points. I also noticed Bernie has a new trick. He substitutes some of his broken record phrases. You expect him to end the schtick with "a handful of billionaires," e.g., and he says something new, like a small group of wealthy contributors or wtf instead.

The questioning for Hillary along with the audience reactions felt rigged, but that is not a conspiracy theory when looking at the DNC, super delagates, etc.. Of course this election has been rigged. It is an NBA styled game where Bernie is playing five on eight, also playing against the refs (DNC).

Lenny Fritos said...

Dude, it might be time for me to change the username at Twitter. I'll always be Prepostericity, but the left side could use an update. I'm thinking of perhaps using the BernZen avatar. Maybe I can call myself, BernieIsMyBodhisattva.

Lenny Fritos said...

I think Anonymous Army also has the name Steven.

That dude was also Number6 or wtf from The Prisoner, the dude who helped out Dave in his epic battles at DKos towards the end. I ended up emailing with him and he said AA was a chef and his roommate.

I believe AA was shadowthief. I'm surprised you haven't looked into that aspect. I do not know who shadowthief is. I mean, I am unable to say whether he was paid or simply another supertroll in our weight class. You may say we could never approach such greatness. But that's not the point. We are reporters in the milieu. It takes every actor in the script to put on a show.

That's called an analogy. I am not saying we are in on some script.

I think it's the height of ridiculousness to assume shadowthief was ever solved. That guy ended up as a moderator at My Left Wing. He was prolific.

He was savvy and that must include computers. You have admitted on occasion you have developed good search skills. All the dude would need was that school ip proxy and he could have been posting from East B_ _F_ _ _ , Kansas. Pardon my language.

Lenny Fritos said...

I am now Berniesattva.

Lenny Fritos said...

Dude, Jeanette is real. I already socratised her but am not going to go in depth. She has huge gravitas considering she is an artist who created popular Bernie dolls, puppets, or wtf, yet she doesn't link to that through her popular account.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie called some GranolaFace "you people" last night. I thought about you and the time you got paranoid Bernie took an unforced error dump on the political bed.

You are the Creedence Clearwater, tough guy leftist vote. My genetics derive from peace and loving granola dna. My people were attacked by Bernie last night, but I realise he didn't mean it in the way it came across if one is from that specific tribe.

Lenny Fritos said...

One question. Is my new avatar too bright? Do you want to come up with a new one again? You are good at that. Maybe something different than a snack product, but with the same "we are living in an idiocratic, cultural wasteland" prop schtick?

donkeytale said...

I would go back to the Charlton Heston shot.

I would go back to Lenny Doritos.

But that's just me. When you find a classic combination stick with it.

The Zen schtick theft is a bit too obvious for my tastes. Cliché by now.

Now, you might try 'Berniesativa' unless its already taken. There is a statement there, plus a creative metaphor to say the same thing.

Bernie's dope.

donkeytale said...

I don't believe I'm any tugher than the average civil rights or anti war protestor in the 60s.

I mean, peace love and granola was invented in the 60s.

There were many many protests back in the day and most were peaceful and non violent.

We only recall the violent ones because they stick in the memorial craw
of herstory.

And TBH never much of a Creedence guy. Couple good songs maybe 4-5 but too simplistic and repetitive even for a basic 3 chord guy such as Mesleff.

But you are correct in the fact that they were hugely popular for a few years there. Definitely a zeitgeist moment for John Fogerty.

I notice Rubio is now on the attack vis a vis Trump. I imaging the Big Cigars called him to the Country Club yesterday and said "alright, wise guy, you are our boy. Here's you script, now jump to it Jose or wtf your name is."

Lenny Fritos said...

I was just feeding the blog.

Did you see there was a protest of Hillary at one of her $500 plate-o-shrimp dinner fundraisers? Pf course you didn't. There is a full censorship going on. It was all about Hillary being so Black.

I was wired. That story emerged last night/overnight.

The media is garbage. I am interested to see if the story makes it anywhere except for at the HuffPo exclusive and the story theft done by Raw Story.

I will stick with Berniesattva for a while. I didn't check to see if the name was already coined. I have already explained where the image was found, a reform which never would have happened unless we stopped with just your outright theft of the image.

Hillary was so nasty to the young Black woman protester.

You don't know about that? Your not knowing about it is proof the media is rigged. Or you say we all know that anyway. Well, it's rigged and it's holding back social change. It is almost as if you have a dog in the hunt with the media. That you like the media and they are your friend.

It was a big, big story.

I'll let you know if I find anything more from the other BernBots.

There's a basketball game tonight.

Tomorrow is the SC primary.

Bernie should get a triple bump.

Spike Lee.
Town Hall.

The protestor young lady who told Hillary to fricken apologise for mass incarceration and the ugly tone she had talking about super predators.

If you're Hillary, it is referred to as a triple whammy.

To good people, it is like a holy trinity of goodness.

Now if only the C's can win some basketball games, I will be happy.

I mention this because you can't just trade shots if you want to win the game. Bernie is nailing his jump shots, while Hillary is in foul trouble, clanking the rim, and even picking up technical fouls due to her organic nasty disposition. Amerikkka and Hillary are some form of Greek tragedy.

If Black people elect Hillary or helped her a lot to win, that is a Greek tragedy, period.

That is the elephant in the room for pasty progressive white guys. And we are grateful some very entertaining Black people and even some of their politicians such as Nina Turner and Keith Ellison are saying yes, the pasty white man makes sense and this Bern Bro thingie is a concoction with no basis in actual sourced and verified infotainment. It is a hoax put together by numbnutted operatives.

donkeytale said...

I'm not really on my game of late. Sorry, it is what it is what it is what it is.

That was the Isley Bros. They were some chill bros.

You touch on a very interesting point. At the end of the day I'm not sure this is a racial issue as much as sociocultural and politics of desperation, a weird inversion of the same issues that ripple through the GOP and lead improbably to Trump.

The only difference is less candidates on the Dem side makes for a more traditional horse race. Trump is an outsider but he doesn't need a majority. Bernie is an outsider who needs a majority. Your point is well taken about trading baskets. Bernie has to win outright. I think if he keeps it close in the next Southern tier and even wins some he may start to trend higher in the big Midwest, West and East states where if he catches some fire and gets a turnout he could score an 8 point plus victory say in NY or California and that would make a big difference. He is trending up among blacks but he's only about half way where he needs to get to. Latinos, especially the younger ones who do most of the voting seem to be going his way.

But I don't think in terms of Bernie Superhero coming to the rescue of the black man or anyone else. Will he make a positive difference. Yes. Will he be the second coming? No. I hope we can make a positive difference our own selves when it matters.

The curious and somewhat alarming trend for me is that this race is not attracting the turnout that propelled Obama. If that dynamic changes then stuff will happen. If it doesn't stuff won't happen.

The GOP side again is the opposite for different reasons. Great turnout in a total farce of a campaign makes zero sense except it the udder collapse of the GOP leadership or what passes for it.

Their nomination process is more open and inviting whereas the DNC will not brook an outsider even an earnest one who operates within the rules. Bernie has to climb a mountain where Trump can openly snub the GOP leaders and get rewarded every time.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie would become the best President of all time immediately.

The lesson is the establishment doesn't have total control.

Presidential candidates don't grow on trees?

Bernie saw an opening?

Why didn't anyone else run against Hillary? Chafee was a cross over maybe Independent. Jim Webb is old school middle of the road, outdated. The GOP swung to wackadoo land. Is Bernie the only thing left keeping democracy alive? Did you see your buddy Obama might nominate a Republican to the Supreme Court? Hopw do you feel about that? The DNC is so evil and you have to admit the FDL and my granola people were correct the whole time that both sides suck.

I did some math. If Bernie wins MA by 10% and Vermont by 75%, that's +26 delegates for Bernie. There is also Minnesota and Colorado. Texas is an open state. It would be so cool if Bernie got an upset there. Similar to Iowa, but not a caucus and open to all voters. Lots of Snowden votes. Austin must be Bernie country. The problem with expectation games is that's just trading baskets.

So how many more delegates does Bernie need to shut off the super delegates? 100 more than Hillary? How does that work? You are correct with the irony Republicans have a more democratic process.

It's not that my game is off. I'm just tired.

Lenny Fritos said...

I forgot our good friend Martin O'Malley who appointed Triple F to the judgeship. He wasn't a real contender. The race had a lot of emphasis placed on African American issues and O'Malley was holding the bag in Baltimore and Maryland.

Bernie is the lone holdout in a bought Congress. Maybe Warren is legit. I bet she is rich as fuck too and living it up. Not saying Bernie never vacations in the Hamptons, but then again, maybe he doesn't. Maybe he goes bowling.


just kidding. I'm sleepy.

Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi all turned out corrupt. And your boy Tony Blair is busy smearing Bernie and kissing Hillary's ass. How much do you think she weighs? I saw her resting her arms on her gut. I described her as a poor man's Frank Cannon. Could she be 225 pounds or am I seeing things?

Lenny Fritos said...

I mean that not as a sexist. Chicks are hot or whatever, but the point is we need a healthy president. She's always coughing. Did you hear her bark? Maybe we already discussed her barking? It was creepy. Did you see my smashup of Hillary as Wicked Witch? It was wicked awesome. I'll use it for the top picture for my next entry.