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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Continued Convolution Generated by Brad Friedman

A major disinfo network has been exposed. Whether it has been for grifting and/or cointelpro-like purposes is up for debate.

Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin can be directly connected to Andy Stephenson. Andy can be directly tied to the spreading of tinfoil. He can also be tied directly to Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition. Jeff is affiliated with Tinoire of Progressive Independent. PI has a direct affiliation with Velvet Revolution. So one can see these ties do form a complete circle.

Tinoire is directly tied to Michael Rivero. He is tied to Alex Jones and various Joo hating bloggers and domains. This is only the tip of the iceberg. E.G., We can also tie the Lyndon Larouche political conspiracy cult to Rivero and Jones through Webster Tarpley.

Brad's been quite the busy beaver the last couple days. He's been covering the special Senate election in Massachusetts for Ted Kennedy's seat. He's also come up with additional promotion for the Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove hoax.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Tragic Story of Mike Connell, Bush/Rove/GOP IT Guru, Breaks in Maxim

There are some interesting posts in the comment area. I want to declare that none of them are mine, although they appear to look like they could be. You see, whenever anyone confronts these guys with their hoaxes, they tend to be spun as the same lone troll. Agent99 of BradBlog has posted that myself and the_last_name_left are the same person. That has happened to us at four separate blogs- the now defunct WRH (Rivero) forum, Tinoire's Progressive Independent, and Wells' Rigorous Intuition.

I have been accused by Larisa Alexandrovna and others of being Anonymous Army, Creeksneakers2, Diebold, and Troubleinwinter. Calling critics lone sock puppet trolls is a consistent tactic used by these buggers. It is always done with no proof, as the allegations have been untrue.

From that link above:

COMMENT #16 [Permalink]
... LOSER said on 1/18/2010 @ 3:16 pm PT...


That one definitely appears as satire concerning yours truly. That's a bit different than the sock puppet thingie.

COMMENT #24 [Permalink]
... Investigator A said on 1/18/2010 @ 8:37 pm PT...

FAA- Tracking the flight it was at ice alt the entire path from MD to Cleveland. The conditions change over the lake and apporach over little mountain Ohio his flight path.

Interview with first responders on scene indicated a large fule dispersion on fire consistant with a high speed crash not an internal elxplsion.

The probability of iceing conditions and not evident till approach from buildup was very high.

That post brought on much ridicule.

This next one is probably too current, and perhaps we need to wait if it too is attacked. To repeat, none of these posters were me, and I will never post on BradBlog again. It's not worth the hassle.

COMMENT #31 [Permalink]
... yikes said on 1/19/2010 @ 6:02 am PT...

Too bad it was not published in a magazine of consequence!

I guess it was a false alarm of thinking there was any kind of fake socrates being produced.

I kind of like the fact that these people are still running with their hoax. Everything eventually comes out in the wash. This is about themselves providing their own rope to destroy their credibility. We saw previously how Larisa Alexandrovna soiled her own in regards to this topic.

Massachusetts' Special Senate Seat Election

FOLLOW-UP: 'Orange Alert' on Diebold, LHS Associates & the Vulnerable Senate Race in MA...

From an earlier BradBlog related "article"
Easily Hacked Diebold Systems to Decide 'Toss-Up' U.S. Senate Special Election in MA on Tuesday
My full coverage is now posted at Upstate NY's Right-leaning Gouverneur Times...

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Brad is writing for a right wing rag out of New York called the Gouveneur Times. (Shades of Bev Harris going to the Free Republic after alienating the progressive, sane Democratic leaning people who were the bulk of her support.)

Maybe I'm wrong here. I'm no expert on Diebold. But I thought they changed their name. Did they change it back? Why is Brad still calling them Diebold? This is what he posted back in 2007.


Andy Stephenson like Cliff Arnebeck wasn't just a colleague of BradBlog happening to run across one another through being involved with the same issues. Andy worked for Velvet Revolution.

Andy Stephenson... In Memoriam...

Or check out what the Velvet Revolution posted. I'd give the link, but Velvet Revolution is a mess. This should make it easier for ye.

Brad Friedman, the face of Brett Kimberlin Productions.

Brad's desperate to maintain the facade of credibility. He likes to say he is published by The Guardian. What he doesn't emphasise is that he is published by their Arianna Huffington type section called Comment is Free. He has come up with a new plug, very similar in nature. Now he wants people to believe he is being praised by The New York Times!


The Times Company Acquires for $410 Million


Published: February 18, 2005

The New York Times Company announced yesterday that it would acquire About Inc. and its Web site,, from Primedia Inc. for $410 million....

Should we call the Boston baseball team the New York Times Red Sox? They own or used to own shares in the team.

I am laughing the fock out loud!!!

Let's go back to the new Michael Connell BradBlog article. In the comment section, TomR asked Brad,

Worrall reports that a "deep throat" document anonymously sent to Connell's family and a number of FBI agents last year, purporting to be an "after action report" by a black ops agent tasked with sabotaging Connell's plane...

Brad, have you and/or Worrall personally seen this report?

- Tom

Brad's reply? One word. Yes. Who does he think he is, Marv Albert?

Anyway, I'm surprised Brad didn't explain that Brett Kimberlin Productions, who he is employed by, is the fricken sassafrassa source!

Exclusive: Mike Connell's Family Copes With His Mysterious Death, Tipsters, Legal Options

Those close to the case believe the person behind the memo is a real informant with inside knowledge about Connell's plane crash. There are a number of Intelligence officials looking into it, including the FBI. The FBI field agent in charge of the case, Jack Vickery, did not return my calls. But Cliff Arnebeck, the prosecuting attorney in the case and the one who deposed Mike Connell last November, issued the following statement:
We received copies of the "deep throat" letter and redacted report of a jackal that "is not supposed to exist." We passed on to the FBI this and other information we have relevant to the matter. Our impression is that the FBI is doing its job of investigating specific allegations regarding the assassination of a vital witness in our federal election fraud case.


VR's attorney, Cliff Arnebeck, notified the United States Attorney General , Ohio law enforcement and the federal court about these threats and insisted that Mr. Connell be placed in protective custody.

Wow, just wow.


socrates said...

I cannot emphasise enough that BradBlog is a dubious source. That being said, we may have to keep an eye out for any shenanigans that may have taken place in regards to the election in Massachusetts.

Here are a couple sources folks might want to take a look at.

Coakley campaign alleges voting irregularities

Kerry Charges Brown With Palin-Like Tactics As Dems Prepare For Worst

Anonymous said...


There is proof of one thing. I have already talked to my attorney, and he informs me that we could proceed based only on the comment Laura made, in her own name, on her own blog, as it is verifiably false, malicious and intentional.

How many slanders do I need to prove to recover my good name? Just one.

-Sid's buddy (et al.)

Anonymous said...

Having said that, I have no stomach for going further.

I declare Laura the victor.

I'm out of here.

-Sid's buddy

socrates said...

The internet is seen as a wild, wild west. That being said, you could certainly uncover the real names of anyone who has libeled you by taking civil action.

I don't begrudge you, if you decide to let it go.

I will say that those who libel, cyberstalk, and cybersmear are in for a big surprise, if they keep at it. Eventually someone will file a lawsuit, when real names are involved.

I'm finding pffugeecamp to be a total drain. Three FSZ people have shown up, since people like you, me, donkeytale, and noom have increased its popularity. They act like MattyJack doesn't delete and ban people who haven't broken his rules.

Man, the internet sure did turn out to be a mess. I do wish you well, and hopefully under better circumstances we can have some nice dialogue. Maybe you can start your own blog. It won't have as much action as the soapblox blogs, but it could result in something closer to what one should expect in a progressive democracy.

socrates said...

Eric, if you could give the links and screenshots of Laura libeling you, I'd appreciate it. I will not post again at pffugeecamp, if this is true. I just posted this in your defense, saying this very thing.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
socrates said...

I'm reposting Eric's latest entry but censoring the curse words. Please, no cursing like that. And please don't run off, at least just yet. I am a third party here. Nothing is set in stone from my perspective. I am willing to see there is more to this, if you give me the chance. And even though it's late here, I will give a response to this latest post. Thanks for your patience.

Sid's Buddy: I was an idiot to imagine that you could see a spade for a spade, or pass on my message without twisting it into a conspiracy pretzel. It was my greatest hope to leave this all behind for a dozen reasons, none of which you seem capable of understanding, because you are a CT guy who never walks away from a fight. I am simply the exhausted participant in a very expensive lose-lose game.

But, I am real. That has always been my edge. I have successful real world experience, and I offer my thoughts in my own voice with my own name behind them. When I have used a new username, I have always identified myself. My name is out there; my films are out there, and I have been 100% truthful in every representation I have ever made about myself. I am me and only me. The rest have something to hide, every anonymous one.

I am surprised you are willing to find supersoling credible on the subject of "dog-f***ing," even as you refer to him as supergump, and are aware of his role as MattyJack's first online sycophant, speciously confirming that I was a indeed a likely shadowthief and a serious murder threat. No, supersoling and Laura (and other members of this mob) are easy liars.

Back to dog-f***ing, when I was at FSZ, Lauren S. was the most relentless, foul-mouthed harpy (to borrow noom's word) I had ever dealt with or imagined. One day she called me some kind of f***, and in my frustration, replied by calling her a dog f***er. then she called me a f*** a hundred times and I called her a dog f***er a hundred times. Maybe it was 200 times or a thousand, but one time she actually shut up. There are still remnants of our exchanges to be found at FSZ, if you care to look... I know I don't.

Never presented as remotely literal, I explained it right at the start - Lauren S. had debased the exchange of ideas beyond all decency, that made her no better than a dog f***er, a metaphor I still find appropriate. Though I did milk the gag for a decent laugh for a couple of weeks, it was a rude laugh in reciprocation for her humorless crudity. From your experience with Lauren S, I would think you would understand.

As for the young lady in my video, she was an adult and I hold releases from her, her mother and her father, all of whom were filmed in her village. None of my video, including the three minutes I posted contains any nudity or physical contact. If you visit my video channels, you'll eventually see what all this is about, and some of what I actually spend my time on.

I would like to make this the very last message to you or anyone on a political blog. I am asking you to please read this carefully, then post in my behalf all three of my comments in their entirety.

Thank you.

After that, do whatever you want.

socrates said...

I can see a spade for a spade, but sometimes it takes me extra time. I do guarantee you, I will remember to go back to pffugee and confront them with this new information.

I take it you can't stomach posting there anymore. I don't blame you. That happened to me many months ago when the pack set its sights on me. I only returned around the holidays, as I got interested in the Al Giordano story. Then before I knew it, I was back interacting with two nice people, donkeytale and doberman pinche.

I don't fancy myself a conspiracy theorist. I believe I have set forth the greatest evidence for the idea that some form of weather mitigation has been going on in the troposphere. I have become interested in some conspiracy theory, but only from the perspective of what can be proven, and what is tinfoil. I linked to your DKos diary on Hal Turner. So you are well aware that some conspiracy theories are true.

You are correct that I don't like to quit a fight. Maybe the 2004 Red Sox have rubbed off on me. You're probably a Yankee fan, so don't take that personally. Just think of how any team might have been down 0-3 in the baseball playoffs and came back to win it all, something never done before. So one thing about me is that I never give up, never ever.

I'm into the truth no matter what it is. I promise you that.

Yes, you have been clear with who you are. That is commendable. I've had this debate with Francis Holland before. He too feels everyone should post with their real name. I don't think you're looking to debate that point. I will concede for the purpose of this exchange, that yes, you have revealed who you are, and that anyone libeling you on-line is truly breaking the law.

I was getting cyberstalked a bunch of months ago. The cyberstalker posted that he got the personal info from Brad Friedman. I even spoke to a local police detective about it. So when I spoke of the wild, wild web above, I wasn't just pulling stuff out of thin air. I can relate to some of what you're going through. Granted, this kind of thing is affecting you more than me, but there is the chance that someday the crap flung at me will affect me adversely too.

I agree that the emotional abuse gets very tiresome. Supersoling is a liar. He followed me to two other websites to make me look bad, MLW then DFQ. It's not that I believed them completely. Though, I admit I was wrong in posting what I did based on how you've explained what happened way back when. I now remember the story how you have described it, not their way. Supersoling and Laura seem to be saying you started a diary or went on for four or five pages promoting bestiality. I am sorry for letting you down. I will correct that. Retract. Please forgive me. I am human and make mistakes.

Yes, strange about Lauren S. Many of us could never understand why MattyJack let her get away with wrecking his blog. She has seemingly disappeared, which is a good thing. She could be the worst troll of all time. She used to be part of the KosKops, a mini-MajorFlaw so to speak.


socrates said...

I don't recall supersoling referring to you as possibly shadowthief. But I believe you. Supersoling and the others at Pffugee are flaming conspiracy theorists without a doubt. The reaction you had to me tonight is similar to the ones I have had at times with donkeytale and Vox Humana. Like why can't they see that a spade is a spade. I hear you. I sincerely belief you are a good man. Please give me the chance to correct any additional emotional duress I may have caused.

The thing about anonymity seems to help you. Of course you were merely calling Lauren S. what she deserved to be called. It was a fight club. It is probably next to impossible for a real person to sue someone for libel for badmouthing their avatar. But bring real names into the equation, and it's a whole other ballgame.

I just would like to see exactly how Laura and supersoling will try to talk their way out of this, turning your locker room smack talk into some kind of hideous anti-social behaviour. It would be nice to see exact links of their claiming you put up under age strippers, which would be illegal. I just don't have the exact posts to look at. If you have even just one, it would help me to understand your specific beef with them better.

You have stated a lawyer says there is already proof of libel. Nonetheless, I kind of agree with you that you're probably better off not pursuing this. It could be costly and time consuming. You could win the case and be rewarded a dollar.

There are a few missing pieces of this for me. Like it appears the video got pulled because of complaints. Anyway, I think I am heading into rambling mode. I will simply repeat, that I am in your corner and believe you over them. I'll have to find my specific posts to see exactly what I wrote. Then I will clarify and even retract if need be. Please cut me a bit of slack. I don't like how the soapblox world ended up either. I do not like how the internet as a whole turned out.

Those guys are into mind games and have gotten very good at it. Thank you for setting me straight on this situation.

One last thing. I don't think you should quit blogging completely. But it does sound like you would be better off staying away from pffugee. I am thinking the same thing about myself. I wish you well and that you find some peace of mind concerning what they have put you through. So please bear with me, while I try to fix any additional mess I made. I can be like Charlie Brown getting suckered by Lucy with the football. But usually in the long run, I figure out the truth of situations to the best of my abilities. Take care.

socrates said...

Ok Eric. It's almost 5 am here near Boston, and I just pumped out four posts on this diary located at pffugee. I think I have done right by you. I only ask that you also read my words closely, here and there, and if by chance you can take the time to offer some humanity back, I too would feel better about this situation. I do not like causing anyone any pain. I used sharp words for supersoling and Laura, and I hope they can see the error of their ways and realise they need to apologise to you and grow up. Otherwise, it certainly does appear you have an easy case to win at least against Laura. I have copied the page, just in case she deletes my posts. I believe eventually she will fold and delete the whole website when it becomes obvious to her how thoroughly bad she and the others look. I despise that this type of thing goes on. That is clearly, imho, an open and shut case of cybersmearing. Take care.

Anonymous said...


Please stop defending me. This shit Laura's put on me stinks, but you are making it stink even more.

I'm going cold-turkey, 100% off-line, and I am considering this as email for the moment.

What can I do to convince you to stop talking about me? We both have a good handle on the truth here, and we've said enough - so give me a break and please don't say another word about me... not even one.

Please. You are really stressing me out.

Anonymous said...

I will be at at a Soo Bahk Do competition with my son in Boston this Saturday. It's at Arthur D. Healey Elementary School in Somerville. The blackbelts probably don't compete until after 12:00.

socrates said...

Gee, not sure how I made it stink worse, seeing that I defended your honour. That's pretty ungrateful stuff out of you. Yes, we have the thing figured out. I will never post on that forum again. My last posts will show why I have quit. Not another peep out of me concerning it. Have fun with your field trip. I thought for a second about trying to make it out there, but my car is in the shop. Have fun and find yourself some peace.

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be ungrateful, just trying to stop the discussion. Thanks for your help, and if your car gets fixed, I'm there until probably mid-afternoon. After it's done I'll buy you a beer and Isaac a sasparilla, and we can put in a minute or two of RL together.

socrates said...

I guess it turned into a classic don't feed the trolls situation. Thanks for writing back. I will never again post at that forum, for what it's worth.

My car is out until next week. Missing a tire and no donut.

I'd like to be friends with you. I could turn on moderation, and you could post your email, then I could delete it. Or maybe I can track you down through youtube.

I think the few of us do have a bond, donkeytale and others, in that we went into this blogging thing all excited, and it went bitter.

Donkeytale is busy right now, but I have offered him blogging rights here. I'll do the same for yourself. You just need to get a blogger id and get me the email address for it.

I may appear as a conspiracy theory dude, but I'm not really into it that much. I wouldn't want to alienate folks by going that route. I never got into the Sept.11th conspiracy theory. I am into things that can be proven.

Too bad maryscott o'connor didn't have what it takes to become a blogging force. I think Peeder could have been the man for the job, but unfortunately he turned it into some sociological experiment.

I think Dave would have eventually put something nice together. I'm happy that folks can check out the early entries here on him. They can then check out his work at DKos. They can learn about all the good things he did as a blogger. He also had the real life activism schtick working. I also think he would've made something for himself politically. He had the knowledge and the charisma.

We need more and better Democrats. That's what Dave was all about.

So hopefully you stay in touch, or I find you through your videos. The offer stands, if you want to blog here.

I hope you enjoy your time in Boston. We're expecting warm weather. Storms aren't expected until Sunday into Monday.