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Friday, January 15, 2010

Lyndon LaRouche Is A Terrible Human Being

I have a blog entry in the works, but it needs to be tidied up. (on edit- the new entry appears before this one, because blogspot gave its date as the one from the roughdraft) In the meantime, I'd like to present some info on Lyndon LaRouche, one of the most dangerous men in the world. I've been working on putting together a piece on the Ted Gunderson & Michael Aquino satanic panic psyop. Yes, I believe those two have been in cahoots. On the surface, that appears to be ridiculous. Ted has been supposedly fighting against satanic ritual abuse, while Aquino has been alleged to have been behind a lot of it.

Basically I stumbled across Lyndon LaRouche's part in that scam. That entry should be available in the next couple days. Here, I'd like to throw together a few links on LaRouche, and just let you the good readers know that this guy's pawprints are all over the internet. It needs to be brought to the world's attention, that this man is one of the biggest scumbags of all time and a constant threat to world peace.

A great source to check out is put together by Dennis King. A copy of his book LYNDON LAROUCHE AND THE NEW AMERICAN FASCISM can be read here.

I am starting to see that this man is well-connected to CIA and other intelligence agencies. I see he had an influence on Ronald Reagan. I'm seeing o'plenty. I advise you to check into this. I am an unpaid blogger. I can't do the world's homework for everyone. I'm simply saying this guy smells like a kingfish of rats. Don't let the exterior of kookiness fool you. This guy has real power and connections. He's reeking of being the Karl Rove of internet fakes.

There is something referred to as right woos left. It's insidious. What you end up seeing are people purporting to be lefties and progressives, but not acting like them. They support the holocaust denier President of Iran. Sorry, I'm not even gonna try to spell the name. These are people who demonize the soldiers more than the military industrial complex. They call for big brother cameras in urban areas. They tell us not to worry about the specifics of which socio-economic groups are being hit worst by the downturn in the economy. They say we are all in trouble. They say that Richard Nixon was our last liberal President. They speak of global conspiracy theory. That is code for Jewish bankers. They call our President Obushma. They compare Obama to Hitler. That's odd, because that is precisely a meme that LaRouche himself has tried to sell. They link to websites which admire Lenin, not John Lennon. They link to right wing rag websites like Mike Rivero's What really Happened and Alex Jones' Prison Planet. They call anyone who points out the blatant anti-semitism contained within their conspiracy chatter freeper trolls or working for GIYUS.

We can actually link Jones and Rivero to Lyndon LaRouche through Webster Tarpley. Fake lefties may not mention him too often, but they sure sound like him. Everything is a false flag. The democratic uprising in Iran? According to them it was created by the CIA. I see that Tarpley did some work for the Italian government on the assassination of Prime Minister Aldo Moro. Apparently, according to Tarpley that murder was at the hands of Masons with the consent of Italian Secret Service. Hmmm.

Tarpley has also worked for The Genesis Communications Network. Alex Jones and Michael Rivero work for them also. I don't think this is a coincidence.

Tarpley has also written for LaRouche's propaganda, conspiracy rag called the Executive Intelligence Review.

Back in the 80's and 90's, Tarpley was the President of the American version of the Schiller Institute.

I just got done watching a BBC report on a tragic death tied to the German Schiller Institute. It appears that LaRouchites may have killed a promising student visiting from England and France, because he didn't want anything to do with their mind control cult. It appears he may have lost his life, because he's Jewish.

Internet disinfo has been figured out. I don't doubt that for one moment. Most people just use the internet to catch up on stocks, sports, send some emails. For those of us who have spent more time devoted to the net than that, it has become fairly clear what a stinking cesspool it is. Yours truly here has had convoluted cybersmear scripts put in place against me for simply pointing out the obvious, while backing it up with proof along with a number of exclusive finds through cybersleuthing.

I'm someone who was targeted, because I'm not in favour of Israel's policies towards the Palestinians. I am also a true lefty peacenik who can smell fakes who try to spin themselves as such. People like LaRouche and the rest have thoroughly contaminated the internet's ability to be a force for positive social change. This can be called muddying the waters or creating limited hangouts and rabbit holes. I see it as tinfoil by association.

The Justice For Jeremiah Campaign (with compelling new evidence)

Jeremiah Duggan

Jeremiah Duggan's death and Lyndon LaRouche -
BBC - Feb 12, 2004 (16 min):


the_last_name_left said...

Hi S.

All I could remember about this LaRouchie episode was a dude had died - in suspicious circumstances, and laRouche organisation was coming under suspicion.......

Everything I looked at around LaRouche turned into murkiness....... I never reached any definite conclusions, other than LaRouche was worth avoiding and that he's "murky" as hell.

He's another convicted criminal who claims charges against him were politically motivated, right?

And try reading his interminably dull, and long essays? Do they make any sense? And his sickening egoism? ick.

hopefully you can bring some light to the subject....

good luck. ;)

socrates said...

Thanks for the post.

I'm not sure how much there is to figure out. It seems like there is plenty of info out there already putting LaRouche in his disinfo place.

One discouraging thing I found was the allegation that the October Surprise story was manufactured by the LaRouchies. I just don't have enough time to figure everything out. As an unpaid blogger, I do what I can.

If you go to the Jeremiah Duggan website, check out the new compelling evidence link. The autopsy reports showed that Jeremiah had pockets of blood in his body that seemed to be explained by fists and boots.

So it looks like the kid got beat on by LaRouchies and escaped and kept running for four or five kilometers. He ended up getting hit by cars. While it seems impossible to prove who hit him with the vehicles, there seems to be plenty of evidence to show he was compelled to take actions that led to his death. It also appears that he was beat on for refusing to participate in their cult and for being Jewish.

I would suggest to folks interested in cybersleuthing LaRouche to figure out his ties to higher ups in governments and intelligence agencies. Then that could show psyops are being conducted on American citizenry through the internet. The law states that intelligence is not allowed to do that. If it can be proven, beyond a case like Hal Turner's, this will become a huge story. I think it will be eventually proven. I just don't know when or how.

Now I'm gonna try to edit a roughdraft I put together the other day which flows from some of my previous entries concerning the satanic panic. Disinfo sources working off of Rigorous Intuition are trying to resurrect the fake socrates Godzilla Troll meme. But I'm not falling for it. I advise people to avoid mind focking websites like RI and try to be as academic as possible when web surfing. Forces out there wish to portray me as a drama queen, as some multi-personality troll who is out for attention. Whoop-de-doo.

I now let the decent quality of my entries speak for themselves. One needs to bash trolls as quickly as possible then get back on-topic.

I think the cybersmearing script does lend credence to the idea that I've come up with very good insights. Otherwise, why all the attacks on my credibility? Why all the blatant attempts to tie myself into internet convolution?

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Thanks for posting this. With all of this curious background someone might want to ask "management" over at RI why rational talk about controlled demolition of the twins towers on 911 is a no no? I don't believe their excuse that it discredits RI by discussing it. That's a cop out. Another thing of note, someone should look into the U.S. and Canada NORAD and RCMP ties to 9/11. Et Arcadia Ego was over in the Chemtrails Central forums right? And that site had some type of NORAD, NASA, NOAA ties didn't it? Maybe there is a bigger story there waiting to be told.

socrates said...

Thanks for the post. I'm not really into Sept. 11th conspiracy theory. I do admit there are some very odd things about it. Dave Weintraub (DFQ) even considered allowing conspiracy theory talk perhaps one day a week.

Regardless of what really went down that tragic day, your point stands. It's really not too tough to show all the crazy stuff Jeff Wells has posted on, especially things concerning mk ultra and satanic ritual abuse being controlled by the US government. It's quite bizarre that the owner of a conspiracy theory website would try to squelch discussion of possible controlled demolition of the Twin Towers.

Et in Arcadia Ego, Jeff Wells, that Elfis SMiles dude, and many others are pretty much anonymous usernames with not much credibility. Wells may appear to be some important name, but he has really fallen into that Fintan Dunne-Michael Rivero category of not mattering one bit. His only hope is to keep spinning his blogging existence as being some confused admin who grew out of Democratic Underground back in the day.

Personally, I was at Chemtrail Central for a week or two, before realising it was a mistake. I don't even like the word chemtrails anymore, or how the topic is discussed on the net one bit. If anyone is into that, they can go to the forum in my profile. I'm going to leave that stuff there and not here.

The ties I uncovered with CTC had to do with NASA. I found that the owner had admitted at an obscure forum of his, he had worked for them. I found it bizarre, that he never mentioned that once at CTC.

Then there is the matter of Patrick Minnis posting there extensively as Canex. For what he has called a crazy hoax, it was odd to see he had spent so much time posting there under false pretenses. I found proof through the wayback machine that the owner of CTC was well aware that Minnis was from NASA. He altered the post way after the fact, but I got the screenshots. I wrote to Minnis, and he admitted being Canex. But he acted all innocent about the owner of CTC being his co-worker. If interested, I have written a lot about that at that blog I mentioned. Feel free to sign up there and talk up anything you want. It's slow, but perhaps it could come to life again.

LynMarcus said...

You can find a wealth of information as well as former members writing about the cult at these two places. look iunder S"social orgs' to find 9K p[osts from ex members.

This is a sick cult where you have very naive people who have blown therin lives in the cult along with new naive members who work 16 hour days and nights, 6 to 7 days aweek to keep Larouche's delusions going.

They stole millions from the elderly and parade themselves as Democrats.

socrates said...

Hi LynMarcus,

Thank you very much for the post.

I think I'm like most people. I had heard of this guy through his various presidential runs, but I was unaware of how extensive, powerful, and influential his organistion is.

I've been into researching internet disinfo as a hobby for a number of years. He dovetailed into that, when I came across Executive Intelligence Review articles on Michael Aquino and the confluence by which the satanic panic merges with outrageous conspiracy theories.

I am not trying to belittle anyone who ends up in a cult like this. It's tough to get through to them, for they are prone to then think we are part of that New World Order illuminati crapola. Common sense says that former members may be their best mentors.

When I was younger, during my Kevin Arnold wonder years period, I became a vegetarian and read a lot of Hindu and buddhist literature. If I hadn't been grounded in academics and come from a somewhat typical family, I could have easily joined.

And you make a great point about how cults use sleep deprivation and other brainwashing techniques to trap their victims. We know of what happened to Patty Hearst. We know of Stockholm syndromes.

The Jeremiah Duggan case is an excellent example of how their techniques can only work so far with most people. The autopsy reports seem to show he was beaten for wanting to leave or being Jewish, and that is why he was running for his life on a German highway.

I was shocked to see how easy it is to connect Larouche to various internet disinfo players like Webster Tarpley. That leads one to Alex Jones, Michael Rivero, and many others who are chipping away at the defenses of impressionable people trying to make sense of this world.

The Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake tragedy also is stunning in its shining a light on how fragile our minds can ultimately be. I feel a tinge of guilt being fascinated by all of this.

I wish there were big forums in which rational, sensitive folks could get together and work through these things. I'm impressed with Rick Ross' website. However, I don't see much on the net putting the whole thing together. In one of my new entries, I wrote of coming across the name of a doctor out of Iowa who apparently has helped fuel someone with multiple personality disorder into becoming a full-fledged conspiracy theorist. All that MKUltra manchurian candidate and satanic ritual stuff. I emailed a news department in Iowa. But no one has replied.

I think the apathy of the media to truly get our types of stories out has much to do with how the net is perceived as some zany, unsubstantiated mess. Or maybe it is seen as a commercial threat. One story I'm proud of figuring out was the Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove hoax. But as a semi-famous freelance journalist told me, if election fraud could be proven, he could easily get the backing to write it up. But when the story is internet convolution, no one is going to touch it. And as a freelancer, he says he doesn't have the funds to do the story first and then find a publisher after.

Zulkifli Arshad said...

U see the funny thing about this Larouche dude is that he knows facts but exaggerate it. The solutions he came up with is as delusional and evil as the Illuminatis. He knows the ongoing of Illuminati conspiracy as good as he's part of it. Here u have a person who nicely laid out the proceeds and agenda of the occult group. Knowing that regular-slaved people like me and you working our asses off just to get by and wat u can term as essential as income-generating machines tt drive the economy bullshit trying to halt the ancient occult plans, he decides to infiltrate and mess things up. Hypocritical being as i love to put it. The same way how all those organizations which initially were set up for good humanitarian cause being infiltrated and slowly changing the purpose of its very existence.

socrates said...

I'm not a big fan of the way you toss around words such as illuminati and occult but agree with your general ideas.

Anonymous said...

The bigger problem is that Webster Tarpley works for Lyndon LaRouche!

Anonymous said...

Webster Tarpley did work for Lyndon LaRouche!