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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Real Person Apparently Victimised by "Jeff Wells" and Dr. Lowell Routley of Iowa

Her name is Lynn Schirmer, an artist from Seattle, Washington. Her username at Rigorous Intuition is Project Willow. She has provided this information herself.

On her facebook page is the following avatar. It is the same one Project Willow had on RI for a brief period.

Currently this is the avatar she now uses at that disinfo forum.

In the photo below, Lynn is the lady on the right. She was representing the estate of Su Job, whose gallery had hosted a Garboil Award winner's artwork. The similarities to both avatars is striking.

Schirmer believes she is a survivor of MKULTRA. She has basically been sucked into the vortex of the type of conspiracy chatter that Jeff Wells promotes. For someone suffering from multiple personality disorder, this was the worst result that could have ever happened to her. That will become clear, when some of her posts are presented later. She fears being abducted by the so-called perpetrators. She is a clear example that innocent people are still being victimised by the satanic panic.

Her biographical details are sketchy. I have been unable to figure out who her family was that she alleges sent her to labs to be programmed. From one of her biography pages:

How on Earth would someone end up believing such things? Apparently it was through an associate of Dr. Lowell Routley of The Routley Center, who may or may not be related to Andy Richter.

There is a group called S.M.A.R.T. based in Easthampton, Massachusetts. That acronym stands for Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today. They put out newsletters and hold conferences. Amazingly enough, Dr. Routley has spoken at three of their conferences from 2006-2008 and perhaps more of them.

S.M.A.R.T.'s editor is Neil Brick.

Neil Brick is a survivor of alleged Masonic Ritual Abuse and MK-ULTRA. He is the editor of S.M.A.R.T. - A Ritual Abuse Newsletter. His topic is: "Debating the nonbelievers. Getting equal time for survivors' views."

Why has Dr. Routley been affiliating himself with such nonsense? Is the money that good to offset losing one's integrity?

On a side note, Lynn Schirmer appears to be an associate of S.M.A.R.T..

On another side note, Ms. Schirmer was featured in a 2002 NY Times article.


It appears to me that Ms. Schirmer has been victimised twice. She seems to have been a victim of pedophilia. Now she appears to have become a tool for grifting doctors and outlandish conspiracy theorists like Jeff Wells.

Lynn Schirmer also spoke at the 2006 conference Lowell Routley attended. She had some revealing tidbits to share about how she regained her memory, and how it was an associate of Dr. Routley who "got through" to her.

This is a transcript from Lynn Schirmer's presentation at The Ninth Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference, August, 2006....

Please use caution while reading to this presentation. It may be very heavy for survivors. All accusations are alleged. The conference is educational and not intended as therapy or treatment....

I keep seeing the word alleged popping up. Is that supposed to make all this ok? Journalist Doug Mesner attended a conference in 2009. He too noticed this strange use of the word alleged. One might want to read his article on it, as it gives a good overview of this creepy, real life exploitation of mentally ill people by so-called professionals. Mesner certainly has a good grasp of how the satanic panic has evolved into new forms, that while it has been thoroughly exposed as a form of moral panic and modern day witch hunt, it still lives on. Nonetheless, let's get back to the 2006 conference, and what Ms. Schirmer had to say about her relationship to Dr. Routley.

Lynn Schirmer is a survivor of Mind Control and Ritual Abuse-Torture. She is an artist and uses her work to introduce the public to the topics of private and tax-funded torture. She hosts open studios monthly, is involved with artist housing, and runs a small gallery in Seattle. Her topic is "DID System Function in Survivors of Mind Control and Ritual Abuse-Torture."

SMART Conference 2006

Presentation by Lynn Schirmer

Good morning everyone....

One of the psychologists who developed the concepts I'll discuss is speaking right after me. When I chose my topic, I had no idea he would be here, and I'm very glad he is. I'll let my talk serve as a brief introduction, from the perspective of a survivor. And Lowell, if I make any mistakes, don't hesitate to stand up and correct me.

So, I'll start with a little story. About six years ago, I hit a major impasse with my current therapist. I knew I was multiple and I knew I had extreme trauma in my history. I suspected it was ritual abuse-torture and mind control, but I didn't want to know or couldn't. There are different levels of knowing, if you know what I mean.

My very patient and committed therapist sought consultation to solve the impasse. She contacted a local colleague of Dr. Routley's and we went to see him together. He asked me a series of questions and nodded at my answers as if they were familiar. Then he asked me to describe to him what I could see at the moment inside with my mind's eye. He said tell me what it is no matter how crazy it sounds. When I responded, he nodded again, he had heard it before. I had described the elements and details of standard programming sequence for someone my age.

I looked at my therapist and her jaw hung open, and it remained so while he explained mind control programming to her. I'm still working with the same therapist, by the way, and she's still very patient and very committed, and I've watched her learn about this world of ritual abuse-torture and mind control right along with me.

This is but a short introductory illustration, and I never thought I would say this but I've come to believe that some level of expertise is needed to help survivors of mind control. I would not instruct anyone on how to heal or whom to work with, however, consider that the perpetrators of this horrific abuse have had nearly seven decades, billions of dollars, and access to the most advanced neurological technology to perfect their methods. In the cause of helping survivors, civilian science must work to catch up.

As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Routley and his colleagues have developed a powerful way of understanding how trauma and trauma-based programming operate based on recent discoveries in the study of human consciousness. I think what they have to share is extremely valuable and I'll give a short review of it now....

Off stage is the director, and I believe, in the literature based on normal functioning, the director refers to a kind of executive function deciding or retrieving which actors, props and back drops are necessary at any given time. However, I understand the director in my own system to be the main switcher part, or the alter who controls who's in the spotlight, who's out front. This main switcher part or bridge part was identified very early by mind control perpetrators in my case. She was heavily and repeatedly targeted and conditioned. I believe this was a common and necessary tactic to retain control over a victim's alter system. If the part is healed and recovered, a survivor can regain major control over her alter system and keep programming from running.

My efforts to de-condition and free my main switcher part have been a major component of my recovery. So has being able to look inside the blending space, to see what telltale signs of programming, such as introjects, and traumatized alters might be present . Without the access this technique and awareness have afforded me, recovery would be much more difficult and painful.

So I would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Routley and his colleagues who have helped me directly....

If this is true, that Routley and his associates are to blame for Schirmer's current predictament, is there a reason why this dude's medical license hasn't been revoked?

"Jeff Wells" and Rigorous Intuition

Lynn Schirmer's sad story is clear cut proof that so-called tinfoiltainment can have real life consequences. This goes well beyond people like Andy Stephenson and "Jeff Wells" astroturfing their own brand of it. My heart goes out to this person, and I'm hopeful someone with some legal knowhow hears about this, sincerely gets through to Ms. Schirmer, and helps her get the fock away from all who continue to exploit her condition.

For the rest of this entry, I will provide screenshots of some of Ms. Schirmer's extensive postings at Wells' disinfo website along with limited commentary.

Here she gives her analysis that Tom Cruise is also suffering from multiple personality disorder. She says he reminds her of other victims from the cult she was raised in. Yet, from the preceding transcript, we now know that Lynn Schirmer had no knowledge of being raised in a cult, until an associate of Dr. Routley aided her 'breakthrough'.

This next one shows how much she has absorbed the conspiracy chatter put forth by the likes of Jeff Wells. According to Schirmer, those who promote the idea of satanic panic are either in denial or part of the conspiracy.

One thing that I definitely noticed while skimming through her RI posts is that she believes she is in constant danger. Her condition has obviously worsened since becoming enlighted through one of Dr. Routley's associates and Jeff Wells' nonsense.

I am living it too, the threats, the invasions, no access to the usual resources, utter isolation.

How do people like Routley and Wells live with themselves? It is beyond disgusting what has been done to Lynn Schirmer. Victimised twice.

To repeat, she now believes she is still being threatened by the government sponsored perpetrators. How is that helping her find peace?

Ironically, Schirmer has even taken Jeff Wells to task for introducing convolution into the MKULTRA, mind control, sra equation. Seriously, how can "Jeff Wells" sleep at night? The first post below is Schirmer's, the second Wells'.

This woman is in fear for her life. This is because of people like Routley and Wells.

Thank God for Jeff and Rigorous Intuition?

Thank God for conspiracy theory rubbish? Schirmer now believes the Bush family are clearly satanists. Someone please save this woman.

The following is the kind of crap Schirmer continues to be subjected to by being a member of Rigorous Intuition.

And the historic troll Seventhson wants RI members to give Jeff their personal information. This guy has been a friend of Jeff's and Andy Stephenson's over the years.

And these are only a few of the examples which are publically visible. Lord knows what is being said in private messages and emails.

I am thoroughly disgusted. Someone somewhere do something positive about this. Please. This is wrong in every way. Someone needs to save Lynn Schirmer from these people.

RAT/MC Survivor Presentation

A lot of people from RI like to warn folks to not "trigger" anything. However, Rigorous Intuition is a "trigger" in itself. This is all so very well beyond disgusting. And Jeff Wells has the nerve to ask for donations.


bob said...

Yes, I agree with this also. Encouraging mentally ill persons to indulge their delusions, rather than confront them, re-victimizes them. Very good observation!

Rigorous Intuition forums have become one of the principle "refuges" for persons claiming to have been victimized through unverifiable, nonsensical MK-Ultra, SRA, and related "abuse conspiracies". It is impossible to say how many of those persons are truly delusional and really believe their fantastical life histories, and how many might be simply play-acting a "survivor" personality/identity.

In both cases, however, these persons require a "supportive" environment within which they can babble their BS and be rewarded with sympathy and kudos for their "heroic" personal struggling (whether real or imaginary)& evangelism of the whole mind-control abuse conspiracy belief system. They require an environment wherein no one will be allowed to probe too deeply into the details of their concocted life history, lest they be exposed to questions they cannot provide factual answers for.

Rigorous Intuition is a bizarre example of such an environment. A person alleging that they were victimized by a satanic cult or CIA mind-control operation will be permitted to post the most outrageous slanders about anyone - living or dead - especially about political figures or celebrities. But, persons who attempt to expose "holes", falsehoods or logical fallacies in a victim claimant's stories will be BANNED.

socrates said...

Thanks for the great post.

I felt a bit reluctant to write about Project Willow. However, she did out herself, unlike what happened to me (Hello Brad Friedman).

Also, maybe if she can be influenced to believe she was an MKUltra SRA victim, she can be shown the possibility that it isn't true.

The real villians are those Phd. therapists, imho, the Routleys and Hammonds.

I think Theresa's story was more about a perfect storm. She mentioned the satire and gobbledygook aspects. But then throw in the chronic weed (very strong weed can be a problem), her career stalling, the fact that Beck did say he'd do her movie, add in some Wells, maybe some booze, and the fact that Scientology is a sick cult, that's her story, imho.

Project Willow and others like Neil Brick are being victimised twice. They appear to have been victims of pedophilia leading to schizophrenia. Then throw in those Phds and internet chatter, and their lives are definitely on the wrong course.

I agree with you that many of the posters at RI are probably faking their stories. Reporters should jump all over this one. It's a ready made scoop.

I notice like yourself that people get banned for making too much sense. TheeKultLeeder was making good posts. I hope I didn't miss him writing anything crazy. It becomes common knowledge they will ban rational thinkers, thus few even bother anymore. There are certain sites I'd never post at, e.g. Above Top Secret or that crazy Sign of the Times one. Probably most people in a position to set that place straight would never sign up.

I notice also a funny disposition between certain RI posters with Rick Ross. They seem to diss him here and there, because his place doesn't allow their kind of nonsense. But I also think they try to not wake him or others up there that RI is precisely the kind of phenomenon that deserves a place in their Hall of Shame. They've a section called undue influence or something. If I write a thread for them on this topic, that's where I'll put it.

Though I'll add there are certain things about it all that leave me confused, such as with Aquino and Gunderson, or say with the Jimmy Hughes story, Riconosciuto, News Making News, etc.. There does seem to be much to figure out, though RI is clearly not the place to do it at. Yes, anyone who makes too much sense will be banned. And real people like Debbie Nathan or Rick Ross won't be posting there anytime soon either.

Rachelle said...

There is no evidence that any of the survivors mentioned above are suffering from "delusions" and there are no "supportive environments" for the victims of these crimes. There is no evidence that any of these victims "suffer" from schizophrenia, nor is anyone being "victimized." All of the statements above claiming this are unproven myths.

Professionals in the field are helping the survivors of these crimes. There is strong evidence these crimes have occurred and may still be occurring.

socrates said...

You have nothing, Rachelle, and you know it. You might as well debate the world is flat.

Rachelle said...

You have no evidence anyone is delusional or that they suffer from schizophrenia. You have no evidence anyone is being victimized at all or being led the wrong way. All of this is just your opinion without evidence.

socrates said...

So you see nothing fishy about Kathleen Sullivan's or Brice Taylor's stories? What's your best proof that a covert part of our government is running a satanic, mind control, pedophile program? Have you ever played devil's advocate with any of your beliefs (no pun intended)?

Anonymous said...

Socrates and "journalist" Doug Mesmer seem to have made it their personal mission to attempt to discredit information provided to the public by real journalist Jeff Wells, outspoken MK survivors, and others who choose to educate the public about documented atrocities and human rights violations that have been committed against tens of thousands of US and Canadian citizens over the past 50 years. In this blog, they included private Emails posted by Lynn Schirmer without her permission or authorization. How low can you go, guys? Never mind, I don't think I care to know.

socrates said...

Ha, Doug Mesner is a "journalist," and Jeff Wells is the real journalist? Thanks for the laugh.

The satanic panic needs no help in being discredited. Myself and Doug are just two of many people who became aware of the hogwash and applied our individual schticks to it.

As for anything here concerning the individual who posts at Wells' website, all of it is from public domain sources with info she willingly provided.

And you forgot to describe the documentation as being of alleged crimes. Doug reported how the mind control conference speakers love to use the word allege in reference to the so-called mk-ultra and sra crimes they claim they were victims of. MK-Ultra was real. The crap generated from your crowd is ludicrous and clearly unproven.

GFS said...

I've known Lynn for many years. I cannot comment on Dr Routley or Jeff Wells. I can't claim to know whether or not her abuse was tied to MKULTRA or any other semi-sanctioned program. I do believe that her description of her experience is accurate, regardless of whether or not her abusers constituted a quasi-governmental program, or just a cult that had some roots with military/government individuals.

socrates said...

The person above made up a new blogger account to leave that comment.

I feel like deleting it. It's some kind of troll shit. The internet clearly sucks.

Jerky LeBoeuf said...

Yes, I'm beginning to come around to the same "the Internet sucks" conclusion.