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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Coakley Lost; It Had Something To Do With Innocent People Going To Prison

Coakley lost Massachusetts, because she choked. That's a sports term for getting nervous and letting go of a win due to psychological factors. Or here's another cliche. She mailed it in. She and other Democrats ass(u)(me)d no way a Repiglinut would win Teddy's seat. So they went cheap. They also forgot to take a looksie at the general malaise that has formed in America, since Camp Hope won the White House.

There are a lot of boring, political blogs on the net. They are a waste of time for the most part. They are mostly run by self-serving grifters. And you know the rest of the filler is mostly comprised of astroturfers and useful idiots in love with the sound of their own voices. Then there is the widespread awful and sometimes rigged moderating. I know firsthand how tough it is to be an admin. Yet, there's a big difference between making mistakes and cheating. Then there is the problem of how anti-intellectual America is. Read some Erch Fromm for those details, good people.

Blogging is like driving. It's a sincere whoop de doo when you first get your license. Then over time, it turns into a chore, lots of people flipping birds, bad drivers, cultural wasteland everywhere, fricken cops pulling you over for kicks and a tase. Well, the last part I embellished.

That being said, here goes with my concise view on what truly happened with the recent election. The vote for Brown over Coakley was a protest vote, periodicity. If Obama didn't bail out the rich, if he hadn't escalated war in Afghanistan, if unemployment numbers had dropped, if he had gone after the war criminals, etc., then Coakley would have won by over thirty points no matter how much money was put into the election by either side.

This was a one shot deal type election. It was like Super Tuesday, or the first primaries. It was a chance for we the people to make a statement. Brown was a virtual unknown. Coakley, on the other hand, reeked of being from the Demotardic old-boy network. If Cuapano had won the nomination, he could have won back the Progressive base and run against both Obama's failed ideas and the wingnuts. Our Republicans in Massachusetts are mostly Reagan Democrats, the Howard Stern variety. Show them you give a shite, and you'll get their vote. Coakley took them for granted.

Now let's segue this into how it relates to my recent interest in figuring out the satanic panic. Lately I have centered most of my attention on the McMartin Preschool satanic ritual abuse hoax. It was the biggest one and seemingly set off the whole enchilada. We had our own version of that. It was called Fells Acres.

A Darkness in Massachusetts

From what I've seen of, it looks good. You can check out more about the above story and others concerning the satanic panic here.

What happened to Coakley also happened to another District Attorney running for high political office in Massachusetts named Scott Harshbarger. From the linked to news article:

Scott Harshbarger, the district attorney whose office prosecuted the Amiraults -- and who ran for re-election advertising that fact -- is now attorney general of Massachusetts. Some months after the Amiraults were all convicted and in prison, Mr. Harshbarger presided over a celebratory convocation on the Fells Acres case, billed as "a model multidisciplinary response."

I'm not saying it was because of Harshbarger's support for putting and keeping the Amiraults in prison that he lost the 1998 Governor's race to a wingnut named Paul Cellucci. But it couldn't have helped. Throwing innocent people into jail over false charges doesn't make one look tough on crime. It makes them look like they have no credibility.

To this day we are feeling the repercussions of Bill Clinton's triangulation politics. Decades of being crushed by Republicans for the Presidency has had disturbing results. Perhaps the gravest has been with how the Supreme Court now stacks. One can see Obama is a bit right of center, yet wingnuts refer to him as a Socialist. That would be riotous, if not for the real life results of a bad economy except for the rich, never ending wars, and the continued rise of spy factories.

Martha Coakley was responsible for the Amirault son staying in prison for much longer than he should have. Many yeas after the satanic panic was thoroughly debunked, she worked to keep an innocent man in prison. That is absolutely disgusting. That is one of the reasons Coakley lost to Brown, imho.

Ok, maybe most people are clueless, and it didn't have that big of an impact. But it did to me. I wanted Cuapano to win the nomination. He came out strong against the Patriot Act. Something about Coakley has never felt right. I know that has just been something in my gut, no not cream cheese from a raisin bagel. I have already admitted that I think politics is boring. That doesn't mean I'm not into discussing it from time to time. Let me clarify. I hate the way the internet talks politics. It seems to divide and conquer and actually prop up those in power and perpetuate the triangulation. Anyway, I've said pretty much what I wanted to. I wanted a Democrat to win that Senate seat. It was disappointing. However, Martha Coakley is an asshole. That has nothing to do with her being a career politician, though it doesn't help. Once I found out her part in the malicious keeping of Gerald Amirault in prison, I no longer cared if she won the seat. I never thought she'd lose it. But now that she has, it's time for the Massachusetts Democratic Party to weed out assholes like her and Harshbarger. Here's an excerpt from a January 14th, 2010 Wall Street Journal article on Coakley by Dorothy Rabinowitz, the same author from above. How is Martha Coakley anything else than a disgusting, evil person? I'm not talking looks either. She kept an innocent man in prison well past there was any doubt he never should have been there in the first place. FU Martha Coakley. Go Cheney yourself!

Associated Press
Martha Coakley, attorney general of
Massachusetts, at a campaign stop,
Jan. 13.

Martha Coakley's Convictions
The role played by the U.S. Senate candidate in a notorious sex case raises questions about her judgment.

The story of the Amiraults of Massachusetts, and of the prosecution that had turned the lives of this thriving American family to dust, was well known to the world by the year 2001. It was well known, especially, to District Attorney Martha Coakley, who had by then arrived to take a final, conspicuous, role in a case so notorious as to assure that the Amiraults' name would be known around the globe....


Anonymous said...

I want to tell you how much I have appreciated many of your very informative postings here, especially those concerning SRA, Jeff Wells & Rigorous Intuition. Thank you, and please continue your good works.

I think I may be able to make some positive contributions myself, and I may add comments to other, prior postings of your here if that's ok. I'm not sure what nom-de-plume I'll be using for that.

socrates said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I didn't know much about the satanic panic until recently. It is such a big world, so many topics, and seemingly nowhere to go to discuss it with reasonable people.

I get a message whenever posts are made, so if you do make additions into the archives, I will read them. Perhaps we could make open threads and start a fresh dialogue.

If you want to get into contact with me, you can sign up to the forum in my profile. It has private messenger. I actually agree with an internet friend named donkeytale that it's best to not have too much private conversations, but it could be a way for you to submit entries to get their own page. Or if it turns out we are on the same page, and you are a lefty peacenik type, you could be potentially added as a DFQ2 blogger. I'm just trying to stay as close to DFQ's legacy as possible.

So I'm extra careful to leave my chemtrail stuff elsewhere. I am simply amazed how this satanic panic took off back in the day. I had an inkling about it. One couldn't help but hear whispers of a debate between false memories and repressed ones.

One thing leads to another like web surfing in general. I beg of people to check out Andy Stephenson's and Jeff Wells' posting patterns at Democratic Underground. One can easily do that by going to google and typing in and then the search words. Jeff posted as Minstrel Boy.

I think I've figured out internet disinfo. I think it's fairly clear who the major players have been. I'm willing to discuss that with anyone.

My hunch right now is that the Lyndon Larouche people are the ones above obvious fakes such as Mike Rivero, Alex Jones, and Jeff Wells. Jeff is actually fairly toasted at this point. Jones is the only one who seems to be wearing teflon.

My tinfoil hat tells me that the internet is rigged (I actually don't have a tinfoil hat. I use tinfoil to spread out -french- freedom fries and cover leftovers). What I am curious about is whether some of those "survivors" at RI have become brainwashed by Jeff Wells. We don't know for sure but can assume he emails with them in private. If the pyschologists of the satanic panic era were sued for their bad therapy, then perhaps so too should Jeff Wells be taken to justice.

The key is to figure out some of these "survivor" stories. It'd be nice to know who their parents are, where the events happened, and if there was a name for the cult or any newspaper articles to back up their claims. I have a suspicion that what we see at RI is simply more satanic panic. I think some of the posters are pure fakes. However, I believe a few of them might be real people suffering from multiple personality disorder. In short, I believe there are a few real mentally ill people at RI. I just have the sneaking suspicion that their stories have been planted, the same as was done to children at daycare centers back in the day.

I look at Jeff Wells' past writings and his deep ties to Stephenson and convolution, and I can't help but think those two have been some of the nastiest, internet predators of all time. I think there is a good chance that "Jeff Wells" will eventually get exposed and possibly be brought to court. If he is running a cult, then someone would just need to get through to one victim.

Perhaps he has been the Hal Turner of satanic ritual abuse/mind control blogs. That Corydon Hammond and Jackie McGaulvey stuff have been the last straws for me. His posts at DU are very damaging. No one can be that gullible. I think he is a deliberate fake.

socrates said...

Yet again I spelled Jackie McGauley's name wrong. Ugh.

I smell desperation coming out of this specific genre of internet disinfo.

There's a quite long thread going on at Amazon books concerning Nick Bryant's book on the so-called Franklin Scandal. The author of the review is single-handedly fending off losers coming at him from all directions.

Review by Vindalf

Discussion of Wells and his publisher emerges. I see similarities between Kris Millegan of Trine Day and Carol Adler of Dandelion. Ultimately, so many of these internet disinfo peddlers can be linked. Their fallback plan seems to be to critique people as ourselves as being sock puppet trolls, as if there is no true message behind the messengers.

What was striking to me about Jeff Wells' last entry at his blog, something with monkees in the title, is how little talent he has. The guy is pretty much not that different from other tinfoil legends such as Kathaksung or Ted Gunderson. I have never seen a photo of Wells or even proof that he is who he says he is. No real biography.

It used to piss me off to no end that people like this have seemingly had huge followings, how they were in with big names like Andy Stephenson, and protected by the Democratic Underground administrators. Years later, it is really starting to make sense. For example, I now understand why a no-name like Brad Friedman used to get front page status at DU, as if he were a real reporter. The tables were being greased for when Kimberlin would supply him with his first batch of "election integrity" hoaxes. If only this far reaching network of right woos left bullshiters had remembered the first rules of humility and subtlety, they might have gotten away with it. "Jeff Wells" should probably white wall his blog and forum. It's over. He's toast. Hopefully, someone somewhere will figure out who the fock he truly is. Hopefully, this disinfo racket will be exposed to masses of people. I can't believe too many actually fell for it. It's just a lot of tinfoiltainment. Always has been. And we've just never had a legit outlet to speak truth to nonsense.

socrates said...

I'm curious why Larry King didn't fight the civil case brought forth by Bonacchi. I understand why Jeff Wells never points out that it was a default judgement against King. That's because he is a cheater, when it comes to debate. I'm not saying there aren't sincere conspiracy theorists. I just don't buy that Jeff Wells is one of them.

Anonymous said...

A couple of familiar RI "voices" on that Franklin
thread with "Vindalf".

"Light Worker" is obviously "lightingbugout".

And take a look at certain similarities of style
& syntax between Robert P Morrow and a certain
mega-troll oft posting under the name "Eve"
amongst others.

Morrow claims to be a real fucked up anti Clinton
fanatic/Ron Paul supporter in Austin Tex.

While another person with that exact name is
an attorney with two offices in Jacksonville
Florida. "Eve" seems to be a paralegal working
at a law firm Harper Gerlach in Jacksonville.

It is indeed a small world. Related I wonder?

Yr on a roll socrates, keep going--the walls
are crumbling...

socrates said...

Thanks for the post and compliment.

I haven't followed Rigorous Intuition too much. It first came on my radar years ago, when Don Croft's sister Mary K. Music and her husband "Dragon" were posting some of the most ludicrous stuff imaginable. Only recently did I see that Mark K. Music claims to be a victim of MKUltra.

The problem for me is there is no way to discern who is a grifter from who might be the proverbial disinfo writer. If those are grifters, however, I find it hard to believe they are being smart business people. Few and far between are going to buy into that.

Folks will buy tarot cards, ouija boards, and books on astrology, but who is going to pay money for so-called holy mudballs?

One can only imagine who would shell out money in donations to Jeff Wells or buy his books. It looks like he simply copied and pasted his blog entries into his new one. The other day I read a post of his talking about inter-dimensional entities or something. I mean wtf?

Here he has a child abuse victim in Project Willow who only last decade "remembered" being in a government sponsored cult and sold to mind control labs. Some fancy psychologist appears to have been the one to have helped her see the light. How is a child abuse victim with multiple personality disorder being helped by being turned into a conspiracy kook?

That Dr. Corydon Hammond, now wtf was up with his Greenbaum Speech nonsense? Who was this mysterious Jewish doctor who happened to be both a nazi and an MKUltra genius? I mean, Hammond can run, but he certainly can't hide. And now we know of PW's Dr. Routley speaking at mind control/ritual abuse conferences where tinfoil hats are sold at the front counter. I don't really care if he looks like Andy Richter's dad. Why does that creep still have a license? He needs to be investigated by proper authorities.

Listen, one of Obama's advisors came out with a report speaking of the dangers of conspiracy theories and the need for them to be cognitively infiltrated. It's a brilliant paper, despite the man's apparent misappropriation of priorities. Get us out of illegal wars, Mr. Sunstein. How about that?

But it's true. These wild stories are ruining real people. All these folks we have wasted countless hours reading have been literally brainwashed by grifters and disinfo forces lending credibility to hooey.

I worry about Rachel Begley. She has fallen into their trap, imho.

I'm not sure about this et in Arcadia Ego Eve person. I mean, all we really have to go on is the word of dreamsend. There's no way to know whether he is a sincere yet impressionable victim himself or in on it. He actually thought that Duncan and Blake were faking their deaths. That's nuts. And then he had the nerve to delete all his web pages. So there's no way to really see what happened. All we have is heresay.

Dreamsend emailed me after Wells revealed my email address for a short period of time. We were going to work together. But the guy started accusing me of having sock puppets. I don't know about you, but I tend to keep my distance from anyone who is giving out to me with no proof.

Now with that wingnut you mentioned, there was a mainstream news article on him, and he seems to be the proverbial lone nut. It's very difficult to prove things through cybersleuthing. There are always going to be coincidences popping up. The only reason anyone thinks Eve is that parlegal is because Dreamsend says so. And even if it's true, he outed a woman who didn't out herself. Uncool. And it appears that Eve is just another lone wingnut anyway.

You can try to match up semantics between posters. The problem with that is two-fold. One, we are talking anonymous usernames. Two, that is a very difficult thing to prove. Someone could be trying to mimic that username and in effect be merely creating a new rabbit hole.


socrates said...

For those reasons, I shifted a few years back to cybersleuthing primarily on real people, the so-called head of the disinfo octopus.

Nonetheless, I will admit that personally I am into doing the same kind of speculation you are. If we're going to do that, however, we need others to watch our backs. Others we can trust. Trust is a very difficult bond to make on the net. It is the nature of the beast.

Oops, forgot another possiblity for someone like your lightingbugout person. He could also be some childish prankster, into playing mind games. He might even be a sock puppet of Jeff Wells or someone else. We just don't know. Jeff Wells could after all be a sincere kook. Arcadia could be just another lost soul, not paid disinfo.

We definitely now have plenty of examples of real life people who have been damaged by the specific type of tinfoil Wells peddles. What about Diana Napolis? Oh my God. How can anyone feel anything but heartfelt sympathy for the utter confusion she, Project Willow, and many others are experiencing?

I think Andy Stephenson might be the key. But unless some intrepid reporter knows how to figure out who he truly worked for, it's all just speculation. I just have a darn difficult time believing he actually was sincere in his kookiness. I mean, that dude linked to Brice Taylor.

I'm also utterly fascinated by the Aquino-Gunderson divide. They both went on shows like Geraldo and Oprah. Aquino was into both satanism and helped develop psychological operations for military intelligence. Gunderson was a big time FBI dude at the height of Cointelpro.

And how 'bout that News Making News helping out a criminal with his legal proceedings? That's truly a wtf is going on there thingie. I see no advertising revenue from their website. I see them posting Langley's personal information. But then I find myself thinking again of controlled, oppositional scripts. And why didn't Anita Langley change her name, when she married that Bruno dude? It's kind of strange how she was working for Black Op Radio and is related to Michael Riconosciuto through that marriage. And then there are the claims of Riconosciuto having been the Forrest Gump of the Octopus, seemingly everywhere.

Maybe the Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake story is the way to go to get mainstream consciousness into understanding internet convolution. If they were truly being harassed by Scientologists, they would have put up proof of those out of state license plates. From what I've seen from news articles, they were paranoid towards most of their friends. It wasn't isolated hysteria towards things we might want to investigate. Sure, the Cownie-Gaskell-Beck associations are intriguing. But it seems to me those were unfortunate coincidences that helped spur them further into states of suicidal hysteria.

That we now can link News Making News to Reese Jones and subsequently the One Taste cult is another mind bender. That criminal NMN helped and so much seems to be connected to the Bay Area.

There's just too much going on for lurkers and newbies to easily get a grasp on what the few of us sane folks have learned through our own lurking, googling, and reflection.

I think the walls have already crumbled. Hopefully, interested newbies and lurkers take it one creepy story at a time and avoid the tinfoiltainment spam as much as possible. We wouldn't want there to be any more Theresa's and Jeremy's. We also need to let anyone who may be on the edge know that nearly everything they are reading about in these areas is bullshite; That there is a way back to sanity and a healthy mind.

Theresa and Jeremy must have been into some serious drugs. Why else would have Theresa have ever put Jeff Wells on such a pedestal? And apparently Theresa Duncan was Jeremy Blake's ultimate drug. Who could blame him? She was beautiful, smart, talented, and very into making this a better world. Too bad they never learned that fame and fortune isn't the be all end all of a good life.

Anonymous said...

sometimes I wonder if I click on my link to the RI Forum that a blank screen will pop up and say that the board is not available.

Then again the watchers like have having thier place to watch

Anonymous said...

what if somehow ARG's are a back drop for MK Ultra location/tracking/control of victims and assets by keeping them in a constant usable state?.......

I'm sorry but the deeper this story goes the smaller the world the story is coming from becomes and the faces are starting to pop up in too many places to be co inki dinks.

socrates said...

MKUltra as portrayed on RI is a hoax. It could be a honey pot trying to solicit business for exploitative psychologists. I don't know. Maybe Jeff gets a commission for every mentally ill person he refers to knucklehead doctors. I do not take Jeff Wells at his word. Just because someone sounds deluded doesn't mean they are. I don't think Andy Stephenson was sincere in his kookiness. It's an enigma to get to the bottom of it all. Like I said before, I'm not big into reading that forum. But I do admit having kept an eye on it more lately.

I'm sure it's not run by the proverbial them. Or if so, it's about some very goofy psyop. I'm sure none of the posters are actual victims of MKUltra or govt. sponsored ritual abuse cults. I think any real victims posting there are double victims, I do believe Project Willow, for example, was a victim of child abuse. However, based on her own words, it wasn't until she got messed with by these people along with doctors preying on her, that she started "realising" she'd been sent to mind control labs. Come on. Get real.

As for the connection to alternative reality games, that too has been all fiction. It has nothing to do with anything. It is a waste of anyone's time to go down that route.

Anything that can't be confirmed has to be seen as dubious at best. People need to stop thinking like stereotypical conspiracy theorists. That's the lesson of Theresa Duncan. She let her imagination get the better of herself. If only someone had gotten through to her, before it was too late and showed her how the likes of Andy Stephenson and Jeff Wells are facilitators of fiction. So if we're talking about args, there they are.

I bet any true MKUltra victim is like a Vietnam vet and doesn't talk about what went on. Plus, those folks must be getting up there in age. I think the shelf life on this crap has run its course. Gunderson must be nearing 80. Jackie McGauley and Jeff Wells can continue to piss into the wind all they want. It's just splashing back on them at this point.

socrates said...

The dramatics continue at RI.

I'd just like to point out that it was myself who tipped Desertfae off that Jeff Wells was disinfo and in cahoots with NMN.

I had the longest threads and views at her website. She moved each of them and others into a private area. One of them was on exposing RI.

Then one day she said whatever someone posts elsewehere is their own business. So I admitted that I had written a blog entry here critical of Anita Langley. She ripped into me, while putting a gag order on any response. So I quit her forum. That's when she banned me. You can't quit, bcause you're fired!

In one of those threads, dreamsend accused me of sock puppetry. That's when I gave up on him. In light of his cryptic posting patterns, crazy theories, unproven allegations, and the white walling of his previous blogs, I don't trust him. By the way, I've never posted at the Kid Kenoma blog, despite one entry from crack and sack or something sounding like me. I informed Dreamsend it wasn't, but he never went back and stuck up for my reputation. Instead there's a post there saying Arcadia should give me a tattoo on my chest or something stupid like that.

Anonymous said... Jeff, MK Ultra, ARG......all of it is a red herring....I can see that......BUT


A sick Joke? A game? Just a couple of sick folks fucking with people?

To me, the level of subterfuge and espionage that is taking place really screams, at least on some level, a coordinated effort to serve at least some kind of purpose........

socrates said...

I definitely hear you. Nonetheless, there are a bunch of obstacles curious people like ourselves are facing.

1) proof
2) plausible deniability

A guy like Hal Turner has been thoroughly busted for working for the FBI. Hello internet cointelpro. However, a great find like that proving parts of the internet are rigged can become obfuscated by going overboard with other topics.

I've gotten stereotyped elsewhere for being an unhinged, conspiracy theorist. I do think the internet is being gamed. But the extent of it is hard to put in perspective. Cuckoo bananas conspiracy theorists do exist. Just look at the sad case of Diana Napolis.

Because of plausible deniability, it becomes reckless to accuse people of being this or that. Of course such folks are intelligence akin to Turner, grifters, or plain old nuts. I've come forward with my opinion, for example, that Wells and Stephenson have not been sincere in their kookiness. But can it be proven? I don't know. I'm not into chasing shadows.

As for any sadistic parlor games going on concerning backwash websites, there's always the capacity for one to ignore it. I'm sorry I don't have all the answers. I've been messed with a lot over the last couple years. My opinion is that it has gone beyond basic mind game pranks. But I'm not going to go into that on this blog. I've put up too many quality posts, and DFQ2 was named in honour of someone I truly respected. So I'm trying to go the straight and narrow here as much as possible.

If you want to get more into this kind of stuff, it would be easier if you signed up to the Aircraft Wings forum. You can find that url in my profile. The structure of blogspot is much more restrictive than old-school forum formats.

At the forum, it'd be easier to maintain the kind of dialogue we have going here. I'm assuming you have made each anonymous post on this one, but there's no way to know for sure.

I don't mind some off-topic stuff, but I'd rather the comments here at DFQ2 be as on-topic as possible. Also, I'd appreciate it if you could limit cursing. It can turn off some folks and set a bad example for young people. Thanks.