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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Historic Troll Ormond Otvos

I've made some mistakes as a blogger. I thought donkeytale, for example, was a historic troll. Fortunately, everything eventually comes out in the wash, and it turns out that dude is a good jake.

I have no qualms calling out Ormond Otvos as being a historic troll. I believe no wash cycle will lead me to retracting such an idea. Who is Ormond Otvos? Here he is. Feel free to cover your eyes.

He looks kind of similar to another internet disinfo writer named Lyndon LaRouche. Perhaps they are related? (I know, more than likely not, just trying to be entertaining before getting to the good stuff.)

Hey Lyndon, you ever hear of toothpaste or think of capping those teeth?

Uhm, here's an off-topic digression. That picture of LaRouche came courtesy of this link. For those of you who have been following my meanderings covering the satanic panic, this is for you.

From his 1989 pamphlet Is Satan in Your Schoolyard?
Put the pieces together. First, the creative capacities of the nation’s youth — truly their most precious possession — are destroyed by drugs. Next, the sexual identities of millions of Americans are thrown topsy turvy by a culture that extols the virtues of homosexuality. And finally, Satanism, the worship of Evil, emerges as a new religion.

Let's get back to Ormond. There's one other person I think he may be related to. If so, the irony couldn't be any more delicious. Is atheist Ormond Othos related to Kris Kringle?

Thank you for that image of Santa Claus.

Most of my best trollbusting has happened after insidious internet personalities have gotten in my face. Recently Otvos decided to start attacking me. I'd known about him for about a year. For the most part, I found him to be one of the most boring bloggers of all time. So I tended to ignore his blatherings. Thus, until the last few days, I didn't realise how of an outrageous presence he's had as a blogger. Now I do.

As I've said before, it is near impossible to tell the difference between an unpaid useful idiot and paid disinfo. Unless paystubs emerge as in the case of Hal Turner, we can only guess based on circumstantial evidence. Another historic troll named DavidByron recently came out with an agent provocateur styled statement of the need for aiming higher with violence. Anyone promoting the use of violence as a means of social protest, as Hal Turner did, should be a prime candidate for suspicions of one being in a paid position to essentially "draw out the crazies."

Otvos messed up in this precise fashion the other day. He has posted that he believes the action taken by the man who recently flew a plane into the IRS building was heroic. That's not cool, Mr. Otvos.

I'm not saying for sure that Otvos is an agent provocateur. However, I believe that statement above is the kind that one of those would make.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's travel back in time to 1967 courtesy of the google news archives.

Hmmm, it's 1967, and self-described hippies are downplaying the use of civil disobedience or demonstrations as they put it. Isn't that special?

Sounds good on paper.

Wow. 1967 was during the time we were quagmired in that disgusting Vietnam War, and the Civil Rights Movement was flourishing. Yet, the Hippie Mission felt dispensing drug info was the #1 priority.

Wow again. Otvos didn't think the Vietnam War was a war. He wasn't a part of the anti-war peace movement. He wasn't into demonstrating. Does this make any sense?

Predictably, about eight months later the Hippie Mission closed shop.

Ugh. The Hippie Mission "attracted a few regulars, mostly semi-homeless teen-agers... The mission was "home" to to half a dozen boys and girls who slept on the bare floor or in lumpy chairs." Otvos was 26 at the time. Kind of sounds creepy.

Perhaps one of the reasons Otvos wasn't part of the growing anti-war movement was the influence his dad had on him. According to Ormond (on the Cuban Missile Crisis),

At the time there were enough Soviet Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles to smash the entire USA, on four-hour alert. My father, Master Chief Albert Otvos, who'd been recalled from recent retirement, was leading chief at Boca Chica Naval Air Station near Key West, called me in San Francisco and scared the shit out of me, saying it looked like the Marines were going in. At the time there were 40,000 Russian troops in Cuba, with tactical nuclear weapons, Soviet submarines with nuclear torpedoes near US carriers...

One could literally fill hundreds of pages worth of Otvos quotes displaying his anti-semitism, Holocaust revisionism, promotion of eugenics, and even some blatant racism. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. Such info is easily accessible on the internet. I will post some of it.

The definition of a Jew moved long ago from the Jews to the wider world.

That's why it's a bad thing to keep giving lip service to.

Jewishness is used by bad people to reinforce their own self-imposed apartheid. link

Is anti-Semitism real, or propaganda? ...
Perhaps the Jews were used as the spearpoint for the effort not so much as Jews, but as an easily identifiable rogue culture that insisted on its apartness from the general society. Yes, there were more Jews killed than other individual and less outstanding groups, but all the groups were distinguishable. It seems more an argument for the benefits of assimilation and socialization into the larger and more dominant society than a particular attack on Jews...
Is anti-Semitism an expression of the problems of polymorphous perversity in the sense Herbert Marcuse used it as deriving pleasure from being outside normative behavior? What's the kink about being different? Does it get you high to be persecuted, make you feel special enough for the pain of societal exclusion? Or do you have to be taught that the pain makes you special, and special is good? ...
Genocide is just cheap labeling for political correctness. link

JEWJITSU, or the Pitiful Killers.
...Why is this particular small tribe so good at getting us to pay attention to their unremarkable woes? (At this point, if you're normal, you should think of the HOLOCAUST, maybe you're even trained to have SHOAH come blinking up your vision. You should be quivering with anger that anyone could be so cruel and heartless and ahistorical as to ignore and demean the horrible suffering of the people who ran afoul of the German ideological tendencies.)

Hungary gets stomped regularly. Don't even think about the Sahel. Vietnam is still filled with land mines. Chechnya, too, had its hour of blood. But Israel goes on and on and on, the tireless meme.

Let's look at that meme, and see if we can figure out why it's so key. I think there are two aspects to consider, you may think of more. If you are able to think about I/P at all.

The facts aren't even undisputed, after sixty years, or six thousand, if you are too close to the meme. link

Israel is an infected splinter in the umma, according to a LOT of people who are of a religious and suicidal bent... I'm not selling anything, mplo, I'm describing a situation that you can't bring yourself to see.

You're not alone. You're surrounded by people taken in by victimology of all sorts. Whining is the new character reference, and you're validating it. link

Ormond Otvos doesn't consider himself a Holocaust denier. Yet, he does question the number of Jews killed. That is a form of Holocaust denial. Above, one can see how he said the numbers are disputed. Later on he added this.

I don't deny the Shoah. I do think it's overblown due to a very specifically directed campaign. link

Is Ormond Otvos a Holocaust denier? I think so. I believe anyone who questions the numbers is one indeed. A form of denier will claim to believe in the Shoah. They tend to never provide an opinion of how many Jews they believe were actually killed by the Nazis. Perhaps if such people stuck to the argument that Israel often uses the Holocaust to serve current politics, they might have a point. However, Holocaust deniers or minimisers are actually the Palestinians' worst enemies by provding cover for Israeli transgressions. It's ridiculous for anyone to claim not to be anti-semitic or a Holocaust denier while arguing Israel's existence is based on a hoax or overblown account of the Nazi's "final soulution." Two-thirds of European Jews were murdered, and that was ample justification for creating the state of Israel. Do the Palestinians deserve their own homeland too? Of course.

How is Ormond Otvos not a form of Holocaust denier?

I'm not a fan of the Daily Kos, but more proof can be read there showing that Ormond Otvos has been a historic troll. One can check it out for him or herself or take a look at the examples I will now provide.

Hmmm. I see one diary of his titled, "Ron Paul Crushes Timmeh!" Talk about right woos left and shades of Pinche Tejano.

Another one he wrote was, "Demographics: What's Your IQ? (POLL)." He wrote, "...I suspect that if each person reading this clicked the appropriate poll button, it would confirm my suspicion that the level of raw thinking power around here is exceptional." This guy has to be one of the most self-absorbed know-it-alls in blogging history.

In "Moron blogger tarnishes self...," Otvos correctly pointed out that Kos is a moron. However, I'm not quite sure why he was so offended by Kos calling Republicans morons. Maybe I missed it, but has Otvos ever spoken out against Moulitsas' love for the CIA? Ormond took the time out to warn Francis Holland about his promoting of Hillary Clinton at DKos, but I can't seem to locate any critique by Otvos against Kos' describing the CIA as, "a liberal institution with its heart in the right place."

From: Ormond Otvos
To: Francis Holland
Monday, December 4, 2006

Interesting exchange. I've followed a few like this.

Do you think you're damaging Hillary, [yet]?

If you don't care, the project collapses, making you look like a Republican agent.

I've changed the tags three times already. You're stirring things up too much. I suspect banning will occur at this point.


That sounds like agent provocateur rubbish to me. WTF?

In this DKos diary, Ormond showed a definite pro-military slant. (excerpt)

Optimizing Our Anti-Jihad Military
I want to talk about reasons for expanding OR changing the job of the military.

Perhaps the least discussed idea on DK is that we live in a world that requires that the US needs a military, and that the future will require a different military makeup AND mission than before, and that it is no small thing to change such a massive institution.

How do we rework the military to counter the religious fundamentalist threat?

Turn on your TV. Where do those thousands of raving lunatics come from, to staff the cartoon riots, the Iraq riots, the anything-anyone-does to offend Islam riots?

So we see Otvos promoting the military. His dad was a bigwig in the Navy. With his Hippie Mission, he downplayed the Vietnam War, dismissed the idea of protesting, and concentrated his "movement" on dispensing information on drugs, all the while generating a small following of semi-homeless teenagers. Here we see that he was calling for either an increase in military spending or a new focus on the perceived post-Cold War threat of radical Islam. We're supposed to believe that Otvos is a real progressive?

In this diary, one can clearly see that Otvos believes some deaths from war can be seen as good things. That's not surprising to anyone who has heard his take on eugenics. While Lord DavidByron is fixated on the evils of feminism, Otvos is fixated on the evils of overpopulation.

Dawkins, Darwin, Theocide, Withdrawal
SOME SAY that if we withdraw from Iraq, it will collapse in a bloody religious sectarian tribal genocide, and become a failed Taliban/Al Quaeda state.

SOME SAY that Iraq will self-stabilize if we withdraw, and turn against Al-Qaeda and drive all foreign elements out of the country in a paroxysm of newly found national pride.

The guarantee behind both statements seems to be certainty that the behavior of religion in an overstressed society is predictable. I find that a foolish notion.

However, I can see some good in all this, on a planetary scale. If there is a huge massacre, it will occur amongst the religious, whose accidental rendings of the precious fabric of society are getting very annoying and dangerous to world peace.

One reason I think Otvos might have been a plant all these years is based on his last blog entry made at DKos which led to the banhammer.

At that point, he was already posting at Peeder's Political Flesh Feast. I didn't become aware of PFF, until after it had been whitewalled. From some minimal cybersleuthing, I was able to see that Joo haters such as Otvos and Denali had triggered Peeder into closing shop. Peeder was Kos' main tech geek who eventually had come to terms with the undemocratic nature of DKos' rating software. He did blog a fair bit at Maryscott O'Connor's MyLeftWing. When MSOC shite the bed through banning Francis Holland while simultaneously supporting someone now known as ThereIsNoRape, Peeder started PFF. It was a noble effort. However, when the Joo haters became too much for even him to handle, that was the end to an experiment promoting a free speech forum with relatively few if any bannings.

Part of the problem with DKos is that censorship takes the form of comments being hidden. That's no problem for "trusted users" with access to such posts. However, common slobs including myself have no way of knowing wtf has truly been going on at DKos over the years. Unless someone copies and pastes hidden comments, much of DKos has consisted of the cyber equivalent of book burning. Or think of this as the on-line form of a scrub brush.

Thankfully, some of the most vile postings made by Otvos displaying his inner ugliness have been reposted for all to see.

If Jews wish to wallow in their horrible history, I suppose they should be willing to accept the fact that it reminds people who to hate. Just like the colored, a term I much prefer to black.

I'm resistant to purposeful warping of perfectly good language terms in order to pick at old scabs. Comes a time, as Bill Cosby says, to just live your good values.

Never again? Palestine is a repeat of the ghetto. It doesn't work. Israel should revive that great old term "The Final Solution" for the Palestinian Problem.

I would have preferred that Jews just keep being part of the society they find themselves in. The ahistorical paranoia about antisemitism is absolutely parallel to me with the victim mentality of the dark-skinned segment of American society.


Maybe Jews tend to get too interested in controversy, and not enough in diplomacy. Could be cultural. You think Jews have a cultural bias toward controversy, dialectic, abstraction, nit-picking of the infuriating sort? I do. I think it comes from the school style.

So one can now see that not only is Ormond Otvos a Jew hater, he is racist against African-Americans. Is Ormond Otvos THE historic troll?

Here's some more. Maybe Otvos is related to Lyndon LaRouche, at least in regards to some of his ideology. Check out his Joos control America spin.

In Long view of history: Jews as Eminence Grise, ormondotvos writes:

* "Those who control the memes, control the voting, which still controls the country. I wonder if the AIPAC conglomerate is willing (I'm sure it's been discussed) to allow the USA to become more of an imperialist thug state than it is now. Currently we only oppress blacks and Indians, but I'm sure Mexicans and anti-Zionist liberals could be added to the list, although I'm sure they'd be labeled as "security problems", a handy phrase in all power grabs."

* "I'm all in favor of intellectual selection eugenicsof the "Why don't you marry a nice doctor or lawyer?" type. I just differ with the essential workability of roadblocks, starvation, and ghettos as a means to stabilize the world, or any small part of it."

That's classic right woos left stuff, period. Here was Otvos' response. This says it all.

My email is posted. Questions gladly answered.

Off subject jackasses like yourself are the bubonic plague of this site.

Take your narrow-minded intellectually cowardly trolling elsewhere.

Those comments were trolled out. Now you want to bring them up here to try to foul a different discussion.

Drop dead.

So Otvos was admitting he made troll comments. That sounds similar to what Hal Turner was spinning as his defense for agent provocateur styled writings made at his own blog. Perhaps Otvos was at the same FBI training seminar as Big Hal? Has Otvos been trying to "draw out the crazies?"

I apologise for this diary of mine going well beyond how long I originally expected it to. I'll wrap this up with one more screenshot and a link. I'm curious why Ormond Otvos has been supporting Wikipedia. The following was his signature for quite a while.

There's no way for me to prove the following. I sense that Otvos is on friendly terms with Jimmy Wales, the man who owns Wikipedia. I've no proof, just a feeling in my gut that goes beyond the raisin bagel with cream cheese digesting. Jimmy Wales can be tied to a Mr. Reese Jones, whose girlfriend runs One Taste in the San Francisco area. For those unaware of that alleged cult, here's an interesting thread from the Rick Ross website. Later on it gets into the Reese Jones-Jimmy Wales connection. The funny thing is there is a website called which has been shown to be owned by that same person, the man who started Netopia. If you go to the url, it will take you to a disinfo website called News Making News.

Some Thoughts and an Open Thread

There's always the risk of starting open threads on a small blog like this one. It could either get no responses or those from folks who like to troll me. One bugger keeps dropping down spam saying I'm Jay Reynolds. Jay's a right wing "chemtrail" debunker who used to work side by side with well-known conspiracy theory jackass William Cooper. Cooper's the one who said the limo driver killed JFK. No, I'm not Jay Reynolds. I don't even like that person. I left one post by the troll stating we are the same dude, but that's gonna be it. I'm not into censorship. Nonetheless, I do delete some posts if they have a spam like feel to them. I don't suffer fools. If there's an entertainment value to the posts, their posts are more likely to remain. Of course, posts left by good people are always welcomed.

My next entry will be on a historic troll named Ormond Otvos. I've got my links and screenshots lined up and am just letting them brew Hemingway style.

Oh yeah, Doug Mesner has informed me that he is not a member of the Process Church. So for all you satanic panic chumps out there, that avenue will lead to a brick wall.

Uhm, I've just made a couple posts at Stephen Gowans' website. If anyone's interested, they can go here.

UPDATE: Gowans has deleted all three of our posts, two made by myself with a response from him in between. I don't think my second post was ever published. I took a screenshot of the first one. I tried to find his response through google cache but received a message saying it's too large to upload. Thus, I have no copy of Gowans' response. Basically, going by memory here, he said that it seemed that President Ahmadinejad of Iran wasn't so much of a Holocaust denier, that he was more a critic of Israel's alleged exploiting of it for her own political gain. He also asked me to direct him to a link showing that he is a Holocaust denier. The second of my posts can be read below this update. I guess my response to his post made too much sense and out came the scrub brush. How is Stephen Gowans not an intellectual coward?

(end of update)

He published the first one. The second is in moderation. I'll post that now. I think it'll be published, but here it is for the heck of it. By the way, I thought Gowans was from Canada, but his time stamps look to be out of the England area, five hours ahead of the East Coast, America.

Mr. Gowans, thanks for publishing my post and responding.

Like yourself, I know time is limited, and we like to do our own things. That said, I’m not going to do your homework for you. Questioning whether the Holocaust ever happened or even the numbers killed are forms of Holocaust denial. There’s tons of proof that a plan was put into motion by the Nazis, and approximately six million Jewish people were murdered. Two-thirds of the European Jews were killed. I guess you missed what’shisname’s contribution to a Tehran conference titled, “Holocaust? A Sacred Lie by the West.”

Here’s a hint. Google that dude’s name (I refuse to try to spell it p:>) and holocaust denial and knock yourself silly.

You are a scholar. How many Jews do you think were killed in the Holocaust?

I don’t understand your analogy to George Bush. He was clearly a moron and war criminal. Anyway, there’s a big difference between someone being a moron and a Holocaust denier.

I’m saying that things are complex. That doesn’t mean we the people can’t come to a consensus. This could also be all about a matter of perspective. I see an internet being corrupted by propaganda put out by the likes of Michael Rivero, Willis Carto, and many others promoting the view of a Jooish World Order. Holocaust denial or “questioning” as you phrase it is a big chunk of their schticks. I’m actually trying to watch your back.

I am no expert on Iran, and subsequently you could very well be providing some of the best info available in regards to the nuclear weapons angle and US attempts at promoting kinder and gentler imperialism. In my gut however, I don’t think the social reality is cut and dried. I do feel an organic social movement has formed in Iran to fight the theocracy. I also do not doubt that those US ngo’s with ties to Ackerman and Woolsey for example are trying to manipulate that process.

I came across your work a few months back, when the whole Ackerman-Giordano link started to emerge. It’s been quite humorous to read of the recent uprising of students and professors at Giordano’s School of Authentic Journalism. A few of us nobodies warned Big Al that his conflicts of interest were gonna come back to bite him in the arse, if he didn’t cut the cord with the ICNC. He made some hypocritical statements at my humble blog which do not line up with what he is now purporting. E.G., he made it seem that his school was merely receiving a small donation from Ackerman along with some pamphlets, supplies, and whatnot. He never mentioned that DuVall and three others were on his faculty.

Anyway, sorry if I worded my previous post badly. I didn’t mean to say you are in bed with Holocaust deniers, but rather you should be careful of that taking place wittingly or not. Otherwise, in a way, you will end up making a similar mistake to Giordano’s. As for George Salzman, he appears to be getting a bit too creepy in calling Israeli’s nazis. The best way to help out the Palestinian people, imho, would be to avoid such polarising language. It may suit folks to concentrate on Venezuela and even Iran for examplea in studying the so-called coloured revolutions. Nonetheless, I see two basic truths concerning the troubles in the Middle East. The Holocaust truly happened. The Palestinianians also have been victimised by asymetrical warfare. The best bet for peace there would be to avoid polarising arguments from both sides. Think of that Chinese finger hold thingie. The more one tries to escape, the firmer the thing clamps onto our fingers. The more people question the Holocaust, the easier it is for the Israeli government to thwart Palestinian aspirations for independence. The more Israelis are demonized, the more likely terrorist acts will take place against Israel. I do believe peace and justice can eventually come to fruition, if such nuances are comprehended.Thanks again. Take care.

p.s. I am willing to marry Eva Golinger no questions asked. I like her style.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Al Giordano of Narco News P*wned!

(Hat Tip to Stu Piddy)

Those new to this story should first read the following threads. The first one had 117 commments with many coming from Big Al Giordano himself.

Fake Peace Activism Tied To The Military and CIA

Al Giordano of Narco News may have a Credibility Problem

Now fast forward to this month. 22 students and professors from his School of Authentic Journalism have presented a formal grievance letter to the ICNC because it maintains a strong influence on that journalism school. Here it can be found along with Big Al's response.

Open Letter to the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC)

We the undersigned, students and professors of the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism, want to reaffirm our support for the Narco News School of Authentic Journalism, its objectives, content and principles. We express our gratitude to all who have made this gathering possible.

However, we direct this letter to express our concern about the public confirmation of the training of Venezuelan groups in civil resistance in the city of Boston in 2005 by the ICNC. Mr. Jack Duvall, president of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), confirmed this fact for us on February 9, 2010, which we publicly condemn and denounce here.

We know that some destabilizing actions in Latin American countries have received support from organizations originating in and/or financed from the United States. For this reason, we ask that ICNC answer the following questions:

1. Who were the participants in this meeting? How many were present? Where were they from? How were they chosen?
2. If, on any other occasion, the ICNC has given support other organizations in or from Venezuela;
3. Have any of the participants that attended the 2005 Boston meeting attended any other event financed by ICNC? Are any of these participants still related, directly or indirectly, to the ICNC?
4. What was the meeting's content?
5. Who initiated the contact between the Albert Einstein Institute and ICNC?
6. What relationship did the ICNC have with the Albert Einstein Institute in 2005, at the time of this meeting, and what relationship do they have now?
7. What is the relationship between Jack Duvall, Peter Ackerman and James Woolsey?
8. What is the relationship between Freedom House, the Albert Einstein Institute and ICNC?
9. What are the criteria used by ICNC to determine whether a group will receive financing or not?

We respectfully request:

1. That the ICNC respond as quickly as possible to the aforementioned concerns;
2. That the ICNC publicly state its current position concerning the aforementioned training in 2005.

In closing, we express our support for the construction and defense of authentic journalism, free of any professional obligations beyond the economic support that the school has already received, and we publicly denounce any attempt to link us to the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict and its objectives.


Amanda Huerta Morán (Venezuela)
Maylin Alonso (Cuba)
Lourdes Zuazo (Argentina)
Paloma Garcia (Argentina)
Geovani Montalvo (El Salvador)
Sunny Angulo (United States)
Wendy Martinez (Honduras)
Noah Friedman–Rudovsky (United States)
Greg Berger (United States) (Note: I do not adhere to the final paragraph)
Marianne Simons (Brazil)
Marine Lorman (France)
Natalia Viana (Brazil) (Note: I do not adhere to the final paragraph)
Karina Gonzalex (Mexico)
Jesee Freston (Canada)
Ter Garcia (Spain)
Sandra Cuffe (Canada)
Kaelyn Fonde (United States)
Anne Vigna (France)
Charles Hardy (United States)
Omar Vera (Colombia)
Jean Friedman-Rudovsky (United States)
Jill Freidberg (United States)

The chickens have come home to roost for Al Giordano. I will now post some excerpts from his response and compare them to comments he made on the big thread here. You got some 'splainin to do Lucy, laughing the fock out loud.

Al Now Versus Al Then

Now: Each of the signers of the letter agreed to participate in the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism with the full knowledge that the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) had donated significant funding and that some of its staff and associates would be professors at the School. This was fully disclosed in the announcements last September of the School, its faculty and application process. Nobody can fairly claim to have been surprised by that fact. All wanted to attend the School with full knowledge that there were professors from that organization who should have been considered equal participants as anyone else.

A majority of the signers, additionally, accepted funding for their airplane tickets to and from Mexico to attend the school that, as they knew in advance, was in part provided by ICNC. Five of the signers contributed $250 apiece toward their room and board at the School (less than half of the actual costs of feeding and lodging them) and the rest enjoyed ten days and nights as guests of the School fully subsidized by funds that in part came from ICNC.

Then (Dec. 2009): If Moulitsas or if ICNC or if anyone else develops coherent books or videos or other tools that help do that, I will use them... Most of Narco News funding comes from small donors. We have also received - and told the whole world about it - a $20,000 contribution from the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC)...

Now: Had this letter not contained the final paragraph – about which two of the signers expressed their non-adherence – which “publicly denounces” something that does not exist (“any attempt to link” the signers to an organization that contributed to the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism), I might have signed the letter, too.

Then: ICNC produces books, videos and other materials, about strategic nonviolence - a subject that has long been a very public interest of mine since decades before I knew there was an ICNC. I have read and watched a number of them. I like their materials and I like their work. I think its useful... Now, there are some - not many, but a few - who have distorted a few "factoids," called them "fact," and have attempted to create a narrative in which ICNC, because less than one percent of its materials and work have been received by some fairly inconsequential (in Venezuelan reality) groups or individuals who are anti-democracy and bent on their goal of toppling the democratically elected Chávez, that therefore - in their over-zeal to create a certain story line - have portrayed ICNC as an organization that wants to topple Chávez.

If I thought it was dedicated to that, you're right that I wouldn't accept its contributions...

Basically, the Al Giordano who showed up on this humble blog a few months ago was singing a much different tune than he is now. Back then he was making it seem that the ICNC was a small donor financially and also offered written materials. Now we see Al admitting that the ICNC has made substantial donations and even has members on the School of Authentic Journalism's staff. I don't recall him ever fessing up to any of that back in December.

Here are some more quotes from Al's visit in December 2009. Ask yourselves how they line up with what he is admitting to now.

In your dark and bizarre paranoia you seem to think being funded with a modest $20,000 contribution through The Fund for Authentic Journalism from an organization (ICNC) that is funded by someone who *used to* be part of Freedom House (but is no more) makes me, by third degree of separation, one and the same with Freedom House...

The entire (false) claim that ICNC has engaged in any efforts to destabilize Venezuela is based on that thin gruel: second-hand support for a workshop in the USA by a different organization...

For that last bit, he said that the ICNC has not been involved in efforts to destabilise Venezuela. But now he is saying he agrees with this:

However, we direct this letter to express our concern about the public confirmation of the training of Venezuelan groups in civil resistance in the city of Boston in 2005 by the ICNC. Mr. Jack Duvall, president of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), confirmed this fact for us on February 9, 2010, which we publicly condemn and denounce here.

We know that some destabilizing actions in Latin American countries have received support from organizations originating in and/or financed from the United States. For this reason, we ask that ICNC answer the following questions: ...

As that prosecutor dude from Law and Order would ask, "Were you lying then or are you lying now?"

Back then: What you're really upset about, it seems, is your claim that by accepting a modest contribution we are giving credibility to the donor.

Now: Each of the signers of the letter agreed to participate in the 2010 School of Authentic Journalism with the full knowledge that the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) had donated significant funding and that some of its staff and associates would be professors at the School.

This letter came to my attention through the posting of it by a small time blogger. I will not link to him, because he tends to serve as a strawman making many mistakes willingly or not. I will give that blogger credit for another idea, as long as it's true. Apparently this grievance letter is not so easy to find. It isn't exactly being made too public. Sure, it is now in the public domain. However, it doesn't appear to be highly visible. I have humbly tried here to added some extra exposure to it. Folks need to know of Al Giordano's deep ties to ICNC and subsequently to those other groups.

Al calls this McCarthyite smears by association. A good analogy, however, would be for anyone to argue that Alex Jones and Mike Rivero aren't Holocaust deniers, Joo haters, and right woos left progandists. Rivero has published and linked to such cretins as Curtis Maynard and Jeff Rense. While Alex Jones may be very effective in not going near Holocaust denial and overt Jooo hate, nonetheless, Michael Rivero is a prominent feature of his kooky radio show. Or look at how Larisa Alexandrovna has tried to separate herself from Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin.

In a way, Al Giordano is not much different an obfuscator from those few examples. He has tried to minimise his close ties to the ICNC, but as this recent episode has shown, he has truly been p*wned. Back in December he spewed about the ICNC having made a modest donation along with some written supplies. Now we see that he admits, "the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC) had donated significant funding and that some of its staff and associates would be professors at the School. This was fully disclosed in the announcements last September of the School, its faculty and application process." Hmmm. So why was Big Al singing a different tune here in December, when the truth of the matter had already been revealed elsewhere in September?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Lord of Last Names

The_Last_Name_Left has come up with another good find. You can read about this at his entry titled Rivero Promoting (another) Scammer.

Here's an excerpt.

We shared a good chuckle over the Earl of Stirling Breath. I dubbed TLNL the Lord of Last Names. He took it a step farther and produced one of the funniest blog banners I've ever seen. I had to take a screen shot.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can Kathleen Sullivan Be Saved?

On the Not Believable blog entry, Kathleen Sullivan arrived in the comments. I then went googling. In short, a few finds have inspired me to make another blog entry related to the satanic panic.

Can Kathleen be helped? I'm not so sure. She is as deluded as anyone I've ever heard about through the internet. I've asked her some direct questions. I doubt she'll stick around to answer them. I basically would like to know when she became aware of her alleged past, who was involved, from the cult to her therapists, that sort of stuff.

Let's take a looksie at some of her claims.

I've been tracking Michael Jackson via the news for about 10 years now. For reasons I will not get into in a public forum, I can state that I have absolutely no doubt that he's an MK-ULTRA variety slave, possibly introduced by his father into their bizarre "system" of spooks, commercialized pedophilia and more.

"My father introduced me to organized criminal pedophilia from early childhood on. Like Michael, I developed many altered states of consciousness to cope with the horrors I experienced and encountered. "I also have no doubt that he would have been terribly abused as a child, even if he hadn't "allegedly" been given to others as a child to sexually service them. There's no other explanation for his obsession with being with children, in public and privately - especially in bed!

In the earlier part of my recovery, many flashes and pieces of memory emerged that I believed must have come from my imagination, or perhaps from old movies. This belief came from my need to protect myself from emerging awarenesses that were still too upsetting. I mentally put such memories “on the shelf” and did not make a judgment about them one way or the other. Since I began my recovery in 1989, I’ve been amazed at how many of those “shelved” memories have been verified – in any number of practical ways....

I met an outspoken government mind control survivor, Cathy O'Brien, whose common-law husband advised me to read some materials that Cathy had written about her experiences. I only read one of those articles, in which she had written about a bizarre, very specific sexual act that she had allegedly performed for a certain politician. Although I had independently been remembering that same politician, I still had blank spots in my memory concerning him. Because of this, I inadvertently adopted some of the details of Cathy's story and ended up with a garbled memory about an encounter with the politician that never felt real. Unfortunately the details of her story were so mixed up with an emerging memory of the politician that I still am unable to separate them back out. I call this a “memory scramble." Like scrambling two eggs together, it is nearly impossible, once the amnesic gap is filled with external information, to "unscramble" the pure memory from the gap filler....

My personal belief, based on information I have received from several private investigators, is that the CIA and other intelligence agencies have worked hand-in-hand with NASA, and some of its employees and departments, to further mind-control experimentation. Although some of NASA’s programs are certainly legitimate, including space exploration, I believe that NASA is involved in much more than that, and that NASA has been used to hide certain activities within its own organizational borders. I believe this has been a shell game, in that - when the CIA was investigated – certain records and activities were simply moved to a cooperative sister agency, which enabled CIA spokespersons to speak truthfully when they claimed that the MKULTRA type experiments had been discontinued! As one spook, who confirmed my theory, would often say: same old same old....

1. One of my black op handlers was a PsyOps expert/lawsuit-happy “Satanist”/flaming pedophile mentioned in the book. That person later participated in revictimizing and terrorizing me during a group assault in 1997, after I had gone public during an interview as part of the CKLN radio series on mind control.

2. Although I have no memory of ever going to Boys Town, my maternal grandfather, who claimed to be OSS/CIA and was instrumental in involving me as a child in MKULTRA and beyond, took his annual “vacations” at Boys Town and often sent donations to them. I always thought it was strange that he went there for vacation; and I especially thought it strange that he sent them money, given that he was a very stingy and selfish man. Knowing what I know now, it makes sense - he was a pedophile.

3. A certain former, very high-ranking politician who also was connected in the past to the CIA was one of my primary “owners.” I performed a number of illegal activities for him, including assassinations. I also unfortunately couriered children, by air, to D.C. so that he could have at them. The children were instructed to call me “Aunt.” That politician was also a flaming pedophile and probably still is. It is definitely not in my best interest to publicly name him during this current political climate. Although he now keeps a lower profile, I still consider him to be an extremely dangerous.

4. I met and had some dealings with two former CIA Directors mentioned in the book. One Director was total pond scum. An especially secretive pedophile, he personally “gave” me as a “butterfly” for #3’s “collection” when I was an older teenager (this was probably an allusion to the code name for their mind-control slavery operation, “Project Monarch”) The other Director was refreshingly honest and I sincerely admired him. Although he knew what was going on, but never seemed happy about it. Unfortunately, he was later terminated....

6. I was introduced to another very high-ranking politician who was mentioned in the book, albeit not as a perpetrator. The person who presented my free services to that man, who had just entered office, was a very corrupt, former high-ranking politician. The potential recipient had the moral rectitude to reject my services as a free assassin, but appeared to be compromised later by another sent-in slave whose training was more to his tastes.

7. My father, who was my primary mental programmer and tormentor, was big into the teachings and practices of Aleister Crowley. Dad incorporated them into his extremely gory, murderous occult rituals – particularly in the 60’s....

Having been tortured and much more for decades by numerous sadistic individuals who have worked for and/or have been contracted by certain U.S. government agencies, I have had to work very hard not paint our entire federal government with a broad black brush. In reality, certain individuals, and groups of individuals, had specific personal agendas that other employees were unaware of. I have remembered that some of the people who participated in what was done to me and other children as part of MKULTRA experiments exhibited facial and body expressions that indicated that they were very uncomfortable about what was being done to us....


In UNSHACKLED: A SURVIVORS STORY OF MIND CONTROL, Sullivan delivers a first-hand account of her experiences as part of an underground criminal network that includes Intelligence personnel, military personnel, doctors and mental health professionals contracted by the military and the CIA, criminal cult leaders and members, pedophiles, pornographers, drug dealers and Nazis.

Dandelion Books
Contact: Carol Adler
Tel: 480-897-4452
Fax 480-452-1580

TEMPE, AZ . . . Kathleen Sullivan was once an assassin and human guinea pig for satanic rituals and experiments." A victim of mind control from childhood, until recently, when vivid flashbacks and nightmares started to leak the horrible truth, Sullivan had no recollection of any of these activities.

In UNSHACKLED: A SURVIVORS STORY OF MIND CONTROL, Sullivan delivers a first-hand account of her experiences as part of an underground criminal network that includes Intelligence personnel, military personnel, doctors and mental health professionals contracted by the military and the CIA, criminal cult leaders and members, pedophiles, pornographers, drug dealers and Nazis.

This network included her own father, who brutalized his daughter for years and even forced her to kill her own infant child.

UNSHACKLED [ISBN 1-893302-35-0], just released by Dandelion Books, is available online through with toll free ordering at 1-800-861-7899. It is also available in bookstores worldwide.

This is not a book for weak stomachs-nor should it be read by those who are afraid to face the truth because it might hurt," states Dandelion president, Carol Adler.

Like the Mafia, the rules and mores of this criminalized, networked subculture are drastically different from the rules and mores of normal" society. Im not an exhibitionist," writes Kathleen. I value my privacy. And yet, I believe my story needs to be told so that more people will understand how 'Manchurian Candidate style mind-control techniques can create alter-states in the minds of unwitting victims, causing them to perform deeds that are normally repugnant."

"There have been many books written about MKULTRA and its victims," writes Gordon Thomas, best-selling author of JOURNEY INTO MADNESS, one of the first books ever written about mind control and MKULTRA, but nothing quite like the impact that UNSHACKLED will make on your psyche. It is written from not only the heart but from the inside.

Here is what it was REALLY like to have been the victim of the grossest abuse committed by any American government," states Thomas. The indictment in these pages is a Paean to survival and a wake-up call. It MUST be read. And its stunning revelations must be acted upon--NOW."

Sullivan was a product of three generations of inbred mind control.

Dad couldnt see himself as who and what he really was," writes Sullivan. Hed constructed an immense nearly impenetrable mental wall behind him. Behind it was the pain of his having been abused and betrayed as a child.

In front stood the part of Dad that had secretly operated in the criminal world. This adult part had dumped is guilt onto me, his small victim, because he was unwilling to recognize that he was a murderer and a pedophile.

Dad had lied to himself most of all. In his fantasy world, he wasnt a child molester; he expressed his love for children by having sex with them.

He wasnt a murderer; he had to 'teach a lesson when he believed that adult cult members had betrayed him. He wasnt a murderer when he slaughtered 'disposable infants on altars-hed need their life-force to survive.

Hed tortured and sometimes killed children for being weak, with the justification that only the strong should survive. Hed raped and sometimes killed women because 'women always get you in the end.

Hed killed 'street bums because they were worthless and caused problems. He wasnt a murderer; he did the world a favor by taking out the trash."


By the way, Carol Adler has been directly tied to PMC4 LLC and Michael Rivero of Holocaust denying infamy.

I'm kind of all blogged out and apologise for this mostly having been a copy and paste job. I did find a very interesting link through googling Kathleen, tough to expect when most of the results are garbage links. There's a cute website called Awful Library Books, and Kathleen showed up on one if its threads. The book in question at the following links is called Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A child’s book about satanic ritual abuse Sanford & Evans 1990. It's quite disgusting. I guess it's a primer for younger people acting as an aid to implanting false memories. Here are the links. It was a two-parter. I'll finish off this sorry blogging effort by putting up the few illustrated excerpts scanned by the librarians.

Satan for Kids
Satan for Kids, Part 2

WARNING: Looking at these images may trigger feelings of disgust concerning creepy "therapists" such as Colin Ross.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

National Wingnut Appreciation Day

UPDATE: The subject of this blog entry has shown up to prove that he is not a holocaust denier. I stand corrected. Tucked away in his blog are two small examples of his belief that the Holocaust did indeed occur. He'd like us to believe that makes up for his prominent linking to neo-nazis named Jeff Rense and David Dees. That's the ticket.

Second Update: Larry wants to have his cake and eat it too. While he has made a couple posts sharing his general agreement with the 6 million number for the Holocaust, he continues to promote the idea that David Dees is not a Holocaust denier because Dees says around 200-300,000 Jews were killed by the Germans. Uhm, no. The Nazi Holocaust was all about an attempt to wipe out the whole Jewish population. Promoting the idea that the number killed was only 300,000 is Holocaust denial, period.

The following screenshot is courtesy of the Lord of Last Names.

Evening News

Third Update: David Dees showed up in the comments and made a complete jackass of himself. He is claiming that Hitler and the Nazis only killed 108,000 Jews. Also, due to The Last Name Left's request, here is an illustration created by Dees in which he claims that Hitler was framed. Wow.

National Wingnut Appreciation Day

I just made up this new holiday as an excuse to write another blog entry. What people need to realise is that there are two forms of wingnut. One is the standard we are all aware of, that represented by the likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter. The second form of wingnut is composed of paranoid conspiracy theorists. Well-known nutjobs that fit into this category include Alex Jones, Michael Rivero, Jeff Rense, Glen Beck, Ted Gunderson, and Willis Carto. Now those are all big names. What is missing from those two short lists are useful idiots. Without them, such big mouths wouldn't be able to sustain their schticks. As the philosopher Joseph Dirt once opined, "It's all about the consumer."

One such useful idiot who falls into the latter category of wingnut is Larry Simons. I had never heard of him, until I started blogging a bit at The Last Blog Left. The owner, known as Tlnl (the last name left), had a message in his posting box that read, "Larry Simons is a twat." I asked him who he was. Although I didn't think that was a proper thing to have written in the posting box, I now understand why Tlnl came up with that message. I tried to give that kid Larry the benefit of the doubt, but he has one of the most foulest mouths of any blogger I've ever interacted with. I can't even repeat some of the invectives he posted. It's one thing to disagree with someone. It's even ok for on-line arguments to get a bit feisty at times. However, there is a line that none of us should cross. If we do, it should be as rarely as possible. Larry needs to figure that out. While much of what he posts about is preposterous in itself, he is doing himself no favours by cursing like a madman.

His blog can be found here.

I had told Larry that he is a wingnut. He wanted me to prove that. He thinks because he is a big critic of O'Reilly, Hannity, and GW Bush, then he can't possibly be one. Au contraire. Check above for how there are two forms of wingnut. As for anyone who thinks lefties can be wingnuts, get your troll descriptives in order. Wingnuts=righties. Moonbats=lefties. p:>

Anyway, I believe I was able to prove Larry is a wingnut in one word. Rense. As in For those too lazy to check out Larry's blog, here are some of the links he provides for his audience.

Combine "Patriot" plus conspiracy theory, and that's Larry Simons.

Now, I can live and let live with a bloke like this when it comes to his 9/11 inside job proselytizing. I can accept that he's been brainwashed into believing global warming is a hoax. I can accept that he believes we're all about to be arrested for practising free speech, that the FEMA camps await. What I do not accept is his promotion of holocaust denial. I can forgive him for not having a clue about the true natures of Rense, Rivero, Carto, Jones et al. He's a conspiracy theory freak. That's how they think. Call it cognitive dissonance or a blind spot. What I'd like to know is what this type of person will do, once he realises that he's supporting holocaust denial. Will he be man enough to get rid of the links? He doesn't link to Carto. No problem there. He may have used to. I don't believe it would be too easy to get him to see the anti-semitic nature of Rense, Rivero, and Jones. Or better put, I couldn't be bothered to try, especially seeing what a foul mouth he has.

Nonetheless, I'm interested in what he may do with the following plugs for David Dees, if he can be shown that Dees is indeed a holocaust denier. The following is on Simons' blog:

Larry Simons is linking to two of Dees' websites. There is no doubt that this guy is a holocaust denier. The following illustrations he made were singled out by the ADL for public censure.

David Dees is bad news.

Does Larry Simons have the ability to change? Will he do the right thing and stop pimping for holocaust deniers?

If Larry will take down the Dees and Rense links and consider doing the same for Alex Jones and any other links he has which can be tied to anti-semitism, I will apologise for calling him a wingnut. I will update this blog at the top and explain that he has seen the light. I won't be holding my breath, however. We shall see. He should be grateful at a minimum for myself plugging his blog. Even Arianna Huffington knows that bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Someone Needs To Deprogram Roseanne

Who'd a thunk Roseanne could have ever been brainwashed by therapists spewing crap about government sponsored satanic ritual abuse and mind control? She always seemed such a strong, level-headed type.

Her therapist appears to be none other than Colin Ross. One brave woman from Canada is spreading the word about this nutjob, and the dangers he poses to society. Ms. Roma E. Hart recently shared her story with Doug Mesner. He's the dude who attended one of those crazy mind control conferences and reported on it.

Here's his new piece concerning Ms. Hart's tragic experience.

This Ross guy needs to be stopped. Recently Ms. Roma put up the following affidavit showing that he was forced to resign his position as a therapist at St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002


Almost two years ago, the Canadian Psychiatric Association followed the lead of the Americans and the Australians and produced a position paper saying that memories of childhood sexual abuse, triggered in adults during psychotherapy are unreliable and should not be accepted without corroborating evidence.

In January, a leaked report from the British Royal College of Psychiatrists went even further: Despite widespread clinical and popular belief that memories can be blocked out of the mind, no empirical evidence exists to support either repression or dissociation, said the report, which went on to say that repression and recovery of verified, severely traumatic events and their role in symptom formation has yet to be proved. These denunciations have yet to penetrate the Canadian criminal justice system. That is why we are calling on Justice Minister Ann McLellan to order an inquiry into all convictions based on this internationally discredited therapeutic theory....

Time is long overdue for politicians and the legal profession to recognize the unmistakable connection between recovered memory therapy, more specifically the implanting of false childhood memories and the sexual abuse hysteria that swept the English-speaking world in the late 1980s and 1990s. Since 1993, I have investigated more than 20 childhood sex abuse cases that resulted from memories recovered in therapy and/or by other suggestive means, for example, self-help pop psychology books written by John Bradshaw and early 1990 TV talk shows. I suggest to you that during the early 1990s, the peak years of the memory recovery movement and sexual abuse hysteria, there were far more false memory accusations, many of them supposedly recalling memories of 20 to 40 years before than genuine ones. Furthermore, the vast majority of these false sexual abuse allegations were made against innocent senior citizens who were often too frail to defend themselves.

Of course, there have been genuine sexual abuse accusations in the past, and there continues to be real sexual abuse today. However, this does not in any way contradict or detract from the arguments I am making in this brief. In 1997, Bill C-46, the federal bill, aimed at restricting lawyers access to therapy records, was debated in parliament. Here is what Dr. Harold Merskey, Canada's most renown psychiatrist on recovered memory therapy, said in testifying on the bill before the House of Commons Committee: ". . . let me make a major statement that replies to what you're saying, that is, I think sexual abuse is very common." I said that at the onset. Therefore genuine accusation will be common, but I think that an uncomfortably high proportion of cases coming to our courts are false, and there are people in prison only on allegation of recovered memory. I can provide examples....

Mr. Gerrard: You talk in the brief about the efforts of Dr. Colin Ross, and I wonder if you might comment.

Mr. Bergen: Dr. Colin Ross was the psychiatrist at the St. Boniface Hospital from 1986-1991. One of his first patients was my sister-in-law. She had anxiety problems. She went to see him at Ross's clinic at the University of Manitoba. Seven months later, she committed suicide because she could not live with the false memories that Ross had implanted in her mind. Colin Ross had been charged twice in Manitoba. He has been charged in Dallas, Texas.

By the way, Ross was fired from the St. Boniface Hospital, and that was covered up by the hospital. The Government, at that time, was aware that Ross was fired, but, nevertheless, it was covered up. The public never heard about it.

Ross managed to get a licence in Dallas, Texas, began practicing there. Ultimately, he was charged again. The hospital where he worked was closed down, and Ross and a few other people, along with the hospital, settled out of court. Basically, a settlement out of court like that is really a guilty verdict. They settled for millions of dollars out of court in 1999. But the story of Colin Ross is a pretty bad one.

Mr. Gerrard: On page 40, you talk about the charter behavioural health systems which were operated in the United States. Maybe you could comment.

Mr. Bergen: With the peak period of the charter system, I believe they had 92 hospitals across the United States, and they were virtually recovered memory therapy factories. They also had a multiple personality disorder diagnostic throughout the system. They had over 8000 patients.

What happened in the United States was there were virtually hundreds of lawsuits. By the year 1996, there were hundreds of lawsuits against therapists. So what happened was, by 1999, year 2000, there were only about 32 hospitals left. The rest of them had closed. As a result of the hundreds of lawsuits against therapists, basically, the system had to shut down. Insurance companies were not paying any more, and the whole system shut down. So, in the United States, in the court system, you do not have recovered memory therapy.

You would not have a politician in the United States making the kind of comments that our Minister of Justice made in Canada here. Canada's situation is different because we have a public sector system, so the therapists and the Government basically are on the same side. Also, in Canada, the lawyers will not take cases on a contingency basis, where they will in the States. So this whole fraudulent therapy really was stopped by the court system.

Is Roseanne too far in this cult to be saved? I hope not. If gotten through to, she could go back on Larry King's Show and blow the top off of this farce which continues to damage many lives.

CNN LARRY KING LIVE Roseanne Tells Her Story
Aired August 16, 2001

LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, Roseanne, there's nobody like her! She survived multiple personality disorder, abuse, depression, shattered marriages. She's still got a knack for making America laugh. You've seen all that stuff in the tabloids. Now get her story. Roseanne for the hour, with phone calls, next on LARRY KING LIVE....

She's only gotten worse. Here she is speaking at one of those fried mind control conferences. She must have said the word truth 117 times. This one is kind of tough to watch. From 2009 in Los Angeles:

Another speaker was Cathy O'Brien. She's very cute. I am kind of attracted to the crazy. Unfortunately this is a bit too crazy for even me. She claims to be a victim of mkultra. She wrote a book called Trance Formation of America. A woman named Brice Taylor wrote one titled Thanks For The Memories. She claims to have been Bob Hope's sex slave and shared with high profile US government leaders such as Henry Kissinger. What I'd really like to know is whether those two and others truly believe this stuff. I wonder if they were brainwashed like Roseanne, or whether they are just faking their kookiness in order to sell books.

And let's not forget that if it weren't for quack shrinks with Phd's like Colin Ross and Lowell Routley, none of this would possibly be persisting.

There is a high profile attorney in Illinois who will help those unjustly accused due to the false memory scam run by the likes of Colin Ross.

Paul J. Ciolino and Associates

I'm not sure exactly how recently this survey was done, but according to Mr. Ciolino, a few therapists are accounting for the vast bulk of false claims.

A recent national survey of clinical psychologists found that 1,908 clinical psychologists reported treating no cases of ritual abuse and 785 treating only one or two cases. 2 However, only sixteen of them reported having treated over a hundred cases of ritual abuse each, perhaps indicating that a few therapists may be highly predisposed to see disturbed people as suffering from the effects of satanic cult ritual abuse.

And this is what he had to say about Roseanne.

The poster person for the Repressed Memory movement is actress Roseanne Barr. Roseanne's memories of abuse came after therapy. On the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, Roseanne stated, "I have my first memory of being molested by my mother at six months old." It gets worse. Roseanne has stated that her parents have molested her two sisters, her brother and her daughter. Each of them have taken a very public position in denying these allegations and in the process have become the most famous "abusers" in the United States today.

It's not just the Phd. therapists either who are giving legitemacy to what should be outlawed. We've seen what an effect internet personalities such as Andy Stephenson and Jeff Wells have had on promoting this nonsense. There have also been academics such as Sociologist Dr. Stephen Kent who have played a part in promoting this crap.

Mind Control Interview: Dr. Stephen Kent on Masonic Ritual Abuse and Abusive Cults

Maybe Kent can help us figure out who originally brainwashed Neil Brick of Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today.

This is one of the most underreported and disgusting stories I've ever heard about. I never expected my internet experience to come into contact with anything like this. But anyone who knows the path I took, from looking into "election integrity" and learning of Andy Stephenson, then of how I got used by Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition, this progression will add up. It's time to stop thinking of this as oh that wacky internet and start ensuring that the details of it are made well aware to the general public. A doctor like Colin Ross should not be allowed to practice therapy. I recommend folks with some gumption to see if we can get some legislation passed to put a stop to this once and for all. Someone please get through to Roseanne. If she can be brainwashed into this, perhaps she can be shown how it is all a big fat lie. No pun intended. Roseanne is deep down a sweetie and needs help to get out of this mess she has found herself involved in. Fricken godspeed.