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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Theresa Duncan Story Solved

(images from Wit of the Staircase)

Theresa's story had actually been figured out soon after she and her soulmate Jeremy Blake committed suicide. They were not murdered. They did not fake their deaths as part of an elaborate, alternative reality game. They were not harrassed by Scientologists, at least nowhere near the extent Jeremiah Duggan was. I don't think they were even harrassed by anyone, no more than any of us are trolled on. Theresa was a drug user. She was also mentally ill. She was on a path to embarassment. She was a plagiarist and liar. She had a strong dislike for older people. She had just turned forty. She killed herself out of self-pity and shame.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. I'm not going to do anyone's homework. If anyone wants to figure out this story, it's a computer and a few mouse skills away. However, I will lend a helping hand. I'll provide links and add my schtick to the process. I will not dwell on this story. I do feel that if Theresa and Jeremy could speak, they would want the truth to win the day. They wouldn't want to become immortal in the form of convolution. They were peaceniks. They were sincere in wanting to live in a decent world. No one desires mental illness. These were not bad people. They aspired to be good. They simply got in over their heads and couldn't escape their self-inflicted hysteria. Theresa went insane. Jeremy followed her.

All the conspiracy theories revolving around their deaths are bogus. "Alex Constantine" is a dirtbag. Dreamsend is either insane or paid disinfo. Same with Jeff Wells and many others.

There was a website called Theresa Duncan Central.

It pretty much is what it claimed to be: A One Stop Source For Budding Duncanologists.

One's best bet is to start from the beginning. That blog was only around for a few months, but it pretty much solved the mystery. Here are the archives from August, 2007. Here are the ones from September. If one scrolls down to the end of each link, one can proceed upward in order.

"Alex Constantine" is pushing the idea that Media Bistro and the CIA were behind Theresa's death. One of the shady reasons he gives for that ludicrous notion is the fact that an early article helping explain Theresa's demise was written by Kate Coe for LA Weekly. "Constantine" claims it was a hit piece. That's not all. According to Constantine, "[Kate Coe] is a self-avowed anti-Semite with CIA ties."

The truth is Theresa Duncan was a serial plagiarist, an insane conspiracy theorist, someone who lied about her college background and age, and a drug user. A lot of proof for most of those allegations can be found through perusing her Wit of the Staircase blog. Folks were led to believe by Theresa, that she was an accomplished writer. She parlayed that notion primarily through producing her blog. However, much of that website actually contained passages that were lifted from other sources.

I think Theresa was aware that at some point this was going to become common knowledge. She had already been busted plagiarising a perfume review for Slate Magazine. I figure she had to be scared about the world finding out this action was par for the course; That when this revelation would come to fruition that her blog was a facade, she'd go from aspiring starlet to being thoroughly discredited.

She focked up. The skeletons in her closet were starting to emerge. She took the easy, gutless way out with suicide instead of facing the music and atoning. She could no longer talk rings around journalists. She had accumulated a moral debt that could no longer be covered up.

My feeling is that Theresa Duncan didn't realise that everything we write on the net is open to scrutiny. Otherwise, why would she have ever thought she could get away with her plagiarism? I don't doubt that she felt she was being harassed by the Church of Scientology. However, I do believe most of that was delusion. Unfortunately for herself, she had become an admirer of Jeff Wells and Rigorous Intuition. She fell for his brand of kookiness. She bought into the idea of a government sponsored, satanic ritual cult and MKUltra program being in full operation.

Towards the end she went overboard. On May 13th, 2007, she penned a blog entry titled, The Trouble With Anna Gaskell. The post evntually got white walled and is now only available through I think whoever is running her website Wit of the Staircase should take the whole thing down. It has been established without a doubt that she was a plagiarist and kook. Why not allow her to rest in peace by deleting her displays of mental illness?

That sentiment may make me appear as a hypocrite, as I was dismayed with Antoinette's taking down of Dave Weintraub's website exposing Daily Kos and its vigilante moderating system. However, Dave wasn't insane. That's the big difference. Nearly everything he posted was backed with proof. Any few mistakes he made were retracted. Dave would not have wanted his work deleted. I believe Theresa would not want her website still visible. She knew she was a plagiarist. Deep down she had to know she was suffering from mental illness in the form of being a conspiracy theory kook. If she had eventually sought treatment and conquered her demons, she'd still be alive, and that website would be deleted.

Children of the Staircase, meet Jim Cownie, above, also known as Des Moines-born, New York local artist Anna Gaskell's (top) legal guardian after the odd and unhappy coincidences of each of her parent's separate sudden deaths....

Much of the harassment of me and Mr. Wit was also conducted by the Church Of Scientology in L. A., who Cownie also no doubt also "does business with." U.S. Intelligence "black ops" and "psy ops" have long relied on (or just outright invented) religious cults (including the Manson Family--Charles Manson received 150 hours of in-prison Scientology "auditing"), biker gangs, and the like in Federal Counterintelligence prorgrams in order to disrupt the counterculture since the 1960s. Read more about the CIA and cults here and couch jumping, Katie kidnapping mind controlled movie star Tom Crusie's meeting with Scooter Libby and State Department head Richard Armitage here.

While this ongoing illegal harassment of Wit using Federal employees (or their "cut-out" counterparts) and Federal funding (your Homeland Security tax dollars at work!) is meant to deprive us of work and our livelihoods and even sanity, the harassment also has a curious sexual focus on Wit that mirrors this J. Edgar Hoover campaign against Black Panther organizer and actress Jean Seberg.

Like the Federal "Cointelpro" campaign that deliberately drove Seberg to suicide, the smear campaign against Wit and Mr. Wit uses as its basis pre-existing, completely invented smears started by married art professor Ralph Rugoff and his student girlfriend Hilary Chartrand in order to cover up their 2000 affair while both worked at the California College of Arts And Crafts. This is something that sharp-eyed Wit accidentally discovered during one particularly dreary art dinner in November of that year. Hilary Chartrand is friends with Anna Gaskell, who is also known for carrying on affairs with her married professors in order to have access to ethics-challenged art world log rollers like NY Times critic Roberta Smith and her husband Jerry Saltz. (See article below.)

To add the final dessert topping to this apocalyptic art world sundae, Mr. Wit says that normally dour Cownie frequently made jokes about child molestation as a "training" tool. This wouldn't be so fucking spooky, friends of the Staircase, if Des Moines wasn't the land of the Project Monarch/U.S. Intelligence rumored disappearance of Johnny Gosch and the odd resemblance of poor little Johnny to Bush White House gay hooker-psychological operative Jeff Gannon....


"Dreamsend" was another admirer of Jeff Wells. He wrote thousands of posts at his lame forum, including many good ones critiquing Scientology and Lyndon LaRouche. After the Theresa-Jeremy suicides, he became a prolific blogger on Theresa Duncan. But unlike those who put into perspective how Theresa had spiraled into insanity, Dreamsend promoted her convolution and took it further than anyone could have ever imagined. Is Dreamsend insane, or is he the proverbial disinfo writer? It's hard to make a definitive call on that. One reason I am hedging towards thinking he is paid disinfo, is because he eventually deleted all of his various blogs. Yet, I admit this is my opinion. I have looked closely through a page of one of his websites through

I will share various excerpts from that. I'm surprised he hasn't put a robots.txt on the domain. I am having deja vu feelings with my take on Andy Stephenson's and Jeff Wells' forms of internet convolution. I'm having a problem believing Dreamsend was sincere in his kookiness. It's possible. I admit there is no way to know for sure. He might have tried to become a grifter. I did notice a donation box and his pleas for cash to continue with the schtick.

Duncanology as an Alternative Reality Game
August 12th, 2007

I have only barely begun putting stuff up over there, but my plans include: links to major articles and already extant sites, links to the sorts of “clue” pages that no one else is paying attention to, research into the people involved including discussion of who might be behind this and also links and discussion of the very serious themes, such as child trafficking that the ARG creators are either exploiting or hoping to draw our attention to.....

I’d like to highlight a comment made in reply to my last post. It is the first comment from someone who actually bothered to really look into what I’ve been saying. It’s really not that hard to find this stuff, though he is particularly keensighted. I’m going to post his entire comment, just ’cause it made me happy. I’ll have just a few additional comments along the way. Thanks “Not a Monarch” for actually having a look at this material.

I had never heard of an ARG until a couple of days ago when I dropped into the middle of DE’s investigation’s here. It has taken me until today to read back thru all the posts, comments and links. I wanted to be caught up to the present before posting my own ARGish findings so as not to clutter the comments with duplications.

I have to say, throughout these posts, DE has consistently encouraged readers to do their own explorations, and to join their efforts cooperatively with his, but besides a couple of notable exceptions, it seems his readership is universally lacking his self-directed spirit of inquisitiveness. *sigh*

I spent ooooh…. maybe 30 minutes (a fraction of the time spent actually reading thru this thread!) clicking around here and there and came up with these gems: ....

2) How about the foreshadowing of the “silencing” of the Wit over a year before her suicide from the weirdly literary blog called Staircase Witch: (DE pointed me in this direction.)

(Note, here’s how you get to “Staircase Witch from Duncan’s blog. She mentioned “badfeminist” as one of her favorite sites but didn’t provide a link. You google it and then click a link…it won’t work. The site was pulled but you can still get a Google cache. The site that pulls up via the Google cache for has the comment from “Staircase Witch” which links to the blog entry NaM mentions. Finally, I had pointed out that one of the films mentioned as her favorite was “The Double Life of Veronique. But check out what NaM found on her Blog itself - DE)

This is pitiful. Basically Dreamsend and his followers were into scouring the net for clues to explain his conspiracy theory surrounding the Duncan/Blake suicides. It didn't dawn on them, that it had already been figured out.

Here they were spreading the myth that a blog called The Staircase Witch could somehow provide clues to the "real" story.

Here's what they found alarming with what Staircase Witch wrote on February 6th, 2004.

You have heard of what the French call l'esprit d'escalier--"the wit of the staircase"--that absolutely perfectly brilliant retort that comes to mind after one has left the party and is ascending to one's room--but you have never heard of the "witch of the staircase," that beguiling, mischievous enchantress who secretly ties one's tongue and does not loosen it until clever repartee is no longer of use. Somewhere along the way, as a child, I misheard this phrase, and although soon enough corrected was disappointed that no such magical lady existed.

Once upon a time, I had another online diary, in another place, and it was a different kind of blog, one that has grown so unwieldy over time that I've grown tired of keeping it and would like to start again, somewhat more anonymously, building a different sort of circle, writing different kinds of posts, posts that are somewhat more careful and thoughtful. This is the blog I should have kept, with the things I should have written. Because the witch of the staircase is nothing if not all about second chances at wit, even if only for an audience of one.

As an amateur internet cybersleuth, I can assure you the good readers that coincidences do happen. I actually don't understand what Dreamsend and Not a Monarch thought this link was supposed to show, but it was the type of stuff Dreamsend would pack into his website; Purely convoluted rabbit hole stew.

More from Not a Monarch:

3) And as DE is predicting, foreshadowing of a happy ending: (This one I found on my own- Eric Weaver posted a comment after Glenn O’Brien’s eulogy on Wit’s blog)

“In Another Life
Posted July 30th, 2007 by Eric Weaver
Categories: Personal/Off-Topic ....

The original post by Eric Weaver can be found here.

Driving through the forest along the Oregon Coast from Charleston to Coos Bay, I saw a blonde, braided woman riding a mountain bike down the winding highway through the trees. Wearing big, dark sunglasses and rain gear, she was somewhere between 35 and 45, and her bike was piled high with camping gear. She looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place her. Maybe 200 feet behind her was a man, somewhere between 35-45, dark hair and a week-old beard, riding behind her…his bike also piled high with camping equipment.

And just for a fleeting moment, I saw Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake heading down the coast through the Oregon forest, happy, no place in particular to be, enjoying the cool weather, ocean breeze, and scent of pines.

In an alternate universe, hopefully that’s what’s happening, right now.

From that and other stuff, this is what Not a Monarch concluded:

So that is enuff to convince me that a “game” is afoot and that DE called it. Kudos DE....

Lets all of us, everyone, spend yer 30 mins clicking around, get it over with and lets move on.

P.S. DE I agree with your comments about the intense learning curve. It certainly has been fruitful to a point, although I don’t buy your hopeful “some good coming out of this somehow” scenario. (You are probably right….DE)

And this is what Dreamsend had to say:

Now, imagine what would happen if 10 or 100 people started doing what my new friend Not a Monarch did. We could bust this thing wide open.

What Not a Monarch nor Dreamsend failed to include in their "analysis" was Eric's entry made a week earlier explaining what was up.

I found out tonight that another incredible creative colleague from Magnet Interactive has died: Theresa Duncan. Theresa was the creative genius behind many different projects in film, interactive media and prose. Theresa apparently killed herself on the 10th of this month…I found out through a writer who contacted me looking for more information. Even more tragically, her partner Jeremy Blake swam out into the Atlantic to join her in death a week later....

You see, Dreamsend was trying to peddle the theory that Theresa and Jeremy had faked their deaths, that it had been an elaborate scheme, an alternative reality game. For those unacquainted with ARGs, the most famous one was the Blair Witch Project. It is most often a marketing tool.

More from Dreamsend:

I started this whole thing with a theory…that somehow, against all reason, this Duncan suicide was the beginning of a rather elaborate online “alternate reality game.” Didn’t make me real popular but then again, most of what I write has the same effect....

So it’s possible…maybe….that the people behind this, a collection of artists and media theorists and who knows who all else…have just such a goal in mind. I truly hope this is the case....

I’ve faced attack, ridicule and suspicion for these articles, but all I’ve done is allowed you to follow my own thinking process. I have invited everyone to join in…to work on their own piece of the puzzle. Whether that is to follow the ARG trail, or work backward and check out who might be behind this thing. Or investigating the issues that have been raised themselves…child trafficking, mind control and cults, media complicity, etc....

Now, for those of you whining that I’m not looking into Cownie or Scientology enough I will simply add that I was looking into Scientology long before any of this ARG business began. And I’ve written about them some and plan to write about them more. Who knows, maybe they are even the ones who targeted me and led me on this “wild phone-box chase.”

And for Cownie, well, that’s a person, not an institution. If you think I’m going to go carelessly flinging accusations of child molestation and pedophile rings at a man without extremely solid evidence, think again. I don’t have much, but I have no intention of giving what I do have to the Cownie family at the order of some judge in a libel suit.

For those of you wanting someone to jump right into those waters, you don’t need me anyway. Alex Constantine is on the case. He’s been writing about mind control topics for many, many years. There should be plenty of material there to get you started. As for Duncan herself, there’s no need for me to compile what fragmentary and scattered information we have about who she really was and what she was really like. The encyclopedic seaword site has all of that for you. And for those of you who have accepted the ARG nature of this material, more than a few clues scattered among the articles, images and contents....

One of the primary reasons behind my “mommy make it stop” freak out post, was to “suss out” exactly what sorts of people these were. While I did not get much “sympathy” from certain people with that post, I realize I ALSO did not get much in the way of taunts, either. In addition, the Dream’s End bashing died down a bit… So I’m still withholding judgment on who is behind this. My initial take that the guys behind this ARE the bad guys has to be balanced with the realization that all the seeming targets…Cownie (I have not researched the guy myself, but Alex Constantine is totally into it) and Scientology, MKULTRA, etc…are awfully juicy targets to go after. But on the other hand, Scientology’s relative quiet on this doesn’t even let me rule out that THEY are behind this. Ditto Lyndon Larouche, about whom I’ve had little good to say. If some group were to target me who had a bunch of people with expertise and lots of time on their hands and who were based in Virginia..well, that would be the group....

I had, however, speculated that they might be “good guys” after all. While I don’t believe in “Project Monarch” per se and am angry at how that whole thing has dominated internet discussions of the very real MKULTRA, there really is a major world network of child traffickers and the like. Google Mark Dutroux, for example. That stuff is very real and I have always assumed that intelligence agencies are involved as once you get someone sucked into that vortex, then all it takes is a couple of photographs and you control the person for life. Again, Dutroux’s Belgium is a very good example....

To repeat, Dreamsend's basic premise was that the deaths were faked as some kind of marketing gimmick. It doesn't get much more kookier than that on the net. I find it hard to believe he really thought he was onto something. To me, this all looks like crazy B-movie type credibility.

Rosenbaum hasn’t done the big reveal yet about his growing doubts that Blake actually did commit suicide but that should happen soon enough.

Perhaps I’ll be simply a little footnote when the full story of this gets told, if it ever does. But at least remember this: ya heard it here first....

All those sites out there which are so concerned about spreading the Theresa Duncan conspiracy theories…why don’t you stop linking to my site? Just ignore me.

If you are so certain there is nothing to see…then stop looking....

Whatever this is is far too big for me to tackle alone. And I wasn’t planning on it, though evidently I’m the only human on the planet that thinks this thing is, in truth, a massive ARG. In fact, if you could sit right here with me, it would be trivially easy to demonstrate that this thing exists and has purpose. If you have explored the few avenues I’ve taken you on, then you already know this for yourself....

In any event, there are people with actual discussion forums already in place which could be borrowed for this sort of thing. I’d avoid Rigorous Intuition, though. They don’t take to kindly to all this here ARG talk....

I am exhausted and on edge. Despite wanting to take this in good humor and in stride, the games are starting to get to me. All of my private messages were erased at “Rigorous Intuition” and Jeff says he has no idea how that happened but it must be someone is “hacking in and fucking around.” Jeff doesn’t even talk like that.

For the last 2 or 3 years, some of the people I respected most as I attempted to explore many of my areas of interest on that board and then here, turn out to be in the game. It was all an act. And beyond that, whatever meager reputation I had on the internet for the work I’ve done has been thoroughly trashed over at RI. I have been threatened with legal action, threats to have my blog “obliterated” have been made…and I even was for awhile, apparently, communicating directly with Robert Eringer, the CIA spook discussed in a previous post. If it wasn’t him, he sure is someone VERY familiar with certain situations at the very least. Everything I’ve done has been called into question and there is no chance of recovering this blog for the purposes it was originally intended for....

Theresa and Jeremy are alive. It is all a game. It is sophisticated, well financed and has been in preparation for at least two years.... Thanks for listening.

Here's just a bit more.

Remember, I’d received a “clue” from “Nathan” pointing to a comment on the Rigorous Intuition blog made three weeks before Duncan’s death which seemed to indicate foreknowledge of Duncan’s death. “Aloha to a lonely wit” was the phrase. No one seemed to find that too significant…but coupled with all the cryptic messages, posted before and after Duncan’s death as well as the interlocking series of very odd blogs, some of which overtly mention “secrets”, it was proof enough to me that people who at least THINK they are behind an ARG have been building one since before Duncan’s death. More on that when I list some links to pages of interest.

Nathan was disappointed that I’d printed the clue about the “diary” and closed that particular avenue. I told him that I didn’t have the time or the skillset (I actually suck at ARG type puzzles, to be honest) to go chasing those clues and simply to say what he wanted to say.

From there, I received an email from “Jamie Cheney.” She claimed to have been the one to provide the information to Jeff Wells at RI about the fact that Anna Gaskell’s brother Jon was editor at a newsweekly called “Pointblank” when it released what he later claimed was an “April Fool’s Hoax” about children, mind control, snuff films and Project Monarch. We have commented already on just how hilarious a hoax about snuff films and child sex slavery is, and questioned why Gaskell never received any disciplinary action whatsoever.

Well, I was surprised to learn that, according to Jamie, “Nathan” is none other than Johnny Gosch. In fact he has several other alter personalities as well, including the much discussed Jeff Gannon, AKA Jeff Guckert, the alleged former male prostitute who came to public notice by not only getting press access to Presidential press conferences but to the White House itself. Naturally, I have written Gannon in order to get a comment.

Here is Jamie Cheney’s description of all this, printed as received:

Nathan is one of Johnny Gosch’s personalities. I saw Johnny about 7 times before he left the Indian reservation in Minnisota (you know that state where the bridge collapsed). Let’s just say that Johnny and I are “the marriage of two scandals.” And let’s just say that Johnny has two children.

Jeff Gannon is one of Johnny Gosch’s personalities as well. And Jeff has abandoned Johnny’s family. And Johnny is pissed. So Johnny through Nathan, gave me the anagrams to post on R.I. because he knew that after Duncan published her diatribe about Gaskell on her blog and basically said she was a mind controlled slave (you know like Johnny), she was going to get hit….fast.

I mean it’s crazy but the whole thing is true…Jeff is Johnny and Johnny is Nathan and Nathan used to be called Raven but he changed his name when they got to Washington. It seemed innapropriate.

I also received a photograph of what appears to be a young Johnny Gosch in front of a blue, castle-shaped birthday cake. The fact that the pic was in color was important to “nathan” as he suggested no one but Gannon could have it, as it was sent to him by Noreen Gosch in order to “spur his memory” or something along those lines.

In any event, they confirmed there is an ARG, with the somewhat unlikely twin goals of combatting child sex-trafficking and providing some valuable prize for the “winner”. Nathan tells me that the ARG is, indeed, well financed....

I'm done. The true story of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake is pretty easy to figure out. This other stuff, wow, is outright craziness. And the only reason any of it matters, is because this was the kind of stuff Theresa Duncan was dabbling into. My opinion is that if she never came across Jeff Wells, she might still be alive today. I believe her demise was fueled by her propensity to believe certain internet convolution.

The drug use couldn't have helped. The gnawing fears of being exposed as a serial plagiarist had to be terrifying. Perhaps if she had avoided the convolution, she could have eventually admitted and atoned for her transgressions. She wasn't the first person to get busted plagiarising. Getting caught at that is not something that generally leads to one taking their own life.

I think the kookiness combined with drug use drove her over the edge. I believe Jeremy was so into her, that he followed her down the same path. This is all so very sad. Perhaps folks should absorb what truly happened with Theresa and Jeremy, but then pay respect to all the good they produced. For all their human frailties, they were ultimately good people who went insane. They were not Hitler and Eva Braun.

Here one can view her acclaimed, animated video The History of Glamour.

Rest in peace, Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan.

(at a war protest)

(Theresa interviewing conspiracy theorist Father Frank Morales in her loft)


Anonymous said...

Why is Constantine still around? Isn't he worried that the all powerful Mediabistro army is going to track him down and rub him out?

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanx for serving up a steaming pile of
warmed-over Kate Coe bullshit and victimizing
Duncan&Blake one more time.

Just because Coe was outed as c2w? at RI, doesn't
mean that others can't carry on her work for her.

Nice job.

Who signs your checks anyway?

Anonymous said...

So, Coe was in place at RI, protected by Wells
along with the troll-team that helped de-stabilize
TD&JB. What a small world. And how much smaller
it becomes when we realize that you are just shoveling the same stale tired old hate-rant
crap that Coe/c2w? did, even as you pretend to oppose that agenda.

You don't fool me.

Anonymous said...
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Tokyo Shemp said...

Anon#1- Good use of sarcasm. Maybe Constantine's next revelation will be that Media Bistro is a subsidiary of Blackwater and was first conceived by Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger, while it wasn't their turns to be with Brice Taylor.

Kate Coe is obviously some reporter out of LA who covered the Duncan tragedy in real time. Not everything is a conspiracy. The thing about this one, however, was that Theresa was all consumed by certain conspiracy rubbish (e.g. see Ted Gunderson and Jeff Wells), like a lot of other losers wasting time on the net.

Unfortunately, most of the internet has been turned into conspiracy porn, and real lives are being hurt by it. Meanwhile, real conspiracies such as illegar wars, spy factories, Amanda Knox being railroaded due to the atmosphere created by the likes of Jeff Wells, and internet grifting are being covered up. You'd think some people would realise how they look and change their approach as a commando in the 101st Keyboard Regiment.

There are certain websites one needn't even prove are rubbish- Rense, Stormfront, uhm, Tom Flocco, you know what I mean. Others, it takes a bit of time.

Sometimes it takes a few weeks or months, before one realises something stinks bad about the internet. I think most people don't realise what's going on. They go to the net for emails, sports, stock updates, or perfume reviews.

Constantine definitely goes into the stink column. I'd like to see Kate Coe take him to court just to figure out who he is. It might not matter. It might.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Kate Coe was outed as a poster named compared2what? at the Rigorous Intuition forum? Is there a link to back up such an insane comment?

I highly doubt Kate Coe even knows that armpit of a website exists.

I used to be paid by Diebold. For other periods of time, I've worked for the DoD, Mossad, and Bob Barker as an internet disinfo writer.

I am currently working as Michael Aquino's assistant. But what few realise is that Mikey no longer believes in Satan. We are in the process of incorporating the Church of Satin. We love how it feels to the touch.

Anonymous said...

Kate Coe's facebook page, before it disappeared
with the simultaneous disclosure of her "cover"
at RI, had Adam Parfrey as a "friend".

Aside from trying to revive the Process Church
of the Final Judgement which you don't believe in,
because of course, there are no satanic cults, Parfrey is owner of Feral House publishing, which
publishes Alex Constantine.

So Alex is published by Adam who is friends with Kate.

This whole set-up stinks like a Gunderson vs
Hartwell heavyweight bout, and you seem like
the Don King of this match.

Hail Satan!

Tokyo Shemp said...

There's zero proof Theresa Duncan posted at or even read Jeff Wells' idiotic forum. I think she was more into reading his stupid blog entries. She also probably did so after taking a hit of "chronic" weed. There's absolutely no proof Kate Coe posts at RI. It's ridiculous to even go there. That's "Alex Constantine" territory.

I don't hate Theresa Duncan. What happened to her is akin to folks who get caught up in cults. It was a tragedy. The irony is she was talented enough to not have had to plagiarise or lie about her college record.

She had hippie values, nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, she couldn't be satisfied with the life she had unless it meant becoming a Hollywood superstar. She was a tormented soul. She wasn't a bad person. She just got incredibly lost and had no way of pulling herself out of a convoluted mindset.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Identities get stolen all the time on the internet. Fake twitter accounts. Fake posts. What some try to pass off as proof of certain claims is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Well, that leaves the ingenious satirical site Rigorous Intuition to write the legendary crazy screeds stitching the whole awful global web of parapolitics together.

Paranoia seems to us an absolute patriotic duty at the moment, and Rigorous Intuition is like the incredibly symbolically twisted and bizarre dream you wake up from to realize that the scenario thrown up from the unconscious is actually the expression of some very simple truth you had been desperate to avoid facing. Mom always liked you best; Bush is using his father's CIA (or "contractors" from the Federal intelligence community, like the ones now passing around an FBI file from when I was 19 and a "communist" in Detroit) for a soft (ish) domestic fascist coup, etc.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you are an idiot.

As a whole Rigint is a masterpiece of confabulation and satire, news and conspiracy that despite blending real threats with UFO gobbledlygook somehow manages to get to the black heart of the matter. This genius new literary/news form works in much the same way as a grosteque nightmare which disguises and yet points back to some basic truth.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Thanks for the link to a second Duncan post referring to Jeff Wells. But calling me an idiot isn't accurate. It's obvious I have been a disinfo writer for Mossad, the DoD, Diebold, and Bob Barker. I admitted so above. Since the claims have now been posted on the internet, it must be true. However, the connections to Don King and Ted Gunderson have yet to be verified.

Jeff Wells' plausible deniability of being a "satirist" doesn't cut the mustard.

Too bad Theresa couldn't see that Wells' gobbledygook wasn't contained to just his crap on ufos (and interdimensional entities).

Tokyo Shemp said...

I found some interesting links.

This one will take you to a memorial video with various clips of Theresa. She was definitely a hottie, but unfortunately she was both self-absorbed and susceptible to believing crazy crap posted on the net.

There were a couple comments on this thread which pretty much summed up the truth.

Terribly sad, would bet on drinking and/or drugs before CIA hit job. Walk into any NA or AA meeting on any given day in NYC and listen to at least a few artists and writers talk about having resigned to ending it all in days of drinking/drugging and usually trying/"failing" at least once.

Please--stop the conspiracy theories now.

The only thing that Theresa's May 13, 2007 blog entry shows is that her mental state had gotten so bad that she couldn't even put together a coherent narrative about why she was being harassed.

The tragedy here, apart from the loss of two young lives, is that her mental illness was never recognized as such and she evidently never got help with it. And her world was so intertwined with Jeremy's that he was not only unable to help her, but couldn't even help himself.

Brilliant and beautiful? Sure. Troubled? Almost definitely. An avoidable loss? Without a doubt.

I've a few more links to posts made by Theresa close to the time she killed herself, further showing how lame conspiracy theories exacerbated her mental illness.

Citizen Wit And Project Monarch July 05, 2007

So it must be clear by now, children of the Staircase, that MK-ULTRA (and even weird, disinfo-saturated Project Monarch) are the ne plus ultra weapons of past decades, as if all the Cold War missile paranoia was just a smoke screen for all the body snatchers the Pentagon was beginning to hatch.

Mind control and psychological warfare are the primary weapons that led to our current Monarch Moment. Cults like Scientology and mind control-manufactured Monarch girlies and Operation Mockingbird are the fungus among us that has been eating away at the foundations of democracy for decades....

King Bush? Emperor Cheney? They don't call it Monarch for nothin'.

Link: YouTube - The Most dangerous Game part 1.

Theresa Duncan's downfall is the kind of real life result that Jeff Wells has helped bring about through his internet presence. If there had been no Jeff Wells influence on her, Theresa Duncan would probably still be alive. How does that creep sleep at night?

Here's a thread Theresa showed up on less than two weeks before her death. She was totally unhinged. She was talking up MKUltra and also linked to Michael Rivero.

As for the insane, conspiracy theory trolls, of course your input is not wanted here. No one cares what you think. It'd be nice if you got some help for your mental illnesses. While you certainly are pitied, no one by law has to listen to your rants. You're really not that far off from being the next Diana Napolis, Kathaksung, et al.

Any sane people who'd like to contribute are more than welcomed. I'm not into censorship, but I'm also not a masochist. I won't hesitate to delete crap posted by sadistic, tinfoil freaks.

Boo-duh said...

Most of this post makes a lot of sense. Theresa Duncan probably did read Jeff Wells site, which drove her even more insane and paranoid. When i read the toxicology reports about Brittney Murphy it really reminded me of Theresa Duncan. Brittany Murphy had just been fired from an important project in her career. Depression, combined with not feeling very well, maybe the sense that the industry was "out to get her" resulted in sickness, drugs, way too much robatussin and death. Likewise, Theresa Duncan, depressed, feeling like the world is agaisnt her - probably fatigued from the misery, took tylenol pm and drank to comfort and numb herself. She comforted and numbed herself a little too much and she died.

The most rediculous aspect of what unfolded afterward is called Dreamsend. I do not know Ty Brown, but as a professional with a great deal of exposure to to mental health issues, his writting indicates sociopathic delusions of grandeur. Some people (maybe Kate Coe, maybe not) obviously played on his internal need to be superior and exceptional in his "investigative research." they had a good laugh and he spun way out of control. Three years later he is still wildly obsessed, stalking Kate Coe and others who don't give a shit about him or the story (Coe's FB hasn't disappeared??) looking for "clues" to feed his continued delusions and need to prove himself. I tend to think he might have a substance abuse problem himself, possibly to cope with bi-polar. I am sure his unbalanced obsessiveness and lack of personal integrity doesn't help his marriage. He has written about his wife's emotional problems due to sexual abuse. If he spent half as much time supporting his family as he does poluting the internet with feces, I bet she'd be a much happier wife. I personally feel the most sorry for his stepdaughter. Imagine having nut job for a father figure. Not exactly landing planes in the Hudson. Uggg, terrible.

Tokyo Shemp said...

I had to turn moderation back on because of excessive trolling.

Dreamsend is clearly in the same boat as Jeff Wells, either deluded or paid disinfo.

He's been the source for the idea that Kate Coe is Compared2what. Now he's backtracking with an Oops, my bad. Now we can be pretty sure why he keeps white walling his websites. When so much convolution gets posted, it becomes impossible for one to cover it up with a retraction or two. White walling a website is one's way of saying the whole thing was a lie.

Dreamsend post from April, 2009

The Kadescorner blog was another Dreamsend production. His pseudonym was BF Kade. That stood for the Blogger Formerly Known As Dream's End.

Thankfully, a poster named Lea123 copied and pasted the following.

Now a couple of RI'ers posted pics relating to rabbits on this same day (well, yesterday, April 9). Easter is coming up, sure, so not that odd, but kids in rabbit masks with the subject heading "man in black"? Have a look at the pics that followed. I believe one of the posters, compared2what, claims to have known Duncan, but her pics aren't as directly referencing both "rabbits" and "masks". Justdrew, on the other hand, knows it's ARGday. (Oh, Easter...and Matheny did say his next project is called "The Egg Project.")

Dreamsend has been peddling the idea that an accompished writer and researcher has been making thousands of posts on an insane, conspiracy theory forum. That's riotous. "compared2what?" recently posted that she's a journalist.

Good people, this reeks of the lame cybersmear script that was put in place against me a few years back. And now Dreamsend goes "oops my bad." His schtick has basically been, hey, waste a lot of time reading my dumbarse, rabbit hole writings. If you think they are delusions, then ignore me. I've got plausible deniability. I'm just thinking out loud and going with clues that have been provided by others. That's the ticket!"

I think he might be an astroturfer. One of the reasons I have been attacked in the past, is because I haven't been afraid to out disinfo gibberish for what it is. I'm sincerely trying to prevent others falling into the malaise Theresa did. I'm the kind of person who would never become part of a cult. I'm not dissing anyone who has. I'm too old now. Too educated. Too formed and have too strong a mind at this point. A signature I use at my other forum is a quote from the movie character Vincent Gambini. No one can put things over on me. At least not for too long.

I don't know if Dreamsend is deluded or paid disinfo. It's impossible to prove one way or the other. Someone like Diana Napolis, it's pretty clear she is mentally ill. A guy like Dreamsend, unless we can find a paystub from Disinfo R Us Inc., he has the plausible deniability of being innocent of posting disinfo by reason of insanity. Kind of a variation of my take on the Susan Polk murder case.

But then certain things pop up and truly make me wonder. There's the above to go with his recent "Oops my bad" outing of Kate Coe as compared2what. Hmmm. He could be the original source of all that.


Tokyo Shemp said...

The Wondering Continues…

That's kind of an interesting thread he showed up on. The two people chatting were intrigued with Dreamsend's new incarnation, as would anyone be at first seeing his schtick. But eventually, anyone with even a smidgen of sanity realises the guy goes absolutely nowhere with the schtick. I believe he keeps deleting his websites, because he could very well be paid disinfo. He could be merely deleting the evidence that his blogging has been crap. Then he thinks he can just keep coming back as if none of this past rubbish will be remembered. Newbies are not going to be able to easily track it down. I've seen this kind of cycle repeated at many convoluted websites. First comes the draw. Then comes the convolution. When it hits the saturation point, the whole thing is pulled.

If he is paid disinfo, then he is probably working with Jeff and Alex Constantine. He's trying to make it seem the people who stalked Theresa have been doing the same to himself. But the problem with that is Theresa and Jeremy had zero proof that they were being stalked. Anna Gaskell was a Jeremy ex-lover from way, way back. Theresa was accusing people of being Scientologists, who had nothing to do with that group. Theresa was writing some very batshite material at her Wit blog. She did plagiarise. She did leave enough evidence for armchair psychologists to diagnose what truly happened.

And to repeat, I am not dissing her or Jeremy. I didn't know them. I never heard of this story until after their tragic deaths. I never looked too far into its ties to internet convolution until very recently. I'm trying to get this out of my system and move on. Dreamsend and his few sycophants are wastes of time. Jeff Wells is a waste of time. I don't want to become part of that rabbit hole network. Nonetheless, I'm glad to have done my best to make sense of it all. And I know I'm not the only one who has figured it out. It's just been part of my internet hobby to try to explain the widespread convolution.

There's this blogger named Fintan Dunne. He grew out of the Democratic Underground much like Larisa Alexandrovna, Brad Friedman, Wayne Madsen, Jeff Wells, Tinoire, and others did. He came out with the idea that the internet is controlled for the most part by CIA fakes. Fintan also obviously falls into the category of either being a crackpot or paid disinfo. Dreamsend has been sort of the poor man's version of Fintan Dunne. Just substitute CIA fakes with Lyndon Larouche and Scientology. Dreamsend wants people to buy into the fundamental spiels put out by the likes of Wells and Constantine. He is saying that convolution is spread to cover up conspiracies pertaining to govt. sponsored MKUltra and satanic ritual cults. But make no mistake about it, he is generally attempting to prop up convoluted conspiracy theories as reality.


Tokyo Shemp said...

I've seen him spreading the myth that Jeff Wells is a satirist. There is that plausible deniability again. Jeff Wells has been shown to be spreading some crazy gobbledygook, mostly revolving around govt. sponsored mind control/sra themes. He has been astroturfing that those things are real. He is not the internet version of the Second City Television Network. The claim that he is a satirist simply does not ring true. One could easily believe he might be getting a paycheck from various publishers and therapists monetarily feasting off of such ridiculous ideas.

I've one more link to share.

The Cthulu-UFO connection, plus some Whitley Streiber

Also, for anyone who thinks they know Strieber, I strongly recommend checking out the Dream’s End site, which contains a highly disturbing investigation of Strieber’s connections to an MKULTRA spin-off program—not that Strieber is deliberately deceptive, but that he’s been programmed and fucked with since childhood. The evidence piles up to a truly absurd degree:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4 (a doozy):

The first two links presently work. Unfortunately, the third and fourth one described as a doozy are unavailable.

Anyway, it seems fair to say that Dreamsend was calling Whitley Strieber out as being some form of manchurian candidate.

This is why it is fair to say that the blogger known as Dreamsend is really not that much different from Diana Napolis or is a paid disinfo writer. What are the other options? Why should anyone spend any more time reading or caring about anything he writes? He's clearly either insane or is the proverbial disnfo writer.

bob said...

Just a clarification -
Jeff Wells WAS a satirist, he was a writer for the Canadian political satire rag "FRANK" magazine:

It's impossible for anyone but Wells to say what, if any, of his Rigorous Intuition writings might be intended by him as subtle satires. However, your point is valid when you say that "being a satirist" is no excuse for promoting mind-rotting conspiracy theory nonsense as though it were reality.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Bob, that couldn't have been explained any better than you did.

Wells is peddling things, that we now know have had at least one real life victim in Project Willow. He may have also been the one who drove Theresa over the edge. If he was writing satire, there'd be a disclaimer somewhere. No, he is astroturfing convolution as truth. I think he doesn't even believe his own stuff. Maybe he gets a stipend from publishers of crazy books. Maybe he is paid disinfo. Imho, his are not sincere delusions. Not like Theresa's and Jeremy's were.

I was scrolling through old RI threads, Dreamsend crap from the wayback machine, other Theresa-Jeremy related links. If it weren't for Jeff and Dreamsend, that story would have run its natural course, and the families would have probably been able to find peace sooner rather than later.

I was going to post some links but am thinking I too should put a lid on it. I tracked down interviews Dreamsend did with that exploitative Elfis character. I'm finding it hard to believe Dreamsend has been sincere either in his kookiness. I also see he did an interview with someone named Mark Levine well before the suicides. I'm thinking wtf. Why would an unknown blogger who's never come up with anything important be getting interviewed by someone who has their own wikipedia page.

But without paystubs, all we can do is post these things, and let the readers decide. Maybe we have helped prevent some gullible people on the edge from falling for the conspiracy theory zeitgeist. And I'm not saying people can't discuss this story. I didn't want to put comments on moderation, but the trolls have forced my hand. I think it's the same ones who ran with Dreamsend and produced the Seaword and descendent websites. I wouldn't be surprised if Alex Constantine, whoeber he is, is involved. Man, I'd like to see that guy sued and exposed. I doubt his name is really Alex Constantine.

I missed this story when it first came out. Until recently, I had no clue how insane Dreamsend was presenting it. I only recently took a much closer look at what Jeff Wells has been producing. I didn't know too much about the satanic panic until the last couple months.

In a perfect world, the two would never have taken their lives. At a minimum, the story should have gone on for a few months. Maybe there would have just been one side with folks discussing their paranoia and Theresa's plagiarism with another responding for the need to respect the dead. It would have gone on for a month or two tops.

I'd like to see Amanda Knox and her boyfriend see justice. That's pretty crazy how an Italian prosecutor was able to convict them based on hysteria. George Santayana said it best, about historical mistakes and the need to not repeat them. I mean, how many years has it been since the Salem Witch Trials?

Unknown said...

Levine was a childhood friend of mine. His sister was murdered some years ago which put us back in touch. No need to approve this comment, just thought you might want to know. Google "Janet March" and read the whole sordid story.

Very nice work on the Stephenson post...needs to somehow get snuck into DU.

Tokyo Shemp said...


DU is still Andy Stephenson country, and I get banned right away. I guess I could go the proxy route. Eventually I get tired of going back to places as zombies.

If you don't want this info on the board about Mr. Levine, then just ask. I wasn't sure if you were giving me the option to delete it or not.

It's not that I'm into censorship, but a few of the people you associate with, I don't want anything to do with them. I've been posting a bit about yourself. I guess it's only fair to give you the chance to respond.

I'm pretty much done with this Theresa Duncan story. I'm glad I never paid it too much attention when it first emerged.

We all make mistakes. If by chance you are for real, I advise you to file all of it away and move on.

Maybe figure out Rachel's story, NMN, Gunderson, do stuff on scientology and Larouche like you did before. Dude, if you are for real, then you got suckered by trolls. And there's no way without paystubs to know whether they were pranking you or part of some strange psyop.

You should've taken Professor Pan's advice at the time, but we can't turn back the clock. I've actually just been kind of a visitor to your section of the blogosphere. I fully understand how one might not look for convolution, yet the convolution finds us.

Oh, that new post wasn't exactly on Stephenson, but it does show how Gump-like he has been. The thing about DU is many of these "election Integrity" folks are quick to attack Bev Harris and a few went after Brett Kimberlin, but for some odd reason they have no bullshite detector abilities for Andy or Larisa.

I will say one more thing. If you're for real, then one good point you made was that Jeff Wells might have very well been involved in the yanking of your chain. That guy shouldn't have messed with me. All he had to do was post my denial of having sock puppets and imaginary conversations, and other stuff he said he'd post, and I probably would have completely forgotten about him. In a way I'm glad it became obvious he was part and parcel of a smear job on myself, an anonymous username. It led to a lot of great finds. That guy is tied to the hip of a lot of obvious disinformation. Closely tied to Stephenson. Stephenson is clearly the missing link. If he can be tied to any form of disinfo paycheck, the widespread internet scam is proven.

Then you'd have a lot of people scrambling, saying it's nothing but McCarthyite smears. Same old, same old. Like that Hugh Manatee Wins character running interference for Lyndon Larouche and Alex Constantine. Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true PERPETRATOR. You freaks always give yourselves away with your laughable, ridiculous, inflammatory, crude and hysterical, phony accusations. Each one is more stupid than the one before, but you sociopaths just keep coming, don't you?

Tokyo Shemp said...

whatever troll breath.

Anonymous said...

This comes closest to the Theresa Duncan I knew. I was the Managing Director of the Edutainment Department at Magnet Interactive, and got to know her quite well in the slim year I labored there. She was the quintessential "mean girl", vicious and condescending to others, ass-kissing to those above her, but who also had a small writing talent and an enormous ego. She freely purloined from her co-workers and was only capable of writing the same story over and over again - usually about an overly precocious young girl who knows it all. That's all she ever did, really. Sooner or later, it was bound to be discovered that her talent was miniscule, being far less than her talent for self-aggrandizement and promotion. I am firmly convinced that had she known what kind of press she would have gotten from killing herself, she would have committed suicide years before she did.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Thanks for the compliment. It does appear she was a one-hit wonder. It doesn't mean she was evil, because she couldn't deal with failure. Too bad Theresa didn't realise it's ok to be a regular guy. That being said, I find it hard not to blame her also for Jeremy's demise.

Maybe I'm wrong to have said that last part. Jeremy shouldn't have taken his own life either. Most of the blame for that has to be put on himself. However, losing someone you adore, one you consider your soulmate, has to be devastating. It's hard to believe Theresa loved Jeremy as much as he loved her. For that has to be the cruelest thing she could have done to him.

I recently got into watching classic movies. One of my favourite actors is Charles Boyer. His son had committed suicide after breaking up with his girlfriend. Two days after Charles' wife died from disease, he took his own life.

I think Jeremy's action falls into that kind of category. Theresa's suicide was much more complex. Though I agree with you. I also admit that this wasn't brain surgery on my part or that original in terms of figuring out why she took her life. It's a tragic story, made worse because conspiracy theory freaks decided to stalk and rape her soul.

gang stalking said...

I don't think she was crazy. Look up the term Gang Stalking. Several years ago she got into a verbal altercation at work and had to be escorted from the building. Under occupational health and safety laws, this could have gotten a warning marker placed against her file as dangerous.

Under these laws, if the health and safety commity feel that it's appropriate, the warning can be sent out to everyone in the persons enviornment. This means everyone she knew at some point would have recieved some kind of a warning. Moving back to New York would not have fixed the problem. The warning follows you whereever you go.

The other targets who have had the same thing happen, have complained about similar things, harassment, job set back, they are also called paranoid, often because people don't realise what is happening.

I don't think she was ill, I do beleive she was systemically destroyed. Was it suicide? I don't know, but I do know other target die under similar mysterious circumstances.

If you want to look up the term Gang Stalking, or find out how occupational health and safety have turned the citizen in democractic countries into mini Stasi's, I am happy to point you in the right direction. If you want to find out how the psychiatric reprisal is being used on innocent people, to make it seem as if they have a mental illness, also be my guest and I will point you in the right direction.

Tokyo Shemp said...

I'd rather you take your tinfoil and go away.

Maya said...

It's silly to speculate about why someone killed themselves, particularly if they didn't leave you a letter and you hardly knew them personally.

I understand that she was accused of plagiarizing for Slate, and also allegedly lied about her education, but her blog seems to credit sources (e.g., Wikipedia). A lot of her posts are of recycled images and whatnot, but it never struck me as outright plagiarism, which is something you mention over and over here, like that is an indicator of her moral character. I'm not condoning plagiarism, but if she was indeed as mentally ill as you say she was, then that must have been a factor in why she would do that. And as for the drug use accusations, have they ever been corroborated? Seems to me like just a lot of speculation underneath the veil of authoritative writing. And it seems like it would take more than marijuana to drive someone over the edge like that.

Tokyo Shemp said...

I just deleted two posts by the house troll that followed Maya's post. They couldn't happen to be the same person, could it?

Maya's post is clearly troll spam. Let's parse it.

It's silly to speculate about why someone killed themselves, particularly if they didn't leave you a letter and you hardly knew them personally.

Themselves should be written as themself. It's okay to make some grammar mistakes once in a while, but often they are a sign that the writer might be a waste of time.

It's clearly easy to speculate on why Theresa Duncan killed herself. It didn't take much effort to figure it out.

I understand that she was accused of plagiarizing for Slate, and also allegedly lied about her education, but her blog seems to credit sources (e.g., Wikipedia). A lot of her posts are of recycled images and whatnot, but it never struck me as outright plagiarism, which is something you mention over and over here, like that is an indicator of her moral character.

There's no question about whether or not she plagiarised. There's no question about whether or not she was cuckoo bananas. Maya is going with strawman diversions. An example of this approach is when she follows up below with the thingie on uncorroborated drug use. There's a fricken mushroom on her bag. On her blog she did promote some strong variety of weed. Strong marijuana is very different from "regular guy" weed. Strong dope can have more similarities with heavy drugs than marijuana itself.

I'm not condoning plagiarism, but if she was indeed as mentally ill as you say she was, then that must have been a factor in why she would do that. And as for the drug use accusations, have they ever been corroborated? Seems to me like just a lot of speculation underneath the veil of authoritative writing. And it seems like it would take more than marijuana to drive someone over the edge like that.

Theresa Duncan could not understand why she only got fifteen minutes of fame. She gave up. Rather than working harder at her craft, she succumbed to being a card carrying member of the nutjob, tinfoil zeitgeist.

Maya wrote that she cited Wikipedia for her entries. Uhm, maybe she did in places. I don't remember. It is fact that she did post Wikipedia entries as if she had written them herself, or should that be written herselves, Maya?

The name Maya is appropriate. In Hindu, one of its definitions is illusion.

Alex Constantine, Jeff Wells, Dreamsend, and the house troll are garbage writers. They wanked off to Theresa Duncan's ghost and figured there'd be no blowback. DreamsNut thought he could simply whitewall his excessive volume of posted rubbish, hence covering up that he was part and parcel of Insanity R Us. Jeff Wells thinks he can brush off all the stupidity he's ever posted by astroturfing the enigma of satire versus sincerity. Epic fails all the way around. Rest in peace, Theresa Duncan and jeremy Blake.

Strawmen are boring. The biggest key to all this is perhaps the retrieved article Theresa wrote concerning Anna Gaskell. That clearly showed the fragile state Theresa was in close to the time she decided to end her life. That she was an admirer of Jeff Wells says it all. Theresa Duncan is a clear cut example of right woos left leading to suicide. The right are the ones who came up with the internet satanic panic. Andy Stephenson and Jeff Wells imported it into the "lefty" zeitgeist. Duncan fell for it.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you mentioned it, but before the ARG theory that TD and JB faked their deaths, the original first theory was that--get this--TD didn't even exist! She wasn't a real person--she was a construct. I can't remember who it was, DE or Wells, who started this, but I immediately emailed them and called them on it. But instead of stepping back and saying "Whoops, that was stupid," they just more or less claimed that it didn't matter that she was real, that wasn't the point. Idiots.

Tokyo Shemp said...

It does become a big blur after a while. The problem is Dreamsend has deleted nearly everything he ever posted concerning kooky Duncan-Blake theories.

I think it would have never taken off like it did, if Theresa hadn't made that entry on Anna Gaskell and her Republican guardian and implied they were involved with everything from alleged scientology stalkers to Johnny Gosch related pedophile ring hoaxes.

My guess is DE came up with that one. Even most recently he was saying Kate Coe was dropping down thousands of posts at Rigorous Intuition as username compared2what.

I think DE did his wholesale deletions to make it more difficult for anyone to see how off-the-wall and at the forefront of perverting Duncan's demise he actually was. It's similar to how Jeff Wells has never owned up to being at the forefront of spreading nonsense about Johnny Gosch being Jeff Gannon.

I've tried to own up to anything wrong I've posted. Those guys always have some strategy of either ignoring such things or coming up with lame excuses. Just look at why Jeff Wells was banned from Democratic Underground. Of course it's kind of nuts how DU monitors how usernames are voting in polls, but the bottom line is Jeff Wells voted yes in a racist one. His excuse? The same one he always uses, that he's a satirist.

I would've said I hit the wrong option by accident. He basically admitted he's a racist. If he sincerely was voting as a form of satire, why didn't he add a post explaining his vote?

Anonymous said...

Yes, TD's Anna Gaskell post fed a LOT of the fire. People didn't understand the real reason for the post. AG was JB's successful, pretty ex-girlfriend. That was the only thing that mattered to TD and everything she wrote followed from that.

Several people owe Kate Coe an apology for things they said when all this went down. The first charge was saying ill of the dead. Coe did her research and wrote the story. People said it was a hit piece. But here we are some years later and nothing from her story has been discredited.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Those are very good points you make. Kate Coe did do a good job for someone who isn't a full-time, investigative reporter.

What Constantine wrote about Coe was pure garbage. The only thing coming close to that was Dreamsend's theory that she's been dropping down thousands of posts on Rigorous Intuition.

It's really a simple story to figure out. I gather the problem some might have with it, is if they somehow venture into the land of the crazies like Theresa did.

No one, not you, me, or Kate Coe is speaking badly of Theresa Duncan. It's a very sad story.

This is not some cognitive infiltration cover up of deep politics with ties to satanism and pedophilia. Some people like Jeff Wells are well on their way to being insane. Unfortunately for real victims of child abuse like Project Willow, people like Wells have a facade of respectability which ensures people like her will never recover. Whoever plugged such ideas into Neil Brick is evil.

Look at a guy like Colin Ross. If he actually believes what he says, fine, then he may not be evil. I used to think Jeff Wells was. Then Bob filled me in on his religious background, and now I merely pity him. On the other hand, if Colin Ross is an opportunist making money off of others' pain, and Doug Mesner seems to have come up with evidence he has, then all bets are off. If Ross doesn't believe a word he says and and who could, and he's sane, then if there's a hell, that's where he's headed.

LeeDailyTrade said...

Theresa Duncan, FUCKING RULED
the Central blog, was a pool of shit.
People bent on trashing Theresa.
Wit of the Staircase is way way more interesting than any of your blogs, webpages, twitter accounts, lives...
Calling her a plagiarist, shows you don't get it.
Every post on the Staircase includes a link to a source.
The Staircase, is more of a daily paper, more like-look, check this out, read this-here's what I think, here's what this person wrote-
She wasn't embarrassed. She was done, and gone-and she did it like anything and everything she'd ever done, perfectly, matter of fact, hit send and yawned, smiled. One thing she didn't know, is how she would be missed. You want to talk shit about her, do it in person. GaryROAR

Tokyo Shemp said...

Dumbasses like the previous poster can bitch all they want. It's not going to change the truth about this story.

It took five seconds to learn he was a big admirer of disinfo focker Alex Constantine.

link- scroll down to comment

What you did with your other blog,is about the best tribute I've seen,and wish I never had.

LeeDailyTrade must be referring to this blatant bullshit posted days earlier by disinfo nutjob Alex Constantine.

Duncan/Blake Supplemental: Jim Cownie, Warren Buffett, Rupert Murdoch, the CIA, Cable Industry, Mind Control, Drugs & Political Assassination

The CIA-MAFIA Network Behind the Duncan-Blake-Wit "Suicides" -
A Data Bin on Fascist Control, Corporate Looting, and Covert Operations

"Duncan/Blake "Suicides" Solved

" ... the charmless bureacratic tools of Operation Mockingbird ... " - Theresa Duncan

By Alex Constantine

Theresa Duncan took her own life because she had made an utter fool of herself. She was absolutely insane.

It wasn't just the plagiarism.

Filmmaker Theresa Duncan Doesn’t Like Photographer Anna Gaskell

This creep who has shown up here left the following comment on that last link. He sounded like he was 15 years old.

no matter what she said,it was and will always be more interesting than anything you iterate-she outclassed most.Plus she was hot,hot like,when she opened the door for you to meet her for the first time,you thought you were in the scene of movie like WEIRD SCIENCE when they created woman.

Regular people don't care what you think. Regular people do not appreciate conspiracy freaks like yourself. Go away loser. Here's some advice. Lay off the acid or whatever heavy drugs you seem to be on.

Just because you and Alex don't understand academic principles doesn't mean the rest of us are also either simpletons, conspiracy theory freaks, or have insidious agendas. Now go shoo, scram. You're stinking up this blog.

Tierra said...

Just let the dead rest. Their deaths are sad and were unnecessary. Yet none of us knows the full story, and the endless opinionated speculation - by both the crazies and the non-crazies - doesn't benefit anyone.

Venice Beach

Tokyo Shemp said...

We never know the full story of anything. So what's your point?

There is not endless speculation. For the most part, the story was solved. Facts are not opinion.

Crazies tend to go with opinions that have been put into their heads by phony websites. Non-crazies tend to be logical and hence are able for the most part to get the gist of the truth.

Your post seems to be saying this story is an enigma, that the crazies could be correct. No way.

It is a good thing to expose internet nonsense concerning real life events. Though I agree with you the two people in this story should be allowed to rest in peace. That goes to the adage that once a nail is hammered in, the job is done. There is no enigma to this story.

Anonymous said...

This is one perspective. Life is neutral and we make meaning. Just because you write it, doesn't make it so. Rest in peace Theresa.