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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Democratic Underground No Better Than Daily Kos

Top blogger thrown off mainstream democratic site for posting truth around the Coakley situation

A poster named debbierlus at DU made almost 8,000 posts. She got banned, because she openly questioned whether she was going to vote for Martha Coakley in the special election for Ted Kennedy's seat. She was either going to vote for her or not vote at all. Apparently that broke DU's rule asking that members support Democratic candidates. Fine. Whatever. However, a look at a few DU threads concerning her banning shows how corrupt that forum is.

I wonder where debbierlus went to...

Troll comments are everywhere, yet no one is admonished by an administrator.
FSogol: Abstaining from voting = a vote for the Repub. n/t

WeDidIt: Andy Martin calls himself an "Internet Powerhouse" So looks like the tombstoned wretch the OP references and an anti-semitic Birther have something in common.

HBravo: I guess you have never heard of 'eat your own.'

alcibiades_mystery: I'm glad her nonsenses finally cost her. She posted claptrap and nonsenses She did not post a positive thread after her idol Edwards stepped out of the race. The fact that Edwards was her idol tells you all you need to know about her judgment.

Violet_Crumble: She sounds like a complete drama queen... How many more people is she going to get to come and post links to her whining?

HiFructosePronSyrup: Stormfront?

The crew at DU sounds very similar to the UGOGs and other vigilante moderator crews who have ruined the Daily Kos. What lurkers don't realise is such packs have the full approval of top administrators. These forums are basically rigged. When someone is banned at DU, it is called a tombstone. AT DKos, the big sendoff is a waving cat. At DU, the "state-sponsored" trolls dance over the graves of those "tombstoned."
WeDidIt: Posting it was pure agenda. And it will be locked. Meanwhile, we dance...

Here's a second DU thread written by someone who didn't understand why a leading member had been banned. The same "state sponsored" trolling was evident.

Has a leading liberal DU poster "debbierlus " been removed and banned from Democratic Underground?
HiFructosePronSyrup: debbierlus was the worst sort of freeper scum. And won't be missed by anybody that matters.... Debbierlus's progressivism was a phony as a three dollar bill.... It's not my fault your buddy was a freeper. Get over it.

HughMoran: I couldn't agree more. What a hate-filled poster she was - her garbage was just awful and tore the party down for no good reason - there was no positives to be found in her constant assaults on Obama & the Dems.

Spazito: LOL, yes, her 'truthiness' is well known.... and the mods and admins owe you nothing. I have NO doubt she knows exactly why she was tombstoned but, being the drama queen she is, would claim victimhood yet again.

These people sound like paid fakes. They sound exactly like the same losers at Daily Kos. It is as if they are working out of propaganda manuals. Moderators never ban anyone unfairly. No one of importance was banned. She was a freeper, no more real than a three-dollar bill.

Michael Fingerit of the UGOGs was busted by Dave Weintraub. It turned out he was also a moderator at DU. Fancy that.

It also turned out he was involved with some sort of "election integrity" in New York. He turned out to be an associate of Larisa Alexandrovna. I don't believe this was a coincidence. Lest we forget he originally went after Dave Weintraub for having had the gall to confront right wing frauds coming out of Long Island, where by chance is Fingerit's home.

One of Andy Stephenson's close friends is now a moderator at DU, someone who goes by the username of greatauntoftriplets. She locked this thread because someone used the phrase son of a bitch. According to her, that was sexist language. That's an example of how fight clubs at these forums are rigged. It's ok for sponsored trolls to post whatever they want, but rules will be twisted to take care of any real progressives who speak too much truth to fake left.

This thread looked like it could have been an interesting one to figure out. It was titled, "Ellie Light: Obama Astroturfer? Or Very, Very, Very Energetic But Independent Letter Writer? With Houses All Over the Nation?"

Another ploy used by the thought police is to turn a good thread into a flame war. It gives the mods a fake reason to delete and/or lock a thread. I'm not sure exactly what was up with this specific story, but it would have been nice to find out the merits of it. Instead, it devolved into attacks on the topic for it linking to right leaning websites. Basically, it is pretty clear that DU and DKos are nothing more than cheerleader squads for the Democratic Leadership Committee, of fake lefties who have driven true progressives to the fringes of the political dinner table. We are talking triangulation at its most cynical.

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini

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