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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some Thoughts and an Open Thread

There's always the risk of starting open threads on a small blog like this one. It could either get no responses or those from folks who like to troll me. One bugger keeps dropping down spam saying I'm Jay Reynolds. Jay's a right wing "chemtrail" debunker who used to work side by side with well-known conspiracy theory jackass William Cooper. Cooper's the one who said the limo driver killed JFK. No, I'm not Jay Reynolds. I don't even like that person. I left one post by the troll stating we are the same dude, but that's gonna be it. I'm not into censorship. Nonetheless, I do delete some posts if they have a spam like feel to them. I don't suffer fools. If there's an entertainment value to the posts, their posts are more likely to remain. Of course, posts left by good people are always welcomed.

My next entry will be on a historic troll named Ormond Otvos. I've got my links and screenshots lined up and am just letting them brew Hemingway style.

Oh yeah, Doug Mesner has informed me that he is not a member of the Process Church. So for all you satanic panic chumps out there, that avenue will lead to a brick wall.

Uhm, I've just made a couple posts at Stephen Gowans' website. If anyone's interested, they can go here.

UPDATE: Gowans has deleted all three of our posts, two made by myself with a response from him in between. I don't think my second post was ever published. I took a screenshot of the first one. I tried to find his response through google cache but received a message saying it's too large to upload. Thus, I have no copy of Gowans' response. Basically, going by memory here, he said that it seemed that President Ahmadinejad of Iran wasn't so much of a Holocaust denier, that he was more a critic of Israel's alleged exploiting of it for her own political gain. He also asked me to direct him to a link showing that he is a Holocaust denier. The second of my posts can be read below this update. I guess my response to his post made too much sense and out came the scrub brush. How is Stephen Gowans not an intellectual coward?

(end of update)

He published the first one. The second is in moderation. I'll post that now. I think it'll be published, but here it is for the heck of it. By the way, I thought Gowans was from Canada, but his time stamps look to be out of the England area, five hours ahead of the East Coast, America.

Mr. Gowans, thanks for publishing my post and responding.

Like yourself, I know time is limited, and we like to do our own things. That said, I’m not going to do your homework for you. Questioning whether the Holocaust ever happened or even the numbers killed are forms of Holocaust denial. There’s tons of proof that a plan was put into motion by the Nazis, and approximately six million Jewish people were murdered. Two-thirds of the European Jews were killed. I guess you missed what’shisname’s contribution to a Tehran conference titled, “Holocaust? A Sacred Lie by the West.”

Here’s a hint. Google that dude’s name (I refuse to try to spell it p:>) and holocaust denial and knock yourself silly.

You are a scholar. How many Jews do you think were killed in the Holocaust?

I don’t understand your analogy to George Bush. He was clearly a moron and war criminal. Anyway, there’s a big difference between someone being a moron and a Holocaust denier.

I’m saying that things are complex. That doesn’t mean we the people can’t come to a consensus. This could also be all about a matter of perspective. I see an internet being corrupted by propaganda put out by the likes of Michael Rivero, Willis Carto, and many others promoting the view of a Jooish World Order. Holocaust denial or “questioning” as you phrase it is a big chunk of their schticks. I’m actually trying to watch your back.

I am no expert on Iran, and subsequently you could very well be providing some of the best info available in regards to the nuclear weapons angle and US attempts at promoting kinder and gentler imperialism. In my gut however, I don’t think the social reality is cut and dried. I do feel an organic social movement has formed in Iran to fight the theocracy. I also do not doubt that those US ngo’s with ties to Ackerman and Woolsey for example are trying to manipulate that process.

I came across your work a few months back, when the whole Ackerman-Giordano link started to emerge. It’s been quite humorous to read of the recent uprising of students and professors at Giordano’s School of Authentic Journalism. A few of us nobodies warned Big Al that his conflicts of interest were gonna come back to bite him in the arse, if he didn’t cut the cord with the ICNC. He made some hypocritical statements at my humble blog which do not line up with what he is now purporting. E.G., he made it seem that his school was merely receiving a small donation from Ackerman along with some pamphlets, supplies, and whatnot. He never mentioned that DuVall and three others were on his faculty.

Anyway, sorry if I worded my previous post badly. I didn’t mean to say you are in bed with Holocaust deniers, but rather you should be careful of that taking place wittingly or not. Otherwise, in a way, you will end up making a similar mistake to Giordano’s. As for George Salzman, he appears to be getting a bit too creepy in calling Israeli’s nazis. The best way to help out the Palestinian people, imho, would be to avoid such polarising language. It may suit folks to concentrate on Venezuela and even Iran for examplea in studying the so-called coloured revolutions. Nonetheless, I see two basic truths concerning the troubles in the Middle East. The Holocaust truly happened. The Palestinianians also have been victimised by asymetrical warfare. The best bet for peace there would be to avoid polarising arguments from both sides. Think of that Chinese finger hold thingie. The more one tries to escape, the firmer the thing clamps onto our fingers. The more people question the Holocaust, the easier it is for the Israeli government to thwart Palestinian aspirations for independence. The more Israelis are demonized, the more likely terrorist acts will take place against Israel. I do believe peace and justice can eventually come to fruition, if such nuances are comprehended.Thanks again. Take care.

p.s. I am willing to marry Eva Golinger no questions asked. I like her style.


socrates said...

Wow, not only didn't Gowans publish my second comment, he deleted the first one along with his response.

When I get the chance, I'll put up the screenshot I took of my original post.

One other thing, let this open thread be a lesson to other small-time bloggers. If you don't have the audience to sustain an open thread, don't make one. [/ouch]

the_last_name_left said...

I'm largely sympathetic to his wider argument, but I think he is complacent about Iran's nuclear activity. I think he badly underplays Ahmadinejad's activity in holocaust denial. It comes over as excuse-making imo. Why do that for Ahmadinejad?

On the Iranian enrichment - they've stated they intend to increase enrichment up to 20%.

3.5% - for reactor fuel.

90% for weapon.

Counter-intuitively, apparently it is easier to go from to 20 to 90 than it is to go from 1-20.

The first levels of enrichment are the most time consuming. after that, most of the work has been done, apparently.

so Iran's statement of intent is a lot more concerning than people seem to realise. apparently. ;)

it seems going from 2

socrates said...

Thanks for the post. I don't understand this guy. He makes a lot of sense in general. I guess he doesn't realise that we have a bit of power, maybe not much, but enough to get our messages out. We certainly were able to get Al Giordano in here, and we became players. So now this guy Gowans has shown his circle of people that he is into censorship.

Like I said, I don't have a clue about the nuclear aspirations of Iran. It's beyond me to figure out whether they are trying to use nuclear for just power or to also eventually create the bomb. I am totally against nuclear. We should be using renewables like solar and wind and basically all sorts of clean energy.

The info you provide is alarming. The last thing this world needs is another country with the bomb. Maybe Iran feels that if India and Israel have it, I'm assuming they do, though I haven't been keeping track of this, then Iran feels they deserve that weapon also.

I remember hearing that Iran is earthquake country. If so, then it sounds dangerous for them to have nuclear power even for energy needs.

I think the only explanation for the censorship must be due to the Holocaust denial issue. That's a shame. I now have a very bad feeling about Gowans. In his post that he also deleted, he asked me to provide the link showing what'shisface is a Holocaust denier. It looks fairly obvious that he is. For a scholar not to know that, it reminds me of your predicament with Dees. Is he unaware of the facts, or is he willingly ignoring them? And then why would he? Is Gowans paid by some group to promote certain views? Or maybe he felt embarrassed to be learn of something he should have known to begin with? It's very confusing to me. Now if it turns out Eva Golinger is also disingenuous or illogical in this sort of way, I will be thoroughly heartbroken. She's a definite sweetie. I am tired of being let down. I tend to believe in people unless they give me reason to think otherwise. I feel very bad about how this Gowans guy is turning out. Same with Salzman. Too much is not adding up.