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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Someone Needs To Deprogram Roseanne

Who'd a thunk Roseanne could have ever been brainwashed by therapists spewing crap about government sponsored satanic ritual abuse and mind control? She always seemed such a strong, level-headed type.

Her therapist appears to be none other than Colin Ross. One brave woman from Canada is spreading the word about this nutjob, and the dangers he poses to society. Ms. Roma E. Hart recently shared her story with Doug Mesner. He's the dude who attended one of those crazy mind control conferences and reported on it.

Here's his new piece concerning Ms. Hart's tragic experience.

This Ross guy needs to be stopped. Recently Ms. Roma put up the following affidavit showing that he was forced to resign his position as a therapist at St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Tuesday, May 7, 2002


Almost two years ago, the Canadian Psychiatric Association followed the lead of the Americans and the Australians and produced a position paper saying that memories of childhood sexual abuse, triggered in adults during psychotherapy are unreliable and should not be accepted without corroborating evidence.

In January, a leaked report from the British Royal College of Psychiatrists went even further: Despite widespread clinical and popular belief that memories can be blocked out of the mind, no empirical evidence exists to support either repression or dissociation, said the report, which went on to say that repression and recovery of verified, severely traumatic events and their role in symptom formation has yet to be proved. These denunciations have yet to penetrate the Canadian criminal justice system. That is why we are calling on Justice Minister Ann McLellan to order an inquiry into all convictions based on this internationally discredited therapeutic theory....

Time is long overdue for politicians and the legal profession to recognize the unmistakable connection between recovered memory therapy, more specifically the implanting of false childhood memories and the sexual abuse hysteria that swept the English-speaking world in the late 1980s and 1990s. Since 1993, I have investigated more than 20 childhood sex abuse cases that resulted from memories recovered in therapy and/or by other suggestive means, for example, self-help pop psychology books written by John Bradshaw and early 1990 TV talk shows. I suggest to you that during the early 1990s, the peak years of the memory recovery movement and sexual abuse hysteria, there were far more false memory accusations, many of them supposedly recalling memories of 20 to 40 years before than genuine ones. Furthermore, the vast majority of these false sexual abuse allegations were made against innocent senior citizens who were often too frail to defend themselves.

Of course, there have been genuine sexual abuse accusations in the past, and there continues to be real sexual abuse today. However, this does not in any way contradict or detract from the arguments I am making in this brief. In 1997, Bill C-46, the federal bill, aimed at restricting lawyers access to therapy records, was debated in parliament. Here is what Dr. Harold Merskey, Canada's most renown psychiatrist on recovered memory therapy, said in testifying on the bill before the House of Commons Committee: ". . . let me make a major statement that replies to what you're saying, that is, I think sexual abuse is very common." I said that at the onset. Therefore genuine accusation will be common, but I think that an uncomfortably high proportion of cases coming to our courts are false, and there are people in prison only on allegation of recovered memory. I can provide examples....

Mr. Gerrard: You talk in the brief about the efforts of Dr. Colin Ross, and I wonder if you might comment.

Mr. Bergen: Dr. Colin Ross was the psychiatrist at the St. Boniface Hospital from 1986-1991. One of his first patients was my sister-in-law. She had anxiety problems. She went to see him at Ross's clinic at the University of Manitoba. Seven months later, she committed suicide because she could not live with the false memories that Ross had implanted in her mind. Colin Ross had been charged twice in Manitoba. He has been charged in Dallas, Texas.

By the way, Ross was fired from the St. Boniface Hospital, and that was covered up by the hospital. The Government, at that time, was aware that Ross was fired, but, nevertheless, it was covered up. The public never heard about it.

Ross managed to get a licence in Dallas, Texas, began practicing there. Ultimately, he was charged again. The hospital where he worked was closed down, and Ross and a few other people, along with the hospital, settled out of court. Basically, a settlement out of court like that is really a guilty verdict. They settled for millions of dollars out of court in 1999. But the story of Colin Ross is a pretty bad one.

Mr. Gerrard: On page 40, you talk about the charter behavioural health systems which were operated in the United States. Maybe you could comment.

Mr. Bergen: With the peak period of the charter system, I believe they had 92 hospitals across the United States, and they were virtually recovered memory therapy factories. They also had a multiple personality disorder diagnostic throughout the system. They had over 8000 patients.

What happened in the United States was there were virtually hundreds of lawsuits. By the year 1996, there were hundreds of lawsuits against therapists. So what happened was, by 1999, year 2000, there were only about 32 hospitals left. The rest of them had closed. As a result of the hundreds of lawsuits against therapists, basically, the system had to shut down. Insurance companies were not paying any more, and the whole system shut down. So, in the United States, in the court system, you do not have recovered memory therapy.

You would not have a politician in the United States making the kind of comments that our Minister of Justice made in Canada here. Canada's situation is different because we have a public sector system, so the therapists and the Government basically are on the same side. Also, in Canada, the lawyers will not take cases on a contingency basis, where they will in the States. So this whole fraudulent therapy really was stopped by the court system.

Is Roseanne too far in this cult to be saved? I hope not. If gotten through to, she could go back on Larry King's Show and blow the top off of this farce which continues to damage many lives.

CNN LARRY KING LIVE Roseanne Tells Her Story
Aired August 16, 2001

LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, Roseanne, there's nobody like her! She survived multiple personality disorder, abuse, depression, shattered marriages. She's still got a knack for making America laugh. You've seen all that stuff in the tabloids. Now get her story. Roseanne for the hour, with phone calls, next on LARRY KING LIVE....

She's only gotten worse. Here she is speaking at one of those fried mind control conferences. She must have said the word truth 117 times. This one is kind of tough to watch. From 2009 in Los Angeles:

Another speaker was Cathy O'Brien. She's very cute. I am kind of attracted to the crazy. Unfortunately this is a bit too crazy for even me. She claims to be a victim of mkultra. She wrote a book called Trance Formation of America. A woman named Brice Taylor wrote one titled Thanks For The Memories. She claims to have been Bob Hope's sex slave and shared with high profile US government leaders such as Henry Kissinger. What I'd really like to know is whether those two and others truly believe this stuff. I wonder if they were brainwashed like Roseanne, or whether they are just faking their kookiness in order to sell books.

And let's not forget that if it weren't for quack shrinks with Phd's like Colin Ross and Lowell Routley, none of this would possibly be persisting.

There is a high profile attorney in Illinois who will help those unjustly accused due to the false memory scam run by the likes of Colin Ross.

Paul J. Ciolino and Associates

I'm not sure exactly how recently this survey was done, but according to Mr. Ciolino, a few therapists are accounting for the vast bulk of false claims.

A recent national survey of clinical psychologists found that 1,908 clinical psychologists reported treating no cases of ritual abuse and 785 treating only one or two cases. 2 However, only sixteen of them reported having treated over a hundred cases of ritual abuse each, perhaps indicating that a few therapists may be highly predisposed to see disturbed people as suffering from the effects of satanic cult ritual abuse.

And this is what he had to say about Roseanne.

The poster person for the Repressed Memory movement is actress Roseanne Barr. Roseanne's memories of abuse came after therapy. On the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, Roseanne stated, "I have my first memory of being molested by my mother at six months old." It gets worse. Roseanne has stated that her parents have molested her two sisters, her brother and her daughter. Each of them have taken a very public position in denying these allegations and in the process have become the most famous "abusers" in the United States today.

It's not just the Phd. therapists either who are giving legitemacy to what should be outlawed. We've seen what an effect internet personalities such as Andy Stephenson and Jeff Wells have had on promoting this nonsense. There have also been academics such as Sociologist Dr. Stephen Kent who have played a part in promoting this crap.

Mind Control Interview: Dr. Stephen Kent on Masonic Ritual Abuse and Abusive Cults

Maybe Kent can help us figure out who originally brainwashed Neil Brick of Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today.

This is one of the most underreported and disgusting stories I've ever heard about. I never expected my internet experience to come into contact with anything like this. But anyone who knows the path I took, from looking into "election integrity" and learning of Andy Stephenson, then of how I got used by Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition, this progression will add up. It's time to stop thinking of this as oh that wacky internet and start ensuring that the details of it are made well aware to the general public. A doctor like Colin Ross should not be allowed to practice therapy. I recommend folks with some gumption to see if we can get some legislation passed to put a stop to this once and for all. Someone please get through to Roseanne. If she can be brainwashed into this, perhaps she can be shown how it is all a big fat lie. No pun intended. Roseanne is deep down a sweetie and needs help to get out of this mess she has found herself involved in. Fricken godspeed.


Ty said...
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socrates said...

How to put this.... I don't want you posting at this website. I figured you unferstood the offer for you to post was on the one specific thread, where your "work" was mentioned.

You had your one chance to be my friend, and you blew it. I don't use sock puppets or have anything to do with any deliberately planted convolution. I have merely tried to figure out such things.

Your comments about connections between Parfrey, Feral House, Alex Constantine, and, where Doug Mesner posted his mind control conference infiltration piece, is duly noted. You could have written that as anonymous. I will not be slow to hit the delete button, is what I'm saying. You are not welcomed on this blog, period.

I have no "dismissive" tone about Scientology. They are a dirtbag, mind control cult. What I am dismissive of is jackasses like you who are either deliberate disinfo or insane. No one cares about Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake the way you do. The two of them deserve to rest in peace. One should check it out, then leave it alone. By the way, I don't remember the Church of Scientology being mentioned in this blog entry. This will be your only warning. Anything you submit will be subject to instant deletion.

If Colin Ross is a scientologist, well, if true, that is an interesting observation.

You called out a kooky "survivor" at Jeff Wells' forum as being the author (Kate Coe) of one of the most famous pieces done on the Duncan-Blake suicides. You are a freak and waste of time. Sure, there are a few tidbits you come up with that are somewhat interesting as in conspirotainment. However, they are ideas contingent on whether they are true or not, as in being big ifs which need to be fact-checked or better yet ignored.

And I do not want to focus on Hugh Manatee Wins or even Jeff Wells. I did what I did when I did it. Or something like that.

Rigorous Intuition is no longer imprtant. As an anonymous poster who has sounded logical and grounded recently put it, something has turned. The internet playing field has leveled. That's because obvious crap being flung out over the years has accumulated. HMW has supported Constantine and Larouche. Wells was always a joke. You, wow, this fixation on Theresa Duncan is sick. Either get some counseling or enjoy the paycheck.

For those who don't know, this guy Dreamsend has spoken of being married to someone with multiple personality disorder or now referred to as dissociative identity disorder. Something doesn't smell right about this cat. Yet, life is too short to keep feeding his schtick.

I think this guy is ultimately trying to spread the meme that while there is disinfo circulated by the likes of Wells, Constantine, Ross, et al, that basically the overall story of govt. sponsored sra/mc is the truth. Like my take on chemtrails. That they are real even though much disinfo has been put on the net to make it look like kooky conspiracy theory.

I'm not qualified to make a diagnosis on this guy, whether he is paid to post or deluded. Mostly I don't care.

So please respect that your presence is not wanted on this blog, and your posts will be deleted on sight.

I've already got another troll wasting his time posting that I am noted chemtrail debunker Jay Reynolds. It's the kind of stupid crap that is merely an attempt to divert attention away from things covered here that transcend myself as an individual.

I am an untouchable. It is impossible for anyone to circumscribe me into the deliberately sculpted convolution which is known as the internet. Take your Diana Napolis-lite affliction and please go away. Shoo.

Anonymous said...

I, username Hugh Manatee Wins at RI, do NOT promote Larouche who is an asshole.

Please stop repeating this slur.
Yes, I do encourage people to read Constantine though my focus is not on cults. It is on CIA media and social engineering. Otherwise, I agree with lots of your focus on internet disinformation and I debunk the UFO/alien abduction woo crap every chance I get. I have...mixed feelings...about Jeff Wells and some not so mixed.
How did you get the erroneous idea I'm a Larouche fan? Maybe...Back in 2005 when I was trolled off DemocraticUnderground for outing Wesley Clark's war crimes and role in designing the Iraq occupation as revealed by Dennis Kucinich, I found RI and focused on CIA covert tactics of social control. Still do.
Back then, having only begun to sort out the players in parapolitics, I had only read a few essays by Larouche including one good one about 9/11 so I put him on the RI table for comment. I was quickly apprised of his nastiness, especially by DreamsEnd, and realized/admitted he was a nasty. Oops. Didn't know. Moving on.
End of story.
So quit misinforming your readers on my views. And if you can't find the history and science of Hollywood psyops using mnemonics with a search engine after I've handed you the keywords on a silver platter, then you aren't trying.
Ask people who "Rambo" is and I bet nobody tells you what Greg Rambo tried to do. No surprise that the novelist who wrote the first 1972 "Rambo" story belongs to an association of former intelligence officers. Now I suppose you'll delete my post and reply to a blank space. Ciao. pun intended.

socrates said...

Ah, so I'm back on this thread because someone alleging to be Hugh Manatee Wins made a post. I now see that Dreamsend is up to his old tricks of deleting his blogging. Here's a copy of it. I started saving these, after Susan Something deleted all her posts.

The nutjob known as Dreamsend: Greetings. Your favorite disinfo artist here.

Just a friendly bit of advice...the Colin Ross article is hosted on the website. Do you know who is promoting a resurgence of the Process Church? That would be Adam Parfrey, as in Feral House, as in the publisher of Alex Constantine.

As in (helpfully named for the dense.)

Sometimes you have to go wide, but sometimes you have to go deep.

And your dismissive tone about the role of Scientology is duly noted, but you can't talk about Ross without noting his cozy relationship with CoS. CoS wants us to understand that no mental illness is based in neurochemical processes but that all mental illnesses are a result of trauma. Now Ross, as far as I know, stops with childhood trauma while CoS, of course, says we are all made up of many extraterrestrial beings (thetans) etc.

Finally, if you know more than I do about who c2w is, I would love to hear it, since you dismiss my theory out of hand. You want to focus on HMW, obviously. He used to post as Watchful Citizen. Some wonder if he is also seventhsonjr. Some wonder if he is Jeff Wells himself. In my opinion, he is the best written character in the RI show, something only an experienced satirist could pull off.

Keep digging.

socrates said...

I quickly skimmed through the main entry and do not see any reference to a "blogger" named Hugh Manatee Wins. Maybe I missed it.

I probably mentioned him briefly on another thread or two, but now looking at this again, it seems DreamTroll was having a diarrhea of the mouth moment.

Manatee whatever, I don't care about you or your crazy thoughts about Hollywood. There's a bit of truth to it, that Hollywood might be infiltrated in spots. But you take it too far and obviously come off as Dreamtroll does with his humping of suicide victims schtick.

Thanks to admitting you support Constantine. That says it all.

Dreamtroll initiated contact with myself many months ago through email. I broke off contact when he kept saying I use sock puppets.

Perhaps he hasn't outright tried to smear Doug Mesner like some other troll did. I think those two could be the same person. I think Dreamtroll could be the kind of sock puppet blogger that I have been accused of. That he is some kind of sadistic tool. That would explain a lot.

I'm not one to suffer troll fools. I'm gonna figure out a way to get these buggers off this website if it means iron fist censorship against them. Then I can start afresh. Then maybe eventually I can reopen comments without moderation. Maybe I'll find some new topic that captures my interest and run with the football like I did with the satanic panic. No matter what happens, these people are not getting to me.