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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Susan Polk Was Innocent Of Murder

According to journalist Carol Pogash, Susan Polk had been "seduced by madness." Of course she murdered her husband Felix Polk. That was never in doubt. Yet she should have been found innocent by reason of insanity. How the system ever allowed her to plead not guilty and actually represent herself at trial was a major travesty of justice. My heart goes out to Susan. She was a victim of the modern satanic panic and yet another creepy therapist. I believe Felix Polk got what he deserved. He abused a mentally ill woman for decades, and the laws of karma caught up to him.

This was a pretty big case. For those unacquainted with this one, here's a snippet from a bookstore reading given by Ms. Pogash that should bring you up to speed.

Seduced by Madness by Carol Pogash

Carol Pogash: Journalist and Author

A California Murder Case Raises Troubling Issues By CAROL POGASH Published: September 18, 2005
ORINDA, Calif., Sept. 15 - Susan Mae Polk was 15 when she visited a therapist, 16 when they had sex, 25 when they married and 44 when she killed him....

Felix Polk was one of those therapists like Lowell Routley and Corydon Hammond who made money off of the kooky satanic panic. Yet, he took it a step further. He made up some disgusting story that his son Adam had been abused by an immense, nationwide satanic cult. We now know those ideas were grotesque works of fiction. My hunch is Felix Polk was a combination of insane with grifting. I'm finding it hard to muster up much sympathy for his demise. I'm not saying he was on a scale of Hitler. But he was a terrible person, no doubt.

The proof of this can be ordered through the California Consortium on Child Abuse. Felix Polk gave a "lecture" at one of their conferences in February, 1988.

I couldn't find much on the other speaker, Joan Christianson. She appears to have been a female version of Neil Brick. The satanic panic created a substantial cottage industry. Many lives were ruined. According to

Survivor Joan Christianson has related her experiences to groups across the country. She "averages about 140 phone calls a month mostly from survivors. That means that in one year, I have received 1,680 phone calls and in the seven years that I have been doing this I have gotten 10,760 phone calls." (Christianson, 1988.)

We can only imagine how many mentally ill people Dr. Lowell Routley and alleged manchurian candidate Neil Brick of Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today have manipulated into believing such outrageous things as there being widespread satanic ritual abuse and modern MKUltra.

Here are some excerpts from what Dr. Polk shared with the conference audience. One may want to check out this book written by Carlton Smith to find out a bit more about Christianson and tons about the Susan Polk story.

Felix Polk fabricated outright lies about his son. If I wasn't against cursing, wow, I'd be fricken sharing a bunch of expletives right now with you the good readers.

Now this is where things go from exceedingly insane to utterly mind boggling. According to a "journalist" named Virginia McCullough, Ted Gunderson was eventually hired by Susan Polk to be her investigator and legal assistant. Virginia claims she got that info from Valerie Harris. Who is Valerie Harris? It turns out she was an advocate for Ms. Polk and has been on Court-TV. As the Church Lady would ask, "Isn't that special?"

Check out her resume. She worked 18 years for LOCKHEED-MARTIN MISSILES & SPACE, CO.. She's also worked for Ford Aerospace and NASA/AMES RESEARCH CENTER. She wasn't a receptionist either. She was doing some heavy lifting for those places. And now we're supposed to believe she's moved on to a whole different career away from one associated to the military-industrial complex? I wrote her an email. I'd like to see if she can confirm that Gunderson went to "work" for Susan Polk. If so, that's just simply fried.

And again, why wasn't Polk compelled to plead not guilty by reason of insanity? She was clearly messed in the head by Felix. She claimed to be psychic. According to

Susan Polk had argued during her murder trial that the psychotherapist husband she stabbed to death in 2002 was an Israeli intelligence agent who knew in advance about the Sept. 11 attacks, that she was a psychic and that judges and police were out to get her. Her own son testified that she was delusional and "cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."

(photo available in cache copy)

She was sentenced to 16 years to life. This is an outrage. To repeat, why didn't anyone make sure she pled insanity? Was she just another pawn for dirtbags like Ted Gunderson? She was psychologically molested her whole adult life by some creepy therapist, and now she has to rot in prison for perhaps the rest of her life? And what about all the psychological damage done to her children who are now adults? The number of people seriously damaged by the satanic panic is way up there. And this crap continues to do real damage.

(police/family photo)

And what the hell is up with all the internet convolution? Jeff Wells is clearly in cahoots with Kate Dixon and Virginia McCullough of the bizarre website called News Making News. He has locked a number of threads at his forum, in which those ladies were clearly in the process of being exposed for their insidious behaviour. All three of them have been posting crap nonsense for years.

Here's one post where Wells kissed their asses. One can look into the Richard Hamlin case and see so many similarities with this Polk one. The appearance of Gunderson. The spreading of satanic panic hogwash. There's this dude named Sid Siemer who has been smeared to no end by these people as being a satanic cultist into the most shocking ritual violence. Is there any proof it's true? No, there's not one sniff of truth to that.

And then there's some fake opposition going on with "Anita Langley" of Black Op Radio fame, who we're supposed to believe is in a battle with NMN. She's related to Michael Riconosciuto by marriage (and internet convolution), and that aspect was covered in a previous blog entry. Rachel Begley is now in their ideological grasp. I sincerely can't prove who's a paid fake from who is a naive conspiracy theory freak. I have my hunches and opinions. The convolution has been spread on very thick over many years. Here Jeff Wells found a way to twist more bull, when one of Polk's defense attorneys she later fired had found his wife murdered in another high profile case. I'm tired trying to piece all this together. I think I have done all I can. I mean, you can lead a horse to water....

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from Jackie McGauley

And why did Virginia McCullough and disbarred nutjob attorney Kate Dixon, both of News Making News, work for the defense of a scumbag murderer named Phillip Arthur Thompson?


S.M. Elliott said...

Brilliant post. Thank you.

socrates said...

Hi S.M., thank you very much. This was one of my tighter entries. When I think of which of those I may be most proud of, this one gets a nomination.

I've actually seen your blogs before. They are well put together. I was too shy to make an appearance.

By the way, I've always considered Canada as our better half. p:>

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Lots of words, little proof. There's apparently no proof for either side of the argument. Is there is or is there isn't satanic or ritual abuse? Is there is or is there isn't widespread satanic or ritual abuse? What's true and what's false? Who's trying to convince whom of what?

Very confusing.

socrates said...

Haha! Sure thing, anonymous. Thanks for the post, dumbdumb.

Eli said...

What a circus this trial was, a complete miscarriage of justice. After this experience I I have zero faith/respect for our system. It's good to see not everyone believes what they are told or what they read in a newspaper, all without question... My mom was and will remain a victim for the rest of her life. She is innocent of murder. The campaign and subsequent conviction against her was set up and executed by people who didn't care about the truth, these people only wanted to see my mom burn for something she didn't do. I think we can find fault in the country allowing my mother to represent herself. The prosecutor was a complete freak, a really sick individual. His conduct, along with the judge's was horrendous.

socrates said...

Hi Eli, sorry for your horrific experience.

I think people like your mom get hurt by the system due to politics.

We had our own Satanic Panic here with something called Fells Acres. The prosecutors ended up later running for political office.

I see Susan got 16 years to life. I don't know what that means with what one hears of so-called truth in sentencing.

Hopefully she has access to a competent therapist who can help her break through whatever delusions she may still have.

It's really tragic. I wish you peace and good luck, brother.

Eli said...

Unfortunately, the real problem here is systemic (as well as other political influences). The county should have never allowed my Mom to represent herself, throwing a life away with no concern whatsoever for other factors like my brothers and I is just plain crazy. People are flawed, but there isn't any doubt my Mom was a victim of my fathers highly unethical actions since it all began when she was his 14 y/o patient. And American prisons aren't exactly designed to rehabilitate so ultimately what we have here is a tragic miscarriage of justice. My Moms conviction was a complete failure of our criminal justice system to act honorably and justly. The county's role, specifically, their allowing people who didn't even know my Mom to heavily influence the proceedings was just shameful.

socrates said...

Intellectually we know what truly happened. It's obvious your mom shouldn't have been sent to prison. We're supposed to be civilised.

The tragedy took root while she was a child. That's the bottom line. She was victimised by a psychotherapist who turned out to believe in the most out there of conspiracy theories.

I wish you the best of luck in being an advocate for her. It will make you a better person, and with some good luck, your mom will someday be fully healed and leading a productive life in society. I'm very sorry for what you and her have experienced. Take care, Seth.

Eli said...

Thank you Seth.

socrates said...

You're welcome. If there's anything you want to share, feel free. Blogger seems to last forever. I cleaned out the broken YouTube links to the CBS Amanda Knox story. So it's a cleaner read.

Anonymous said...

I have had dealings with a few people mentioned in this blog.

Gunderson was a kook who did not know how to filter between speculation and fact.

Dixon and McCullough are truly bizzare in their defense of Thompson despite clear evidence of his evil.

Rachel Begley is legit. She is far from under the spell of KD and VM - she considers them to be mortal enemirs and she viewed Gunderson with suspicion.

et urnal said...

I find the american justice system and law enforcement built on misogyny and racism, not justice. It is time to demand our fair laws be respected and corrupt judges fired.