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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Tale of Two Current Events

Warning- The following news report from Al Jazeera is very graphic. Nigerian hit squads are in operation. A state police commissioner is claiming this is a hoax. Why don't I believe him? The UN needs to act on this pronto. I think sovereignty is a good idea in theory. Nonetheless, if there was ever a time to invade a country, this is it. You go in there, arrest the murderous government, and set up fair elections. Yes, I know, that sounds good in theory also. Ugh, the world is a mess.

It makes me want to hear some George Harrison.

If I have to guess, I'll say the following story will get more press than the slaughter taking place in Nigeria. OH MY GOD, HOLLYWOOD STAR MEGAN FOX HAS A STRANGE LOOKING THUMB!!!

As for the new hit by Alice in Chains, Your Decision, ugh, it's tough to watch the great bands become mere shells of what they once were. Nothing personal against Jerry Cantrell, but they're just not the same band without Layne Staley.

I liked Soundgarden the best for grunge bands.

I posted this video the other day, but I think it's so utterly brilliant and says it all, that I'm gonna post it again. I actually believe in God. It's the organised part of it that I dislike. It's the hypocrisy that is stinking up the joint, or jernt, as noom would say.

And thanks to all you bands who don't press the copyright laws for videos like this. It's much appreciated.

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