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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Internet Fakes Working For Intelligence Emerges As Fact

Before his recent incarnation as The Cold Spy, Hans Mundt was posting as a Honduran radical named Meno Argenti. I acquired that information before agreeing to keep our emails private. I will definitely keep my word by not posting those. Nonetheless, I feel nothing wrong in disclosing that he was posting as Meno.

"Hans" is not averse to utilising the scrub brush. He had a website called It's frontpage used to read, "Servicing Bolivia- Columbia- Honduras- Nicaragua- Guatemala- Belize." Now it's all gone! He also had a website called Honduran Campesino Dot Org. That's no longer available either.

Meno Argenti was the name of an Omar Sharif role. One can google and see how active "Meno" was after the coup in Honduras occurred. It looks like he finished that job and has started a new one. He's now into Palestine and the Jooos! Meno had made it seem he was Honduran and fighting for his people. He can now be found at and Facebook concerning this new passion centered around terrorism, state-sponsored surveillance, and the internet. Does that make organic sense? Not in my honest opinion.

Perhaps folks should take a look at the following link. It may give insight into this dude's internet presence.

Your New Facebook Friend May Be a Federal Agent By Allan Lengel for AOL News (excerpts)
A Justice Department document asks the simple question: Why Go Undercover on Facebook, MySpace, etc.?

Then it goes on to explain: "Communicate with suspects/targets" ... "gain access to non-public info" ... "map social relationships/networks."

The document, part of a Justice Department PowerPoint presentation, demonstrates how some federal and local law enforcement agents are quietly creating fictitious accounts on social networks like Facebook and MySpace to get dirt on suspected criminals. The presentation recently surfaced in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in a San Francisco federal court.

“This is just the way people meet these days — electronically,” James Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the Nashville office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told AOL News. “It wouldn’t be any different than calling someone on the phone, say, in an undercover capacity. If we can meet them on Facebook by creating a fictitious account, that’s great.”

Even so, the Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco filed the lawsuit in December against about a half a dozen federal agencies to create a public dialogue on the matter and make sure agencies have guidelines for agents, according to Marcia Hofmann, a senior staff attorney for the foundation. The Justice Department, Homeland Security, Treasury, the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence are included in the suit....

“It’s not like we have to dig very deep,” said one federal agent who has not created fictitious accounts but knows of others who have. “Facebook is the best. They videotape themselves. They have pictures with guns, posing with gang members. There’s addresses of homes. We tend to go after what’s there.”

Another federal agent says he’s amazed how freely some criminals post information on social networks.

“I’m surprised by the recklessness of it,” the agent said. “I would think they would be smarter. That’s why we only catch the stupid ones....”
One would think Hans Mundt would be smarter also. Like I said, he was running a website called Honduran Campesino Dot Org. Only some of that website is still available through cache. At one of the pages, one can see a slideshow presented by Thomas Ray Harner III. Hans may actually be that person. I don't know. What I do know is that Harner was in direct contact with Nicaraguan Contras because of the following screenshots.

To be fair to Harner, he has been open about this info. He might have truly evolved into a good guy. He might have been leeched on by "Meno Argenti" like this dude tried to do with me. Then when the Honduras story ebbed towards the back pages and then off of the newspapers, perhaps Meno decided to switch gears into his new role as Hans Mundt.

He simply fits the description of federal agents using popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to investigate people and possible terrorist movements on the internet.

Undercover Feds on Social Networking Sites Raise Questions By Kim Zetter (excerpt)
The next time someone tries to “friend” you on Facebook, it may turn out to be an undercover fed looking to examine your private messages and photos, or surveil your friends and family. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has obtained an internal Justice Department document that describes what law enforcement is doing on social networking sites.

The 33-page document shows that law enforcement agents from local police to the FBI and Secret Service have been logging on to MySpace and other sites undercover to communicate with suspects, read private postings and view photos and videos that are restricted to a user’s friends....
In the article, Zetter links to "a slide presentation titled “Obtaining and Using Evidence from Social Networking Sites” (.pdf) given last year by John Lynch, deputy chief of the Justice Department’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property division to describe how valuable social networking sites can be to give law enforcement access to non-public information. The cops can also map social relationships and networks, among other things. The document does not include guidance or cautionary notes on how to conduct an investigation responsibly using these services, though it acknowledges the problematic nature of using an assumed identity to open an account with a social networking site."

I think I'll survive Hans Mundt taking me off his blogroll. My internet fake radar system started to blip concerning himself, after he shared his concerns with my pointing out his Facebook page, as if I had crossed some line into his personal business. However, one can go to his cold spy website and see that he himself advertises the page.

I have given "Hans Mundt" every opportunity to state his case at DFQ2. This is now the fourth blog post I've made, where his internet presence has been discussed. He never did adequately explain his Facebook page. His excuse for having some dubious links was that he added some "friends" without looking too closely at what they were promoting. Many of them are ok in my book. I consider myself pro-Palestinian, for what that's worth. I asked Hans to go into detail on what he considers the proper path for peace in the Middle East. He disappeared. He took me off his blogroll. He tried to make me feel bad for mentioning his Facebook page, even though he does so prominently on his Cold Spy frontpage. I wasn't going to mention the Meno Argenti username. But after a few days of reflection, I can't help but mention it. I simply don't understand how one goes from being primarily an activist for Honduran peasants to being Mr. Palestine/Israel blogger. He has asked for this to happen. Now based on those above articles pertaining to intelligence and social networks, I can't help but wonder if Hans Mundt is working for that project.

I'm no fan of Wikipedia, but for time purposes I am going to use them as a source. They claim, "The U.S. intelligence budget in fiscal year 2009 was $49.8 billion." Their source for that data which can be found in the footnotes is titled DNI Releases Budget Figure for 2009 National Intelligence Program.

That's a lot of clams. Or allot, as Hans and Meno both like to spell it. We know about Hal Turner. We now know about that document acquired by the Electronic Frontier Foundation through the Freedom of Information Act. We can only guess how many internet fakes there are working for US Intelligence. I think there are o'plenty of them.

Here's my theory. Hans Mundt is probably some form of federal agent. He fits the description from the above articles and document. He has set up fictitious characters and started dialogue with people all over the internet. He calls this networking. I smell FBI. I smell some kind of lame anti-terrorism program, a modern form of Cointelpro so to speak. This dude went from writing all about Honduras for a few months and setting up websites only to later delete them. He made plenty of posts on the topic. He probably then figured he got the most out of the Honduras story. Then the probable Fed tried to hook up with me. He set up a Facebook account and transformed himself into Mr. Palestinian Freedom Fighter. He predictably got mad at me for posting the Facebook link, even though he's the one who has never made it a secret. He now makes it seem as if I've done wrong by him. Whoop-da-de-doo. Like I care what "Hans Mundt" thinks? Like he's the first duplicitous username who's messed with me?

This is how I think he does it. He picks an area to try to become an infiltrator and track people. Meno Argenti was a character from an Omar Sharif movie. Han's Mundt was one from a Richard Burton flick. Maybe Meno/Han's next username will be Ed Grimley? Perhaps he will do surveillance on SCTV fans to see if there are any terrorists (snakes) in their midst?

I threw that in there for fun. I like blogging. I've discovered a lot of weird things on the net. It doesn't mean I'm gonna let these kinds of probable spy dorks get on my nerves. Am I 100% sure Hans is a real live intel fraud? No. But I do think so. Yes, indeed. Who goes from being allegedly tilling the land with poor Hondurans to having a Facebook page with all sorts of Muslim friends and websites devoted to the Palestinian cause? Who goes from blogging about Central American politics to having Karl Rove following his twitter page to stories on Mossad, Jihad Jane, and Robert Young Pelton? Would that be someone working for the FBI's internet anti-terrorism division?

Or maybe Hans Mundt is a grifter? He was asking for donations to produce a movie called Revolution in Honduras. The goal was to raise $7500. He generated squat. I thus think he's intel and not a grifter. His image as a resistance fighter was wound up very tight. He had first arrived at DFQ2 when Al Giordano and his Aunthenic School for Journalism was being covered. Meno/Hans made it seem he was in agreement that something about Al didn't smell right. He gave me the impression he was a Honduran dude on the right side of history. He gained my confidence. Slowly but surely, he lost it. At his Honduran Campesino website, there was an article decrying anti-semitism in Honduras. Now he is all about Israel being the #1 world culprit? Does that add up?

Hans Mundt and Meno Argenti; A Tale of Two Usernames

As Meno Argenti, there was not much if anything written about Palestine and Israel. In fact, the now defunct website Honduran Campesino had come out strong against anti-semitism in Honduras. That might give one the impression that Meno was fully aware of right woos left on the net and was thus in agreement with a lot of my and others' schticks exposing it.

As Hans Mundt, this dude is now all over Mossad, and nearly everything about his Facebook page has to do with the Middle East.

On the one hand, there was Meno Argenti, also into Facebook and Twitter networking. Check out the Facebook icon in the bottom right corner of his avatar at Huffington.

On the other hand, we have Mr. Cold Spy aka Hans Mundt. At his new website, his articles have been titled as following:

*** Assassination Tango; Mahmoud al-Mabhouh
*** Assassination Tools; The Mystery Unravels
*** Radicalization; The Homegrown Terrorist Threat
*** Trust; Through Deception Thou Shalt Wage War
*** Terrorism 101; Jihad Jane
*** Analyzing Failure; The Business of Freelance Intelligence Contracting
*** Situational Ethics; The Truth Shall Set You Free

As Meno:

Problems solved or eliminated? What the heck does that mean? Anything like Hal Turner's attempts to flush out the crazies?

As Hans:

I'll wrap up this blog entry with one word and a tune. Hmmmm.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

They Don't Make Movies Or Skits Like They Used To

Maybe it's because I'm getting older that I've been watching a lot of classic movies lately. Perhaps this is some attempt at turning back the clock or making up for lost time, for when I thought such things were outdated and didn't give them much of a chance. Great movies are simply not made anymore. The ones with scripts, actual dialogue and plots that make you think, are long gone.

A lot of good movies show up on youtube for free. Many remain, but the greats are eventually taken down due to copyrights. Some like Sunset Boulevard I did see years ago. I tried finding it, but unfortunately it's a no go. If you find a classic like that, watch it when you can. It might not be there the next day.

I did get to see most of the best pictures done by Montgomery Clift. I even got to watch The Misfits. Talk about a script being a bit too close to the truth for Monroe, Clift, and Gable.

I've been into Charles Boyer flicks. His thick French accent surprisingly enough isn't too tough to understand. Gaslight was very good. I also saw him with Bette Davis in All this and Heaven Too. That one is very good and based on truth. I think one thing a lot of young people don't get is that this modern age is not as old as it seems. You can watch a 1940's flick taking place in the 1800s. From there, one's not too far from the Industrial and Political Revolutions.

Bette Davis was proud that she never played the same character twice. It's true. Even with some movies where she played the same kind of person, there was something different to it. There's also something to be said for her longevity, as she had some mighty fine roles even into the 1980's. Somehow she was a player for seven decades.

It was amazing to finally see her play those wretched villian roles. One of them was in an epic called Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. That one was similar to Sunset Boulevard in how it attacked Hollywood in and of itself.

I've got two clips for you. The first is from the Baby Jane movie. Very scary stuff. Better than any of that goofy Halloween or Elm Street crap. The second clip is an adaptation of that Bette Davis/Joan Crawford movie starring legendary actors Sir Edward Grimley and Boris Burgess.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Democratic Underground Directly Tied to the Democratic Leadership Council and Insidious Triangulation

*** UPDATE ***
One can go to this 1999 portfolio page and see that the owner of Democratic Underground was already fully in bed with the Democratic Leadership Council. I believe it's thus fair to say that DU has been part and parcel of that triangulating focker from the get-go.

Online Workshop portfolio


Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos believes the CIA is a liberal institution with its heart in the right place. That means he is a fake lefty. The same can be said of the folks operating Democratic Underground. We have the paystubs to prove it.

It's not like the owners of DU want the general public to know this. It's not common knowledge they're an insidious organisation. While many have had suspicions, it's not easy to find proof of such. One needs the wayback machine ( to locate direct ties between DU and the DLC. One other bit of internet proof can only be located now through this blog. DU's registered agent used to be the right wing Law Firm of Howe, Anderson, and Steyer. I will cover both of these angles. I'll then wrap it up by briefly discussing DU's hypocritical selling of merchandise affiliated with sweatshop production.

Democratic Underground and the DLC

image via Brainshrub
Skinner and EarlG posing with Brainshrub

Skinner and EarlG are two-thirds of DU's management team. The third is Elad (Brian Leitner). Who are they? The following biographies are from the wayback machine.
President, Web Designer/Developer

David Allen was introduced to website design as a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill, where he created and maintained a website for a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In early 1998 he started Online Workshop, which offers Web design services primarily to small businesses and non-profits.

David has had a long-standing interest in both computers and design, going back all the way to junior high school, where he and three friends wrote an educational computer game for the Apple II. Later he won an invitation to study art at the Delaware Governor's School for Excellence.

David's professional background is in political communications. He has worked on Capitol Hill, and is a veteran of three U.S. Senate campaigns, in Delaware, Oregon, and Michigan. David has worked for a government relations and strategic communications firm, where he created a client development computer database.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University.

Web Designer/Developer

A professional musician since 1992, Dave created his first website in 1997 in conjunction with his record company to promote his band. As an avid computer user since the age of 8, he quickly caught the HTML bug and began designing sites for other musicians, both in the US and in the UK.

Through his belief that the best way to learn is by doing, Dave honed his HTML skills over three years by designing and maintaining a large number of websites for free. When he began to pick up contract work from local businesses he decided that the time was right to move into a full-time career in web design.

Dave was educated at King Edward VI College in Stourbridge, England - the city in which he was born and grew up. He moved to the US in 1998.


Brian started programming computers at age 15, teaching himself the C programming language through books, trial and error, and guidance from more experienced programmers. Not long after, he opened an online interactive gaming system written in C, and continued to hone his skills over the years.

Taking a deep interest in computer technology, Brian studied hardware and software issues, networking, and system administration, and succeeded in obtaining the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) award for Windows NT 4.0.

After working as a contract consultant for various technology firms, Brian accepted a job offer at a Linux consulting company, which unfortunately went bankrupt shortly thereafter.

Brian went on to learn C++, Perl and PHP programming languages, and continues to further his computer education however he can.
It's on the portfolio page, where the proof is these people are tied to the hip of the Democratic Leadership Council. Some of their clients were fancy photographers and architects. That doesn't concern me. Let's take a close look at their ties to mostly non-progressive Democrats and lobbyists.

I haven't a big problem with them, from what I've seen. I am just using this as an example that the people running Democratic Underground are not regular guys. In fact, let's jump straight to the damaging connections between the corrupt DLC and Democratic Underground.

I am now wondering if DU is an arm of the DLC. Skinner's company is called Online Workshop Inc.. If you go to their current homepage, there's nothing there but the message, "Online Workshop Inc. is not taking new clients at this time. Thank you for visiting our website."

That wasn't the case a few years ago. One of their clients was indeed the Democratic Leadership Council.

They put out the following magazine.

They were the New Democrats Online. Skinner's company is called Online Workshop. Hmmm. Keep in mind the phrase Progressive Policy Institute seen in the upper right corner of NDOL's logo. It shows up on another client's website. Compare that with the logo for

Defining the third way. There's your paystub. Democratic Underground has been part and parcel of the Democratic Leadership Council for years. I believe Skinner scrubbed his website, because this connection exposes them as being manipulative frauds. They are neither democratic nor underground. Real progressives need not apply. DU is basically in bed with Republican-lite politicians. The reason why democratic processes has evolved primarily into lesser of two evil voting is precisely because of triangulation. DLC is clearly a nasty term. Democratic Underground doesn't want you to know they have been part and parcel of it. Thus the scrubbing.

It's Worse Than Even That

Until an anonymous asked if connections could be made between DU and right wing ideology and power, I had put my awareness of such proof to the back corner of my mind. I've known about this schtuff since 2008. The question jarred my memory. I took a quick look around to see what's still out there in the zeitgeist for this story. There is next to nothing. As we saw above, the strong ties between DU and the DLC are not easy to find. Google around for yourself. There's not much to be had.

One tidbit I became aware of a few years back was that DU's registered agent was Potomac Programs, Inc. run by the law firm of Howe, Anderson, and Steyer. The old link proving this is gone. The only website mentioning it has a conspiracy freak article up titled, DUGATE, AN EXPOSE OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN AND CORRUPTION IN POLITICS. They claim DU appears to be a Tavistock production and perhaps guilty of child abuse. The article links to conspiracy websites and even links to thoroughly discredited Wayne Madsen. It's some crazy stuff, if you're looking for a bit of tinfoiltainment.

There's next to nothing else on the net about Potomac Programs, Inc.. Even at the law firm's page, there is not much more info than that the program exists. So why am I taking a risk by claiming Howe, Anderson, and Steyer were the registered agent for DU? It's not like there is any "proof" except for some kook page. The url showing it was the truth is no longer available, not even through But you see, there's something in the cybersleuth business called screenshots. Back in 2008 I took one. Last night I found it. Here you go.

You're probably muttering, "What's the big deal?" Basically, Howe, Anderson, and Steyer aren't even right wing Democrats. These guys are right wing tools. If it should shock people that Markos Moulitsas Zuniga applied for a position with the CIA, it should certainly raise a red flag that DU would have such people as the faces behind their registered agent.

Richard Steyer has made contributions to George Bush and Rudy Giuliani.


In 1998, The Washington Business Journal listed James Anderson at the top of the list for "movers and shakers" of "key players in a business that spends $13.2 billion in the greater metro area." Not only that, guess who James Anderson used to work for? Perhaps he's shared some time at the pub with Ted Gunderson or [/giggling] Hal Turner?
...Among the isues handled by Anderson are contracts, employment, taxes, real estate and matters related to advocacy and government relations.

Anderson, 56 and a former FBI agent and prosecutor, also does some pro bono work for association executives with employment problems.
These are not regular guys. These aren't the kind of attorneys who care anything about us common peasants.


These guys go to bat for corporations.

These guys have lobbied on behalf of bankers in regards to bankruptcy laws.

They've promoted exorbitant retirement packages for CEOs. This link will take you to the story of Roy B. Evans Jr receiving over $400,000 from the PCMA Education Foundation. James Anderson was PCMA's counsel and said, to paraphrase, forgetaboutit.

If you don't think that might have been dirty, perhaps this pdf showing Howe, Anderson, and Steyer litigating on behalf of a coal company a bit harsh on the lungs.

I begrudgingly give a hat tip to John Dean for the above links concerning the Law Firm of Howe, Anderson, and Steyer. If that name sounds familiar, he used to be Bev Harris' pitbull. No, he's not the other John Dean of Watergate infamy. The thing is, John deleted all of those links. Thus, it's hard to give him too much of a hat tip. Ugh, I hate even mentioning his name. That guy has been involved in a lot of internet convolution over the years. I used to think he was a good guy, just like his friend Brad Friedman of BradBlog. Sometimes, or perhaps more often than one would like, you end up in someone's corner, only to find out later on there was a bad stench beneath the facade of their promoting positive social change. That's how we end up falling for people and blogs like Brad, DU, Daily Kos, and a myriad of internet posers. Better late than never, however, to eventually figure shite out.

Democratic Underground and Their Hypocrisy on Sweatshops

I'll willingly give the hat tip for this closing segment to They are the ones who exposed DU for selling goods associated with sweatshop labour. They sent Skinner a letter asking him wtf was up with that.

DU never responded. The hypocrisy of this was to be found in a 2004 posting, in which DU took Bob Boudelang to task for having received shirts made from sweatshops.

"You Can Take My Bush Sweatshirt From My Cold Dead Hands, So There!"
March 20, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

DU should change their name to DH, Democratic Hypocrisy. Get your bullshite radars working, good people. If something walks and quacks like a duck, you know it. Put your energy into people and causes that are worthy of your good intentions to promote social and environmental justice.

FLA and Hanes: Partners in Sweatshop Crimes!
Campaign Launched: June 10, 2008

related reading:
Children Found Sewing Clothing For Wal-Mart, Hanes & Other U.S. & European Companies

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Open Letter to The Cold Spy and on the Obvious Democratic Underground Fake Named Greenbriar

Dear Cold Spy (a.k.a. Hans Mundt),

It pains me to write this. I was developing a very good vibe about your blogging and general disposition. Before you get too upset, I promise to stay true to my word not to "investigate" your internet presence. Once again, I have learned firsthand a truism from internet legend Donkeytale. Private correspondence between bloggers usually ends up in nothing but trouble. While there are certain things I could post about you, I will not do it. Thus, there will remain some mysteries. They are not biggies. I will just say that you sought out my attention and not vice-versa. Let me now briefly explain why I must break off the emailing.

I'm not on the internet seeking out pen pals. I love writing but not enough to do it in private. I blog so my stuff can be read by anyone. Writing in private puts one at a distinct disadvantage. How am I to explain to the readers, why we are now not on the best of terms? Donkeytale is correct that things go more smoothly on the net, when everything is above board and not hidden. If folks don't say too many things in private, then there is little possibility of one claiming trust was broken.

Look, you had no problem with my writing up blog entries directing readers to your Cold Spy website. One goal was simply to spruce up the entry by explaining your username. It's Hans Mundt, a character from a classic spy movie. I went to google to learn about a flick I'd never heard of before meeting you. One of the top results was your Facebook page. I looked at it. That wasn't cybersleuthing or investigating. For you to take umbrage with this baffles me. I do care who and what I'm associated with. If you don't care enough to clean up that page, that's on you not me.

The Facebook page clearly shows you are deeply entrenched on the "pro-Palestinian" side. Fine, I have no problem with that. Until I saw your Facebook page, I was completely unaware of how important that topic is to you. There's nothing wrong with that either in theory. The problem is with some of the people and organisations you are linking to. It's not just a matter of you mindlessly adding friends, because you didn't have time to check them out. In your profile section, you have been doing the same. That goes beyond simply adding friends without having checked them out.

I was watching your back. I was just suggesting in my last blog entry that you look through who and what you are associating with and toss to the side any that will make you look bad. There are plenty of Pro-Palestinian groups that don't demonise Israel and Jewish people. There are plenty of websites that take Israel to task for their asymetrical warfare without being polarising anti-semites.

In a post you made here yesterday, you seemed to totally not get how wrong it is to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. I'm sorry, but I am now forced to cut the cord between us. I have not done anything wrong by linking to your Facebook page and wondering about it. You can either clean it up and get rid of the hate links, or you can say I've crossed some line. It's not my responsibility to worry about which road you take. It is my responsibility to say I do not condone many of those websites and usernames. If you don't want to be associated with hate links you say were absent-mindedly added, then get rid of them! Don't blame the messenger for finding fault with what can easily be found at the top of google results for Hans Mundt.

On the DU Troll Named Greenbriar

If I was still putting tags on my DFQ2 entries, this one would go into the "Not Believable" section. Perhaps the worst of this is that Greenbriar was banned by Democratic Underground for blatant plagiarism only to be later reinstated. When I was unfairly banned by DU back in 2007, I went through proper channels to try to be reinstated. I wrote them a number of times, saying I'd avoid conflict and whatnot. It wasn't that I'd been such a bad kid, but this was a time before I was fully aware that DU is full of disinfo. So I went the suck up route. I never got a reply. Grennbriar, on the other hand, is alive and well at DU despite being an obvious internet fake.

Greenbriar Banned for Plagiarism

This wasn't a case of someone forgetting to link to an original source. Greenbriar took full credit for something she hadn't written. As donkeytale would say, "Riotous!" Or maybe he'd say, "That's why I love the whiteysphere." Or perhaps others might comment, "Now that's rich." Or the Church Lady might ask, "isn't that special?"

I am SICK of these lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how about you?

Greenbriar stole word for word a piece written by DU member Mythsaje.

I'll copy and paste a few exchanges from that thread clearly showing Greenbriar claimed someone else's writings as her own.
BlueJazz: Wonderful!.. K&R...Great Job.

greenbriar: thank you... you may use it as you need... I am just sick of it all

Ravy: Wow, greenbriar, nice read!!! Been saving those things up a while?

greenbriar: yea I sit and stew and can not sleep at times this is the result

Blue Fire: A much better read than the Sunday paper! And unlike most of the fluff that's passed off as "news" so as not to interfere with breakfast and a cup of coffee, this is a hardcore to-the-point description of the what really ails this country. Happy to K&R!

greenbriar: I'm going to take the curse words out and send it to my local paper

EarlG: Locking
This post is plagiarized. The original is here:

We consider this to be a very serious offense. greenbriar has been banned.
Greenbriar claims to be a middle school teacher. I don't think so. Not only is she well-known for misspellings, she felt being told she would have made a good slave owner a nice compliment. Check this thread out. It's simply unbelievable.

Just when you think all decency is lost in this younger generation something changes your mind...see
I teach 8th graders

Today we were discussing the "middle passage" and reality as a slave and we got very graphic and detailed.

Now...before we go any further...this particular class has a bunch of "personalities" and about 5 kids get really irritated.

Today one black girl raised her hand and stated the following:

Mrs. Greenbriar, I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything but I think I would rather have lived then. I know I would have been a slave but At least people had respect and values and morals and did not act like fools or idiots...


I told her well XXX that would have put us on different sides, she said no Mrs. Greenbriar, I feel you would have been one of those slave owners that would have risked everything to teach us to read and write and better our lives
Here are some excerpts from the ensuing dialogue.
Eric J in MN: I don't get it. Whipping slaves didn't show respect or values.

greenbriar: well not all slaves were whipped and she was talking about the values and HONOR that slaves had even given their situation

Tangerine LaBamba: Honor? Slaves had honor? What books are you using in that course?

EFerrari: Not all slaves were whipped?

DeepBlueC: I just seems so wrong! How else were they supposed to learn?

proud2BlibKansan: No they weren't. My grandmother's family owned slaves and treated them pretty well (well, except for the whole slave thing LOL) Seriously, my grandmother used to tell lots of stories about her grandparents and how angry they got at other slave owners who whipped their slaves. She was very proud of how well her grandfather treated his 'people' - they never called them slaves.

EFerrari: Right. I was just aghast at an educator offering that up as some kind of amelioration of the fact of slavery.

Tangerine LaBamba: A fifth-grade girl

talking like that?

Choosing slavery?

A black girl, eleven or twelve years old, in America, told you that she'd prefer to have lived as a slave because today's culture is too crass for her?

Who are her parents, and what has she been taught about slavery? Does she know exactly what it was? What it entailed?

I'm sure you would have been a most benevolent slave owner, Mrs. Greenbriar, but I have trouble believing that any child with a functioning brain would make that choice.

Or even talk like that......................................

greenbriar: can you not read 8th grade

and we were not using books today, we were having candid discussions and breaking myths and being honest

I did not say that she was right, I just said that was how she felt

really I think it is more of a reaction to the asshole kids that tease her and act like fools in school

Tangerine LaBamba: Eighth!

I read "fifth" These new glasses, I swear. My mistake, my apology.

That makes it even worse. Why on earth would a normal eighth-grader girl believe that slavery was a favorable option to her life today?

You might have included that last line in your OP, rather than the self-serving praise you included. If the girl's that unhappy, that she articulates her preference for slavery as a way of life, she needs to be seeing a counselor and getting some help - not being used as a vehicle for praise of some twisted kind on a message board.

Instead of citing her comment as a prelude to what a fine slave owner you would have been, you should have been making arrangements for someone to talk with that child, since a comment like that sounds far too much like depression talking, and bullying is not anything to be taken lightly................

greenbriar: well, my number one fan...I did go talk to the counselor after class

so take all your concern away

and I know what I am doing...I just felt that she in addition to being upset (again that class is pretty much the shits)

she has honor inside is striving to be more than many

proud2BlibKansan: I teach black kids and have heard them say the same thing

I know it sounds nuts. Last kid who told me this was homeless. He said it would be nice to always have a home and food to eat. And yes, we had a long talk about slavery being evil and even though they may have had food and shelter, they didn't have freedom.

Anyway, point is, this is not at all an unusual thing for a kid to say.

greenbriar: thank you. I don't know how someone could think I made this up

or that I am "glorified by it"

It was a discussion in class and it moved me and saddened me at the same time

greenbriar: I think she is very religious and is upset about all the fighting and disrespect

drugs, murder and rape ect...

She knows that stuff happened then too but she is really disgusted at current behaviors
There were more bizarre comments made in that racist entry, if anyone wants to check out the thread in its entirety. I've a few more observations to make, then I'm done. For one, greenbriar on two occasions wrote etc. as ect.. Do it once, and it's a typo. Do it again, and that's "definately" not how teachers tend to spell (Greenbriar writes definitely as definately).

Another thing I found disturbing was that a number of times similar to this thread, in which the greenbriar troll had gotten in over her head, a moderator would come to her rescue and lock it. Jeff Wells does the same thing at Rigorous Intuition, whenever disinfo merchants like Kate Dixon of News Making News or AmericanDream are getting thoroughly trollbusted. That same technique was used here.

It's baffling why greenbriar was reinstated after the plagiarism incident. Ok, it's not that baffling, for Democratic Underground is an unfairly moderated disinfo palace. Greenbriar was simply crushed in this one. Riotous! One more thing. What kind of teacher ends sentences without punctuation? An internet impostor? p.s. Greenbriar, don't say I never tried to help you with your spelling. Cannot is one word!
OmmmSweetOmmm: Your OP is so misguided and as a teacher, your lack of knowledge of the past is upsetting. Back when there was slavery, there was crime, debauchery, poverty, filth. There were no child labor laws. There was cursing and incivility and intolerance. Our country was born in violence and continued to be violent. The immoral genocide of Native Americans and of course slavery. The good old days really aren't the good old days when you draw back the curtain.

You were flattered about being called a "good" slave owner who would have risked everything to educate your slaves? Hmmmmm what would you have been risking? They would be your property, to do with what you wanted.

All your OP pointed out to me is that the human race has not evolved and that because you were personally flattered by a sweet student, you had to let us know about that.

You missed an excellent teaching moment.

TicketyBoo: I believe there were laws against teaching slaves to read. Weren't there?

Tangerine LaBamba: But, you see, greenbriar would have been, according to her story, a wonderful and benevolent and civilly-disobedient slave owner who would have, of course, taught her slaves to read and to write.

You see, she would have been one of those really, really good slave owners. The ones who don't get much publicity because, well, they just didn't have the right PR firms representing them.

The idea that someone taught this kid that slavery wasn't so bad is deeply disturbing, but I'm now convinced that the story is fiction, so I'm no longer troubled about a poor kid so troubled that she would embrace the life of a slave. ..................................

maddezmom: locking at OP's request

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Mysterious Cold Spy

The first I heard of this dude was when he signed up to my other blog. I did my basic "socrates" background check through the googler. I checked out his blog. He only had two entries up at the time. I skimmed through them. They seemed quite interesting. They were centered around a story I was unaware of, the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

Assassination Tango; Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Assassination Tools; The Mystery Unravels

He goes by the name Hans Mundt. That was a character from an epic 1960's thriller titled The Spy Who Came in from the Cold. Hans was played by actor Peter van Eyck.

That was no generic Hollywood production. It was an acclaimed movie that didn't glamourise spies. It showed them in their full, dirty colours and in a realistic way. The Cold Spy does the same thing with his blog.

Here's a short clip from the movie, where the lead played by Richard Burton tells it likes it is.

Spies Are Scum

Hans Mundt has explained to me that his website has been receiving a lot of visits. One can see he has been added to Karl Rove's Twitter feed. Over the last couple days, a well-known security blogger has plugged his website. Now we can know for sure that the interest in The Cold Spy has come from those first two entries he made.

Schneier on Security: Even More on the al-Mabhouh Assassination

Why all the interest in Han's take? It's not like this story hasn't been blogged by tons of folks, despite myself having missed it. I am no longer a news junkie, at least like I used to be. I admit that. If it weren't for Hans Mundt, I'd still have no idea about any Jihad Jane or Robert Young Pelton.

I think one can see from Schneier's comment thread, that certain individuals do not want others to take The Cold Spy's stories seriously. They refer to him as an armchair critic. Many don't think he came up with much insights. Or perhaps they truly do!

I think what Hans Mundt brought to the equation was his ability to step back and think clearly about all the possible explanations for what truly happened. The zeitgeist, on the other hand, wants the assassination to be seen as foremost a Mossad production. Hans Mundt has brought into the discussion the possiblity that the hit was done by independent contractors. However, the zeitgeist appears to wholeheartedly endorse that full blame should clearly go to The Mossad. In other words, the assassination may have been a psychological operation in and of itself.

Or maybe I'm wrong to put words in his mouth. I simply feel that Hans is saying things are not always as they appear, that we often need to have patience and let things come out in the wash. Maybe Hans can make some posts here and help us understand what exactly he was trying to say in his two part story. Or maybe I should get off my arse and do my own homework. He is currently dropping down posts on the Schneier piece.

I will give him this one bit of advice. I have seen his facebook page. I don't have the time to go cybersleuth crazy on all his "friends" and links. Nonetheless, a bunch of them do strike me as associations he should immediately drop.

Zionism Terminator

That's not cool. In the comment section there is even a Holocaust denier. It's one thing to criticise Israel's policies towards Palestine. It's quite another to demonise it. Kuwait used to be part of Iraq. Iraq's not getting it back. Northern Ireland is not ever going to become part and parcel of a united Ireland. America is not going to be given back to the Native-Americans. Palestine does deserve its own independence. I agree.

It's clearly not a pretty picture in the Middle East. The Israeli government does need to be taken to task for its asymetrical warfare. However, bringing in the Jew hate card is not going to help the Palestinians. In fact, it makes things harder for them to gain independence. When fascism and pure hate reigns, it's the progressives and intellectuals who are cornered into irrelevance. That's happening in America, as we can observe with a triangulating Democratic Party. Here are some other images I came across from checking out Hans Mundt's links from his Facebook page. Not cool.

How does the following image help the Palestinians?

How does painting Israel as a Nazi state help their cause? Six million Jews were killed by the Nazis, and these creeps are going down the Swastika Road?

Such images do not help the Palestinians' fight for independence. Not one bit. Does anyone with half a brain think David Dees is helping promote peace and justice in the Middle East? Not a chance. It promotes the opposite. It gives the impression that Israel is only doing whatever it takes to secure her borders against millions of people set on wiping them off the map, like Hitler tried to do.

Being aware of the divide and conquer Middle East psyop helps one understand why Hans is being belittled at Schneier's blog as an armchair critic. I believe the psyop is centered around demonising Israel. Elsewhere in the manufactured zeitgeist, we see paid fakes claiming Israel brought down the World Trade Center. We see paid fakes claiming the Holocaust was a hoax.

There's a lot of money to be made with the continuation of war and destruction. The spy factories and the CIA in particular are all about maintaining a balance in the world; In other words, the status quo of a militarised, world culture. Hans' posts hit hard at the zeitgeist's hypocrisy with jumping to conclusions about who really did assassinate Mahmoud al-Mabhouh and why. Unfortunately for Hans, there is little room for nuance and sophisticated dialogue on the net.

The job of the American people is to say enough is enough with the Military-Industrial Complex. Think of how heaven on Earth could be established if instead of putting our resources into the death industry, we put them into schools, health care, food and jobs for all, peace on Earth, social and environmental justice, etc..

vietnam...Bob Dylan masters of war music video..vietnam posted by sharpie189

The Youngbloods - "Get Together"