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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The McMartin Preschool Scandal Briefly Revisited and Free the West Memphis 3 Immediately

Jackie McGauley, the parent who did more than any other to promote the bogus case against the McMartins, has reappeared on this blog. You can check that out here. I then decided to make a new entry, so she could have the opportunity to post whatever she wanted to. I figured any comments made to old diaries are less likely to be read.

Before I knew it, I had found a recent blog post made by BoyInTheMachine concerning the McMartin Preschool satanic panic example. I figured I could link to that, write a few sentences, and my work for the day would be done. If his username sounds familiar, he made a few posts on this blog a couple months ago. Anyway, I was checking out his blog. After which I went to this link he prominently displays at the top. (right click on below image for new window)

Long story short, some hours later I had become completely aware that three innocent people are locked up in prison for crimes they never committed. They are referred to as the West Memphis 3. Celebrities have come out in support of their obvious innocence.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. Anyone who investigates this story will see there is zero evidence against them. In fact, evidence has been uncovered linking a stepfather of one of the victims to the crime scene. The police, judges, and prosecutors involved should be disbarred and possibly criminally prosecuted for aiding and abetting wrongful imprisonment.

The current West Memphis police chief needs to be fired. He and his corrupt police department have been exposed for continuing to cover up their having railroaded innocent people, who've now been in prison for over 17 years for no good reason. He's gotten his panties in a bunch, because the CBS news show 48 Hours and others have been doing his job for him. He claims if there was new evidence, he'd be the first to reopen the case. However, for one there is new dna evidence linking that stepfather to the crime scene. Secondly, there has never been any legitimate evidence linking the Memphis 3 to those horrific murders. The satanic panic continues to wreak damage. Just because the wrongly convicted alleged ringleader wore black and was an "outsider freak" teenager, the kid has had his adult life robbed. The only "evidence" against him was that an acquaintance with an iq of 72 was browbeaten by police for twelve hours into making a false confession. Only the last 45 minutes or so of the "interview" were made available. Hmmm.

I also noticed BoyInTheMachine has been getting severely trolled on. My hunch is that it's being done by this creep.

Here's the show done by CBS. I feel sick to my stomach.

48 Hours Mystery : A Cry for Innocence


BoyintheMachine said...


Yeah, heard of him a while back for him being nominated for a golden crocoduck award for his silly Creationist beliefs. He did a rant on why planets are round and acted like it was a big mystery that science couldnt solve. LOL

Thanks for

BoyintheMachine said...

Wow...sorry about the comment being cut off. Thanks for mentioning my blog.

rinnitir said...

West Memphis is a bad, bad place with a long history of abusive police activities, crooked judges, etc.

Y'know, the All-Amerikkkan City.

The fact that it sits out there at the butt end of Arkansas, two hours from Little Rock, in the shadow of Memphis across the river probably accounts for some of its lawlessness. The wall to wall, unrelieved red neck cronyism accounts for the rest. Dude, you don't need to reinvent the wheel but how about some links?

In other news, JSR has written on the Goldman Sachs case, which would also seem to be a worthy subject for yur skillset. I mean, after listening to the whiteysphere piss and moan about Wall St there is finally some action, which could take a definite direction with a little more ooom paaa paaa from the leftier than thou elements. The time seems ripe for some street theater. WTF is wrong w this generation?

All in all, after a quick peruusal of the whiteysphere, FSZ is head and shoulders above PFF, but still has snow white shoulders..dandruff blizzard..
I confess to getting a few laffs out of the musical discussion btwn Stu and LJ. LJ keeos insisting that electronic music should be linked to rap somehow. I don't know if you have heard this stuff, but talk about white shoulders! There was the ecstasy scene back in the day that LJ wants terribly to believe has some historical significance, but it was just a bunch of drug addled loosers swaying to bad music in some hiooer than thou secrecy in a downtown wharehouse, or WTF...Tejano apparently was a DJ for some of these gatherings which went nowhere and led to nothing from the invisible generation of k

traninge said...

Hey my comment got cut off too. When u see o where p should be in my comment you know that I'm typing on blackberry where the f'ing keys r too small for my aged thumbs....

I don't have much blogtime these daze and that's a good thing. Frau Tale reports a higher level of personal satisfaction with moi lately, altho I'm still hovering somewhere near the Mendoza Line.

I doubt that I will ever be mistaken for the League Leading husband of the year....but she has a friend who keeps her real. The friend's hubby is a good guy around the house but has lost interest in the sexual intercourse. Whereas I'm pretty much the opposite...and the other guys wife is fixing to leave or cheat because her needs aren't being met in that arena.

So, Frau Tale now sees that the glass is half full where I'm concerned...but of course, all the opinions expressed by both wimmens are subject to change on a whim...

tratif said...

Today is one of two strait cool breezy atmospheric spring daze following the big storms Friday nite which rolled very quickly thru TX and caused major havoc in Ms.

The weather accounts for more belief in God than anything, IMHO.

In yur neck of the woods, the weather has been more or less conquered by heating systems. In Cali there are no weather problems, hence belief in God has never been considered a critical need. But out here on the plains we are regularly gripped in the cycles of violent weather. Man, the crackling electricity in the sky during these violent spring storms is something to behold.

I believe in God, BTW. I don't believe in religion. I believe that the Jesus myth can be understood as his being influenced by eastern thot. This is why he was considered a heretic by the Joooos and yet his story had to be completely re-written by the priestly fathers, beginning w Saul, in order to create a power structure for themselves. You notice that Buddha assumes no central power structure anywhere, its all local in nature.

God is a concept and it works if you understand it in proportion to the worldly manifestation of the "other."

IOW, don't become a slave of the "other" which is increasingly difficult in a networked world of the same sleaze and disinfo that's ruled man's wicked desirous heart since the space alien fucked the monkey woman and decided to pass on the staying around to raise the kidz...NBA: I'm gonna limb out and say the west is gonna produce the champ again this year. The Mavs have dogged it on D thus far and the Spurs are a 50 win team too. In the east, you have Shaq for hire and LeBron. You have Orlando. Celtics don't figure against Cle Orl or Atl, IMHO.

I'm rooting for Mil and OKC, to be honest with you.

socrates said...

BITM, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, that StonedCommander dude really puts the fruit into fruitcake.

If you're still interested in the McMartin Preschool scandal, Jackie McGauley has been making posts in the archived thread I linked to at the beginning of this diary. I've invited her to make posts on this more current thread. I really don't have the strength to be debating her. Maybe others would be more interested in taking on that challenge.

I've said some kind of perhaps insensitive things to her, but I'm trying my best to be nicer. I think she is somewhat similar to Noreen Gosch, but Jackie would probably disagree.

socrates said...

Hiya donkeytale. Yes, blogger can act glitchy at times. Sorry for any inconvenience. You are encouraged to copy your posts before hitting preview or submit. Sometimes I notice if I get an error page, I can hit backpage, and the thing is still there.

Donk, you are like my internet father or uncle. We have had some very good interactions. I thank you for that. p:>

I'm glad things are going well with the Frauster. Half full is good. It sounds like you can close the deal, if you make sure to keep the internet addiction in the moderate zone. Buying her flowers, candy, remembering birthdays and anniversaries, things like that, can go a long way. I want you to make this marriage work. If that means being more sensitive than you are accustomed to, then do it.

Older women are very hot and sexy, imho. They are in their prime, maybe not physically but emotionally. I'm sure you'll continue to get on base, sacrifice bunt, hit a tater once in a while for your soulmate. Well-played, Mr. Bond.

Thanks for the insights on West Memphis. I had a feeling it was like that. Ugh, you want me to find links. Here's what you do. Go to google. Plug in West Memphis 3. There are your links.

There is some crazy stuff out there with this story. I admit I didn't even scratch the surface. There's a lot of fishy stuff concerning two stepfathers of victims. What really pisses me off is that the WM3 haven't been immediately released. It'd be nice if Obama or someone would ensure that. There is no doubt they were put away with zero proof.

There might be a bit of a Hal Turner twist to this. One of the stepfathers was an informant. Both of the stepdads have some serious violence and other crap on their resumes. The FBI probably regrets forcing Big Hal's hand by having him prosecuted. Maybe part of the reason the corrupt justice system involved with this case have refused to correct their bullshit is because there are skeletons in the background they don't want revealed.

As for the economic situation, that's not my strong suit for blogging. Maybe you'd like to make a diary on that. It would force me to add something.

Plus, I don't want you to take it personally when the next entry drives you off the frontpage. It's nothing personal. I admit I did get a bit too frisky after the Pulitzer Prize worthy Flutter Wings came out. That's what she said.

LauraJohnPetrie will always try to co-opt the black man's music. She is the Elvis Presley of the whiteysphere. I think Stu has been some form of electronic dj. Perhaps that is where the Pinche Tejano disinfo network originally formed. I couldn't resist throwing in some conspiracy theory to counter conspiracy theory.


socrates said...

I like this new dandruff schtick of yours, though I don't really understand it. Maybe you are calling them flakes, whitey flakes.

I remember the ecstasy raves. I never tried that stuff. The raves yes, not the drug. I've thankfully been primarily a weed kind of guy.

I liked the raves I went to in Ireland. I think so, because it's the kind of dancing where there's not much pressure on anyone to actually know what they're doing. Some technotronic sounded pretty good, imho, but I could see how most of it was just glorified disco. It definitely had nothing to do with rap. You're correctamundo there. [/the Fonz]

I think you've got a clear picture of the difference between sincere faith and organised religion. The fake lefties are enjoying taking the piss out of the Pope and the new pedophile scandal. That's cool with me. But it's also hypocritical. I remember Fairleft writing how there was never a humanitarian crisis in Darfur. I've seen thim and his ilk supporting Ahmenesomething from Iran and fricken Huey Long took the cake. These fakes can also be tied to supporting the nasty dictator of Zimbabwe, that Mugabe creep. They would have made Good Germans. They would have loved Hitler. Bet on it with a glass of oat milk.

Ok, on the NBA. It should be interesting how the thing turns out. The Lakers are showing some serious flaws. OKC probably will only put the fear of God into them, but you never know. I would have liked Milwaukee's chances, if their best player hadn't gotten sidelined for the rest of the year.

As for the Celtics, they are truly the wildcard. If not for an insane output from Wade, it would have been a sweep. The C's should take care of business at home, or ugh, please don't let it turn out like the 2004 Yankee choke to the Red Sox.

It's strange in the East. Cleveland and Boston, probably a slight edge to the Cavs. A slight edge for the C's over Orlando. Perk plays Superman well and took those guys to 7 games last year without KG. KG is looking a lot better lately. Orlando over Cleveland. Atlanta over the Celtics. I'd say just watch and see. There could be some epic 7 game battles which could go either way.

Anonymous said...

You misrepresent the case against the West Memphis 3.

The West Memphis 3 were found guilty and lost every appeal they had.

Echols (one of the 3) was seen in muddy clothes near the crime scene. He bragged about the murder to two other teenagers, stating he killed the three boys. This was presented as evidence at the trial. Echols also had a history of psychiatric treatment. His reported actions included brutally killing a dog, starting fires at his school, threatening to kill his teachers and parents and stating he liked to drink blood.

Baldwin (another of the 3) confessed to a friend and described the crime to this friend. This evidence was presented at trial.
Fibers on the murdered victims’ clothing were found to be microscopically similar to things in the Baldwin and Echols homes.

The DNA evidence does not link the stepfather to the crime. Hair fragments could have been on one of the boys through simple contact long before the crime.

socrates said...

It's bizarre how all these anonymous people show up to belch out unsubstantiated opinions. They can't even come up with a name or explain a bit about where they're coming from, and why they are so interested in this story.

This last one has to be one of the most stupid posts I've ever read. The only people it may influence are those who are too lazy to investigate the story for themselves.

anonymous coward: You misrepresent the case against the West Memphis 3.

The West Memphis 3 were found guilty and lost every appeal they had.

Uhm, no I didn't, and the world is round.

anonymous coward: Echols (one of the 3) was seen in muddy clothes near the crime scene. He bragged about the murder to two other teenagers, stating he killed the three boys. This was presented as evidence at the trial. Echols also had a history of psychiatric treatment. His reported actions included brutally killing a dog, starting fires at his school, threatening to kill his teachers and parents and stating he liked to drink blood.

I plugged "Echols west memphis 3 found in muddy clothes near the crime scene" into google, and the only returns I see are from similar yahoos. Maybe it's someone with ties to those corrupt West Memphis policemen, prosecutors, and the creepy judge who is spamming all comment fields related to this story. Google takes care of blogspots in regards to search result rankings. That's probably how this redneck found this specific diary.

The coward doesn't mention that one witness fully recanted her testimony, that she had lied in hopes of getting out of some legal trouble of her own.

Echols said those things because he was just trying to freak out the kind of people who always prejudged him for the way he looked. He was a troubled youth, no doubt. That doesn't make him a murderer.

Anonymous coward doesn't want newbies and fence-sitters to focus in on the interrogation tactics used to get a mildly retarded youth in Misskelley to admit to crimes he wasn't involved in. Anonymous coward doesn't want folks to think about how Echols was promoted as the #1 suspect by a probation officer before the investigation had taken place. It wasn't even an investigation. Evidence was lost. The dna recently found was that of the stepfather Hobbs. I haven't misrepresented anything. It appears we have some troll in the DFQ2 house who has been copying and pasting his standard rubbish to whichever search results lead him to those concerning this travesty of justice.

anonymous coward: Baldwin (another of the 3) confessed to a friend and described the crime to this friend. This evidence was presented at trial.
Fibers on the murdered victims’ clothing were found to be microscopically similar to things in the Baldwin and Echols homes.

The DNA evidence does not link the stepfather to the crime. Hair fragments could have been on one of the boys through simple contact long before the crime.

This fool's simply making crap up. DNA does link the stepfather to the crime scene. Or maybe it's his grammar school level education which is causing the problem. He should have written that while the dna does link the stepfather to the crime scene, it doesn't prove his involvement. Funny how anonymous coward doesn't mention Hobb's friend, whose DNA was also found at the crime scene.

He likes to talk a lot of bullshit about a troubled youth, but he's got nothing to say about Hobbs or the other stepfather being the ultimate punks with worse dark clouds hanging over their shoulders.

Baldwin never confessed to anything. There's nothing worse than this kind of troll spam, imho. It's probably one of those teanuts. Unfortunately for this jackass, the reader decides, and the truth is not difficult to ascertain.

Anonymous said...

Read the actual trial information.

Damien Wayne ECHOLS and Charles Jason Baldwin v. STATE of Arkansas

You state "DNA does link the stepfather to the crime scene."

No, it doesn't. A hair fragment was found on one of the boys. This could have come from incidental contact.

Baldwin did confess to his friend Carson.

You state "He (Echols) was a troubled youth."

No, he had very serious psychological problems, described at

socrates said...

Show exactly where Baldwin confessed. The hair links the stepfather to the crime scene. You look like an idiot playing semantics. Oh yes, you're an anonymous coward, so it doesn't matter.

socrates said...

A friend of the stepfather's dna was also found on the crime scene. That doesn't make any sense. The stepfathers have severe psychological problems too, but according to an anonymous coward, we should just think CBS News and all the other impartial observers chiming in with questions are in on some kind of conspiracy to make that wonderful police dept. and Judge look bad. That's the ticket.

Anonymous said...


for the testimony of Carson where Baldwin tells him about the murders.

If I am an "anonymous coward"

what is your name?

socrates said...

I'm a semi-anonymous coward. You're full-blown. I have made it clear I am new to this story. You have given not even an inkling of your relationship to the story. You could be someone with an interest in keeping those innocent people in prison. Or you could just be some kind of useful idiot tool.

A sign that you are not worth much is in the link you provided. I asked for where specifically did Baldwin admit his guilt to Carson. You gave a link with a gazillion words. Thanks for nothing.

For those interested, that specific testimony can be found if you scroll down the numbered statements then a bit further to the section titled, "Sufficiency of the Evidence Arguments" to the 14th paragraph. It reads (except for my censoring):

Jason Baldwin does not contend that there was insufficient evidence of his guilt. This is, perhaps, in part, because of the testimony of Michael Carson, who testified that he talked to Baldwin about the murders. Carson's testimony, in pertinent part, was abstracted as follows:

I said, just between me and you, did you do it. I won't say a word. He said yes and he went into detail about it. It was just me and Jason [Baldwin]. He told me he dismembered the kids, or I don't know exactly how many kids. He just said he dismembered them. He sucked the blood from the ***** and ******* and put the ***** in his mouth.

Obviously the court and police are covering for their corrupt asses. Rather than do the right thing, lipstick is applied to the pig.

It took me all of two minutes to find a link debunking Anonymous Coward's troll spam.

Excerpt from Questionable By Fiona Steel

The third witness, Michael Carson, testified that Jason Baldwin had admitted to him that he had murdered the boys. Carson told the court that he had talked to Jason during a short period of time that he had attended the detention center at which Jason was being held. Carson testified that he said...

Judge Burnett ruled that the defense could not tell the jury that Michael Carson was a medically-diagnosed LSD addict because substance abuse was not sufficient grounds to argue the probativeness of a witness's truthfulness. He also ruled as inadmissible a communication from Danny Williams, sent to both the prosecuting and defense attorneys. Williams was a counselor at the same detention center as Jason and Michael. He admitted that he had discussed the case with Michael Carson. The reason Williams had contacted the attorneys was that he believed Carson would be perjuring himself if he testified in court that he had heard the details of the crimes from Jason Baldwin when in fact he had heard them from Williams. Burnett ruled that to allow the jury to hear this information would be a violation of Carson's right to patient-counselor confidentiality. It had never been proven that Carson and Jason had ever come into contact with each other while in the detention center.

Anonymous said...

The information from Steel's page does not refute Carson's testimony.

Someone's once using LSD or even being an "addict" is no evidence that a person's statements are inaccurate or untrue.

The fact that a counselor would tell another client about Baldwin's crimes and admit this to a court is very hard to believe. This violates all ethics and would get the counselor into trouble. Therefore, this scenario is very unlikely.

And it is very possible that two clients in a detention center may have talked to each other and this kind of conversation would obviously have been held in private.

little elly said...

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socrates said...

Hey Little Elly aka The Spam Wench, you're lucky we here at DFQ2 are currently in comment padding mode. I'm sure since most of the readers come from America and Canada, you're bound to get new clients for your school in India. Not.