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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Right Woos Left Internet Disinfo Feebly Attempts To Tie Itself To US Intelligence; A FAIL, Though Perhaps Not Epic


I changed the title. The other one made me look stupid. It's not that the company and Director discussed are probably who they say they are. They probably aren't. The Russian caught in Boston had the same kind of schtick going with Linked-in and internet fronts just realistic about it compared to the obvious crapola. I find that most disinfo is so ridiculous, it must be meant to debunk itself. Possibly to cause enough noise to disrupt the internet's potential. I don't know who these people are. Maybe someone in Los Angeles can investigate this. You could then show Larry Johnson and explain his front company along with the dumbass schticks he blogged. That would be a story. And keep us updated on Assange.

Since I'm here, check this out if you're bored:

Link to part b

It's the movie Bad Girl. It's from 1931, pre-code!

6.6 stars out of ten according to the zeitgeist spin. Okay, here's Pros and Cons according to Socrates Ebert von Siskel. It won two Oscars. Best Director and Writing. Nominated for Best Picture stands out.

Here's the review by Marc.
16 out of 17 people found the following review useful.
rare, Oscar winner is a forgotten treat, 12 June 1999

I finally tracked down Bad Girl. It had been on my list of wanna sees for years as it had won a major Oscar for Best Director- Frank Borzage.It was one of those tantalizing early talkies that had not actually been lost it had merely fell from sight. When I finally saw it last year at a Borzage revival, the film was a revelation.It was a pre-code delight about an ordinary couple, falling in love, struggling financially and having a baby etc.It most reminded me of the great silent film-The Crowd, which dealt with similar matters. What was especially fascinating to me was its depiction of "average" lower middle class types and how they lived and spoke in Depression America. The apartments... the slang, all of it, seemed real. It wouldn't be until the 50's neo realism hit American movies that we would see ordinary people depicted on the screen again, without condescension The movie has all the Borzage trademarks- love surviving against all odds, even an exciting if a little hokey climax.Unfortunately, the film has been slighted often in movie books,most likely, because the authors have never actually seen it. If it is ever shown again, try to see it. It's a wonderful peek at average city folks in Depression America.

Or watch Grand Hotel with Garbo and Barrymore. I vant to be alone.

Garbo was hot, as was Joanne Crawford as the feisty stenographer who befriends the old dude just looking for a taste of the good life. [Rocky Balboa] A "What about my prime, Mick?" kind of schtick. [/Rocky Balboa]

It's also better sooner than later to watch. Some movies get pulled.

As for Bad Girl, I might get to it. I saw this movie called Man's Castle with Spencer Tracy and Loretta Young. It was also pre-code, directed by Borzage and depicted people living in poverty during the Depression. I'll vouch for that one.

Follow the path I just did, and you'll be asking yourself wtf. I'm not sure if this is a real company or person, but this deserves some sort of explanation. This is not grifting.

So I'm searching for something completely different. I wanted to see if I could identify an airplane that has a solid blue underbelly. The following link was the first result.

It's a strange website. The first thing I saw at the link was this:

They have a lengthy disclaimer including, "Hyperlinks to other web sites, event listings, addresses and news have been posted on the site, but this does not imply responsiblity for, nor approval of, the information contained on the part of the Unwanted Publicity Information Group."

This is what is on their About Us page:
Unwanted Publicity Information Group is an international research data retrieval and analysis information fulfillment network.


In 1979, another global research data retrieval and analysis information fulfillment network Kentron Intellect Research joined an offshore information group in 2002 that became the Unwanted Publicity Information Group whose Media Division manages information distribution to private clients.


High-risk research for private clients usually originate from referrals by those involved with a variety of industries such as motion picture films, television, radio, print media, foreign entities, and official organizations seeking data support from those of the Unwanted Publicity Information Group.

International complex cases experience a retainer for an in-depth assessment and preliminary report, afterwhich the degree of research services to be performed is determined.
So is the CIA one of their clients? Who are their clients? They sound an awful lot like the company Obama hating, ex-CIA, blogger Larry Johnson runs.

I basically googled Kentron Intellect Research and ended up with the name Paul Collin.
Paul Collin

Title: Director at Kentron Intellect Research
Demographic info: International Affairs | Greater Los Angeles Area
Current: Host at Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, Consultant at Unwanted Publicity Information Group, Director at Kentron Intellect Research
Past: Intelligence Operations Specialist at Department Of Intelligence (DOI)
Education: Air Intelligence University
This is where it gets very fishy. This focker put up an article at an Indy Media website.

Israel Anthrax Fueled Iraq War Intelligence

The basic premise is that Israel sold anthrax to Saddam Hussein. Unwanted Publicity is saying there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but they were whisked away right before the US could find them. That's the ticket.

Then there is the odd fact that the anthrax scare in America had nothing at all to do with Iraq or Israel and originated from a US army base. Who the fock does Unwanted Publicity think they are fooling?

I don't know who to believe, but it's certainly not this group. Hmmm, it appears it was the US that used to sell wmd's to Iraq. I smell a disinfo rat with this Paul Collin, if that's indeed his real name. Nowhere in his 2008 spam article pointing to the Jooos do I see anything about the US being the #1 war merchant. This guy Collin is the anti-Assange.

Arming Iraq: A Chronology of U.S. Involvement by John King

From this link it appears that his name is Paul E. M. Collin.

On a side note, I also stumbled across this Washington Post article.

CIA domestic ops go far beyond Shahzad probe by Jeff Stein
(excerpt) According to some insider estimates, most of the CIA’s recruitment of foreign spies now takes place in the United States. Hundreds of CIA officers working out of cover offices and companies in areas where foreign students and scientists abound -- such as Boston, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and the like -- try to make contact with their marks and send them back home as spies.
Boston, as in perhaps with those two of the ten or so alleged Russian spies recently rounded up? Why should anyone believe anything the CIA or US Military says? Apparently there is a Paul Collin who used to be in Air Force Intelligence and now runs something called Kentron Intellect Research and the Unwanted Publicity Information Group. I think this guy is a disinfo pimp who works for the CIA and Military. I don't buy any of his disclaimers. Power corrupts, and abssolute power corrupts absolutely. This dude and these people just aren't as bright as they think they are. I for one am not fooled.


Anonymous said...

This is curious indeed, as right now there are not one but TWO viral marketing things on that page. One is the "caret" thing, a ufo story, long debunked but of uncertain origin (perhaps Alienware, since they adopted the font on the craft for their machines). Below that is another viral marketing thing for a video game, forget which one. RI had something on it.

Question is, what is a viral marketing fake website doing pushing Israel did it memes?

Worth a longer look in my view. Be careful though, those ARGS will git ya if ya don't watch out.

socrates said...

Thanks. I checked the RI link you gave, hadn't seen it. I first went to RI only because it used to have that Dragon and Mary K. strange people tied into obvious disinfo called Educate Yourself dot Org. I used to be big time into trying to figure out chemtrails. One of the first disagreements I had with who were supposedly the "normal" chemmies was over Jeff Wells. I pointed that stuff out, and the admin said Wells was a good guy.

I tried Tinoire. I got into the election integrity milieu. That's how I became this kind of blogger. Then of course when I figured out BradBlog, that led to figuring out Andy Stephenson. And if you're who I think you are, you know how friendly Stephenson was with Wells. That guy Seventhson was in the mix too. Unfortunately there are a lot of newbies and fence sitters, and they're not going to have a clue what we're on about.

Tinoire links to Mike Rivero. Tinoire links to Jeff Wells. Brad Friedman linking to convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin has to be the most humorous.

The last year I got into the satanic panic, a biggie concerning Stephenson, Wells, and many more. I think I'm out of options for topics in regards to internet craziness. I'm not complaining, because like you're saying about arg's, it can get extra stupid and sadistic.

The only thing I don't think you've shown is that Unwanted Publicity was an ARG for those products. For those who don't know what an arg is, it is an alternative reality game, usually put in place to sell something in a "viral" fashion. The first or one of the first is considered to be The Blair Witch Project. Quite a buzz was built up leading to that movie being released. Too bad the movie didn't live up to the hype.

On that RI link, those guys didn't really prove anything to me. It sounded more like opinion that the linkedin profile was a fabrication. It is quite possible.

We'd need someone with real life detective skills or in California to see if that company actually exists. It sounds very much like the one Larry Johnson runs.

I don't see Unwanted Publicity as being grifting. A guy like Mike Rivero, one could say he gets paid for selling gold and going on Jones' show, things like that. One could argue Wells is merely a screwball with that theology background. Bob said his wife makes money. I've lived in a country where no one had money. We got by.

Unwanted Publicity doesn't give any hint that these things are for computer games or for graphic designers or whatever providing services. I never heard of them. So how do you figure they are marketing anything?

I do appreciate the link. It proves they are nuttier than I first thought. It took me many reads to understand the one Joos did it link. I went with my intuition that it was disinfo, because I looked around, and they seem to be the only ones pushing that Israel sold anthrax to Iraq leading to a chain of reactions to war with Iraq.

The frustrating thing about this amateur cybersleuthing is it seems near impossible to pin these guys down. Even Alex Jones continues to chug along like a teflon, zeitgeist master.


socrates said...

Kimberlin fits the grifter profile. It would be tough to say he is internet cointelpro rather than a confidence man. Tinoire, though, I can't see her having made any money off of blogging. Not a cent. Unless of course she was the commie Joo hater version of Hal Turner. Talk about convolution. She said she used to spy on the Russians, yet then she became a communist who so happens to adore a right winger like Rivero. She tried to hide the Joo hating nature of Progressive Independent, but it was proven.

I had a long time ago what I thought was a big find, one of these stumbling onto a strange, backwater domain. I went to some college press for help. I had one tv guy who used to give me his ear. Nothing came of it.

Within hours of finding the website, it got white walled. This was back in the day when I was going screenshot and page save crazy.

Here's what I'm talking about, if you're interested.

"RonPaulOnLine", Leo Laporte, and Top10th.Net

It's kind of a cluttered thread, but if you scroll down a bit, you start to hit the screenshots.

There were 163,000 google hits for that domain. Once I found it and poked around, the thing got erased. You could even create pages. Like you could add in words before the top10th part, and it would create a new page. It was wild and confusing, like this Unwanted Publicity Kentron Intelligence whatever.

How 'bout that Joe Cannon linking to News Making News? He used to blog for Brad Friedman. Stephenson used to do "research" for Tom Flocco and some work for Velvet Revolution. And then there's the strange link between the One Taste cult and NMN. I thought I read that Rachel Begley says McCullough or Dixon was giving Jimmy Hughes documents, similar to help given to that Richard Arthur Thompson creep, but I couldn't get to her facebook blog to confirm it. It looks like that guy is going to be let off. Man, there's nothing but mostly rabbit holes and dead ends on the net. And people like us who seem close to figuring it out are relegated to small pockets of awareness. Sure mistakes are made here and there, but what about the solid finds that transcend who found them?

Well, if you're who I think you are, feel free to blog as yourself. I'm over any misunderstandings. Bob vouches for you, so that's good enough for me. May he who is without warts cast the first stone. It's that other person, Beth Ego Eve and even Ego himself who I don't want anything to do with. They are pure sadists. Acadia Ego is one of the worst. Maybe those two are friends in real life. Ego's the last guy one would think Wells would trust or want to be around. The guy's obviously into heavy metal and fiddling around with satanic subject readings. I bet he has a ouija board. He's as pure a sadist as there is. He made some crack about my Mom who had died, and I wasn't even on that board. He accused me of having all these sock puppets. He could be paid disinfo. He's got access to that RI board.

Whatever these people are, paid or crazy, they are shooting blanks just like those alleged Russian spies and the FBI who think they were so smart to catch some dumbass spying or fifth column attempts. This world is fried. The inmates are running the asylum.

Ugh, I hate it when I get into this rambling mode. I don't know how to turn it off. I am definitely no sock puppet extraordinaire, never was. I post here and occasionally at my other forum, and that's it. I was at TLNL's, but he seems to have closed shop. Anyway, thanks again for the post. Oh yeah, thanks for the warning, but I don't sweat the blowback anymore. All I had to do to get rid of the Eve monster was to stop talking about what's her face, that lady whose name rhymes with Gheresa Lunkin.

Args, viral marketing....all the same genre, really. These days, args are like interactive viral marketing. But that he is posting political messages on indynet, that is definitely odd. Not the first time I have seen viral marketing done that way, I mean directly on indynet. It is also not the first time args have blurred that line. Why, in fact, there was an early chemtrail forum that was a part of the Majestic ARG. Did you know that? I don't have a dog in that knowledge of chemtrails or desire to debate it so not trying to debunk anything with that. Let's see if I can find a link about that.D said...

Args, viral marketing....all the same genre, really. These days, args are like interactive viral marketing.

But that he is posting political messages on indynet, that is definitely odd. Not the first time I have seen viral marketing done that way, I mean directly on indynet. It is also not the first time args have blurred that line. Why, in fact, there was an early chemtrail forum that was a part of the Majestic ARG. Did you know that?

I don't have a dog in that knowledge of chemtrails or desire to debate it so not trying to debunk anything with that. Let's see if I can find a link about that.

It is speculation, in that article, about being related to the majestic arg. It has also been said, but denied, that the "above top secret" discussion forum came about due to the Majestic ARG. Certainly a lot of annoying things have come from ATS since then.

I would keep looking. Nothing that is purely viral marketing would want to alienate people with politics, so why the Israel post? Just wanted you to know what that site was about though.

dreamsend said...

My trackpad is possessed. Did not mean to make my username the first sentence of the post. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

The odiousness of Godwin's Law and other deliberate distortions.


"Obviously, one should avoid sloppy, casual or unwarranted applications of these principles, but that's true for all arguments. Even more obviously, to point out that a country or a person is violating these principles -- or that they are invoking the same rejected justifications for their aggression as Germans invoked -- is not to posit an equivalence to Hitler and Nazis. Only a child -- or what international law professor Kevin Jon Heller this morning aptly called deliberate distorters -- would fail to recognize that."

Socrates, you are also a "deliberate distorter" of the first rank, especially in response to any criticism of your posts.

Your complete inability to reflect upon honest and accurate criticism and much, much worse, then immediately respond by turning into full character attack mode based on deliberate distortions and out of context quotes, IE,using the very same tactics you routinely rail against in others, is a hallmark of your style, thus negating your effectiveness as a blogger by debasing your own credibility through vivid displays of obnoxiously hypocritical behavior.

Please accept this comment in the spirit in which it is intended: to encourage an honest self-reflection.

In closing, I would like to say:

Hi! My name's Pete and I'm an internet junkie!


socrates said...

Dreamsend, I'm not seeing any commercial significance for Unwanted Publicity. It comes across as being pure disinformation. If it's PR for Kentron, I'm not buying that either, especially after you provided some goofy links of theirs. This reminds me of Madsen and Johnson wanting everyone to know they are ex-spies, ploys to give their disinfo more wiggle room. That's lipstick on a pig.

So what if Unwanted Publicity used video games and whatever for their crazier "intel" proof. I don't see how anyone viewing those would have been led to the products.

Not everything is an Alternative reality game. That's where you seem to get into trouble. Or maybe you are just stretching the meaning of the phrase. It's like the word script. I can see how arg is a decent catch phrase.

Donkeytale is acting like a troll. He can't seem to ever stay on topic. He brings up Godwin's Rule as if myself and TLNL are breaking it. What he's saying is it's odious to keep pointing out the odiousness of Jooo haters. Or I don't really know what his problem is. It could be narcissism. There are past threads where he's been making hit and run troll posts. This one has nothing to do with it, yet here he is again putting his greasy paws on another thread.

For, you could plug in any phrase you wanted, say "Impending war with Iran" or "Ted Kennedy Jokes" or you name it, and then a boatload of articles would pop up. The plausible deniability was it had to do with search engines and internet ads. But I don't think so. It seemed like a perfect vehicle for one to look for info if they were an internet fake working blogs and message boards. Then when I poked around, the thing got deleted. But I took screenshots. Not many care about getting to the bottom of internet convolution. I think I came close.

I think most of the chemtrail history on the net was staged or manipulated. The owner of Chemtrail Central worked at NASA. NASA propagandist Patrick Minnis got busted being in cahoots with him.

Then there's the fact that an associate of Will Thomas cyberstalked me. He was one the main witnesses to some hoax called Deep Sky. If he isn't an internet fake, there are none.

He used to do an ARG or script between himself and someone called Jay Reynolds. The funny thing is Reynolds used to work with Bill Cooper. I think Cooper was the real deal, a nutjob infiltrated and manipulated by Reynolds and other agents. Curt Maynard was a real life nutjob, badly influenced by probable disinfo agents Rivero, Rense, and others.

I think I figured out who the cyberstalker from the Deep Sky hoax is. I think his wife works for NASA, and he is some form of rabid conservative role playing as a crazy lefty. I think he's the one who was on the phone with some Mormon into chemtrails who works for BlueHost. Now there's some craziness for you. It's called the phone call, and it can be found in the chemtrails are not kooky section at my old forum.

I just don't think you have shown that the subject of this entry has anything to do with a viral marketing ploy. Donkeytale or Pete, he's pretty much useless. He won't interact with any of the subject matter. It has to be all about him all the time.

I'm done digging. There's never an end to what gets dug. It's a rabbit hole. This is why what TLNL and a few others like myself have done has been important. Real names have been busted. A guy like donkeytale is just toxic in attempts to make others feel bad. He is the king of the ad hominem. He reminds me of the Neo-Nazis who claim Jooos are the real Nazis. Donkeytale has turned himself into a tomato can of a blogger. He was actually standing up for the "Ego Eve" troll when it wouldn't leave this forum alone.

Anonymous said...

My comment was totally on topic. It was a critical commentary regarding your commentary.

The funny part is that anonymous quickly proved that you had been wooed and fallen into a rabbit hole of limited hangouts, and become a usefully idiotic spreader of virally marketed alternative reality video games featuring flying humpbacked whales targeting the joooo hater niche, which is a fast growing segment of the key infoboobtubes online disinfo non-community.

This quote says it all in relation to your fine work with this piece:

""Obviously, one should avoid sloppy, casual or unwarranted applications of these principles, but that's true for all arguments."

The secondary point of my comment is that you are a confirmed anosogniac, and you vivdly display the symptomolgy herein through your denial of the most obvious point the initial anonymouse makes that "Unwanted Publicity" actually wants publicity. I know this is subtle stuff, insidious, in fact, a PR firm specializing in viral marketing to the joooo haters by pretending they hate jews too and that you are now caught in the same honey pot, helping spread the contagion of anti-semitism while pretending to deplore it.

That white flying whale is pretty f'in cool tho, I have to admit.

socrates said...

That's the last post written by donkeytale which will ever remain on this website. He's just another creep who if he spoke in real life like he does on the net, he'd be beaten into a bloody pulp.

socrates said...

The troll wrote, "I know this is subtle stuff, insidious, in fact, a PR firm specializing in viral marketing to the joooo haters by pretending they hate jews too and that you are now caught in the same honey pot, helping spread the contagion of anti-semitism while pretending to deplore it."

Donkeytale didn't prove that this "company" is a pr firm specialising in viral marketing for Jooo haters. He says it as fact. This has to be one of the most idiotic comments he has ever made.

Then he goes on to claim I pretend to deplore the Jooo haters. First he attacked me for patting myself and TLNL on the back too much. Now he's saying I am some sort of internet fake who does not abhor Jooo hating.

This guy is a troll. What he has been posting of late is nothing less than vitriolic troll spam. Thus he is banned, and anything he posts will be deleted as soon as I'm aware of its presence.

Dreamsend said...

Maybe the acronym should have been studied more closely:


My word verification today is "bless".

Viral marketing does not announce itself or point directly to the product. That is the whole point. It spreads. On blogs like this. And the product does not have to be commercial.

I will stop trying to help now.

socrates said...

Your post makes no sense, Dreamsend. You say to look at the acronym UPIG. Are you calling me a pig?

Why mention what your anti-spam word verification is? Are you playing mind games?

It's easier to say you're done helping than prove your ideas. I understand why you're taking the coward's way out from answering direct questions. Because your arg ideas have been mostly rubbish.

I still laugh once in a while about some of the crazy things you've posted. You wrote that journalist Kate Coe was a regular poster at RI. That certainly ties you in with that numbnut with an alias of Alex Constantine who claims she is Mossad ot something stupid like you have blogged. Feel free to stay away. I'd rather have an empty comment section than it be filled with comments from people like you and donkeytale.

socrates said...

"Dream's End - Off the Deep End... I’m going to start though, by calling the guy on his shit."

donkeytale said...

Testing, testing, 1...2...3....

Is this thing on?

socrates said...

Dreamsend is a nutjob. I have deleted a post of his which leads to personal info. I will repost what he wrote which doesn't include that.

Since he is yet another douchebag who doesn't interact fairly, he is not allowed to post here. He has probably been in cahoots with et in Arcadia and his twin Eve for years.

It is easily verifiable that Dreamsend is out of this world insane or part of some disinfo group or fake args as he clumsily puts it.

This is the last time I will ever allow this douchebag to post a word on DFQ2. His comments are in bold.

I suppose I get what I deserve for interacting with someone who has spent so much time with the "chemtrails" bullshit. You should link to your forum. You refer to it frequently...let yer freak flag fly,I say. link

This guy is throwing rocks out of his glass house. So what if I studied the truth about chemtrails and the disinfo surrounding it. Nothing matches the crap this guy posted about Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. It was so ridiculous he has deleted most of it. This is the fool who for years posted at Rigorous Intuition!

I've mentioned my chemtrail forum a number of times. I'm not ashamed. It's listed in my blogger profile.

If you want to antagonize everyone who shows up here, that is your right. I invite everyone to look around on your forum in which, I might add, you are about the only one who posts. Posts by you: 1473. Posts by everyone else combined: under 150. Over 3 years, under 15 members, most of whom posted very few posts.

Why have a forum at all if it is just going to be you?

I only post occasionally at my old forum so it stays active. It has a reservoir of information that transcends who I am as an individual. Why have you had forums only to delete them each time? By the way, all questions asked here are rhetorical. You will now be deleted on sight.

Unlike you, I answer questions. There have been more members than that, and the two biggest ones turned out to be insane similar to yourself. When a member gets deleted, their posts remain, but their profiles and post counts do not. But you know that and are just some some sadistic, little tool with no life, who as someone else has put it is merely dry humping some dead artists who took their own lives.

And why all the pretend anger at Jeff Wells and getting banned there? Here you admit what you are up to:

"I infiltrated the Rigorous Intuition board the last week and did the reverse-troll. I found a way to expose Jeff Wells and et in Arcadia Ego as being probable spook names."

So your claims of not being a troll are completely false. You talk of "infiltrating" the board and then get all boohoo when people claim you are a troll using fake names.

Here you are complaining about Wells because he does NOT believe in controlled demolition and Rivero because the thinks a plane DID hit the Pentagon? Are you really one of those kinds of nutjobs?

"Now we are getting hammered again by Mr. Ego and the disinfo tool, Jeff Wells. Wells is the one who thinks there was something fishy about 9/11, but it had nothing to do with controlled demolition. Like Rivero has questions about 9/11, but he thinks a passenger jet hit the Pentagon,".


Better turn that comment moderation back on because it is way too easy for people to go to your kooky chemtrail forum and find ridiculous stuff you have written.

socrates said...

I don't need comment moderation. I'll just delete any crap when I see it, and hopefully trolls like this will get the message.

I'm not going to discuss any of this with DE. I've explained these things before. Perhaps if he wasn't such a sadistic asshole to go with being insane, I'd make the effort.

I only deleted one link from the above post. He linked to one revealing my name just like he did recently with people like Delgado, Arcadia Ego and Eve trolls he hangs out with. Imho, Dreamsend should be in an institution. He's kind of like a Diana Napolis, just not as extreme in his delusions. Maybe he is faking insanity and is trying to be some form of controlled opposition and rabbit hole, ironically a form of arg he blabs about. He made the following second post. There he got more in-depth attempting to portray me as having sock puppets. It's a garbage approach that's been going on for years. It should make people wonder why such attacks have been made against myself, TNLN and some others. These fockers even went so far as to create fake socrates. And here's this shitstain of a loser called Dreamsend acting as if any of it adds up, just because I linked to an article making him look like the delusional ghost wanker that he is.

Maybe this one I shouldn't have deleted. Here it is with brief responses. The bullshit nature of fake socrates posts is easy to see. Yet, here is DE making it seem he has shocking proof I use sock puppets. Yes I deny being may41970, that fake socrates, TLNL, and others I have been accused of.

socrates said...

Dreamsend wrote,

Haven't I seen you deny being may41970?

"For the record, here is my story. I started out as FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe at Chemtrail Central. Then I was Socrates at Gastronamus Cafe and at Megasprayer.I am may41970 here and at other places as well. I was SocraticTruths at the Democratic Underground. I am Jeff Reynolds at DebateBothSides, but it is such a dive and full of bullcrap, that I won't even mention it. "


Yet here you are, posting as Jeff Reynolds, asking questions of may41970.


I understand you feel you are on a mission but why deny you use sockpuppets? Why do you lie to your readers like that? Especially when the truth is so easy to see?

The truth is easy to see unlike your insane truthiness.

Unless of course it's not common knowledge that trolls try to spin themselves as other usernames. Dreamsend is the Queen of making statements based on little to no proof. He is the Queen of passive aggressive behaviour.

The Queen of insanity is just mad because I never bought into his act, and the dirt on himself has been self-inflicted, unlike myself who's had ludicrous scripts written about me concerning sock puppets. I might add that this douche has produced similar, convoluted scripts concerning suicide victims and journalist Kate Coe.

After proofreading these posts, there are things I could add. I'm not sure it's worth it. If someone was acting in good faith and asked such questions, I'd have no difficulty explaining. Such as I was banned from Rigorous Intuition before making one post. That was well before I did my 'reverse-troll operation'.

The most bitterness I think I have towards anyone on the net is towards that cyberstalker and Brad Friedman of BradBlog who gave him my personal info. There are minor points I could add. Like it is funny how a conspiracy freak like Jeff Wells would be so adamant about calling controlled demolition a crazy notion. Maybe it is. I don't know. But Jeff Wells is the last person to have the right to say so. This was a similar point to the one I had about Rivero and the Pentagon. I haven't a clue about 9/11, but from memory, it appears Rivero had problems with theories saying anything but commercial aircraft hit the Pentagon. When conspiracy theory freaks take umbrage like that, it makes me wonder. So what if I believe chemtrails are not contrails? I back up that idea in the top section of my old forum.

I think from one of those threads I linked to yesterday where the ARG people took dreamsend to task, one person succinctly put together what dreamsend is about. He doesn't mind being dragged around the mud. He just wants others to join him. That's what he's attempted by showing up here yet again.

I will make one more point. Dreamsend linked to a printer form of a DBS thread. Those do not put others' words in quote boxes. If that's what this fool is talking about, I think he is a liar. He has been on the internet long enough to know that printer forms of threads do not look right with distinguishing who said what.

I'm done with him and all the insanity he represents.

Anonymous said...

Here is the issue Socrates.

I applied some mild criticism regarding the relative unimportance of the activities undertaken by you and TLNL (nd included myself vis a vis the pffake left crowd at Soapblox) wrt to "outing" R woos L disinfo specialists, as they are relatively unknown at best and generally in the CT infotainment business, which means they can be taken only semi-seriously with a grain of salt because they are "grifters."

Your response, instead of addressing the specifics and keeping the discussion on topic, which I would welcome, was to immediately start attacking me personally (if thats possible among anonymouse users) by misrepresenting my year old comments from MLW vis avis minours having sex with adults.

At that point, you were way off topic yourslef, setting into play a lame "sophisticated disinfo campaign", in short doing all those same things you blame others for having done to you in the past.

Hypocrisy meat Socrates.

Not that I care about the effects of your lame-ass "disinfo campaign", but this is a perfect example of someoe "being their own worst enema."

Now, you post this sloppy undercooked unthinking cut n paste "expose" of some very lame internet disinfo supposedly tied to the CIA (because they link to a public CIA website, haha)and this guy worked for the "Department of Intelligence." WTF is that? No such thing, dude. "Air Intelligence University?" Really?

Dreamsend comes in quickly to save you from embarrassment and suggest that this is merely viral marketing and infer that you are lamely playing the role of useful idiot in whatever the guy's campaign is, apparently plugging video games or just posting nonsense for its own sake.

DE's reply could engender a useful and informative discussion but your response is once again to go into denial of any person's valid point simply because you disagree and are closed too any openminded discussion. Then, as usual, you crank up the Socrates distortion on your electric attack amplifier by linking to a thread that is critical of DE.

I read the link that you posted about Dreamsend, did you?

He comes off rather well here, in my opinion, erudite and knowledgeable. His attackers come off as petty and jealous of his intellect, if anything. His "crime" as discussed in that thread is that he has a website dedicated to Duncan-Blake posthumously and people who claim to have known them think he is a perverted exploiter of the dead, or wtf. Whatever. They are/were public figgers of the internet zeeitgeist, paranoia/internet kills division, and they are eminently fair game for posthumous analysis by bloggers.

Whatever, dude.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Reynolds=TLNL

socrates said...

Ridiculous, Donkeytale is supporting a well-known internet jackass named Dreamsend who's trying to peddle years old cybersmear crap about me having sock puppets. This is the same pervert who has continued to call me sock rat and recently implied that myself and TLNL are the same person. Unfortunately, comment moderation is now back on. These trolls are not satisfied with getting in a few posts and then leaving. Their goal is to sadistically get in my face and remain there. I'm not going to allow it.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Socrates, it doesn't matter to me who he is or isn't, whether he uses Sock puppets or not.

His vulnerable point is that it bothers him so much more so than it ever would matter to anybody else.

I agree that his problem is that he is supremely guilty of that which he always accuses and convicts everyone else.

I used to call him "Sockrat" because I have a fondness for clever wordplay and I like him too. He chooses to take it personally like its some heinous accusation of his using sock puppets. I could care less whether he or anyone uses sock puppets. Its an almost free whiteysphere, anything goes.

Except outing.

I understand that his attacks put you into attack mode. Thats part of his weakness and his falsity.

He attacks and then condemns you for counterattacking.

He's the US foreign policy of bloggers.

Still, outing is uncool.

Anonymous said...

"Bob vouches for you, so that's good enough for me"

"May he who is without warts cast the first stone"

socrates said...

Passive-aggressive is not becoming.

Anonymous said...

I guess changing your title and adding a mea culpa is your passive-aggressive way of admitting this was some of the weakest schtick in the herstory of Socrates.

Funny, even the link to p-a suggests that its not a disorder its. like anosognosia, an inhgerent part of the defective human mentality.

In other words, we are all p-a and we are all in ignorant denial of the fact.

Thanks for the further illustration.

Now for some laffs, ARG style.

I googled "Department of Intelligence" and came up with a Bob Barr blog stating a "call-for-a-new-department-of-intelligence-is-not-an-intelligent-idea/"


Bob Barr was the libertarian candidate for President in 2008.

Here I am doing your homework for you and connecting the rabbit holes.

There actually is a department of intelligence website, the sum entirety of which is this:

"Department Of Intelligence

With Department Of Intelligence you can find lot of information. Department Of Intelligence also provides news. A directory of websites are featured by Department Of Intelligence.

© Copyright 2008 Department Of Intelligence"

As for "Air Intelligence University", I was able to track that down to an insidious group academic foot fetishists enthralled with Michael Jordan's sneakers. But the odor was too rank to reproduce it on sucha pristine lily white site such as yours.

There. Do I hereby re-apply for entry into the Kingdom of Socrates in the form of Bob Marley.


socrates said...

This guy Dreamsend is fried. He used to go looking for donations a lot. He's been published by twice.

All he has on me is links to things I didn't write while claiming they are myself admitting to having sock puppets.

This is the dude who argued that Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake faked their deaths and then asked for donations to help him continue with his efforts.

Now I see that he claims to have a wife suffering from a hoax diagnosis called dissociative personality disorder or better known as multiple personality disorder.

Here's some foolishness he has posted. Him, as in not someone faking being him which was done to me.

DID advice

My wife is DID with limited recall of what created the condition. It seems clear there is abuse by a family member, but she "doesn't want to know." Who could blame her.

however, someone in her does know. And she emerged for the first time a few nights ago. She went to sleep as 'wisper', a child alter, and awoke with a start but not one word. It turned out to be an alter who has no name, and, indeed, does not even have a mouth with which to speak.

until that night, this alter lived in a cell which was locked. Debbie (not my wife's real name but someone suggested I give her a name in these accounts) had promised to find the key....

Then on the next page he wrote,

By the's a REALLY out there question...

anyone ever hear of a long big toenail as some kind of signal? stepdaughter's dad and stepdaughter both don't cut that toenail and it's really odd. Probably just an eccentricity but it's bothered me.

socrates said...

Yeah, the link kind of backfires. Instead of there being a disorder called passive-aggressive, the know-it-all straight dope dude says sometimes a jerk is simply a jerk.

I appreciate that you acknowledged the creepiness which are the attempts to out me. Sure I was stupid to have given Brad my name in the first place, but that doesn't make it all my fault. Brad Friedman suggests he's a journalist, yet here he was giving away source info.

I didn't mind you going after me a bit. I took umbrage that you kept spouting it on every thread. And I don't know how many times I have to tell you I don't like being called sock rat. I don't use sock puppets, at least the way I'm portrayed doing so. I've never posted on the same thread with two different usernames having fake conversation. I'm a punching bag for some of the most sadistic trolls in blogging history. I have a right to be at my own places without having to listen to that.

I would like it if we could drop the personal insults or whatever. I'm no angel, and I am always willing to take some blame for when things go awry. But there comes a point when it's time to move on.

I have to keep comments in moderation for a while, at least until the troll(s) go away. I'd invite you back to blog, but I've lost your blogger email address to give you another invite. You can email it, or give up on DFQ2, or do whatever you want. As Bill Murray said in Meatballs, "It just doesn't matter."

I most enjoy blogging when content is the focus rather than having flame fests.

This wasn't my best entry. The title I had was the result of a brain cramp. Overall it wasn't the worst one I've produced. There's some food for thought there, as in what was really up with the anthrax scare?

I'd agree most people are passive-aggressive. Maybe not Ned Flanders, but that's not a real person.

Bob Barr, what a fool. Ok, this looks more interesting than that anasgonorhea or whatever thingie you were on about. Sure, we humans tend to say things and then stick to it even when it's wrong or we get in denial. Point taken, Mr. Bond.

Barr sounds like an idiot. He's saying the President has to pick one of all the intelligence agencies to be the alpha dog. But wouldn't that be what the new Department of Intelligence would be for? Anyway, if you follow Barr's logic, it should probably go to the NSA. Ha, I'm fricken talking now from anything but a People's History of the US kind of view. I think all these intelligence agencies are full of shit. I look forward to what Assange comes up with next. I wouldn't be surprised if some massive form of Big Brother is going on, and that when and if it gets exposed, it will blow "intelligence" and the Military-Industrial Complex out of the water. Hey, maybe we're just ultimately focked. Maybe things will eventually get worse until the world resembles the themes out of The Matrix movie. But a kid can dream.

The whois for your Department of Intelligence dot com shows it is registered to Tsan Trinh of Hong Kong. It's server is hosted out of Bedford, Texas. What's that word you like to say? Riotous!

I'm not really seeing any other page than that home page.

One has better luck with the wayback machine.... if they know how to speak French. It may have had over 30,000 pages of documents. That's what it says.

There is an Air Intelligence Agency, so you might have to admit that mocking it as a made up resume builder wasn't your best point ever made.

Dude, I am one of the legends of having documented internet convolution. Some guy named Robert Taylor made up a group called the Defense Security Intelligence Service. But the weird thing about his schtick was that his made it onto the .gov server.So this Kentron Intelligence guy is apparently nothing new. Maybe that's a good point you're making about what is going on here. We are connecting the dots of rabbit holes.

Anonymous said...

You miss the point, again and again.

The fact that there is an "Air Intelligence Agency" while this guy lists an "Air Intelligence University" doesn't vindicate your sloppiness or invalidate my point that you were played. rather, it re-confirms the point.

Just admit it openly that the "fail" was all yours and I'll agree that it wasn't "epic" and we can move along.

Also, the Bob Barr content is completely dullwitted and boring although I agree its hard to disagree with his main point: the more bureacracies you add to perform the same job is a recipe for disaster and an illustration of the expensive hokum wrought by our federal govt, yes, under O'bama.

The asognosia piece was probably the most interesting series of articles I have read in the MSM for ages.

The fact that you continually refuse to see it confirms in my mind what the record plainly shows: you are a brittle ego-maniac showcasing little of the supposed intellect you always claim to possess.

With this latest piece you have become a typically simpleminded whiteyspheric ranter of lightweight hokum.

"Thomas Jefferson is Scum". Wow. Great thought process there.

The founding fathers were of course conservative, pre-bourgeoisie aristocrats, neocons of their day. This territory was gone over thoroughly back in the day on Booman. Some dope named "Madman in the Mktplace," now a regular dullard on Marisacats used to propound on the "founding fathers were progressives" BS ad nauseum.

I for one called him on it, using Jefferson as an obvious example, but how about Washington, who used secret passageways and other tricks to keep more than his alotted quota of slaves in the first presidential mansion in Philly?

To MITM's credit, he has since renounced his juvenile view but unfortunately replaced it with the 100% cynical view that has descended like darkness on the Cat Shitterers.

Still, to simply dismiss TJ as scum is simpletonesque below the Fairleft level of simplemindedness, and juvenile thinking in the extreme opposite direction of MITM.

Everyone must be judged solely in view of their own times and against the prevailing conventional wisdom of their times. Universally, the only attributes that apply across the ages are the fundamental ones of unchanging dualistic human nature: good and evil, true and false, thieves and saints.

Applies to us too. Equally. If TJ is scum we are no less scum.

And no, I'm not going after you, I'm criticizing your ideas, or rather the lack of the evolution of yur schtick.

Bet on it.

No, I won't be coming back regularly here until, if and when, you up your game measurably and also learn to refrain from comment moderation.

If you can't handle any debate, and you can't, then whats the point?

If I wanted to post regularly at a BS-laden cliche-ridden pwoggie site that features comment moderation and a batshit-crazy-control-freaking megalomaniacal host I could have simply stayed at Marisacats.

Who you resemble in an eerie manner more and more all the time.

socrates said...

Ok, here's a reply to donkeytale, if that's him. Why he can't sign in with his blogger id is anyone's guess.

After sleeping on it, I am back to hoping you'll just go away. The last comment I guess is you're now saying I am the infamous Shadowthief. Or maybe you're saying I might be Marisacat. Man, you are no different from any other troll spinning me as using sock puppets. For that alone, I don't want to be near you.

I can deal with being on my own. You're having trouble coming to terms to the fact that not one person on the internet likes you. Your schtick is all about going after people directly. You're a sadist, and it shows in your posting history.

Hopefully that's your last post. Or if you like, I'll delete you on sight to prove your theory about me being some megalomaniac.

I also didn't get played by anything with this diary. It is what it is. So my original title stunk. That's all.

Hopefully soon you crazy trolls will move on. Then If it's slow for comments, so be it. If sadistic douchebags wouldn't continue to cybersmear me on my own site to the extent of revealing personal info, there wouldn't be a need for comment moderation. And Thomas Jefferson was scum, as are you.

socrates said...

Hmmm. This is strange. Someone alleging to be Hugh Manatee Wins has shown up on this old thread called Someone Needs to Deprogram Roseanne. Now I see that the Dreamsend troll has deleted a post he had added back in February. Coincidence? He didn't as of yet delete the post he made above pretty much calling me a pig.

I fished through my saved copies of posts and am in the process of reposting it. I started saving those after a Susan Something deleted all her posts when DFQ2 was first getting off the ground. Speaking of the word process, for the record yet again Doug Mesner is not nor has ever been a member of a group named The Process. But that doesn't stop someone like the insane troll from making such a sweeping claim without proof, e.g. that Duncan and Blake faked their suicides, or that Kate Coe was posting at the disinfo RI board. Speaking of people sounding eerily like others, he is reminding me of that other gutter troll whose main passion in life is to stand up for the honour of Duncan and Blake.

socrates said...

Just a heads up, donkeytale. Don't bother writing anything. It's over for you on this blog. That's a final decision.

Anonymous said...

Research shows another Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website, at: and this fellow's other 'legacy' websites ( i.e. AnExCIA and X-CIA FILES at MSN Groups and X-CIA FILES at Tripod ) began in December 1998. Now, IMHO, it appears that all posters went way off topic - venturing into the wild blue yonder where paranoid dillusionals are often spotted. Why not do some thorough research and then make an analysis report that some can really sink their teeth into instead of just wandering around all over the map saying the sky is falling or aliens have landed or even Big Brother is using the International Space Station ( ISS ) to spy on what cellphone numbers it can see. Get real and get the facts straight first, then draw conclusions based on what is real and what may be just an illusion. Amen.

socrates said...

I've been blogging since 2005, when I got into the Huffington Post. That was before one had to register. I was there from almost the very beginning.

That's when I first noticed the extensive persistence of trolling. You wouldn't believe what people were doing. Most of the time it was total mind games centered around extreme political views. One guy would spam each thread with tons of repeated texts about babies and something about abortion. Another guy named BJ Clinton would post a lot always ending his posts with the line, "We're driving the bus."

There were others. It wasn't tough to get paranoid and start thinking there were a lot of paid fakes. I have tempered that view over the years and now acknowledge that many trolls are probably anti-social and deranged, out for kicks by trying to make others feel bad.

I still believe there are those paid to post. There was this guy who used to run something called the Election Science Institute, and it turned out he was the top poster at a disinfo website called Break for News. On the one hand he was presenting himself as a distinguished advocate for election reform. He portrayed himself as a regular guy. He didn't think there was black box voting. He ended up saying that while there were problems with Ohio, the results were close to the truth. But the thing is, he was a top poster at a place which was calling Bev Harris and Brad Friedman cia internet fakes. It turned out that his brother was one of the first politicians to sponsor a bill to fund the new electronic voting machines. This guy ended up creating websites promoting Ron Paul. If he wasn't paid to post, I don't know who his.

I came up with some good finds. I tried to make it as a blogger. I was put through the ringer. Now I am humbly doing my thing on this blog. I no longer feel the need to allow trolling on this website. If that makes me seem totalitarian and anti-free speech, that's the way it goes.

My point is, for various reasons this place has been drawing a certain type of troll. It could be the same person. It could be a few different ones. I don't know if they are paid. In fact, they probably aren't imho.

The last poster called anonymous is that type of person I don't want here. That is the type of person I am going to have a very short leash in allowing their posts to remain.

It writes in a way where it becomes near impossible to know how to respond. What reseasch is it talking about? What does it mean about all these people are off-topic on this specific thread? Why can't it make a username and explain who it is at other blogs? Why did it feel the need to post here?

Basically all it did was add more confusion to this thread. I don't know what's up with that stupid website. I do know it is strange. I do know it has some Joos did it propaganda being plugged. I do know it's a dumbass rabbit hole.

I do know that military intelligence is all over the internet. I do know for a fact that there are spy factories.

This person is a fraud. Who writes delusional as dillusional? It's not someone to waste too much time on.

socrates said...

That takes me to donkeytale. He believes all should be allowed to post on blogs. For a while, I changed my moderating to accomodate his viewpoint. Then for some odd reason, he went into an extensive attack on myself and TLNL. He persisted. He started getting very personal. I deleted one of his posts, because he wrote that abbeysbooks thinks I'm a masochist. I'm not. My new game plan is to delete such personal attacks and keep this website clean. Now once in a while I just may let stupid, unclear posts like the one above remain. But in general I will not.

I invited donkeytale back a week or so ago. I am now having second thoughts on that. I haven't seen his new post on one of the newer threads, but I'm thinking of asking him nicely to just go away. I don't understand why anyone would want to post here, if I don't want them to. Sure, I've ventured back to a few places where I'm not wanted, mostly Democratic Underground, but I'm not persistent like that forever. I also always declare that I've done that. I don't go running around as anonymous trolls like this one does. I don't use sock puppets. I'm only posting here now, sometimes at my other blog. I'm ready to move on from going against the grain. But if people want to come here and rustle my feathers, simply put, I'm not going to allow it. That's why Larry is gone. That's why I'm going to have a quick trigger draw in the future for trolling. It's not that I'm only accepting of posters who agree with me. Not at all. But I'm no masochist, and I don't have the time to put up with any more stupidity.