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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hunters are Scum

It's tough to not think this world is evil. Some self-absorbed, Massachusetts redneck sees nothing wrong with taking life. She boasts of eating the meat of her victims. She made the front page of The Boston Globe website today for torturing a huge alligator for over two hours before finally killing it. Here is today's worst person in the world.

Fitchburg woman bags colossal alligator

Mara-Christian with her very large alligator.

Here's a random video from the past to take your mind off of that. I think this one is about child abuse and the oppresive nature of church indoctrination, but I'm too lazy to get to the bottom of it.


the_last_name_left said...

The ones that get me are the ones showing these "big supa-tuff guys" decked out in combats and armed to the f-ing teeth, crouched proudly over some poor deer they've just killed (from 1/2 a mile away, with telescopic sights a foot long and a gun worth $1000)

Fucking morons. pardon my french but i think it's disgusting.

the gloating and the pride over death. in this day and age.....sick.

I have to fezz-up to not being vegetarian, so I'm partly guilty for industrialised murder of animals. but I feel shame about this, the last thing one would do is proudly put up pictures of it, gloating.

Invariably it's wrapped-up in a Neanderthal sense of "manhood" too. Wow - aren't you just such a man because you can kill a deer in cold-blood with a 21st century rifle. Fascinating, not. A load of self-mythologising bullshit.

And America is the worst for it? Britain is a parkland by comparison and so you just can't get away with even the self-delusional bullshit about being some rugged warrior alone in the wilderness looking after himself. That's all obviously a big joke from here. Plus there's nothing left to kill.

IT all makes me sick.

All the individualist escapist stuff does too, really: all these modern day Waldens......selfish fucks. Leave the wilderness alone? Get out of the mountains and sort some shit out? As if we can all go live some idyllic countrylife.....without destroying it....madness.

the_last_name_left said...

ha - thanks for giving me a reason to vent my spleen. lol

socrates said...

You're welcome. The point of the Pulitzer Prize worthy This and That are Scum series is to get it out of one's system. Ranting can be healthy, as long as it's not done as an anti-social ape like that conspiracy theory freak Larry.

That alligator was probably 400 years old. Ok, I don't have a clue how long they live. I heard some of those turtles live a long time. There's something especially wrong about deliberately killing a creature that age.

Maybe it should be the opposite. We think that way as adults. Let the children be safe first. There are those magnificent centuries old trees, the few left, that are as mind blowing as anything else.

It's sad how all these things become commodified. The Rain Forest. Even as lame entertainment. That's what this was about for the lady who killed the alligator. She tries to pass it off as moral. That it's ultimately good for the alligator population. She says she eats all the meat of the animals she murders.

It took her over two hours to kill it. That's cruel and unusual punishment. Who's she think she is, Old Man and the Sea?

Then there's that loser from Go Daddy, Bob Parsons. He likes to shoot down the big animals. He would have taken care of the wooly mammoths, if he had the chance.

According to Erich Fromm, there is reason to believe such people are fascists beyond their hunting. Fromm spoke of a pathological need to control blood which is inherent in fascism. Well, you can't control blood if it's been killed. That lady and other hunters thus play it up for all it's worth. They stuff 'em and put them up on trophy mantles. They eat the strange meat. Even some like this lady get two hours out of the ride before those extra benefits. That's her form of a movie. Her hobby takes life. That's the difference between hunters and say people who go to the theatre or watch sports.

I think vegetarianism has picked up steam over the decades. I suggest you could always cut back. There are ways to get by without it. It takes a bit of work. But it's healthier. I guess fish is the most healthy animal product. That might be the best way to grqadually become a vegetarian. Cut back to fish and chicken. Then figure out what's needed to have a healthy vegetarian diet. There are fake meats with protein that could be the next step to becoming a full vegetarian.

It doesn't mean eating just salad. Trust me.

I think vegetarianism has picked up so much momentum, that one needn't even debate too much about its merits like the old days. I've vbeen one for over 20 years. I don't recall doing any proselytising, though I do remember meat eaters feeling the need to do so. It was as if they were threatened by someone else giving up all animals as potential food.