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Friday, December 24, 2010

DFQ2 Gone Kooky

If there's one conspiracy theory mucho dificultad to challenge, it's the JFK Assassination. Those who try to debunk it end up either looking like a chump shill or closed-minded skeptic.

I won't cover every angle of it. There's simply too much.

Who do I think was behind the killing? Rogue CIA. It was an inside job. JFK's leftier than thou status may be overrated, but he did present a roadblock for the neocons' ancestors.

I'm not saying there aren't certain things presented by believers that couldn't be socratised. But there is simply too much that cannot be denied. The easy way out is to say kooky is as kooky does, that Oswald acted alone.

I'm not really big into wrestling. One part of it I find quite enjoyable is when the wrestlers, promoters, et al start going drama queen. There are just so many fake metal chairs to the head, quadruple bounces off the ropes, and face rakes one's eyes can take before yawning. But the over the top drama, that never gets stale when done well.

Jesse Ventura brings that kind of schtick to his conspiracy show. It makes for good entertainment. Here are some of his bad points. He includes too many strawmen on his programs. He also tends to overhype his investigative team coming up with new info, when in fact he's merely regurgitating what most already know or is available elsewhere. Yet, he is fairly good at not getting too kooky.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura JFK assassination deathbed confession part 1

The first segment is tough to accept as proof though possibly true. I find it tough to believe Jesse Ventura has become the Julian Assange of television. Some guy in a wheelchair hands Jesse documents alleged as classified. He says a CIA agent gave them to him years ago, when he had been working on the story.

The documents, according to Jesse, speak of an Operation 40 plan to assassinate JFK, because he wouldn't give them a second chance to kill Castro, invade Cuba, or whatnot after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Kennedy would be shot, and Castro would take the blame leading to his own demise. That kind of makes sense and would line up with Oswald's claim of being a patsy.

Ventura went on to theorise this could then be tied to Watergate, since JFK assassination suspects such as E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis later were in on that schtick. Jesse said Nixon was probably set up, because he was getting a bit too interested in finding out what really went down with JFK's murder. That could be considering what was revealed in the Nixon tapes. Unfortunately, such conjecture sounds kookified.

Revelations and gaps on Nixon tapes
In the same conversation, Nixon gave new fodder for conspiracy theorists who question whether Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter involved in the assassination of President John Kennedy.

Referring to the report by the Warren Commission, "it was the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated," Nixon said. He did not elaborate why he questioned the report.
The grassy knoll has probably been the biggest thorn in the official, lone gunman explanation. Jesse interviewed Bill Newman. Wow, this The Dallas Morning News article features the Newmans as some of the few remaining witnesses still alive. But it doesn't inform the readers where Bill Newman believes the head shot came from. His family was perhaps the closest to the limousine when the fatal shot was fired. I'm not saying this writer is a paid shill. He might simply be the proverbial useful idiot.

With 45 years of practice, Bill Newman repeats what he saw on Nov. 22, 1963, dispassionately and in quick order....

The presidential murder has been so thoroughly investigated, and the witnesses so often interviewed, that their diminishing ranks won't affect the narrative of that weekend in Dallas, said Vincent Bugliosi, author of the exhaustive Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

"If there's any other witness out there and they haven't told the story by now, you can be 99.99 percent sure they don't have anything new to say," said Mr. Bugliosi, who lives in Los Angeles.
Bugliosi comes off bad on the Ventura show. He ends up going Bill O'Reilly cut the mike style on Jesse. According to Bugliosi, there's nothing to see here, move along.

This is what Newman said to Jesse Ventura. He had only been about fifteen feet away from Kennedy, when the most tragic, important bullet was fired.
As the President's car turned left onto Elm Street, probably some 100 feet or less than us, the first two shots rang out.... Just as the car got straight in front of us, the third shot rang out. The side of President Kennedy's head blew off. You could see the brain matter and blood fly up.... I thought the shot had come from directly behind.

Bill Newman was interviewed by the FBI, but the Warren Commission totally ignored him. The photo above this one was taken after the shots had been fired. The Newman's had changed position in order to protect their children. In short, Bill Newman says the head shot came from the grassy knoll. Back and to the left.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura JFK assassination deathbed confession part 2

I'm not going to give a play by play analysis of the rest of the video. Folks can check it out for themselves. There were a lot of important things covered. I liked the way Jesse tried to reenact how Oswald could have allegedly fired off three shots in such a short period of time and with such a balky weapon.

The segment on E. Howard Hunt was interesting too. It is also beyond belief that George Bush did not know his whereabouts the day of the shooting. Everyone knew where they were when it happened. I wasn't alive, but for similar big events I will never forget where I was, such as when the Space Challenger blew up or 9/11. George Bush had actually been in Dallas that day according to a declassified document. Wow.


Then there's this declassifed FBI document. It's tough to read, but the last paragraph speaks of a George Bush from the CIA. Oooopsies.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura JFK assassination deathbed confession part 3

A few years ago, E. Howard Hunt confessed to having been involved in the assassination. He did so on his deathbed. He also looked remarkably similar to one of the famous "three tramps" photographed at Dealey Plaza, as did Frank Sturgis. Debunkers claim professionals deduced differences in the photos that our blind eyes cannot. I think the dudes could have altered their look with makeup. If Hollywood can change an actor's appearance, I'm sure the CIA can. The three tramps had been arrested just to the west of the grassy knoll after being found hanging out in a boxcar. They were well-dressed and clean-shaven for hobos. Somehow the Dallas Police has no record of their arrests, fingerprints, or mug shots. That's not the stuff.

Those adamant Oswald acted alone are full of something stinky. Heck, Oswald might not have been involved in any of the crime. And this is without even asking how the fock Jack Ruby was able to stroll into a police station and kill Lee Harvey Oswald. My gut instinct says the kid was 100% innocent.

Lee Harvey Oswald "I'm just a patsy"

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Anonymous said...

Excellent diary. However, don't overlook the Mafia connections, especially the involvement of the New Orleans mob, which also ran the Texas rackets in those days. Marcello is said to have been connected to Jack Ruby, who ran a strip club in downtown Dallas.

It has been theorized that Jim Garrison's case pointed to Clay Shaw in order to protect one of the true culprits: Carlos Marcello, the Louisiana mob boss who was a friend and supporter of the corrupt Long political dynasty for several decades.

The mob had controlled the lucrative Havana gambling rackets pre-Castro and they were very bitter at Kennedy's handling of Bay of Pigs. Bobby Kennedy had led extensive Senate and Justice Dept investigations into the Mob and ties with Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa. The Kennedy's had swoen to clean up the mob. On top of that, Kennedy carried on a torrid affair right under the nose of Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana with Giancana's girlfriend Judith Exner.

"Free of the impending charges that had hung over him like some Damocles sword, Carlos devoted all his energies into consolidating and building up his Mafia family, and the innumerable business interests that its power had allowed him to develop over the past eighteen years. Dun and Bradstreet, for example, estimated that 50% of New Orleans hotels were financially backed by the Marcello organization.

His political connections linked him into the powerful Long family. Carlos owed a lot to these people. It was after all, Huey Long who had introduced him to Frank Costello and the booming slot machine business that had helped spearhead his rise to power. Carlos maintained close ties with Earl, Huey's brother, and also son Russell, who became one of Carlos' principal contacts in the U.S. Senate. Louisiana politician, Congressman Hale Boggs, House Majority Leader, who became a member of the Warren Commission investigating the killing of Kennedy, was also financed into Capital Hill via Marcello. Jim Garrison, the flamboyant New Orleans District Attorney, famous for his involvement in the Kennedy investigation, was on exceptionally good terms with Marcello. Although he had a reputation as a tough prosecutor, he would go out of his way not to bring charges against any of the Marcello organization. During the mid to late 1960's, he dismissed eighty-four cases brought against Carlos' men, including one for attempted murder, three for kidnapping and one for manslaughter.

Carlos Marcello was a man with many friends in high places: state and federal judges, governors, senators, labour leaders, the list went on. 98% of the Louisiana legislature would accept bribes, according to Peter Hand, a close friend of Governor Earl Long. Carlos also controlled the head of the Louisiana State Police, Roland Coppola. He had a lock on the State Department of Revenue, the agency that collected all state taxes. They once assessed his $159,000 home in Marrero at only $8,000 for revenue purposes. He also had friends in other places."

Supposedly, Marcello made a deathbed confesson of his involvement in JFKs' assassination.

And of course, RFK was murdered too just as he seemed poised to reach the White House in 1968.

Soon to be a major motion picture produced and starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

socrates said...

I guess you forgot your log in. That's donkeytale. At another board we post at, he told me about this post.

That makes sense. I remember the argument made that it wasn't communism in theory that truly upset the US about the Cuban Revolution. It was that the gambling people got tossed out.

Few understand how brutal Cuba has had it over the centuries.

I'm kind of sleepy right now and haven't much.

The House Assassinations Committee concluded Oswald didn't act alone. That should mean something. But with hard-core debunkers, they resort to ridicule and stand their ground regardless of any facts.

I think Oswald was a non-violent Hal Turner informant type. He was probably a CIA dude when living in Russia, and when he got back here and was doing his I like Cuba routine, he was FBI. Those connections are too big of a coincidence. Like that line you can't put one over the Gambini.

Oswald's denial sounded legit. He said he was a patsy and sounded sincere. Either the dude took acting classes, or he truly did not understand why the fock he was being charged for myrdering JFK. I think in theory the inside fockers who did the killing thought maybe it coyld be pinned on Castro, but then after a while there became the little problem of there being no proof. But a liberal was taken out of the highest position of power in America, and we know how that has snowballed with some kind of monstrous butterfly effect. Just look at the Supreme Court. If JFK hadn't been killed, so much would be different today. He would have been reelected. Vietnam probably wouldn't have turned out the way it did. Bobby could have held office from 1968-1976. Teddy might have not turned into such a drunk and averted Chappaquidick and became President from 1976-1984. Hence, no Reagan Revolution. No Watergate. No Iraq Wars. It could have been the Age of Aquarius. Heck, many of us here believe that if KG doesn't get injured a few years ago, the Celtics are looking at a four-peat. You just never know. I think this is why lefties are still looking into the JFK Assassination. That was an anchor punch on our values and world view.

Anonymous said...

here's most of an entire book detailing connections between the New Orleans mob, the Long poltiical machine and the Kennedy assassination.


Heidi said...

Great expose on the JFK killing. Ventura does do some good work on this. Do you think Bush had something to do with it?

socrates said...

Please put links in html form.

That's Contract on America: the Mafia murder of President John F. Kennedy By David E. Scheim.

I'm not sure I've got the time to be reading it. I'm also more interested in the FBI and CIA, that is real institutions, getting cleaned up. It's easy to pin it on mafia. But truth be told, the government and its institutions are far stronger than them. The FBI, CIA. and military-industrial complex are primarily where the answers are for why things are so focked up. There's also economics and conglomerates, the outright evil which is capitalism. I admit things can be complex and not easy to make total sense of.

Most people realise a great percentage of police are bad news. Heck, even the cops realise it themselves, and that explains some of their high suicide rates. When the people who are supposed to enforce the law are themselves the highest form of criminal, there's your conspiracy. The question is how do they get away with it, and what can be done to stop it. The CIA, FBI, and the Supreme Court are the ultimate police. They are bad to the bone. We the people have to find a way to make those institutions democratic, open to sunshine, and held accountable. No one should be above the law.

socrates said...

Thanks Heidi.

George Bush was clearly involved somehow in the murder of John Kennedy.

No one forgot where they were that day. Except for one person. Then it turned out he had been in Dallas. Of course he was involved. Many were.

Prescott Bush had been involved in some kind of coup plan to topple Roosevelt. It was covered by British news. I doubt it got any coverage here.

That should be big news in America. Just like the House Assassinations Committee conclusions on JFK should be common knowledge. The Bush family has clearly been full of evil. Prescott and both Georges have clearly been scumbags. That is historic fact.