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Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh my. An unhinged person is in the DFQ2 foyer. What would Jesus do?

Her name is Denise Matteau. She showed up a few days ago in this blog's archives. (here, here, and here as Freedom is Sacred.)

Increasingly I became to notice her schtick wasn't adding up. Now we get to the heart of the controversy pertaining to free speech rights on a blog like this. There's a humble DFQ2 article titled Director Ed Wood Jr. Had No Talent And Was Racist. Denise wrote the following comment. I'm not going to approve it for that thread. It's not the nature of this blog to have much activity going on in the archives. I'm notified of new posts, but regular guy and gal readers aren't. It's basically time for Denise to realise in no uncertain terms that she's not wanted in the archives. If that's anti-free speech, I'm sorry. I don't mind new, relevant posts being added anywhere at DFQ2. But I feel the need to block her posts. If she wants to post on this specific thread, fine.

She wrote,
I listened to some Amos & Andy radio pieces a long time ago. They didn't seem racist in that form because it seemed like satire on the whole racist society, but that didn't carry over to television. Maybe because we naturally put ourselves into the role of the heard voice when listening to radio dialogue, but watching a screen, we remain "other" and the character is more of an object and we hold ourselves superior. Even the rural/urban thing came into play among African-Americans with relation to Amos & Andy being declared racist, because they naturally implied acceptance of their lot in life, which is more typical of any rural culture. The urban generation certainly was tired of accepting that injustice.

White people mocking black people isn't racist?

The radio show was clearly racist. I think the tv show was too, but at least it provided work for African-American actors and cut out that black face nonsense.

(scene from All in the Family mocking those who utilise the black face schtick)

There are not enough hours in the day to afford to do a full socratisation of Denise. In short, she and I are living in two very different worlds.

She believes in Jesus. Ok. It happens. She hates gay people or thinks they are sinners. As a leftier than thou, I can't go there.

The problem is Denise recently lost her daughter, and that sad event appears to be very tied in with her proselytising demeanor. It would be cruel to add salt to her wounds. What I'm saying is, I am in a dilemma. From the few links I'll provide, it's clear one could easily call her batshit insane, a troll, or even dare say with a pinkie to the side of mouth, cointelpro.

I fit her in the Diana Napolis category. Certain people, fragile and deluded to begin with, get involved with blogging and specifically internet conspiracy theory. Such people do not need ridicule. They need the services of a very talented psychologist and possibly a medication to calm the fock down.

noted psychologist Dr. Robert Hartley
(appropriately on the left)

Her daughter died very recently.
Sojourner Faith Jackson, 34, of Florence, MA. and formerly of Grafton, MA., passed away Thursday, August 26, 2010. Born in Northhampton, MA., she was the daughter of Denise (Matteau) Jackson of Austin, TX, and Kristinn Jackson and his wife Ann Jackson of North Grafton, MA.

Faith was currently a student at UMass Amherst and was a certified yoga instructor....
That makes it very difficult for me to go after Denise the way I'd like to. She needs to realise I'm part and parcel of stinking, leftist hippies who love black people, homosexuals, and especially lesbians. That's what the leftier than thou cult demands of its membership.

Is Rosie O'Donnell a secret admirer of DFQ2's
leftier than thouism?

Here's what Denise wrote over at Rick Ross' anti-cult blog. She was posting as dsm, until Rick Ross appropriately banned her "Praise the Lord, fags are evil fockers" schtick. Right click the link for a new window and check it out. It's got plenty of crazy hate in it.

For those who would like to do their own socratising, here's an easy tip. Go to Google. Type in " search terms" for any domain. There's no space between site: and the url and do not include the http part. I was able to track down various Denise posts at Rick Ross' forum by searching dsm. Here's one result.
The cult I was in was NatLFed, which ran alongside Larouche in many ways but was much larger and more deeply rooted in the college student population. Larouche's own lack of education limited his following, but NatLFed grew out of a coalescence of disaffected 60's-70's radicals out of the old SDS and Weather Underground and Black Panthers and it parasitically rode along with the Cesar Chavez movement (founder Gerry Doeden aka Gino Perente masqueraded as a Chavez-type organizer to attract the white liberal trust-fund-babies who couldn't get their elitist attitudes past Chavez's people)
Aaaah, things are starting to add up better. NatLFed stands for The National Labor Federation, and a quick looksie appears to confirm it is a cult. Now how a person goes from having hippie values to being a religious extremist and hater, you got me. I am not qualified to give Denise counseling. I recommend she chill out with her internet blogging and simultaneously find a therapist. She may not be as unhinged as Diana Napolis, but she's getting there.

There's an internet poster named Blues who has said he used to hang out with all types, from white supremacists to Black Panthers. Myself and donkeytale were starting to think he might have been in the LaRouche cult. Now I'm thinking Blues was probably a member of the National Labor Federation at some point. But I digress.

I see a new Denise comment has reached moderation. She's starting to see I am not a kindred spirit to her schtick. This one she intended to show up on the Parental Kidnapping Wave Tied to Satanic Ritual Abuse, Mind Control Schtick thread linked to above.
Excuse me, but I aplogize for starting this conversation. You twisted my remark about "eccentric" groups to claim I am referring to all "cults" as merely eccentric. I can provide links aplenty, but after your incredibly bigotted and ignorant remark about the state of Utah, I doubt you would accept reading them without twisting them, I doubt you will even read them, but will come up with some other excuse for avoiding logical, critical thought.

Nevertheless, you can go to yourself (as I point out in the articles you don't want to read, and in the videos you don't want to watch, which contain quotes) and read their own description of appointing themselves to "work with" people in other groups which anyone capable of logical thinking can see means that they appoint themselves to invade other groups. You can also read in their own site that they do this at the hired request of families. They link to the safge-house site, which posts a fee of $3,000 per month.

I know you are not going to read any of this because you are a LIBERAL. And you KNOW EVERYTHING. And those people in Utah are animals in your eyes (cattle, maybe?) as are all others, but that is not racism or ignorance when it is voiced by a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, of course not.

Soc, we are done here. Intelligent people of all backgrounds can see the facts, and will click and look and google for themselves.

You are making it very obvious that I am wasting my time and your blog space, because you clearly have no intention of challenging your own mind to think about the fact that Massachusetts has become the Berlin of the new Fascist Homeland. It's very ironic, what's more, if you really had any liberal sense, you'd consider the incredible irony of George Mather being a descendant of Cotton Mather, carrying on the family tradition the way he is.

Cool. I mean it's cool she's gonna stop dropping posts all over the DFQ2 archives.

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Diana Napolis – Steven Spielberg & Jennifer Love Hewitt

Diana Napolis first got into a shoving match with Jennifer Love Hewitt's mom outside a San Diego radio station in 2002. She believed Hewitt, Steven Spielberg and other prominent Hollywood figures were part of a powerful satanic cult bent on controlling the minds of America's youth. In defense of accusations of harassment by Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, Napolis alleged that the couple had implanted a microchip (a "soul catcher") into her brain. The judge didn't budge on the claim. In 2003, Napolis was put on psychiatric medication and ordered to stay away from the stars for 10 years.

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Denise Matteau said...

Heads-up: an army of trolls this way comes. They are not my trolls. They think you are on their side, Socrates, as some kind of enemy of mine. I really couldn't care less. They are utterly clueless about the ettiquette of journalists & POV (as in accuracy, avoiding ID-theft games, avoiding libel, etc.)

I'm posting this just to give you a heads-up, not to see it published. The one who posted a call about your blog has been involved in hate-posting me before my daughter died, during her memorial, and numerous times since. It is a very serious situation and I am not interested in seeing you get involved in this. If you decide to be as stupid as your snide remarks about your opinion of my mental health and my daughter's death suggested you are tempted to be, please get some professional advice from an attorney or a law enforcement professional concerning the risks you may face if you get involved with these trolls. I beleive you are too professional to get involved with them, but one never knows.

These trolls are not journalists or commentators. They have been actively involved in stalking numerous targets and attempting to instigate suicides. At least one of them is a member of Neil Brick's group. They tend to violate boundaries between online life and "real" life. This is just a head's-up for you that they quickly move to threats and blackmail-attempts against anyone who refuses their invitations to join them.

Tokyo Shemp said...

I'm quite aware of trolls. That is why I have comment moderation on. You needn't worry about those people getting a platform here. You are correct. They are neither journalists nor bloggers.

If you want me to delete the part about your daughter, I will.

No one's on my side, except for a few friends I've made through blogging.

Tokyo Shemp said...

I found this thread which appears to consist of topic related, unhinged people, and a lot of noise.

Wanna ask an ex-member of the JC's a question?

The last thing I care to do is have dialogue with cult members. That is pure rabbit hole and convolution. I suggest you get off the internet, Denise. Make some friends. Play bingo. Volunteer. Just stay out of politics and anything that can cause high blood pressure. It's not worth it.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Ok, I found the thread I wanted to find.

We Are Not Alone!

Tokyo Shemp said...

I think the cult dude is right in this instance. The animosity between yourself and "Verity Evangelene" should be dropped.

We're not going to agree on much. You're a born again right winger. I'm a lefty. It'd be pointless for us to discuss anything, imho.

I will say this, even though I feel squeamish about your world view.

At least your real name is out there and this Verity Evangelene isn't. That's a plus for you.

My advice is you put this person on ignore.

the velvet underground - jesus

Tokyo Shemp said...

Okay, I'm seeing her alleged real name. To be honest, I don't really care about any of this. It's utter noise and a distraction.

Tokyo Shemp said...

Verity Evangelene Unhinged

Who has time for any of this nonsense? No one is listening, and no one cares. You two both need to get off the internet. I've had some bad moments myself, but this is ridiculous.

Denise said...

Ignore is right, and at this point Venial Escapades has exposed itself far more than anyone else. I think it is a sad case of DWT.

Drunk While Typing.

BTW: I am not a right-winger. But left and right today are not what they used to be.

And thank you for the offer, but you needn't delete anything because as I said, you understand how to give your POV without sacrificing accuracy and your readers can think for themselves. "Unhinged" is an opinion, for example, not libelous the way some other ways of saying it might be libelous. With what I have been facing, I suppose it is accurate as well because at this point no sane person would remain sane. What good is sanity anyway?

Denise said...

BTW, I am not one of the people posting in that site you saw. I have never been in it although they have been accusing each other of being me when they are not accusing each other of being each other.

My interest is anti-anti-cult, or, anti-vigilantism. I am not leaving the internet because I have a pretty wide-ranging life online as well as off-line. Most of it totally outside the ken of that particular kennel of trolls.

Freedom Is Sacred said...

You know, your string of comments here, coupled with some of the trolls' comments in their forum, gives me the impression they made contact with you outside this comment function? I did notice in your other articles you seem to be having a little blogger-burn-out and of course I noticed your allergic reaction to the fact that I, myself, am somehow incongruent with your social milieu. You attributed some kind of profile to me that exists in your own mind based on one or two traits I might share with that profile. That's ok but it is too bad because upon revisiting your blog, I appreciate that you are a very open-minded writer, capable of venturing into unfamiliar territory even if only for a short time.

There is some overlap between these trolls and the Ross group, a group whose writings you seem to respect, but whose lesser-known "dark side" I have encountered. Here is a link to the underbelly of that particular beast, venture therein with caution, carrying preferred protective talismans:,10965,page=653