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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Donkeyman Cometh, Assange Probably Trapped by CIA Honeypot, and a Geoengineering Moratorium

Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin Accusing Julian Assange of Rape!

So I came across the 1973 movie version of The Iceman Cometh. I was pumped and jacked. It was the final movie done by two greats, Fredric March and Robert Ryan. Problems started straight away. Whoever uploaded the thingie to youtube didn't set the volume loud enough. I dug as hard as I could, but it wasn't ear cheese making the film difficult to hear.

two of the best of all time, no doubt

I also couldn't help but yawn like Leo the MGM Lion. It's not that I'm averse to high brow intellectualism. In fact, as a leftier than thou, I thrive on it. But it was getting late, and I could barely make out the dialogue. I figured let's go mosey over to IMDB and see what the fockers is up with this flick.

The thing runs for nearly four hours. Nope, not gonna watch it. Wouldn't be prudent, as George Bush used to say.

In cases like this, where a movie for whatever reasons is out of my reach to sit through, yet there is a historic troll relevance, I make sure to read up on other sources ensuring I am hip, hep, and that's the stuff.

I began to see amazing similarities between the Hickey salesman character played by Lee Marvin and our capitalist friend donkeytale from Texas, or Texass as he misspellicises it.

Hickey was trying to sell the idea to his anarchist and otherwise drunken barmates that they should give up their pipedreams and boozing. With donkeytale, substitute blogging for the sauce, and they are the same dude.

With his sales pitch, Hickey told the lads he wasn't necessarily telling them to stop their current drinking, only that they eventually should. Eugene O'Neill through Hickey was showing that proselytizing is usually a mere projection of one's own flaws. Donkeytale knows the blogosphere is fake. He knows as a buddhadonkra, that he is part and parcel of its fall from grace. Or in other words, let he who is without sin, cast the first ad hominem.

It turned out Hickey was just trolling. He symbolised the hypocrisy of both the Church and Prohibition Movements. I won't say more, for it would give away the ending, just in case someone actually desires to sit through four hours of a movie or read the play.

This last week, donkeytale got off to a strong start with his Cyber God of Infotainment schtick. He effectively used rhe Assange story as an example of why "community blogging" doesn't work, and that there truly is a fake left. We have seen the fake left, and it is us, blah, blahg, Bertold Blecht.

Something hits the zeitgeist. It then gets chewed on, bubbles are blown, toothpicks are digging away at info kernels getting lodged in one's teeth. It is not so different a process from when we were all glued to the tv watching OJ Simpson being chased by 179 copper cars at ten miles per hour. Then came the trial!

It# Becomes# A# Waste# Of# Time# Exclamation Point.

Dingleberry links to dumbass. Shitforbrains quotes fockface. Greenwald this. Olbermann that. This is how the blogosphere works and ultimately fails. The fake left becomes just another puppet show. Few wait for the dust to settle. Even fewer attempt to make logical sense of whatever dust particles they can trap for analysing.

Here are my few beefs with what donkeytale has done the last week.

*** He cross-posted his schtick way too much. Ok, cross-post the main entry a bunch of places for prepostericity, that's one thing. But now he's cross-posting his ensuing comments at each place? Get yer ice-cold coke. Spam. We've got spam. Anyone ever hear of Clooneygate? That was when Arianna Huffington took a bunch of various interview comments by George Clooney, strung them together out of context, and then promoted it as being an original Clooney blog entry. It was as donkeytale would describe, "RIOTOUS!"

Clooney was justifiably ripped. The piece made him look like an idiot with close to zero writing skills. Donkeytale risks experiencing the same kind of embarrassment from copying and pasting his comments out of context onto threads across the dying soapblox dynasty.

*** I don't like how donkeytale continues to post at blogs that have violated the sacred tenets of free speech. He continues to post at Granny Writing and FSZ despite their grotesque peeing on Peeder's Political Flesh Feast legacy. It should come as no surprise that some of the same people have big time power at both places.

I'm not really trying to rip into donkeytale too much. It's just been a while since I blogged something, and this is the crap I've come up with. Plus, donkeytale lives for this kind of confrontation, even if it isn't really 100% sincere or accurate.

Nonetheless, I do think I've made some good points here. One of his copy and paste spam comments has spread the idea that Ardin as a CIA honeypot has been debunked. I don't think so. I'd like to know more about the company she worked for which has CIA ties. Is this a Hal Turner backfire all over again? The FBI brought charges against him for being a provocateur. But it surfaced that Turner was being paid by the FBI to be an agent provocateur. The FBI continued to go after Turner, and each step of the way they looked like even worse cointelpro chumps than the day before.

Anna Ardin appears to have backed off from her CondomGate allegations and has virtually disappeared. Is this because she has been working for the CIA or some offshoot as Turner received paystubs from the FBI? It's possible her ties to them are a coincidence and don't mean much. I think they do and will provide links so people can decide for themselves.

Donkeytale is trying too hard to say there's no there there and that's that. Granted there isn't much available info on this one aspect. This is a case of us having to wait for the dust to settle or take the initiative and seek out whatever info we can find.

I think Anna Ardin is CIA, and her job was to literally and figuratively fock with Assange evil Janine Bond style. The name is Bond. Janine Bond.

The links are out there. Donkeytale either missed them or is probably CIA. too. I do recall he stood up for Big Al Giordano when that chump was getting his arse kicked at DFQ2 by myself and then The Last Name Left.

Some psychiatrist from San Francisco with a Masters degree put together a blog clinic on this story. I thank him for this.

Assange Accuser Worked with US-Funded, CIA-Tied Anti-Castro Group

Anna Ardin has clearly been fricken CIA; Maybe not an exact employee, but more like doing contract work for them or an affiliate on behalf of their campaign for kinder and gentler imperialism.

Here's a free translation service for Swedish to English. It may not be perfect, but if one looks at those articles she wrote, one can see she was pimping for the CIA's Cuba and "regime change" strategies.

Well-respected McClatchy Newspapers has piped in with its own schtick.

Accuser of WikiLeaks' Assange is Linked to Cuban Dissidents by Juan O. Tamayo
(excerpt) Ardin visited Cuba about four times between 2002 and 2006 as a representative of Swedish social democrats, said Manuel Cuesta Morua, head of Cuba's Arco Progresista, a social-democratic dissident group.

She later wrongly alleged that some European funds for Cuban dissidents had been mishandled, Cuesta Morua said by telephone from Havana. He was told that she was born in Cuba, he added, but never confirmed it with her.

Hmmm. Social Democrats. Aaaah. What their real name should be is the Fake Lefty Party.

Cuba: “very repressive”
(excerpts) Last week, Harold Meyerson, writer for the Washington Post and DSA member, posted a link to Freedom House in his editorial about the importance of the Labor movement. At the Freedom House site you will find a survey of worker freedoms throughout the world. And in that report you will find that Cuba is rated “very repressive”. This will come as no surprise to anyone here at Social Democrats USA. But some members of DSA find attacks on Cuba’s human rights record as “not helpful”....

I continue to be amazed at the number of Communist sympathizers still existing in America’s Left. Report after report, including first hand accounts by American leftists, about the ravages of the Soviet Union, Cuba, and China have been provided over the past 50 years. And yet there are many on the left who choose to ignore them. They look through their rose colored glasses and say things like, “the revolution had its flaws, but its good points too”. Also there’s, “this anti-Castro stuff borders on the old Right-Shactmanite attitude”. Wake up people! Shachtman was right about Communism. It has no place in our efforts as democratic socialists.
Is it me, or is it strange that these better dead than red paranoics share the same party name with Hitler? Why are they so hell-bent on representing themselves as leftists, when they clearly are snot? This author doesn't even know how to italicise newspapers or where to put the punctuation at the end of quotes. I hate to be grammar police, but to be honest, I am sick and tired of all these focking, fake, left tools.




I admit I've done some censorship at DFQ2 which opens me up to accusations of fake lefty hypocrisy. However, I haven't done much of that. There's basically been one or two house trolls I got fed up with. This also isn't that big a blog with that many comments coming through. I'm not saying it's a pizza for one. But it's not one of those Big Al's I'll be over at seven p.m. dinner entrees.

product placement or funny screenshot?

The blogger software just doesn't allow for any supersized blog growth. There is a ceiling. I don't respect donkeytale posting at FSZ. They stole the Peeder legacy and shat on it. My Left Wing was the first anti-Kos blog. It failed. Due to its lame treatment of Francis Holland and others, Peeder started Political Flesh Feast. Certain members there drove him off his own blog, and he closed shop.

Those same people were involved with the creation of FSZ. These are the same people who stabbed DFQ in the back. These are the same people who have banned bloggers despite no rules being broken. They have deleted whole threads and posts depsite again no rules being broken. To repeat, that's the blog which claimed it was taking over Peeder's free speech legacy. I don't understand why donkeytale would still post there. Maybe he is more like Socrates than me. Maybe he feels like remaining at places that don't deserve his presence, as the fake lefties from old-school Athens didn't deserve to be in the same room with the original Socrates. Maybe donkeytale feels he is doing the noble gesture by acting as the defiant "whackjob troll" fighting the good fight against those who have shit on Peeder's legacy. Maybe that's the stuff.

Geoengineering Moratorium

I'll keep this short and simple. One of my few blogger friends Isard has posted the following info.

link to his thread

(excerpt)NAGOYA, Japan – In a landmark consensus decision, the 193-member UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) will close its tenth biennial meeting with a de facto moratorium on geoengineering projects and experiments. “Any private or public experimentation or adventurism intended to manipulate the planetary thermostat will be in violation of this carefully crafted UN consensus,” stated Silvia Ribeiro, Latin American Director of ETC Group.
This is very good news. We don't need no stinking frankenscientists tampering with the skies. Many people would like us to think that all "persistent contrails" are a result of aviation emissions interacting with necessary, atmospheric conditions. While I personally don't believe so-called "chemtrails" are for geoengineering, I do believe this is just one more example of how "chemtrails" as a theory is not akin to saying the moon is made out of cheese.

My blogging schtick used to focus in on this story. My goal was to dekookify the topic. Once that goal was accomplished, I moved on.

Check this out. Here was a patent titled Process for absorbing ultraviolet radiation using dispersed melanin United States Patent 5286979.

This patent may have been withdrawn, but the thing is, the military has declared climate change as an issue of national security. That means they don't have to disclose what they are up to in the skies.

I personally believe the "chemtrails" have been primarily used to protect the Earth's surface from harmful uv-b rays reaching it due to a depleted ozone layer. The problem, however, is that there seems to be a lot of collateral damage, as in a rise in upper respiratory illness and neurological disorders. In short, when it comes to such Dr. Evil bandaid approaches, there are pesky snags called social and legal implications.

Finding one major bit of evidence resulted in myself going with the ozone theory for "chemtrails." Geoengineering would basically take place way up in the stratosphere. Many of these "persistent contrail" events have been witnessed in the troposphere, much too low to bounce solar energy back into space.

Check out what noted experts on the ozone layer, Paul Crutzen and colleague Bruhl had to say about the relationship between ozone and uv-b rays.
Ozone in the troposphere and particularly in the boundary layer play an important role in surface UV budgets. Brühl and Crutzen (1989) indicated the disproportionate role that tropospheric ozone plays in UV-B absorption; more scattering events in the lower atmosphere due to greater molecular and aerosol scattering effectively lengthen the ozone path length in the troposphere, thus making a given quantity of ozone in the troposphere more effective in attenuating UV-B than an equal amount of ozone in the stratosphere.

Related Reading: Geoengineering and Hard Science Made Easy

From the above link, here's what I have left of a Rolling Stone article no longer available at the original link.

Can Dr. Evil Save The World?
Forget about a future filled with wind farms and hydrogen cars. The Pentagon's top weaponeer says he has a radical solution that would stop global warming now -- no matter how much oil we burn

Nov 03, 2006

Illustration by Jonathan Barkat


socrates said...

AssangeGate could signify a turning point in World History. This is no longer about Julian Assange. It is about what he and Wikileaks represents, a bold new way of speaking truth to power. The leaks of today could prevent the war crimes of tomorrow. In a thousand years, few will know who Assange, Nelson Mandela, or even Obama were really like. It doesn't matter who this guy is on a personal level. He has entered the realm of being a saving the planet kind of guy, despite donkeytale seeming to minimise his influence on social reality. Assange is the historic troll. I say troll in the best sense of the word. Dalton Trumbo was a troll. Martin Luther King was a troll. Trolls can be good.

Michael Moore, other high-profile individuals offer support to Assange

Michael Moore: We were taken to war in Iraq on a lie. Hundreds of thousands are now dead. Just imagine if the men who planned this war crime back in 2002 had a WikiLeaks to deal with. They might not have been able to pull it off. The only reason they thought they could get away with it was because they had a guaranteed cloak of secrecy. That guarantee has now been ripped from them, and I hope they are never able to operate in secret again.

Jemima Khan: Assange has not even been charged, let alone convicted. Swedish prosecutors do not have to produce any evidence that he committed the alleged sexual offences to justify the warrant. On the basis of the allegations that I heard read out in court, the evidence seems feeble, but I concede that I don't know the full facts. Neither does Assange. Stockholm's chief prosecutor, Eva Finne, who heard the evidence against Assange in August, threw the case out of court, saying: "I don't think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape."

That is not the reason I was there. I was there because I believe that this is about censorship and intimidation. The timing of these rehashed allegations is highly suspicious, coinciding with the recent WikiLeaks revelations and reinvigorated by a right-wing Swedish politician. There are credible rumours that this is a holding charge while an indictment is being sought in secret for his arrest and extradition to the US. An accusation of rape is the ultimate gag. Until proved otherwise, Assange has done nothing illegal, yet he is behind bars.

There is a fundamental injustice here. There are calls for the punishment (execution even) of the man who has reported war crimes, but not for those that perpetrated or sanctioned them.

donkeytale said...

I'm not minimizing Assange's relevance, Im right-sizing it. Putting into a proper perspective which I realize the fake left is too goo goo gaga to ever attain. For now, he's seen as the Jesus Christ of the Fake Left, when in reality he's a lot closer to being the Hugh Hefner of the Fake Left.

And for the record, give me the chick on the left. I dont trust women with thin lips. Not enough padding.

I know that you have finally found your internet Moses to lead you out of the blogging wilderness into the promised land of the whiteysphere, and I can't help but feel bad for you losers having to go to the well year after year with the same worn out hack who was never much to begin with even in his supposed hey day. Nadir's only achievement of note, like in fricken 1965 was the fake expose of the Corvair, that has since been thoroughly debunked for being based more on flaming air than on flaming rear ends.

(Melvin porn spam alert)

Nadir is forgotten, while the Corvair is a beauty from the days when Chevy rolled them off the assembly line one after another classic hit, just like that other Detroit factory of prodifious greatness, Motown.

Your analysis of my take on Assange is about on par with fairleft's for its inaccuracy and one sidedness. Both of you down on your knees ready willing an able to suck the dick of a fairy tale.

But lately, I have noticed that when you strip away the schtick veneer, you two are basically the same in many respects. Lots of fake lefty cliches teed up back to back to back to back with nothing else to go with it.

"Speaking truth to power?"

Wow. When youre down to copping worn out 1960s schtick from Diane g its truly past time to stick a fock in it.

Those few quibbles aside, this is a most excellent diary in many respects, especially the parts that are about ME. ME. ME. ME. ME.

I can come up with only one real falsehood: that you only delete comments from the house troll. Its bad enough that you do delete comments and ban users than castigate other blogs for deleting comments and banning users.

You have deleted several of my comments, too.

and the Assange is the historic troll bit is of course you stealing from me who stole it from you...excellent!

BTW, Freeze gave me props for that line on FSZ not realizing that it was based on yours. I of course, being honest and generous to a fault gave you credit where due.

The great part of my crossposting comments along with my diaries, is that Blues crossposted his responses too. RIOTOUS! I frickin love Blues, I have to admit it.

As for the Ardin is CIA, whatever. If Assange is truly the fake left messiah he would have seen thru her rather easily. Instead, she was just one of his "fans" until he decided a revised story worked better for his fundraising efforts.

She was part of a group who worked for a guy who had connections to the CIA. OK. Maybe she is but its just as plausible she isnt. The group weas critical of Castro, as you are critical of him here. That means that you too are CIA. Bet on it. We are all fucking CIA. Blues and others are convinced Assange is CIA. Maybe he and Ardin called in Valerie Plame for a covert threesome. Now I would fall into Plames's honeypot in a penis beat.

Bet on it.

I believe that you should crosspost this everywhere in the whiteysphere. I'll recc it up, if you delete the parts about that boring play (OK leave in the comparison to me and the temperance genius) and the climate schtick. Those dont fit. And I promise, I'll crosspost this comment everywhere too.

Because they arent about ME.

socrates said...

I just saw a great movie everyone should check out, Los Angeles Plays Itself.

Basically Hollywood took a historic dump on Los Angeles. It's a film Francis Holland would definitely like. It gets to Black film makers at the end who actually created some realistic movies.

None of us really know the real Los Angeles because of Hollywood. I guess you do, because you lived there. I'm actually too spent to discuss it. It'd be more fun to talk it over with someone who has seen this documentary. Plus, I've just read through your post and there are a bunch of things that need to be addressed that you got completely wrong.

Maybe I'll post it at the two other places and edit it down a bit like you advise.

You can say the geoengineering part doesn't fit in,and you're correct. But I also notice you couldn't come up with one sentence on it, as if it's not the mostly hidden but important topic it is.

You haven't shown any reason to believe what Assange has accomplished with Wikileaks is so unimportant. Now who should I trust as knowing what they're talking about, you or Michael Moore?

You have nothing on the specifics of this story, just your broken record schtick.

He's not my internet Moses or new Larry Bird or whatnot. You make a lot of value judgements because of your always bubbling beneath the surface propensity for sadism.

You donwplay something on Ralph Nader, yet you provide no link or evidence. Why should anyone believe your opinions? I understand why you like jostling with Blues and fairleft. They write a lot of provocative schlock with no reasoning skills behind their conclusions. That allows you to return with your own prose. You are lazy in this way.

Like I never said anything bad about Castro. You missed the whole thing about Freedom House and the confrontation months back with Al Giordano. It's like we are trying to move on to trigonometry while you still haven't memorised the multipiclation tables. You are that far off from even knowing what some of the major details are of the Assange story.

You are commenting on topics in which you are unwilling to learn the prerequisites.

That guy slamming Cuba was so-called Social Democrat, same as Ardin. She is in tight with them. She poses as a lefty but is more of a self-serving whench with an underlying faith in capitalism, just like you.

I thank you for describing the Assange story as being a fairy tale. It just shows how you came up with this angleweeks ago, and instead of doing any real research and reflection, you are staying on that shallow level.

I only deleted your posts for a certain period of time, when I wanted you to go away. You wouldn't. At some point I lifted the banning or whatever. I have never deleted you before or after that period of time.

Those house trolls were breaking some of the fundamental rules Peeder had by the way. And it was just them two. And so what if I don't have much patience for dumbass trolls of no historic importance?

Yes, the historic troll bit started with me, then you co-opted it, then I co-opted your co-optation.

socrates said...

I'm not saying I know all that much about Assange's fake leftiness. You say he is into capitalism. I believe you. But I respect what he came out with concerning the collateral damage war crime video and all these other cables. Assange is a part of a greater group of people who have spoken out about the spy factories and war criminals. I'm not making him into being anything more or less than that.

I want to know about the other chick. Ardin has been completely discredited. How'd the other chick get involved? Or maybe there's no info on her or her charges?

You can say Assange is in no danger of being arrested for espionage or whatever by the US. You are rolling the dice. You may be right, and I have said that. But you sound foolish saying this is all a shoo in. It's like sports fans who are counting titles before they've acquired through trash talk. It gets stale.

Assange isn't CIA. The other guy Blues talks about does the rounds with schmucks like Alex Jones and the other conspiracy theory freaks. He's jealous that his cryptome website never came up with squat, while Wikileaks under Assange has done outdone the guy who created this leak schtick.

As for your gay refences, I'd rather you keep those to yourself. Not everyone wants to read your perverted thoughts. There are people who are gay and then there are those like yourself who are fake gay. You are the Hal Turner of gayness, trying to flush out the perverts or something.

Go to some sex site for chat like that. You're making a fool of yourself when you do that, and it also makes any good points you make more difficult to absorb.

I'm sorry you got focked up as a teenager and it turned you into a pervert. But that's in the realm of information no one really wants to discuss.

Here's my suggestion. Go to the firedog link. Then go to the articles Ardin wrote in Swedish for the anti-Castro schtick. Then copy and paste that into the translation link I provided. Then go back to the threads here and elsewhere on the net concerning Giordano, Freedom House, and all those other groups that are CIA assers. Being a CIA asset doesn't mean one is in the CIA. It just means they are of value to them. Moulitsas is a CIA asset based on what he has said about them, those glowing words he has had for them. True lefties do not support the CIA, never, ever.

donkeytale said...

Yes I was wrong about the Cuban schtick being yours. Reading on Blackberry the blockquote framing gets lost somehow. Its not the same view.

I have read all that Ardin schtick and I'm still neither convinced nor concerned. I've read lots of Assange schtick. The guy has done good. He is smart and talented.

But changing the course of world history good? That's exactly the nonsense I am challenging and lampooning here, not what Assange has actually done or shoukd I say what Manning has done and what Assange has capitalized on. The reaction.

I'm the Hal Turner of gayness? RIOTOUS! Good one.

The diary was excellent all the way around on the 2nd read thru. I have to confess my riposte comparing Assange to Hugh Hefner is classic greatness too.

I'm just not a fan of the climate stuff. I see it as an unavoidable result of the growth and vitality of humanity, unsolv*ble without a complete collapse, an asteroid strike, nuykular devastation. All the talk about saving the environment. Was it the hindus who believe that the history of man is a series of great boom and bust, Birth death rebirth. Reincarnation for a species.

donkeytale said...

Assange granted bail.

Other items of interest:

Continuing a pattern, Assange lawyer/public relations rep admits the rumours of a secret grand jury in the US pondering an indictment of Assange is "pure speculation."

A British citizen, Gary Mckinnon, who has admitted hacking into US govt. systems containing secret information, has been in Britain resisting extradition to the US for eight years, even after losing his appeal more than one year ago.

Swedish prosecutors state that any decision to extradite Assange from Sweden to a "non- EU " country would, by the rules of the EU, be decided by Britain.

donkeytale said...

Still more of yesterday's donkeytale "perversely stupid moronity" becoming todays conventional wisdom:

"A House committee held its first hearing on the WikiLeaks controversy Thursday, but those on the panel focused mainly on the problem of government over-classification and how, if at all, Congress should revamp the Espionage Act rather than if WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange should face criminal prosecution.

Geoffrey Stone, a professor at the University of Chicago Law School, kicked things off by saying that WikiLeaks-related legislation recently introduced by Sen. Joe Lieberman is clearly unconstitutional. The Shield Act would amend the Espionage Act and make it illegal to publish the names of military and intelligence informants, but Stone said that while it might be constitutional to apply that to government employees, applying it to private citizens would violate the First Amendment.",2817,2374424,00.asp

Manning, the govt employee, faces great danger.

Assange faces only the danger of media overexposure.

socrates said...

More like Donkeytale's boring copy and paste posts of today are tomorrow's spam to be spread out across the dying soapblox dynasty.

socrates said...

Oops, almost missed your rebuttal post.

Thanks for explaining you missing the point about Social Democrats and Cuba. Wasn't that what happened in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? Something about having some pizza and learning about Cuba?

Brief Intermission: That new Prince song is on the radio. I liked it at first, but now I am thinking Prince is merely spamming his old schtick.

Ok, we're back live at the Blogarama Arena.

Aaah, I see you respect a good counterpunch. Yes, styles make a fight and always respect the opponent unless it's fairleft or Blues.

I saw you are now stealing my thingie schtick, too. That's ok. I stole that one from a dude named dredd. And I've a suspicion his username isn't actually original.

I totally agree with you on Hinduism. Nothing new under the sun. Dejavu all over again. Same as it ever was. That's the ticket or stuff. That reminds me. Maybe you should revive your popular tagline schtick. Remember that thread? The memories.

Yeah, the geoengineering part was kind of a fish out of Wikiwater. I just wanted to mention it. I admit it's kind of boring, that geoengineering stuff. But it's still important. There are actually people who think we can solve anything with technology and so-called progress. Maybe you are correct we need to hit rock bottom before getting back to normal old-school life. That won't be for centuries, imho.

I think youj are correct on the Assange thingie for the angles you have taken. I just think you're a bit too rigid and have blind spots. What about what Michael Moore said, how perhaps if we had a Wikileaks back before the Iraq War, it might not have happened? Now there was a real conspiracy called The White House Iraq Group and astroturfed by the Rendon Group and others. What if it leaked out that these fockers had lied or were using lies to start a war with Iraq?

This is why it's so important Assange not become a martyr. It will bring us closer to Orwell's 1984. There's not much satisfaction in being aware that things are corrupt and broken. That's what was so bittersweet about that documentary I mentioned on Los Angeles and movies. So heck yeah, we know Hollywood sucks and has distorted hiswtory and abused regular people not so far off from the Egyptians using slavery to build their pyramids. The problem with the fake blogosphere is these chumps actually think they are making a difference. That is so pre-Plamegate. Now there's where I think the internet truly died. Leopold and the fake lefties made the internet look stupid. Only Libby was indicted. The prosecutor fit the image you seem to have on Assange. He said he was like an umpire waiting for the dust to clear from his eyes. When it did, the asshole came up with nothing. Aboslutely nothing. He could have gone after the administration for the illegal war, but he backed off saying it was out of his jurisdiction. Obama turning out to be a fake lefty is really a postscript, just Lucy making Charlie Brown fall on his ass one more time. Fool me once, twice, three times the historic troll kind of stuff. It ain't swell, but there we are.

donkeytale said...

Well at least you're not criticizing me for being too flaccid.

Blind spots? I have this story nailed between the eyeballs, dude.

The zeitgeist is mine I tell you, its all mine!

Sure, Roger, er I mean Michael Moore. Right. And if bullshit were currency, I'd be as rich as he.

Skinnier and better looking too.

I don't know how many more ways I can get through to you on this: I'm not knocking Assange one bit. I like him, especially his more trollish aspects. He's one of us. He'd probably enjoy kicking back with you, Dave and me over a few cold one, watching an Australian rules football game or shooting sme pool, y'know talking little guy smack about eating pussy, or wtf.

No doubt.

Have you read his 2006 personal ad yet?

" # I like women from countries that have sustained political turmoil. Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane. OK. Not only women!
# I am DANGER, ACHTUNG, and ??????????????!

# Directing a consuming, dangerous human rights project which is, as you might expect, male dominated

# I have asian teengirl stalkers. Hello.

# Do not write to me if you are timid. I am too busy. Write to me if you are brave."

Whats not to love about this guy?

socrates said...

It's all good with a bag of 0 transfat chips.

You're doing well despite your eliding of apostrophes. My intent wasn't to destroy your Assange schtick.

I agree you are finding things to show he is not some Mother Theresa of historic trolls, more like salty sailor.

I took all your advice and put this entry up accordingly at Pffugee and WITR. I cleaned up diction and typos. What I'm most disappointed in your responses is that you've had nothing to say about Al from Happy Days. I think he was also named Murray the cop on the Odd Couple. So is my screenshot of him funny, a product placement, or both?

I'll let you in on something, my historic troll friend. I had many a sleepless night wondering how to write this piece. I'm shocked it came out as good as it did. I think my humour-infotainment level has risen due to your influence. I have listened to your advise. A lot of it I have taken to heart. Other aspects I've thought of Travis Bickle's response to The Wizard. That's got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I like your turning of phrases like troll and whackjob into compliments. Yeah, Assange would be the kind of dude to go bar hopping with. I'd probably have to settle for his leftover chicks. It's tough to compete with a dude with that kind of hair.

donkeytale said...

Well, you done good, regardless of how much sleep you lost. Sleep is overrated. Unless you are really tired.

The thread on WITR is already a classic. This is exactly what PFF was like at its best. 1930s screwball comedy transferred to a soapblox thread.

You'll note that I came up with THE gold standard definition for "fake left" and you are crackling on fire in the thread, especially your shameless 180 on Pfiore 8 and the ratings.


Thats worth a call out diary on its own. Simply cut n paste you jumping her shit at pffugee one day, then down on your knees sucking her dick the next.

Greatness. Pure greatness.

I hope you dont mind me poking a little fun at you with our mates at come off looking rather gallant, leading man style at the end of the day, in any event. Cary Grant couldnt have done it better.

donkeytale said...

And not to kiss your tush any more than I need to, but yes I have chuckled scrolling down that photo and caption.

Your photo/caption on my last one pretty good too: "Hey now Fake Left"


I feel like you are back, you are rejuvenated and you are on fire.

Now stay calm and try not to overdue it.


donkeytale said...

Oh yeah, and regarding Ralph Nadir's BS? Here, I'll do your home work for you:

"And now the question: Was the Corvair really unsafe at any speed?

The answer: The 1960-1963 Corvair models targeted by Nader were at least as safe as comparable car models sold in those years. This conclusion, ironically, came from a 1972 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety."

Any more fake lefty BS you want me to debunk? Please send your questions in writing.

socrates said...

I've been unjustly pinned as a historic troll. I was shocked how FSZ turned out. My Left Wing made sense after the fact, just like Daily Kos.

Pfiore8, I just don't know. I have no clue who she is or what her blogging has been like or how she accumulated all these people digging her blog.

I'll assume she is like Docudrahmaqueen, just another person from DKOS who branched off yet like MSOC never put together in their thick heads that something stunk big time about DKos and forums in general.

I turned charming with that girl for a few reasons. I can forgive her if she went conformist piling on initially due to a character flaw. Melvin and Cometman have stopped trolling Pfiore's board. Maybe she is hot in real life. I kind of like her idealistic, soapbox preaching. It moves that part of me William Be Holden to leftier than thouism .

I also had to find a way to segue the fock away from my going apeshit on her at Pffugee schtick.

Basically, I was lucky that after all the edits and fixing typos, what I wrote was actually kind of a good read. I hate to sound pompous. But for real. Connecting Hickey to proselytising to your fake left schtick worked. Then I brought in the Assange. I was able to tie it to Giordano and eventually Kos.

So maybe I have found a formula. Use silly humour as clinching or rope-a-dope. Then counter-punch with hooks and upper-cuts. Cutting out diction is crucial.

That guy Ender showed up and it was obvious he wanted to turn it into some goofy right versus left brouhaha schtick having nothing to do with the diary. It took some footwork, but I hit him back hard even linking to the thread at this forum where Giordano showed up. Now that is a topic that truly represents the real left taking on the fake left. Here's the rub. When the real left is replaced, it becomes like they never existed. Then blue dogs and whatnot become the new left. Fairleft astroturfs for racist anti-immigration groups. MSOC advocates tax cuts for the rich. Even a guy like Ender has tried to make it seem he is a lefty for a conservative. One of the reasons I first started to trust you was at DFQ when you admitted you were conservative on certain things. That's the way to know if someone is a troll or not. Just ask them certain questions. If they respond in good faith, for the most part, they are sincere. One can look at Giordano's responses on that thread in question and see he is a historic troll, not the good kind. He acts all leftier than thou but pimped for John McCain. Wow.

I think you're wrong about Nader. I'll get to that next.

socrates said...

Thanks for getting a link from a major news chain to discuss Nader's Corvair thingie.

Oh wait, I thought that was Associated Press. No, this is Associated Content. Hmmmmm.

What you did was cherry pick from an article written by Elliot Feldman of the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

So what if the Corvair wasn't that much worse than other cars on the market at the time? There was a definite problem with the vehicles. I thought you were on to proving Nader made the whole thing up.

His work led to that safety board being created and safer cars.

The Corvair was only covered in the first chapter anyway. According to the article, it was GM who was responsible for propelling Nader into celebrity and icon status. Thus your attempt to denigrate Ralph Nader has turned into an epic fail.

(excerpt) Even though the indictment against the Corvair was only covered in the first chapter of "Unsafe at Any Speed", the negative publicity caused irreparable damage to Corvair sales. This put Ralph Nader high on GM's enemies' list.

In their infinite wisdom, General Motors hired private detectives to follow Nader and snoop into his personal life and finances. They even tried to tempt him with hookers, and they tried to convince the new media that Nader was a homosexual. When the auto giant's dirty tricks were exposed, this only served to propel Ralph Nader and his burgeoning social justice movement to national celebrity and icon stature.

Nader eventually sued GM for invasion of privacy and settled out of court for $425,000.

donkeytale said...

The point his criticism of the Corvair is what made him semi-famous, but it was not based on valid scientific research or findings. It was dishonest. Fake. A publicity stunt. Thus, Nadir is a perfect leader for the Fake Left.

If you believe that the Corvair was too unsafe to drive, then according to the NTSB in 1072, all vehicles should have been banned from the roads in the 1960s.

I agree that the overreaction by GM is what made him, just as the overreaction by the US Govt made Assange today.

Hows that for neatly bring this thread back to the topic at hand?


socrates said...

You are certainly underrated with your ability to bring equilibrium to a thread. Well-played, Mr. Bond.

I think I need a nap after going on a posting frenzy at Granny Writing. The only thing missing is The Last Name Left. He would certainly bring some fresh air to the table. And the blogmaids wouldn't have a clue how to include him into their paranoid, whackjob schtick.

My fear is there is no way to know what will remain at WITR and what will be deleted.

I found a picture of Pfiore and just posted it at pffugee. She posted it herself for her firedoglake profile page, so I figured it was ok to repost it.

And thanks go to Melvin and Cometman for showing their angry, sadistic sides. Now if nothing on that thread gets deleted, they have certainly cooked their own goose.

socrates said...

There's some pretty weird stuff coming our of WITR. Cometman, Melvin, and Diane continue with their angry, paranoid shrieking. Pfiore8 is turning out to be a good cop bad cop all in one. She told those guys to knock it off in a new diary. She claims they proved us whackjobs have been correct. But then in another post to me she basically called me a loser and explained why I'm considered the lowest of the low in the blogosphere. And I thought I was good at playing Eddie Haskell. She's the best at it. The difference however is I don't hide the fact I'm going Eddie Haskell on anyone. She does it without even realising she has some kind of contradition mechanism wired into her brain.

the_last_name_left said...

A good Guardian article on Assange here

I find this to be the most sympathetic part:

a colleague of Assange in Stockholm, who knows both women, said that Sweden was pursuing a "normal police investigation" and said that while WikiLeaks' enemies may exploit the case, "it's not the CIA sending a woman in a short skirt". UK author Joan Smith told the Observer that there was a disturbing "Polanski" effect among people who didn't know Assange.

"It's like Julian and the WikiLeaks – a new boy band, that's turned into a phenomenon of celebrity. But people who assert the innocence of a man they have never met are on dangerous ground. It's that rush to judgement which is so extraordinary.

"Sexual manners and sexual conduct come in for careful consideration in Sweden and on the whole I rather approve."

I had been thinking of Polanski.

The idea that rape victims might be "CIA honeypots" is really offensive and people operating on that assumption seem determined to undermine the women's word in rape cases generally. Allegations of rape have to be taken seriously, even though Swedish legal term of rape seems quite different to what most of us accept "rape" to mean.

At the same time, what we have seen is Assange jailed over allegations of rape (in a foreign country) right after he began releasing highly embarassing and damaging communiques between "the community of nations" and the USA.

It shouldn't be a surprise Assange has been "persecuted". At the same time, we shouldn't assume the allegations of rape are necessarily part of any such persecution - the women (all women) deserve better than that and anyway, Assange's personal behaviour has nothing to do with the content of what he leaks. It's a sideshow - a distraction - though one that might be perfectly legitimate for the women concerned. The two things need separating - Assange's personal sexual conduct and the content of the leaks are nothing to do with one another.

socrates said...

Thanks for the post. I hope all is well.

I think it's too early in the game to know for sure whether the two topics are unrelated.

I'm willing to concede probably isn't the appropriate word. I went with that because of Ardin's authentic ties to the CIA or its "civilian" regime change affiliate.

Ut's similar to when we found out about Giordano's ties to Freedom House and the others.

You make a good point that the "rape" cases need to stand on their own regardless of Wikileaks. It's just all the available info trends towards it having been a set up.

The timing is strange, as you allude to.

Maybe those ladies thought they could find a get rich quick scheme, eventually get some kind of Assange settlement money.

Word is the US wants to proceed with espionage charges. Donkeytale is debunking that by saying the only people talking that up are from the Assange camp.

One thing I wouldn't mind hearing from you TLNL is what significance you place on the actual leaks. To me they seem fairly substantial. Perhaps the ptb's are looking at this as a put out the smoke before it becomes a fire with future leaks.

donkeytale said...

Assange now a SNL punchline.

"Remember, no matter how I die, its murder." They even did a bit on him as TMZ host.

Remember, you read it here first. donkeytale owns the zeitgeist.

Assange is an asshat, that much is abundantly clear. Great idea invented elsewhere, marketed extraordinarily well by him, great, epic historic feed by Manning.

Manning is the hero. Cant say enough about the man.

I'm not debunking anything related to the US Govt trying to find a way to indict Assange. Holder already said they were. Soc, youve been just another hysterical pwoggie buying all the hype on this story.

They wont come up with anything constitutional and even in the event they proceed with an indictment, they wont be able to extradite him.

I already mentioned the Polanski connection last week sometime in a thread somewhere.

Assange is in like Flynt.

socrates said...

I didn't buy anything, nor did I ever get hysterical. You're just another focked up, nasty, perverted bitch from Texas.

Anonymous said...

Socrates what is an email address for you? I have something you will like.

donkeytale said...

Apparently, you were the only one banned at WITR, even though you were the most superfluous part of the story, and guilty there only of dumbassery in the thread where you felt compelled to gloat over my "manipulating" P8 to dress down her own Asshats.

You asked for the resoonse she gave you.

You were banned for your so-called heinous remarks to Melvin at Pffugee. While what you said was stupidly playing into their hands, I of course defended and will continue to defend you. Its not a crime to be a hysterical blog idiot.

And Melvin was guilty of goading you by purposely desecrating your relationship with Dave, who was a real leftist and with whom you participated in real acts of dissidence right into the face of the PTB

Dude, figure it out. The truth is there for all to see. You don't need to continually restate the obvious.

Its killing your own muse, more than anything you are doing to hurt "them."

Thus spake donkeythustra..

socrates said...

Sorry anonymous, I don't give out my personal email due to spam and creeps. If you have anything you'd like to say, I can read it right here, and then delete it if you don't want it to remain posted. But then what would be the point?

I also have a blog linked to in my profile. That one has a private message feature, though I'm even wary of that sort of thing. Email's nice but not with strangers, imho. It can even be a hassle with people you know. Like cell phones. Good luck to the chumps who carry those other for business purposes.

socrates said...

Dumbassery? For gloating about Pfiore saying we were right and her creepy friends were wrong? Matbe I wasn't funny telling her I'd marry her no questions asked, but what I wrote wasn't stupid.

There's a reason why I'm attacked more than anyone else. I have presented the best case showing that such fake ex-koskops indeed never left the force. Once a koskop, always a koskop.

You said something good yesterday. We are going to be blames regardless of what the truth is.

Yes we are. And Al Franken and but, but, but Clinton too.

Dave's sister had no problem with this blog's name. Otherwise, I would have changed it.

The most riotous thing to emerge over the last week was your stunning endorsement for Ron Paul as a candidate for the disillusioned left.

By the way, maybe donkeytale can tell the public more about how he once told me he feels there is something fishy with some of those contrails.

Whatever donkeytale with your putdowns and obnoxious more enlightened than thou disposition.

Too bad you can't hjust be yourself and make points without6 eventually always trying to make others feel like shit; hence, there could be good reason to believe you have sadist tendencies. Also, you'd be in good stead to heed my armchair psychology, for in 1947 I received a PhD. in that discipline from Parade Magazine University.

Whatever dude. I'm over WITR, while you're probably still there acting like any of them mean anything.

They are the epitome of nothing.

We actually won in that little exchange. They have been exposed for being Koskops. Pfiore links to them, says it doesn't matter, they all either ignore what happened with Dave, the UGOG's and their relationship to right wing tv, etc.. They cooked their own goose.