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Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm done with donkeytale, whether he's a paid troll or useful idiot

Lately I started to see through him again. This is the guy who claimed he had been banned from Daily Kos during the 2004 primaries leading up to the election.

Yet as donkeytale at DKos, he ended up posting far into 2005. There's an early donkeytale post at DKos where he said it was his first foray into blogging. He claimed to be a 52 year old cancer survivor. Once. I've never seen him mention that. Is it another of his lies?

How could someone write extensively about the brouhaha over the 2004 elections, do all that political blogging on the election, post for at least over a half year after thar election, say this was his first time on the internet as a blogger, yet he remembers getting banned during the timeframe an operative named Petey occupied?

This is an arrogant focker. He thinks he can get away with anything. Like Karl Rove. He used to post as Petey at DKos. Petey became No Dissent Allowed. That username turned into donkeytale. Same guy. Same state of Texas. Same triangulation. Same talk of being pro anti-herd mentality except for blue dog democrat point of views. Both hate Nader. Both were anti-Dean. Similar senses of humour. Same condescension.

I should have stuck to my guns when first banning him for being perverted. My bad. But no one should have to read or listen to him, if they don't want to. The guy is pond scum. Whoever that person is in real life, he's just ahead of Karl Rove for being a good guy. He is the democratic mirror image for the neoconservatives. He is center woos left.

He didn't want the world to know he was Petey. That's because Petey admitted to having been a political consultant back in the day. Too bad.

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Anonymous said...

If there is any doubt of Huey Long's fascist proclivities, I suggest you read "Huey Long Invades New Orleans" by Garry Boulard---about Longs fascist military coup in the city. Historians and leftists who want to cast long as a progressive populist ignore this book.