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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

50,000,000 Reasons Why Megaupload Was Seized

From the not so reliable Wikipedia but perhaps accurate in this instance.
* Unique visitors: 81,000,000[citation needed]
* Page Views (in history): >1,000,000,000[10]
* Visitors per day: 50,000,000[10]
* Reach: 4%[11]
* Registered Members: 180,000,000[10]
* Once the 13th most visited site on the Internet[10]
First, lets look at the backstory through socratisation. The movie and music industries for a very long time have been part and parcel of corrupt capitalism. Fat pigs have been raking it in at the expense of fair play. Here are a few examples, starting off with some old-movie fetish.

With all due respect to Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford, they were not the be all end all for acting talent. Through development of the cult of personality, Movie moguls amassed huge amounts of dough off of those brand schticks.

Much more talented thespians never reached such heights of stardom. There were also many more gifted actresses such as Peg Entwistle who never had a chance. She tragically took her own life by jumping off the Hollywoodland sign. She definitely had some baggage to begin with, but it was the Hollywood star system which was the final straw in her making such a sorrowful decision.

Jump ahead and take a look at all the crap currently put out by Hollywood. There's a movie called Drive starring some untalented scrub named Ryan Gosling, and that flick is currently rated an absurdly high 8.1 at It is pure crap. Only a complete idiot would shell out ten to fifteen dollars to watch such drivel.

The same is going on with music. A select few money sellers get pimped out, while millions or whatnot numbers of talented folks never get a chance to make it as musicians.

In short, the movie and music barons have had their bluffs called. We the people are sick and tired of their piss poor "products." The internet has enabled us to cut out the useless providers. They have asked for this backlash, since they pretentiously expected us to swallow their backwash. Nearly all of us would have been willing to pay for stuff, if uhm, the stuff was actually good. It isn't, so fock them. As the great philosopher Joseph P. Dirt once quipped, "It's all about the consumer."

So here came Megaupload with a different and more democratic vision. In a few years it was able to build up a big base of members and visitors. Its plan was to press forward with something called Mega Box. It was basically gonna give talented no-names the chance to finally become successful, an opportunity not allowed by the music industry.

This utterly freaked out the fat cats. And the movie industry was gonna be next in line for eventual obsoletion.

At the end of this mailed in entry are a bunch of links, so the reader can check out for herself what is being said by the zeitgeist. One numbnutted devil's advocate is saying, to paraphrase, "Oh, no way is this bottom line about Mega Box being a threat to the music industry."

Some people simply like the sound of their own voices. They get a cheap thrill out of being anal retentive contrarians in spite of the obvious.

There are tons of websites that could have been just as easily taken down. Megaupload was attacked, because they posed a serious threat to the music industry status quo. This specific seizure had nothing to do with piracy. Copyright law being the rationale is nothing less than a limited hangout.

The music and movie industries couldn't care less about we the viewers and listeners. This is why no one other than capitalist pigs and authoritarian personalities are sympathising with their plights.

The ptb's might have won this battle, but long-term they will fall flat on their fat fock faces. Masses of regular guys and gals will simply reorganise and develop the next Mega Box and Megaupload. Or perhaps that people empowering company will be able to fight back and reestablish itself.

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