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Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Failed Attempt To Stifle 1st Amendment Rights To Freedom Of Speech And Expression

By now ye know Brett Kimberlin's attempt to have me found in contempt of court fell more flat than a soda pop left open for a week.

What you may not be aware of is Brett got the court to issue a peace order against me. This is what the case file ordered on 10/13/2011 and expires on 04/13/2012 states:
Hmmm. I've never done any of those things. Keep in mind that this is not a criminal case. The order was given by a family court.

Brett kimberlin failed to get Judge Jordan to order me to cease posting on this topic. Hence, everything I have posted since November 14th has been my way of setting the record straight. I didn't want anyone to be left wondering wtf I had written to end up in this situation.

While there is still plenty o'stuff for me to rewrite from the material deleted during the default era, I am pleased as punch feeling that most of the stuff I needed to get across has been posted. Thus, I have been able to move on with my life. I continue to be carefree and happy. Yay!!!!

Brett Kimberlin appears desperate for the truth to reside offline. Since he did snot accomplish his primary goal on November 14th to permanently censor me, he decided to go with the Plan B family court schtick. Kimberlin is adept at crossing t's and dotting i's. However, once he is actually at a hearing, his lack of attorney skills becomes quite evident.

On January 12th, Kimberlin submitted the following:

The COURT having found that Defendant [Me] has violated this Court's October 13, 2011 final Peace Order by continuing to harass Plaintiff, hereby ORDERS Defendant [Me] within five [5] days of the entry of this order to permanently delete the following harassing blog posts he made after the Court's final Peace Order as identified by the following url's:
I'll list those in a second but first read the judge's decision. His cursive writing was a bit difficult to read, but this should be very close if not exact to what he decided.

No action in ligent of impartial pending criminal charges, failure to allege contact by Perp with Petitioner and prior (11/17/11) referral of Petitioner to the Office of the State's Attorney.

That was decided on January 28th. One word sums that up: FAIL!

The truth is now known that I have committed no crimes. The only mistake I made was letting a dumbass lawsuit fall into default, because I was naive enough to believe a writ of summons had to actually be put in my hands.

Here are the recent blog entries Kimberlin wanted removed:

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artwork by the lovely and talented Thusnelda

Hmmm. So it appears this lame story is starting to wind down. It appears Brett Kimberlin is running into nothing but brick walls in his attempts to have me imprisoned and censored.

As for Neal Rauhauser, I have read his words for the last time. Against my better judgement, I read one of his recent emails. That will be posted below. I have also been advised due to his Kookpocalypse schtick, that I should request a restraining order against him and contact the police. That being said, I do not fear that internet predator one bit.

Any more emails he cyberstalks me with will be filed away for potential further use. I don't suffer fools.
Removing my name from your blog?

Hey [Me],

Saw your post about filing a report - it would be enormously funny to forward your police department that crap you've written about me and have it entered as a matter of fact on the case. You know, I think so much of you as a human being that I am going to do that for you this evening - I'll post a screen shot of the mailer containing the CD, OK?

Ever given any thought to removing every single post you've got with my name in it and just going away before you get hauled into court again here in Maryland? It's something to consider.


GV: 202-642-1717
This douchebag is an internet predator, period. What he did to me at Daily Kos was criminal cybersmearing. You can't make up lies about someone and out their real name and address and have that be kosher.

So Neal, here's my reply, since I know you have no life and read every word I post. It's obvious your life's ambition is nothing other than to harass innocent people on the internet. The truth is now easily known about what you are, and that you are despicable. Oh, and say hello to my good buddy Johnny Cash. Loser.

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