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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is Brett Kimberlin Headed Back To Prison?

artwork by Thusnelda

There were some amazing developments on January 9th in Rockville Maryland's Circuit Court concerning Kimberlin Versus Socrates case# 339254-V.

Speedway Bomber should have left well enough alone. The case should have ended on November 14th, 2011. Sure he embarrassed himself with his testimony that day. However, Judge Jordan let him off the hook with his rookie judging.

Apparently the new Judge didn't find any merit to Brett Kimberlin's claims that I should be held in contempt and imprisoned.

Judge Rupp the Magnificent has tons o'gravitas. I believe he's been on the bench since 1993. He's won prestigious awards, attended fine universities, taught law. He's got other things on his fine resume, but it is not the purpose of this entry to socratise Judge Rupp.

One look at the man displays this dude reeks of integrity.

I woke up around eight a.m. and made coffee. The hearing was scheduled for a half hour starting at Ten. After a few attempts, I finally reached the gentle voice of Judge Rupp's secretary, the lovely Ms. Joyce Thrift. We chit-chatted towards a mutual understanding of the situation. She informed the Judge of my request to appear telephonically. I asked if my motions were going to be addressed. She said they weren't in the file.

I was never called back. My inside source informed me that the motion for contempt wasn't taken seriously. I wasn't there, so I can't vouch for that. I do believe that's true. Apparently Judge Rupp listened to each piece of allegation by Kimberlin. Then to paraphrase, Judge Rupp continually responded, "Nope, next," until it became clear to Brett Kimberlin his latest jailhouse lawyer activity had added up to yet another EPIC FAIL.

Later on in the day, I figured what the heck. Let's check out if the Montgomer County Circuit Court's case record had been updated. I saw the following. Emphasis mine.
Docket Date: 01/09/2012 Docket Number: 116
Docket Description: MOTION, DISMISS
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Defendant Status: Open

Docket Date: 01/09/2012 Docket Number: 117
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Defendant Status: Open

Docket Date: 01/09/2012 Docket Number: 118
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Defendant Status: Open

Docket Date: 01/09/2012 Docket Number: 119
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Defendant Status: Open
There you have it. Also left open was Kimberlin's motion to render Aaron Worthing's motion as moot. Hmmmm. Methinks the tables have finally turned. The Plaintiff has now become the Defendant and vice-versa. What a country!!!!

For those who missed out on reading my full motions, they can be found here:

Motions Filed Against Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin

Aaron Worthing is my hero. What he has done for me was a pure reflection of his intregity. He may say he fought back in order to protect his own anonymity, but in fact, he went far and beyond the call of duty for that objective. He saw I was experiencing an injustice, and he figured out a creative way to get me some legal representation within the actual trial.

Brett Kimberlin must have been shocked to find out Aaron Worthing has a splendid law degree and was able to procure pro-bono representation from a progressive, Washington D.C. law firm. Kimberlin thought a new motion to render Aaron's schtick moot would succeed. Nopesies. That was yet another fail for the convicted bomber, drug smuggler, perjurer, and murder suspect in the cold-blooded assassination of grandmother Julia Scyphers.

One of my motions makes reference to the two hundred or so paged document Mr. Worthing presented to the Court. In short, Aaron Worthing's motion is still relevant!
Docket Date: 01/06/2012 Docket Number: 114
Docket Type: Motion Filed By: Plaintiff Status: Open
Aaron has been spot on speaking of a Streisand Effect in regards to Brett Kimberlin. The more Bwett has attempted to terrorise his vocal opponents into silence, the more the truth has emerged.

When the dust settles, next on the socratisation docket will be the November 14th court audio and Brad Friedman of BradBlog. Brad has been part and parcel of Velvet Revolution's dissemination of convolution since late 2004. He has been the public face of all their manufactured nonsense.

I have made it a mission that Brett Kimberlin will not be the only one to take the fall for VR's transgressions against the truth in pursuit of donations. Brad Friedman is not gonna get away it. This has not been all about Brett Kimberlin. Not by a long shot.

Will all or any of my motions succeed? I don't know. I hope they do. I think Brett Kimberlin should return to prison. I believe he should be given psychiatric care for his delusions.

The problem with the internet is this. Those with no money and power who speak truth to fake left blogs have no choice but to first retreat to the mountains and regroup, before any counterattack is possible.

I picked blogger, because it is a google production. They take care of their bloggers in regards to search results. I was making a definite impact despite being bounced off of Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. I had become a player as Prepostericity, and as socrates at this blog I have attained modest success.

I believe Kimberlin went after me precisely to have my work here deleted. I believe this recent contempt schtick has been more of the same. I scooped this story. That probably sounds conceited, but it's the truth. If I am censored, the story remains hidden. Brad and Brett thus would get a free ride, as if they never had been bombarding the net with convolution in pursuit of those hefty donations.

The problem is this. There are bad guys in this world, so bad that even when you beat them at their own game, they cannot accept it. They then resort to cheating. I exposed Brett and Brad so thoroughly, that Brett decided to sue me, get twenty one blog entries deleted, and ultimately have me sent to prison. Wouldn't it be ironic, if he's the one sent to the clink? I have a clean record. I've never been a multiple felon. I would never hurt anyone.

There is something profound and beautiful about the U.S. Constitution. Brett Kimberlin is learning the hard way, that he does not have the right to harass innocent people nor manipulate courts and public opinion for his own personal benefit without a backlash.

Now we will segue to briefly discuss a personality with similarities to internet predator Neal Rauhauser. That man's name is Ron Brynaert. Ron has been cybersmearing me for quite a while now. He has called me a supertroll. He's written lies about me in order to buffer the true nature of Kimberlin's activities.

He portrays himself as an internet journalist. He truly is a smear merchant. Whether he's paid to do so or has mental issues, I'm not sure. My opinion is that he's a historic paid fake. Though I admit that's near impossible to prove. What cannot be denied is that he publishes mostly trash. He gets a lot of his bullshite done via twitter.

Ron's been all over my back for many months. The day or two leading up to Monday's hearing, he really picked it up with slamming me.

Brynaert claims he's always willing to retract or apologise for getting things wrong. However, as of this moment, he has yet to tweet on the big turnaround in this civil case. His role has been one of running interference for Brett Kimberlin. One of Ron's current schticks has been there is no hard evidence Speedy perjured himself. That's the ticket.

Ron could have easily obtained a copy of the November 14th audio, if he truly wanted to get to the bottom of whether I was a civilian Perry Mason or not. Someday soon I will be able to blog extensively on what took place that fateful day. I am still awaiting a copy. Then I will have to painstakingly go through it with a blog comb and compile transcript excerpts. I'll also have to crank out some narrative to go with it. Thank you for your patience.

Below are a bunch of screenshots Ron tweeted from right before the hearing. After each one, a comment or five has been added.

My thanks go out to many. Patterico- Thanks for getting me to wake up. Liberty Chick- Ok, you ratted me out. That was a pure dirtbag move. Though thanks for putting together the legal brief that helped me dominate the November 14th hearing. I do wish you'd come clean and give me credit for having scooped this story two years before you ever got a whiff.

Aaron Worthing- You know what you did for me, and it had less to do with self-preservation than with your dignity. You witnessed a fellow American having his civil rights violated and did something about it. Bravissimo!!!

Donkeytale- We've had some rough times, but through it all we have emerged as life-long friends. You were the first to notice that I was the source of this story, that I should be the one atop the zeitgeist not the others. I may not be there yet, but knock on wood we will get there. Even if my motions fail, thank you for your support.

The worst is over. I can hold my chin up and never again fall into any rut.

Popehat and Goatsred- Thanks, dudes. Elizabeth Kingsley- Thanks for taking on Aaron's situation pro bono. It takes a village to ensure justice. Dustin- Thanks. You're the best blogger friend I've made from Team Patterico, no doubt. Your passion for and contributions to this story have not gone unnoticed.

The Last Name Left- Thanks for all your hard work, when we partnered to expose BradBlog for being the rag it is. Hmmm. I hope I didn't forget anyone. Oh, one more. Thanks go out to my muse friend Thusnelda, who fundamentally altered my life for the better on November 17th. She taught me the ultimate gift, of what it means to understand one's true self and be at peace with the world.

Ron Brynaert's Bleatifications

Ron does seem to come from some form of sheep genus following the leads of Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser in attempts to destroy my name and feelings of self-worth. I am very proud of what I've accomplished as a blogger. The bad guys came close to shattering me into a million pieces. Very close. But ultimately I found a way to keep it together, even during my darkest hours being illegally detained in a Maryland prison.

I don't advise anyone to waste their time on him, Rauhauser, or any of the other junk that has been posted cybersmearing me. But I can't stop anyone from looking. I try not to look too much, for it can sometimes cause me deep pain. Until one has had experienced this type of thing, one can only imagine the sheer horror of it.

The following are tweets from Brynaert leading up to yesterday's hearing. May he find a way to cleanse his soul. It's not healthy to be such a rotten person with no moral base.

internet fatfokkkface fake journalist psycho breath

It's called spooking them out. Of course with Ron's spin, there's never a reason to question the hysteria generated against Andrew Breitbart. To Ron, it's all about misdirection.

The Team Numbnuts schtick consists of blogging terrorism, period. They are cheaters. So the meme has become no way were there any swattings. Hey, my name is Ron Brynaert. Listen to me! I'd be up for the Pulitzer Prize, if hack Jen Preston of the NY Times hadn't stolen my Weinergate schtick. I never lie. I ooze integrity.

That's the ticket. Ron's a creep who has never given a coherent reason why he's been trying to destroy my spirit. He's as creepy as it gets. He's no different than Rauhauser. Creepy is as creepy does.

Why does Ron continue to evoke authority? Anyone can fact check his schtick and see that he is the so-called supertroll. I've been menacing Brett Kimberlin? There's no proof Kimberlin perjured himself on November 14th? Where's Ron's fricken update on how yesterday went? He might have pulled the wool over donkeytale's eyes, but that's a whole other can of blog tunafish. It would also be quite dull, so we won't go there.

Ron's schtick is basically schtick theft of my schtick. From 2008-2010, I was in the top five of all MLT statistics. (MLT stands for Major League Trollbusting and is jointly owned by Meta Magazine and ESPN.)

Larisa Alexandrovna was a malicious whench I totally pwned. Brynaert is soooo full of lies. He's never been a trollbuster. He's been fricken in bed with the people I exposed. He is what's referred to as a concern troll. He's never explained how I'm the supertroll of the century. Has Ron never heard it's the reader who decides?

He wrote last week that I haven't had it that bad getting trolled on. In the above tweet, he's trying to make it seem he is fair and balanced. He's been nowhere to be found on anything all these years for internet Meta. But now we're supposed to believe he is some sort of sincere expert on it, and that I am some multipersonality troll into playing mind games? He's fricken allowed people who have criminally cybersmeared me to post on his blog. Yet Brett Kimberlin is the one being menaced, not me?

This creep actually went to the trouble of writing a whole entry shedding doubt on Brett Kimberlin having set the Speedway, Indiana bombs. WTF??? He's been blabbering for weeks about the Monday hearing, how I was in such big trouble, while Kimberlin was not. So where is Mr. Fair and Balanced with an update? He's ignoring the huge turnaround, because he's a lying sack of disinfo shite.

Like right there. Where's his proof? Brett Kimberlin pulled the same nonsense in court, yet due to my possessing civilian Perry Mason skills, I got Madman to concede that all we needed to discuss were my socrates and Prepostericity usernames. Yet, Ron continues to spew the above as if it were fact. Ron Brynaert is a scumbag. Talk about the personification of scum. That's what he is.

BradBlog isn't purposely spewing disinfo garbage? Combine my findings with the hard financial data Liberty Chick came up with, and of course BradBlog has been purposely generating disinformation.

I'm either gonna repost the remaining 18 deleted entries, or I'm gonna rewrite them. Brad Friedman is not gonna get away with running scams since late 2004.

And sincerely look at how dirtbag Ron Brynaert refers to the so-called menacing of Brett Kimberlin. Who the fock does he think he's fooling? I'm the one at the top of the zeitgeist. Ron Brynaert is the internet sewer rat, not me. Ron has cemented the fact that he will be forever associated with internet predators such as Neal Rauhauser.

It's that kind of post that leads me to believe scumbag Ron Brynaert is paid to post. Why is he trying to create the image of Brad and Brett not being part and parcel of one another? Look again at who Brett is wearing on his T-shirt.

BradBlog did not give birth to me. I have two Master's degrees. Due to circumstances, I became the right man at the right time to whistleblow on internet convolution. My plan is to in the future have pictures taken and out myself in entirety. I'm a real and decent human being who hasn't deserved the kind of cybersmearing by Ron Brynaert and others that continues to this day.

HA! Now that Kimberlin has become the "Defendant" and myself the "Plaintiff," Ronny Boy has decided to stifle his yapper. Who the fock does he think he's fooling????

Hmmm. That was actually a good tweet by Rona Bryntart. Why isn't he like that more often? Nonetheless, he still failed to provide one shred of an explanation explaining his point. Or are we supposed to buy jis angle that Brad Friedman is a coward?

The truth is Brad Friedman has consistently been masking his part and parcel association with serial fabulist Brett Kimberlin. If anyone gave birth, it was the Speedway Bomber to Brad Friedman, who had been a total nothing until supplied with crazy hoaxes centered around black box voting.

Ok, that was more Ron Brynaert as concern troll. What he doesn't want folks to realise are all the incestuous relationships. That's his fricken internet family.

Like Larisa, he tries to make it seem like there has been no affiliation between Brett and Raw Story. I proved there has been such a tie. Yet, Ron continues to assert I'm the supertroll, while he's the intrepid reporter. No, Ron. What you are is an intrepid numbnut.

Oh yes, anything bad that has happened to me was my own fault. That makes perfect sense. NOT!

So according to Team Numbnut player Ron Brynaert, not only am I a supertroll, I am also a hoaxer. Why is Ron Brynaert all over my ass and protecting a convicted terrorist and con artist? Why is Brett being menaced, but I am getting what I deserve? FU Ron Brynaert and your gutter soul.

How was calling Judge Jordan out for being incompetent contempt of court? How was Kimberlin committing perjury somehow not proven? Why would anyone waste their time reading anything by Ron Brynaert?

Aaaah. I have now risen to historic troll greatness according to Brynaert's gutter writings. Does he have no shame? If he had been born into a different time and country, he might have been a Good German.

Ron Brynaert is a cretin. He's creepy. If he's nuts, I hope he can get mental health treatment. I, for one, believe he is paid to post crap on the internet. It's called astroturfing. He can concern troll all he wants, but I've a suspicion he and Neal Rauhauser are on the same team.


the_last_name_left said...


woot! I missed your 31.12 story. Splendid.

I really think this dude's running of a charity needs looking at too: he's a crappy musician writing crappy protest songs but he also runs a "charity" which spends its $100,000s of donations on......recording, publishing, distributing and publicising crappy protest Kimberlin and his band!

That's a serious and very obvious conflict of interest imo. I think someone should be looking into it.

Anyways......good luck, and well done!

socrates said...

Yes, thanks, it's been a crazy ride since September 14th.

It finally looks to be over for myself being harassed without recourse.

What a difference a judge makes. Knock on wood.

Kimberlin has to have the worst voice ever.

If Judge Rupp rules in my favour, I can simply repost what was lost, including your comments.

That was definitely good stuff you came up with, when I first turned you onto BradBlog. Meanwhile, Brad Friedman is acting like this case doesn't even exist. I wonder why, lol?

Kimberlin wanted it all deleted, because the stuff we came up with was nowhere else to be found. It wasn't rocket science what I did, and what you chipped in with.

We'll see how this turns out. It could become the model for protecting poor bloggers against such a thing, or bloggers in general against frivolous lawsuits.

Darn, I wish I knew before time there might be a possiblity to represent oneself through the telephone.

And it's not really that difficult to learn how to write motions and briefs. There are also certain rules of etiquette, as in what's the difference between testimony and cross-examination. Of course a lot of it unfortunately boils down to what judge you end up with.

What pisses me off the most has been the complete lack of main stream media reporting. As in wtf does one have to do to get noticed? Hello, youhoooo, over here, I'm getting my ass beat on in broad internet daylight.

Perhaps he ptb's fear the net becoming too much of vehicle for we the people to promote positive social change. So that's probably why authorities seem to care only about protecting copyright laws for the rich, while the rest of us can go to hell.