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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thrilla in Vanilla (part 7)

"It's hard to be humble, when you're as great as I am."

"If you dream of beating me, you'd better wake up and apologise."

"I got nothing against no Viet Cong. No Vietnamese ever called me a 'nigger'."

"Why should they ask me to put on a uniform and go 10,000 miles from home and drop bombs and bullets on brown people while so-called Negro people in Louisville are treated like dogs?"

"Boxing is a lot of white men watching two black men beat each other up."

"I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, only last week I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalized a brick. I'm so mean I make medicine sick."

"There's not a man alive who can whup me. I'm too fast. I'm too smart. I'm too pretty. I should be a postage stamp. That's the only way I'll ever get licked."

‘I’m so mean I make medicine sick’ – Muhammad Ali’s greatest quotes

*** Mandy Nagy didn't share the email with the court. One day a local donut eater showed up, and we hashed out what happened. He seemed satisfied with my schtick, that it had been a piss poor attempt at humor. He told me he'd have to notify the "Speedway Bomber" and etc. and so forth. He said I might be arraigned in the Taunton Court, but he was unsure of that. I never did get into any trouble with the Massachusetts court, because there was never a death threat. Unlike the police state which exists in Maryland, Massachusetts is a fairly progressive state and not sooo easily duped, unless of course some Whitey blames a Black man for killing his wife.

*** Haha, I am rewinding the bit where Judge Jordan is asking me to do him a favour, and it sounds like he put on the Boston accent schtick, as in "Do me a favah." Boston accents rule!!!!!

*** Earlier Jordan had condescendingly asked me if I watched tv, in an attempt to get me to focus in on court protocol. But what I saw was that Kimberlin didn't seem to be under any obligation to simply answer my questions and could go off on tangents or whatnot having nothing to do with original questions. So, that's why when it was my turn to be cross-examined, I figured that was how the game was gonna be played. It's like with baseball and strike zones. Every umpire has a different strike zone schtick. Thus, I played it the way Jordan had established his. And when a trial is umpired that way, it becomes rather difficult to remember original questions.

*** This was a garbage lawsuit, PERIOD!!!! No police ever asked me to stop blogging. I'd have to search through all the rubbish to see what the original preliminary injunction ordered. It may not have even told me I couldn't blog on this case or anything. I don't remember. It did get 21 DFQ2 blog entries deleted. I know that. There's something called Freedom of Speech in this country. Brett Kimberlin is a notorious public figure. His Velvet Revolution has been running outrageous bunk for years and then asking for donations based on such utter nonsense. The truth is on my side.

Kimberlin Cross-Examination

Jordan: Okay. Have a seat. Is that all you want to say on direct examina-, direct testimony?

Socrates: Uhm.

Jordan: You don't need to repeat yourself. I'm gonna think uh, I think I got your points. I'm about to turn you over to Mr. Kimberlin for any questions that he's got.

Socrates: Just uhm, I ah respond, I think. I'm fairly sure I responded to each one. I don't know if it ah- I'm not sure if there's anything I missed to respond to.

Jordan: Okay.

Socrates: So I guess I'm done.

Jordan: Alright. Mr. Kimberlin, do you have any questions?

Kimberlin: Yes, sir. How many blog posts have you made about me on any forum or blog over the last five years?

Socrates: A lot.

Kimberlin: How many?

Socrates: Five years? I don't have the exact number.

Kimberlin: How many do you think approximate?

Socrates: Do you mean like entries?

Kimberlin: Entries, blogs, comments, posts, whatever.

Socrates: I don't know. A lot.

Kimberlin: How many, how many blogs have you posted about me on?

Socrates: I don't have the exact number, maybe, I don't know. I'm not trying to hedge. I've posted a lot on you. I found it fascinating.

Kimberlin: Have you talked to other bloggers, uh, by phone or by email asking them to also post about me, your, your, to follow up your posts about me?

Socrates: Hmmm. No.

Kimberlin: Have you talked of uh, uh

Socrates: I, I was, uh, I emailed, uhm, it was when Mandy Nagy came out. She's the one who, ah, who, who uh shared that, that uh unfortunate email with the court. Uhm, I'm friends with- I'm friendly with her, and uh, I haven't spoken to uh Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey in a while. But we used to email, and uh, discuss the story. Uhm, I told him I, I liked Mr. Singer's book, and uh, I think uh, Patrick Frey picked up a copy. Uhm

Kimberlin: Did you talk to

Socrates: I gave Patrick Frey some links, that I thought he'd be interested in. Like uh, I uncovered uhm an interesting court document from the, uh, the- I'm not sure what it was. But ah, you had like uhm, you put uh, some type of, you made some type of affidavit. Or it was, I just found it fascinating the Connell story, uh, concerning these alle- these I don't know if they were allegations, or if they were uh theories uhm about whether Karl Rove uh might have killed Michael Connell, because of uh, the uh- Cause Michael Connell was going to uh maybe uh. Your associate Larisa Alexandrovna, who said that you said you were exonerated and won a huge settlement for the bombing, uh- That's kind of one of the reasons why I wrote a lot about you, because I didn't understand why you just didn't own up to setting the bombs. I mean, setting the bombs and the guy died

Kimberlin: Objection. Objection, Your Honour.

Jordan: Yes, it's beyon- It's beyond the scope of the question. Sustained. Why don't you go on to the next question.

Socrates: What was the ques- Yeah, yeah uh

Jordan: The question was just [inaudible], and you went on and on. Just

Socrates: Sir

Jordan: do me a favour.

Socrates: Yeah, I'm sorry.

Jordan: Try to listen to the question and try to just answer the question.

Socrates: There might have been one other uh, but I don't get along with him. He was on the list. We might have uh, we might have had a few private messages about it. There was uhm. When you, I think, I believe I saw

Jordan: The question was the number of blogs, and you said basically

Socrates: Alright, I thought we were on to uh my interactions with bloggers encouraging them or to blog on him. Uh, there might have been one time, uh, one of the names on that list that wasn't me. He was a moderator at another blog I had. Uhm, he, he posted. Uh, I think Mr. Kimberlin did a photo- He was somehow shaking hands with Karl Rove, is that correct? I mean alright, it's not cross-testimony. I'm done. I have nothing to hide. Uhm.

Jordan: Next question please.

Kimberlin: So, have you ever called uh me the personification of scum on a blog post?

Socrates: Well, of course. I mentioned it earlier today.

Kimberlin: Have, have you ever unm stated on a blog post that you think I should go to jail for defrauding people?

Socrates: Uhm, I wrote that I thought you should be investigated for fraud. Uhm, and I did write that if you had, well I'm not sure. I know I wrote, I wrote in the private emails that weren't, I wasn't expecting would be for public consumption, that if you, if you had committed perjury, in, in somehow in this trial, that you, that your parole should be revoked. But you say you're not on parole, so I, I, you know, I, I apologise for thinking you're still on parole.

Kimberlin: Have you ever stated that you wanted to, uh, that you hoped or wanted my non-profits to be dead or be killed or some such word?

Socrates: Nah, I'd have to see, I'd have to see like what you're talking about in its context.

Kimberlin: Have you ever uh indicated that you, that you wanted to, to stop the funding uh sources from into to the non-profits I'm involved with?

Socrates: Are you, if you provide something from the blog, then I can say whether I think I wrote it.

Kimberlin: [inaudible]

Socrates: I don't

Kimberlin: It's a simple question. Have you ever asked people not, not to fund us?

Socrates: Well you read, I did write the letter, the email to Lori Grace.

Kimberlin: Yeah, but I'm talking about

Socrates: So

Kimberlin: a blog post, did you ask people not to send in money to us, not to

Socrates: I don't think anyone should send you uh five, ten bucks, and I, I don't think anyone should send you any money, to be honest.

Kimberlin: Have you ever said though on a blog post?

Socrates: Uhm, as a blogger, I, I, I can't remember specifics. I wasn't, it wasn't you personally. The only thing that would have been personal about it, would be because I felt ah it was wrong, it was wrong for someone to not just own up to their crimes. I mean, that's the only thing where I might have uh had a bit of uh animosity toward you. And I, I really didn't think that Michael Conn- the Mich- Like the domestic terrorism campaign. You have uh, you're looking for donations uh for uh against domestic terrorism, which is a worthy cause. But here you are convicted of a horrendous bombings in Speedway, and while you're known as the Speedway Bomber. Uhm, and like unless you can show this- You're saying you were exonerated, but it's closed. I mean, I'm sorry, that wasn't good enough for me. It seemed like you were spreading some type of lie, that you were some political prisoner, when you're just making, when, when you're just spinning things. Such as that Je-, that I'm a Jew

Kimberlin: So you don't know what

Socrates: That Jews are the scourge. It's like what you- It's like that Wizard of Odd article as an exhibit. The guy writes like you do put in some good stuff, but then it's mixed in with a lot of other stuff that's unsubstantiated. Th th, and then you miss, you, you omit things. Like you admitted to tell this court that you were- From what I hear, I didn't see the file, but I, from what I, from what I'm uh, I'm under the impression that you made it appear to this court that you are a private individual who had maybe dealed some marijuana. But as I, as I provided in the first page of the of uh my defense against uhm damages and and with the uh the exhibits that uh, there's a long list of things. Like uh, impersonating a Department of Defense insignia. What, you're saying that the uh, the people who caught you doing that were lying?

Jordan: I think we've gone beyond the question.

Socrates: Sorry.

Jordan: Next question.

Kimberlin: Uhm. So for thr-, for two or three years you have posted scores if not hundreds of posts about me or comments or something on, on various blogs using various names including socrates and Prepostericty and so on. Is that true?

Socrates: No, not 'so on' the way you're putting it.

Kimberlin: Okay. Okay.

Socrates: I need him to be specific.

Kimberlin: Okay. Prepostericity and socrates.

Socrates: Sorry for that.

Kimberlin: Right?

Socrates: Yes, those are my two usernames, and if anyone

Kimberlin: Have you been banned from blogs for, for posting false or defamatory or inappropriate or uh otherwise

Socrates: Not for those. Not for those.

Kimberlin: for not following

Jordan: Let him finish the question.

Kimberlin: Have you been banned from any blogs?

Socrates: Yes.

Kimberlin: How many?

Socrates: Uh, I don't know.

Kimberlin: Have you been accused of harassing other people?

Jordan: It's not really relevant.

Kimberlin: No, it's not. Have you, uhm, what is your end game in coming, in, in, in targeting me?

Socrates: Mark Singer wrote

Kimberlin: What was your end game? What, what did, what did you want to accomplish?

Socrates: It's, it's the uh- What's, I, I forget the rest of the title from Mark Singer's book, the incredible- There's just something so fascinating about it. I remember you from when you were on the tv, and you were saying you sold pot to Dan Quayle. And then, then all of a sudden, I was, was blogging for Brad Friedman. Uhm, and I'm going off on a tangent. Uh, the end game, there's no end game. It's obviously- You want to know what the end game is, uh, that's probably irrelevant to uh You- the judge.

Kimberlin: No, I, uh, I, I mean, I know what the end game is, but, but I want you to admit what the end game is.

Socrates: Here again, uhm, I find that the uh the Plaintiff- He did this at the beginning of this of our, of our 9:30 the session or when we started, and he's been doing it throughout. He's been, uhm, making comments

Jordan: I don't need your commentary. I just need you to answer his question, and it does go to the issue of whether it was done maliciously.

Socrates: The, the uhmm

Kimberlin: Have you done this out of malice?

Socrates: No, it's I find your story fascinating. Utterly fascinating. I did then, uhm, it's still fascinating.

Kimberlin: Have, have you, have you used blogs to try to call me out? To say something like, come on Brett, answer me, after making some scurrilous allegation?

Socrates: I didn't make scurrilous allegations

Kimberlin: Okay.

Socrates: at you.

Kimberlin: Okay, after an allegation of criminal conduct or fraud or misconduct or anything like that?

Socrates: Can you repeat that please?

Kimberlin: Have I ever responded to you on a blog in any of, ever on any of your posts?

Socrates: Uhm, I think you sent uh copies of uh court papers, and that was it.

Kimberlin: Okay.

Socrates: You never actually, you never responded to any of the content.

Kimberlin: Right.

Socrates: We've never interacted on a blog, I don't believe..

Kimberlin: Exactly. Every time that you blogged about Velvet Revolution or Justice Through Music or BradBlog, has it always included some comment about criminal activity by me?

Socrates: No.

Kimberlin: Or, or

Socrates: No.

Kimberlin: Have, have most of them been? Have you tainted almost every post you've made about Velvet Revolution or BradBlog with some reference to me or my past?

Socrates: No. I, I've an extensive blogging history. You're just- My, my uhm, my blogging on Brett Kimberlin was uh, it, it it's not, it's just a small part of what, of what I blogged on. It just happened to be uh one of the, the, the ones uhm

Kimberlin: Did you ever consider the possiblity that this could harm my reputation or the reputation of my family?

Socrates: I don't think, I don't think your reputation could be harmed any worse than it is. I mean, it's on the public record.

Kimberlin: How about my kids?

Socrates: I don't even know if you have kids.

Kimberlin: Well I do. I have two. And how about my

Socrates: Congratulations.

Kimberlin: How about my wife?

Socrates: I don't know your wife, and I don't need to know your family.

Kimberlin: No, well

Socrates: And I've never written about your family.

Kimberlin: Have you ever considered the fact that you saying these things, that it could harm uh their reputation as well, because they're, they're my family?

Socrates: I just wrote the truth. I, I see nothing wrong about writing the truth about a public figure.

Kimberlin: Writing the truth over and over, and when you get banned for, for, for that

Socrates: That's irrel- We already decided that was irrelevant, because we'd have to go through a trial of, uh, what happened on that website.

Kimberlin: I realise that, but I'm saying people asked you to stop writing

Socrates: People like Larisa Alexandrovna, your associate.

Kimberlin: Asked you to stop. The court asked you to stop. The police asked you to stop.

Socrates: No.

Kimberlin: You never stopped.

Socrates: No, wait no. I, I say no. I don't agree on all that. It's too quick. I need, I need to hear one

Kimberlin: Did anyone ever

Socrates: thing

Kimberlin: ask you to stop blogging about me?

Socrates: Uh, well, do you mean like uhm the court orders?

Kimberlin: Anyone?

Socrates: Uh, yeah, this court wanted me I believe the prelimine- blah, the preliminary injunction, ah, was for me to cease all blogging on Brett Kimberlin, so I stopped. I mean, I'm sorry if I somehow crossed the line by saying uh, by giving one of those, uh, those search tips about how to search somthing in ah Google cache. Uhm, but ah Larisa Alexandrovna, she told me to stop, uh. She called me a stalker on Daily Kos, uh, by Markos Moulitsas' blog. She called me a stalker for my articles, those couple articles I wrote on Daily Kos.

Kimberlin: Were you, were you banned by Daily Kos?

Socrates: Uh, a lot of peop- I was.

Kimberlin: Were you banned from Democratic Underground?

Socrates: Yes, but uh

Kimberlin: Were you banned from BradBlog?

Socrates: Uh, yes I was, but uh I believe those three, those three have been shown to have a close association, and uh, I mean, unless, unless we get into specific, uh like what happened, uh I don't believe that the, the judge- I mean we're basically speaking to the judge. So unless the judge is

(Coming Soon: The thrilling conclusion to Thrilla in Vanilla, not a Quinn Martin Production)

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