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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Aaron Walker Arrested & Why The Right-O-Sphere Is Currently Losing Their Battle

From The Troll Wars, Part VI

Never mind. I checked it out and what I read confirms some of my suspicions raised in first comment above, except for:
My guess is, your amigos excluded, most of the minour league bloggers on the right operate from similarly limited perspectives.
Maybe I spoke too fast about your amigos. Maybe they too are spending too much time inside the blogbubble to be effective advocates for themselves.

For attorneys, who are normally cautious stay-inside-the-legal-lines types, these two give off the appearance of having gone all in while holding quite a bit less than a full-house from an evidentiary standpoint.

Plus, the virality that Team Breitbart have inspired on the right has taken the game to a whole nother level, way, way beyond their ability to control and shape, which is the worst thing for a lawyer to lose. At least thats what a lifetime of watching crime dramas has taught me.

No one wearing a badge is even investigating the Stack and Patterico swattings, correct? And yet the rightwing side of the internet has already seen fit to accuse Brynaert, Kimberlin and Rauhauser of that or other acts of "terrorism?" Based almost entirely on the Patterico and Worthing pieces?

Could this be an instance of rope-a-dope in reverse?

What makes it surreal to me is that while Team Breitbart is currently winning at internet (such as the game is, consisting mainly of whipping-up the easily whipped-up wingnuttysphere), they seem to be doing less well in the courtroom of real-life.

Maybe its only third quarter, or wtf, still time for a rally and an amazing comeback but it appears for now at least that Team Breitbart are looking very much like last night's Celtics.

[cheap shot at Boston fan alert] by: donkeytale

You're 100% correct The only caveat is that the Maryland court system is completely inept. If they weren't, this thing would never be escalating towards at least short term numbnut advantage.

The AHA! of blogging is mere socratisation. It is a beautiful thing in its own. Think of how Francis busted Markos Moulitsas or yourself thoroughly exposing Fairleft.

There are tons of examples, from the insignificant to the entertaining to kinda sorta enlightening.

Yes, Team Breitbart needed to keep it short and simple. Kimberlin has broken the law by filing false criminal charges and committing multiple examples of perjury.

I just got my nuts roasted for telling a somewhat popular libertarian lawyer it'd be a good idea for him to get off his blogging ass and actually do something about this in real life.

That was a dude who got Aaron pro bono help months back. He doesn't even know I exist. Too many, in fact most of the herd do not give one shit about me. There's been no pro bono help for me.

Some National blogger dude has been raising funds and supporting the four bloggers involved. I'm not one of them. I guess the four are Aaron, Patterico, guessing Mandy, and the McCain.

Michelle Malkin has gotten involved. Yet again I do not appear to exist.

What happened to Aaron today is exactly what was done to me last September. Kimberlin is making false claims and successfully getting people arrested.

The state of Maryland can basically go to hell. I will never again give that state the chance to abuse me.

And when they get there, to hell, we know who will be sitting there waiting for them. by: socrates


Anonymous said...

Actually, reading through that Popehat dude's thread last night after making the comment you feature here in your post, I saw several examples of people there making pretty much the same point as I did, only better.

Not wittier, but better, which are essentially:

Sorry. Can't really get behind Worthing's actions in this instance, especially if as its been rumoured, his behaviour in court was "inciteful."

The Soap Opera needs to end when you enter court and if you are a lawyer involved in melodrama and courtroom antics, well, its pretty hard to defend his behaviour. No, its indefensible, except on the most base emotional level, which JUSTICE ISNT SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT.

That's what fascism is supposed to be about.

I recall reading in his epic masterpiece of the January courtroom confrontation that Worthing then also came off as rather boorish in front of the Judge, but he got away with it that time, at least until he made the mistake of exiting too closely behind BK on his way out the door and played keepaway with his iPad. Was Kimberlin's reaction appropriate? No, but it was predictable. Was a lawyer getting close enough to his adversary to have any kind of confrontation at all, and then swiping his iPad and playing keep away with it an act of intelligence?

Didn't Worthing learn anything from the Zimmerman-Martin case? It sorta kinda looks like he (and the vengeful legions of the rightwing blogger herd) is itching just a bit too much for a battle with BK, just like Zimmerman was with Martin.

Just sayin. I can even see an eventual backlash against the online "crowd sourcing" now building against BK, which it appears yesterday's judge (if unofficial reports are accurate) picked up on and made a stand against. Maybe he did the wrong thing. Judges are human too.

The whole "blog BK day" over the topness has more than a whiff of mob hysteria about it, and the courts are designed (thank God) to afford some protection to defend the rights of even the most imperfect individuals against mobs of the "regular" people. Its what our system is supposed to be all about, in fact.

When the court possesses imperfect information (and how could they not in this case?) about background and history, the natural inclination would seem to be to defend the little guy against the crowd.

All the crimes in the present tense, we must always remember, are still only alleged. The police havent accused BK of any crime related to your case, Worthing's case or Weinergate: not perjury, not fraud, not swatting, not nothing.

Maybe the court doesnt get what's going on in the prison yard of the infoboobtubes, but maybe, just maybe, we, the infoboobs, are the ones who TRULY aren't getting it.

Where are the crimes?

The court is basically asking the same question and siding, imperfectly perhaps, with lone individual against the overheated mob mentality, until the indictments start showing up.

And honestly? That's a comforting thought to this anti-social loner with a boner, who has always found himself going against the grain of the "regular" people.

Zilla said...

I've been passing the link to your blog to my liberal friends (who understandably hate my blog ha ha ha) and asking them to help get the word out about what's been happening to you. Is there a link I can also give them to where they may send financial assistance to you?
Liberals need to realize that BK & the gang will target anyone who gets in their way (and it can happen to them too), and they should be doing whatever they can to HELP YOU, just as people on the right have been rallying to help Aaron & the other conservatives who've been abused.
It might be entertaining for some lefties to see conservatives getting attacked, but beyond the schadenfreude, they need to understand that one of their own is under siege as well.

Anonymous said...

Zilla, donkeytale here.

Socrates is currently too addicted to his twitter feed to spend much time tending to his blog responsibilities, so I will answer in his stead.

On his behalf, let me say thanks for the kind sentiments. But let me also interject that there is a serious difference between the schadenfreuds of the left and right.

Socrates is not well liked on the left. Actually, neither am I much of the time. Both of us have been banned from lefty blogs (or fake lefty blogs to be more accurate) more times than we can recall.

The hard blogging left could never pull off a crowdsourcing project such as the one against Kimberlin. We are too splintered, contrarian, anti-social and more interested in causes than people. And as I stated, the recent action against BK from the right has a morally dubious quality about it, too.

It opens up vast tracts of grey area for over development and further online environmental degradation of the Bill of Rights.

Many people have long suspected we are the same person. Socrates rejects donations, but since we are known to be the same person, maybe you should consider sending donations my way?

I've been trying to sell out for years online but alas, no one will have me.

socrates said...

Sorry, was busy tweeting @fieldnegro, "Duuuude."

I guess he's busy, and even if he sees that will be thinking, "Wtf, stifle it you meathead. Over here Edith."

If I was a shallow fake like Asst. District Attorney Patrick Frey, of course I'd set up a tip jar.

What people could do for me, if concerned, is lobby the higher ups taking in the money to stop being hypocritical douchantes (pardon my French) and start protecting my rights in fascist Maryland.

I don't care about money. I'd rather meet Katie O'Couric and Phillip O'Donahue, if you know what I mean. Aah, forget them. I want to be on The View. Katie can sit in the audience. We'll chill in the green room a bit, after find some latte. Basically, I am trying to parlay this story into a lucrative poolboy position.

I'm not a sell-out. Neither is Aaron. Patrick reeks to high heaven of being a self-serving jerk. And I'll blog on what I mean with that next when I get to it.

Mandy's a nice girl. Her boyfriend is an idiot. But he's irrelevant, and that's why he and others like rectangle boy FilmLadd show up on twitter timelines. I AM SUPERTROLL.

What are we talking about?

Liberty_Mandy wantes me to rewrite my Neal Cheesehauser Internet Predator post. That is also where I'm thinking of going next. I want to focus in on Team Numbnut hoaxing and explain precisely why Patrick Frey is a wanker and all-around loser when it comes to being a person.

This thing could have been stopped a year ago before all the recent troubles. But Patterico and Breitbart, rest in peace of course, didn't do squat for me.

And now to quote Yogi Bear-a, "It's deja vu, time to get out of the pool, keyboard warriors."

Ugh, that didn't make sense. But I'm not deleting it.

This can be nerve-wracking. Like I've said before, when and if I end up on the radio shows, I could be excellent or awkwardly embarassing for both myself and God bless the audience/American people.

Donkeytale nailed the current event. The right is currently losing against psycho breath, because they are politicising something that should be explained in 10th grade language and without appearing self-serving. The right-o-sphere is mocked precisely because they come across as idiotic.

Yet, so also are their fake left whiteyspheric opponents. So I guess strike that last point. Overruled. Next question.

Some nice lady wants to do a show with myself and the lovely & talented Mandy_Chick. That's what I'm talking about. Last night I was forced to review my schtick. She wanted to go to the beginning.

Uhm, I couldn't find a specific date when I first heard of Bwett. An accurate guess would be maybe April 2008. Then approximately in June-July socratisation commenced.

It's unfortunate Mr. LA Dickhead Prosecutor is a user. Otherwise, people would already know what I did and whatnot. No, he wants blog hits, donations, partisan political gains, and promotion of the Breitbart model. Truth be damned.

This can get sooo frustrating. Some cointelpro dork named Darby told me to read up on the story. Me?!??! Then some steel-headed idiot, piggish Darby friend from Canada started trolling me.

Truth be told, most of those in power of both right and left zeitgeist factories are full of it.

This can be a toughie. It's not about me, yet it is about me. Some of it is about donkeytale. We can't forget Al Franken. Zilla is obviously now involved.

Zilla said...

Aww, donkeytale, if I had anything I'd send it to you, you potential sell-out! ;) But I am quite broke, unfortunately.

I am guilty of the righty-vs-lefty stuff as well (because I'm an evil righty), but I tried to keep most of my "partisan hack" focus on where the bad-guys are getting the money from, and I did mention in my post that they've gone after a lefty too, but I do not think I have stressed that second part enough though and I apologize for that.

I'll try to make my next post include more emphasis on how the core of this issue is about the attack on free speech and that YOUR right to it is as important as everybody else's.

I don't know when my next post will be ready though, because I have some health issues that really interfere with pretty much everything.

socrates said...

Here's the audio. I don't think it's allowed to be posted, yet here it is.

Listen To The Maryland Miscarriage: Confused Judge Sends Blogger Off In Cuffs

So there you have it. Aaron Walker was arrested for blogging, same that happened to me.

And here's a garbage article on the story from The Washington Times as tweeted by Mandy Nagy. Haha, she tried some behaviour modification on me earlier. So did Dustin Flanders.

This thing has been turned into the equivalent of the Birther movement. Donkeytale, we tried to warn them. I am definitely over this. Seriously. An infamous 20th Century criminal has resurrected himself through the net and with his delusions is breaking the law in broad cyber daylight. It's got to be only a matter of time before he's locked up. Right?

I have two entries almost ready to go but am awaiting conclusions of negotiations with Patterico over his smear job on myself.

Meanwhile at Twitter know-it-all Popehat threatened me with exposure if I didn't stop poking at him. What a bunch of hypocrites. Talking up free speech. Stealing my scoop destiny. Ignoring that I am one of the primary bloggers who needs protection.

Anonymous said...

I notice you getting quite chummy with some weird bot-like chick on Twitter.

LMFAO. You go, dude.

Chicks are great but money is honey. Put up a tip jar. Er, I mean a donation button. Say you are personally against donations but the only way the right would agree to give you the financial support you deserve for giving them something new over which to salivate is if you agree to submit to the Flandersisation of your unique and loveable if occasionally vile troll personality.

Keep Socrates Free to Be He!!!

Zilla, I would be remiss if I didn't express my sympathies for your medical condition.

It is a medical condition, I trust, and not one of those psychosomatic diseases that afflict lefty bloggers looking for sympathy (and donations)>

Anonymous said...

Troll Wars 6.66 up at myfdl. Its an objective, detailed, sourced account of the story that deserves to be spread virally through the whiteysphere.

socrates said...

Haha, volume 6.66. I just blew coffee juice out of me nostrils.

You seemed to have missed my most important tweet of the day. I wrote I had to go away for a while to watch my Celtics lose to the Miami Cheat with the hashish tag of reverse jinx.

Fricken KG, that knucklehead. I thought he had a concussion or something. The crowd was like wtf while spilling their popcorn. Then KG spinned off his back and started doing push-ups with his knuckles.

That dude rules. To go with Pierce and Rondo, the Celtics definitely still have a bit of magic johnson.

Zilla is excellent. She's the kind of Republican even Cesar Chavez would love to chill out with over a pint of Guinness.

The other one I was talking with yesterday, yeah, what a sweetie.

And check this out. Negotiations with Frey aren't the only project I'm working on. There are a bunch of right wing blogger women, think they call themselves the broadside girls. They may or may not do a show on myself and Mandy.

And for anyone who read through the Thrilla in Vanilla, the audio from Aaron's unfortunate day shows more how BK operates. He's really starting to piss me off.

And that Judge, what an ass.

"Keep your shirt on, tough guy. Where do you think this is gonna end? Back in the day, Bogie would have split your lips wide open, steal your tomato, and the escalation would've ended. Then he would have found you a prostitute. Googley schmoogley, you kids with your electronic doodads. Ah, a wise guy I oughta sassa frassa."

Someone does need to turn this into a movie. Just hopefully Mandy and Patrick don't get hired as chief consultants. Then my destiny will definitely be thoroughly stolen. And then that means no donkeytale. No donkeytale will mean bad movie.