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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Layman Interpretation of Swat Call Compared to Voice of Ron Brynaert

aspiring intrepid reporter
or supertroll?

Hmmmm. Well, is Brad Friedman an intrepid reporter or one who has peddled hoaxes into big money donations and fake internet gravitas? (see Connell, Michael... Curtis, Clint... Schakowsky, Jan [Democrat- Le Islande des Lesbos Espionage], Dieb-Throat, et al) There's your answer. And for crying out loud, Ron Brynaert guest blogged for Brad Friedman as recently as March 10th, 2011. (see relations, incestuous)

I have zero training in voice recognition. Nonetheless, I feel compelled to compare the swatting call on Mike Stack with audio of Ron Brynaert.

Listen to the following two items. The first is Ron Brynaert, the other the criminal. Are they the same person as a number of people are wondering?

1) Nicole Sandler Interviews Ron Brynaert

2) Swatting Audio

Ron Brynaert wrote, "Everyone knows I talk fast, excited, curse, and I’m damn glibber than that caller. His voice has a weird accent and is more nasally."

That's odd, because an immediate description of Brynaert that comes to mind is that he sounds very nasal.

What's interesting is how the swat caller seemed to be putting on an affected, Californian accent. If one listens carefully, there are spots where he does sound very similar to if he isn't indeed Ron Brynaert! Those brief moments are there, but one needs to really concentrate to hear them. In a few places, the swat caller's voice completely changed. Look for those.

:40 "I'm not gonna tell you that" A middle ground between monotone and nasal.

1:14 on "I don't know. I haven't checked on her in about two hours." Nasal seeping through.

2:12 "I gotta go" Steps back into full monotone.

2:24 "What do you want?" Nasal slips out.

2:44 "Yes on the, I shot her in the head." Starts out nasal then returns to monotone.

2:58 on "I gotta go." Full monotone.

Listen to Brynaert in the interview. How can he say his voice isn't nasal? For the most part he sounds like a dweeb. Though on the other hand, there are fleeting moments where he does sound like the swat caller in Califonian monotone.

Ron also wrote, "Dude, I sound nothing like that caller. And what would be my f***ing motive?"

Uhm, Ron actually does sound like the caller in those referred to moments.

As for possible motive, Lee Stranahan came up with a good one.
And — the reason for ‘throwing Ron’s name in there’ is that some people have suggested it might be Ron. And I — honestly — can’t rule that out...

Let me explain why I’m NOT ruling Ron out after hearing this call.

The long pauses before the answers. Sounds like someone restraining themselves.

Yes, Ron — I know how you sound. And YOU know how you sound. So I can predict you wouldn’t want to make yourself sound that way.

And motive? I dunno — who really seems desperate to be involved in a big story? ....

Am I the only one to notice how f***ing STRANGE Ron is? I mean — seriously. Just watch — here comes 12 questions asking me why I farted at 1:03am on July 23th as I tweeted during a radio show.

Crazy people do crazy shit.

ya dig?
That would be one possible motive. Another could be he is a paid member of Team Numbnuts. One strategy of theirs is to attempt to bully opposition into keeping their yappers shut and basically scare them into retreat.

So perhaps Mike Stack was cybersmeared and swatted thinking he would then fear making a blogging effort to clear his name. And it could also have been a message to "stifle it, Edith," to anyone else contemplating entering the fray. As in, if you don't shut up, you might be the next one to be cybersmeared and/or get an unwelcomed visit from a swat team.

I don't know if Ron Brynaert is the one who made the swat call. Nonetheless, I am in agreement with Lee Stranahan that he cannot be ruled out. He should be on any list of suspects due to his irrational postings made pertaining to Weinergate and related convolution.


Anonymous said...

Great post.

I agree you can't rule him out based on this. And if you're cherry picking, it's actually going to make one more suspicious.

And Lee's got great points. There are a lot of players in this mess, but only a handful have behaved totally crazy or hateful.

Of course, the above is not a powerful case against Ron.

But I appreciate you taking the time to discuss this.


Anonymous said...

Ron is playing the right wing for suckers in order to get in with them so he can expose the inner workings of their Team, or so he thinks. Anyone who trusts Ron will pay for it later on. Ron works for the Numbnuts, always has always will. Buyer beware of him. Only Socrates sees this, but for some reason no one will listen to him. One day though they will refer back to his work and see that Socrates was right all along. Trusting Ron is a huge mistake they will eventually pay for.

socrates said...

Thanks for the responses. It took a while to write up. To paraphrase Dustin, cherry picking convinces nothing to nobody

Everyone at home try a bit of voice control. I can do it. Anyone can. Some like Rich Little parlayed it into a comedy schtick.

I know what I heard in one brief part of the AA interview. Ron stopped sounding like a dweeb and was acting like Mr. Groovy from California. It's not "Aha!" proof. He simply cannot be ruled out, and in my opinion I wouldn't be surprised if Ron Brynaert made those 911 calls.

It's tough to know whether he is insane, paid, or a combination. There are a couple other numbnuts one could safely assume are both paid and insane. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Insane people can also be crazy like a fox.

Anonymous there makes a great point. No, not his nice compliment which is appreciated. But that Ron is playing people trying to pry out info. Now it's Mike Stack's turn.

He was very effective driving a wedge between myself and donkeytale. My weak spots are well-known. But I am not the only one with them. Donkeytale got suckered by Ron, and now I am no longer going to blog at Pffugee.

There are scumbags in this world. This transcends political affiliation. Sometimes people change and become nicer and uhm develop compassion.

Yes, Ron's trying to cultivate Mike Stack's confidence, and then there are others through him he might try if he hasn't already, like the Mike Madden dude. Some right winger. Looks like a regular guy for a wingnut, as I am for a libtard. But it won't work. Ron is stuck with only those few crazy and/or paid associates such as Lipton breath.

At the beginning he was able to sucker Liberty_Chick out of some info. But once he went insane at Patterico's blog, it was over for credibility. But he doesn't mind. It's not like he was ever fair and balanced to begin with. Ron was effective at first hiding his affiliations, but it's over. He wrote too many lies which have been documented.

I think Ron Brynaert has been a paid part of Team Numbnuts the whole time. That's my opinion. I think he's the poor man's Jason Leopold. Or make that the homeless man's Jason Leopold. He's that insignificant. Ron Brynaert is the personification of a rabbit hole. He's also a criminal, if that's him on the swat call.

socrates said...

I'm relistening to those two links. When the swat caller asks, "What do you want," bam, there's what should be cherry picked.

Unfortunately the AA interview can't be broken down easily into minutes and seconds as with youtube. But let's see.

About a quarter of the way in: Uhm, so we just, you know, we finally decided that yeah we should get a blog up.

Bam! Californian monotone! Duuuudee!

socrates said...

2:24 of the swat call is the money cherry. What do you want? Listen to it 10 times, then go back to the AA interview. Sounds like the same dude.

socrates said...

Meet The World's Greatest Detective #WeinergateSigh

Ladd might be right. The convolution reminds me of the Dave From Queens days at Daily Kos. This could have been mostly about Rauhauser working for NY democrats against Weiner. Then perhaps he did a kill two birds with one stone schtick going after Team Breitbart. Since Brad Friedman and Company have been promoting the false idea of a Breitbart criminal empire, that's why I was tossed into the hoax mix.

And now I see Aaron believes the nutjob @occupyrebellion is Brett. I don't know, but it wouldn't surprise me. Who else could that shim be?

Hmmm, what else? Oh, Ron continues to ignore direct questions I make yet still follows like a stalker and makes mention of me.

It's funny strange how he tweeted my Ayn Rand schtick because he was mentioned as a nominee for the notorious supertroll of the year award. But that he had nothing to say about the actual post. Funny strange how he and occupyrebellion disappeared at the same time a few days ago, as if they needed time to plot out how to proceed after getting their arses kicked.

Ron's been tweeting threats lately he's gonna post emails he has from BK. This is in reference to his libel of Aaron. Uhm, Ron's known for quite a while that dude is a perjurer. Ron always ignores tough questions he can't possibly answer. Such as why when the November 14th transcript was available did he continue to argue it wasn't perjury or in fact has never retracted nothing to nobody for his smearing of me in regards to BK?

And how can anyone take him seriously as a "journalist" when he has been using known liars such as this and Rauhauser as so-called sources?

Oooh, he is tweeting up some exclusive expose on the Wikipedia BK entry being scrubbed. Problem is that's old news and has been known by anyone following the convolution.

Nope, I'm still leaning to the idea that Ron is a paid member of Team Numbnuts. Back when he went whackadoodoo at Patterico's and other places, his insanity has been let's say too over the top. Not believable.

It must suck for Ron, Rauhauser, and others that their deniable plausibility is they are insane.

Dustin said...

Maybe there are two Dustins discussing this? I don't recall leaving that other comment. It sounds like me in some ways, but I don't agree that Seth is "cherry picking". Sigh.

"Back when he went whackadoodoo at Patterico's and other places, his insanity has been let's say too over the top. Not believable."

That's right. It's an act, in my opinion. He panicked right after the swattings, acted like he was building a defense of insanity, and then seemed to gain his confidence after several months went on. He studiously ignores that he acted so over-the-top crazy when reacting to those who don't take him very seriously. You'd think he would address it. It’s pathetic and I barely can stand to pay attention to it because he takes everyone’s stupidity for granted.

You have done a great job exposing the swatter's effort to fake his voice. And who thinks the faked voice is highly relevant and should be relied on?

"Ron continues to ignore direct questions [...] yet still follows like a stalker"

True. He’s the guy who obsesses over any detail that can be spun into a huge conspiracy theory. When it’s shown that the recording’s voice (which he thought relevant) was faked except probably one helpful accident, he doesn’t respond? How strange. And the voice sounds a lot like… him? Golly. Gee. That is something.

"2:24 of the swat call is the money cherry. What do you want? Listen to it 10 times, then go back to the AA interview. Sounds like the same dude."

It sounds to me like Ron dropped an act for a moment and reverted to his real voice.

When more information is out there, remember that Soc got on the right track with so little.

He has put much together while practically blindfolded.

socrates said...

Hi Dustin,

I've been thinking something strange was up with the second post after "Dustin's."

I had thought the first Dustin was you. I was a bit taken aback by the cherry picking comment but figured you were simply being fair and balanced.

But in hindsight it was clearly a troll. Thanks for keeping an eye out for that.

There's a new account at Twitter called RonBrynIsNuts. He followed me. But I saw in his seven tweets that he was treating the Anonymous Numbnuts as my equals. You know the ones I'm talking about, those I wish others would simply ignore. I have blocked the new one, those other accounts, and even Ron's buddy Mike who was been getting on my back of late.

They (not including Mike) act as if they matter. But unless they reveal who they are, they are simply anonymous sadists. As Lee Stranahan effectively asks, "Who are you?"

One can see them on the Twitter sides mentioning someone as if there is a running dialogue, when there isn't.

There are at least five people I can think of who are a sadistic waste of time; Ron, qritiq, Kid K., Neal, and BK.

Mike has also become a waste of time. Thankfully, he doesn't appear to be a sadist but has rather got confused.

I think the second post here was made by someone who'd love to have their website mentioned. I'm not going to do it. It's full of criminal cybersmearing put out by an anonymous coward(s), hmmm, the same kind of junk Neal Rauhauser has been producing.

It's mind boggling as Noodles points out the amount of time they have spent on creating and perpetuating the Poopocalypse hoax.

My opinion is they simply want to be linked. E.G., it's how Ron rolls. He talks up how he has been smeared for close to a year by Neal. That isn't true. That's a hoax, imho, to keep people from easily becoming aware of his own "incestuous relations" to sociopathic predators and convolution.

I have to go back every so often to my first blog and bump a thread, so it doesn't get deleted for inactivity. There's stuff in the astroturfing section which though very raw in places shows the path I took starting years ago to expose Ron and his ilk.

The posts made here from November on were an effort to keep that part of my blogging alive. Because it helps to fill in the backstory. I've still got tons of court-ordered deleted stuff (due to the default) to rewrite. More backstory stuff. But I don't feel rushed, because I think I rewrote the most important material which transcends who I am as an individual.

Human nature tends to lead us to reading and agreeing with what we want to see. Team Numbnuts is desperate to be involved at the adult's dinner table, so that potential donors will assume Brad Friedman and Company are real activists fighting against a "criminal" Team Breitbart. Team Breitbart is used by them as a metaphor for Team Karl Rove, election fraud, and the corrupt Establishment in general. It is a house of cards built on elaborate hoaxes.

It takes a bit of mental juggling to get the big picture. But it can be done.