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Friday, May 11, 2012

Ron Brynaert's Bleatifications

tweeted May 2nd to a real supertroll
promoting the Rauhauser/Kimberlin

This is what I think is going on with Ron Brynaert. I think he is concern trolling and probably paid for his efforts. It must be a tough balancing act because, if true, he has to support his employers' objectives while making it appear he is an independent nutjob. It's possible he's simply a very confused individual. Though, imho, he is paid to post for Team Numbnuts.

Folks can go back in time and see how he smeared me as having menaced Kimberlin. He called me a supertroll. When given proof of November 14th perjury, he tweeted the equivalent of hmmph. Lately he has made a transparent effort to convey the idea he is not a BradBlog/VR agent. But we're to believe it was a coincidence he was recently frontpaged by Brad Friedman and more recently libelled Aaron Worthing based on the word of Brad's closest associate? Ron thinks we are supposed to forget all that?

And now Ron has rejumped the shark. Today May 10th he tweeted the following.

The only one who fits that description is Aaron. Maybe Brynaert thinks he is being clever by not mentioning him directly as in past tweets. However, I'm not sure how he can expect to not be found guilty of further defamation, if he persists with such allegations. There is no shadow of a doubt escape clause for civil cases. He is acting precisely like Rauhauser by making such outrageous claims.

In a previous entry, I put up screenshots of Ron claiming Aaron had committed criminal assault on Kimberlin. Ron didn't couch it as alleged. He made the critical error of tweeting it as factual.

Now he's claiming Aaron is blackmailing him for 20 grand? Now he's astroturfing the Team Breibart, criminal conspiracy hoax? Yet he's also willing to testify for Aaron while contemplating reporting him to the police for blackmail? NOT BELIEVABLE!

I could go on and on parsing Ron's style of convolution. But that's what he and similar supertrolls desire. They want confusion to reign. They want folks to waste time reading their hoax garbage.

Nonetheless, the main question surrounding Ron is fascinating. Is he paid to post or simply deluded?

That was Ron running interference for Brad Friedman. Clearly Brett played a role in Raw Story's emergence. I think he's trying to make light of Kimberlin's role with them and thus such thinking can also be extended to Brad. I asked Ron to expose BradBlog/VR hoaxing, but all I got in return were crickets chirping and later on more invasion into my personal space.

Here is a tweet showing Ron pimping for Brett as having not set the bombs. And we'll then have more on that in a bit. And uhm, I'm positive Mark Singer believes Brett set the Speedway bombs which led to Carl Delong's maiming. So how would Mark Singer have had a problem with the judgment? And Ron wonders why so many believe he is working for VR? He knows why. It's because of junk like this.

Ron Brynaert is obviously supporting the Speedway Bomber. Why else did he just tweet this?

And to top it off so there are no doubts what Brynaert has been up to, let's take a looksie at some extensive Brynaert excerpts shedding doubt on Brett Kimberlin being behind the Speedway bombings. Then ask yourselves why would he be doing that for free?

A concern troll is one who tries to give the impression of objectivity and sincerity while attacking natural consensus building based on facts. In this case, Ron has been trying to make it seem he has no dog in the Brad Friedman/VR hunt. However, he is simply offering nothing but misdirection. He has never covered their outrageous, election fraud hoaxes. He's even tried to shed doubt on Brett Kimberlin having set the Speedway bombs. He's tried to make a mockery of the idea that Brett Kimberlin should have been a primary suspect for the murder of Julia Scyphers. If he's not paid by VR and/or Brett, why is he astroturfing such rubbish? He continued.

Why didn't Ron discuss what the motive might have been for the murder of Julia Scyphers? Not relevant? How could that not be relevant? Ron has smeared myself, Mandy, Patrick, Aaron, and Dustin simply for blogging the truth about Brett Kimberlin. Those four can be tied to Andrew Breitbart. And who has had a website devoted to indicting him? Which internet predator on the run from New Jersey authorities for harassing Mike used to have as his Daily Kos signature? And Ron wonders why we think he works for them? What kind of idiots does he take newbies and fence-sitters for? Here's more Ron Brynaert supporting the Kimberlin lie he never set the bombs.

Take note of how he followed the Alexandrovna approach of astroturfing Brett didn't set the bombs despite there being plenty of proof. Ron's objective was two-fold. His crowd wants to accept that Brett was only involved in the drug trade and nothing else. Oh those crazy pot people! He also wanted to attack Mandy and Patrick Frey. What he didn't mention was the strange relationship Brett had with Julia Scyphers' very young granddaughter. Nor did Ron mention how Julia was fed up with Brett and taking action to protect her family.

Julia Scyphers was killed execution-style. She wasn't robbed. Who had the motive to do that? Why was Ron twisting the truth to fit in with double secret exoneration hoax? And I'm not so sure Fred only got a glimpse of Bowman. But I've lent my Singer book to a friend.

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