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Monday, May 21, 2012

This might help and some other stuff

I left two posts at Patterico's but am waiting for the second one to get through moderation.
70. BK is only a lefty to fit in with his brand model, period. The excerpt provided just above by Sarahw explains that.
63. I think it more interesting that the hard left has anything to do with him. What he’s selling sells in that quarter.. Bk is in the game for Bk.

On pg 54 of citizen K, google provides a snippet:
…he could get you to operate under a pretense of camaraderie! Then he would use that. he proffered to play on your greed And your insecurity about your meal ticket? He talked about going straight, but he had no interest in that. He had an interest in being a robber baron. Selling pot was love and peace to the rest of us, but to Brett it was fig-[ures?]…
Comment by Sarahw
His passion is for making money.

Dustin, basically I was able to dig into the hoaxing (not rocket science) while uncovering connections, e.g. to the heir of the Oliver Grace Estate, philanthropist Lori Grace. Myself and then TLNL had common sense questions with the latter summing up this story in one word. Kerching!

There was a woman at the Sept. hearing. Probably around 30. I googled for a picture of the Darrah Ford lady but couldn’t find one.

If Occupy Rebellion is indeed a female, my hunch is she’s that woman. The one with Brett at Aaron’s thingie was probably his mom or his philanthropist aunt Harriet Crosby, imho.

As for Ronald Brynaert, I can’t think of any other explanation than he is working for the bad guys. His recent pro-Kimberlin Wikipedia submission couldn’t have been written better than by Larisa Alexandrovna herself.

There are historical tangents to this story, but most don’t know anything about them. I’m talking about convolution from the past. I was able to make some startling connections. Here’s one. A VR affiliate is called Progressive Independent. Their founder Tinoire is a self-proclaimed hard lefty, but she also admitted to having been in military intelligence. Uhm, lefties don’t tend to be in the military. She made a blunder admitting that on a Ronald Reagan forum. It was similar to Markos Moulitsas admitting he had come inches away from joining the CIA full-time for clandestine operations.

Those were self-inflicted wounds. Same as BK’s past being ignored by Brad Friedman. He figured I was one person who could be spun as a multi-personality supertroll. While Larisa could do clean-up at DKos and Democratic Underground.

Sure I was persistent, but all I really had was my blog. I tried to get it done at the Political Flesh Feast-Daily Kos off-shoot (FSZ) but got trolled on very badly. The same thing happened to Dave Weintraub when he was giving Daily Kos its final beatdown for credibility. You righties have to understand that the few of us have had nowhere to go for the most part other than solo. Same thing happened to Francis Holland. This BK-BradBlog story only finally started to gain serious zeitgeist traction once the cavalry arrived in the form of Mandy, Patrick, and Dustin. (see the enemy of my enemy is my friend p:>) I also started to pile on with more entries during that October-November time frame (unfortunately deleted due to the default).

One of Tinoire’s best buddies is Mike Rivero of What Really Happened dot com. That dude has been so anti-semitic that even Alex Jones had to give him the heave-ho. Most of you on this blog who have been around for years know who he is. He used to post at Free Republic. I think he got the boot for being a crackpot.

Rivero is well-known for Jooo hate. As a right winger, it was surprising that he and the “lefty” Tinoire were so close. One bit later found showed that Mike Rivero had worked for McDonnell Douglas. For someone supposedly against the “New World Order,” it’s amazing he used to work for the #1 arms manufacturer at the time.

Hmmm, another find of mine was of a now non-existent, except for at my blog, screen capture from VR’s affiliate The Lonestar Iconoclast. At the bottom of the page was a frontpage blurb previewing an article within written by Eric May, another right woos left, anti-Jooo conspiracy theorist. I could go on. Better yet, anyone interested should read my blog posts titled Incestuous Relations parts one and two at DFQ2.

There’s so much more too. Wayne Madsen, another crackpot and apparently ex-NSA, is also friendly with Tinoire. And let’s not forget the close ties between the BradBlog-Raw Story milieu to ex-CIA Larry Johnson and hack reporter Jason Leopold.

I can’t win for saying it, but I feel justified in wondering if there has been some kind of modern day cointelpro in place on the internet. Now I am trying to keep it simple. Crazy hoaxes led to major donations and grants.
Comment by Prepostericity
71. Can we get a link to the Lonestar Iconoclast being a VR affiliate?

Anyone else remember that publication? If memory serves, it was a place where Ellie Light astroturf was published.
Comment by Patterico
Hi Patrick,

Here's something I rewrote from one of the 21 deleted entries.

Incestuous Relationships Part 1

The first half of that is mostly a rehash of the LA Steel-Raw Story-Larisa-Speedway Bomber, etc. stuff. Right after you get to the Karl Rove-Kimberlin photo from BradBlog, it gets briefly into The Lonestar Iconoclast. Then a bit further down is a section titled, The Lonestar Iconoclast Connection. I'm definitely feeling an itch to socratise it again and check out this Ellie Light you speak of.

In part 2, the connection is touched on again including info on Raw Story's Stephen Webster having worked for The Lonestar Iconoclast.

I never looked into it too much, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Iconoclast was a conspiracy theory tabloid.

I do know the links found proving they are a close VR affiliate were scrubbed.

If interested, folks can easily get to part two through the sidebar.

This is the kind of stuff I enjoyed most as a blogger, the so-called cybersleuthing.

And whenever someone trolled me, it pushed me to dig further. So thank-you Brad, Larisa, Mike Rivero trolls, Tinoire, et al for egging me on. Haha, myself and The_Last_Name_Left also had fun going after anti-semite David Dees (the animator highlighted by goofball Jeff Rense), fake lefty and Kossack Al Giordano of Narco News, and Agent 99 (the anti-semitic moderator for Brad Friedman).

There's something called right woos left. That was a phrase coined by I believe Chip Berlet. His schtick focused on mostly the 9/11 Joos did it nonsense. I think right woos left can be applied to a lot of things.

If folks research American conspiracy theory, they'll run across the John Birch Society, Lyndon Larouche, and other tools. I think a lot of the convolution on the net is an extension of that. I will admit that a guilty pleasure of mine was to listen to a good Alex Jones rant.

This is the kind of stuff I got into as a blogger, what I wanted to most understand. The convolution.

There's an endless supply of it. I noticed it had infiltrated the left-o-sphere. You know what I'm talking about. I think the first time I read your blog was way back when, probably to do with Jason Leopold. Or I was googling Larisa. Kinda forget. One of them. Or Larry Johnson.

Sorry for rambling and going off-topic or bringing up things too difficult for newbies and fence-sitters to fit into the big picture. Hopefully people can see how this stuff transcends right-left political discussion except for on the shallow surface.

Imho, both left and right have had their fair share of fruitcakes co-opting their ideologies through the dispersal of internet convolution. And I simply feel, as does freelancer Joe Lauria, that the MSM is simply not into covering it. They only covered it briefly with Weiner cause he was a Congressman.
Comment by Prepostericity
Strangely enough, Mike Rivero can be tied directly to a former Department of Justice employee.

Why might that matter? Because it's possible Team Numbnuts is working for them. @FilmLadd has a hunch that both Twittergate and Weinergate could be directly tied to the White House. I found that ludicrous and told him to get real. I don't see how crazy hoaxes portraying leftists as sadistic towards righties could possibly help Obama. But it got me thinking especially after googling and reflecting after posting the above at Patterico's.

Hal Turner was working modern day cointelpro for the FBI in an attempt to "flush out the crazies." Could Rauhauser have been attempting the same but substitute Tea Party and Breitbart followers for neonazis?

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel for this. It is conspiracy fact that the spy factory is all over the internet. I've blogged on this before. They've admitted to it. Do your own homework if you don't believe me.

Ron Brynaert is a Team Numbnut Tool

Ye might want to check out Brynaert's Kimberlin submission to Wikipedia before it probably shifts into some kind of edit war. Here are my recent tweets which explain what he did.
Ron Brynaert has submitted a pro-BK entry to Wikipedia. Mentions Kimberlin denial with no reference to overwhelming evidence....

No mention of Julia Scyphers but inserts hypnosis angle.

Ron gives a positive review of Brad Friedman. Cherry picks Wizard of Odd article. No mention of election integrity hoaxes.

Tweeted: "I didn't include any references to any "double secret" exoneration since there isn't any proof." Ron's crafty with disinfo.

"back-and-forth online battles have transpired between progressives backing Kimberlin and bloggers on the right." That's 100% astroturf.

Only "progressives" backing Kimberlin appear to be hacks such as Neal Rauhauser and the awol Larisa Alexandrovna.

I just made some tweets on Brynaert's pro-Kimberlin Wiki astroturf. @Dust92 @Patterico @Liberty_Chick @AaronWorthing @FilmLadd @NoodleSpoon

@NoodleSpoon Fricken loser knows there is proof from BK's Nov. 14th testimony not to mention Alexandrovna's heresay.

@NoodleSpoon Yikes- meant hearsay. Not sure if heresay is a word.
And Ron continues to be sadistic towards me. He or one of his Team Numbnut associates blew up a photo of my driver's license and is calling me Cookie Puss. It wasn't my best picture. My hair was tied in a pony tail, and I had rolled out of bed or something. That's why I put up the one picture I have on my twitter account. There people can see kinda sorta what I really look like. Anyway, if Ron wants to be such a sadistic creep in public, so be it. Same goes for the Mike who got swatted and cybersmeared. Though the latter I can forgive. He was put through the wash cycle. He was battered down by Team Numbnuts. So it makes sense he's now unhinged and getting manipulated. He's missing the big picture. Though I do wish him the best of luck getting Rauhauser thrown in prison where he belongs. Ron is being sadistic on purpose while also acting crazy on purpose which is obviously much worse than what Mike has been up to. It's part of Ron's job description, imho.

Ron was also effective in driving a wedge between myself and donkeytale. He definitely understands the art of social engineering. Hmmm, as in psychological operations? It wouldn't surprise me. Google Hal Turner. Do your own own homework. I am not a supertroll or troll and am a true lefty. I have a Master's Degree in Social Theory. My department taught us critical theory (see School, Frankfurt). Team Numbnuts has been desperate to spin me as a lunatic stalker who made a death threat. That never happened. And now anyone can google Speedy's name and see that the whole truth is crashing down on con artist Brad Friedman and his sadistic associates (see Effect, Streisand).

So anyway, Rona Bryntart's finally found out donkeytale is not as easy a patsy to control as the porn dude. Here you go.
Super Troll claims he reported "cyber crimes committed against" him... Calling Socrates "Super Troll" is apparently a "cyber crime" if you're dumb enough to believe that...but it's perfectly okay for him to call others "Super Troll" and accuse them of ridiculous crimes...
Donkeytale finally showed some common sense.
Aaron Worthing left a comment on my thread at FDL directing my attention here:

(links to Aaron's blog)

I know that you have had some interest and commentary around this alleged event of assault on the victimised BK.

According to Socrates you claimed the event happened before you had proof.
Aaron Worthing May 17th, 2012 at 4:22 pm


This is really off topic, but I remember when you covered the "Troll Wars" between myself and Brett Kimberlin.

Well, there have been some very significant developments in that story. Start here and follow the links. There are two versions of the post. The first is one massive post, and the other is 8 little posts. I created the little posts because people were complaining that their computers couldn't handle that much strain on the memory.

The short version. Brett Kimberlin tried to frame me for a crime.
That must have freaked out Ron, cause he came back with the same kind of Rauhauserish request he made to myself many months ago.
If you email me...

I will respond by email...but not publicly...provided you don't reveal my answer on this blog.

I'm not blogging or tweeting anymore about that crew because I will be reporting a related extortion threat to the NYPD very shortly. But I've spent 9 years reporting on the Netroots and fake news, and I'm not going to stop doing that for anything.

I often wonder what your true agenda is since you treat certain new friends of Socrates as if they are honest or sincere. You seem to get a similar kick when they link to you, just like Socrates.

The only reason I'm discussing Socrates is that he's too far out to even mention to the NYPD and I don't think he's part of THAT crew.

I still suspect what I have always suspected about Socrates..that he trolls Markos and BradBlog enemies pretending to be "leftier than thou" so that he can smear them. And I still believe it's mighty convenient that Andrew Breitbart was cc'd on a quasi death threat about BK. I believe that was probably done on purpose - that Soc knew the law about second hand threats - so that BK could attempt to use discovery to go after Breitbart and O'Keefe.
Donkeytale will never admit it, but in his own way he was admitting I had been right about Brynaert the whole time, and he had been wrong.
For the Pffugeecamp record, My FDL reply to Worthing:
I read through much of it last night. Very interesting. I'm sorry to hear that you were forced to quit your job.

Very excellent writing. You should get a book deal out of this saga. The right of anonymous free speech issues and the abuse of the court system by rogue internet clowns seem like a worthy topic.

Maybe if you offer BK a contract he'll he did with Singer.

I had hoped Soc would develop the book idea, but he can't seem to distance himself enough narratively speaking.

He will make an excellent Sancho Panza, however....
Ron knew it was time to bail out after another loss.
Enough said

See ya!
By the way, I read that above by Brynaert about five times, the thing about Kos and BradBlog enemies and to be blunt, it makes no sense. That's what I'm talking about with Ron faking craziness. He thinks he's being clever by throwing in a lot of noise. He bailed out quick once he realised donkeytale was finally onto his disinfo schtick.

Donkeytale might be a sadistic turdmeister for stretches here and there, but when push comes to shove, he ain't no sucker for pea brained disinfo fockers like Ron Brynaert. And I don't care if he or anyone else thinks I have a big ego and repeat myself and whatnot. I scooped this story. Team Numbnuts and the Montgomery Maryland Circuit Court can kiss my ass. All of you are the lowest of the low. You hear that, Triple Fock Face aka ambulance chaser aka Ricky Boy Judge? You dumbass.


Anonymous said...

Ex-squeeze me? Baking soda?

I guess I should thank you for the backhanded bitch SLAPP, er I mean compliment.

You seem to think that I have been fooled by Ron, or suckered by Ron and now I have seen the error of my ways, but will never admit the error of my previous Ron-crush.

Talk about making up your own argument with yourslef and then winning it.

I like you and I like Brynaert, too. As posters in the whiteysphere you are two of the best and most interesting characters.

I see no evidence that Ron has done anything to anybody. I enjoy his schtick. I hope he cracks the in the process. He's got skills. I believe you did crack several cases wide open and became even more renowned then you already are, a legend of the internet. But I think others are profitting more from it than are you.

I don't think this has to be a zero sum relational deal at all, that I have to dislike one person or lose another, for whatever reason. In case you haven't noticed, I support lots of interesting ideas and people and while this can appear contradictory, in fact I'm being very consistent. You just seem stuck in personal grudge mode. WHich is OK, you have a right, but I think you miss that others have the right to also hold grudges against you. You should view it as a reflection of your effectiveness as an amateur cybersleuth.

I mean, you have to admire too the Kimberlins and Rauhausers of the whiteysphere. Certainly, these two are very brilliant at what they do. I've read some of Neil's technology schtick and he's a great writer. Kimberlin's life story is about as incredible as it gets, an allegorical biography of the baby boom in many ways. Thats not to say I condone either. I just recognise that good and evil God/Devil is a timeless fascination.

I think people are getting too caught up in what is essentially an ARG at this point. An online soap opera for bored loosers who would be doing a lot better to spend more time outside or getting laid, or wtf. I believe that neither Kimberlin (nor anyone) should be allowed to SLAPP people around in court as was done to both you and Worthing. That was one of my motives for writing the Troll Wars, to expose how easy it is to play the justice system. Imagine all the innocent people who are imprisoned and executed in this country.

I also believe the rationalisation of Breitbart's and O'Keefe's vile staged shenanigans are likewise beyond the pale of decency and I lost whatever respect I might have gained for Justin when he so casually defended Breitbart's dishonest hatchet job on Sherrod.

Quite frankly, I think that guy's pretty creepy because he comes across as this aw shucks Ned Flanders All-American good guy but then he's A-OK with Breitbart flaming Sherrod that evilly?

Dustin embodies the old cliche "the banality of evil."

Certainly, the swatting of Mike Stack and Patterico (if it occurred) falls into the ubanal evility category and hopefully the perps will be discovered and punished. As for Weiner, he has no defense. A congressman tweeting close-ups of his package really deserves just about anything he gets.

Anonymous said...

I didn't take up Ron's invite to trade emails because as you know, historically I don't believe bloggers should email. I have made a very exceptions in all these years, perhaps 7-8, total.

But I would prefer that Ron publish his opinions and knowledge for the common good as well as his own.

When he's ready.

socrates said...

Haha, I knew you'd fall for the love siren.

I agree the recent zeitgeisters are profiting off of this story much more than me. Even if I opened up a donation box, I doubt I'd get anything. This place is still in a very humble posiion for page hits, and I doubt that will ever improve.

I don't know what the future holds, brother.

What gets my goat is not one person is actually discussing the specifics of what I wrote that got me sued. It's deja vu all over again when Mandy emerged in late 2010 with her so-called scoop of the century. I'm not mad at her. She did come across me in search results when doing her John Stossel schtick. I was pretty much a one-man crew a the time until The Last Name Left joined the festivities.

And I'm not saying even I scooped the foundation of the story. That was uhm Troubleinwinter at Democratic Underground.

You're definitely spot on, Laddie, how this has transformed into the equivalent of an alternative reality game.

And ain't Twitter the most overrated gizmo ever invented? It's quite the bitch for following anything. It's the rich man's chat board.

The conservatives running with this story are falling into Team Numbnuts' trap, imho. Instead of looking at things objectively, it's mostly more of the same libtard versus repukelican chatter. I'm not sure why they have such a hard on for Rmoney being elected over Obama. Obama is Republican lite, unless I'm missing something. Rmoney is from a cult and into pimping for the top 10%.

They made no sense going after Clinton for an affair. That dude had brought the deficit under control and was starting to chip away at the debt. I thought that was what Repugnuts want. Oh wait, I'm forgetting about Reagan and the two Bushies.

It's all sport to them. It's all about being Good Germans for their party.

It might have been Dustin who claimed GW was a better president than Obama. I can't remember. Yes, I lost a bit of respect for him when he avoided explaining his opinion that Breitbart had done nothing wrong in regards to Sherrod and some other stuff.

That dude McCain who's been at the forefront of blogging Aaron's story just came out claiming threats were made against him, and that now he and his family are on the run out of fear. I haven't checked back, but I don't think he explained what the threat was, but he did make sure to ask for donations.

I definitely lack ambition. Nonetheless, I am thinking of finally getting off my butt to sit down and write a book. P:>

Maybe Lori Grace has an opening for a pool boy. She owes me one for opening up her eyes to the Connell hoax and other thingies.

Anonymous said...

The thought of you applying sun tan lotion to Ms. Grace's back and shoulders while fetching her a chai latte from the butler instantly cracked me up but then I came to a sobering realisation.

I can actually visualise you and her working out. And isn't visualisation a key element of tantric sex?

Its definitely a key element in jerking off. My left hand can vouch for that. I'm thinking of cheating with my right hand but I can't seem to get a grip on it.

Maybe you should apply for the cabana boy job. That would be cool, aand in the service of cosmic justice.

In a way, she owes you.

Your letter to Lori Grace asking for a gig would make for a great blog entry in any event.

Or maybe just hit her up for a donation....

socrates said...

Rumour has it Fox News' Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld cut his first big break as Ariana Huffington's pool boy. So one never knows.

I've nothing but fondness for Ms. Grace. Even her name sounds so very pleasing.

I did feel bad learning that my entry at Daily Kos including her freaked her out. That wasn't my intention. In retrospect, I should have left out the ooh-la-la part.

That was one of my better finds, especially of her post related to Cliffy Arnebeck, Spoonamore, the Speedway Bomber, and her fundraising and donations.

Man, it's pretty wild how much is currently being posted on the net in an "I am Spartacus" manner. We are all Aaron Worthing with I guess myself as Sancho Panza.

I was mad at first after finding out who that dude was you now say I am. I am not overweight despite anyone saying otherwise. There's a big difference between overweight and out of shape. Just ask Paul Pierce about right after the NBA lockout ended.

And from reading a bit on Sancho, it seems he wasn't too shabby a character. Though, big guy, do me a favour and please bring back the Socrates as Neal Cassady schtick. It might help me with the ladies. Maybe with that lovely heiress to the Oliver Grace fortune.