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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Patrick Frey Has It Wrong & Proof Of Cyberstalking

[UPDATE: I am grateful to Patterico for posting the following. SWATting Story Again in Big Media]
Shortly after Weiner sent out the Weinertweet, Rauhauser wrote an email to the FBI blaming Stack for having “hacked” Weiner. Three days after my swatting, in a post titled “Patterico’s Penalization,” Rauhauser tried to implicate me and a man named Seth Allen in the alleged plot to bring down Weiner. (Rauhauser also asked for pictures of my wife and suggested that private detectives should stake out Seth Allen’s residence.)

The inclusion of Seth Allen in the post was a red flag to people who had written about Kimberlin, since Seth Allen was a very low-traffic blogger whose principal claim to fame was that he had fought a one-man war to draw attention to Kimberlin’s past, as well as Kimberlin’s partnership with blogger and radio personality Brad Friedman.
[I don't believe in scrubbing. I wrote below that I doubted Mr. Frey's sincerity. This step has alleviated many of my concerns with his post that upset me. I simply feel we have nothing in common and are ideological opposites. While we probably don't like the other, it appears likely we can maintain a live and let live attitude and respect that somehow our lives have become intertwined, and that ultimately both of us are on the same side in this specific story. END OF UPDATE]

I was saddened the other day to read this hatchet job by Patrick Frey of Patterico's Pontifications.

Frey definitely made good points in his entry. Aaron Walker was basically arrested for blogging, and the technique used was exactly the same one which had me thinking no way was I gonna return to Rockville, Maryland to again be arrested.

Nonetheless, for some odd reason Frey didn't write the whole story while in the process making me look criminal.
Kimberlin has used this tactic before. Last year, in a lawsuit against Seth Allen, he had Seth Allen arrested for harassment when Allen showed up to a mandatory hearing in the civil suit.

Now, in that case, the criminal complaint was arguably quite justified, as Allen had mused about killing Kimberlin in an email which was duly and promptly reported to police. If someone made a statement like that about me, I’d go to the authorities too.
Frey left out o'plenty. Sure, he phrased the "death threat" as being musing, but he also said in no uncertain terms he would've reported the email if it had been his name. Nowhere in his "report" did he mention how I have been getting viciously cybersmeared and cyberstalked by Neal Rauhauser. There is now 100% proof Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin are associates. One can read court documents showing Kimberlin allegations of a Team Breitbart out to get him. I think the names mentioned were myself, Aaron Walker, Mandy Nagy, Patrick Frey, and Andrew Breitbart; that we have been involved in a criminal conspiracy to ruin him or worse.

Nagy, in contradistinction, has made it very clear there was never a death threat. Which is ironic, since she was the one who reported my email to authorities. While I agree with Frey I have no argument against that having happened, especially since myself and Mandy didn't know each other well at the time, Patrick Frey has crossed the line of decency by giving the so-called death threat any validity at all.

lovely and talented blogger Mandy Nagy, who should consider leaving her wingnutty boyfriend for moi. We could be the next Carville-Matalin $:>)

From Mandy's excellent Twitpic collection:
What criminals end up with after manipulating an email and manufacturing stories to try & frame an innocent blogger. CASE DISMISSED.

Also from Mandy:

Why didn't Patrick Frey include any of this in his above posting?

Maybe I should visit Patrick and beat the snot out of him? Ooops, will he now report what I just wrote as another real threat? No, I am not going to do any physical or otherwise criminal harm to anyone. I never have, never would, and never will.

Leaving aside the fact that Patrick Frey has done little to publicise I broke the overall Kimberlin story well over two years before Mandy's October 2010 piece, let's look at what else Patrick Frey omitted.

Why didn't he mention that both he and Andrew Breitbart did squat to help me despite my having exposed their detractors?

Why didn't he mention the tons of emails sent back and forth between ourselves which would have give context to the so-called death threat?

Why didn't he mention how it was his being a cheapskate that led to my inability to attend an August hearing? If I had made that one, the unfortunate email would have never been written.

Why doesn't Patrick Frey mention the email I sent mere hours later apologising for the previously awkward wording and explaining it wasn't a death threat?

The night before and into the early hours of the day of the August hearing, I had many back and forths between Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey in regards to getting down to Maryland for the hearing. Amtrak was out. It wouldn't get me there in time. I had to find a flight. And I did!

Mandy and Patrick offered me $100 each. The consultation fee mentioned below was from one of two lawyers interested in my case but only if I coughed up serious money I didn't have.
Hi yes I got my shave and shower out of the way. I understand what the priorities are. Amtrak is out. I wouldn't get there until 4 pm. If I can get a flight, it would take about 1.5 to two hours to get from Boston to Maryland. Jet Blue is all booked. I have a list of phone numbers of other airlines I'm going to try....

Ok, here goes. There's a flight from 7 am arriving at 8:35. There are three seats left. It's at book travel then BOS to DCA It's $444. You'd need a credit card with full info on that plus my name from my driver's license [redacted]. If you can front the money, including the $200 offered, I can get probably the whole 444 back but at least the 250 from the consultation refund. If you can book my flight, I'll get a ride and go to court. I know that's a lot of money and I would pay it back. If this can be done, I would be forever grateful to you.
I accept that Mandy didn't have the funds to book the flight. She and bloggers for Breitbart were not paid for their contributions. Heh, that was a pretty good setup for Andrew Breitbart. Anyway, I do have difficulty believing Patrick Frey couldn't have made this happen. Apparently he owns a home worth $1.3 million. Lord knows how much he rakes in off of his website's donation scheme. And for crying out loud, I told him I'd pay it back.

Patrick Frey: That's too much for me. I will front $100. If that doesn't do it I don't know what to tell you...

I am going to bed. If you need that $100 let me know and I'll send it in the morning if you have PayPal.

Weeks later when I asked Patrick if he was still willing to chip in $100, this was his response: Sorry, Seth. Your comment about wanting to murder Kimberlin makes it impossible for me to help you. I accept your explanation that it was just hyperbole and I am glad the police looked into it and apparently found no cause for serious concern, but that comment (even as just hyperbole) nevertheless made it impossible for me to help you financially. I wish you luck in defending yourself against what appears to be a frivolous lawsuit.

What appears to be a frivolous lawsuit? And what of his rationale for bailing out of his measly $100 offer? Perhaps it would have forced him to take a mortgage off his million dollar home? Fricken sassa frassa.

In conclusion:

*** Patrick Frey has not given me full credit for scooping the overall story well before he and Mandy Nagy ever arrived on the scene.

*** I may not have supplied the financial information Mandy came up with, but long before their arrival I had called for an investigation into VR/JTMP.

*** This story is being framed as BK attempts to silence right wing bloggers. Little to no mention is made of my true contributions. Big hitters such as the National Bloggers Club and Michelle Malkin haven't once mentioned me. Others such as FilmLadd, Popehat, and Darby have shown indifference or worse to my part and parcel involvement in the story.

*** My next entry will hopefully allow newbies and fence-sitters to better understand my backstory. In the meanwhile, Patrick Frey continues to downplay my significance and incorrectly label me as having made a death threat through what he leaves out.

Mandy recommended I rewrite a post titled, Sadistic Cybersmearing and the Roots of Blogging Fascism. I've decided not to. If folks are going to ignore my story due to some salty sailor talk and an aversion to extreme conservatism, that is not my problem.

I do not believe Patrick Frey is a sincere individual. I also do not believe he has been damaged that much from Team Numbnut smears and his swatting. Sure, the latter shouldn't have happened. Nonetheless, it should be clear that no one has been more victimised than myself and attorney Aaron Walker. No one else comes close except for Michael Stack.

Patrick Frey imho is an opportunist milking this sucker for all it's worth. He and Brad friedman should actually thank the other for helping each bring in money for what appears to have been a both sides suck confrontation over ACORN. They market to different readers. Without the other (and Breitbart), no one would have cared less what they were posting. It was a schtick akin to James Carville versus Mary Matalin. At the end of the day, all of them were financially rewarded for putting on insignificant chatter in the guise of being real activism. Kerchinnng.

El Fin

Bonus Blog Stuff. Please keep in mind these are only examples and the tip of the cybersmear/cyberstalk iceberg.
Saturday, November 19, 2011 3:58 PM
"Ron Brynaert"


This is the only letter I'll email you if you don't respond or if you respond with anger or leak it or something.

If you want to talk on or off the record, you can to me. As long as you don't leak my emails or menace or harass me I will never publish anything you write me unless you agree to it. I have a ton of sources the last five months on this story who I've never outed and never even published a word based on their's just background.

Mike Stack leaked my letters to Breitbart etc. so don't listen to them if they say I would do that to you.

I'm more sympathetic to you than you probably think...but I also have a long history of being fair to both sides and giving people other chances to clear the record or correct mistakes.

I've defended myself in court so I know how that feels...

I have a long history of criticizing the Netroots and Markos and one of the main reasons why everyone on the left hates me now is because I've argued with them behind the scenes about why they continue to support Jason Leopold. It perplexes me that you continue to think I'm one of them...when I'm easily the biggest liberal critic of liberal blogs and probably most hated. Markos said my name once in an atrios blog post in 2003 and hasn't ever mentioned me again..but he attacked many of my articles and slandered me...such as Ann Coulter plagiarism. His readers thought he was insane for saying it wasn't plagiarism - but that was a crushing blow to a story that got in the AP and Newsweek etc.

Anyway, everyone working under Breitbart betrayed me and is menacing me, but I tried to give them all a chance.

I am on no one's side. I work for nobody. My journalism record speaks for itself. I was crucified for defending WaPo reporting on Dems and Abramoff and I never care where the story takes me. I only care about the truth and I always correct mistakes and try to give the other side.

Ron Brynaert
The following were from internet predator Neal Rauhauser. Take note of how closely those and others were sent in regards to Ron's unsolicited email. I would also like to point out that anyone who stumbles across the idea I am or have been mentally or physically disabled, that is 100% not true. I have never taken any medication nor received psychiatric counseling of any nature.
November 18, 2011 7:55 PM
From: "neal rauhauser"

Excellent video and blog post about you, Seth Allen

These are just priceless. I wanted to make sure you see them:

GV: 202-642-1717

legal question
Thursday, January 26, 2012 11:07 PM
From: "neal rauhauser"
To: "patterico" [redacted], "aaron[redacted]" [redacted], "Michael Stack" [redacted], Me [redacted], "Ron Brynaert"


Is there a specific legal term for crimes committed in order to cover up previous criminal activity or intimidate witnesses?

Did Stack willingly accept the fall guy role this time, or is he a little slow and easily led?

If you guys are gonna fabricate something about me can you at least make it freakin' plausible? And do some unique branding - Twittergate is such a muddle, while Kookpocalypse had zero Google entries until I began defining it.


GV: 202-642-1717

Removing my name from your blog?
Saturday, January 28, 2012 12:02 AM
From: "neal rauhauser"
To: "Me" [redacted]

Hey Seth,

Saw your post about filing a report - it would be enormously funny to forward your police department that crap you've written about me and have it entered as a matter of fact on the case. You know, I think so much of you as a human being that I am going to do that for you this evening - I'll post a screen shot of the mailer containing the CD, OK?

Ever given any thought to removing every single post you've got with my name in it and just going away before you get hauled into court again here in Maryland? It's something to consider.


GV: 202-642-1717
I have two unopened emails from Neal Rauhauser I refuse to look at because they came with attachments.

neal rauhauser Attachments
Made a police report regarding your behavior Sat, 1/28/12 589KB

neal rauhauser Attachments
Aaron Walker murder/suicide risk
Thu, 2/16/12 2081kb

And here was what the asshole wrote me on October 5th, 2011. Keep in mind that I was indeed a one-man crew over two years before Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey ever head of Brett Kimberlin.
I just posted this on qritiq
Wednesday, October 5, 2011 5:06 PM
From: "neal rauhauser"

Read & consider. I think the only way to get the troubles you have now off you is to come clean on who was guiding you in the first place.

Absolutely Seth Allen of [redacted].

These are the very words you can hear on the audio of him appearing at a hearing in Montgomery County, Maryland, last month. His prior conduct, his demeanor, and the things he said during the hearing got him arrested and jailed for two days.

I don’t think Seth is a bad guy, but he is a conspiracy theorist with the attendant paranoia and he is vulnerable to manipulation because of this.

What we’re seeing here is a common pattern for a certain group of people active on the internet today.

1. locate vulnerable individual such as Seth Allen, or Ron Brynaert. Paranoia and impaired judgment are pre-requisites.

2. manipulate them into believing that some group or person is the root cause of whatever paranoid theories they had which initially got them noticed.

3. incite stalking behavior from the victim, telling them that just one more blog post or a few more tweets will be all it takes to forever end the menace they perceive.

So, Seth, I know you are reading this. Let’s review what really happened.

1. You were guided to attack someone and you provoked the target to the point where they sued you and you got outed.

2. The person involved in the planning simply cut you loose – they never imagined you’d get caught, and now they don’t know what to do, or they’re unwilling to pay the $40,000 retainer to defend the libel case.

3. You turned to one other person in that circle and they “ratted you out” – your words. My view is that they did the responsible thing and kept you from spending the rest of your life in prison.

There is just one conspiracy in play here, Seth, and you’ve been a tool of it for the last two years, a pawn to be guided, and once you found real danger they abandoned you to your fate.

Call them and ask for help. See what sort of response you get.

I think all you really have to do here is be completely honest about how you came to be in the predicament you face today, and then it will be the people who guided you to it that suffer the consequences, not you.

I’m going to send you an email that will suggest a path you can take. You’ll have to come clean on what happened, including turning over all communications you had with them and describing how you were paid, but then it’ll be over.

GV: 202-642-1717
Here are unsolicited emails from usernames GapedCrusader and Just Call Me Lefty. The latter illegally posted court audio and my driver's license photo. Both have been considered to probably having been Neal Rauhauser.
November 20, 2011 8:07 AM
From: "Just Call Me Lefty"
To: [redacted]
Just Call Me Lefty has left a new comment on your post "Incestuous Relationships Part 1":

This is pretty boring stuff. Its too long winded, too disjointed, and too complex to understand. You might get it, but most readers won't. Sorry, no sale on this one.

And don't you have a permanent injunction to not talk about Kimberlin or some such thing? Maybe you are trying to get some jail time just so you can get more attention lol?

Anyway, I have a question. Is that a wig you wear? I am just curious. If you could answer that one thing it would be great. It looks to me like you are toothless and wear a wig. So that would be good to know if true.

Thank you..

Oh and I am using these videos here to go by. There are a number of people in the blogging world (maybe 3 or 4) who want to know the answer to this question above.

The videos are in the article itself. Thank you again for any response you can give on this issue.

Seth, you are going to be so famous
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 9:00 PM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: [redacted]

And I am going to help you get there. Think nothing of it.

Dang! Another zinger about Seth Allen!!
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 9:36 PM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To:, [redacted]

Re: Dang! Another zinger about Seth Allen!!
Thursday, November 24, 2011 12:08 AM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: "Ron Brynaert" , [redacted]

Nah, dude, I'm just trolling Seth over there - he's a real moron who can't keep his mouth shut.

And I'm trolling Patterico.

And Mandy Nagy.

And Aaron Barr.

And Thomas Ryan.

And that th3j35t3r faggot.

And anyone else I can think of. It's just how I role.

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 12:40 AM,
Ron Brynaert wrote:

If this isn't neal then please fix all your blog posts so it doesn't falsely portray me as being on Team Neal Rauhauser out to get Patterico...which is a complete distortion of five months of work that you're liberally drawing from....

Re: Dang! Another zinger about Seth Allen!!
Thursday, November 24, 2011 3:43 PM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: "Ron Brynaert" , [redacted]

Oh, except for the ones that are Darrah.

On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 6:15 PM, Ron Brynaert wrote:

And you're trolling me, too?


and bullshit i read your posts and recognize your's definitely you, neal

Funny email to Mike Stack, you're free to release this
Friday, November 25, 2011 3:53 PM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: "Ron Brynaert" , [redacted]

Mike, he does not respond to us. You can post this somewhere.


We see you're making an attempt to tidy up - only following 200? And just 1,100 of those precious followers left? Keep hunting, we still see you :-) Oh, and we keep good records, see who you interact with, so get all your associates to go private and kick out most of their contacts, too. We mean, attempt this, and learn that it's futile.

Once you're done with that, go to a friend's house then download and burn a copy of a CD bootable operating system. Go home, rip the hard drive out of your machine, and get used to working in a safe environment. Might as well switch ISP while you're at it, and really make a clean break.

In fact, maybe you ought to just go back to porn? You've got ZAPEM out there, insulting and menacing every anon she sees, and she can stop now, because the attention she was craving has arrived.

Like the blogspot? Picking up on the writing styles of the contributors? Wonder why it popped up just as ZAPEM starting making new acquaintances? Mmmm targeting info mmmm. No! Wait! It's just investigative journalism, our bad, please forgive.

Are you going to Maryland for your criminal contempt trial?
Wednesday, December 7, 2011 10:59 AM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: [redacted]

Your name came up again today. Are you going to appear for your criminal contempt trial on Friday? If asked, would you cooperate with the Los Angeles county stalking unit, assuming they really are going to look into Patterico?

It's dumb to get locked up for a long time over some shit someone else put you up to - I'd rat that guy out in ten seconds flat if I were you.

Are you really going to jail in Maryland?
Sunday, December 11, 2011 4:27 PM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: [redacted]

Show cause hearing, Seth. You don't turn up, they pretty much automatically issue a warrant based on whatever evidence is presented against you. But if you *DO* show up and they find against you, then it's straight to jail.

Maybe it's best to put your affairs in order and get ready for an all expenses paid stay in a tough D.C. jail? I suspect you could limit your time inside by deleting the entire davefromqueens2 blogspot, zapping all your comments at that Pffugee thing, deleting your profile there, and swearing to the judge you'll stay off the internet for a year.

Seriously, they will lock you up, and since you're just ignorant and lacking in impulse control rather than being violent, that doesn't seem like a good use of tax dollars to me.

But whatever, it's your life.

Lane Lipton/Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey phone call
Sunday, November 27, 2011 1:16 AM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: [redacted], [redacted]
Cc: [redacted], "Ron Brynaert" , [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], [redacted],,, [redacted], [redacted]


If you get tired of Patterico whinging but you don't want to call him yourself you can just make arrangements and then hand the duty off to us. There are a couple of women tracking this situation who could do a passable job of posing as you, right down to presenting your phone number on his caller ID. They stick around because they really despise Mike Stack & Sean Tompkins, but they're up for other fun if it's in the general vicinity.

Hell, we might as well make a group thing out of it - invite the people on the cc: line and have a nice, honest discussion about pornography, and sexual addiction, and obsessive/compulsive stalking behavior, and lame entrapment attempts, and phone number spoofing, and computer intrusion, and mail/wire/IRS fraud, and phone taps, and probation violations. It could turn into a real party. I'm getting wet just thinking about it.

Let us know your mind on this matter. Sooner or later someone reading Google Alerts for Kamala Harris or Steve Cooley will notice, then the lulz will begin, unless this email and the follow up phone calls get their attention first.

-GC & Co., LLP

Leapin' Lizard Practice, of course ...

[Me Socrates interjecting: Mandy asked to be taken off the cyberstalking email list. I never responded. In fact, there was a time when I was so traumatised, I forwarded all the cyberstalking emails to Mandy to look at, so I could be left alone. It's as if these assholes were trying to drive me to suicide or make an actual death threat.]

Re: Lane Lipton/Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey phone call
Sunday, November 27, 2011 2:11 AM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: [all redacted]

Oh, Mandy, you're so cute when you whine about getting a little of your own medicine.

File a lawsuit.

Get the IP address used to access this account.

Attempt to get enough information from the VPN provider to find the domestic IP address behind this.

Cross your fingers the source IP address actually adds up to the person you want to find, as opposed to a coffee shop or a carelessly configured AP owned by a neighbor.

Finally nail down what you think is the source, 15 day clock starts on subpoena to reveal their name.

Ut oh, endless evidence that will quickly convince a judge to toss your subpoena request.

Try another approach, call the FBI!!

Oh, wait, close associates going around attempting to intimidate a bunch of Anonymous accounts? Long history of cyberstalking conduct from those around you? Whoa ... no interest at all.

Free speech is a marvel, isn't it? When some group is annoying enough, and they stay with it long enough, eventually some virulent counter to their behavior comes along and there's just nothing to be done about it.

Re: Lane Lipton/Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey phone call
Sunday, November 27, 2011 2:42 AM
From: "Gaped Crusader"
To: "Michael Stack" [redacted]
Cc: [all redacted]

So, six months on, you're saying that stalking a U.S. Congressman and helping to fabricate teenage sexting contacts has turned out to be a really bad idea?

It is a little different than those scared girls trying to get out of porn that you used to stalk, right? The whole "I was an innocent victim of Dan Wole" schtick would be more believable if it weren't for half a dozen of them who've come forward to describe their experiences with you.

The initial process of following and harassing Congressman Weiner was probably a familiar, comfortable thing for you. The follow on, where you learn that a man who can raise $1.3M from individual contributors has a lot of people who will come looking for anyone who harms him, that's quite a bit different, eh?

James O'Keefe, having burned his own ability to do things, has been pushing the idea that others should engage in the sort of fabrication he did.You've been taken for the first of a new wave of that sort of conduct, and you're being made an example for any other potential imitators.

You did not expect us. That's understandable. Yet here we are, and these things will continue until we reach the desired conclusion.


Re: Lane Lipton/Deputy D.A. John Patrick Frey phone call
Sunday, November 27, 2011 5:30 PM
From: "Qritiq"
To: [all redacted]

[Me again Socrates: Basically Lane Lipton and someone named Simon Templar were having a big guffaw while the rest of us were being sadistically cyberstalked.]

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 8:16 PM, Gaped Crusader


If you get tired of Patterico whinging but you don't want to call him yourself you can just make arrangements and then hand the duty off to us. There are a couple of women tracking this situation who could do a passable job of posing as you, right down to presenting your phone number on his caller ID. [Socrates: EMPHASIS MINE] They stick around because they really despise Mike Stack & Sean Tompkins, but they're up for other fun if it's in the general vicinity.

Hell, we might as well make a group thing out of it - invite the people on the cc: line and have a nice, honest discussion about pornography, and sexual addiction, and obsessive/compulsive stalking behavior, and lame entrapment attempts, and phone number spoofing, and computer intrusion, and mail/wire/IRS fraud, and phone taps, and probation violations. It could turn into a real party. I'm getting wet just thinking about it.

Let us know your mind on this matter. Sooner or later someone reading Google Alerts for Kamala Harris or Steve Cooley will notice, then the lulz will begin, unless this email and the follow up phone calls get their attention first.

-GC & Co., LLP

Leapin' Lizard Practice, of course ...
Emails from myself to Mandy and Boston FBI:

Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 11:42 AM,
[redacted] wrote:

Hi Mandy, Detective Coe has handed this story off to a Boston FBI Agent. I hope he's good with the internet and will figure out what's going on with Kimberlin, Rauhauser, Kid Kenoma, and others. Take care, Seth from Bostonia

September 19, 2011 10:04 PM
From: [redacted]
Cc: libertychickblog[redacted]

Dear FBI Boston,

Detective Leonard Coe of the redacted] Police Department has informed me that investigation of my complaint has been handed over to Special Agent Geoffrey Kelly.

The easiest way to contact me is through this email address. I do not like to answer my phone or have on an answering machine, because there is a chance I may encounter a bad experience.

If Special Agent Geoffrey Kelly wants me available by phone for a specific time frame, then of course I will make that time.

I have cc'ed blogger Mandy Nagy for this email. She believes it might make sense for herself to be able to put you in touch with additional FBI and other law enforcement working on this specific case in other states.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your time and consideration.

Take care, Seth

9am appointment
Wednesday, May 30, 2012 12:24 PM
From: "Coe, Leonard" [redacted]
To: [redacted]

OK, got it.

From: [redacted]
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 8:42 AM
To: Coe, Leonard
Subject: Re: 9am appointment

Thanks Det. Coe, I just wanted to let your dept. know that a number of swat calls have been made in the story. I'm assuming you are aware of this. If not, you can't miss it. On Brett Kimberlin. It's everywhere. A number of people have had fake 9/11 calls made on them, two apparently led to swat units being called out. So if something like that comes from my phone number, it's 100% hoax. You can check my police record. A couple dui's, not even convicted. I'm positive criminal harassment has been conducted on myself and others, but the FBI never got back to me. If you have any quesions, I'll try to answer them. I never wanted to become semi-famous this way, but things have certainly taken a new turn since the day we met. Kimberlin tried to get me imprisoned, criminalised. He also filed false criminal charges against a gentleman named Aaron Walker. It's crazy stuff, sir. An asst. D.A. in L.A. named Patrick Frey, also a blogger, he got swatted. Only thing I'll add is that Brett Kimberlin has a very violent rap sheet. He was even a murder suspect. I'm not too paranoid, but there's a possiblity he could try to have me hurt or killed. It's all over the internet and potentially not sure could make national news. Sorry for rambling.

--- On Tue, 5/29/12, Coe, Leonard [redacted] wrote:

From: Coe, Leonard [redacted]
Subject: 9am appointment
To: [redacted]
Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 12:31 PM


Just saw that Lt. Sullivan made an appointment for me. I won’t be at station today. I’m running out door now, hope I caught you in time.

Det. Coe


Anonymous said...

"Gaped Crusader" = Neal Rauhauser

"justcallmelefty" = the person who operates and is tweeting as @Breitbartunmask

socrates said...

I'm getting my ass chewed off at Twitter because of this article. I wasn't even that hard on Frey and redacted something he didn't want me to post. I've got nothing to lose at this point. If the right-o-sphere thinks I'm going to kowtow to their narrative, no way. This is about the truth, not some self-serving narrative for anybody or any political sphere. I include myself in that. It's not my fault the fact I broke this story and not Mandy means the current right wing meme couldn't be more wrong. Blame it on God for inventing truth.

socrates said...

Patrick Frey tweeted that OccupyRebellion is some porn commentator named Darrah Ford. But when I asked him for proof, he didn't answer. Meanwhile hypocritical Mandy Nagy has told me to zip it. I guess we are all born free speechy, but some are born more free speechy than others. Now she has blocked me on Twitter. Someone named Ali says he is suing me for libel, cause I said his NBC does not support free speech for all. So I said ok, let me join your organisation, so you can help me. If he won't sign me on and fund my defense, then what I said was true.

socrates said...

Yes, I have seen Gaped Crusader is said to be Neal, and that would make sense. As for the other guy, maybe that is the other guy.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I booked marked you via mandy nagy who I found via patterico. I read patterico and walker and found while they didn't tell your story. They told theirs. I did feel both gave you credit and had some sympathy for you. patterico thinks like a lawyer so i wouldn't understand his nuance.

IMO you did all the foundation work and became a target of a big fish. You lacked money and skills to fight back outside of the blog. I think your luck in life will work out better for you if you assume common cause with nagy and patterico. knowledge and when to use it is power.


socrates said...

Thanks for the comment. You nailed it. Though imho Mandy is self-serving and not good for my self-preservation cause. I tweeted: Mandy Nagy retweeted in ref. to me: "Here's the thing with progressives: They think they're owed something. Try earning or convincing." ... Mandy Nagy wants credit for the story I broke. Nothing even original in her piece except for public docs I requested looking into. [end of tweets] Just saying Mandy Nagy has shown her true colours. She's a user. She only "helped" me in regards to thinking I was a source. She's yet to admit I broke this story. I don't care if that makes me sound like an egohead. It's the truth.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is donkeytale. I'm not sure who the anonymous user is making the claim about Kimberlin's allegedly being "deeply involved" with FARC but unless "anonymous" provides substantiation of BK's supposed involvement I would recommend that Socrates redact that comment as soon as he sees it because without offering proof it is purely speculative and defamatory.

Soc, since you arent paying much attention to your blog these days you may want to consider putting comment moderation back on...

socrates said...

Thanks for watching my back. I thought that was a stupid post too and thought of deleting it sooner.

I am almost ready to post my new entry, The Socratisation Backstory Part 1. I'll be outing myself even further. Second half of new one then gets back to the story. Then Part 2 will be a more technical presentation of the backstory.

Seeing that Team Breibart has done next to nothing to promote my story other than relaying things impossible to leave out, I have been forced to come out with something which may appear on the surface as narcissism. It's the risk I have to take to defend myself and ensure my destiny will not be stolen.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Can't wait to read it.

I think you are correct that the rightosphere isn't going out if their way to credit you, although they are giving you credit in many places, its just that the story is now not about you anymore, as we have discussed.

Also, the rightosphere has a different agenda anyway, its not necessarily about Free Speech, as they proclaim.

If I were you, I'd put up a donation button and publicise it mightily around the righties you'vebeen hangin with.

I noticed Zilla retweeted your link to TW 6.66 and she has what, like 1,000 followers?

dude, maybe its time for you to get with the program and turn pro, too.

Or if not, stop begging the right for donations.

They are correct also. You are making yourself look bad in the exchange, sorta whiny and needing to be saved.

socrates said...

You make excellent points. I will discuss the turning pro suggestion with one of my 24 multi-personality sockpuppets, Perry von Masonschtick.

I've got to get off the net. The new one should be available later today or tonight. I promise it will either bring a tear to your eyes or a desire to get baked.

Anonymous said...

Well, the desire to get baked is ever present within me.

"One day at a time" as the AA motto goes.

You are reaching towards fame and possible fortune. If I were you, I;d be doubling down on my internet time right now, attempting to attract more fans.

socrates said...

I think I've finally figured you out. You're a hybrid of Tommy Chong and Schneider from One Day at a Time.

I've met some very sweet people. Zilla appears to be the nicest. While most of those reaching out to me have been very cool rw ladies, a number of blokes have also stepped up to the plate for being openminded and giving me a fair shake.

I'd also like to point out that there have been a few lefties putting their disdain for the Breitbart model aside and recognising this sucker for what it truly is. Also, there are a number of righties at Patterico's who have been articulating the big picture. However, one rw'er named Mark can't stfu about the vast communist conspiracy, and a lefty named Kman, Aaron's online nemesis for approximately ten years, is also having difficulty stifling his meathead opinions.

I will now try to polish off my new entry. I think you'll like it. Though most of the time I dread you're gonna give any new entry of mine a spanking. Perhaps that is some form of reverse-jinx.

And deedog's getting quite monotonous with his aw shucks yeah it's groovy our flame war ended, but I'm just not feeling this one. And of course there's fakeleft who's obviously suffering jealousy. I saw he popped into a thread to simply give us a couple boring ratings. And on another thread he told you to stop spanking my monkey or something very immature and rude. And I am now curious if starting too many sentences with the word "and" is gonna to backfire.

Anonymous said...

So, what yur sayin is, I'm a pretty good fix-it man but only as long as its a bong that needs to be repaired?

Fairleft is fried. I wouldn't concern myself with him or deedogg. You are now blogging royalty. You need not deign giving them a thought, unless you are feelinf charitaby disposed to grace their humdrum lives with a bit of well-mannered condescension.

As your Sancho Panza/Joe Pesci, allow me to take care of them if they bother you.

Your focus needs to remain on the project at hand, which is how to become the Alan Colmes of the rightysphere.

socrates said...

I had to fetch that out of spam. If you lost your password, I think you can easily relocate it. That's funny stuff, Alan Colmes. Great minds think alike. Earlier I was trying to remember who the token lefty was for Fox News. Thanks anyway for not saying Tucker Carlson or Joe Scarborough. Though they might have been MSNBC. During my cable days, I was more into watching sports than news. Loved ESPN classics and everything on Ali. Though I did find the 2000 recount riveting television. Unfortunatey Al Gore shite the bed by not having the whole Florida sucker recounted. We must count every vote, every vote must count my arse.