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Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Aaron Walker Emails

Mandy Nagy: Aaron Walker's not as lovely
and talented an ally as once thought

CNN Money: "Conservative media mogul
Andrew Breitbart raises $10 million."

Breitbart raises money for... something

It's time to finish posting emails sent to me from Aaron Walker. We pick up in the days leading up to the January 9th hearing, the one in which Judge Rupp the Magnificent finally cleared my name. Imho, the biggest lies Aaron pushed (hindsight is 20/20) were that he was my attorney, Ron Brynaert worked for BK and internet predator Neal Rauhauser, his convoluted legal battle with BK had some kind of moral significance, and Team Breitbart was in my corner.

January 4: This morning Brett has offered to settle this issue with me, trying to focus only on the subpoenas. The offer was ridiculous, but it is a sign that he knows he is in trouble. Meanwhile Neal has been busy disappearing evidence of his misconduct and Ron has gotten curiously silent.

I can't accept his offer, it is so ridiculous, but I plan to counter offer and part of that counter offer is for him to voluntarily dismiss the injunction against you. My reasoning is that if the case is over, then there is no chance of me being dragged into it, but honestly, I am offended enough by what happened to you that I just wanted to right that wrong, to an extent. And nothing I agree to can prevent you from also asking the court to overturn the default judgement if you are so inclined.

So hang on, and pray if you are inclined. Maybe I can end this whole thing.

But I definitely think he is scared. And keep an eye on the blog tonight. I plan to make him a little more scared.


One can see he was continuing to con me into accepting the facade of his being my attorney. Anyone can read this court transcript and see he almost got his ass thrown in a cell for contempt of court. Also, I can't emphasise enough his spinning of Ron as being in cahoots with Neal. Mandy Nagy has talked up Ron and Neal as being the masters of social engineering. That's Hypocrisy 101.

After the hearing ended on the 9th, Aaron gave me a quick phone call. He told me how it went very well for myself, that Rupp had read through each of my entries and said nope, not defamation. Aaron then nonchalantly mentioned the I-pad incident. He downplayed it. He said he didn't think it would amount to much, but that there had been some sort of minor brouhaha. He said he grabbed BK's computer. Then he emailed the following:

January 9: Dont say anything about what happened today until we have a chance to talk.

And tell me when is a good time to chat.


It felt like I was part of something bigger than myself and completely in the loop. I believed in Aaron Walker, Mandy Nagy, and Patrick Frey. I didn't care that we had nothing in common for political beliefs. Granted by that point I had lost a great deal of respect for Mandy and Patrick. However, I still had no clue Aaron was anything but honourable albeit spastic.

Please keep in mind I had been unmercifully cybersmeared for many months by Neal Rauhauser. Team Breitbart knew that and utlilised such info to manipulate me. I responded:

Hi Aaron, sorry man for what you are going through. This is what I wrote at Pffugeecamp. I am trying to be careful.


Please keep in mind that is a raunchy forum. It is the only place in which I would use such language. I won't betray your confidence, Aaron. What they are doing to us is vile. I would like to see Kimberlin go back to prison for this.

I am usually easy to get in touch with. Except for maybe doing some exercise or chores. I also check this email a lot, if you want to give me a time to be by the phone. You know, maybe they won't out you. Maybe they will have learned their lesson. But if they do, maybe we can sue Brett, Neal, and Brynaert together. I'd be willing to donate my money to charity after paying off any debts I have and maybe keep a few grand. Neal and Brett may have money not so protected. Take care and keep your chin up. FWIW, by chance you are outed, I don't think you will get fired from your job.

Aaron: That's fine. Let me know when we can talk.

January 12 (Aaron): please don't respond to anything Ron or anyone else says about me...

Right now this is really delicate. if Ron, Brett or Neal reveal my real name to the world, I believe i can get them convicted of attempting to cause another to commit an act of terrorism. There is a Virginia statute on the subject, here:

But if you guys respond the wrong way, they can argue that you guys are doing this.

You did pretty good in the hearing, forcing Brett to perjure himself in verifiable ways. But sometimes in these things you have to give the guy a lot of rope so he or she can hang themselves. That is what we need to do with this. Don't say anything, keep letting them tie their own nooses.

Yes, they will think they are winning this, but sometimes you have to be willing to let the other side think they are winning, so that you can actually win.

Their day will come. I am doing everything i can to ensure that it will, and quickly.


January 18 (Aaron): I looked at the file and Kimberlin is giving notice of appeal of the jan 9 finding of no contempt.


January 26 (Me): I hope you're doing ok. I just got an email from Neal Rauhauser but refuse to look at it. Those people make me sick, and you know how they can upset me. I refuse to let any of them for one more second of my life make me feel like shit. Take care, Seth

January 27 (Aaron):i understand the desire to just ignore them, but you probably shouldn't. At his tumbler account neal is talking about kookpocalypse on February 6, and how to travel to manassas, where i live and boston.

I plan to go to court tomorrow to get a protective order. You might consider doing the same.


(Me): Do protective orders cost money? What the hell is going on here? Why hasn't he been arrested?

(Aaron): i can't say about things where you live, but... usually.

The problem with arresting him is he hasn't made a clear threat. But you can slap a protective order on him and then if he violates it, you can drag him to court on contempt.

Now i am sorry, but i need to work hard on my legal stuff.


Jan 30 (Me): Hi Aaron. The first link contains what I believe is solid proof Kimberlin perjured himself at least eight times on November 14th. The second link is my new entry, in which I basically blogged on the recent attempt to censor me through the family court along with a bit on Rauhauser.

Eight Counts of Perjury & a VR Bunk Excerpt

Another Failed Attempt to Stifle 1st Amendment Rights

Take care, Seth

January 31 (Aaron): Seth keep this under your hat but...

Today i filed a civil suit on Brynaert, Rauhauser and Kimberlin. It is epic, something like 33 causes of action, including many of which could result in criminal prosecution.

And i went to maryland and got a peace order against Rauhauser. btw, do you happen to know his current address? the sheriff's will try to figure it out, but it might take time.

And tomorrow... i file criminal charges in Maryland. And i might just file criminal charges on the federal level. I believe that their conduct towards me constitutes extortion, including a few things you probably don't know about.

Even if the charges don't stick in maryland, maybe it can get the state's attorney to finally talk to me and start to see the other side.


February 3 (Aaron): fyi...

yesterday i filed a second emergency motion seeking to seal YET ANOTHER improper pleading where he named me.

And now suddenly... the judge has put everything brett has said revealing my name under seal. :-)

That means the judge has at least agreed with me partially.

This is important, because the latest emergency motion asked the court to dismiss the underlying injunction.

And btw, i have filed criminal charges against Kimberlin and I plan to file more.

But do protect yourself on kookpocalypse. I have frankly purchased a gun and if you don't have self-protection like that, you might consider going to a hotel room.

Btw, brett also filed a second motion to find you in contempt and it has already been denied. Another sign that the judge is losing patience with brett.

Still, I think I have Brett dead to rights on the following crimes:

1) perjury
2) extortion (threatening to file criminal charges against me in part of his proposed settlement)
3) false police report
4) reckless endangerment
5) federal extortion (ditto)
6) that virginia law about aiding and abetting terrorism.

#5 is important because i am going to contact the Baltimore office of the FBI.

like have you got his response to my emergency motion to seal? read exhibit C. its appalling, yes, but useful, too. it means that he is admitting to have intentionally engaged in a course of conduct that he believed would put me in danger of being attacked by terrorists.


(Aaron): btw, what i filed yesterday...

* Emergency Motion to Seal

Don't share this word copy with any of the bastards. i don't want to think about what data they might be able to mine from it.

But this is what i filed, and you can see, i tried again to get the judge to dismiss the case.

And the judge has at least granted the motion to place it under seal. Which is a sign that the judge is taking my side so far...

If you want me to mail this to you as well, I will.


February 14 (Aaron): question...

did you see on the final peace order he claimed you asssaulted him.

Did you have any kind of physical encounter with him? or did you actually put him in imminent fear at any point that you would strike him?

Because from what I heard that is not the case. And that would be example 372 of him lying, which is useful.


I never assaulted Brett Kimberlin. Maybe Brett was referring to when I was illegally detained during the first hearing. I looked right at him and asked, "Why'd you set those bombs, Brett?" That did put him on edge. I could see in his eyes he knew exactly what I was getting at. Then again with BK, most of the time one never knows wtf he's talking about, for example, when he claimed under oath I posted that the Jews are the scourge of the earth and should be put in ovens.

Feb 16 (Me): (cc'ed to ugly Mandy) I don't mean to bug either of you. Neal has sent me an attachment with the title of Aaron a murder or suicide risk. I refuse to open up an attachment from him. I get so tired of all this nonsense. Sorry guys, but I have no faith in anything, police, lawyers, judges, courts, you name it. For Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin to break laws and get away with it makes me very angry. And even when I want to forget about it, Neal keeps sending me shite to look at. Well, I'm not opening up anything again from him. I heard someone can hack into you without even adding an attachment. It can be slipped into a regular email.

(Aaron): Never open one of their attachments.


We'll move ahead. There's no point in posting everything. In mid-April, Aaron informed me of some sort of victory he had. This is a bizarre little story, ain't it? It should've ended on January 9th. It would have too if not for Aaron's actions that day.

By the way, I never bought into that kookpocalypse thingie. I have always found it quite odd how paranoid Aaron comes across. Now I think it has all been an act.

It was also during that time frame Mike Stack started appearing as if Ron Brynaert had gotten through to him with the Mandy described "social engineering." I couldn't figure out Mike's act. He was flipping out on me for simply calling him the porn expert. I thought that was a compliment considering he was into porn blogging, whatever that is.

I never considered that a public prosecutor in Patrick Frey could be such a douchebag. I never realised Mandy Nagy was playing head games with me the whole time. I knew Aaron was eccentric, but he came across as having so much integrity. They all acted like they had no money, including Andrew Breitbart. Mandy told me that no one writing for Breitbart got paid. I think she outright lied. The dude had at least $10 million.

Let's return to some more of Aaron acting batshit insane.

April 23 (Aaron): i would suggest you ignore mike if you can...

i think maybe they broke him or something. who knows? But if you can ignore mike, i would do that.

And hang in there a little longer. I can't share everything that is happening, but we are about to bring it to a head, very likely starting in the next 2-3 weeks. We have Kimberlin dead to rights committing a serious crime and either the Montgomery County authorities will do something, or we will call them out for their inaction, and either way Kimberlin will see his conduct blow up in his face, big time.

I will add that it is wise to be extra vigilant. i know you are a pacifist, but I bought a handgun just before Kookpocalypse and you might consider doing the same, now. Check your local laws on the subject. At the very least, you might consider putting up some security systems.

For instance this might be a good choice:
[Night Owl 8-Channel, 4-Camera Surveillance System]
it will even record things so maybe you will be able to prove something later down the road.

I believe that if Kimberlin ever thinks he might go to prison, the bombings might start again. If you have a car, check under it every time you go to drive. There is good reason to believe he has murdered in the past and he is capable of it now--that he only doesn't because he doesn't want to go to prison.

And if you ever hear of anything happening to me, be calm but demand a full investigation. i don't care if it looks like a heart attack, have them investigate.


Once May started, Team Breitbart began implementation of the final phase of the "SWATgate/Right Wing terrorised by George Soros via Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and Ron Brynaert" hoax. I guess that was when Aaron was finally able to format the video proof showing he hadn't knocked the stew out of Brett and had merely played a bit of I-pad keepaway.

Maybe these fockers can be trollbusted even further. I've been asking Erick Erickson (to no avail) who advised him to notify his police he might be SWATted. I don't believe Erickson is in on the hoax, but I do believe Frey or one of the others warned him to take that precaution. It's quite the coincidence both Erickson and Aaron were SWATted. In fact, the last two SWATs along with virtually EVERYTHING that's developed has me questioning who was behind the first two SWATs. Mike Stack didn't even blog on Kimberlin, for crying out loud. So who the f*** do these con artists think they're fooling except for some wingnut, neocon sheep?

May 1 (Aaron): is there a good time to call tonight?

There's going to be a big change in the battlespace. Don't tell anyone yet, but I have absolute proof that Kimberlin tried to frame me for a crime, and we are going to start talking about it. and I have a request to make of you.


A few days later Aaron sent me a couple attachments with one concerning his April court victory.

May 3: ... This is the one I wanted you to read since April 11. It will annoy you that he is lying right at the beginning. You know by now not to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. But by the end he was absolutely brow-beaten. it was gorgeous. And you can cite it should he ever try to get another peace order against you again.


We wrote back and forth quite a bit that day. Aaron wanted me to waive "client-attorney privilege" to post an email or two of mine for his big post. The problem with that is for the 100th time he was never my fricken attorney. That's the biggest tell of this whole story, imho, how he'd never stifle it with that lie.

Maybe a complaint should be sent to his state bar for what he did to me, what with all these crazy emails and for having presented himself as being able to do more for me than he actually could. No way was he fired from his job because of a fear of BK showing up at his workplace. If he was fired, it was because he's the owner of an anti-Islamic website. We all know about BK. Now it's obvious anything coming out of Team Breitbart also cannot be taken as sincere and stated in good faith. They are manipulators and con artists, period.

Aaron: take at least one more day to think on my request, just because you should.

And i will reiterate that normally you should consult with a lawyer before making that decision. I know that is probably not financially feasible, but there you go.

As for making comments on my site, as a matter of law i can't be held responsible for anything you say. i didn't know it when i deleted that one comment. But you can be held responsible for your comments on my site if they can prove you made them. So let me make the following suggestions to make your comments or your posts on your blog "lawsuit proof." There are obviously two kinds of statements you can make. The first is a matter of fact. Like "Brett Kimberlin planted 8 bombs in 6 days." That is a fact. Then there are matters of opinion. "Brett Kimberlin is a scumbag" is not a fact, but an opinion. He is not literally a bag of anything. Likewise "I think he murdered Julia Scyphers" is an opinion.

If you are 100% sure that something is a fact, or if it was found to be a fact by a competant court of law, then just say it as a fact. And when you do, litter your statements with citations. Like to court cases, etc. Also, let's say Mark Singer asserts something and you don't quite know if it was true. For instance, Kimberlin allegedly introduced Jessica Barton as his "girlfriend." Singer says that a third party says that. So you can't say for a fact Kimberlin was doing that. But it is a fact that "Mark Singer reported that Kimberlin introduced Jessica Barton as his girlfriend."

And then if an issue is an opinion, telegraph it as an opinion. Don't say, "Kimberlin probably murdered Julia Scyphers." Say, "I think Kimberlin murdered Julia Scyphers."

I mean a good example of it is this post i wrote:

you can see how all the horrible conclusions I am arguing for are constantly couched with words like "I think" and "in my opinion" to make it super-obvious to any court. That's how you do it and that is why he hasn't wasted his time filing suit against me. In my opinion. :-)


Hmmm. That's odd. Both Aaron Walker and the Blogger Defense Team have recently posted, "Walker has been the target of multiple lawsuits for his writing about Brett Kimberlin." I call bullshit!

Aaron: If i talked down to you just now, I hope you don't take any offense.

Btw, seriously read the transcript from the 11th. It gets hilarious as my lawyer has kimberlin stumbling left and right. And of course you know Kimberlin lies but that is what he does. I wish so much we had video or just somehow all his victims could have seen it. He was absolutely withered by the end of it. The judge gives him something like a 10 minute lecture on the first amendment and it is gorgeous.

and its very usable for you going forward.


All his victims? WTF? It was me and Aaron. That's it. And maybe Aaron hasn't been that much of a victim after all and more akin to a creep.

Me: Thanks, Aaron. I do have two Master's degrees. I'm a smart kid. I may not know the law, but I am fairly sure one who follows academic principles is unlikely to commit libel. Yes, the key is to couch in no uncertain terms what is fact from opinion. I never defamed the [redacted]. I never even called him a pedophile or [claimed] he killed Julia Scyphers. .... Hey, if you listen to the swat call around I think 2:24, it sounds like the caller lost his acting voice and is Brynaert. I do wish you the best of luck getting the story into the Washington Post. I tried. I called and left messages for them months ago. I got no answer. I tried a few news outlets including Mark Singer.

Me: No, you didn't talk down at all. You're an attorney and uhm it's natural for you to want to let us civilians in on things we haven't studied. I just was making the point that it's highly unlikely I defamed Kimberlin even once. .... I did read the transcript. Kimberlin has no clue he needs to provide actual evidence and his word doesn't count. Your lawyer was excellent, in my humble opinion. E.G. the part when he asked where in the police report did anything get written down about visible injuries.

And the Judge was smart to see what had happened. Kimberlin tried to photograph you and that's why your hand was in the shot. I just don't understand why Kimberlin wouldn't be charged with making a false arrest report. Oh, and now Brynaert is tweeting that Kimberlin lied to him, and that he is going to out the emails. I'm not sure if you saw it, but I did blog on Ron defaming you with the assault claims. He wrote that as fact. I took screenshots and blasted Ron for it. But yeah, I think it's at 2:24 of the swat call. The dude goes from Californian to Ron dweeb voice. Right there I believe is the proof that Ron made the call, or at least that the caller was masking his voice through some more of mimicry.

I never would have thought Ron had made the SWAT calls if Team Breitbart hadn't manipulated me. That being said, I've apologised to Captain Ron. I've written up blog entries and tweeted trying to correct my mistake. I messed up buying into what has been an obvious hoax. Donkeytale has made the decent point that being so involved has made it difficult at times for myself to stay objective. Mea Culpa.

Aaron: Seth,

First, I have never read anything specific that you said that constituted defamation. Sometimes unwise words, but never defamation. He only won because of the default.

Second, yeah, I know all about Brynaert's defamation of me. Keep the screenshots in case my computer blows up or something, but i know all about it. its in my suit.

I'll share some inside baseball. As you start to see in the April 11 transcript, i have absolute video evidence that Kimberlin repeatedly perjured himself. A few weeks ago, "Breitbart Unmask" (who we are convinced is Brett) was jousting with Patterico online and Patrick said something like, "I can't wait until the video comes out." Patrick kind of spoke out of turn, showing you that even really good lawyers can screw up now and then. Besides it actually proved useful, because then Breitbart Unmask mentions the video too, giving us forewarning that Brett knew about the video.

But in the midst of all of that Brynaert tweets to me something like "It was my understanding that there was not video. But now Patterico says there is?" Something close to that.

And I didn't deny it or confirm it anything, i just wrote, something really close to this: "I won't ask for an apology. i will just ask the court to award damages against you for your defamation of me." Which isn't confirmation, but its kind of close to it.

Now that day, Brynaert had been attacking me for hours and suddenly he got very, very quiet. No more tweets from him for literally weeks.

This is what I think happened. Brynaert always thought he could get away with defaming me because Brett assured him that no one witnessed the crucial moment, except a family member of his. So he figured the truth would be muddy enough that he wouldn't be in any danger. And then he finds out there is video and... he knows in his heart that it will show that i have been telling the truth all along. He always knew Brett was full of shit and couldn't be trusted. He knew more than likely I was innocent. And now he is scared, because he knows i can prove it now.

Now, legally speaking, I am probably a public figure and I have to show legal malice. But I think he has made it out. I mean the entire prosecution was based on Kimberlin's word, and Brynaert knew he was a convicted perjurer.

So now he is worried about having a major defamation judgment against him, which is a big deal in the newspaper industry. It could negatively impact his career.

Btw, i would say keep your contact with him to a minimum. i mean if he libels you, patiently correct the record, but certainly don't taunt him about this or anything. We are trying to exploit the possible rift and we have to move somewhat carefully. I think he might just peel off.

Or it might be another false flag from Brynaert. But there you go.


Ha! Maybe Aaron didn't want myself and Ron talking, because we might be able to put two and two together on wtf has been going on. I can't remember exactly how myself and Ron reached a detente. It might have been because I finally got to see that Mandy Nagy thought I was working with Neal Rauhauser. It also didn't hurt that both Ron and myself had a shared friend in donkeytale. Perhaps someday when there is a top 10 Twitter hashtag #IAmRonBrynaert, we will have donkeytale to thank.

Aaron: btw, i am reading the whole transcript now, from November 14. i hope you know that I know better than to believe any of the horrible things he said about you. Everything he says is presumptively untrue, unless it hurts his case. :-) And maybe even then.


What a dickhead. He didn't even read the whole November transcript until May. It took me a long time to get a hold of the audio. I slaved and produced a transcript of it which can be read on this blog. Team Breitbart has been downplaying my story the whole way, because it doesn't fit their narrative. Yet they have been pushing the lie that Aaron was my lawyer. They kissed my ass in private while doing nothing for me in public. They are the personification of scum.

Me: Check out how Jordan let Kimberlin get away with so much. I know default shdemault. Kimberlin would avoid answering questions and go on some long tangent and Jordan would tell me to stop interrupting. Later on it turned out Jordan didn't even read the file. He didn't reprimand Kimberlin for making claims with no proof. It was garbage for justice. You might want to check out my series at DFQ2 titled, "The Thrilla in Vanilla." I made a transcript of my own out of the whole thing with commentary and notes.

Aaron: Having finally read the whole transcript, let me say that you won just about as much as you could win, there. The judge felt obligated to give kimberlin a judgment but he believed that he hadn't proven any kind of damages at all. this was especially true because Kimberlin sued you, instead of having his entities sue you. so he couldn't complain about harm to his businesses, only to himself. he had to show that his salary was harmed, etc.

And i think by the end of it, the judge realized that there was a good chance that the things you said about Kimberlin were in fact true.

You keep saying Jordan let him get away with this. But typically the way judges punish a person for lying to them is to find against them.

The reality is you let it go into default and it is very hard to turn that around. Which sucks, but that is reality. But you turned it around as much as possible.

Btw, any day now Kimberlin has to file his documents in the appeal. If you don't get it soon, you need to work out some way of getting it.


I've posted elsewhere what my problems with Jordan were. I do find it curious both Aaron and Mandy consistently deterred me from fighting the illegal process of service. I think that's because if my case had been fully dismissed, their hoax was dead in the water.

Once Aaron grabbed the I-pad, the hoax took on a life of its own. My story then mattered no more, except for that it was in a basic form necessary to sell the fraud of how the great Aaron Walker had stuck up for an alleged cyberstalker. To repeat, those asswipes told me so much in private that they never blogged on in public. That finally sunk in and was one of the main reasons I finally realised I had been used.

Aaron: Let me add one other thing. don't worry about disagreeing with me politically. I never cared about your views of, say Mitt Romney, or Obamacare.

What I only cared about was your freedom of speech. I have never seen you say anything that wasn't protected by the first amendment. Now, i admit i have never read all of the things you wrote, but there you go.

Even that "murder" email... While i don't blame Mandy for reporting it, it wasn't itself a crime. Even in jurisdictions where threats are against the law, it wasn't a threat. if you wrote it to him personally, it might have been. But my gut told me right from the start that you were not serious. Its like a mother saying about her son, "I could kill him." She doesn't mean it, she is just expressing a little anger.

And you have had every right to be angry.

Btw, speaking of i don't know if you saw the twitter exchange i had with occupyrebellion a few weeks ago. He (remember, I think this is Brett) said something about how all of this was caused by Mandy "snitching" you out. And i unloaded on him. I don't have the exact words, but I said something like this: "The fact is after all the abuse that Kimberlin and his crew had heaped upon her, when she became concerned that someone might harm her tormenter, she did her civic duty and reported it to the proper authorities. And for this act of decency, you call her a snitch. As if she did something wrong. only a criminal thinks it is wrong to report matters to the police. Good citizens do not."

It took several tweets to put it out, but it shut them up for the time being.


That's another discrepancy. Fatterico has said that OR is "Darrah Ford" and/or Neal Rauhauser. I think it is probably Neal or his associate Beth Becker. If so, that would lend more weight to the theory that Rauhauser has been working part and parcel with Team Breitbart. Mandy Nagy has not been a victim in any of this. It has helped the Breibarts to have the false image of ugly Mandy being under attack.

May 17 (Me): You wrote you cracked who Brett is on the net. Do you have proof of that, and is he OccupyRebellion and/or BreitbartUnmask? And Neal lives with Brett? It is all very odd. I'm sorry for all you went through. I do think you did a very good job with your article. Unfortunately, I need a new comp before being able to see the videos or read at scribd. But I'm fine with that. I think I got the gist of things. As for Ron Brynaert tweeting you have extorted him for 20 grand, things couldn't get any stranger. Keep your chin up. Seth

May 17 (Aaron): No, neal doesn't live w brett as far as i know.

and we think [Kimberlin] is breitbart unmask and probably occupy rebellion.

I didn't extort Ron. I offered him a settlement. Its done all the time in law. he's just full of shit.


If Occupy Rebellion is porn blogger "Darrah Ford" (and perhaps also known pervert Neal Rauhauser), then it's doubly odd Mike Stack has had an ongoing feud with that person for at least a couple years or something. It's also strange how on Frey's first entry on Kimberlin, Mike Stack showed up for one post never to return to Patterico's until Weinergate.

I've gone from believing in Mike Stack as a regular guy victim to not believing in him as sensible to believing in him to finally thinking he could be part and parcel of the whole hoax. Yikes! My working theory is this: Rauhauser has been working with Team Breitbart the whole time. I know on the surface that sounds crazy. But it would explain everything.

Keep in mind that $10 million can buy a lot of internet hoaxing. Rauhauser has never been a true lefty and was even a voting Republican back in the day. He has had tough to believe ties to Anonymous and OWS. Nagy has been covering those two groups with her usual brand of neocon, ideological slant. Former(?) FBI Sewer Rat Brandon Darby and Lee Stranahan have been trolling OWS and Tea Party functions. I think basically Rauhauser has been manipulating Kimberlin, while Team Breitbart has been manipulating myself and Ron Brynaert.

May 21 (Aaron): Breaking News: Brett Kimberln's abuse of the MD Legal system continues as he places another Peace Order on me.

see here:

And if you want to know why he can't be trusted, start with this video and then go to my blog to get the whole long story.


May 23 (Aaron): i wouldn't put up those old posts if i were you...

instead, give them to someone else and let them publish it. they can say they are simply reporting on what the controversy is about and there is no issue. you on the other hand might be seen as being in contempt of court.

if you would like, i can give your contact info to a few of my friends (including new friends) and one of them can reach out to you. I have no doubt one of them will be interested.

They could attribute it to you and give you a link back... Think about what I am saying to you...

Your call but I am trying to get your back...


Me: I wouldn't mind if someone made a copy of the blog and put it on a different server. I know there are programs for that. Those aren't the old posts. Those are rewrites. I no longer care about that court or Kimberlin. I broke this story and refuse to have my destiny stolen.

May 24 (Aaron): A reporter wants to talk to you...

i called you at the number below to tell you. no voicemail picked up.

his name is David Hogberg, 202 *** ****

He talked to me for a long time and seemed to really get all of this.

Is it okay for me to give him your number?


Sorry to be repetitive, but Team Breitbart is certainly effective in manipulating one in private while singing a different tune elsewhere. That was a major reason why it took me so long to finally rebel against the hoax.

I can give a few examples. While Mandy Nagy was "helping" me in private, she was also telling Ron Brynaert she felt in her gut I was working with Neal Rauhauser. While in private Mandy was declaring to be in my corner and busy working on a series pertaining to cyberbullying, including one on my own experience, she never produced it.

Here Aaron was giving the impression I was still very much in the loop. In private they were telling me what a good job I did uncovering the Kimberlin story and how wrong I had been treated. On the other hand, in public they never truly covered my story except for how it was the fundamental piece propping up their hoax.

My working theory, which makes more sense each passing day, is that Neal Rauhauser has indeed been part and parcel of the Breitbart crowd since even before Weinergate. There's no other plausible explanation, imho. When Judge Rupp sealed Aaron's info on January 9th, the story should have been over. I believe someone had been pushing Kimberlin to continually pursue Aaron Walker. That someone has been Neal Rauhauser. We'll get into that in a future entry titled, Weinergate Solved.

In fact, this thing should have been over on November 14th. Aaron Walker would have had nothing to do with anything if not for Kimberlin reopening the case. My theory is thus: At that juncture, the Breibarts and Neal concocted a scheme to bring Aaron into the hoax as having been more than a blogger who emailed me a few insignificant times.

I sense Rauhauser manipulated Kimberlin into pursuing Aaron's personal information. I now believe Aaron Walker is a fraud who's been working with Neal. Otherwise, why hasn't Aaron by now moved in his Virginia case to subpoena the real names behind Occupy Rebellion and Breitbart Unmasked? I've asked him that question a number of times and have gotten no response.

Walker's saying he's not going to post his alleged SWAT audio. I'm not saying he wasn't SWATted despite there being no evidence it happened. If Aaron Walker was SWATted, I believe his own people were behind it, and that Aaron was thus well-prepared for when pigs showed up at his door. As for Erick Erickson, I do not believe he has been in on the hoax. However, I've asked him multiple times who advised him to notify his police he might be SWATted. He keeps ignoring that question. I wonder why.

Aaron: you should try to make some time to chat with him today. he wants to run it tomorrow.

is it okay to share your #?


Me: Aaron, cool, I just spoke to Dave and will be talking with him tomorrow morning. This is good news!

Aaron: Very good sir.


Me: Hi Aaron, I've got a really good post almost ready to go. It should make it easier for folks to see how I fit in. I was very down yesterday, but it now appears things are finally going our way. I am very curious what Patrick is gonna post concerning Ron. I'd love to know whether Brynaert is paid by Kimberlin & Co. or if he's simply nutty. I also hope you are able to use subpoena or whatnot power to out Breitbart Unmask, Occupy Rebellion, and any others we can think of. Take care, Seth from Boston

Mere hours later, Aaron sent me this pertaining to Everybody Blog About BK Day:

May 25: i have seen what patrick is preparing. you will like it.


Well, we know what happened next. Erick Erickson was SWATted on May 27th. Aaron Walker was arrested for blogging on May 29th. By mid-June even CNN was covering the story. A right wing media frenzy had been solidified. Money donated by suckers must have been pouring in by the buckets at this point.

However, what goes up must come down.

Darn, the convolution and disinformation never ceases. These are desperate times for the con artists. I realise I am repeating some stuff, but this is very important. Aaron Walker has posted a quote from something called the Bloggers Defense Team. This is akin to Robert Stacy McCain posting as fact Kimberlin was behind the four SWATtings. If you post disinformation, even if you hadn't written it, you become co-owner of such lies.

"Walker has been the target of multiple lawsuits for his writing about Kimberlin"

Uhm, please name one lawsuit that Walker has faced from Brett Kimberlin. Walker and these other tools are attorneys. There's no way this can be construed as being an innocent mistake. I call bullshit!

Looking back on the "change in battlefield," I admit there was an initial head rush from seeing this stuff hit the mainstream. I did appreciate Robert McCain giving me some props. However, by mid-June I was able to one at a time completely sever ties to each charlatan. Figuring out Aaron's bullshit was the last piece of the puzzle.

June 13 (Aaron excerpts): continuing our conversation in dm...


Let me respond to a few other points from your DMs.

What does it accomplish to put Lee down. Okay, it probably makes you feel good, but what does it accomplish? It accomplishes nothing. It gives your opponents a feeling of hope that we might all crack up. Do you want to give Kimberlin and crew hope?

You need to constantly ask yourself, “what does it accomplish to say this” when you are talking about the case. Yes, I know you would just like to have fun and vent, but you don’t have that luxury right now.

"Media cannot be counted on."

In case you missed it we are putting this into the media. Tell the truth, before I published my post did you ever in a million years think the story would get that big? And between you and me, I am getting ready to do something that will kick it into an even higher profile. Mandy knows what she is doing in this respect and you need to trust her more on this. It may sound patronizing but she is trying to help you and she knows what she is doing.

And you should go back and look at my monster post. This might be my ego talking, but I think it is a master class in how a smaller blogger can win people over. I didn’t assume any reader knew anything about the case. I didn’t just make assertions, I provided proof of claim after claim after claim, until I established my own credibility and demolished Kimberlin’s.

And notice something else. I didn’t use cute nicknames or jokey references except only sparingly. Instead I kept it to the facts, without hyperbole. That’s the sort of presentation you need to make, so that people understand what is really happening.

You should write a massive post telling about what Kimberlin did to you. Write it for a person who never heard of either one of you. Upload documents and brick by brick, build your case that you never defamed him, that this was a nuisance suit. Admit your mistakes when you made them.

I mean here’s an ugly truth about Kimberlin. He went after you because he knew you couldn’t defend yourself very well against him. And you are still proving him right.

Do you still have payments to make under the judgment? I know you said you had some trouble getting the court costs to Kimberlin. Is that still a problem? Because I can get you onto that defense fund. Its not just for me but for all victims of Kimberlin.

"Patrick could have fronted for my plane ticket."

Patrick has to beg for enough money to run his blog. He is not a rich man, either. People who work for the government are not rich, typically. Hell the president only makes something like $200K a year.

"Subpoena those names. Out them."

Unless rauhauser the hacker has managed to cover his tracks.

"You will not be [arrested] ever again."

You don’t know that. Every day I face a threat of arrest because this guy doesn’t need any evidence before he accuses you of a crime.

Please Seth, I am on your side and some times being on someone’s side means telling them unpleasant truths. You need to calm down and stop airing your dirty laundry for the whole world to see. You need to focus more on the mission which is to keep the pressure up on Kimberlin.


Then came the end of our relationship on June 19th and 20th. I sent Aaron proof Mandy Nagy, while telling me she was in my corner and doing all she could to help, turned out to have told Ron Brynaert "[Her] gut feeling that something wasn't quite right and perhaps Socrates is with Neal." Here was Aaron's response. Note how he continued to spin the hoax he was my attorney even at this late date.

June 19: Seth besides my honor you are protected by attorney client privilege.

As for Ron, I trust nothing he says. He calls Neal a hoaxer, then he relies on him as a source to defame me, and then denies relying on him as a source. He declares that there was no evidence Kimberlin committed perjury in your 11/14/11 hearing and then admits he didn't finish listening to the audio. And besides you and I both know Kimberlin lied in that hearing and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

That being said we all get paranoid sometimes in dealing with this. They constantly try to play head games with us. It happens to all of us that sometimes we suspect people of working with them that we shouldn't.

But I highly doubt that if Mandy had suspicions about you she would share it with Ron.

My suggestion is to ask her about it. She might have an explanation or she might deny it. There is nothing that prevents Ron from having faked that email.

I hope that helps you.


June 20: let me add something else, now i am home and able to write with a real keyboard and not my phone keyboard.

You seem to be computer savy. There is a concept in computers called GIGO. It stands for "Garbage In, Garbage Out."

it means that if you had bad data coming in, you are going to have bad output. So you have to make sure your data coming in is "pure" if you will to avoid drawing erroneous conclusions.

Ron is a continual source of "garbage." It is because he is a liar, who more than likely is working for Rauhauser and/or Kimberlin. So any conclusions you base on his data is likely to be polluted by his dishonesty.

And it takes no effort at all to forge a fake email. How hard is it?

Let me show you.

Take this email:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Liberty Chick
Date: Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Subject: Re: didn't brett Kimberlin send an email to you threatening to sue you...
To: Aaron Worthing

He did, but I threatened a counter suit and he agreed to a mutual release.

On Sat, Jun 2, 2012 at 12:08 PM, Aaron Worthing wrote:
> after this post?
> >
> do you have that email?
> Aaron

Looks real, right? Well, it isn't. I just made up the entirety of Mandy's response. Her actual response was:

"I've been looking for it for days and can't find it, but I know it came from our info box at Breitbart, so I will ask them to search the mailbox for it. Andrew had been copied on it too."

My point is that it is the easiest thing in the world to fake an email, especially when you are simply forwarding it to another. There's nothing that stops a person from changing the text they are quoting. Honest people don't of course, but you're not dealing with honest people.

Neal delights in doing his best to create strife among his "enemies." He particularly delights in seizing on the insecurities of others. My guess is Ron is being instructed by Neal to seize on yours. Don't fall for it.

Mandy has had your back long before I did. From what I saw much of your victory of reducing the damages to only $100 on November 14 is thanks to her help. She helped save you from what could have been a crippling debt to Kimberlin.

As for Branden and Lee, its like herding cats, you know? I have tried to tell them to leave you alone but everyone needs to cool off on all sides.

And let me say that if you are steady, that if you can withstand the pressure, we are very close to the light opening up at the end of the tunnel. We want to focus right now on the abuse of the courts and his suit against you is going to be exhibit A.

I mean do you remember how you got angry with me just before i filed my response to his motion to quash and then you saw what I filed and you realized that I really had your back and was going out of my way to help you as much as I could from my legal position? And when you saw it you are were deeply apologetic. Well, Mandy and i and others are helping you similarly, because we know an injustice was done and is still being done to you. So, please, please hang on a little longer.


I forwarded Aaron the Mandy email admitting it was true.

Me: Hi Aaron, a little while ago Mandy confirmed she wrote she felt I might be working with Neal Rauhauser.

I'm not in with Ron now. We have a detente is all. I no longer believe he made the swat calls. I believe he is a patsy. I don't think he sounds like the caller. I think Brandon Darby does. But let's put Darby to the side. There's no proof Ron made the calls, and it would be an incredible injustice to him to have been smeared as he's been, if he's innocent. Sure he's been an ass and liar. Not saying otherwise.

Even if Ron astroturfed for Brett, that is still not proof he made the calls.

As for myself winning the damages hearing, Mandy had next to nothing to do with that. She did put together some paperwork, but if she hadn't I would have put together something. Anyway, the reason I won was because early on I understood Jordan's instruction to get to causation. I hammered at that best I could for the two or whatever hours. That won it.

Unfortunately, Jordan was predisposed to thinking I was a criminal and he held it against me I defended pro se. Thus I also lost court costs.

I'm not saying believe me about Ron. What I do think is both of you should be more openminded about the other. Just because someone like Ron is nutty doesn't mean he made the swat calls.

I'm sure you've seen 12 Angry Men. That's what I'm talking about.

Ron sees you three and Dustin as some form of cabal, while you guys see him, Brett, and Neal as a cabal. I believe that if Ron is a valid suspect for the swattings, so should Brandon Darby. I don't hear Ron's personality in the swat caller's voice when he called in to Lee's show while I do Brandon's. I sincerely believe Brandon Darby made the swat calls.
(Me now- I am not sure who made the calls, but I certainly believe they were made by the Breitbart side. Cui bono?)

Of course that's all secondary to what you are working on. And I do wish you well in the upcoming legal venue or venues.

Instead of acknowledging how bizarre Mandy had acted, Aaron continued with his horseshit, brainwashing methodology.

Aaron: Seth,

If you know Ron is a liar, then don't trust anything he says without independent verification.

And if Ron was at all a truth seeker, why does he carry water for Kimberlin so aggressively? Why did he threaten to file false criminal charges against me--a Kimberlin tactic if there ever was one--for making a settlement offer? indeed, why the f--- didn't he take the offer?

If you have to talk to him, then ask him next time he emails you whether Brett Kimberlin perjured himself in your hearing? And if he says "yes," now, then ask him why he denied it before.

Ask why did he declare me guilty of assault on Kimberlin based on nothing more than the fact I was charged, but declared Kimberlin innocent of the crimes of which he was convicted? i was guilty until proven innocent, but Kimberlin was innocent even after being proven guilty. Is that how a reporter is supposed to operate.

Why did he go after Kman to get my identity and then try to destroy Kman's livelihood when he wouldn't cooperate?

And ask him something else: where does he get his money? He refuses to answer that question.

Don't forget also that he tried to use the fact that i helped you as a reason for Yale to give him my identity. That is, just like Kimberlin, he attempted to punish me for helping you. He has literally acted to try to deny you your right to receive legal counsel. Is that an appropriate role for a "journalist?"

Do not trust this man. If you tell him anything that can be used against you, you can expect him to blackmail later.

No, he is on team Kimberlin and you would be better off not even communicating with him. You might screw up and give him ammunition against you or against someone who has been helping you. Don't make those of us who have put out our necks to help you, to include you, regret that.

As for Mandy, at most maybe in the beginning when she really didn't know you she suspected something. you have to remember that Neal loves to run sock puppets and false flag operations. Everyone has just cause to be suspicious of everyone we deal with. Trust has to be developed over time.

And in all bluntness, you are rationalizing away the real help mandy provided. No, it wasn't a perfect victory but you started behind the 8 ball because of the default judgment, and what you got was about as much victory as you could hope for. And you owe her a little more gratitude than you are giving her.

And she has paid a price for helping you. Because she helped you, that convinced Kimberlin that Breitbart was behind your attacks, when as best as i can tell, you were just a principled liberal who was offended by Kimberlin's involvement in liberal activism. That made her the focus of much of his anger for well over a year.

And no to me the proof that Ron made the calls is it sounds like his voice and he was talking to Patterico when the sirens closed in. The sick bastard called him up to hear it happening to him. As for his personality, he is a lunatic. Who knows what he is capable of? And i have spoken with Darby on the phone once. it does not sound like him, imho.

And btw, Ron has admitted it sounds like him. he has just put forth the crazy theory that other people are imitating him, like Tommy Christopher--another person who alleged that Ron blackmailed him, btw. So Ron himself has admitted it sounds like him, but wants us to believe it isn't him because... why exactly?

Don't trust the guy. Don't give him any information that you don't want published, because he will publish what you say.


I relayed Aaron's questions to Ron just like he had asked me to. When I wrote back informing him I had done so, here was his response:

Aaron: Okay Seth,

I didn't give you permission to share my email with him and you went and did, after you demanded I don't share yours with anyone else and accused me of planning to anyway.

You want to find a hypocrite? Go look in the mirror. You gave the enemy information.

We're through, Seth. I feel like an idiot for believing you were anything but an untrustworthy loose canon. This isn't to say your intentions were not good just that your conduct can't be trusted.

You are cozying up to a man who tried to punish ME for helping you. A man who threatened to file false charges againt me to try to extort Patrick into silence. This is the thug you are cozying up to.

You say I have integrity. Where is yours?

We're through. Don't write to me again. You have lost one of your few steady allies in this fight a man who has defended you more than you will ever know. I and Mandy stood up for your freedom of expression and this is how you thank us?

We're through.


I responded:

Aaron, I read your email. It's kinda late here. I relayed your questions to Ron. I told him I wasn't forwarding any other info to or from both of you. And that I can't do anything to harm you or my case.

As to the other five, I'll be honest. I don't trust them. I know they are your friends, but they simply do not have my best interests at heart. I don't want to debate it. I'd rather we agree to disagree. I told Ron, and I meant it, you are the only one I believe has full integrity, that even though I find your political beliefs at times reprehensible, that you are a good man.

I might be able to answer one or more of your questions right away. But again, let's please keep stuff confidential. I know Mandy, Lee, Patrick, and Dustin love to back channel. I know Ron does post private emails. That's why I am not writing anything to him I'd feel embarassed by if posted. And I don't think he will anyway. I'm saying, Aaron, there's a chance Ron has simply gotten in over his head and got spooked...

Uhm, I'm answering ahead of time what I think are some answers. I think he tweeted or something his mom helped him cover some rent. He does think Kimberlin did the bombings but that it was an OJ type case, where guilt and decision don't always mean the same thing. He said he wrote the Wiki a certain way because he felt that was the only way they'd accept it. He doesn't think perjury is something that gets charged in civil cases. He thinks the swattings came from the left. He sees both sides suck like me and donkeytale, how many on the right were lefties, many on the left were righties. And that is true.

And Aaron, the swattings might have been done by Rauhauser. His voice is similar to Ron's. And I know that you guys are law and order God bless America rah rah, but Brandon Darby was a scumbag and lots of people spoke of his being deranged. Ok, hope we are on the same page. If Mandy, Patrick, or anyone else speaks to you about me, please ask them not to or don't accept it on face value without at least giving me a chance to respond. Yeah, if Ron did the swats, he needs to be punished. But if he didn't, then you guys will have been in the wrong. I don't blame you for feeling he is guilty based on everything, but remember 12 Angry Men.

Aaron Walker was so done with me he wrote back three days later.

June 23: Let me guess, Seth...

Someone directed you to read in this thread how "Second Timothy" talks about trying to take a picture of Kimberlin and getting a picture of him allegedly flipping this guy the bird in traffic.

Then you think, its so great and laugh so hard, that you think it is worth mentioning over at pffugee camp and copy the picture from the internet and repost it there.

Meanwhile Kimberlin files a peace order against the guy who allegedly did it, John Norton and claims that the man came onto his property and then jumped into a car and kimberlin gave chase.

And next thing you know, you and I are being blamed for Norton's conduct in Kimberlin's peace order. In it Kimberlin claims that Norton sent you the picture, when in fact you just yanked it off the web. Kimberlin claims that you only comment on the web with my permission when you know that isn't true. And he claims that Norton had to be receiving commands from me, when he knows that isn't true either. He knows the truth is that Norton is just a lone wolf, but that doesn't stop him from making up shit. Indeed I suspect he might have even tried to file criminal charges against me again.

Do you not see what happened? Whoever told you about that Second Timothy comment, tricked you into creating the appearance of a connection that then Kimberlin could exploit in his case against me. And you walked right into that trap.

So whoever told you about that, is working with them. And I am willing to bet that person is Ron, or someone cozy with him.

So can you at the very least stop listening to the person who tricked you into this? And start being smarter about who your real friends are?

Real friends are not people who tell you that you are awesome all the time. Real friends tell you when you are making a mistake, so you can change course.


My response:


Please take this as the sincerest of advice. You've been duped into a conspiracy theory, and you're ending up saying things similar to Kimberlin.

I saw the picture myself and posted it. I didn't know if it was a true story or not. I should've linked to the comment at Robert's website. That's what happened. Nothing else. No one told me about it. It was little, old me seeing it and posting. Period.

Patrick, Lee, Brandon, and Mandy have totally ruined the chance of a good ending through the internet. Their goal is to promote the Breitbart Empire and nothing else. If I were you, I'd get over the idea that being a part of Breitbart is in your best interest. You need to get Kimberlin out of your life. Get a law practice or law job. And blog. Blog independently.

First you theorised that Ron had manipulated an email to make it seem Mandy believed I was working with Neal Rauhauser. I showed you proof she actually believed that. But you didn't continue that debate logically. You ignored that truth.

I'm very sorry for all your troubles. I am grateful that you tried to help me. But imho you are making things worse for yourself by trusting Mandy, Patrick, and Lee too much. I think you should extricate yourself from their undue influence on your decisions.

There is no proof Ron made the swat calls. If you google his name, you will see that he has been ruined.

Patrick Frey has done to him the kind of things Kimberlin and Neal do. I feel so guilty I played a part in that. I also now believe Ron does not work in any way for Brett Kimberlin. The convolution simply got spread so thick, we all ended up confused.

Yes, he was wrong to call Yale. He was wrong with a lot of things. .... I am not in anyone's camp. I am not even close to Ron. We are in a detente.

Kimberlin is an [redacted], period. That was the story I scooped. That remains the story today. The Weinergate-Rauhauser stuff has simply thrown it all out of whack. The swats, which will probably never be solved, have been the icing on the convolution cake.

I am very happy you have legal counsel, so you will never again be jailed and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I believe the worst is over. I am praying the Maryland court finally wakes up and puts a stop to Brett Kimberlin's lawfare. I think it's time for things to de-escalate.

Neal is a mad genius. He knows how to push buttons, so even when we know things are planted, we still fall for them. I believe you should lay off of Ron. Both of you fear the other. When the simple truth is neither of you should have anything to do with the other.

If you look at his first blog, the one with Iraq in the title, check out how many entries he has. He wasn't a nobody. He was trying to make a name for himself. Look at the email he sent calling out Velvet Revolution in I believe September 2011. Ron's mistake was not realising by striving to be objective, to so-call protect the prostitute as Vaughey put it, it made it easy for folks to leap to a conclusion he has been working for them.

I am unable to access the pdf from the voice specialist, but apparently Pat cherry-picked it to make it appear Ron is guilty. You need to figure out whether Ron can be affirmed as the swat caller, or you need to consider that what has been done to Ron Brynaert has been highly unethical.

The Ultimate Lie: One Must Pick A Side

Both sides suck, period. This story has become so obviously a donation racket, it is clearly on its last legs. Personally, I am in the final stages of my own writings on it. I have the thing on Weinergate I'd like to put together. I've some deleted entries left I am going to rewrite. I have something even on Ali Akbar I may or may not write up. This is the end phase for me, no doubt.

As for fraud Aaron Walker's final email, that was some more crazy blathering. I had noticed the photo put up by John Norton and posted it at Pffugee as a hot link. Whoop-de-doo. But that didn't stop some crazy loser named Liberal Grouch from posting some of the most stupid disinfo ever concerning myself being in cahoots with Aaron and that dude in stalking BK on his own land. I think he ended up deleting that post, it was so incredibly stupid.

There comes a point in each of our lives when it becomes time to move on from something. That is where I am for blogging on this shite, except for the few ideas I have left. There might be a bit more after that, but it won't be much. This story has been completely solved, imho. Both so-called teams suck. It is impossible to pick a side.


The Liberal Grouch said...

Crazy loser?

You have 12 hours from... now.

Retract that and apologize.

Or, share this "crazy" disinformation I published. My "information" was from Norton. YOU published the picture and would not tell me where you got it. McCain denied ever posting it. So, someone is lying. All I know for sure, sir, it is not me.

Make that six hours.

And if you don't think I am a tenacious person you DON'T want as an enemy, consider my past work.

socrates said...

I googled your website with John Norton's name and my own. I found seven entries, five of which were deleted.

They are still available in cache, so I've now got copies of your crazy, loser accusations.

Post again and you will be deleted on sight. I don't suffer fools. That goes for anyone else who tries to ofuscate the significance of important entries.

TCW said...

Great post Seth.

socrates said...

Thanks, Mike.

I am not one to post someone's emails without considering it to be possibly unethical.

I think Aaron Walker and the rest of Team Breitbart have asked to be exposed for their hoaxing. Thus, I may look into what other emails I have from Mandy Nagy and Patrick Frey which could enlighten things. Mandy has some kind of disclaimer which says her emails are protected from reposting. HA! We shall see. If people don't want their emails posted, then don't send any or don't stab people in the back. Her cruddy disclaimer means squat.

I'm sorry if I made it seem in this entry you have been part of their hoax. My head goes round and round on some things.

Not to betray your confidence, but in an email you just sent you made a great point. Who would submit to such a hoax when it meant one's name would be destroyed?

Neal Rauhauser doesn't fit into that category. He doesn't mind being seen as a troll. It was probably his strategy to become a honeypot for Anonymous and OWS. Thus his being a predator was probably a way of attempting to flush out some crazies.

Though Neal clearly didn't like it when folks went beyond simply showcasing his "lulzing" to proving he is truly a sadistic, internet predator and quite possibly an FBI Sewer Rat. The shithead actually asked me to delete all mention of his name from this blog. I don't wonder why.

If I get to writing that Weinergate entry, they'll be more written on the total dirtbag going by the name of Neal Rauhauser. I don't care how this sounds, but I am hoping Neal has some kind of disease and soon dies from it. If there's a hell, that is Neal Rauhauser's next destination.