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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Someone Wants An Apology

Mitt Romney isn't the only jackass acting like a crybaby. There's a mosquito troll named Liberal Grouch who asked me for an apology on the More Aaron Walker Emails thread.
The Liberal Grouch said...

Crazy loser?

You have 12 hours from... now.

Retract that and apologize.

Or, share this "crazy" disinformation I published. My "information" was from Norton. YOU published the picture and would not tell me where you got it. McCain denied ever posting it. So, someone is lying. All I know for sure, sir, it is not me.

Make that six hours.

And if you don't think I am a tenacious person you DON'T want as an enemy, consider my past work.
I responded:
socrates said...

I googled your website with John Norton's name and my own. I found seven entries, five of which were deleted.

They are still available in cache, so I've now got copies of your crazy, loser accusations.

Post again and you will be deleted on sight. I don't suffer fools. That goes for anyone else who tries to ofuscate the significance of important entries.
I'm not going to waste too much time on this dude. I will simply offer a few screenshots from posts he has deleted which prove:
[A] crazy loser named Liberal Grouch [has posted] some of the most stupid disinfo ever concerning myself being in cahoots with Aaron and [John Norton] in stalking BK on his own land.

Here's one comment left by Breitbart Unmasked delivering the stale argument I have been colluding with Team Breitbart to menace Brett Kimberlin.

Not that it matters because this is only opinion, but I don't believe BU is Kimberlin. Imho, that is Neal Rauhauser.

I believe Rauhauser has been part and parcel of Team Breitbart, that he has been manipulating BK to take actions that actually benefit Neal and his perceived enemies. It will take some future posts for my theory to make some sense. I admit on the surface it seems ludicrous. I thank ye for your patience. The light at the end of this dead story is starting to shine.

I do give Liberal Grouch credit for posting this funny photoshop.

But I give him nothing but scorn for his having carried Team Numbnuts' water in smearing me. Thus, I end this mailed-in entry with a screenshot message to "Bill Schmalfeldt" that never gets stale.

Related Reading: Warning- the following link is both graphic and retarded, showing why this person Bill should be ignored. Not only does he post disinformation, as the above diary proved. He is apparently another individual who should be nominated for all-time personification of scum status.

Liberal Grouch gets tossed from Daily Kos soon after posting, The REAL Conservative Case Against Gay Marriage.

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