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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aaron Walker Denied And New Team Numbnut Player Added

I have been at a tremendous disadvantage using a piece of junk computer for blogging. Thank God those days are over.

Nonetheless, I am now stricken with whocaresitis. The amount of convolution piled onto the basic story of myself, Ron Brynaert, and Mike Stack being cybersmeared has become astronomical. It's not my job to be Ron. I no longer stress over producing masterpiece after masterpiece. Ye know it's all gonna transform anyway into witty repartee between myself and historic troll donkeytale.

Yesterday we learned that Aaron Walker's lawsuit against Bwett, Neal, and Ron has been dismissed. It appears Aaron doesn't have a clue on Presentation 101 rule 27. Keep it short and simple. He puts in too much. For my case, he chucked in some 200 or so pages of kook rant that must have had Judge Rupp's head spinning. Apparently he made the same mistake with his current lawfare.

That being said, hopefully Neal Rauhauser's reign of terror has mercifully come to a close. If he ends up in prison, that will be icing on the cake. It is refreshing to see that his true psychotic nature has been utterly revealed. A while back Crying Wolfe tweeted that the SWATter had been fingered. I was skeptical at the time but there are indications that could be true. Unfortunately with blog court, most of the time all we really have to go on is third party hearsay.

Back in early November there was a monster story at LA Weekly concerning Patrick Frey's SWATting. It contained tons of comments.

SWATting, a Deadly Political Game; DA Patrick Frey's enemies called 911, saying he'd shot his wife By Simone Wilson Thursday, Nov 8 2012

From a Cheeze-Whiz post (November 12, 2012):
Compliments go to SanguinariousRose for finding Neal Rauhauser's Anarchy-pushing Manifesto to overthrow the government on the Hidden Wiki right alongside the advertisement for SWATting Services. $5 to harass someone online; $10 to deliver pizzas and such; $20 for a full-out faux call to a person's Police Department claiming they murdered their wife. You'll just have to contact the FBI or us for the recordings which will prove their own friends corroborated this story and their goal of wanting to overthrow the government. Copy and paste the below into notepad. It's the original. ...

Thanks go to: @OccupyRebellion, @OccupyUnmasked, @LiberalGrouch # # Kevin Gosztola, Matt Osborne, Ron Brynaert, The Electronic # # Frontier Foundation, The Tor Project, ED, Anon, The Occupy # # movement as a whole, and too many others to count. We love you. # # # # No thanks whatsoever goes to: Western government, Eastern # # government, Republicans, Democrats, extremists of any kind, # # "security forces" of any kind ("we're not going to tell you how # # we keep you safe, you'll just have to trust us" - no thanks), # # the Tea Party, Lee Stranahan, Ali Akbar, Brandon Darby, David # # Bossie and "Citizens United" (yeah, okay buddy), Breitbart, # # Mandy Nagy, investment bankers, etc. # # # # The list of no thanks could go on forever. It's extensive. If # # you happen to identify yourself as partial to one of those on # # it, then consider yourself an enemy too. You are part of the # # problem. #
Uhm, Mr. Cheese-Whiz, I'm sorry to inform you that Rauhauser does not have the goal of overthrowing the government. He is either an FBI informant or his plausible deniability of being into insane lulz is true. Or perhaps there is a third option that faking as cointelpro is part of his job duties to promote some of his Nutroots buddies (see Anonymous, Karl Rove).

I can't vouch for SanguinariousRose or Cheeze-Whiz. However, if you read the alleged comment, it certainly does sound a lot like Neal Rauhauser (especially if you look at who SWATboy does and does not thank). The thanking of Ron Brynaert sticks out like a sore thumb. As does that of Matt Osborne.

One of the underpinnings of Frey's and Walker's Kimberlingate hoax has been to cybersmear Ron as the violent, historic SWATter. Neal Rauhauser also over the last year or so has gone out of his way to try to destroy Ron Brynaert. He did so at Daily Kos in a deleted diary I saved and reposted to DFQ2. He did so at his Breitbart Unmasked website. It's part of Neal's convoluted, internet predator strategy of sowing confusion.

I'm not trying to ruin the lives of Ron, Seth, and Mike. I am trying to help them. That's the ticket.

That may pass muster with a jackass such as Karoli Kuns. It does not with anyone possessing an open mind and a semblance of critical thinking skills.

The above with Neal thanking Ron is a tell. It's called Concern Trolling 101. Rauhauser has in actuality been an insidious promoter of Frey/Walker SWAT disinfo. Could all three be on the same team? Yes, in fact much points to such a theory being true. It has been proven a Dustin Farahnak sock puppet at Daily Kos showed Neal basic respect and supported his smear of Brynaert. Dustin is best buddies with both Frey and Walker. He contributes to both of their blogs, including Walker's Islamophobic hate site.

Another thing is clearly striking as one reflects on the above. What has been the point of all this? In Neal's Unabomber-like diatribe, he yet again pimped the idea he is part and parcel of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street. He was exposed a couple weeks ago for creating the new Karl Rove/Anonymous, election fraud hoax. Neal was clearly working with Brett Kimberlin and Velvet Revolution on that one.

I truly believe my entry at FDL on that story was the impetus behind myself and donkeytale getting the ax. A front pager there under the name TBogg has direct ties to the Rauhauser milieu. Many months ago he deleted one of donkeytale's Troll Wars installments. Not only are we no longer allowed to post at FDL, all of our writings have been scrubbed.

Welcome to my world, donkeytale. This has happened to me at a number of places, primarily at Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. In fact, I only went to DKOS because DU had scrubbed my major work there exposing Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman run hoaxes since late 2004.

A quick socratisation of Karoli Kuns

This is gonna be quick, so don't be expecting some old-school socratisation. Karoli Kuns is simply another fake lefty out for a buck. She's a marketer. I have two master's degrees. I am a thinker. I was a post-high school student for over a decade. I'm thoughtful. I'm also extremely humble. Perhaps most importantly, I don't make a cent off of anything I write.

Even though I could easily blend in with high brow thinkers, I have opened up a forum by which common, historic troll donkeytale can chip in with his regular guy commentary from a non-scholarly viewpoint. He does often get us sidetracked with sports talk. It is what it is. I'm just trying to point out that my humility also matches my intellectual greatness. What you see is what you get. I don't have any hidden agendas unlike the fake right/left dominating the internet. That grouping includes some horrid wench named Karoli Kuns.

Kuns's education consists of attending California State University-Northridge from 1976 to 1979. I don't see what her major was. Then there is this:

"Interests: Internet communities, blogging, social media, microblogging, politics..."

Isn't that special? That sounds kinda sorta not too shabby. But then there's this:
Groups and Associations:
1) All The Global Leaders (TGL)
2) Personal Branding Network
Karoli Kuns is a fricken tool of the state apparatus. Now she is busy kissing Neal Rauhauser's ass since somewhere in her peanut sized brain she got the notion that this is a good career move. It might be. I highly doubt it.

Perhaps the most utilised, internet marketing schtick is the branding of oneself as a right or left wing citizen activist. These people tend to be nothings in real life with little to no academic background to justify their talking head status. Yet somehow they are still able to carve a niche in the sewer known as the blogosphere. Sometimes it is difficult to know which side they come from. Some such as Lee Stranahan and Arianna Huffington have juiced both sides of the political divide.

Such numbnuts are simply feasting off of America's proclivity to pledge their non-worthiness + money to various cults of the personality.

From Karoli's about page at her boring blog: In addition to my work with online communities, I am also a self-employed employee benefits consultant and administrator.

That doesn't sound very leftist to me. For all we know, she does that work on behalf of corporations. It sounds like me, me, me and money, money, money. It sounds like anything but the strong thinker and citizen activist she peddles herself as.

I do appreciate she put up a picture showing what she really looks like.

That's quite different from the first one or this next one that also makes her look like a sweetie.

This isn't a sexist schtick either. Today I tweeted the same treatment to intrepid, cantankerous, edgy, and a bit nutty Ron Brynaert.
Donkeytale on @ronbryn: "I'm convinced its that little half smirk of his that draws the Twitter feeders to him."
This is what donkcheese was referring to:

I too like that one. Ron's previous version was also very good. Unfortunately, Ron had forgotten to comb his hair.

Personally my favourite Ron picture is the following. Apologies for not being able to locate a larger version.

But I digress.

For anyone who wants to see how f'ed up Karoli Kuns is, they should read this:

Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin, and a Right Wing Blueprint

Anyone supporting Neal Rauhauser is an idiot. Period.

Karoli has me blocked, so it is impossible for me to confront her with documented proof Neal Rauhauser is a cyberstalking/smearing nutjob.

She actually had the gall to post, "From the moment the Anthony Weiner scandal broke, Neal Rauhauser smelled a rat, and as it turns out, he was right."


Aaah, and lookie here what Karoli offered up in early June 2011. (disclaimer: I nicked this tidbit off of Ron's Twitter feed.)
Does anyone remember hearing that Justice Thomas released his financial disclosures on May 27th? Here's a little tidbit for you: His disclosures indicate a direct cash investment of between $15,000 and $25,000 into Ginni Thomas' Liberty Consulting lobby firm...
I didn't include the hyperlinks in the above quote. If you go to those, one is a public relations piece put out by Kimberlin's The other is a pdf produced by Velvet Revolution.

In short, Karoli Kuns has zero integrity.

For anyone left who doesn't realise Kuns is an idiot, check her out in this short video.

She is the freaking poor man's Maryscott O'Connor, for crying out loud. She makes Huffington appear as a genius. That someone like Kuns can be achieving any sort of success via the internet is astouding. She's an internet fake! Bet on it.

Let's wrap this up by going back to the beginning. With yesterday's dismissal of Walker's lawsuit, it appears the story is finally over. Thank God!

The Team Breitbart cult and Team Numbnuts will continue to feed off of one another. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that both sides have revealed themselves as retarded looooosers. They are that to such an extent, I've decided to dust off one of DFQ2's most requested images in my own mind. To both sides, this Bud's for you:

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