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Friday, December 7, 2012

Basketball Post/Open Thread

The perfect storm has ended. For the most part, Weinergate/SWATgate has been solved (see Rauhauser, Neal). Oh my, what a ride. We now return to regularly scheduled blogging. For those who don't care about the Boston Celtics, you can skip the following.

The basketball season is upon us. It has not been a nice start for the home team.

It's become more than obvious the Celtics are a mediocre team. As presently constituted, their ceiling is 50 wins with no chance of a title.

The elephant no longer even in the room is Darko Milicic, who Doc put on the bench behind obvious loser Jason Collins.

Darko: Seven Feet, 275 pounds, blocks shots and rebounds (also only 27 years old). Darko has been an obvious disappointment from where he was drafted. However, in my opinion he had great potential to be as good as Kendrick Perkins was during the 2008 championship season. His play might have been enough to turn us into a 60 win team with a decent chance to win it all.

He was the potential answer.

Now our only hope is if Danny Ainge can make a trade for a decent center. It will also have to be one Doc Rivers will play.

By the way, it looks like Paul Pierce is finally cooked. He has taken over Ray Allen's role of being overrated and overplayed. But don't hold your breath waiting for Doc to figure that out.

The C's might be able to turn on the switch. They've done that at least twice since the onset of the KG Era.

Some may be correct on the motivation behind Darko's decision to leave. His mom's health might have been the deciding factor. We'll probably never know the full truth.

I was just thinking how worse injuries to Erden and Stiemsma didn't prevent them from getting off the pine. It seemed like in Milicic's first game, he had five bad minutes and then Doc put him in the doghouse.

I see Jermaine O'Neal has been playing well. Sheed is contributing to the Knicks. One of them definitely playing well for us could have been the answer. I actually don't care who Danny Ainge gets, as long as it's this year and for someone at least at their level.

A Pierce-Gasol trade would probably help us if Jeff Green emerged. Yet Pierce would seem to overlap with Artest.

We basically have one of Bass/Sullinger, Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley, Fab Melo, and draft picks to offer. Before the season started, that was pretty good. I'm not sure what that will get you now.

It's embarrassing how so many of us got this season wrong. I think I said they'd win 62 games. I don't care how good the Knicks and some other Eastern Conference teams are. If KG had a competent center to help him out, we would certainly be fighting for the top seed.

My immediate recommendation is for Green to play more and Pierce less. That will help two-fold. Pierce will get his rest. Green will get so much action, he will not have time to worry and will improve.

I was also wrong about Barbosa. He should not be the backup point guard. That's for Jason Terry. Lee should also start with Rondo.

I'd place Barbosa as a shooting guard for five to ten minutes perhaps more depending on how effective he is.

It'll be interesting to see what Ainge does. Until then, it looks like this team will win one, lose one, be a 45 win team, a seventh seed type. If they excel, they are 50 wins. I don't see them capable of much more than that. Now if we could get KG a true backup, that would compel a re-evaluation of the Celtics' true prospects. In my honest opinion.

And to quickly add to that, I could have sworn Darko said something about not getting playing time being a factor in the divorce.

I don't know how sick his mom is or what it is. Perhaps she could have spent a little time in America and possibly even received treatment. Darko could have become something and not just a player wannabe. He might have finally become an NBA success with a ring and a PJ Brown A+ effort.

Danny and Doc messed up in a similar way with Greg Stiemsma and Semih Erden. If you want to keep those dudes, it gets done, period. Both players had a chance of greatness playing for the NBA's most storied franchise. Now they are mere tools on loser teams.

It's good to see other fans are starting to become more vocal against Doc's idiotic small ball. Wade and Lebron will eat that for lunch.


Anonymous said...

Terry's not a point guard, he's a streaky shooting guard who tends to disappear at crunch time. I know, I watched him many years in Dallas. He did come through hugely and consistently throughout the playoffs the year the Mavs won the title.

The Celtics are done. The Maverick's are also done.

Times change. In political trend as in basketball trend.

I'm not sure Rauhauser, however, is done. This just feels like the end of an season of Survival.

There'll be a new dramedy coming right up.

Also, I did read through the Karoli schtick and although I understand why you don't like her I have to say her piece was well written. She didn't get a few things, like why Dallas FBI was involved that even I get as a long since lost interest in this entire schtick but she writes pretty good.

But, she's about a year or so late to the party. So she should get it all. Its just not news anymore.

Here is some real news, my son won his district in the overall academic decathlon, placing 1st in four events. Chip off the old blog block. It was strange debating him on modern Russian herstory. He knows more about lenin and Trotsky then I do, and he's a libertarian.

I did get him to see how prescient their writings were and how the failure of the revolution had as much to do with the lack of a pre-revolutionary capitalist infrastructure as anything else, including Stalin's crimes and WWII's destruction of millions of people.

socrates said...

We haven't had a true backup point guard since Stephon Marbury. Pierce has been effective before as point forward. It's too bad he's getting old and is susceptible to giving up turnovers.

KG is still Godlike for 30 minutes. If we get him some real help like a healthy Pau Gasol or Gortat, we are back in business. It'll be interesting to see if Avery Bradley plays as well as he did last year. He's due back soon. He's not tall but has long arms or something. He's basically the best defensive shooting guard in the league. Though for taller shootin guards, he might have a tough challenge. That's where Courtney Lee is going to have to fill the Tony Allen/Pietrus role.

12 new counts were added to Barrett Brown's indictment. It looks like a wild goose chase. He apparently copied and pasted a url which led to credit card numbers being stolen. The thingies abput him being a menace on the net, that seems bogus too.

He's a self-admitted heroin addict, if I'm not mistaken. The dude needs counseling not prison bars.

Though if he did facilitate credit cards being stolen, he deserves at least some sort of punishment up to any sentence that truly fits the crime.

socrates said...

Ron took Karoli further to the woodshed today. She is the poor man's Maryscott O'Connor. MSOC was pure grated cheese. Loved the rants. You'll have to pick a better dame than that to defend. You probably ogled at her avatars too much.

socrates said...

I couldn't have written your last two paragraphs any better. Well, actually I could. But that's not the point.

I haven't read much Lenin. Looked at a bit of Trotsky. Seemed like a very decent thinker. Same as Ho Chi Minh.

Great fellas.

You're correct, Mr. Bond. Russia was a monarchy then directly to communism. They were underdeveloped. That's why Stalin created his five year plans. It was today's China trying to catch up back then.

It was a scenario which didn't befit the narrative for longterm success and purity of communism.

The worst of all was Stalin being a monster totalitarian.

I saw another fine movie on the Holocaust. Kudos do go out to Russia for helping liberate the Jews.

Anonymous said...

I'm not actually defending her.

I guess I don't see the point.

Maybe I'm missing it.

Communism or true socialism needs to become a worldwide phenomenon and in a positive, enlightening sense in order to survive, much less succeed.

As a national phenomenon it doesn't work because the global capitalist system can choke it off and kill it fairly easily.

Lenin envisioned the current imperialistic stage of globalism with its financialisation of the world economy, monopolies by the ruling class as the prelude to a world revolution.

I see this event being triggered by world wide catastrophe, either an environmental disaster of epic proportions resulting from overpopulation and/or the old standby, WWIII.

It won't be pretty but it will take an apocalypse now to decimate and reset human nature. The challenge for socialists has always been in the fact that capitalism represents a system that plays to aspects of human nature, greed, acquisitiveness, need for hierarchy, family and religion and the need for familiar repetition day to day.

Niggaz are skared of Revolutin,. as the song says.

Change will be triggered and forced from outside these comfort zones.

I touched on some of this in my now lost, underground classic diary "The Vicious Cycle Speeds Up."

No wonder I was banned.

Anonymous said...

Barrett Brown, to the extent I understand his significance seems worthy of scoratisation. There is a there,there.

If the karoli schtick is simply because she give props to Rauhauser, consider this: while Rauhauser may be evil as you say, you have to admit he's a genius of the internets.

I agree with your basic thesis that both sides suck and feed off each other. But consider, the internets is really a small hermetically sealed subculture that means next to nothing in reality to like 99% of the world.

To those of us addicted and trapped inside the cookie jar, the immensity is greatly exaggerated.

This is why involving the courts and the criminal justice system is a non-starter for everyone who tries, regardless of ideological flavouring.

The courts are already clogged with actually important cases, they aren't going to assign much effort to deciding blogger vs blogger battles. No matter how you try to make it important as a free speech issue, or a swatting criminal offense, or wtf, it/ is. not. all. that. and. a. bag. of. significance. chips.

Maybe we truly need a blog court to decide these online-only rhetorical crimes. For real life, you need a real life crime.

I'm not quite sure what Neal's done to deserve prison. You'd have to flesh that concept out a bit more for me. I don't wish prison on too many people unless they create huge, life threatening amounts of physical and/or psychic violence is perpetrated against others.

Neal Rauhauser is the historic troll. I'll give him that much, and some of that, I have to admit, is a compliment. Say what you will but the dude has skills. He knows how to incite comments, thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

As for the Celtics, methinks you are grasping at straws. Garnett is a great player but like Nowitzki, he is up in years.

Besides, Pierce is the heart and soul of that team, by far the best player IMHO and the most vital element when they were winning titles. He's also way up there. I recall that the Mavericks passed on Pierce to take Dirk, who was a skinny unknown whitey out of Germany, only 19 I think at the time.

Many, perhaps most in Dallas were shocked and horrified that they passed on Pierce but herstory bears out that both a remarkable players in different ways.

It is time for the Celtics to rebuild around Rondo, IMHO.

The Mavs still have a few years left with Dirk and don't yet have anyone around which to rebuild.

They are stuck trying to get the most out of a veteran lineup, masking perhaps adding a free agent conquest while Dirk can still compete and have nothing else.

They have drafted dreadfully for years and unable to find any hidden gems overseas to compensate for their lack of domestic talent.

Donnie Nelson hasn't been the equal of his dad in the GM dept

Anonymous said...

So anyway, next year begins my second round of paying for college. Ah, there will be no retirement rest for this weary sinner.

But thats OK. He wants to have a double major in herstory and poli sci.

I suspect he's an aspie.

It is astounding the amount of historical recall he can summon on certain subject matter.

And not a lick of common sense.

[projection alert]

I think his mother, who has nothing at all to do with me at this point, has done a good job of taking the positives he's inherited from me and eliminating the anti-social negatives.

For my part, I'm trying to provide him the best negative example of how not to live your life.

Hopefully, he'll get it before too much permananet damage of the college party years sinks him.

I didn't have college but I definitely had the party years.

About 4 decades worth.


Anonymous said...

But of course, Donnie has a title, unlike Don, if you don't count the three hundred or so he won as a limited role player on the best professional sports team of alltime.


Bill Russell. The best there ever was and probably ever will be.

That is a dude who gets it.

In all phases of the game.

I'm done. I'm done.

socrates said...

You are missing the point while getting it. Within this fish bowl of irrelevance, Karoli both matters and doesn't matter. Previously you didn't know what she was. Now you do. It's not my fault the various milieus within the internet are insignificant. If you think about it, nearly anything can be viewed as meaningless. And that too is a true story.

You were not banned from FDL for anything you wrote. They tossed us as a set item. And it came down to TBogg who got us tossed. He probably had his nipples churned by Karoli, Neal, whomever, you name it, some form of fake left numbnut. Bet on it.

That you concede both sides are sucking off the other despite claiming to be mortal enemies is all you need to know. Both sides suck. And I'm not the only one saying so now. I've seen two other non-numbnuts at Twitter basically twiddling the same point. Tho' without the fine details to back it up as is done through socratisation.

I agree with you it will take some form of disaster to compel socialist measures in Amerikkka. It's going on now in a way with Obama. But only in a small way. (Wingnuts are probably thinking I have finally come over to their dark side. My fake leftist enemies are probably saying, "I knew it! He's a right wing operative working for Breitbart Inc..")

Two words. Food. Stamps.

Americans on the whole aren't going to want big numbers of people going hungry in our country. Not on my watch, pal! I mean, as long as the Bubba and Gertrude Applepie family are aware something's up, they do tend to take action.

You know the reason most why Obama probably beat McCain? I'd say it was from us watching the Bush Administration shit the bed in New Orleans. That was a no-no. Maybe that racist, political stuff would have worked forty years ago. But not today. You can't wait days on end while people are waiting for flood waters to settle down. That was grotesque. GW's mom also once said something about not caring about body bags because her beautiful mind didn't want to see them. Then they nominated Richie Rich Romney for 2012? The Republicans aren't too bright.

We are the best (worst?) for being decadently happy while having no fricken clue injustice is operating under our system. However, as soon as we become aware of any problem, see apartheid or the Contras, we tend to do the right thing or try to force our government to do so. We are basically good people. People are people.

But food stamps aren't gonna enable anyone to upgrade to high speed internet or trips to the south coast of France. It's a disgusting joke how much tuition costs. America sucks, period.

Food stamps aren't going to create good jobs at good wages.

The key to monumental social change is to basically strip the US military down to its basic bones. That is where the most corruption and waste is along with the most deadly.

Look at Russia. They loved themselves some cold war. But they could no longer afford it. Reagan didn't win that battle. Russia simply said no mas. Reagan was an ass and hack actor. Bet on that too.

socrates said...

Someone getting SWATted is very criminal and outside blog court jurisdiction. What you pass off as historic trolling has more likely been criminal cybersmearing and stalking.

One of these days a victim may take his own life or Neal's. Then you'll see some court and newspaper involvement. After the fact. What would I do if by chance he came into my view? My fist would pummel his ugly mug. That would be another good bet to make.

It's easy for you to talk shit about someone so despicable. You weren't cybersmeared and SWATted. The dude can also be easily tied to what happened to Bradley Manning. He is probably cointelpro with that being the reason why he hasn't been arrested yet for seemingly SWATting Mike Stack.

Hal Turner was breaking laws left and right on behalf of the retarded FBI. But it wasn't until he threatened three judges that he was finally taken into custody.

socrates said...

I could have sworn you got some undergraduate in.

What folks really want to know is your draft dodging story. The Canadian years. How all that went down.

I know Vietnam vets and most war vets are pussies who rarely like discussing what they saw and experienced. I don't expect that same silence from the brave heroes who refused to kill Asians on behalf of fascists. Spit it out, son.

Finally, thanks for acknowledging the greatness that the Celtics were. Laker fans try too hard to promote their team as the greatest of all time. They count five titles that weren't even won in California.

I agree the Celtics should blow it up. But only after trying to get a good center for one or two last runs. Title teams have often had older champs chipping in, Tiny Archibald and Hondo come to mind. Cowens retired just before the year Bird won a ring.

PJ Brown was phenomenal in 2008. He won a playoff game for us against the Cavs in a series which went seven games. He was up there in age. The Celtics are not that far off from being a top contender. I do admit it has to be a good center to join the core of this team for us to have any gravitas to make such a claim.

The 1969 team is the greatest example of an old, cooked team somehow still winning it all. By the way, Rondo is spectacular. One can only imagine how good he'd be if he had teammates who could keep up with his pure geniusness and speed.

It used to be a no-brainer to say Dirk was a better pick than Pierce. But over time I'll say it has become a draw. Do not underestimate the greatness which was Paul Pierce. He wasn't nicknamed "The Truth" by Shaq for nothing. He was a truly remarkable player. He looked fairly spectacular too last night in a tough overtime loss to the 76ers.

socrates said...

Both Pierce and KG missed layups because they were gassed.

Doc Rivers doesn't have a clue when it comes to time management and who should be on the floor.

That is the other reason why I think the Celtics are in trouble.

What Danny Ainge needs to do is get a good center to play with KG. Then in a sense the team becomes Doc-proof.

Doc is a motivational speaker. He is their spiritual teacher. Though he does pick favourites based on his own quirks for the game.

And I too am now done

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations, homer. Let me respond quickly. I did get some undergrad in, just enough to convince me that college was a complete waste of time and energy, since I was expecting prison and/or an early death anyway.

I don't see Pierce going anywhere, especially not to the Lakers who already have Artest, as you mentioned, and also Nash and also a feller name of Kobe Brynaert. There is only one ball and 48 minutes. Not to mention a salary cap. But Pierce is an LA product (Inglewood, home of the fabulous Forum)so the thought is a good one from that standpoint.

Aging superstars aren't really tradeable commodities. Maybe you can dump him somewhere near playoff time to a team that has injuries and needs shoring up for a run, if you agree to pay his salary and throw in a younger player or a future draft pick, or something.

Otherwise, teams are looking to the future not the past.

Gasol isn't really what he once was either. Bynum was the underrated force in the lakers inside game, underrated only because he was/is out injured so much. Gasol's game is similar to Garnett's in fact.

Just like I truly don't understand the Nash to the Lakers move, unless Nash is going to become a true point guard, or else Kobe is. Seems confusing to me and the team record so far reflects that confusion.

DAL hovers around .500 too without Dirk so they probably will make the playoffs, as will LAL and BOS but I'm having a difficult time seeing anyone other than MIA versus OKC again the finals.

FWIW, SAN has the best record in the NBA. Talk about an aging team. But a great, great coach.

[to be continued...]

Anonymous said...

I did write up some schtick once on those days of yore, "The Oblioblada" but deleted it. I wasn't happy with it as art and recognised it as a longform work for which I didnt have the time or inclination to pursue until retirement, which will never happen for me anyway. I'm telling myself that when I have fulltime I will work on it but its a different type of story for me, complex psychological interiour monologue mostly. Not really my strength. I'm an expressionist, an absurdist, so I would need to find that perspective.

Those days weren't all that thrilling in the external world for me, mostly it was hard, drifting some, living in shadows, grinding in poverty, alone, alienated. Not all that interesting as much as depressing.

It's something I haven't gotten over, really, and don't relish re-living in order to write it up. I still find myself imbued with the same traumatised tendencies today even when things go well. At the time, I was mostly drunk and/or stoned 24/7, self- medicating as I was fully expecting to die any day.

If I'd known I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of myself, as the cliche goes.

Besides, Kafka had already written my life story before I was even alive.

The Trial. Available free online.

Canada had nothing to do with it. I didn't like Canada all that much the times I've been there to be honest.

Interesting guesswork both on the reason for our banning and the swatting accusation.

I suppose anything is possible, however academic-minded bloggers typically offer evidence in support of their theories.

As for the psychological trauma resulting from a swatting, at least in the case of Frey and Erickson, the distress was accompanied by increased media attention, which appears to be something of an offset. Why not then also consider the possibility that the swats were self-engineered?

Self-promotion is also a possible motive.

Anything's possible without any credible evidence on display. And I think I read somewhere that if they really wanted to excavate the internets the FBI could get to the bottom of it.

dude, people have died from hoaxes evenvery recently. People have died by internet. Bloggers have committed mass murder, too. Happens all the time, in fact.

I agree that it's pretty traumatic to have the police show up at your door and arrest you without warning. I know this for a fact because it has happened to me before.

Its also pretty traumatic to have an angry narc handcuff you, throw you into his unmarked car, point his service revolver in your face and cock it, then proceed to punch you in the face hard, twice, all with your hands tied behind your back, and finally discuss with his partner whether they should go somewhere discrete and alleviate some more of their frustrations on your face and body before booking you at the police station.

He is pissed off, you see, because one of your stupid friends just assaulted him by throwing a short piece of hard steel into his face from a distance of about five feet, your friend being kind enough to perform this gracious, impulsive act within your immediate presence.

When you were 15.

So yeah, whatever, swatting.

Anonymous said...

OK, I see where Nash has been out injured so they havent really confronted that issue yet.

Philly looks to have gotten jobbed on that 3 way trade. Traditionally, I dont start following the NBA until the Packers are eliminated and even then barely so until the playoffs

socrates said...

The basketball will take care of itself especially once trades are made and injury situations are cleared up.

Of course common sense asks whether the SWATs were self-inflicted. I think Stack was innocent. It's quite a stretch to involve him in it, though Ron Brynaert has tried.

Patterico though he might have been part and parcel of what happened. He's been busted asking Barrett Brown to lend him the Anonymous Army. He might have been in on something with Breitbart the whole time. And Neal might have been in on it with them.

That's what I think happened. Neal and Breitbarts were completely behind it.

Aaron might have been a kook patsy, easily manipulated. I don't think Erickson would be involved for complicity. But it could have been figured out to have him done too after Patterico trapped him in the milieu.

Anonymous said...

Greenwald writes a useful critique of Hollywood propaganda techiques displayed in the new film '7ero Dark Thirty' which depicts falsely that torture was essential in gathering the info that led to the offing of Bin Laden.

In an update he offers an excellent characterisation of the over heated herd mentality that so typified most fried bloggers of the type who repeatedly ban us for speaking truth to moron:

"....either has severe reading comprehension problems and/or a desire to distort."

socrates said...

Brad Friedman is a Nutroots big shot. He and BK are in good with the whole network.

They are focused on Breitbart as the devil incarnate. Those few who are lending fake gravitas to the retarded.

That's their plausible deniability. That they are not malicious numbnuts. I'm not buying it.

Anonymous said...

So wut yur sayin is, there is a nutroots mob and/or conspiracy at work on the internets, obviously doing info battle (that occasionally results in "real life" nonsense such as absurd lawfare).

But the bottom line of the activities. as in the real life mob, is money and chicks, and stuff?

Ok, great. Now we're getting somewhere like a narrative. However, its purely fictional at this point, until you can infiltrate the mob and/or finger an informant who will turn on them to save his own hide (SEE fellas, Good for details).

The other problem is understanding what if anything are the criminal activities requiring this infiltration?

You can't solve crime or even so-called morality problems prospectively without becoming as bad or worse (IE fascist) then that which you seek to resolve.

As always, some factual evidence would help. Otherwise, maybe you have an internet crime saga, a "Godfather" for the slacker age, but who is the capo di capos?







Just sayin...a surprise ending in the hItchcokian method would be awesome. Maybe Ron can be the narrative voice.

That'll make the reader scratch his head...

socrates said...

You missed the point by assuming I was going into some major conspiracy theory.

For this specific story, of course, Neal Rauhauser is behind it all. He started this mess. You're going to deny that?

Next to a diatribe written by him during his fake Anonymous schtick were ads looking for folks to crank order pizzas, troll someone, even make a SWAT call, the latter for 20 bucks.

There's no need for fricken real life proof in blog court. Neal Rauhauser was clearly behind the SWATs. Otherwise, we'd have never heard of him.

Karoli Kuns is a tool. So is TBogg. Hamsher is a tool. Arianna Huffington, for all her money, is also a tool.

The only ones who aren't tools are the actual members of TOOL.

Bet on it.

Anonymous said...

I remember there was a fake TV show called Tool Time.

I ain't denyin or concedin anythin.

I'm neither believin nor disbelievin

I'm not convinced nor unconvinced.

I'm waitin for signs of intelligent life in the whiteysphere is all.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I innovated a new version of spam diary at Pffugeecamp, based on my comments here.

We could make a living turning our comments into diaries and hawking lingerie, escort services and what not.

"100 Blog Directories
by: adamfreeman4 - Dec 11
Cheapest Escorts
by: brandonn2805 - Dec 11
Escort Pacoima
by: donkeytale - Dec 09"

just sayin. Now that the erection's over and we've been duo-banned I need to find a new way to make a buck.

Those ingrates at the DLC have decided they don't need the white middle class progressive vote to win erections anymore, therefore I'm expendable.

Both sides suck.

In Pacoima....

socrates said...

You just sorta kinda simply need to wipe the tears and come up with something fun to read.

I started a rough draft blog entry last night. But nothing came to mind. This could be the end of blogging history.

socrates said...

No one ever asks decent questions anyway. The closest was a twitter dude immediately smelling a Brad Friedman rat with Rauhauser's fake Anonymous-Karl Rove schtick.

It was a subtle victory over Team Numbnuts but still a clear win.

And that too is a true story.

Anonymous said...

Eh wot?

Methinks you have been spoilt by success.

These self-satisfied sweeping condemnations simply cannot replace the old school socratisations that made a legendary troll in the first place.

Getting laid regularly seems to have made you a dull boy, just as wiping the floor witth the white middle class prohressive whiteysphere two elections in a row has definitely smoothed my rough edges.

I think I'm gooing into extended re-run season. There are no remaining fields of battle to ascend.

We are the champions, my friend. No time for loosers cause we are the champions of da woild.

socrates said...

There's nothing new under the blogging sun.

I guess someone has gone nuts in an Oregon shopping mall.

That could be a blog entry.

Who am I kidding? That's not an entry.

We'll see how it goes.

Maybe it's best to end up on top for one's last professional blogging year.

I'll probably always look for some pickup blogging games and whatnot.

But for being under the big blogosphere lights, I might be done. I might be done.

Aaah, we'll be back. We'll rebuild. We'll probably get a high blogging draft pick for next year.

Anonymous said...

this is just a typical lull. But yeah, the sizzle continues to dwindle.

page views are down everywhere.

Its the time of the season.

Plus, my prediction, that Obama would totally mindfuck the fake left before he was done is now completely obvious.

I'm going to gather my masterpieces in a SCRIBD account. I keep saying that but srsly, I'm gonna do it.

I'll post some of my classic reruns here for awhile but I see that with the Celtics talk combined with Vietnam War depression we have killed the gate.

We won our version of Pacquiao - Marquez... a clean, brutal knock out.

Bet on it.

Maybe a rematch is in the works but its time to heal and recharge the batteries.

Thats for me. For you, you can argue with clowns on Twitter.

socrates said...

Rondo tore his acl. I missed the game. I heard he played a lot after that. He must be one very tough amigo.

I'm not sure but recall he is some sort of math genius.

Do not trade that kid unless they give you the whole shop.