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Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Did Not Know That

Historic troll donkeytale had been attacking Glenn Greenwald as being a fake lefty. I asked him for some proof since I had never thought about it and rarely read Glenn's schtick. Donk responded something about his being from the CATO Institute.

Aaaah yes, it is fascinating how many former wingnuts have become leading, so-called leftist bloggers since Bush was anointed President in 2000 by the Supreme Court. There was Arianna Huffington. Before her was Markos Moulitsas whose Daily Kos dominated the whiteysphere. The dude who owns Democratic Underground was (still is?) on Al From's DLC payroll. Maryscott O'Connor had a rage schtick against the right. I socratised her ass and found her posting support for lower taxes on the rich. For pointing that out and other thingies, my ass was allegedly reported by MSOC to the FBI for cyberstalking. But I digress.

I am not one to reinvent the wheel, at least those of others. My own wheels are obviously a whole other matter. Anyway, Mr. Mark "Brutal Honesty" Ames of The Exiled thoroughly exposed Greenwald in this "Koch Whore" entry. You can read it for youseselves and see how much of a fake Greenwald has been proven to be.

Donkeytale exposed myself a number of months ago. Many have wondered how the heck I was able to hone socratisation into an art form. It's basically googlification 101. So last night I started searching for good links for this diary. The above is probably the best. From one of the last comments, I then googled Greenwald with Matthew Hale. That led me to this Democratic Underground thread. From that link or perhaps from one included in the thread, I cannot remember, I saw a DU poster claiming Cenk Uygur as a former neocon. Most know who he is. He runs that Young Turks or whatnot show. As with Greenwald, I knew he existed but didn't know much about him or any backstory.

My initial reaction was the claim was disinfo. I've seen him in a video or two and he seems like a definite sweetie. (disclaimer: I am not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just don't want folks thinking I'm a sexist pig for only describing women as sweeties. I have tried my best to drop the sweetie schtick, but it's taken longer than expected. Thanks for your patience, youse dear wonderful, gentle, sweetie readers.)

Through further socratisation, i.e. googling, that led to Cenk Uygur comes out of the Woodwork and then to the mother lode of an entry that thread was based on.
(excerpt) Ratfuckery has reached a new level of sophistication. Coincidental to its further rise was the advent and enhancement of cable and internet media political discourse - the celebrity political pundit, or the Professional Left, along with the 24-hour news cycle - and the election of the first African American President.

Progressives sought love and comfort in the Leftwing writings and commentary of various pundits during the dark years of the Bush Administration, and - especially after Bush's second election triumph - many more talking heads emerged ... Many who had, until recently been practicing, full-on Republicans, themselves.

Seems there was a buck or two to be made [proselytizing] to the Progressives, and it might [have been meant] to divide and conquer [in their] true Segrettian fashion, but via the media this time. After all, these poor souls were crying out for representative media voices in the Wilderness to counter Fox News.

Ceny Uygur was one of those ratfuckers. A failed corporate lawyer and neocon with an enhanced opinion of himself and an ego as fat as his broad ass.

He, along with the likes of Arianna Huffington and Ed Schultz, all former virulent neocons, sought to tap into the low information end of Progressive voters - young people and disaffected Left Coastal unreconstructed middle class types who yearned to be hippies again (or even for the first time) who either had forgotten how to think critically along the way or who had never learned. Suffice it to say, these people knew nothing and understood little about the way the government functioned.
I'm in the process of trying to find an adult education course on reading comprehension. I don't recall from skimming through that monster entry where the author gave links and proof of her claims. I know it's true Huffington was a neocon or some other manifestation of wingnut. I have barely heard of the Schultzie dude. It is conspiracy fact that Moulitsas was a wingnut with family ties (see Keaton, Alex P.) to the El Salvadoran oligarchy. Internet predator Neal Rauhauser was a Republican. A quick glance at that blogger has my intuition saying she is legit and thus it's all true what she wrote about Uygur.

Her basic premise was Uygur was one of a number of right wingers who were unable to get their foot into the wingnut door. Those slots had already been taken by the Coulters and Hannitys of the world. At the end of her post, Flaming Emilia embedded the following, entertaining video.

Protester confronts Dylan Ratigan at Occupy Wall Street

From that, I located the protester's youtube channel. Most of the comments on his videos were nasty towards him, but I must say (see Grimley, Ed) the dude seemed to be right on target with his expose of Uygur's 'protest porn'.

And there's the rub. One cannot possibly confront fake lefties on their own turf. One will either be ridiculed or outright censored and banned. So it appears Cenk Uygur and Glenn Greenwald are 100% internet fake. I did not know that.

el fin


Anonymous said...

Most telling is Gruntvald's support for the SCOTUS Citizen's United Decision.

Today he's up with a new freedomof the press foundation schtick, of which he is a board member and will e soliciting donations...OK, I can go along with that. We need some press with some ballz, although people seem to think that the MSM is so uniquely rotten today,as opposed to backinthe day, when you had all this investigative journalism supposedly going down.

Well, not really.

You had some, a bit, but probably onthe whole no more than today, maybe slightly less.

OTOH, you've got schtick like this on the infoboobtubes:


Notice also that MyFDL readership seems to have descended to an alltime low as its garbage content actually doubles down after an election where the FDl zeitgeist heavily promoted and supported with bannings by Hamsher got thoroughly spanked into oblivion.

I have to say, I did some great work. Your trying to steal the credit retroactively notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

And what about that Matt Stoller dude?

I pantsed his ass good when he posted two idiotic Salon pieces about why lefties should not vote for Obama. This is specious preciousness beyond belief!

Haha, and then he has the gallto come out after the election and state lefties need to hold Obama's feet to the fire.

Well, uhm, yeah, of course. That process should have started four years ago.

If you socratise you will see that I accurately described the Obama zeitgeist as centrist like back in 2005 or wtf, when he was barely known.

Everbody know the Pres has to lead all the people all the time and he can't be legit if he comes foaming at the mouth from the fringes.

This was Bush's great mistake. He spaketh as a centrist but came foaming at the mouth from the righteth and essentially killed the Reagan Revolution, thank God.

Now we have the pivot man, the Nixon of the new age, Obama, to start the turn back left. If cards get played correctly and so far it is very hard to fault the moves he is making post re-election, the zeitgeist pendulum will slowly arc back t'other way.

Meanwhile mouth foamers of both left and right simply aren't getting it.

On the right at least they are funded and have a part of the country that will keep some of them elected.

The foamers of the left have blogs.

Good luck with that, morons.

Nice diary, btw. You should crosspost it at pffugly comp.

socrates said...

I generally agree with everything you're saying. I'm fairly sure Ames covered that Citizen United schtick in that link.

As for Pffugee, nope, I'm not going back. And I think I'm done looking for any more blogs to post on after what happened at FDL.

Sure Laurajohn is good for not scrubbing. But that's about it. Remember, I wasn't originally a soapbloxer such as yourself.

I'm content with blogging here, occasionally tweeting, and working on my youtube channel.

We may be entering the post-socratisation era. While this new comp provides a lot of juice, it is countered with whocaresitis.

The internet sucks. Both fake sides, right and left, are 100% awful.

We have proven that. Imho, anything else we come up with from now on will simply be blog icing or gravy.

Fernando F. said...

I like to think I have an independent mind. I will listen to both sides. I've listened to Cenk Uygur for about a year. You said you watch 2 videos. In that case I'm more inform than you. Cenk Uygur is not a neo-con. He doesn't hide that he was a Republican many years ago. But he "woke up" and now he is his own man. He attacks both sides if their is cause for that. He doesn't read teleprompters and he is being consistent day in, day out.
I think the author of this post has read wrong information and watch too little from Cenk to really have a factual opinion.

socrates said...

Ok, there might be more to this than quick Twitter exchanges allow. Thanks for showing up.

Cenk told me he was never a neocon, that they are stupid, and that he was a liberal Republican in New England.

On the other hand, he is obviously making a buck, and you are evidence he is a personality you enjoy and believe in.

I have been the same peace and love dude since I was 18. I never was a right winger who had an epiphany.

Right wing = fascism. That anyone would have ever supported them is troubling, to say the least.

And since I am getting over the flu, I can only say that least.