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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Will The Team Numbnuts Versus Team Breitbart Cult Schtick Ever End?

*** UPDATE *** Marcy Wheeler is garbage for a source. She tweeted to Patterico, "Thanks though, for checking in. More to copy and send to your boss."

How does a debate on her recent schtick turn into a Rauhauser-Kimberlin tactic? Do I think Patrick Frey should be out of his job? Yes, for the cybersmearing of Ron Brynaert. That's quite different from the crap Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin have been peddling. I also see Frey is claiming Wheeler is a friend of Brad Friedman's. I don't know. Sometimes both sides truly suck. That is what's going on here, imho. *** END OF UPDATE ***

what would Ed say?

Folks are probably wondering wtf Ed Grimley is doing as the top screenshot for this mailed-in entry. I just figured that look crystalises in a nutshell and straightforward manner without diction precisely every emotion one feels when reading anything to do with the Numbnuts and Breitbart cult.

The main impetus behind this diary is that someone has to do something before donkeytale clogs up this delightful blog with more mailed-in reruns of six year old entries.

Word is we now have yet another numbnut to add to the list to go with internet hack Karoli Kuns. Her name is Marcy Wheeler. She used to blog at FireDogLake with Jane Hamsher. Yesterday she piped in with, "Breitbart Folks Appear to Fake Violence in Lansing."

I don't have time to socratise her. Of course donk will pipe in on how he showed up at The Next Hurrah or wtf years ago to confront Nutrooters such as Dana Houle. He'll go on and on about how he was sandtrapped at Daily Kos. Donkeytale's major flaw is he thinks everything centers around himself. No, that is where myself and Al Franken enter the scene.

Anyway, before I digress, I did find this photo of Marcy. She's obviously a sweetie.

However, that doesn't give her the right to blog crap like she did yesterday. I went through that whole article and was left wondering, "Uhm, have ye got any fricken proof?"

We all know the Breitbart cult is full of insidious con artists and manipulators. But even a prostitute deserves protection. Apparently, Lee Stranahan merits such a defense. Or is the line even a pimp deserves protection?

I tried to find the original proof Lee was advertising his wife's uhm er skills. I've seen it before. However, Lee has put a block on the machine.

Here's a screenshot captured by Holocaust denying Brooks Bayne.

Anyway, let's get back to today's main feature concerning the troll wars.

Omg, McCain and Patterico are livid!

According to Pat Frey:
Last night I blogged about a portion of an Empty Wheel post on the assault on Steven Crowder in Lansing. Today I want to discuss the way it fits into a disturbing trend, in which politican partisans rewrite history for a gullible audience more interested in a politically convenient narrative than in fact.

For over two years now, I have watched as Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser, and a small band of confederates have literally rewritten history regarding anybody who happened to report on them. In coming days and weeks I will document this revisionism point by point, but for now it is enough to note certain trends:
Hey, Frey forgot to mention Ron Brynaert. Is he tabling that specific cybersmear because he fears being sued by Ron? Perhaps. He's got zero proof Brynaert SWATted himself or Mike Stack. Frankly, I don't see what Wheeler's idiotic spin of a legitimate news story has anything to do with Bwett and Neal. And I bet neither does Patrick Frey. All Fatterico has proven the last year is that he's a public prosecutor who posts outrageous smears on a lowbrow, guttersnipe blog.

Meanwhile, McCain sent out an odd tweet to Ron.

Stacy basically linked to a Brynaert pastebin which included email contact between Ron and Marcy Wheeler. It had nothing to do with her piece. It was pure McCarthyism through proxy of accusing the accuser of accusing and cussing or whatnot.

Perhaps McCain and Frey need to better coordinate their cahootness. The Patterico attack on Brynaert has been an utter fail. The whole BK is a blogger assassin so hit the freaking tip jar schtick has become a total mess of an epic fail.

By the way, that Brynaert pastebin is actually a pretty good one.

So let's see. What else is on the DFQ2 agenda. Oh yeah! Here are two mailed-in current event updates.

1) Jacob Tyler Roberts

A dude aged 22 killed two people, seriously injured another, and then took his own life. I haven't much to say on that. I'll let a sweetie named Rachel do the talking:
Obviously video games are not the sole cause of the violence problems in the US but one has to wonder if being constantly inundated with fake violence could have an effect on someone who is already suffering or developing mental problems. I dont think anyone is actually suggesting that we ban violent video games but I think there does need to be research done to see if there is a link and what that link might be. I think the next step would be to educate people and especially parents. SIDS used to be a rather large problem in this country until research was done and the nurses started the "back to sleep" ad campaign. The rates of SIDS dropped dramatically and I bet something similar could be done here.
I don't know why Rachel focused in on violent video games. Perhaps she assumed a 22 year old would be into those. For all we know, Jacob might have spent all his gaming time on innocuous racing games.

But she does make a good point. We have become desensitised to violence. Add in a tough economy and we should expect more of this. The source of violence can always be traced back to the ills of capitalism. Bet on it. Though for this specific story, we just don't know. Perhaps the nutjob was going through twinkie withdrawal. Say a variation of the twinkie defense. And if so, even that can be traced back to capitalism. These are the facts wingnuts don't want Joe and Jane Americano to consider. We are not the greatest. We are a cultural wasteland.

2) Nurse Jacintha Saldanha left suicide note, reports state

This is another interesting yet tragic story. A numbnutted Australian radio station made a prank call to a British hospital inquiring about the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. Apparently sensitive info was released due to the nurse's falling for the hoax. I'm not sure why that would have led to her to commit suicide. We'll have to wait and see what she wrote in that note.

This is the risk one runs by pranking. You never know when someone is going to end up dead. Imho, the most famous example of this pertained to what happened when trash talk host Jenny Jones surprised a guest. As CNN reported:
Amedure was shot twice in the chest and killed by Jonathan Schmitz, who learned in a taping of the show that his secret admirer was Amedure, not a woman. The Amedure family brought the wrongful-death lawsuit, saying "The Jenny Jones Show" was negligent in humiliating Schmitz, prompting him to kill Amedure three days after the taping.
Jenny Jones - The Murderous Crush Show That Never Aired by ThePowderfinger71
On March 6, 1995, Jenny Jones taped an episode called "Same Sex Secret Crushes" on which Scott Amedure, a gay man, confessed to his best friend Jonathan Schmitz, that he had a crush on him. Schmitz's response was mostly humorous as he laughed about that revelation in front of the audience. However, three days after the taping, Schmitz, allegedly upset over that incident, killed Amedure. After the murder made headlines, the producers decided not to air the show. However, the episode did air on Court TV when the network was covering the trial. Clips of the episode were also featured in the HBO documentary, Talked to Death.

Schmitz's history of mental illness and alcohol/drug abuse came to light during the trial in which Schmitz was later convicted of second degree murder. He is currently serving a 25-50 year prison term.

Jones and the producers were later sued by Amedure's family for neglecting to find out Schmitz's history of mental illness and substance abuse. Jones testified under oath that the producers told Schmitz that his admirer could be a man, but Schmitz thought that the admirer was a woman. Jones also admitted that the show did not want Schmitz to know the outcome of his secret crush. Amedure's family won the ruling and the show was ordered to pay $25 million, but that decision was later overturned by the Michigan appellate court because the producers were not responsible for what happened to the guests after their appearance on the show.

el fin


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you saw this but the Gurdian ran a mailed in feature on Neal CaSsady who you might recall was the Socrates of the preI infoboob era as delineated in my masterpiece Troll Wars 3.5.

Which is in the upcoming holiday classic rerun rotation here at DFQ2, your friendly neighborhood internet male room.

socrates said...

I like your imput, donkeytale. It's nice to have at least one sincere witness.

Neal's friend Matt Osborne has cybersmeared me. He's falsely claiming my being all these various sock puppets. I don't understand why he feels anyone would believe this person is me:

The Ultimate Troll - Socrates on Trial

I wasn't even blogging back then.

He's another Nutrooter.

The cybersmears continue.

Anonymous said...

Impressive re-run, from 2005. I saw that one a few years ago.

Also, duly noted that Empty Wheel has more than a passing resemblance to Ed Grimley.

Again from the Guardian (and where will I go for infotainment "daily news" when they put up their paywall....the Times of India?)it appears you are also this dude:
Although you seem to have improved a bit as Art Director, methinks this blog is now rather badly in need of a Musical Director.

Your choice of videos....uhhm, ahhh, no.

Anonymous said...

after further review of the Next Hurrah (defunct since 2008), it was emptypockets, not emptywheel who interacted with moi in 2005.

Apologies to Ms. Wheeler, although I stand by my Ed Grimley lookalike comparison.

socrates said...

Geez, even that Guardian author can't seem to back up his article with much proof. Maybe someone has to be from England to know wtf he's talking about. Where and when and uhm with what context did Morrissey make those alleged comments.

I'll also note that the title was very misleading. I thought it would be about Morrissey as a blogger. Call me old-fashioned just not late to dinner. It's time to stop cutting the apple cake.

Haha, I stole that last line from a John Garfield movie. I guess you had to be there. He said that. It was classic tough guy talk.

But I digress.

That was a mailed-in digression.

I like proof. I don't understand how Wheeler thought she could write what she did and not come off as a self-promoting hack in with others even worse than her such as Osborne and Rauhauser.

After socratising Karoli Kuns, I was like ok, she is pretty stupid and irrelevant. But this Marcy Wheeler seems to actually have some serious gravitas unlike some obvious con artists such as Brad Friedman and Patrick Frey. What is going on here?

So yes the Fox reporter seems to be a form of numbnut. But how does that transform the tent right to work melee into having been some form of Breitbart stunt?

Both sides suck. It couldn't be more clear.

And this is why Nutroot people hate us and spin us as historic trolls. They don't need proof. They don't need true stories to pimp. They only need the illusion to persist that this blogosphere is an epic war between right and left.

It isn't. The internet is pure garbage. These people are pure garbage. That reminds me. I must take out the trash.

But seriously, I think that Guardian author stole the schtick you stole from me, i.e. the historic troll schtick.

Morrissey might have been taking the piss out of them. I believe he was. And the other story they alluded to him being a troll had to do with a mass murder in Norway being compared to meat eating.

I liked that. The dude's a vegetarian same as me. He had that classic hit, Meat is Murder. Now he is being spun him as some kook. I wonder why. I think it's because that author mailed it in, same as Marcy Wheeler did, and how everyone else from Team Numbnuts to the Breitbart cult does it.

Facts are schmacts to these losers. I don't care how much money or big fish small pond gravitas they have. They are idiots who couldn't debate their way out of a paper bag.

Now of course if Morrisey is unhinged, I will make a retraction. Maybe I need a refresher course in reading comprehension. I thought that link of yours was smear garbage.

socrates said...

Perhaps the original troll was the director Luis Bunuel. I'm in the middle of one of his flicks. Currently this one is available at youtube.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, dude. If you notice, some of the shrillest trolls of all are the so-called major league bloggers like Wheeler, Greenwald and Hamsher.

They all come off sounding like Tblogg.

Why? because they can.

Check out Greenwald's lates, which was an accusation (that the new unreleased Zero Dark 30 movie glorifies torture by falsely proclaiming that Bin laden was captured throu info gathered by torture).

Besides being extremely nitpicky, as well as a demonstrably unimportant point in thegrand scheme of things (its a fucking movie for goodness sake), its GG straining is milk as usual.

But check this out in Matt Stoller's truly dumb diary "The Progressive Case Against Obama" where he jumped the third party shark before the election. Greenwald chimes in a comment, about nader 2000, 12 years after the fact no less:

Green Glennwald
TUESDAY, OCT 30, 2012 04:03 PM CDT
Hey idiot, why not blame the thousands and thousands of Dems who STAYED HOME AND DIDN'T VOTE AT ALL? No blame there?

And how quick all you idiot DNC Cultists forget that Gore's running mate was Joe Liebermann, Zionist, like he would have had a problem with the US invading Iraq for Israel's benefit. Get real you stupid cultist.

Wow. That exiled online article blasting Hamsher has correspondence by her that is just about as bad.

Anonymous said...

OOPs, that was Green Glennwald.

Dyslexia kicking in.


I'm done. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

And the beatdown goes on.

Yet another mass murder.

27 dead at a school in Ct.

Yay! Another opportunity for wingnutz to glorify the 2nd Amendment

socrates said...

You sure that wasn't Walt Glenngreen?

Yes, why do dogs lick their balls, that is the superficial explanation. I agree with that to an extent.

I think it's a business model. I also think they are arrogant and never think anything will stick to them.

How'd tha work out for Brad Friedman and his Velvet Revolution? Maryscott O'Connor is looking better by the day compared to some of these others.

Yeah, I noticed the new school shooting. I know that stuff goes on in other countries, but we seem to get many more mass murders and serial killings. High unemployment and a country borne of violence will lead to that, imho.

Those two kids, 20 and 22, are in that age group where many lack the confidence to fight through what seems like ordinary drama to us seniors. They are the human equivalent of the orphaned elephants who go on rampages.

They probably got dumped by girls or something else and then they snapped. When one is that young, it's not so easy to realise it's ok to go into a mini-rut and lick one's wounds.

Tuition is too high. There aren't even the number of service jobs that were available during the Clinton Era.

I think capitalism is mostly to blame. There could also be a copycat element in place and schools will probably kneejerk into locking up all schools further traumatising youngins.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken,it's happening here weekly, or close to it.

Per Salon:

Since former Congresswomen Gabby Giffords and others were shot in Tucson, AZ (Jan. 2011) there have been over 65 mass shootings in America-3 every month.

In moments like these, I miss most the wit and wisdom of davidbyron.

'Aim Higher'.

socrates said...

This is quite different from so-called crimes of passion.

I know some older people freak out too, but it is interesting that a lot of these people are very young. An obvious story from the past probably on many minds right now has to be Columbine.

The premeditation aspect of it is very unsettling. The randomness.

I wish it never happened, but I do like blogging on these things and say the Morrissey/pregnant Duchess story rather than that processed, big blog, fake drama. There's definitely more to life than Brett Kimberlin and Patrick Frey.

I'm hearing both parents are dead. I know sometimes people go nuts because of a brain tumor. But all these people can't have medical reasons other than simply being nuts. (see nurture, nature versus)

Donkeytale, I know you aren't a big fan of this sort of current event blogging. Personally I think it's healthy and should be more about what blogging is about. Like a massive, open discussion. Though when reading through it, one needs to hone their scrolling skills to find nuggets hidden in the woodpile.

Now my favourite DJ Psychotic Charles is even discussing it. He's saying all of America is talking about it. He's talking up like you are about how it will be twisted into some political football on the 2nd amendment. Though he also says maybe if the teachers were armed, they could have done something.

I don't know. Knock on wood, but we don't get much if any of that specific type of wacko violence in Boston.

socrates said...

Thanks for that sociological data. Are you sure we aren't the same person?

From a friend: The early 20s is when many boys start to exhibit bi polar, schizophrenic, etc. Symptoms. Who knows?

It sounds like those teachers did an awesome job with the kids.

The kids they are interviewing are very candid and telling stories about what the teachers were instructing them to do.

His mother was a teacher there. He shot his mother and then killed most of the kids in her class.

I guess that's the value of this happening so often, which you just pointed out. People are figuring out how best to react to what used to be grist for fictional horror flicks.

socrates said...

Now I see Obama is speaking live on it. I guess that makes sense and what a true leader would do.

socrates said...

Oops I forgot about the Boston Strangler.

socrates said...

If GW were still President, he'd probably be on vacation somewhere.

This will become a political football. Very prescient and astute content from you.

Gridlock is killing us probably more than anything. Politics as winner take all. Back in the day those guys worked across party lines much more often and usually over a martini.

Since Gingrich did his Contract for America thing, it's gotten much worse. Then they went after Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky thingie and were rewarded with eight years of the Shrub.

We seem so f&(k3d.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he killed daddy in the classic Freudian manner, then went to the school after mama. Not sure how this also fits Freudian theory, where you are supposed to fuck mama not off her, but I guess the guilt ridden trauma and the violent video game culture comes into play here.

Also, I think the mass murdering may be a by product, because they are there and he's already a walking dead man, might as well go out in a blaze of glory kind of theme.

Celebrity always factors in there somewhere.

Reality shows, celebrityism and Freud. And trolls.

I know from my son that blogging is considered quite lame amongst youngsters but trolling the web in other ways is at an alltime high.

socrates said...

That's a nice post. I agree with all of it. If you have the time, you might like that Jenny Jones video above.

Psychotic blogger Charles is still discussing this. He's saying there's simply no way to know who might go off like that.

He says we all end up discussing this sort of stuff. That when he was young, for him it was Ed Gein, who used to hang his victims like a meathouse and cook heads on the stove.

Ed Gein biography

socrates said...

Now I'm hearing the father might not have been killed. The press is always messing up in pursuit of the scoop. Kinda sorta like Emptywheel pinning the anti-union law melee on a Breitbart scam.

I too like to pound out quick posts. But it's better to have follow up posts than start coming to wrong conclusions in pursuit of instant gratification web hits.

Even if by chance Breitbart people were in cahoots with the Fox reporter, that would still be about a blind squirrel finding an acorn in regards to Marcy Wheeler.

Anonymous said...

Well, again, you must blame the instant gratification on the internets, too.

All inb all, I can deal with the confusion, change of stories, mistaken identities, innuendos, etc.

Part of the package.

I hear there is a missing GF as well?

And the killer may have had some developmental disabilities?

Surely, he wasn't an aspie?

Anonymous said...

I vaguely recall the Jenny Jones story, I might have liked Jenny herself at one time.

But those types of shows, the Geraldos, Nancy Graces, Jerry whathisface, etc,

not my bag whatsoever.

socrates said...

I'm not saying for sure he wasn't an Aspie, but I read a convincing book showing that the only thing those with high functioning autism and psychopaths share is a lack of empathy; that Aspies are the least likely to shoot up a crowd.

Personally I was a big fan of Sally Jesse Raphael. I LOVED the glasses. I LOVED teenaged girls being sent to boot camp. I rationalised it as being time spent studying the socialisation process. But then I socratised that and found out that many on Jerry Springer were fakes. And if you watch the Jenny Jones video, it was a clip from a documentary showing exactly how she was fu(k!n& with the wrong person at the wrong time.

And quite frankly, those shows got boring. Same thing happened with my love affair with Judge Judy, Mills Lane, Judge Joe et al. How many times can you watch small claims court being decided as entertainment?

The best move I made was getting into movies. It's not a waste of time like playing games. It's not as satisfying for our egos as with blogging, but it is much easier on the soul.

Anonymous said...

My dad, Mr. Gratest generation in his mid 80s, who I am set to visit this holiday season in the great cheezehead state of Packerland, is spending his remaining years in front of the boobtube.

I cant really watch it. It puts me to sleep.

Always has. He watches all those reality thingies, mostly featuring Alaska, for some reason. Alaska truckers, Alaska state troopers, Alaska fishermen, Alaska hunters, Alaska pawn shop.

Oh wait, the pawn shops are in Vegas...

socrates said...

The internet is where it's at. You can watch just about anything you like. It's that user friendly and with no ads.

I've seen nearly every episode of The Office after the fact. I won't snitch out the link.

And I cannot believe how many movies are available. Even the more recent ones are easy to find.

The copyright gods lost. Unless draconian measures are finally passed, the good times will keep on rolling.

Cable tv killed the networks. The internet has killed off cable.

I'm even having no trouble finding any sports I want to watch. I haven't watched television since they forced people to get those converter boxes.

Do I feel guilty? Not one bit.

The most amazing thing about it is that the pool of good movies to watch never ends. You'd think after a while there'd be nothing left worthwhile. Au contraire.

Anonymous said...

Woke up before sunrise --today is a leafing day for me, a return to my primal gardening roots. We are surrounded by trees which shed their foliage in November-December which I then must gather up and haul off to a composting/recyclng yard set up in our area by Christmas time. Usually because of unpredictable weather I finish up around the holidays but this year being seasonably warm and dry and with Frau Tale pitching in, I am about 1-2 weeks ahead of the game.

However, today we have some precipitation, not a whole lot but some. Its going to be a wet adventure or a postponement, I haven't yet decided. It will be like golfing the British Open on one of those rainy days, except it is warmer today too. Balmy, even.

Re-reading this thread, several emotions overcame me. One, your casual brilliance shows through like a clear blue autumn day. Two, my bungling Jerry Lewis with the facts schtick, Glengarry Glenn Walgreen included to your urbane debonair Dino chick master schtick cracks me up. I had to jump out of bed for fear of waking the Frau before her time. That can be prelude to a trying day so best avoided if at all possible.

Duly noted that the Salon "data" I posted about the 65 massacres since the Giffords shooting 18 months ago has been challenged. Although it feels right, other more solid journalistic sources are reporting 65 mass shooting sprees in the US since 1982.

Ur, well, uhm, wtf?

I also have a great idea for one of the end of the year compendium schticks "2012 -- the Year in Mass Murder."

Maybe not three a week, but man.


OTOH, I must also confess that while shocked and appalled at the random assassination of 5 year olds is sickening to the soul, I'm also sorta irritated that this story has overwhelmed most of the infoboob offerings in the media world for the moment.

I mean, besides getting so much epically wrong, how much more can be said about an event like this, especially when two occur back to back and the culprits are goofy teenagers.

Somebody somewhere left a funny comment along the lines of are 20--24 year old white dudes even good for anything else anymore?


This is why I love the whiteysphere.

Anonymous said...

Yet another error of mine to cop to: the Neal Cassady piece runs in the New Yorker not the Guardian.

I haven't f'd up anythin else y-terday did I?

Anonymous said...

My latest mailed in masterpiece is up:

I didn't wish to disturb the sanctity of yur front page.

Maybe I should shiver a timbre underneath...... Hamsher's blog skirts...?

Nah, fuck old those dolts let them suffocate on others' fecal juices.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, Lanza was an Aspie:

One law enforcement official tells the Associated Press Adam Lanza might have suffered from a personality disorder and the New York Times reports that several who knew Lanza in high school had been told he had Asperger’s syndrome, a high functioning form of autism.

It certainly seems he had several tell-tale signs of the disorder, often making those around him nervous because he was painfully shy and seemed to struggle to be social and form connections with people. It was evident Lanza “had a condition,” a neighbor tells the New York Post. “You definitely notice it,” he added. Lanza was “kind of, like, needy. I wouldn’t say antisocial, but struggling to be social.” One “family insider” tells the New York Daily News Lanza “was a deeply disturbed kid,” who “had major issues” and “was subject to outbursts.” A 25-year-old neighbor who sometimes watched Adam Lanza when his mother would go out with friends said he was on medication, reports the Washington Post.

socrates said...

I don't know how youse people survive Texas. Those summers would kill me. It's why your baseball teams usually wilt sooner rather than later, imho.

Which reminds me of one playoff game Red Auerbach might have dragged his feet getting the AC fixed. He knew Kareem Abdul Glennrose would be huffing and puffing and no match for the Big Three.

Thanks for your compliment. I enjoy the stream of blogging consciousness technique. I was gonna call it a schtick, but that word has become overused and watered down.

Aaaah, your reference to Pffugee had me over there for a spell. I noticed fakeleft has chimed in on our FDL double ejection. He copied and pasted Wendy still concluding we are the same person. I thought she had been set straight on that.

I totally agree with you on the media saturation. I listen a lot to one of those clearwater channel stations. They repeat the same rock songs, but the dj's are very good. Anyway, there is never any news on it. Until last night. They kept piping in with news updates. Not the dj's. From the headquarters. And it was all on this tragedy. Wtf?

I mean yeah, this is big news. But with all the mistakes, maybe it'd be a good idea for everyone to chill out and wait for confirmed facts? It was reprehensible what was done to the brother. There are things with this story that don't add up. Or perhaps they do add up because later on we find out there was no truth to it.

Feel free to post whatever you want on the front page. I am satisfied that most of my 15 minutes of blogosphere fame has been documented, explained, and is easy to find on this blog. That's a nifty side gadget Blogger provides to get to the archives. I like the new recent comments gadget too. The page view counter doesn't matter much I suppose. I kinda don't want to clutter it too much. Say with a blog roll.

People can also go to my first blog (Aircraft Wings) and in the astroturfing section see exactly what kind of blogging I've been up to. I saw stupid things on the net and wrote about them. That is all. I am not a cyberstalker. I don't use sock puppets. I am not mentally ill.

I will note that the Breitbart frauds have never covered the various hoaxes put out by BradBlog and his Velvet Revolution. Hoge, if you know him, is busy mailing in copy and pastes from Singer's book Citizen K. Their narrative is all about portraying the left as violent.

Meanwhile, the fake left continues to runs with the big lie that I cyberstalked/smeared Kimberlin. Heck yeah I made sure that double secret exoneration crap was exposed. I loved getting that bugger to admit under oath that lie originated from himself and not Larisa Alexandrovna. Yeah, she admitted that in the original expose done by troubleinwinter at Democratic Underground. But getting BK to admit it was pure gold or at least silver or copper.

There was just about nothing original in Nagy's story. And she definitely did not Nagify the various VR scams (e.g. the Connell hoax, Dieb-Throat) other than ones which fit into their fake right/left paradigm. Say like with the attacks on the Chamber of Commerce. The nutroots do not represent the left as neither does the Breitbart cult truly represent the right.

Both sides use the other (period) for their own monetary agendas. Anything else, as in pure context, is not covered. They want people to believe that Brett and Brad represent the Left. They used to do that with Markos Moulitsass before DKOS jumped the shark.

Basically B&B ran hoaxes and swindled money out of people like Lori Grace. Has any Breitbartian ever covered that? I don't think so.

They have covered things such as Barbara Streisand's foundation giving them grant money. Because it fits their false narrative of the left being pro-terrorism. Darn, I'm starting to overthink. Mea culpa.

socrates said...

A couple links on the massacre:

As Conn. story unfolds, media struggle with facts

Conn. town mourns as police look for answers

socrates said...

"Another law enforcement official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said Lanza had been diagnosed with Asperger's, a mild form of autism often characterized by social awkwardness. People with the disorder are often highly intelligent. While they can become frustrated more easily, there is no evidence of a link between Asperger’s and violent behavior, experts say."

Anonymous said...

"Aiming higher?"

Rain ended early, clouds lifted and I completed the latest phase of the leafing activities in a tee shirt.

In mid December. We have 9 months of mild weather here and three of hot humid. First year was pretty hard, but the body acclimates quickly enough.

I remember the winter in Mass extending October-May. Spring was marvelous.

In Texas, Spring and Fall seem to be the longest seasons. Winter lasts about 2 months.

Heart rending to read about Lanza's frustrations not being able to socialise.

Science is a racket like all others. He is an "outlier" Aspie.

Heading out for a day with grandbaby today. Expect temps to be near record highs for December.


socrates said...

Plenty of idiots were condemning the brother Lanza because I think the pigs had it wrong. If I was a cop, I'd have told the media to calm the triple f down.

Hey guys, I'll get back to you when this thingie makes more sense.

Hey, let's also blame Mario Lanza. It's the same last name. And of course anyone posting as Socrates must be me. We know that because political op/supertroll Matt Osborne says so. I'm actually a bit surprised he didn't also repeat the BK lie claiming I had blogged Jews as the scourge of the earth who should be put in ovens. We don't need no stinking fact badges.

One time I believed Failreft and Lord "Aim Higher" Byron might be the same person. But I didn't have a huge platform such as the psychopaths working with Rauhauser.

You might think it's no big deal. But to be smeared with your real name with all tons of mean stuff and lies is not good for one's psyche.

So that's why every once in a while I have gone internet tough guy. And to be honest, if I ever bumped into Rauhauser, I would probably start pounding on him. I don't feel that way about many people. In fact, he's the only one. His buddy associate is psychotic-delusional. Neal Rauhauser is a psychopath. He has the same personality disorder of Eric Harris who went after Columbine.

This is a nice link- The Depressive and the Psychopath;
At last we know why the Columbine killers did it.

The weather here is not what it used to be due to climate change. I think we're swapping patterns with Virginia. They will get the snow, while we will get more of the icy rain shite.

I skimmed your new link and noticed it was from Orange County, California. Where the rich are. Is it me, or is this specific type of crime usually done by white bread youth? I know the first mall shooter was Hawaiian or something. I guess I mean more in regards to school shootings. They all seem to have a Timothy McVeigh "the world sucks I'm a gonna blow it up" schtick. And are white.

I watched a movie called Elephant. It wasn't too bad, loosely based on Columbine.

I definitely go with nurture over nature for most reasons. One can place a bet on that. The big line from Yellow Submarine was, "It's all in the mind."

Well, I enjoy taking care of these morning, blogging duties, including responding to your witty and informative repartee.

It looks like you have finally succumbed to Twitter madness and signed up. If so, be careful clicking on links, especially in direct messages. Hackers take over accounts that way. It happened to me. Fortunately, all one really seems to have to do to fix it is change the password. But it still sucks knowing your followers got some spam/phish attack under your own alias.

By the way, last night I changed my avatar from Alex P. Keaton with the Nixon picture to the Ed Grimley shot. I must say.

Aaah, I also have uhm a new entry in the works. Gonna title it, "I didn't know that."

It'll be loosely based on you and how you got me thinking about Glengarry "Waldo" Greenfake. The list grows. I will mail in a socratisation of him and I won't blurt out a second critter who will get nailed, but it will be fun. I am hoping folks who read it will say about that other famous fake lefty, "I did not know that."

Then I will feel justified with the title I selected. I'm always striving to hone and improve the blogging craft here @DFQ2, not a Quinn Martin production.

And thanks for blogging here. We have a pretty good track record. Plenty of good give and take at Dave's place. Looking back, there are quite a number of entries here written by yourself. Too bad The Last Name Left has disappeared. I saw him a month or two ago doing something on his youtube channel, but for all incense and porpoises, he seems to have taken off his blogging gloves and retired to Arizona.

socrates said...

I've some follow-up comments and links in regards to the Newtown tragedy. I'll copy and paste mostly comments from a friend (in italics) with a few from myself.

I've been reading the UK papers, where for some reason, I'm finding more info about this shooter.

I think we're going to find out this kid was badly bullied. They say he was a super quiet kid who carried a briefcase to school and wore pens in his shirt pocket. It's said he was a computer genius.

His mother was at war with the school board I guess for a number of years. I wonder if it had to do with him being bullied at school, because there is no evidence he caused the school any trouble whatsoever.

Then she pulled him out of school and started home schooling. From what I read they were wealthy and she didn't have to work. Here are some links:

Who was Adam Lanza? Connecticut school shooting suspect was 'a genius and a computer geek'

"He was a nerd, genius, Goth": Profile of gun killer Adam Lanza

They are mistakenly calling him "goth". He's the total opposite. He was just a computer nerd. How sad. There are many stories about him at The Mirror, you can link to them from the first link.

Goth kids don't join computer clubs.

He might have become more goth-like after high school. That's a possiblity. But just because he wore black doesn't make him Goth. He can't control the paleness of his face.

There's a movie from last year (or maybe this year) called "We Have to Talk About Kevin" that has to do with a family where the son killed people at school. It's supposed to be very good.

(Me): This one seems different than Columbine for motives, if the article I sent you yesterday was accurate about Harris' psychopathy.

Yeah, it seems the only thing in common is that they were both planned

(Me): Maybe he killed the kids as a warped Catcher in the Rye theme. Killing them to save them from a life in a world that sucks, from the type of bullying he went through.

Either that or I'm more apt to think he may have seen kids as the "enemy." Especially since he was bullied as a kid.

He may not have realized that was a class full of 6 year olds. He probably just banged into the first classroom he came to.