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Friday, November 29, 2013

Cybersmearer Ron Brynaert Scrubs Embarrassing Disinformation


That's not cool.

Also, for those looking for further proof Vince in the Bay is disingenuous, check out his testimony at the recent Jeremy Hammond penalty hearing.

CityofFIintPR's Pastebin

OneToughCarrot has been blocked. He thinks acting like a neo-nazi is funny. I don't have time for that or his other racist and immature attitudes.

Carrot has threatened to quit the internet, if I publish a vile and menacing entry on Ron Brynaert. But it isn't defamation when it's the truth. I will simply try to keep my temper in check. Ron is a cybersmearing, disinfo writer and below proves it. Now whether he is insane or is paid to write disinfo, I have opinions. But those aren't facts, only suspicions. I can hear my audience of twelve grumbling, "Ugh, now we will get the broken record of the need for pay stubs." #HalTurner

recent photo of disheveled, internet predator
(photo credit Vincent Tocce)

Ron is either insane or a paid disinfo writer. Period.

My Sociology enables me to have insights others might miss. Internet cointelpro is obviously targeting the right. You can see it through Twitter. They want Obama hate to surge into criminal activity. This is not tinfoil. The FBI creates terrorism. There's plenty of proof. But disinfo says that no one is listening and no one cares, that we are kooks who haven't proven anything. I believe they are very mistaken. I believe long term we the anonymous will rule the internet. It only appears otherwise because most people are lurkers. They don't want to get the Brynaert/Rauhauser treatment.

I never asked for it. I never did anything to deserve it. Internet cointelpro's objectives are two-fold. Primarily, it is interested in zeitgeist management and provocation. Nonetheless, due to organic processes, the cosmic collective consciousness is always pulling towards fact-inspired social awareness. #NewAge #MumboJumbo

Moving on. Why did Ron write the following? How did he come to his conclusions? Why did he scrub this mere hours after I tweeted its existence? Is Ron simply a madman? Why did he vehemently plug cybersmears using Rauhauser and Kimberlin as his apparent sources? Why did he attack this person named Stuart Sims?

I think there is a good chance Ron is part and parcel of internet cointelpro. Or is he so insane, one cannot possibly piece together wtf is going on with him? I don't know. He is a train wreck either way, whether paid or doing it for free.

Ron went on to post that person's linkedIn page.

It's pretty sick what was done to me. I am glad that's now far back in the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, I was able to get the truth out to the best of my ability. Phew.

The strangest part of that Brynaert screen shot, imho, is that the entry was actually a cross-post of an original previously scrubbed from his main blog. Ron started a second blogspot called kidkenomacode. (Oh, and a third called BrettKimberlinLies or something after it became obvious he was doing BK/NR dirty work.) He wanted to know if blogs could block blogs. He also had phases where he was ranting about SWATterico being hacked. Blah, blah, blah disinfo or insanity.

I will not regurgitate anything about Kenoma. This was some of the craziest shite imaginable I was forced to endure. Anyone who has looked into this or followed it or whatever knows what I'm talking about. I didn't even know this stuff was going on until well after the fact. Daily Kos doesn't seem to delete entries. One can still see what Rauhauser wrote as Stranded Wind.

I am not an arrogant fuck. I am a real person who thinks, sleeps, eats, etc.. I am a regular guy. Now I am burnt out from this. I mean the blogging part. I feel no urge to write or research anything. Over several years I tried to make it as a blogger. I came up with some good stuff, well beyond this Brynaert-Kimberlin-Rauhauser-Breitbart associated mess.

I put up that screenshot to show without a doubt that Ron Brynaert cybersmeared me and is indeed an internet predator. Just look at the above picture. He's a creepy, nasty person who writes internet disinformation. That is fact, not opinion.

Special Agent Dan Borsuk

This guy's name has shown up a lot. Google "daniel borsuk barrett brown" for more info. Please bear in mind that people who f'ed with Brown are the same ones who did it to me. I found a snippet in a google book excerpt concerning the anthrax hoax.

From The Mirage Man: Bruce Ivins, the Anthrax Attacks, and America's Rush to War by David Willman

Ye are gonna have to research this one for yourselves, if interested. Ivins was railroaded. The woman mentioned above reeks like an informant. I do not know if Rauhauser works for Borsuk. It wouldn't surprise me. It would make a whole lot of sense, indeed.

That'll about do it. I'm kind of done with blogging, at least for now. I wrote what I wrote and it's time to move on. Though never say never. I am proud of my blogging. Someone at Twitter asked for a link to my claim Hal Turner was sent to Brazil to represent himself as a bigwig neo-nazi. I had tracked down a blog entry at the leading Brazil paper. I google translated then edited it the best I could.

I tweeted this article I penned back to the dude (scroll down). Sorry to toot my own horn. Just saying. That's good stuff proving my value as a blogger.

Anyhoo, if you'd like one more reason to say fuck you to the system, watch this:

Bonus Convolution Coverage

I like @C1TYofFL1NT. He comes across as being a regular guy activist. He has been very effective in blogging on a secret bomb testing site in Flint, Michigan.

Lately he has been harassed by Neal Rauhauser. I've requested a copy of his screenshot of threats made. Neal told him he has become a person of interest with a bull's eye on his forehead.

I don't know why Neal has gone after him. There was something about Neal chatting him up in a blog talk radio chat room. Word is there's no privacy there, even for direct messages. Vince Tocce is a very shady individual more widely known as Vince in the Bay. He has been a promoter of Neal. I have seen him praising FBI asset Jen Emick and also being friendly with another named Brandon Darby.

He was convicted of computer crime. His target was #PETA. I don't know why I am using Twitter hashtags. Anyway, I'd like to thank Vince for the above confession.

the people united will never be defeated

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