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Saturday, December 19, 2009

An Update on the Hal Turner Internet Cointelpro Story

About a few weeks ago, Hal Turner's criminal trial ended in a mistrial. According to the AP, it will be retried starting March 1st in a Brooklyn, New York court.

Personally, I am unsure what Turner's defense is. He wrote that he felt three judges should be killed. He posted their photos and addresses. Is he saying that was free speech? Is he saying he broke the law, but that he didn't realise that for the #1 law enforcement in the country, his employer, sanctioned that kind of rhetoric through his training as an agent provocateur?

Hal's mom has put up a website called Family of Hal Turner. It is a complete joke. The spin being put out is that Hal was merely a patriotic employee of the FBI doing his part to draw out domestic terrorists. I left a post last night, but I doubt it'll be published. I read through the comments on the various entries, and I didn't see one that could be described as anything other than kudos for Sean Hannity's former buddy.

I won't reinvent the wheel for this diary. I will provide you good folks with a few key links to check out for yourselves.

Here one can read some communication between Hal and FBI Special Agent Stephen Haug that good hackers found through Hal's website.

Here one can read a Pulitzer Prize worthy expose on this story published by New Jersey's The Record and Herald News. That will show the good readers that this story has plenty of leg juice. Internet cointelpro is now out of the realm of tinfoil.

Here's an interesting article on Hal Turner written by Max Blumenthal (hat tip to the lovely and talented doberman pinche). Meet the FBI Operative Who Threatened My Life, and the Gov.-Elect Who May Have Helped Him

Brazil's #1 paper put their own story out close to a week ago. When I heard of the international work Hal was doing, I was like wtf would the FBI have to do with other countries? According to the Family of Hal Turner blog, Hal had a CIA connection. Hmmm. We'll have to keep an eye out for that. One needs to subscribe to O Globo to read it, but they do have a public entry by one of their bloggers. Here is my translation of the google translation. {<:)

Sao Paulo, Brazil:
FBI Sent "Bait" to Brazil to Track Terrorists

Informant met with a representative of the Arab Society in Curitiba in 2005.

The FBI has no comment on the case. A Syrian-born Australian said there was a meeting but has declined comment on the content of the conversation.

The FBI, the U.S.' federal police, helped fund a trip to Brazil for the broadcaster and radical, right-wing blogger out of New Jersey to act as bait for attracting and identifying extremist groups in Brazil acting against the United States, according to people who had access to U.S. government documents.

Harold "Hal" Turner, 47, traveled to Curitiba, Parana in 2005, where he presented himself as the leader of the National Alliance, one of the largest white supremacist groups in the U.S..

There he met with an Australian donor and a representative of the Brazilian Arab Society, with whom he discussed the possibility of a $1 million donation to the American cause.

According to those documents, Turner and the Arab representative discussed a plan to send $10 million in non-military aid to members of the anti-U.S. Iraqi resistance. According to a Folha [a Sao Paulo newspaper] report, a source familiar to the case said that the representative told Turner he would help to "do anything that might sabotage the U.S.."

The emails Hal Turner was sending to FBI Special Agent Haug were being cc'ed to a policeman named Leonard J. Nerbetski.

From the FBI website (excerpts)

Why was the PEFP launched?

Shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01, Director Mueller recognized the need to include state and local law enforcement in the vast interagency team being assembled at FBI Headquarters to coordinate the 24/7 campaign to prevent future terrorist attacks. He asked Assistant Director Louis Quijas, hired in April 2002 to strengthen the Bureau's relationships with law enforcement, to make it happen.

Who has served and when and where have they worked?

- Detective Leonard J. Nerbetski, New Jersey State Police, working in the FBI's Law Enforcement On-line (LEO) Unit in the Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

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