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Friday, December 25, 2009

McMartin hoax exposed and much more

McMartin Preschool Tunnel Claims: Evidence of a Hoax
Written by Debbie Nathan
Wednesday, 01 June 1994

A revised edition of THE COURAGE TO HEAL, by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, includes a new chapter on the "backlash" attempt to discredit claims of real child abuse. As an example, the authors cite the McMartin Preschool ritual abuse case and claim that it must be taken seriously since "tunnels" have been found under the school.

This claim has also recently appeared in the JOURNAL OF PSYCHOHISTORY, the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children's bulletin (The APSAC Advisor) and in other venues, where they are promoted by Dr. Roland Summit, of UCLA; and by Katherine Coulbourn-Faller, of University of Michigan.

Following is background on the people who have promoted the claim and of events surrounding the dig. As will be seen, much evidence suggests that the "tunnels" are a hoax. All information herein is documented by the author's research, as well as in published media articles, and in Los Angeles District Attorney and Police Department documents in this author's possession. These are available on request (but please reimburse copying and postage expense).

In 1984, several months after the McMartin investigation began, several children involved in the case started talking about having been taken beneath the school to be molested. Glenn Stevens is a former assistant district attorney who worked on the case and then quit after he decided it was a hoax. Stevens notes that most or all the children who made tunnel claims were going to the same therapist, Martha Cockriel. DA's office reports support his observation.

By early 1985, a core group of true-believer, highly politicized parents had coalesced who thought that a satanic cult was behind the abuse. In late March, 1985, they descended on the school to dig up the yard. Their intent was to find evidence of the dead animals that children said teachers had killed and buried to terrorize the students.

The DA's office heard about the dig and sent investigators to observe. At some point, a parent who was digging called everyone over and claimed to have just unearthed a tortoise shell. An investigator examined the site and noted that the shell lay in soil of a different color than the surrounding dirt, and that it also contained fresh leaves. The DA's office had a Huntington Beach surveying company ultrasound the school to check for any sign of tampering or tunnels beneath it. No such evidence was found. However, the investigators did find a small note with a diagram of the school drawn on it, with "X's" indicating "Turtle 1" and "Turtle 2." This would suggest that someone had recently buried two turtles and was providing diggers the directions to locate them.

The foregoing suggests that the parents involved in digging were deliberately implanting evidence.

The tunnel issue died down until 1990, toward the end of the second Buckey trial, when the same group of parents (by now with a smaller number of people) decided to do an "archaeological dig." The main activists in this effort were Jackie McGauley and Ted Gunderson.

Jackie McGauley's history is this:

Her daughter was 2 1/2 years old when she attended McMartin for a short period. She was among the hundreds of children who never testified in the trial, many because their claims were beyond any credibility.

Shortly after the investigation started, Jackie McGauley became intimate with a writer for the Daily Breeze, a LA beach communities newspaper. After the two broke up, in 1984, McGauley called the police and reported that her daughter was saying the man molested her. Charges were never filed but they were made public in the LA Times and the writer's career was ruined.

In 1985, McGauley's daughter attended a special daycare at the Richstone Center (a facility where several state-appointed therapists were treating McMartin children). The daycare was only for McMartin children, and they had to be "victims" to qualify. During this period, McGauley called police and told them that her daughter reported that a therapist at Richstone had molested her. Police were unable to get much information from the child; most of it came from the mother. Charges were not filed against the therapist and the incident never became public.

In 1990, Jackie McGauley was living with Ted Gunderson. He is former head of the Los Angeles FBI office. After taking an early retirement in the late 1970s, Gunderson was hired by friends of Jeffrey MacDonald, the Green Beret convicted of brutally murdering his wife and small children. MacDonald's case is detailed in Joe McGiniss' book FATAL VISION. MacDonald always claimed that his family was murdered by a Charles Manson-like cult, and Gunderson located a female street person with a history of severe drug abuse who claimed she had been in the house with the cult when the family was murdered. From this work, Gunderson apparently adopted the idea that the country was overrun with murderous Satanic cults. He elaborated this idea when he was associated with Jackie McGauley and the rest of the McMartin parents.

In the early 1980s, as Gunderson publicized his theories about Satanic cults, he began making bizarre claims to the media. One was that Satanists and the FBI were out to harm him. He once told the LA Times that someone had thrown a crowbar at him as he drove on the freeway. Another time, he said, he was sunbathing in his yard and awoke to find a satanic poem left at his side.

In the late 1980s Gunderson became something of a regular on shows such as Geraldo. In May, 1989, after the Matamoros drug-cult killings, he appeared on Geraldo and claimed that Mason County, Washington was filled with satanist "killing fields" stocked with hundreds of dead bodies. The county went into a panic and parents took their children from school. Extensive investigation revealed no such fields.

McGauley and Gunderson organized the 1990 McMartin dig and hired LA archaeologist Gary Sickel. Information on Sickel's background will be forthcoming. At this point, suffice to say that Sickel used the McMartin parents as the sole excavators of the site. These were people who not only had an agenda about finding something, but who had a history of apparently implanting phony artifacts. This is significant in light of the fact that the artifacts they present now as their chief evidence are two small (easily implantable) items: a Mickey Mouse plastic sandwich bag and a saucer with five-pointed stars painted on it.

The McMartin parents also claim that the tunnels they found are about five feet high, 30 inches wide, with no flooring, wall or ceiling material, and completely filled with dirt and paint chips. Compare this to claims the children made back in the 1980s: e.g. about a "secret room" 10 feet by 10 feet, filled with sofas and flashing lights, leading to an triplex residence inhabited by a little old lady. Construction and contracting professionals whom the media contacted during the 1990 dig pointed out that the McMartin site had been continuously built on since the 1920s (it used to be a stable) and that what was found sounded like the channels dug for plumbing that are normally found under any such site.

Currently, McGauley and Sickel are making Sickel's report on the dig available only to members of the child protection coterie who have made their careers promoting the existence of satanic ritual abuse -- such as Coulbourn-Faller and Summit. The report is not available to the public. McGauley and Summit have said it cannot be released unless someone (a publisher, for instance) pays substantial amounts of money for it. This position contradicts the normal practice in California among archaeologists, which is to archive their reports for peer review and public use.

Jeff Wells has been the Ted Gunderson of internet forums, spreading bullshit about widespread satanic abuse. He interviewed Ted's ex-girlfriend Jackie McGauley. She posts at his Rigorous Intuition forum as JM.

Interview with Jackie McGauley, Part One
Interview with Jackie McGauley, Part Two

Wells is known as having one of the most spam filled blogspots on the internet. At the end of part two, someone asked Jeff why he wasn't deleting it. This is what I wrote.

Why doesn't Jeff erase the spam? I believe he is paid disinfo. It's about raising the noise to signal ratio. He's been involved in many disinfo scripts over the years, and he can be linked to many other disinfo fucks. By the way, anyone who believes Hartwell, Webb, Dixon, and others have been in a legitemate fight with Gunderson, Educate-yourself, and others is not a critical thinker. This whole thing was scripted. The internet is a cesspool. A deliberately created one. You can't even use the search engines anymore. They are useless. This is what is referred to as a limited hangout. My question is whether Jackie is insane or also on the payroll.

Chris Jones appears to be the same one who worked to expose the insides of Bohemian Grove and was featured by Alex Jones. Thus there now appears to be only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and Ted Gunderson.

Kate Dixon is posting alongside Rachel Begley at Rigorous Intuition. I believe Rachel is legitimate. I think she is just not aware of how crazy Gunderson is. I think she has fallen for the trap of seeing a lot of obvious fakes attack Ted leading her to miss the truth about him. That happened to me in regards to Brad Friedman and AnonymousArmy of DKos. I saw the opposition to Brad being disinfo, since a numbnut named Fintan Dunne had labeled him and Bev Harris as being CIA rat finks. There was this Bev Harris pitbull I fell for, because he was defending Bev and Brad, and I simply missed out on all the obvious bullshite he has been involved in. That's what's happened with Rachel and Ted, imho. I don't even believe Ted is involved with the reemergence of the Octopus Murder case in which Jimmy Hughes was recently arrested for it. The guy must be pushing 80. He has been fully discredited. It is amazing that the FBI head of Los Angeles way back when got into all that satanic cult, Patriot right woos left nonsense. I'm glad I figured out his act. He's clearly not anyone to trust.

Kate Dixon and her News Making News website has an infamous data dump page smearing Ted Gunderson. While it appears on the surface that they are enemies, my gut tells me they are part and parcel of a controlled, oppositional script. Check out this crap from disbarred lawyer Kate Joanne Dixon.

She had gained notoriety in East Bay legal circles for a 1992 federal suit against the Emeryville School District accusing teachers and administra-tors of abusing schoolchildren as part of an international pedophile ring. When authorities said the charges lacked merit, Dixon then accused a host of officials of conspiracy.

She might as well be named Kate Gunderson. Or Kate Wells. Or Kate Brice Taylor. You get the picture.,14,00,8,19,00.htm


MARIN D.A. PAULA KAMENA, "THE PERVERTS' BEST FRIEND", NOW JOINS THE RANKS OF THOSE WHO LOVE, PROTECT AND COMFORT THE LOCAL PEDOPHILE RING.... And then there's the Emeryville pedophiles, Aaron Cargo, Gordon Potter, Sylvester Bruce and their kiddie porn factories.... And then there's the federal judges who protect them: Susan Illston, Charles A. Legge. Wayne A. Brazil, Fern Smith, Vaughn Walker.

Kate Joanne Dixon is disinfo, plain and simple. Try searching for anything on an Emeryville pedophile ring with international ties. You'll find nothing but her. I think her crap, Gunderson's, and all the other rubbish about Bob Hope and all the convolution are deliberately placed to keep people from seeing the truth about the Cabazon murders and all those big time conspiracies to do with the Promis scandal, Wackenhut, Iran-contra, and other stuff to do with the Octopus Danny Casolaro was trying to expose.

DavidByron: The Historic Troll

This guy might have received training alongside Hal Turner. He seems to have learned more however than Hal did as to where to draw the line.

The PTB seem to have forgotten why emperors throw out their panem et circences and they could do with some reminding.

It's already happening (the newspapers are trying to keep it secret). There has been a small epidemic of violent attacks across America attacking perceived authority figures such as cops and other low level enforcers of the beauracracy. All I am saying is if you're going to shoot someone in the face anyway, think higher.

Donkey, I would not call that a revolution. I'm not suggesting any co-ordinated action. In fact I am not suggesting anything per se. These things all happen naturally enough and i don't need to give advice to a desperate man with a gun. He can figure it out by himself. I am just saying aim a little higher.

Recently he got busted lying like a freeper troll. He denied saying he dislikes poor people, after I asked him why. I was curious why an alleged lefty would think such a thing. The first quote is his denial. The second shows he is a liar. This is the same guy who has called for the destruction of Israel. Now he is inciting crazies to aim higher with their violence. Sounds like cointelpro to me.

No, I said some poor people suck

I don't generally like poor people. They tend to be hopeless and/or assholes. I have met a few cool poor people though, and on-line of course it's probably hard to tell, but generally poor people seem to be less good at faking it if they happen to be very uninteresting and/or nasty.

He's not even from England, according to an administrator from MyLeftWing and her own blogspot that Byron has frequented in the past. One can also see in the following thread that Byron put words in her mouth and then proceeded to present that as being a direct quote. DavidByron is the historic troll.

Expose the Octopus:
KESQ Reports on Jimmy Hughes Arrest

Rachel Begley: Those black helicopters came down INTO my yard, and a guy inside pointed the mounted gun at me, then they circled my house a few times, took off, came back, circled, took off, came back and did this over and over until I got off the phone with the contact I was speaking with. I could tell you a TON of stuff that's happened to me since investigating my dad's murder.

Expose the Octopus!


Anonymous said...

Archeological evidence debunked

Tokyo Shemp said...

Thank you. This has to be one of the most obvious hoaxes of all time. The so-called tunnels were either garbage pits or was an area used for plumbing purposes.

Please put links in html next time and feel free to post. The link provided by anonymous leads to a report put together by W. Joseph Wyatt of Marshall University.

The losers at Rigorous Intuition and elsewhere are forced into the untenable position of attacking respected journalists like Debbie Nathan. They are forced to stick up for either Ted Gunderson or disbarred looney tune lawyer Kate Dixon of Fake News Making News.

What I am curious about is Michael Aquino. A guy like Geraldo, he was just being an opportunist. Of course Gunderson must be considered as having been an integral part of a deliberately placed psyop. I don't believe Aquino molested any children. I think the Presidio daycare scandal was just another form of satanic panic, and a very convenient one for the hoaxers. Aquino was in military intelligence. He wrote and helped others write philosophy on psychological operations. Was the whole thing about him being a satanist an integral part of the hoax? Was it a coincidence that Aquino was into psyops and became part and parcel of one of the biggest ones in history?

I've never said I am all that and a bag of chips. But for damn sure I try to figure stuff out. I do aim high with my cybersleuthing. Sometimes I mess up and have to recant. Most of the time I have a deep respect for the lurkers and figure they can also put two and two together.

Many have mocked my blogging without presenting any evidence to debunk it. Figuring out the truth should be the goal, no matter what it turns out to be. Michael Connell was never threatened by Karl Rove. Alex Jones and Michael Rivero are disinformation artists with no place in the left-o-sphere. There was no satanic ritual abuse or at least not to the extent it was portrayed. For all we know, 99% of satanists are decent pagans.

Tinoire of Progressive Independent says she worked for military intelligence. Tinoire is close friends with Michael Rivero. Tinoire is close to Jeff Wells. Wells was close to Andy Stephenson. All those fockers and many more internet personalities can be tied together. Stephenson to Larisa to Larry Johnson to Brad F.-Brett K. to DKos culture to right woos left to the whole cesspool which is called the blogosphere.

Tinfoil disinfo is everywhere. It serves as strawmen to prop up status quo politics. It forces Democrats right of center. It's all a damn shame, because it's so unnecessary.

Check out the story of Diana Napolis. She went insane. She was the one who stalked Jennifer Love Hewitt. Before that, she accused Steven Spielberg of being a satanist. Before that she was running around the internet accusing law abiding citizens of being part of satanic pedophile rings with links to miltary, CIA MK Ultra, and high places in domestic and international government.

Jeff Wells of Rigorous Intuition appears to be a paid, disinformation agent. He along with someone named Alex Constantine have been two of the most successful people at pushing the satanic panic as real. Because of people like him, others like Diana Napolis have ended up going a specific route of crazy. Add Diana Napolis to the victims list of innocent people whose lives were ruined by the Ted Gunderson (and Cointelpro/CIA?) sponsored hoax.

A web of intrigue by Mark Sauer

Pretty wild stuff.

Diana Napolis could have been a normal sweetie. But society and disinfo focked her brain.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Stalker

Marty said...

I am Jackie McGauley's brother, and I recently met with Gary Stickel. My sister is just what you know her to be, a nut job. Stickel well meant but I have my issues with his report. After all this time we all know the truth, so why argue?

If you wish, my email for this mess is:

I have ignored Jackie was my sister for far too long and now find it necessary to take this mess on publicly. I suspect my role in this is to bring the truth to those who still cling to a lie.


Tokyo Shemp said...

Thanks, but this was written over six years ago and I have moved on. I did have a phase where I researched and wrote a lot on the Satanic Panic. I think Jackie left some comments on another entry, but it's been a long time.