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Friday, May 8, 2015

DonkSoc Autopilot Mission v.3

I got off the phone with Obama at 4:20 a.m.. We basically agreed it was time to roll out volume three of our ambitious astroturf program. We were discussing wingnuts and third party loooosers like Nader who fear us for our freedom, good looks, and off the charts intelligence and compassion.

Mr. President asked what was going on between myself and donkeytale. He mentioned how it was not always easy for the Beatles to co-exist, nor for that matter the cast of the t.v. show Taxi. We both admitted to an awkward appreciation for Andy Kaufman. But I digress.

Barack said that all these things had him thinking about our in-fighting and how it would only end up serving the interests of those wingnuts alluded to above. He said, "I've an idea. Remember when Worthing and Kimberlin played I-Pad keepaway? What if they had never been able to get that close to one another? Would herstory have played out differently?"

We discussed some think tank Uncle Tom whose premise is that both cops and African-Americans need to be separated. John McWhorter believes that there are some bad cops and some bad citizens. What if we could keep them apart? To cut to the chase of this mailed-in entry, myself and Obama came up with a similar idea to help prevent the donksoc autopilot program from disbanding.

                                                           (non-sequitor  photo, like those
                                                           New Yorker cartoons leaving one
                                                           to ask, "Wtf?") ***

This is what we came up with. I will tweet to donkeytale. He can respond on this blog. That way the two of us shan't actually cross paths. If this works, Obama and myself will set up a similar program by which cops and Black men will not come into contact. A lot is riding on DonkSoc v.3. As always, God bless the American people.

*** That's Harold Lloyd giving himself the Johnny Cash through a carnival mirror. That's my screenshot from I think the movie Speedy. One urban myth is that Wayne and Garth stole that which was churned into the we are not worthy, we suck schtick.

developing... for meta news you can count on, this is DFQ2. God bless the audience.


donkeytale said...

This fine work, especially in the subtle way in which you malappropriate the idea of us conversing in different mediums as urine, when of course the brilliance was all mine and documented for the pubic record.

Extremely well-playd. Also the resurrection of the Soc-Donk schtick, which ranks among some of my better work and which found its initial expression, as so many of my masterpieces as a comment inside one of your own classix.

"November 13, 2012 at 6:07 PM
Anonymous said...
My latest GBCW (nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest)

Disassociated Press

WASHINGTON,DC – Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford announced today that the Soc-donk Autopilot II, an automated social media tool cited by experts as one of the critical elements in both the election and re-election of President Barack Obama, will be taking its regularly-scheduled quadrennial maintenance at an undisclosed CIA Spy factory/Island Resort in the Caribbean.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that among other essential items requiring urgent attention, the Soc-donk II will have its wiring closely and lovingly inspected, then receive a series of full metal jacket three-in-one oil massages. All maintenance routines are expected to be performed by a spy agency expert code named “Agent Well Broad.”

The triumphant internet bot program departed from the White House Heliport early this morning after shaking hands and trading low-fives, Gangnam-style with President Obama, the First Lady, their daughters and the family dog.

“I am grateful for its valiant service!” The President shouted to assembled reporters over the loud, whirring rotors of Marine One.

Except for an unfortunate “urination incident” that occurred when the First Fido “Bo” apparently mistook the Soc-donk II for a fire hydrant, the ceremonies on the White House South Lawn went off without a hitch, clearly foreshadowing the upcoming festivities already scheduled for February 28, 2013 when the Chicago Bears, winners of the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII will visit. (Nate Silver has already called it).

In a brief press conference after the helicopter departed with its jubilant passengers partying and whupping it up on board, DLC Chairman Harold Ford addressed reporters, reading from a prepared statement.

“2012 marks the third consecutive election that the Democratic Leadership Council has deployed the Soc-donk Auto Pilot II to overwhelming success as a covert weapon in the Democratic Party’s ongoing war against the ‘Professional Left’ of the liberal blogosphere,” Ford said. “We devised the Soc-donk after the 2000 Ralph Nader debacle, and it has become one of the DLC’s most devastating automated campaign tools, whose effectiveness was exceeded this year overall perhaps only by the Nate Silverbot”."

For my money, this is a top 3 Socrates alltime best.

donkeytale said...

Well, I like Golden State for a number of reasons, the biggest being they are John Wooden/UCLA 1968 personified.

It stands to reason that they would have great difficulty with a stellar inside team with great perimeter play. The NBA favors the physical inside teams in the playoffs. Why this is is anybody's guess but it feels right somehow.

If you are a champion you will score and drain the free after the foul.

You are the best that ever existed and it doesn't matter how many who came before were better than you as long as you have no idea they ever existed. Fuck them anyway.

Memo\phis is capable of winning it all. And if they dont win they are still ranked topped 3 teams in the league, a very good team. I just wish they were still coached by Lionel Hollins. I luvs me some Him.

GS/Mem is a great series. I love both teams for different reasons. I see 7.

Of course, the GS "model" is suspect in the playoffs, the obsessive focus on the trey, the small, quick lineup that is always all over the court on every play.

This is John Wooden's UCLA 64-65 teams. The best team exposition of basketball that ever. existed. You can look it up. No, you should look it up.

There was Auerbach and there was Wooden. That's it. I see many current NBA teams echoing those philosophies.

Not so much the NCAA because college has become stylized in a certain style that isn't the NBA.

Youtube.. 1964 and 65 UCLA teams.

I would watch it.

donkeytale said...

I don't believe we have seen ball at this level played quite like this, with as much skill and style, as the Warriors manage, especially the other night when they shredded a pretty good Houston team.

First, they went inside and simply took the game over in the paint and then Curry took the game over beyond the arc.


And LeBron doing basically same in Cleveland with a different style but similar all-worldly unmatchable skillset.

Injuries seem to have played a huge factor in this playoffs. One looks at Atlanta missing their stalwart Sefolosha, who in a tweetworthy contretemps was messed around by some NYPD chumps after a nightclub altercation.

Of course, no team has suffered more from the injury bug than the Cavs, who have lost Love and significant others including Irving and Shumpert.

What can you say other than LeBron conquers least in the East.

We shall see how the lumbering Cavaliers, themselves with a pretty decent inside-out game now featuring the wonderful sub Dellevedova on the perimeter and more inside game from the gangly Russian Mosgov.

Interesting that two battle hardened playoff veterans, Mike Miller and Shawn Marion are riding the pines, no doubt held back just in case....

Yet Golden State powers on, improbably given the history of playoff lore, with an outside gunning team suddenly flipping the terms and pounding it inside against an also injured Howard, who suddenly doesn't seem to have much help in the paint versus the swarming, deep inside Warrior presence.

And how about the Shaun Livingston?

I'm done.

socrates said...

If Doc coached Cleveland instead of LeBabyRoid as the coach, those guys and Perk would definitely see more playing time.

The difference the last several years has always been LeBron, even when denied by Dallas and San Antonio.

I agree with your implication Cleveland has yet to prove nothing to nobody.

The East turned into the senior tour. Teams were battered after 82 regular games and then a mentally retarded idea to have 16 out of 30 teams make the playoffs.

But somehow we keep coming back.

Twitter sucks. I'm done.

socrates said...

When you find yourself tweeting about how delightful Brooke Baldwin is, you know it's time to retire the schtick.

socrates said...

Oh yes, she's from the South. And it's good you too as a redneck from Texas has survived the many tornadoes and floods. It's not always Dorothy in Kansas.

I tracked down an old thread from my first blog from 2007. I'm putting up youtube videos on dirty cops. I was prescient.

Myself and Francis Holland had a bitter parting of the ways.

Fieldnegro ran for an election, maybe family judge I am guessing. He got some good vote totals but lost.

socrates said...

You should ask the new blogger about her new essay. I lightly edited it. She is a rookie, but scores tremendously well on the leftier than thou meter... or is that metre?

donkeytale said...

"The trolls were firmly instructed that there should never be anything bad written about the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) or the Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR), and never anything good about the Ukrainian government.

“I would go home at the end of the day and see all the same news items on the television news. It was obvious that the decisions were coming from somewhere,” said Marat. Many people have accused Russian television of ramping up propaganda over the past 18 months in its coverage of Ukraine, so much so that the EU even put Dmitry Kiselev, an opinionated television host and director of a major news agency, on its sanctions list.

After two months of working in the troll agency, Marat began to feel he was losing his sanity, and decided he had to leave. From the snatched conversations over coffee, he noted that the office was split roughly 50/50 between people who genuinely believed in what they were doing, and those who thought it was stupid but wanted the money. Occasionally, he would notice people changing on the job.

“Of course, if every day you are feeding on hate, it eats away at your soul. You start really believing in it. You have to be strong to stay clean when you spend your whole day submerged in dirt,” he said.

The most prestigious job in the agency is to be an English-language troll, for which the pay is 65,000 roubles. Last year, the Guardian’s readers’ editor said he believed there was an “orchestrated pro-Kremlin campaign” on the newspaper’s comment boards."

LOL. Fairleft living large?

socrates said...

Newspapers left and right (not in a political sense, in a no pun intended sense) are blocking all comments. I predicted this or was prescient. I'm still working out the semantic kinks in my new theories.

But to get to the point. That's an outstanding find.

I think Lord Byron is the Twitterer Phil Greaves (philgreaves01 fr those playing at home).

I have always wondered about Russia Today. It's made in Russia? It's "Putin's baby?" I mean, that has to be a dumb and dumber enterprise. I'm grasping at strawmen. It's like when what's his face demanded a better sock puppet show or wtf.

Sibel Edmonds. That's another one along with her buddies. Who the F are they and which paid fake organisation do they work for?

I checked for your username at the graundo paper and see that you were banned at the beginning of the year for "trolling" fakeleft. See what I did? I combined the weird British nickname for The Guardian with Rajon Rondo.

socrates said...

It's good to see you are finally recognising the greatness of my prescientness. Hmmm, why is Blogger spellcheck saying prescientness is not linguistically viable?

But yeah, I named the names (I like the counterpunch schtick. I should add them to the leftier than thou blogroll. They name the names or something. It's their motto.)

Most thought I was getting a bit carried away with the cointelpro/astroturf schtick.

But as it has turned out, most everything we read on the internet or cable news for that matter is paid fakery!

From related links to your article is this:

From Britain to Beijing: how governments manipulate the internet

The author's name is Maeve Shearlaw. I suspect she was a Russian water baby who could speak fluent English by age 17 months and that's including the nine months in the womb.

I suspect there are even people who get paid simply for creating the fake names for said water baby spies.

socrates said...

A Joseph (or is it your Joseph kkk persona?) from Kiev called fairleft a kremlin troll a year ago.

"I think when you see comments by fairleft think liar and Kremlin troll"

donkeytale said...

This is interesting (almost). The Asia Times Online, fake left bastion (actually it has...or had...pretty good content in its day, especially regarding geopolitics, economics and finance...and yes Pepe Escobar, too) has been acquired by a partnership headed by one of its contributors, David P. Goldman, a bond trader with a chequered past (to say the least) who goes by the pen name "Spengler."

Goldman's past includes stints with teh Socialist Workers Party in the 60s, when he was a studious rebellion leader at Columbia. He's also a trained classical musician and rather erudite (and yes, arch-concervative).

Did I mention his decades long ties to Lyndon LaRouche?

You can look it up.

socrates said...

That sounds like a good idea for a blog entry. Fortunately because of time restrictions (a bloke needs time to eat, watch inane t.v., cut one's toenails, etc..), someone else has already done it.

David Goldman is not telling the full truth about his years in the LaRouche movement

I forget who does that website, but it is brilliant and you were probably the first to link to it. He may be a professor or something. I forget. But it's an awesome website filled with juicy Big Boy meta on named names rather than on named avatars.

Did Lyndon Ladouche invent right woos left? I am not sure about that, but skimming a bit I see him talking about Willis Carto.

Too bad TheLastNameLeft quit the game. This would be right up his alley.

socrates said...

I saw the prof or wtf mentioning Willis Carto, not Larouche. Maybe I should read the article.

Much in this world imho seems to be about co-optation. It is happening currently with the Black Lives Matter movement. It is happening in education.

I believe one of the biggest problems with social media is the illusion that it is a new-school version of the old-school forum. I mean like with say the Berkeley Free Speech Movement or we saw this wit many things from 2000-2010, the formative internet years before most realised this is fucked and sucks and in no way constitutes old-school protesting and social movement.

The 2000 election was crazy. That is historical fact. So we saw all these fak left buggers co-opt that issue.

Charter schools are about the same kind of process. Do all you can to destroy public education and its inherent worth and replace it with privatised dumbfucks.

The same is going on with the police. The Free Thought Project is closely affiliated to the Koch Brothers. I am referring to the libertarian crap.

Look up who is the current Education cabinet tool for Obama. His name is Arne Duncan and he is a Teach for America type tool. Obama sucks and is vastly underrated for being a fascist pig.

There are certain things which are deal breakers, including Teach for America and charter schools. While we were all working hard to fight the evangelicals, the Reaganites et al, the libertarians and triangulation moved into the void. That is why the USA is looking more and more like Russia with its one-party rules all.

Yeah, old-school fake leftists are probably doing cartwheels and listening to The Age of Aquarius on their headphones. The truth hurts. Politics as the art of the possible is just another way of saying we are fascists, but good luck proving we are. God Bless America and move to Cuba if you don't like it.

donkeytale said...

I had a high school sociology/history teacher who was an old school lefty, a WWII veteran and a member of the Socialist Labour Party, as opposed to the Socialist Workers Party, which beget a number of neocon sellouts similar to Goldman.

Anyway, I did some work for the SLP but I remained on the fringes. I have never been a joiner and that tendency was exacerbated by my years in the wilderness.

I do remember "co-optation" of the movement always being a huge leftist topic back then, so it is prescient that you mention it now.

Ideal purity is an illusion...human beings in fact are condemned to impurity by virtue of our minds' tragic abilility to set ourselves apart from nature. "The other".

My teacher taught the concept of "enlightened self-interest" perhaps sensing that this young, entitled, spoiled generation that had experience so little of the deprivations of their parents generation, the generation that was truly the last one committed to such things as blue collar work, unions, and liberal politics.

However, I never bought this concept. There is pure ideals and there is the fact of human existence. It is one of the basic sturggles we fight within oursleves as well as within society.

I am not alone in aloneness. The toys with which we are obsessed magnify the bubble wrap in which we envelop ourselves.

"Community" as it was defined in the 60s literally doesn't truly exist today to the same degree. The war effort brought society together in a way it never had been previously. Sadly, however achieved, the promise of the postwar did not grow and blossom into paradise on earth.

I invented the concept of the whiteysphere because I early on recognised the false sense of community in fake leftism that leans on reactionism instead of enlightened socioeceonomic and political attitudes. I recognised the racism inherent on the forums early on. I recognise and accept the same weaknesses in myself. I am just as human as "they" are too.

There is still promise for another age similar to the postwar to come around again, under different circumstances, equally problematic and destructive from which the phoenix may rise from the ashes. Everything old becomes new again. Time in our perception so limited is in fact virtually endless and will afford many opportunities.

My argument is the people will continue on the tragic path until enough become enlightened to the human condition and untrap our minds before we can untrap our relations with our fellows. This is my idealism. I strive within my own flawed nature to regroup, reanimate and spread what little assistance I can in the short time allotment to beat back the forces of alienation in our hearts and the hearts of our fellow.

I fail, yes. And yet I do not quite trying.

socrates said...

It is posts like that which have endeared you to the internet generation. In 50-100 years, they will point to this as the definitive donkeytale. he was. a. man. who cared. about schtick. theft. period.

We are trapped in our insignificance. We realised too soon in the ballgame that this is herding sheep 101. While idealism is pure in itself, you bugger the question, "Is there any way we can save the planet? We can't even seem to stop the bleeding."

It is depressing in that regard. And we are only here for a micro-blip, as you astutely point out. Nonetheless, there is something enlightening, in fact something with value, that we attain by seeking the greatest truths.

Anyway, it looks like Pffugee is gone. MLW is gone. FSZ and PFF are long gone and deleted. It is ironic that we must bow down to spiritual losers such as Google and Markos Moulitsas for preserving our schticks.

socrates said...

I forget where I read it. I am kind of a burnout at this point. But it had something to do with self-promoting biases or wtf. There is probably the fundamental root of all our problems. Otherwise how can it be explained that people vote for politicians who go against their best interests? I could ramble out more contradictions.

Then you throw in the paid fake/astroturf schtick and it is total mayhem.

Bukowski was greatness. Agreed? We will never match him for that. What did he accomplish? Though I can't be that cynical. That would be hell. He opened up a lot of minds. He brought some pleasure to people. There must be meaning in that.

socrates said...

I have never more believed in reincarnation and karma. I think I got a lot out of this life and do not feel guilty about having it easy, kicking back in movie heaven for example.

I'm tired of overthinking and pushing too hard on issues that quite frankly one person shouldn't have to shoulder so much angst.

Blokes like us should probably chill a bit, we tried our bests. We have writer spirits. We should try to become the best people we can be (like a Stuart Smalley/M.L.K. Jr. hybrid). The world does not seem ready for our kind of greatness. We were born too late or something.

But like you imply, nothing is set in stone. The scariest part to me is that we become babies again, totally powerless, then go through the school, work, death routine once again. But maybe if we try just a little harder to not be such assholes in this life, perhaps in the next one the cosmos will align for pure idealism to take over. Like with Captain Kirk and the international federation of all peoples. He ended up making out with Lieutenant Uhura. Talk about being prescient and modern.

socrates said...

Whatever happened to Star Trek’s Lieutenant Uhura

I was thinking of leaving the show after the first season because I felt Uhura didn’t have enough to do. I was invited to a NAACP dinner where I met a big fan, Dr Martin Luther King. He told me he never missed an episode.

socrates said...

I should have also included this: When I said I was contemplating not renewing my contract, he was horrified. He told me, ‘You have to renew. Your character has changed the face of television forever. You have created a character with dignity, intelligence and beauty and for the first time people see us as equals’.

socrates said...

It is nearly impossible for an introvert to be lonely. There are just too many things one can do to always feel human, even with no one else around.

Though it is also true that we are social creatures and need love and human contact. So I suppose the introverts are like camels. Just replace water with human contact. Plus, there is always the television. The t.v. is good company. Or in my case, it's movies. I started The Wire which is 60 episodes on Baltimore police. It is a famous show, blah blah and kinda sorta prescient.

Speaking of which, it turns out that Marylin Mosby was on an episode of Judge Judy as a college student. She kickedass. It was interesting to watch. Kind of like comparing Conan O'Brien or wtf rookie years to their prime.

I digress. I am not partaking in social media out of loneliness. It is a version of the gutenburg (sp?) press or wtf. We seem to have the opportunity to be thomas paines in the arses of ptb's.

And there it is full circle. My goal is to be thinking of love and goodness and not an image of Kimberlin-Walker fighting over an i-pad. I advise the rest of youse people to do the same. I am sooooo done with that crap or anything else that sucks in regards to so-called social media.

Twitter is a shallow hate machine. It felt weird trying to deprogram TFA cult members, but I tried. I'm not saying that changed the planet, just that I tried. It can't be debated whether charters and TFA should be allowed. They shouldn't. It's like fighting Hitler. It was an automatic public approval move to destroy him. Maybe it took more time than it should. It's like rooting for GS over LeBron. Some things are no-brainers.

socrates said...

The conspiracy is that a major psyop gets put on each of us. Look at Orwell, Huxley for proof. We are taught what our `self-interests' are. That is the essence of nothing to see here, move along. It is the crux of Barbara Bush's insanity of censoring the fuck out of what is to reach her `beautiful mind'.

Maybe I was fricken Erich Fromm and already wrote enough for you dumbasses who never heeded my warnings. Maybe that is why I do not write like I should. Maybe I was Lenny Bruce. It does make you wonder, that is, if reincarnation is true. It's like maybe we are looking at things the completely wrong way. I pity people who are shallow. I include Obama into that category. I would unfortunately place the number of wrong side of history people at 80% of the population.

It's a disturbing social reality and one that we have to come to terms with we are never allowed to leave until the sun becomes an issue or something, then we go to other planets or something. This is one digression that can't possibly be answered. It is a leap of faith. To me it is crazier to think this was all random science, blah blah, all of it is now poof, gone like it never mattered, like we were permanently crushed, not even able to be in limbo as a ghost or I never really looked into it, because as I said earlier in the run on digression sentences, there are some things impossible to ever know.

donkeytale said...

7. donkeytale - 12 March 2007
ah Brautigan!
Bukowski killed him
I still say
Hacked off his useless penis
with a fountain pen

He stuffed it inside
Brautigan’s blue plaid workshirt

Carefully placed
gold wire rim eyeglasses
teetered artfully
upon a sharp beaked
hard on

in hippie drag

donkeytale said...

57. marisacat - 15 March 2007
Oh too funny… a helpful soul sent me this:

The bogging game is a sickness, apparently unto death. The bog world is a pathetic place for alkies, junkies, shut-ins and life losers of every stripe.

Even the intellectuals, so called, the smirking chimp Marisacats, et al, are just drunks who have switched brands. No more no less. Opera glasses and popcorn. Goes great with a hip flask.

And yes, I am including myself in this group even as I stand apart form it. See how sick this all really is?

LOL I remember Donkeytale… I thought the Nowhere site took a plunge when it added him to the FP. My recollection he departed the site under some cloud. Or blow up or flame war or something. I read the site occasionally and what i recall was it sounded like the Boyz (or someone) ran DOS attacks and took the site down.


One thing I can add, the “donkeytales” of BlogSnottery know nothing about me.

donkeytale said...

58. supersoling - 15 March 2007
don’t know if you realize, but DonkeyTale posted a comment in a thread here a few days ago. I remembered that comment when there was speculation by MSOC that “soul” was actually David Byron, which I thought was possible, but also think it could be DonkeyTale. He has a penchant for crude comments to women. He had me fooled for a while at BT. I advocated for his reinstatement at BT to BooMan. Live and learn…or unlearn.

59. supersoling - 15 March 2007
He also posted a diary at MLW after a long absence, just before “soul” went off the rails there. Who knows, maybe DT and DB are one and the same. Oh the intrigue…not! ;o)


donkeytale said...

I was looking for a very good poem I wrote about my experience at a Bukowski reading in SF, circa 1972-73. Posted at MLW or FSZ or PFF.

I googled and this is all I came up with. LOL.

socrates said...

There's nothing left for those websites. Maybe you can try

The loser Paul Carr from Pando and with the Exile guys tweeted he was going to take a break from Twitter noise. He also deleted all his tweets! Pando is funded by Peter Thiel and that was another troll bust I pioneered.

Marisacat was before my time or to be honest, I always thought people from dkos and whatever talking politics sounded like idiots.

I found it was only interesting when getting into specifics and that meant archives.

We made it to the big leagues with the kimberlin schtick, no doubt. We're the only two still standing, no? I don't count fakeleft posting at firefucklake and the grondo as an extension of the old school forum.

Lord Byron is Phil Greaves on Twitter. He is a twisted loser. End of story. The whole thing was weird with MattyJack. So much was surreal. Looking back, it is what it is or is that it was what it was?

socrates said...

I was clever to get us digitally fossilised through Blogger.

donkeytale said...

The immortal Al Attles still works for the Warriors.

socrates said...

Maybe they should start the Finals in a month and not just a week later? Keep building up the hype? Maybe this helps Cleveland? I am not following Kyrie Irving's injury situation, but obviously Cleveland needs him to have a chance. That's what I think. Golden State needed a veteran team in good health to put the fear of James Naismith into their basketball souls.

San Antonio got too old. Memphis or Chicago could have been contenders for the crown. But we all know Chicago got injured and old. We all know Memphis simply doesn't have the offensive juice to match their defense.

This was Doc's best chance to steal a title. He kind of set themselves up for failure, imho, by whining about having to face the Spurs in round one.

I know Houston has Harden and Superman, but a truly good coach would not have let them beat his stacked Clippers team.

It actually should have been Oklahoma's year, but we know what happened to them losing their two stars for most of it. Now rumours are brewing again that Durant will eventually make it to the -Bullets- Wizards.

Washington might have had their destiny stolen with injury. Dallas was too old.

LeBron is the greatest player to make use of the star system. I will give Jordan credit for not only getting star calls but also being spectacular and getting it done.

I remember LeBron quitting in the playoffs when he was originally with Cleveland.

I believe a lot is at stake with this Finals. I believe LeBron needs to be stopped now or he might dominate the next five years. He is 30 or 31 almost. He's got maybe two more years of solid prime left.

Perhaps LeBron would be 1-4 in Finals if Pops didn't inexplicably choke benching Duncan at the end of one game?

I remember he and Wade acting quite obnoxously when they seemed to have the upper hand on the Mavs. That was wicked awesome to see Dallas wipe the smirks off of their faces.

It's easy to hate LeBron and Wade. It was not as easy to hate Bosh. It's easy to hate Pat Riley, but it's difficult not to acknowledge his greatness.

I would like to see GS sweep the Cavs or only lose one game.

And here's a bonus for basketball fans, a New Yorker article on Hack-a-Shaq. I don't think that will matter in this playoffs. It would have if DeAndre Jordan or Dwight Howard were still playing.

Just get rid of the obvious off the ball fouling, period. Just outlaw it. Problem solved. Fixing the lottery will not be as easy.



socrates said...

Other ideas I have are to tinker with the three point line. There are too many threes. It is boring. It also could get crazy in two years when the salary caps explode. Teams will be able to sign three superstars, unless I'm mistaken, and still have enough to fill in the rest of the roster. Currently that is not possible. Miami got broken up. The Celtics never had the money to add to the aging Big Three. Look at Doc and the Clippers. Yes, he is ridiculously bad as a GM, but still, when you have three max players (Jordan soon to be or close), there is simply no money left. And it is ultimately a team game.

And that is what is at stake with this years Finals. Can a team beat a superstar?

And in two years will the league revert back to anti-parity? Will five or so rich, big market teams gobble up all the high priced talent? How will all the other teams be able to make the salary cap minimum?

It is not a guarantee the NBA will become greatness or maintain whatever level currently promoted. Hockey is still considered a second tier national sport, no? People could eventually tire of basketball also.

Baseball is boring but the only game in town for the Summer. Football is probably America's number one sport and looks healthy with parity.

If Minnesota plays its cards right, they could become the next dynasty. But for now, it appears GS is in the driver's seat.

LeBron appears to be a Tiger Woods more playing for personal legacy than being part of something greater, as in team sports. He is 2-3 in NBA Finals. He had to join up with a superteam to win those two rings. The clock is ticking on LeBron James.

donkeytale said...

Win or loose LeBron has had a fantastic year getting his injured team easily into the finals, although the level of competition emanating from the East is so poor that OKC, a non-playoff team missing their best player may be nearly as good or even better than Cleveland.

I feel Lebron, yes he is uncouth and arrogant in public, sort of shooting himself in the foot, not adorable like Curry and Thompson, but they both grew up the pampered sons of NBA stars while LeBron grew up dirt poor in Cleveland with no daddy.

He didn't get a finishing school nor great coaching from the time he was in diapers. I also like Wade as a player, since college when he led Marquette to the final four. Wisconsin connection. I'm not sure but probably his background growing up in Chicago wasn't all that privileged either.

No, I never rooted for Miami to win it all but I don't have strong feelings against them either.

My heart is on my sleeve in this series, as Golden State has always been one of my two favourite teams since I was a little kid banging errant shots off the rim and backboard my dad affixed to the garage for me.

The other team was actually the one I followed first.....the Syracuse Nationals.

Why? No idea since I was growing up in LA and even then baseball was my actual game, although I have always loved underdogs and small town teams.

The Warriours moved from Philly to SF and then Syracuse backfilled into their slot becoming the 76ers. Wilt had been a Warriour but remained in Philly (somehow...a trade I guess) and that team became one of the best of all time with the bad fortune of bumping into the ABSOLUTE best team of all time, your Celts, who I recall they only beat once but the Sixers had a great line-up. Those Sunday games of the week from the garden or Philly were always great battles in the mid sixties.

Still, I wished they'd remained in Syracuse.

The Warriours retained a pretty fair center in Nate Thurmond and they acquired the young Rick Barry. Attles was a strong, defensive minded undersized point guard whom I recall as basically a non-shooter.

They were a pretty good team but usually lacking in teh star talent of teams like Cincinnati (Oscar and Lucas), of course the Lakers of West, Goodrich and Baylor and the Bob Pettit Hawks.

Since I was an undersized defensive specialist in baseball I always strongly identified with undersized defensive standouts in all sports, especially. Loves me some Attles. really great to hear he is doing well and still involved with the Warriours.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I am also not a huge fan of the 3, especially in College where it isnt enough of a challenge, but it does open the game up and has reduced the bigman centricity of the sport which is a good thing.

Jabbar and Wilt had skills but the game was boring when the offense consisted of the point guard simply flipping a pass high into the post where they simply turned and made easy hooks or layups. Jabbar at least could shoot free frows. The Hack a Shaq really began with Wilt, who was only entertaining in the way he would change his style from the line from the Rick Barry-like underhand spinner to the conventional set shot and back again, never improving on it.

I don't know how you legislate against fouls off the ball, since movement off the ball is today the key element of the game. Maybe call off ball fouls a technical and let the best free frow shooter make the T then give the ball out of bounds and two T's on any one player eliminates them from the game.

I guess that would solve it.

I did want to remark that your first series of comments in this thread were excellent and dairy-worthy in themselves.

Very insightful and well-written.

And yes, I was prescient re:Twitter. It sucks and it is not writerly in the least. I look forward to your regaining your stroke on blogspot.

donkeytale said...

Correction:L it was your series of comments starting with the Co-optation.

donkeytale said...

This concludes toadaze stat padding

socrates said...

Did you ever see the play where LeBron went at least seven illegal steps, then Pierce got called for a foul and Bradley looked demonic witnessing it all? There's even a fantastic conspiracy theory series on Youtube which goes over the most glaring ref jobs in history. It gets quite dramatic. Even the Pat Ewing as pick #1 looked dodgy as the envelope did seem a bit bent. One word: J.F.K.. I rest my case.

socrates said...

I watched an old-school basketball Finals game. I forget which year, maybe 1963. The C's took game six at Lakers. They could hand check, but I didn't notice too many outrageous fouls. They played it out. The shooting was both as good as it gets and downright lousy. It was interesting that players only got one foul, it seemed that way to me, when fouled if not yet in the penalty.

It seemed to be how the NBA would like to ref it now and be able to get away with it without so many injuries on cheap fouls.

Russell was amazing. He would dominate today's game. I am positive. Hondo would be better than Ginobli, of course, and better than Pierce, I think even better than Kobe.

It's hard to know how good LeBron truly is. Back in the old days you couldn't travel nor could you palm the ball. Some make fun of the talent level of the old school, but when one gets right down to it, they played the game the way it's supposed to.

It had to suck before then without shot clocks, but so be it. And I respect that the overall talent wasn't as good back then because of new supplements, training, and steroids.

All these games are good, the four sports. I think basketball used to be the best. I think it went tremendously downhill starting with Michael Jordan.

Also remember that putting aunts with balls to the side, there is the what if of Lenny Bias. And Reggie Lewis also had major skills. I find it hard to believe some of those Pistons and Bulls teams would have won so much.

I know. Sour grapes.

Today's basketball is about the gripes we've mentioned, then add in the salary cap, diva issues, .... Okay maybe the strict palming issue was too anal, but some of them are clearly making a turnover. Evan Turner, wow, he sometimes is as good as it gets, but other times he makes your head explode. That high dribble is not fun to watch. And he is very dodgy at shooting past 15 feet, though he hits that one perhaps as good as the best players. He finishes his layups.

I expect Marcus Smart and of course Isaiah Thomas to play the pg minutes. I would roll the dice and trade Evan Turner forcing the issue with Smart. If he can't handle pg, then Bradley is probably gone. One of Sully and Olynyk should not be staying forever. The team is almost more likely to resign Datome than they are Bass and Jerebko. Crowder will be a priority and Dallas is apparently still crying over the Rondo trade and would like Crowder back.

I am torn about Kevin Love. The only way that works is if the C's also pick up a monster center.

It'd be sweet to get him and Marc Gasol. That team could be the next dynasty. I know. These are big what ifs and probably won't happen.

I hope Danny does at least the minimum and the C's are a 40-50 win team. If Danny can hit a homerun or cycle, then all bets would be off and yet again a Boston team would be dominating a professional sort, deflategate or not.

socrates said...

one free throw i mean. It seemed non shooting fouls were one instead of two free throws. I remember some Boston College growing up too with fun hack-a-shaq strategies. Those one and ones. If you miss the first, there is no second.

Anyway, the hack a shaq strategy doesn't guarantee anything unless you're also able to gobble up the rebounds. There was another good basketball article at The New Yorker. It was about how Davids can beat Goliaths.

They plugged the press as the most effective tool for underdogs.

Pitino actually didn't use the press all that much with Boston. I think he was the GM also or with a puppet head GM. The best part was when Jim O'Brien took over after Pitino cried and quit and led us to some decent basketball.

He was a Thibs type. I think he later coached for the Pacers. A crusty white guy. But not out of control like Bobby Knight. But you can see them boiling basketball rage underneath.

We're like Frank Deford wannabes or something.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I thought Howard was getting smarter, but then I saw him swat a block way into the stands. Bill Russell would have tipped it to himself. People forget that Bill Russell had video game talent which he displayed in real life.

socrates said...

Maybe somehow we can get fakeleft over here and the ratings will pick up again. I do believe these comment boxes should be counted as writing.

You're also getting a little carried away in your denunciation of Twitter. It's not that bad. It'd be nicer with probably 500 characters or something reasonable to be able to stretch out and actually perform a schtick.

donkeytale said...

There was the one shot foul for non-shooting violations in the penalty. Then that was expanded to the one and one. There was even a 3 to make 2 for a time in the penalty. This might help alleviate the hack a Shaq.....if you gave them 5 to make 2.

The fullcourt press was the creation of John Wooden. His first two back to back championship teams, who lost one game in two seasons and who had no one in the starting line-up taller than 6'5" Keith Erickson pressed the entire game.

Golden State's small line-up configuration is an update on this team concept with the added value of the 3. It takes exceptional players, obviously, or everyone would be doing it all the time, as GS is as dominnat this year (67 wins) as UCLA back in the day.

Wooden himself abandoned it when he he recruited Alcindor, and of course he also won two championships with the less heralded Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe, both who might fit only as role players on the current Warriour squad.

Interesting that libertarian Rand Paul stood up against the Security State and brought it at least partially down. This congressional effort cements the legacy of libertarian Edward Snowden and libertarian (Ron Paul) supporter GG.

My son is a solid backer of Paul and he seems to have a base of youthful support. I wonder what he would look like on the demotardic side of the primary ledger. His civil rights, foreign policy, surveillance state and anti-police state credentials are impeccable and he's not afraid to rabble rouse. Of course, his conservative economic credentials would doom him but I can't help thinking he would become more of a force and more effective if he uncouple from the clown car that is the GOP.

My political prescience is again being validated. All along fake leftists have bemoaned the sellout Demotards and pushed for 3rd party irrelevance while I have been arguing that Obama, a liberal governing from the center right is the beginning of an historical marker back towards the left in electoral politics (SEE Dick, A Tale of Two).

Now look. Bernie Sanders jumps in (as a Demotard NOT an independent or Green Looser), Hillary shifts left and even one of the GOP major candidates exhibits some far leftist tendencies.

We are witnessing a herstoric shift. I still don't trust Hillary Clinton Foundation farther than I can throw her and she is neither bright nor charismatic and is old and and ugly too.

Not that her looks or age matter to me but to the population at large candidates need to be attractive in some sense and personally likeable in order to get through the campaign. Bill had it, Hill doesn't.

Bernie has it. Warren has it. This leftish trend may indeed be a set-up for her in 2024. I shudder to even type those words.

However, I have been on a health and exercise trend of late and seeing positive results. Running and working out. I feel great (no drinks or drugs, zero junk food, smaller portions). I want to go long into that good night to pull the handle for WARREN IN 2024 and 2028 and not have to mail it in from a nursing home bed.

A beautiful young lady of my business acquaintance even admiringly remarked the other day that I have a beautiful body. I think she meant "for a 63 year old" but I'll take it. With encouragement like that I'm now working out double time. Ah, the male libidinous ego never dies. I can confirm that much for you.

RIOTOUS! And no, she hasn't seen me with my clothes off, either.

Frau Tale still reules in that department.

donkeytale said...

The other thing that always bothered me about Wilt was his fadeaway bank shots from 8-12 feet. WTF was that about?

Sure, a thing of beauty when it hit but way, way too often in the tense moments of crunch time he would shoot it too hard or two low off the glass and by fading away he wasn't in position to rebound.

Wilt was a curious human being in many, many respects. He needed some coaching but I guess his ego was too big to take any. It seems like Sharman got him to ditch that shot when he came to the Lakers but the fact they only managed a single title with that talent laden Lakers team and were beaten by the Willis Reed-less Knicks (although this also one of the most talented and clutch teams in NBA herstory) that one year testifies more than anything, moreso even than his life-long domination by the much smaller Russell, to the fact that Wilt simply played the game wrong.

donkeytale said...

RT is pure Russian propaganda and testament that fake lefties will buy anything they read on the internet as long as it confirms their bias.

I'm working some fiction in me few spare moments and soon will need a place to post it. I'm filling in some herstorical gaps in the long strange trip.

Maybe if I can figure out how to log in.

Also, I wasn't banned at the Graun. I just lost interest. They delete comments but I don't believe they wield the banhammer, except on extremely rare occasions.

The commenters there are dreadully boring, nitcpicky on grammar, etc. The British are a very small minded lot of lazy sods. They deserve their irrelevance because they earned it. I enjoyed wading in and taking on the Army of GG dick suckers and sometimes even GG himself before he sold out to Mr Paypal Billions. I was banned at Moon of Alabama, where I did some great work. That is a proto-Stalinist website and can be somewhat entertaining. Natch, Fairleft fits in there.

She would never come here. She's totally about finding the warm spot in the middle of the herd and sticking to mindlessness over personal growth. Sad, as she has some blogging talent, just too strictly ideological.

donkeytale said...

OK, I was wong. The aging mind plays tricks on itself. I should always remember to google instead of relying on me shattered memory...

Wilt did play two years in SF. The first season was a disaster but the second, featuring Attles and newcomers Thurmond at the 4 and coach Alex Hannum, they were the best defensive team (as well as the worst offensive team) in the league, made the finals and lost to the Celtics.

Now that I think about it that was the year I first started noticing them. They were preseason underdogs who almost went all the way with stellar defense. However with the twin towers they were definitely not undersized!

In me memory I only remember Thurmond and somehow thought Barry was a rookie that year but in fact he didn't come along until two years later.

From the Wikipod:

"In the 1963–64 NBA season, Chamberlain got yet another new coach, Alex Hannum, and was joined by a promising rookie center, Nate Thurmond, who eventually entered the Hall of Fame. Ex-soldier Hannum, who later entered the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach, was a crafty psychologist who emphasized defense and passing. Most importantly, he was not afraid to stand up to the dominant Chamberlain, who was known to "freeze out" (not communicate with) coaches he didn't like.[53] Backed up by valuable rookie Thurmond, Chamberlain had another good season with 36.9 ppg and 22.3 rpg,[43] and the Warriors went all the way to the NBA Finals. In that series they succumbed to Russell's Boston Celtics yet again, this time losing 4–1.[54] But as Cherry remarked, not only Chamberlain, but in particular Hannum deserved much credit because he had basically had taken the bad 31–49 squad of last year plus Thurmond and made it into a NBA Finalist.[55] In the summer of 1964 Chamberlain, one of the prominent participants at the famed Rucker Park basketball court in New York City,[56] made the acquaintance of a tall, talented 17-year old teenager who played there. Soon, the young Lew Alcindor was allowed into his inner circle, and quickly idolized the ten-year older NBA player. Unfortunately, Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as Alcindor would name himself later, would develop an intensely personal antipathy.[57]

In the following 1964–65 NBA season, the Warriors got off to a terrible start and ran into financial trouble. At the 1965 All-Star break Chamberlain was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, the new name of the relocated Syracuse Nationals. In return the Warriors received Paul Neumann, Connie Dierking, Lee Shaffer (who opted to retire rather than report to the Warriors), and $150,000[2][4] (equal to about $1.12 million today).[note 1] When Chamberlain left the Warriors, owner Franklin Mieuli said: "Chamberlain is not an easy man to love [and] the fans in San Francisco never learned to love him. Wilt is easy to hate [...] people came to see him lose."[33]"

socrates said...

That makes sense. I could have sworn someone got three free throws and I assumed there must have been a lane violation.

You're also correct hack-a-shaq was actually created first to try to contain Chamberlain. I noticed that. I read Wilt would run away like a baby man into the stands or wtf to avoid being fouled.

Red was interviewed on this specific topic of how come some guys never get better at free throws. He said most tall guys actually have big hands, so think about it. Try gripping a basketball compared to a softball. It's easier to shoot. For bad ft shooting centers, it must feel like a grapefruit to them. Or remember trying to throw tennis balls into a basket?

That made sense. Rondo is not a giant, but he has huge hands. It helps him with that palm it behind his back and fake out thing, but it doesn't help his at free throws.

I just want off the ball fouls disallowed if they are hack-a-fouls. The team is still penalised keeping in the shooting loser, as they won't want to pass it to that person.

Brad Stevens is quite good at making rapid substitutions for offense and defense at end of games. It can get a little crazy.

But I know I am yet again contradicting myself. I loved those crazy college games where teams came back down 18 in two minutes by fouling every moment. Then the one and ones. Miss one and that's that. It was a tremendous strategy.

I know Wooden is up there as a basketball god. I just don't know much about it. I only checked out the old basketball because it's the pros and the Celtics are the Yankees of basketball.

I was lurking this Celtics forum consisting of old guys, older than you who live and breathe Celtics from way back to today. They were having a go at each other. Some of them are very protective of the past.

What would Ted Williams do today? Forget about steroids or any of that. He has the same body, same person. Wouldn't he put up even better stats?

I'm not feeling positive about George Mikan doing the same thing lacing up the chuck connor sneakers.

Wilt might not even be that good today. Would he be better than DeAndre Jordan? Bill Russell I think would do well today. Sometimes a guy can be six nine-10 for a center and get away with it. Maybe Russell would play power forward today.

It is a confusing debate at times.

Dave Cowens was a six foot nine guy who could handle center.

It's not just about height. It's about wingspan and jumping ability... and bb iq. And maybe hitting free throws, in regards to most of the very big bigs.

Rondo could have been hall of fame if he could just hit his free throws. He was unstoppable to the hoop. But because he was afraid of shooting free throws, he didn't go to the hoop as often. He also got the injury at the worst possible time, right at legacy making time, and he ended up in a lousy trade considering the Dallas coach is such a dick.

socrates said...

One of the best parts of my schtick was that I made clear the importance of using credible sources. I will not link to RT nor Alex Jones nor a lot of places. Not to Raw Story. Not to Yahoo. I am very cynical.

The Sanders thing is getting interesting. Apparently the Democrats are pimping for Bernie. DINO's seem to want him to be the #2 man. They are confident in Hillary.

I guess that's what it might boil down to, Memphis versus Golden State, winner wins it all.

Is there any Republican you see with a chance?

I would like to see all these losers support Bernie Sanders as if that is in their interest, as in he is fake opposition and will never win anything.

Better to have the extremist as the second choice making Hillary both lefty and middle of the road.

If your marker system is correct, then the right wing is getting squeezed out of the Presidency for quite awhile. Too bad your system doesn't also work for the other political offices.

Anyway, so Bernie becomes the opposition with no chance. Hillary is basically Hugo Chavez. Remember Caddyshack, it's in the hole?

But I would like to see that backfire and Bernie somehow wins like Black man Putney Swopes became the CEO in a very obscure old movie.

Again though, as a cynic, Hillary falls to scandals, Bernie becomes George McGovern, and some fascist turd finally comes into the Presidency itching to blow things up and support law enforcement, military, banks, etc..

That equates to a road to dystopia.

It certainly looks right now that Hillary and Golden State are high priced, fake scratch tickets, already decided.

Bernie is as cynical as me. He won't admit it, but I talked him into running. Word was he would not run. I tweeted him and said you have to do it. Jimmy Carter. Uhm. Even to just speak for those without power. What else did I say to him? We are not worthy?

Days later he entered the race. He is talking about no guarantees of winning, but that one must still show up.

Sanders is definitely in that Ron Paul, Ross Perot type momentum. I love that guy. The New York accent. He definitely sounds just like Larry David doing George Steinbrenner.

I want Bernie Sanders to have a good chance. I don't want this to be some rigged Lucy with the football and Charlie Brown. Wouldn't it be something if Sanders became President? A Jewish socialist. He wouldn't be as leftier than thou as an Erich Fromm, but he'd come darn tooting close.

socrates said...

Keep hope alive.

socrates said...

If you want to blog here, send your blogger email address in private message at Twitter. Or at your blogger. TLNL had his own joint. I follow his blog or something and I don't see anything new since a long time ago. I did see him on youtube. I think he got fed up with it and quit the game.

donkeytale said...

I think I'm Jerry West.

No, I'm positive that I am Jerry West.

donkeytale said...

socrates said...

It used to cost money to read stuff like that or at least you'd have to find it in a library. So you were prescient. The freebies are keeping us happy. Maybe the key is to combine infotainment with causes. The buffoon cop was a laugh a minute. Yes, it was sad and shocking. Now he is saying he's the victim. And omg his life is being threatened too.

Freddie Gray is not entertaining to think about, nor the kid who just killed himself, the one held for three years in Rikers Island with no trial and the charges eventually dropped.

That is the kind of story that must make things change. The Titanic sunk, then Congress passed laws.

Now to be blunt, the white woman faking being Black is extremely entertaining. However, within that it is very sad also. The woman is apparently deranged. She is like a non-violent Brett Kimberlin, just make it all up! That was the punch line to Mark Singer's Citizen K book. Mark set him up. He went would it be okay if blah blah (basically fabricate the ending) and BK went yeah go ahead or to that effect as the two downed their Martinis in the Ukraine or wtf resort hotel.

I love schadenfreude. It's what got me going on the Melissa Provo story. She fired a man for teaching students about blackface. It was ridiculous! To quote Tommy Heinsohn. YOU'RE GONNA CALL THAT A HARD FOUL? THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

It was nice to see GS rebound. And bravo LeBron, I am not sure what he was thinking running into the camera. He did that! Not Bogut. I think that was Bogut, who by the way, sucks and should be embarrassed and will be the only reason Cleveland would prevail. The little dirty Australian has fallen to earth, finally.

GS is so lucky the Cavs are missing Irving, Love, Varejao, and even a healthier Miller and Perk would have helped. I am no big fan of Love. Thompson is much better, leaps better, than Love for defense. I just have a feeling GS was ripe for choking, but Cleveland is missing so much firepower, GS is going to win it all. I am about ready to say re-bet the farm. Anyway, I said before it started to bet the farm. So the farm is gone no matter what. A card shown is a card played. GS has to win or I know nothing about basketball. If GS wins, I retain genius basketball status.

socrates said...

I troll-busted the officer down Twitter page. The chumps put up some story about a Texas marshal being gunned down by a hooligan, but I googled and the fuckers are even testilying or bloggilying about a story from over 100 years ago. In 50-100 years, some regular guy will make a blog entry on what I did. And in that way justice will eventually be served for the man who apparently got railroaded for killing a pig in self-defense in 1906. And now you know the rest of the post entry.

socrates said...

Oops, it was Nebraska.... Marshal Arthur A. Moss was gunned down. I found a google book on it. The two had some rivalry going from a year or two previously, maybe during a fourth of july shindig.

Sergeant John Reid was the soldier's name. This was lawless Tombstone era leftovers, turn of the century time. I'm just too lazy to do a proper post on it. It was soldiers in the bar having a good time and the cops said enough is enough. The dude only got seven years for it, so it was hardly murder. I don't know if the cop was white, but the soldier was definitely Black. I really don't care. I admit I have no clue. But on the police officer down website they are hamming it up like what was done to Mike Brown. RIDICULOUS!

socrates said...

It was manslaughter:

I bet we could figure it out if we were in Nebraska. The internet is probably lame for certain stories like this one.

The cops have a page where they list all the cops who dies while on duty or wtf. Not many of them are getting killed. There was Eric Frein and Hatchet Man.

It would take FDR level maneuvering to fix the police. I'd fire most of them. It would create a lot of jobs for people who deserve them. We'd have good cops. I know. It'll never happen. I'm very disappointed in Obama. He does all these creepy things with executive orders, drones, etc.. He makes TFA guy the education chief. If there is a graph that shows time is a factor to save the planet, in the big scheme of things Obama was as bad as GW Bush. America is vile and menacing. It is a cesspool. We suck. You're going to make Arne Duncan the education chief?

I am sick of fake leftists. Our choice is weird republicans or fake leftists.

It's tough to imagine Sanders winning. But if he did, he'd have control of the executive orders. This is fascism, dude. It's the military and police. That is a lot of waste. Those people are scum and low intelligence. Obama is a tool.

socrates said...

Eisenhower warned about this.

donkeytale said...

The Man on the Street, as surveyed scientifically by yours truly, is rooting for GS to win it all. They appreciate their NBA ball in these parts of Texas, primarily because Pop has shown them how the game should be played and the Warriours are playing a more rarified version of that game.

Kerr was also a key ingredient of two SA champeenships. He is well-liked by everbody. Curry and Thompson, ditto.

The TV numbers are huge. Amerikkka is truly watching this one.

I agree with you that GS are quite fortunate Cleveland is banged up but that too is a residue of design.....outstanding depth is a characteristic upon which this team is built. It is a feature, not a happenstance.

Anyway, I'm not sure Cleveland could play any better than they played games 2-3 even with their full complement, especially defensively. They really disrupted Curry especially but they also held the advantage in the paint. I'm also more of the school that it is hard to win in the Playoffs living off the three. Not sure that choking is the appropriate term. Shooting percentages most always fall in the playoffs, it is part of the scene. High pressure and physical play. Maybe Kawhi Leonard didn't shoot poorly last year. He was magnificent and he defended LeBron and rebounded, too. San Antonio seemed to be drilling jumpers that entire series against Miami.

Bogut, too, is Australian like Devilodova, although both look to be Polish or Czech, or something when you notice them.

I wouldn't doubt your basketball genius even if Cleveland wins.

It is your personal bias that always gets in the way of your genius but your biases enhance your infotainment value so its all good. You hate LeBron. The Man on teh Street hates LeBron.

Jim Brown likes LeBron. That's enough for me. Jim Brown is the Man. And not a fake lefty, either. Dirty Dozen. Greatness.

I'm not a LeBron hater. I'm not a fan exactly but one must give LBJ his props. He grew up disadvantaged and he has those rough edges. He ran off to Miami sure but what would have happened to his stature if he had not won those two titles? A national laughing-stock he'd be today. That was quite a bit of pressure to burden himself with.

At the end of the day he has played a very dynamic series win or loose. This one will go down that his team was too depleted to win not that he choked. And if somehow they do manage the miracle upset, his status is secured for all time. It's really a no-loose situation this year for James.

And the NBA Least will continue to afford him opportunities to keep going to the Finals for at least a few more years. He stands above the entire Conference.

Notice that GS went small the entire game. The Wooden 1964-65 UCLA teams continually come to mind for me as a point of comparison. The Warriours didn't fullcourt press although I'm not sure why they wouldn't at least try some of that at this stage. Maybe it is more to conserve their own energy but the more they can wear down Cleveland even if it costs them a few easy press-broken buckets along the way, the more likely they are to win.

Two days of rest will help Cleveland re-group. This series is actually playing out just like the Memphis series. GS struggled against the big Grizzly line-up in games 2-3,lost both, then re-found the range by going small.

Iguodala huge, veteran leadership.

socrates said...

It is no doubt a fascinating series for obvious reasons, no less than it is currently tied at 2-2 ensuring at least a game six.

I used to be much more of a homer. This is the problem. Even when I try to watch these games as a pure sports fan, I cannot stop thinking of the team I follow. There has already been a trade. Now that is interesting. It seems unfair to the teams in the Finals that all the other teams can make trades, but they can't. I assume they can't. That would be nuts if GS or Cleveland could make a trade right now.

donkeytale said...

I seem to think all NBA trades are disallowed from the trading deadline during the season until after season ends. There may be some draft day trades working, some sign and trades. But, I could be wong. I don't follow front office activity. Ainge supposedly is offering some of his barrelful of picks to move up and snag a top collegian.

Good luck with all that, o Danny boy.

In other non-news, it seems Kerr is something of a lefty. When he was in Phoenix he strongly, publicly opposed the state's immigration BS law.

Also, he is the son of the President of American University of Beirut and spent much of his youth in the middle east. His father was murdered when he was a teen, supposedly by gunmen associated with Iran.

I did not know any of that.

donkeytale said...

I saw Cowens play in his prime years. He may have been 6'9" but he was also built more like a mob enforcer than a center. I remember seeing him against Jabbar one time and focussing on their matchup. Cowens never stopped pushing Jabbar away from the basket with his lower body all game. He just kept slamming him and Jabbar spent the whole game whining at the officials but got no calls unless he had the ball when it occurred. And Cowens did gain 4-5 fouls but Boston won the game easily in LA.

socrates said...

Dave Cowens was the Mike Tyson of centers. I saw him at the tail end. I know what you are referring to. I was just a kid but to this day can easily recall that was his schtick to be a goon, to be a Terry O'Reilly mucking it up in the corners.

I saw what you did. I just learned it is a play on words. I thought a woman had plagiarised Muhammad Ali. She tweeted Serena saying heck yeah, if you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologise. I am not so good with euphemisms. I have come clean on that in the past. Anyway, I thanked her for that, her clarifying she was doing a play on words on a famous quote. I deftly switched attention on Fareed Zacharia of CNN and asked for a comment on his plagiarism and how he still has a job at CNN.

Dude, there was a trade two days ago. I may be a homer, but I am an astute provincial follower. Where do you think the game was invented? Which is the greatest city in NBA History?

Bucks trade Ersan Ilyasova to Pistons for Caron Butler, Shawne Williams

I didn't pull that out of my arse.

Danny will drop a boatload of assets only if it nets a top stud like Aldridge or Kevin Love. Are there any other disgruntled stars? Otherwise, Danny Boy can go after free agents which usually cost nothing or not much through sign and trades.

From what it seems, of course Cowens wasn't as good as Kareem. But he was still up there. It's not usually about one player. Maybe Jordan was like that. The Bulls won nothing without him.

Cowens might be ranked in the top 50 or 100 for all-time greats. I remember Hondo better because he was much more artful. I started in the down years, maybe I sort of recall the title in 1976. So in a sense I am a pure sports fan! As a little kid I watched them while they sucked. It was fun because I had no clue why it sucked, nor did I care. I can remember when my consciousness kicked in for good with the hal year or wtf waiting to watch Larry Bird. I said Bird will average 20 a game. It was probably my first prediction ever. The friend said no way and asked if I knew how difficult that is to do and as a rookie.

We made a modest bet which I won, by the way. Now you know the rest of the post entry.

n.b. So yeah, I am a master at playing with words. And now I know there is an actual phrase for that. I just think some people better be careful! I was playing on words says many a fool who has transgressed the boundaries of a decent society.

A 3rd grade teacher got fired for posting a facebook rant. Wow, was it racist. But the irony is, if that's the right word, that no one is really hurt by such stuff anymore, unless they are retarded and/or childlike. Then they get canned. That is pure schadenfreude we can count on nearly everyday in the infoboobtainment complex era.

socrates said...

I did not know that, my schtick, became "I did not know any of that." That is schtick theft 101.

And more proof Texas is insane. This very tall teenager softball schtick is gonna give someone a concussion. Check it out. She throws Dwight Howard elbows that actually land.

socrates said...

What are the odds the FBI was doing cointelpro with the dude who tried to blow up the Dallas police? It's possible. Lots of stuff is going on in the execution capital of the world! I remebr there was the lady who redeemed herself and Bush still killed her. Man, it's tough to remember complete stories. It's impossible to forget enough of it to ever move on. And it gets pretty lame running to googler to parallel reconstruct a distant social reality. I'm done?

socrates said...

assets for a top pick would be nice. hopefully Danny doesn't get hosed. But I don't think that is what they want to do. It would have to be a ready made NBA player.

there's a lot of conjecture, but I try to avoid it.

I'm very glad the C's jumped from 25 to 40 wins. Depending on what Danny does or doesn't do, I will come up with a win prediction. We definitely need another center and preferably a good one. If not, the incoming pf's and sf's better be good. The team is set for guards.

43 wins sounds about right for this moment.

And these predictions will change each time something happens.

If nothing happens the Celtics will be 43-39 and get the seventh seed and win at least one or two playoff games or the series depending on matchups. If I was a dumbass homer, I'd be saying blah blah 50 wins and the third seed.

socrates said...

I'd like to see Evan Turner traded. I'd much rather go with Smart, Iasaih & Pressey for point guard. Cleveland would love to have Evan Turner right about now. Bradley is okay for sg. James Young has to pick up the pace or the Celtics are in need of a shooting guard. They have one more year of Gerald Wallace. That contract is beginning to look much easier to unload or just be a bit more patient one more year and poof bye bye $10 million anchor on a team's hopes.

socrates said...


socrates said...

I think there is a small chance Gerald Wallace could have a comeback of the year type season. Sometimes he looked like his old self. He's not that old. He crashed and burned. The poor guy never gets to play and has to survive on his last ten million.

donkeytale said...

Caron Butler is still in the league? And why would any team in rebuilding mode like the Bucks want him?

The Bucks are similar to Boston, maybe they grab a lowly playoff spot and play over their heads in the first round and still get throttled.

I'm not sayin its dire for Boston at this stage but the Bucks haven't won anything since the early 1970s so it is not a flattering comparison.

Aldridge supposedly wants to come home and play for the Mavs. We'll see. Deron Williams supposedly said same thing and ended up in Brooklyn.

Yeah, the Celts have a decided talent deficit and they have not shown much ability to develop players during the Ainge years, or the few they have developed didn't rise all the way to the top. Such as, uh, the player who the league has passed by and shall remain nameless. Oh and Pierce.

But two players over the course of umpteen years generally won't get it done unless you make a few inspired free agent pick ups.

This side of the NBA is boring and I blame it on the college game which is tremendously boring and generally not fulfilling its role in the player development cycle.

Nowadays, it seems you need to find talent in Lithuania, or wtf if you want to make an immediate, drastic improvement. College players alone are not enough. They only have two rounds in the draft an everbody forgets about it anyway once you move beyond the lottery picks, most of whom eventually become faceless role players at best.

donkeytale said...

Re-reading this schtick above, I tacked on Pierce and made it seem that he didn't rise all the way to the top. But that wasn't my intent.

Clearly, he rose all the way to the top and remains there to this day.

The other guy? Ehh, not so much, He rose and then fell.

socrates said...

I just did your homework. Caron Butler turned 35 in March. Last year he played 78 games, and seems to still be serviceable from a stats outlook. But you are correct. He seems to be a fish out of water for a young Bucks team. Minnesota is the one I think is set up the best. While the Lakers and Knicks can cheat and try to buy their way into relevance, the Minnesota's, the Portland's, the Milwaukee's et al are the Pittsburgh Pirates of the NBA, always forced to play David to the Goliath's from cheating cities.

If I had been drinking my morning coffee when reading up on Joel Embiid's recent health concerns, the fluid would have poured out violently through my nose.

Hey, let's tank year after year. When it turns out we were wrong to draft the most recent version of Greg Oden, we'll tank again and retry the loser strategy of tanking.

I would not classify Boston with Milwaukee. Boston is a tweener between poor losers like the Bucks and the Lakers who buy titles.

Now you are correct the Celtics don't have much for high end talent. Bradley is not a consistent enough shooter. Isaiah Thomas as the best player on the team can't even start because he's too short. Maybe that will change and he will break through that small man barrier. But the barrier exists.

Marcus Smart is the closest thing the C's have for it's in the hole talent. But he has to improve his shooting and not twist his ankles. Many speculated he damaged his rookie year because he stubbornly went without taping his ankles. I am not sure if that is true, but it seems like a valid theory.

Maybe Sullinger will have a breakthrough year. He is on the clock. He either puts down the tasty cheeseburgers and chocolate milk shakes, or he is on the road to Big Baby Davis territory.

Sullinger has had health concerns sort of like Embiid, but thankfully it is not his feet and it does seem surgery solved Sullinger's #1 problem with his back, the one which dropped him from top 5 pick to the bottom third of the draft.


socrates said...

It's tough to pick great players when you are always drafting at the bottom. Pierce was a great selection. I forget who were the top picks that year, but I certainly remember Dallas and Boston snagging Dirk and Pal Pierce with the #9 and #10 picks.

Yes, when I saw you say what you did about Pierce, I was salivating to troll back. But you then made a retraction and admitted Pierce's greatness.

There are no guarantees for Danny Ainge succeeding, but you might want to look at what h's done the last two years. The Celtics should have dropped to the bottom of the bottom with a 10-15 win season during the Kris Humphries Era. Yes, the Eastern Conference is steaming garbage, but last year was an impressive one for Boston. That run at the end of the season was real.

The funny thing is to read losers crying that Boston didn't tank. They do not realise that the value of the roster increased. Look at Zeller. A year or two ago he was considered a stiff and a bust. Now he is seen as a viable, above average backup center.

Philadelphia deserves this new news about Joel Embiid. Again, I am impressed with Minnesta and to a lesser extent Milwaukee. The Bucks have been playing the lottery game. The Wolves have not deliberately tried to tank. And Milwaukee does deserve credit for going for wins last year and not tanking. We shall see about Wiggins. He seems to be a guaranteed great player.

The Celtics have everything but the star or two. It sucks to be dependent on the Brooklyn Nets, but it is what it is. For the next three years Boston has Brooklyn's draft pick and they are in no man's land. They can't tank. They don't own the picks. And they have a wretched roster which best case scenario might steal the 8th seed or get you a #12 pick. They could also tumble to the bottom. If Brooklyn can keep their shit together for the next three years, then Danny loses and this was all false hope.

The new rumour is Boston is gonna get Monroe or he is going to the Knicks. I am not sure about that move. I am not sure Monroe is worth it. Plus you'd have to move Kelly or Sully, or not resign Bass and/or Jerebko. Now yes, Monroe is better than all those guys, but the problem with Brad Steven's first year was there were too many redundant players. A roster needs to be balanced or the games are going to suck and be frustrating.

donkeytale said...

Butler spent a few years in Dallas, mostly injured. When healthy he was a good player. I believe he may have even been a member of the 2011 champs.

But I read that Milwaukee is probably going to release him and their center. They made this move simply to free up salary cap space. I suspect Kidd will turn out to be a pretty fair coach. He already got them in the lower reaches of the NBA Least playoffs in his first year. They played Chicago fairly close won one or two games and than got absolutely demolished at home in game 6 to end it. Kidd was on that 2011 team too so who knows maybe he has plans for Butler, a veteran leadership role on a young team?

A lot of people were mad that Dallas took Dirk over Pierce. I recall that very clearly, because I felt same way. Euros were seen as soft loosers back then and Dallas needed more muscle. Coming into the league, Dirk's upper body build was probably the worst I had ever seen for any professional athlete who works this side of the golf course. Dallas also originally drafted Kidd and they traded early on for Nash who developed into stardom playing for Dallas. They also flunked in the draft with Jim Jackson from Ohio State and Jamal Mashburn from Kentucky.

There was one finals loss in the Dirk era to Miami where they were up in series 2-1 and winning game 4 when Dwayne Wade singlehandedly took over the games by taking it to the hoop and they pulled out that game and then swept the next two.

So Dirk and Pierce are 1-1 in finals appearance, so I guess you could say both teams did alright, although neither will be much remembered for the lack of the second title. Pierce is clearly the better player all around, a true team leader but Nowitzki in his prime was not too shabby either, once he started to stick his nose into the defensive end a little bit and started pulling down more boards. That was the difference in 2011. The team was well rounded and had multiple offensive options. But the played great interior defense and held their own on the glass.

donkeytale said...

San Antonio will be better remembered as the team of the last fifteen years. They won a lot of titles and have stayed at the top consistently. No one talks about Duncan but he just always wins.

That team is like Golden State in that the system works even with marginal players playing significant minutes and generally playing well because they are the right fit for the system.

I don't see the Warriours winning 4 titles, but I could see them winning 2. If they manage to win this one it will take pressure off and they will shoot better next time they reach the finals.

socrates said...

Exactly. There have been numerous debates over the years who was the better pick, Dirk or Paul.

Because they play different positions, I will have to call it a toss-up.

San Antonio will be looked on as the greatest but the asterisk will always be Tim Duncan and how their titles were spread out over a couple decades.

Kobe could have had ten rings? What if they had kept Shaq? Wasn't Shaq on the Miami team you said ended up destroying Dallas?

There is also an asterisk for Kobe's second ring with Gasol. We'll call it the KG injury asterisk. That Celtics team when healthy was easily the best team in the whole league. It only lasted a year and a half, but it was real, and it was spectacular.

donkeytale said...

Duncan is one of the best alltime. Top ten. Another way of looking at it is SA have stayed on top for decades, which in the era of free agency and general societal boredom/ennui is very hard to maintain. And it maintains for one reason and one reason alone: Tim Duncan.

Well, OK and Poppavich.

Take Duncan away and that team has 1 title.

Kobe is also pretty great. I'm not one to downgrade greatness just because the guys are assholes in real life. And who knows really, Kobe may be a great fucking guy. His persona isn't all that well exposed. He hasn't gone the celebrity route like Shaq or Durant. My nephew and his homies in LA swear by Kobe. And those guys wouldn't swear by anybody who wasn't real, u no wut EYE Mien?

socrates said...

I only got to watch the fourth quarter. I would not be surprised if Cleveland wins the next one. I would be very surprised if they win the series (see the farm, bet on it). Curry finally took over. And it was really Iguodala who seemed to will the win. I started watching late in the third right before Cleveland tied it.

Thank you Duncan and Leonard stopping LeBron last year. Thank you Dallas for that amazing stymie job in LeBron's first Miami year.

The salary cap doesn't rise much next year. Cleveland is in a bind. The following year James will be able to reload when the cap explodes. But by then he will be 32 or 33. That is when Mr. Sandman tells the players their reign of terror is over.

LeBron was unstoppable. But so was O.J. Simpson and I don't think he ever won a super bowl despite running for 200 yards a game without sweating. Now of course basketball is only five guys and one guy can really make a difference.

I think Danny will try to add at least one "fun" free agent to go with Isaiah Thomas and the rest of the guys. It's good karma not to tank and I think the Celtics didn't lose anything by making the playoffs. In fact, those players increase their value by going 24-12 over the last months.

Paul Pierce went to Kansas for three years. Dirk Nowitski didn't seem to play American college. He may be a year younger than Pierce. I am not sure. I will assume Dirk played pro ball in Europe before being drafted. It'd be interesting to know.

My point is the #9 Beatles pick or #10 pick from the Dirk/Pierce years is not the same. Philly abused themselves picking Embiid. So one of these atrocious tanking years will go down as a total lost. 10 wins and broken goods. I'll take a playoff appearance and hope over that nonsense.

The Celtics have everything in proper alignment. Fireworks may not arrive this year, but the Celtics are poised to become a top player within two or three years. Danny brought 'Toine back one year as a present to Pierce. Ainge will make this fun. Something has to give! Stevens will be starting the third year of a six year contract.

donkeytale said...

exactly, think that Dirk and Pierce went that high, who was picked before them? Some pretty decent players but none who make it anywhere near all decade status not to mention alltime. Olowokandi wet #1 to the Clips, Mike Bibby #2 to Vancouver, followed by Raef LaFrentz, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Robert "Tractor" Traylor, Larry Hughes and Jason Williams all went before Pierce.

Dallas actually had the 6th pick that year and chose Traylor than promptly traded him to Milwaukee for Nowitzki at the 9 slot. Pierce was chosen number 10.

donkeytale said...

You are correct about Ronda....he "was" a champion and now he's not. The game has passed him bye.

socrates said...

Woman fakes being Black. It's all over the news. Some numbnut kills nine people in S. Carolina. Mr. Anti-Whiteysphere is nowhere to be found.... except for his obsession with Rajon Rondo.

Though I did appreciate how you were interacting with a tweet of mine.

Yes, Twitter sucks. We agree on that. But in the right zeitgeist hands, it can be a fun scroll. Though I am not sure how most do it. I tend to scroll for about ten minutes, then work my way back up to the top of the page.

I'm not Twitter for chit-chat, believe you me. Believe me, you? Wtf?

Twitter is a fad like big forums were a fad back in the 2000's.

But you have to admit it is pretty cool for uploading photos or adding links with a quick comment. Or the way I do it.

I will probably never quit twitter, but I will probably try to get back to blogging here. It's fun to write a lot and in a way one isn't too ashamed. I believe we are living in a rigged society and there is no reason why not in 50-100 years people will seek our greatness which in its day (now) is seen as regular guy white noise with some infoboobness to it.

I felt the urge to stick up for Rondo. Let's forget about him. And there's no need to call him Ronda, donkeybreath. What are you, reliving the age of 12?

Just kidding, my friend!

But yeah, did today suck or what? How grotesque is what that weird motherfooker did in S. Carolina? All jokes to the side for right now in this be here now posting moment, that was a shot to the collective gut of humanity.

donkeytale said...

The world is fucked. Humanity is doomed in inverse proportion to its success.

Life is strangely beautiful inside this ironic sickness unto death.

There is nothing else in an utter void.

I took the Twitter comment as a (somewhat) twisted love siren and got a huge chuckle. The older I get the more I know that perspective is everything. You remain a confirmed basketball genius. You are fighting the good fight on Twitter.

Rajon against the dying of the light.

socrates said...

That was both a love siren and a literary device.

I agree with what you just said. Life is amazing, no matter what.

I was thinking the same thing yesterday as I googled for the correct spelling of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The science and technology far outpaced the human side. This is why I get so ticked off about awareness movements. Are we still at that stage? When do we get to the things are getting better stage?

Send me your email address through Twitter direct message and I'll add you to the blogging permissions. I promise to never ban you again. You deserve an outlet and I agree with your move to stop posting at The Guardian. Few read those comment pages anymore, anywhere. And as time goes by and news becomes archives, who is going to read those in the future?

It was quite a different internet game in the 2000's. Operation supertroll blog disruption has completed its mission. Francis and Dave took down Dkos. You and I took care of the great Breitbart-Rauhauser divide.

I actually figured out that the news cycle was destroying Huffington Post. That's where I started to go with a curiosity for so-called chemtrails. We were all mostly posting on current events. In fact, that is HuffPo. They just keep rolling forward with new junk.

I no longer visit dumbass forums like Deocratic Underground and Daily Kos. I know those are only two of them. It is cool that there are ongoing threads and they can consistently be bumped to the top of the leader board. But with forums being both rigged and full of useful idiots, who cares?

What I really want to do is watch Tiger Woods' second round. I read that he had a meltdown yesterday and might not make the cut. All I care about with Tiger Woods are the Majors. That is the story. Yes, he is getting older. Yes, he appears to have pulled a John Daley and inexplicably lost it all.

Tiger was so great, I will never count him out for a comeback. Nicklaus won his last major at 45? So Tiger is on the clock. I think he needs four more to tie.

It is remarkable Woods has fallen so far from being the Wilt Chamberlain of golf. Or Gretzky. Or Roger Clemens? Michael Jordan.

I am not a big fan of golf, but it is very fun to watch so-called pros tangling with tough courses. That's why anyone ever watches golf. It's for the schadenfreude. Otherwise, one might as well watch paint dry.

socrates said...

John Daly (oops I spelled his last name wrong)
Current ranking: 202

Tiger Woods
Current ranking: 199

socrates said...

I'm catching up on my basketball homework. Apparently LeBron truly is the coach and GM of the Cavs.... link:

I also see outstanding rumors about the Celtics with Isaiah Thomas apparently working for Danny Ainge as Mr. Recruiter. Now, I'm not going to get my hopes up, so I'm not disappointed if not much happens. But, somehow the Celtics have really nice karma going with Stevens as coach. I have read before that Isaiah Thomas is one of the most popular people among those who play for the NBA.

We are about to enter part one of the silly season. This one takes place with the draft and free agency. Part two is also usually very interesting, right before the trading deadline mid-season.

donkeytale said...

The golfing majors are always a treat, especially the British, which is by far the most picturesque and interesting. I used to play quite a bit back in the day as a condition of business but the internet killed golf. Who can spend 4-5 hours on a course anymore, ignoring your smart phone, not to mention the 2-3 hours drinking your face off afterwards?

There are emails to respond to immediately! Texts! Voice mails!

It used to be that the general rule was in case of non-emergency a return phone within 24 hours was well within the accepted etiquette and correspondence within a week was good.

Now, no one calls unless its an emernecy so you better answer it whatever and wherever you are, texts must be replied within a minute and emails we'll give you 15-20 minutes tops.

And of course, these rules apply nights and weekends too, not to mention the minour holidays.

I got a chuckle over the Graun's Tiger meltdown comment thread but in general I agree with you, their threads are rather putrid, especially since GG sold out and took his entourage of trolls elsewhere.

"Get Tiger a cocktail waitress now!!!" said one. RIOTIOUS!

Recalls my Tiger Woods masterpiece originally appearing on MyFDL and I think still out there somewhere.

I may find and re-post here at some point. Appreciate the offer to regain diaretic privileges and will probably take you up. However, I am not on Twitter and real have no desire to try to recover my password blaha blah blah. I still have an email address for you or two and could go that route, or you could enable comment moderation and I could post on a comment which you could then delete.

Back to golf, my favourite way to follow the majours is the live blogging by that bloke on the Graun.

Talk about excellent British euphemisms. And he's pretty funny also at times, in the philosophical way that is required for the game.

Tiger of course is done. He over built his body (no doubt for excellence in other more exciting pursuits) and his bad back has him doomed unless he radically makes over his game and takes some oooomph off the effort. He needs to regain some fluidity.

I recall earlier this year watching him in his first tourney back post surgery and he was walking in clear pain. Back pain is no fun. Knock on wood, I've suffered a few muscle injuries but never any never damage down there. All, in all, I've been genetically blessed in physical department and have never exerted myself full out in any sport except beisbol when I was a kid and then that is where I suffered me only majour injury, a sprained knee with slightly torn miniscus, which I declined the opportunity to have surgically repaired (this when every knee surgery was a non-arthroscopic procedure...arthros were diagnostic only then) and suffered many years of recurring sprains and pains, but which thankfully I've endured and can now jog a bit every day and only feel a few aches in the knee.

Dallas is pretty excited about the prospects for Spieth, a native son of privilege to win half the grand slam. It would take a miracle to match Bobby Jones but if he does so, he will have lapped Tiger all time in the area of golfing accomplishments. That one would be up there with 56 game hitting streak, the 4,000 career hits, the .406 batting average, the 297 NFL consecutive starts at QB (321 including playoff games), the 11 NBA titles, the 11 consecutive PGA tour titles.

Bonus points if you can place the name alongside each of those accomplishments.

I foresee a day in the US where mentally ill people will be executed, but guns will never be banned.

It is an unfortunate legacy of our Wild West mythology, just as much as racism is an ingrained feature of the fearful white looser.

The other day I was unnerved to have a door held open for me by someone with a big pistola in an exposed holster.

I mentioned it to someone, who said , no the open carry law will not take effect in Texas until September.

So I guess the guy was an out of uniform cop.

donkeytale said...

The latest rumour I'm hearing is that Aldridge will somehow end up in CLE through some type of sign and trade or a three way deal involving Love. I forget the details.

As I say, off season maneuvring completely bores me and I top paying attention the NBA pretty much until next years playoffs anyway. I mostly watch the standings from time to time. Ditto beisbol, where I may also follow the Top Ten. The most intersting thing about the game even when I played it was stats and box scores. I seldom watch or even read about a single game until the playoffs start.

I will confess to catching about half the Packers games during the year. Each NFL game is invested with meaning.

The Rangers do seem to have made a nice rebound this year and are back in contention with several solid players coming up through the farm system. I get some freebie tix from a friend a few times a year so I may see 2-3 games live, although the last several times I gave them to my son or business acquaintances.

Just can't be bothered, especially as I am now back in the starting rotation on DFQ2, the league leader in postmodern blogging excellence.

donkeytale said...

I agree with the cancellation of this event under the recent tragic circumstances, but frankly this seems OK to me as long as it was intended to be ironic and satirical.

The problem is the locale.

If it had been held in Brooklyn or the Bay Area everyone would immediately understand that it was poking fun at white people and would have been hailed far and wide as genius-level social satire.

socrates said...

I forget who it was, maybe Doberman Pinche, who said that my overall schtick was fine, but that it'd be better if it were tighter and more user-friendly.

I would like to make smaller entries and have comments become just as special as the entree.

Comments are now set to moderation. You can post your blogger email here, I will then delete it, make comments public again and you will be sent an invitation to blog, however that works. Yeah, it is not advisable for anyone to be throwing around their email addresses. I use only Twitter, Youtube, here, and an email address in regards to so-called social media interactions.

The sin of basketball conjecture is that it takes away a disproportionate amount of time. Yes, we have eternity with reincarnation to read whatever we like, but we only have so much time in this incarnation.

A not well-known leftist blogger found Dylann Roof's manifesto. He or she did a basic whois search on his name. We're talking textbook death by internet, like a Ted Kaczynski but for a bad cause. Poor Ted. He is a genius. We have to give him that. This other guy was much more dangerous, killing nine in cold blood, big time history for future textbooks.

News organisations are basically high priced looosers who copy/paste and try to sound serious while masking that nothing they are providing is original thought. The t.v. people are even worse and blush far too often. I remember this one news lady in Boston who had to quit because she literally could not stop blushing. I think she later became a spokesperson for the pigs. There might be a medical term for it. I found a word the other day. I forget the wordthough - agnosognia or something close to that. It's the inability to recognise one's own mental illness. And if we think about it that probably includes every single one of us on a spectrum. The racist killer was just on the far fringes. It's not for the grace of God walk I, I don't imagine. But it's closer to the truth than most want to consider. I'm not sure if the original schtick creator of denial is not a river in Egypt was ever given credit. That is a phrase I love. I also like chickens running around with their heads chopped off. That also is a good one.

Don Lemon is a Republican. Erin Burnett is also corporate garbage. Oh, I was watching CNN. Lemon was discussing S. Carolina on location with another reporter. A woman expressing her constitutional rights got very close to them and there was no one else around. I picked up one part about, "Obama is an Uncle Tom, too."

Twitter is not satisfying anymore. Most of my retweets and favourites are coming from porn bots and other spam. It's as if what makes me special is what has put a cap on my effectiveness. I am too bold. I am too confrontational. I am a supertroll, the only person ever super-extermination banned at MLW and banned of course by Matty Jack along with Lord Byron for being part of that weird social experiment project or wtf he was involved in.

There's a lot of convolution out there. I just want to retire into the sunset, post some blogs/writings, a few tweets, watch some movies and chill. I wanted to be a HS social studies teacher, then move up the ranks.... kind of the exact opposite to the asshats from Teach for America and charter schools.

Too bad I took my time getting into it. The job market shrunk for teachers other than in math and special ed, and 9/11 brought on a new directive for PEOPLE TO SHUT UP AND BE GOOD!

That's it. I'm done. I need to pop a few advils or aspirin and make lunch. I also have a French movie to finish up. I am living the good life amidst so much injustice and sadness. Oh, I edited the top half right before Don Lemon time. I hope in 50-100 years the dear, good, gentle readers can appreciate what mailing it in meant for leftier than thou bloggers. It was disruption in its own right beyond any superficial impression of incompetence.

socrates said...

There is no such thing as White heritage. There are a million different cultures that include whites. Stereotyping is lazy thinking. It's that kind of bullshit you linked to, the baseball white heritage day, that leads to a jackass like Dylann to commit the most heinous of acts.

The judge who did the arraignment is some kind of asswipe. Years back he used the N word in the most derogatory of ways. He only got reprimanded. It was a Donald Sterling type moment.

donkeytale said...

So, I can put you down a a member of the unironic/non-satirical crowd? It was obviously meant as a joke, purposely in poor taste, poking fun at boring white, whom I'm guessing make up 99.9999% of the baseball fans in Orem, Utah. You may have missed the plans to serve burgers on wonder bread with mayonnaise and the screening of Seinfeld/Friends episodes between innings.

I recall you stating that you might be the reincarnated Lenny Bruce.

I knew Lenny Bruce. Lenny Bruce was a friend of mine. You sir, are not the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce.

socrates said...

Oh, I admit to having only skimmed that and ended up talking out of turn. That is some funny satire. So the owners are leftier than thou and hate racism? I had brain fog today.

socrates said...

It looks like you were ahead of the zeitgeist curve.

I am feeling so lazy. It takes effort to understand things.

It sounds like a great blog entry topic, an easy one, though one that would still take some time to sort out.

Utah? I forgot about them. They are insane. The Mormon religion should be outlawed for being a cult. I don't understand why cults are legal.

Sorry, I didn't realise this was a real story.

socrates said...

I finally know who you are and have a sneaking suspicion I found one photo. You look like an amazing person, if that's you. I mean as in very cool looking and also a nice/fun person. Do not worry about it. I promise to not reveal it ever. I am relieved you are a regular guy.

socrates said...

The Lenny Bruce is still possible. The dates seem to line up. I only listened to him once, but the methodology of thought is very similar.

It's also unlikely I was him. What are the odds? I do though believe 100% in reincarnation, otherwise nothing makes sense. We are practically oozing with blognality (fakeleft word) as little runts. It's based on karma. Wouldn't Bruce had ended up in a liberal, secular Jewish, Boston area life? ..... then try to become a high school social studies teacher? It definitely makes more sense than I'm Montgomery Clift. I've never had one inkling of feeling gay, not that there's anything wrong with that.

As Antonio (Monk) said in Wings, "You are a very handsome man, but not to me."

socrates said...

I see you have been mixing in lies for your public persona. But everyone already knew you did that at Booman playing as a 20 year old. That was a good one before my time. I never did stuff like that ever. Going back to MLW as Kendrick Garnett or wtf was nothing in comparison.

socrates said...

I mean, it's nothing bad just done for obvious location misdirection. As safety. I always used to say southeastern mass. I wasn't gonna pinpoint a town. I too was an anon coward back in the day.

Most of what you sau can't be verified either way, say like being a draft dodger. I take your word for it.

Anyway, your secret is safe with me, so don't sweat it.

donkeytale said...

There is a Lenny Bruce biography buy a guy named Albert Goldman, who also Goldmanised Elvis and John Lennon, among others. Extremely controversial and highly entertaining.

It is also possible, maybe more likely, that you are Goldman reincarnated.

Or maybe you are Marisacat, who appears to have passed away, fittingly, right before Obomber won re-election. No wait, I guess you would have to be dead before her in order to be her.

Lenny Bruce aimed his humour at boring white people (mostly jews like himself). He was the epitome of politically incorrect and was heavily persecuted by the authorities. He was the herstoric troll.

socrates said...

Marisacat was a good read. And God bless her for not deleting the blog. I wouldn't assume she died. Some people just give up. LastNameLeft moved on. He was Mr. Prolific for beating down trolls. He went after the Mike Rivero people.

MSOC had a historic breakdown, well one of them, she too was prolific ....

You know all about that. With the Curmudgeons and shadowchef or wtf

free form meta

I don't see you posting much anymore. The Guardian cannot be beaten. It has that news rotation, here today, tomorrow forgotten. Brad Friedman got me banned from there. I showed up and tried to tell the truth!

You surely know a hell of a lot more than me about certain things, like Lenny Bruce and 'Nam.

Field Negro is the only one I see who got something out of it. Francis is pro-government. So when he had a chance to confront Deray Mckesson on TFA, he wilted. He thinks it's benign like a peace corps.

I think it's a cult. I know I probably look foolish tweeting cops and wtf. But someone from our milieu had to do it. Young people need to know what obstacles they are truly facing. Ned Flanders is a big problem.

But oh yeah, got brain fog. Lenny would just spit it out. That's been pretty much a big part of socratisation; to be a pitbull.

I see a truth, then go after it. I am not saying I am making any difference or that I am at Bruce's schtick level.

donkeytale said...

It goes without saying, maybe because I have been saying for 11 years now, that the internet is the ultimate evil. It seems like most, if not all these kooky mass murdering types have some connection to social media or gaming.

Twitter appears to be the lowest rung of social media hell.

socrates said...

It's isolated white males.

In the old days, it would have taken money and effort to find a John Birch or Larouche publication. A turning point for me was studying the JFK Assassination as a high school student. One can get a college degree nowadays on the internet. One could also end up on neo-nazi websites and be brainwashed like that punk.

The Last Name Left was prescient.

socrates said...

Francis Holland thinks Twitter is where the movement's at. The reunion got a bit cringe-worthy.

socrates said...

The photo isn't you. Forget about what I wrote above.

donkeytale said...

Marisacat often alluded to various illnesses. She was basically a shut in. That blog was her life and it was damned good as long as it was about Meta. When she banned Meta and went exclusively with the "serious topics of the day" which boiled down to both sides suck, (yes, you stole her schtick) it became very boring.

I 3NJOY3D being the occasional troll there and MSOC used to enjoy my posting schtick that cut MCAT down to size, which in essence was quite small.

The greatest joy for me was informing Miss Devore on PFF that MCAT had banned her night before. Devore thot I was lying and gave me shiite but of course I was correct.

Your twitter buddy Stanley Kowalski was the great Hair Club for Men. Also banned

socrates said...

The problem is just because we realise everything boils down to Meta, few others do. And even when folks did know what Meta was, they simply were incompetent in expressing it.

MSOC was the biggest contradiction of them all. She was supposed to be the haven to protect us from the evil Markos Moulitsas. And yes, I came late to the game and was always discussing Meta years after the fact. Anyway, MSOC had famously gotten run off of DKos. She was so famous, the Washington Post did a full story on her. That was before it became obvious that the internet sucks.

So it was like wow, check out this glorious, vivacious redhead raging rants against the right. These were the Beaver Cleaver/Wally years when Major Flaw still had an upward trajectory for supertrolling.

There are two forms of supertrolling- one for good, the other for bad.

MSOC was good, but the drama and convolution never settled down. Youse guys still wanted to attack the orange DKos, while MSOC was like, "Okay children, everyone out of the pool."

In 50-100 years, bloggers may be able to piece together much of the Meta-Herstory by parsing through our copy/pastes or maybe in the future new technologies will let folks see what has been scrubbed.

I remember copy/pasting MSOC's rant to MCat, the eat me moment capped off with a there I said it.

It was both horrifying and oddly stimulating reading even years after the original flames were posted.

The Curmudgeons... Now you probably don't want to think about it, but Curmudgette is probably some form of paid fake. I am not saying they are all Military cointelpro. Wtf was Major Flaw, a real estate attorney working with political operatives such as Michael Bouldin or Bolton, the creep who made fat jokes on Dave?

By the way, one sleuth lead I tried working on was the real estate angle. Fingerit (Major Flaw) wasn't the only one. Karoli is weird. She is aligned with the Rauhauser/Osborne side and I do believe she is also involved in real estate. Politics and real estate are intrinsically linked, imho, but it is murky territory and very difficult to figure out.

I liked your username Fritztitz at Marisacat's (sp?).

Yeah, people die. Maybe she died. It's a mystery. I think she might not have died. I do remember how her blog just seemed to stop. A few people would occasionally drop bye and ask, "Hello????"


socrates said...

Then it just stopped. Yes, Marisacat was a kindred spirit to myself. I admit it. She called you out as a political operative. Maybe the shadowthief/curmudged thingie freaked her out.

I do know your real name. I am not looking for brownie points or to terrorise you. And I won't ever reveal it. Years ago I might have. There were many dark days for me, and the thirst for justified or unjustified revenge can steal a person's soul.

So to wrap this up, the victims' families couldn't have come up with a better revenge than forgiving the psycho who shot up the church. That's easier said than done, but it is the only option. I am not saying Jesus is real and turn the other cheek. It's karma. It's an attachment to perceived individual injustice.

I wonder if there is a way to prove this to you. Can I say what your wife's first name is?

I am not saying I am a great guy for not exposing you. It's like cops who complain that the job is soooo dangerous (though job identity stats say differently), and that's why we shot the guy in the back or beat him up.

By not revealing your name, I am definitely doing the right thing. But should we get credit for doing the right thing? It's what we're supposed to do.

If it had turned out you are a paid fake, I would have revealed it. But as of yesterday I now know you are who you say you are (with little modifications to protect identity). That is a big relief. And I now don't think you were Petey at DKos despite similarities. Sometimes there are similarities and coincidences in life.

And you mean Stanley Rugowski (sp?) from last year who I eventually stopped interacting with, that is the Hair Club for Men username and how do you know that?

Twitter sucks, but once we get going again with producing masterpieces, Twitter will help bring in page hits to further fuel both of our egos.

I feel we are finally on level ground. You may not believe I know who you are, but I certainly now do. It's killing me not to reveal it, but I don't want to be a dickhead. It would be creepy of me to out you after it turned out that while you have a bit of the Rondo precociousness which annoys folks with authoritarian personality disorder, regular guys should not be attacked.

I know what it feels like to experience the terror of real life smushing into internet life. Yet, I also know the great feeling of finding out someone is not a paid fake. My unpaid job is to go after paid fakes, not trolls or anyone who might get under my skin a little bit.

donkeytale said...

My main reasons for remaining anonymous are two-fold: 1. many of my schticks are intensely, personally revealing about myself and others close to me and I wish to keep these vignettes undisclosed until after I die. They are truth not fiction. I have lived a rambunctious, perversely sinful and not very noble life.

2. While I do not necessarily hide my ideological positions from clients and co-workers, I also do not wish to give anyone the ability to attack me using my schtick as a weapon. Not that it would matter so much but some of it was posted during normal business hours. LOL, I guess you now can if you truly know me. And yes, props to you if you take the high road and maintain your silenced awareness.

Just remember, it is the wise man who does not reveal all that he knows.

I am glad in that you recognise I am what I say I am. I can be a liar and a fraud as well as anybody when it suits my purpose in real life. It is in anonymity that I am truly revealed. And some of it is not very pretty.This is why fiction survives to this day in the age where everyone willingly reveals eveyrthing about themsleves for a buck.

Your outing was something you didn't want and I always respected you when virtually no one else in our internet milieu did, with the possible exceptions of fairleft, Byron and Vox. No matter how hard you went after me and them. I have sensed in our latest interactions that you seem to have become less reactive and quick to bite back. Curiously, this attitude makes me less likely to bite in the first place.

HCfM revealed his real name at some point. I think it was a self promotional move as he tried to create a writing/photography career out of his schtick. He linked to his blog which contained essays and photos. He's pretty good and probably just as qualified to do film criticism as me or Brynaert.

He and I went round and round at PFF on various topics in a somewhat weird threesome that also included Shadowthief. HCfM and Shadowthief generally hated each other. I enjoyed both, of course, for different reasons and was something of a point man, and they also both seemed to like me.

Byron was also a brilliant blogger, perhaps the best. He stopped posting dairies but once Fairleft edited together a string of his comments and posted at Pffugee and Writing in the Raw and it was really good, remarkable in fact.

"Aiming Higher" looks more prescient all the time, although frequently these internet nutjobs are aiming lower and sideways too. DB was an unrepentant communist, not one ounce a fake lefty. Extremely intelligent and critically skeptical in the best way. He challenged my thinking and was very good at outing false notions.

One of my chief talents has always been the ability to understand the motives, foibles and rationales of difficult, talented people and to empathise with them. I have long considered you to be someone with immense writing skills and a quick almost intuitive intellectual wit.

I probably could have made a great literary editor or show business agent if I had gone that direction.

I am not into organised religion whatsoever but I do believe that our lives are enriched by a sense of God, or universality, or spirituality, however you may wish to characterise it. At the same time I will poke fun at it. But you could say that there is a source of power that one definitely feels in connecting with that sensibility that is a feeling and not a thought.

I cannot see how an outreached atheism adds anything positive to human nature and one of the joys of my late life has been witnessing the militant obstinancy of the followers of that British dipshit whats his name who all the fake lefties were gaga over a few years ago while the objects of their ceaseless atttacking more or less is blissfully ignored and forgiven.

donkeytale said...

Oh, and doberman pinche too.

Actually, Laura liked you she just came at it from a different aspect. Laura was cool people.

socrates said...

I figured it out. Google outed you to me. I do know who you work for. But have no fears. I am basing the rest of my life on integrity. It is not easy, but even if you turned on me and was cruel, I will not reveal it.

There's some glitch where Google mixes and matches our email accounts. I know this from being on youtube. I don't know why they do that, but your real email address was added to an admin page when you accepted the invite. Your email changed from the throwaway account to the real one.

I commend you for covering your tracks very well. I see no photos from you and I'm not even interested. I do not believe in terrorism or hurting people. Of course I am being hypocritical, as I too have not always been a great guy. It is near impossible to be a great guy in this world. M.L.K. Jr. cheated on his wife? He is accepted as greatness even by wingnut Aaron Walker. He was a modern day Frederick Douglass or W.E.B. Du Bois).

So yeah, you have a normal, regular guy job like you have described. You did spend that time in California. You are college educated. I don't think you've ever lied about your age.

I won't say anymore. It's your life and I have no moral right to fuck with it.

I'm not a big fan then of Hair Club. He seemed to me to be a fake leftist. I don't think myself and Byron had too many fights. I do recall one night, myself, him and doberman took a breast test. You had to pick real or not. I aced it and won that internet moment.

It's a shame how first MSOC, then Matty Jack destroyed the supertroll diaspora. Laura is okay for a nutjob. I mean, despite their unprofessionalism, I probably do agree with them on most things. Some things, no way in hell.

I thought Vox Flanders was okay. Doberman was the nicest. I did not think fakeleft was a good person.

Laura I could have done without. But she is clearly a better person than Lauren S., who was probably Rauhauser or some other demon.

Melvin was a complete asshole. The pickle crew was awful. The whole thing was weird and then Dave died and I showed up because #6 recommended it to me, to go to FSZ.

Writing in the Raw had some very funny Meta. We were the heart and soul of the diaspora, for better or worse. We were the core. Matty Jack got insane. But of course now it is all scrubbed, MLW is scrubbed. Good luck to anyone wondering wtf, I suppose. And Peeder. He especially tried. But then Denali was it and Otvos I think harasses Peeder, Kos' tech who devised the doughnut system. Which we all knew grew into a Kos sponsored fake democracy with UGOG's and banhammers.

Ditto on atheism. It seems to have nothing on agnosticism and might be a demented outlook. Confucius said better to admit one has no clue, than to open mouth and prove one is a dogmatic, triple fucknut.

donkeytale said...

McIlroy making a charge is now -6 for his round and only 2 shots from the lead. If he can add one or two more birds he will be in great position safely in the clubhouse as the leaders face the immense pressure coming hom in the early evening as the course dries out.

It would be nice to Day sneak a win given his health issues it would be one for the ages, as of course would a Spieth win. Spieth seems off though, hooking his drives and not putting very well in the early going, both normally strong suits.

Dustin Johnson also worthy. He has challenged before in the majours and choked, plus he shacks up w Gretzky's daughter and has been known to toke the weed and sniff the blow. I believe he left tour a while back for some rehab work.

All in all, a nice finish with a lot of nice guys to finish less than last. The younger generation seems to be an huge improvement in many ways. Sorry my gen left them a fucked up fate but maybe also the skills to successfully adapt. When I think how my age group was raised I realise I shouldn't be so hard on the boomers but self-hatred is a hard habit to give up.

You seem to have matured and/or mellowed, an attitude that seems impressive the amount of time you spend twittering.

The funny thing is I may not actually post anything beyond comments in the near term. I looked at some schtick I saved and rejected it. Normally, I post extemporaneously and then go back after it is live and re-write.

Ah, must wait patiently for the mood temptress to caress my soul stirrings then find the time and place to let her flow.

donkeytale said...

wow, this is amazing and has left me speechless.

MyFDL is gone and now there is only FiredogLake itself....and this dairy is available there...perhaps all the previously lost work is resuurrected?

socrates said...

That is interesting. Just click on your username and entries pop up. You can right click to save pages. You should do that. If you go searching archive machine or caches etc. and find your stuff, you right click save.

I don't know how that works on internet phones which I assume is your primary device.

I'm going to add a photo of Tiger to the top of your entry and comment there.

I'm not a big fan of sports like golf and tennis, unless there is a compelling personality to follow. I loved McEnroe and Connors. I love meltdowns. That doesn't make me a good person, yet perhaps not a bad one either if I can keep the commentary real with good supporting evidence.

Yes, the start of a better life for me began about two years ago.

I was still in frenzy posting mode after the Kimberlin hearing in November 2011. Then the Breitbart crap kept that going. I felt compelled to get my side preserved while it was still fresh in the noggin.

I am eating better, exercising, not sweating small stuff as much, perhaps we are talking about a more kind and gentler supertroll.

I am psyched though and you should be too. We are nobodies right now, but later on in 50-100 years (my new schtick), we will get our collective due for showing a different way to look at the internet and so-called social media.