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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cult of Personality Actors Marc Lamont Hill and DeRay Mckesson Expose Themselves As Paid Fakes Or Useful Idiots

I was watching CNN on August 9th with Poppy Harlow as host. Folks can google her and see that she is a fake journalist along with nearly everyone who hosts a CNN "news" show.

I heard her say twice that Bernie Sanders said all lives matter. Someone at Twitter claimed she said it three times.

In real time I confronted Poppy along with Marc Lamont Hill and another so-called broadcast journalist or wtf  named Dan Merica. I pointed out that Sanders never said that, but that it had been Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley.

They responded with the sound of crickets.

A couple days ago, I tried again with Marc Lamont Hill. I peppered him with a few truth staple fritos.

He finally responded!

Hmmm. Mr. PhD forgot the first lesson of academia which is to always answer the question. That kind of confused me. What did that have to do with my fundamental point? I tried to get us back on track.

I was trying to give Marc the benefit of the doubt. I was giving him a fair chance to acknowledge and correct the mistake. He stayed mum.

Then I tossed a couple frito grenades:

Indeed there are big differences between what broadcast journalism can do and not do whether one is in America or Canada.

That woke up Marc from his narcissistic slumber. He responded to the tweet including Poppy:

I also added:

As I am putting this entry together, I am seeing firsthand how difficult it is to so-called storify this nonsense. Donkeytale is correct that conversations on Twitter are near impossible to so-called grok. I am trying my best.

Here is the proof that Marc Lamont Hill was present when Poppy smeared Bernie. It is from the CNN transcript linked to above.

Sorry for any repetition with tweet screenshots. Here's the last one. In case you didn't know, you can click on each image and they are enlarged.

Bonus Convolution Coverage You Can Count On

DeRay may be looking good getting an opportunity to meet Bernie, but as a TFA hater, I am loving the current schadenfreude revolving around him. One can finally revel in Mr. Mckesson being exposed without seeming to be a Breitbart nutjob.

One of his older tweets was resurrected from the memory hole.

He at first tried to blow it off until eventually admitting he had been misinformed.

Why isn't he ever held accountable for being part and parcel of Teach for America?

How is someone like this trustworthy?

That wasn't the only bit of schadenfreude he experienced lately.

Hypocrites, liars, and narcissists are the last people who should be at the the forefront of social movements.

MSNBC just showed a clip of Hillary Clinton talking with Black Lives Matter people on August 11th. Kudos to that cable network for not being complete sellouts like CNN.

Was this video not available until today? I have personally heard no chatter about it. I suppose there's a chance I missed it.

I found this one from six days ago produced by The Young Turks:

                   Blackness and Teach for America are beautiful, my friends

I haven't watched the Young Turks video nor checked out the CNN link yet. I will leave my reaction to those in the comments. The reader decides. I can't be everywhere. I know Hillary is being grilled for e-mails. I hear chatter in the background about bed wetting. It sounds like Hillary co-opted Alexandrovna's Mark Singer "wet his pants" schtick [/gratuitous inside baseball meta reference mea culpa]. I am curious if this disaster of hers with Black Lives Matter from a week ago is getting much play from other than the MSNBC segment. For now I feel that my work here is done.

God bless the audience

el fin

Double Bonus Convolution Coverage You Can Count On

This is actually a rerun of a mailed in tweet. It just goes to show that nothing is at it seems.

LINK (there's an audio download at the link)

el fin el fin


socrates said...

Donkeytale, you should jump all over this story in some way. Things are heating up. Those kids were not happy with Hillary. and as I've said about Boston and how great we are, the ones nailing Hillary Clinton to the cross over #BlackLivesMatter, ending up on t.v. with wolfie, are activists from Boston!

My city and sctick have been vindicated.

donkeytale said...

This an instant clickbait classic. Thank you for this it will surely drive more traffic to the site and raise some eyebros. That was a mistype "eyebros" but somehow it fits here so I will let it stand.

My original conceit for my latest mailed-in entry was to entitle it "The Barrett Browning of the Republic of Texas" and that is probably how I should have played it. Would guarantee more eyeballs. But now mine will bask happily in your residual glow.

Bernie is working hard for the Deray vote that much is clearly evident. I know you support Bernie with a rare fervor and so should think you back his outreach to the BLM celeb and the novement in general.

Bernie needs these votes, lots of them, and many pundits are saying Bernie's fervent supporters are a detriment to this effort by the candidate himself because of the heated interactions they are causing on Twitter.

Good to see you pull back the reigns a bit with Hill.It led to a more interesting exchange. I agree that as a paid pundit he should not be responsible for the CNN anchor's misquote but since he was there he could have corrected the statement and should have if he was aware of the difference in statements actually uttered by Bernie vs Hillary vs O'Malley.

My sense is the black intellectual vote, the vote you are courting so to speak, is relatively agnostic at this point.

All white Dem pols look alike. What do they think about a Presidit Trump I wonder? Trump will have a much harder time firing BLM adherents because so few of them can find employment in the first place.

Trump already said if BLM disrupts his event there will be fighting. Wonder if the BLM will take him up?

donkeytale said...

The pic of Hill is priceless. She doesn't seem to be having fun with the group she is addressing and that uniform and hair? Wow that is a bad look. Will America tolerate a bad look in its leaders? I immediately thot of a certain North Korean dictator.

Trump is surprisingly poorly dressed too from what I can tell. I sorta grok the question the NYT reporter delivered to Bernie comparing his hair to Hill's. It was meant to be humourous but had import too in a post modern sort of way. Bernie's leaden response confirmed one thing for me: I doubt he enjoys my schtick. No matter, he still has my vote especially as he seems to be taking advice and reaching out. Let's hope he does so in hard terms and not merely token effort through DeRay.

Bernie seems so sincere. I hope and believe he stays that way. Sincerity could make all the difference in the world for him.

donkeytale said...

Batgirl, RIP

socrates said...

Thanks. The great part of all that was I wrote it while the Hillary/Black Lives Matter video was finally available.

I've lost my fastball. That story has been around for at least a week and kudos to Cenk who I once threw under the bus for a rumor circulating that he's a ratf*****. I hope he can forgive me.

The NYT interview lady founded or something Wonkette. She was a big loser in that exchange. I know you have asked wtf with Bernie mismoves of planning counter chants and recently he said there was no need for an apology.

Bernie must have been prescient. He must have had more info than us. If you look at the Seattle exchange, I believe in all earnestness and to the extent of my good faith knowledge and theretofore whatnot, Bernie extended his hand right at the beginning. Maybe the ones pointing the finger in Bernie's face will vote for Hillary. She has a very annoying schtick where she keeps sticking her finger or thumb out. I think Bob Dole used that schtick too. Something about stop lying about my record.

It's quite telling how little to no support the Boston kids are receiving from the usual suspects.

Another internet personality is being hoisted to the petards. It's that Shaun King dude who posts at Daily Kos. He aparently has been pulling a Rachel Dolezal and is 100% whitey.

Yes, of course I have been trying to make inroads with the Black intellectual class.

And now I see they exist. That was amazing. That was incredible. I was thinking of updating this or adding some links/stuff I put on Twitter. But it's all out there. Like with DeRay throwing Chelsea Manning under the bus. It doesn't need to be socratised because other people already accomplished that.

I'm glad you mentioned Brown. I forgot to say I don't think he deserved any time from day one. The YT videos are free speech and it's dubious any actionable threat was made. He linked to illegal credit card info, yes, but I don't believe that is illegal either.

So I don't understand why he is still in prison. I was shocked how much time he ended up having to serve. I think this will serve well for Barrett Brown despite the loss of freedom. It seems to be a clear cut sign that Barrett Brown is not going to be a snitch ratfooker.

That won't guarantee he doesn't slip back into addiction and being an idiot. We can only hope he is more careful with who he associates with, for example Carlito Rauhauser.

socrates said...

This is not a good sign for H. Clinton. I was shocked at how stupid Jeb Bush is and now I am learning the same about Queen Hillary.

This is the proverbial, "Think about it." She saw what happened with BLM and the other politicians, especially Bernie. It was like she was sitting on the bench all day watching the tirin starting pitcher and could see what kind of junk was being tossed. She goes to pinch hit. It's a meatball she's seen thrown all game but with diminished velocity and Kentucky cheese movement. Think Kevin Foulk. The dude couldn't hit 90 on the radar, but the thing moved. Same with the Eck the second half of his career. And Rollie Fingers is the classic example, unless I'm wrong, of a guy who didn't have the fastest toss.

She still swung and miss.

The Red Sox lost in 1986 to the Mets probably mostly because Calvin Schiraldi could reach the high 90's, but it was straighter than Pat Boone's hair.

Ugh, I draw some readers over here probably, and just like that, I probably drove them away. :/

socrates said...

This doesn't matter and I don't even know who this woman is on MSNBC being interviewed on the bee crisis. She ended one declarative sentence TLNL style with a question. Then I think she realised that error and went to the so-called fry voice. That is when all of a sudden women go into a Spicoli Ridgemont High styled low voice.

In her defense, she does not seem to be a media personality, so I should stfu. When I was going toe to toe against BK in front of fake honourable judge Triple F, I was like you know, er uhm, aaah. I even transcribed such public speaking incompetence in the thrilla in vanilla series. :/

socrates said...

Okay, ignorance is no excuse for the law. Barrett circulating illegal credit cards was illegal. But he had no malice and I don't think he knew they were in there. And how many others did what he did? Maybe he deserved some kind of misdemeanor or low level felony, time served, and let's all move on. But nooooooo [/Belushi], and it's the same reason why the U.S. govt. won't take its foot off of Assange's neck. The U.S. govt.'s main strategy to maintain the status quo is to double down and gin it up.

socrates said...

I am not sharing this next link because I think it is a worthy article to read. I thought it was kind of lame and decided not to finish it.

It's written by a Bill Curry:

"Bill Curry was White House counselor to President Clinton and a two-time Democratic nominee for governor of Connecticut. He is at work on a book on President Obama and the politics of populism."

It is the Frank Burns Principle. It is maybe similar to the Peter Principle. Anyway, in his Salan description it is clear this is a fake journo.

Now onto some schtick theft possibilities. Out of nowhere, Bill writes:

The third big deterrent to honest, open debate is modern media, including social media. Fifty years ago, Marshal McLuhan told us that media pulls us into the past. He once said we live in “Bonanza Land” a reference to a then-popular TV western. Like polling, media can leave us with impressions of the world that are stale and second-hand. It’s one reason so many people say falling crime rates are rising and think their own local schools are doing fine but that most others are failing. The most harmful thing media does is reduce all debate to mere sloganeering. We deal not in fully formed ideas but in tweets and memes and endless ads.

I can't prove it, but I think he lifted that from our blog. He shows no awareness of McLuhan's greatness. He seems to have lifted my interpretation of McLuhan saying life becomes a rear view mirror.

I can't make sense of that paragraph, nor most of his mailed in piece.

Again, I don't recommend reading the article. I just thought it was pretty bizarre how the fake leftist dropped McLuhan in there like it was nothing. It was akin to the big bookshelf that makes one look smart and thank god no one knows I read none of it.

FU to that clown for co-opting McLuhan in such a shallow manner, the opposite of what we have attempted here.

That concludes this bitter editorial comment by one of the DFQ2 people, moi. I'm done?

socrates said...

Curry is probably reading this right now and going, wtf, how did Fritos figure that out?

donkeytale said...

I had something to say then I forgot it. Oh wait. I'm think I'm going to become the anti-matter TLNL. I'm going to put periods at the end of my questions and see how that works?

donkeytale said...

We are in the nascent stage of a McLuhan Renaissance. And Herb will have us to thank for it, that is if we make it the inside the alltime genius section of Heaven. I'm not giving up hope but thinking I'll more likely end up in the enigmatic looser section of Hell.

donkeytale said...

Tweet that picture of Hillary and the homies and Caption it: Kim Jong Hil.

It'll go viral.

Bet on it.

socrates said...

I notice that I have often used periods by mistakes instead of question marks.

I found a Hillary shot with her hands out and captioned it the way you said.

If it goes viral, I will have to delete posts here showing evidence it was your idea, unless someone it is called racist or wtf.

Now I'm just being silly. :/

socrates said...

The Shaun King thing sucks because yet again it is Daily Kos against Breitbart. I hate them both. It is trending big time on Twitter. It is getting play at a lot of infotainment outlets.

I've got a funny feeling that the dumbasses of yesterday are going to end up with unforced errors. Look at Hillary. She couldn't even prepare for meeting with activists.

Maybe she never expected real activists to be grilling her in epic muckraking fashion. She is used to softballs from the soft mainstream media.

I am so proud of those people. They are the opposite of what you rail against with internet tough guy fake activism.

From my sociology I can see it. Republicans bad. Democrats good.

But as chief dfq2 political historian analyst, you saw what happened in Greece and then why not here?.

It was a declarative question?

Damn fricken proud. People hit the streets. Dave Weintraub did a lot of that. His sister Karen had no problem with the blog name. She's nice. I tweeted Dave confronting DINO DLC Netroots Harol Ford for working for Fox.

Marc Lamont Hill used to work at Fox.

I don't get it. Where are the classes and thinking, teaching, old-school intellectualism?

I think it exists, donkeytale. I just don't think they care about social media or if they try, they have no better chance than ano of us of infiltrating the fake medium and its zeitgeist components.

donkeytale said...

The day of the intellectual, if it ever truly existed, was approximately two centuries ago. The Black Capitalist and Black Intellectual crowd are symptoms of the media conspiracy. Both logical descendents of the The mass media era Civil Rights Movement. White lefties from the sixties are by and large well off retiring yuppies with huge stock portfolios and uber comfortable surroundings. How's it going for black lefties from the sixties?

Why would anyone think the 60s civil rights guys wouldn't want to enjoy same comforts, or the regular black guy who may be a sharp business mind (which can't be learned in school only). Maybe he has some sales skills. He's young, has a college degree too.

He just wants a shot at success like all sales guys. Or maybe a black woman wants to be a sales guy.

Or maybe he wants he drive anywhere not be a million times more likely to get stopped. harassed, searched and busted. He just wants that shit to stop and stop now.

And it should stop. End of story. But of course there is always more to the story. That is, the human conditioned mind.

The current movement isn't really about capitalism. It may turn out that a majority of black people, maybe an overwhelming majority, simply want equal treatment under the law and believe they will succeed under a capitalist system if the playing field were truly leveled.

Maybe Bernie can pull off a fusion of interests between BLM and Whiteysphere. That could be interesting. White and minority progressive interests will both be better served by coming together and this will be beneficial beyond even winning the election if Bernie can bring about a coalition.

The problem here is that political solutions are neither assured (thanks mainly to the racist GOP) nor perhaps even possible......the root problem of racism resides within hearts and minds first and then is transferred to the institutions.

donkeytale said...

There are minimum sentencing guidelines in the federal. If his crime was revealing credit card numbers the prosecution would have contended the dollar amount caused by his so-called breach and the judge would then apply the guidelines. This is a fairly complex and easily manipulated process I'm sure but at the end of the day everyone can take cover behind the reules.

This is also why poor drug dealers can serve huge sentences. Street drugs can be expensive and if you have some poundage on you when caught the value of your "crime" escalates.

I looked it up on Tia Oso.To get five years Brown's "crime" would have been adjudged over a million dollars or so.

Hill and Billary were in charge when this travesty of injustice was implemented into law I believe.

Bern says he isnt going negative on Hill. It is up to his cyber talented paid fakes or useful idiots to do it for him on the internets. I think he can turn the BLM crowd in his favour the way he is playing the sincere approach with them. As there is nada sincerity in Kim Jong Hill I think this will work.

However, the older Jesse jackson era blacks may be harder to dislodge from her fat knuckled grasp.

donkeytale said...

Trump is driving the GOP Bus. This is so awesome, it reminds me of the opening scenes of Journey to the End of the Night where the anti-hero Bardamu is quickly drawn in by the pre-WWI nationalist war fervor as he follows a big, showy patriotic parade right down to the Enlistment Office where he signs up for the cavalry and is shipped out.

Cut to the front lines as he's having his horse shot out from under him by German machine gun as the Huns butcher their way through the French forest at the opening of the War.

What a great book. One of the funniest writers of all time.

donkeytale said...

I guess I didn't finish tying that thot toegather.

I am beginning to see parallels between Robert Frost and some of my schtick. Never thought of it before but heard a radio broadcast of him while driving last night.

That elderly lady on NPR, Diane Rheem I think it is.

Might be Harry's mother.

Frost was an enigmatic looser.

socrates said...

Trump might be a media product. If you look at the poll numbers, of course he is in the lead.... but there are 18 million rwnj's running for the seat.

All those 1, 4, 10% nickel and dimes add up to who truly knows wtf is going on with that race.

Bernie versus Hillary is much more clean. Whoever wins the Bernie/Hillary match-up is winning it all. (see Yankees Red Sox 2004)

Sure, Trump is dominating the regular season. He may just be padding his stats. He says some of the most ridiculous things ever. There's no fricken way on earth I could ever vote for him. I tried! I pictured himself against Hillary and was extremely open-minded to voting for him over her. Not now. As I tweeted, it would be like having to pick between LeBron's team and the Lakers to win it all. It would be a despicable scenario, one in which I could find myself watching Housewives of Trenton over their potential head to head debates.

socrates said...

I know about David Frost, or maybe that's Dick Cavett. Bobby Frost, not so much.

It's possible you were friends with Robert Frost, but seeing that you were both alive at the same time, you were definitely not him.

I was reading a Black forum called Lipstick Alley. If they represent the Black vote, it is looking good for Sanders. They are completely onto Hillary's politics.

I have screenshot some of your comments here and tweeted them.

I think you are correct that Bernie will labor more for the older Black vote than the younger. You made a strong point about the Jesse Jackson vote and fat knuckles.

They seem like regular guys on that website.

I sense that people are truly figuring out how to bypass medium as conspiracy. I imagine it is similar to what happened over time in the Soviet Union. Free speech and whatnot was frowned upon. But that didn't stop folks from developing an oral tradition and going word of mouth to spread truth and awareness.

Omg, Counterpunch has a new article in which they showcase Huey Long as an expert on fascism. It is surreal. It is some form of doublespeak. Yeah, let's go to Richard Nixon and he'll explain fully about how the president can become a king.

Let's ask Pete Rose for his take on the evils of gambling.

It's almost as ridiculous as expecting insight from Hillary on mass incarceration and her part and parcel crimes against Black regular guys and women. I am not sexist. Regular guys is a bit sexist. Those old-school scholars used to always talk about men and he. There was no talk of a herstory.

But I digress. Maybe regular guys needs to evolve into regular gals or regular guys/gals. Yet, that is not aesthetically pleasing. These are the kind of issues that keyboard commandos must overcome if they want to have any authentic influence on fake social media.

donkeytale said...


donkeytale said...

Trump lifted the majourity of his Immigration Platform from FAIR and Center for Immigration Studies, two nototrious right-wing eugenics based hate organisations.

You may also recall Fairleft on Pffugee using their schtick to bolster his vile racism as well.

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie

socrates said...

Poor Frost. He couldn't read the lines.

Yes, I quite remember how weird fakeleft is/was, although you must be the expert on that.

I remember wasting some time trying to figure out his schtick. He is quite the messed up hypocrite. I have never heard of a Pro-Palestinian supporter who hated Black people. I remember him at Daily Kos from perusing archives. I recall he was banned for attacking so-called soccer moms.

He or she is obviously a paid fake or useful idiot. I had also seen him at MLW attacking Francis Holland. It made no sense.

I suppose he must be somewhere spouting his schtick. Though he must be a bit sad losing all his stuff from FDL and Pffugee. MLW is cooked. Maybe he is posting away at The gRondo?

I took a nap and now am awake. Now I have the inkling to look around for that loser. I am that kind of loser. Or maybe I won't.

You must be psyched for it is the weekend.

You were the only person I tried to find the last couple years. I liked your FDL and brief time trying the Guardian.

Pffugee fell apart quickly. Doberman and Vox, Byron, those guys were not prolific by the end. It was basically yourself posting old music, Laura calling you old man, brief appearances by fakeleft, perhaps Noom.

That's another person I think must be somewhere else and possibly paid. Curmudgette? Where is she. I think she is a paid fake too. She wrote some crazy stuff at Marisacat's. I think this is why Marisacat simply vanished. She realised Mudge/Mudgeon were creepy and that she had done wrong by fritztits.

donkeytale said...

No, no, that was an endearing moment. In the end Frost recited a poem from memory which was the one JFK wanted to hear anyway.

Frost had a history of speaking positively about JFK in the years before the election as a generational passing of the baton, which of course he was.

Where we resemble Frost is that our schticks are deceptively deeper than they first appear on the surface. Yes,, infotaining but speaking to the depths of the human condition at the same time. And not humble about it either. Frost was a failed farmer and unpublished poet when he took the world by surprise late in life at like age 40 (akin to 60 today, roughly my age) with the poem "The Road Not Taken" which listening to the radio show has many deeper layers to it than appears and which is almost consistently misunderstood by readers, including the late Robin Williams in the film Dead Poets Society, which makes it kind of a joke on pretentious Hollywood fakes as well as the soporific American public who ate it up.

donkeytale said...

I'm very pleased with the end result of "We hold these Tweets" Schtick.

Asd I've often warned readers, always come back and re-read, especially my fake literary efforts, as I tend to post them first and then start editing, re-writing, adding links etc.

The ones I can't make work I will erase and post a video in their place or wtf.

But I seldom if ever make drafts. I just hit enter and let the chips fall.

donkeytale said...

This an interesting give/take interview that also confirms donkeytale prescience.

donkeytale said...

Funny, I had the same radnom thot the other day, what became of Curmudgette?

She was perhaps the only sane one ever to moderate MLW but why would the govt spend all that time and effort paying her to infiltrate 12 people posting on a blog who were mildly liberal at best?

This is where your schtick fails to meet the road test. Sometimes a bored military wife is just a bored military wife.

donkeytale said...

And was she on Marisacats? Maybe later on for a while after the Shadowthief debacle (Shadow was at his best on MCats, IMHO) but I don't recall. I never read there widely since it was the same suffocating old lady nonsense repeated day after live long day.

Mariscat I am sure has gone to her reward. She often would take posting hiatus for a week or two at a time which I always took to meant she was seeking medical treatment somewhere and always very secretive about it.

I just hope they discovered the corpse inside her posh inherited SF Victorian mansion before the cats were done eating it. :/

donkeytale said...

We know what happened to HC for Men and Revisionist stuck it at FSZ and Pffugee but not Boohooman, Lucid, HRM, Tustin DAZ, Madman. Miss devore went on to her own unread site with the equally unreadable Melvin.

I think Commentman stuck it out there and somewhere else too.

Diane finally gave up her wild wild west schtick and is now doing blogcasts only. She had Chomsky on once or twice I believe.

Never listened to it. I did listen to Brynaert on Vince in teh Bay. That was pretty good schtick.

Booman still hangs in, I think his ratings are fairly high and that Euro Trib thingie, but they have few commenters. I believe AG still posts at Boomans.

My one real regret was pulling the plug on Nowhere's site. I don't think he got my schtick at the level you do, that the GBCW thingie is meant to be rescinded. Before I could rescind he pulled plug on the whole shebang.

But he did have a problem. He allowed front page status to someone whose idea of originality was posting Olbermann show reruns and Tom Tomorrow cartoons.

But Nowhere was the original DFQ2 and he often had great ratings. I can recall being in the 60,000 range on ALEXA during the time when the Kos Kops took his site down with DDoS or wtf. Brian had a knack for inhabiting comment threads at the big box blahgs make interesting feisty comments that drew people in.

Plus we were the first and still best anti-kos site when that meant something before everybody was doing it.

I was also wickedly funny in those days. I recall doing Popeye's obituary for some obscure reason to do with a blog meme that was utterly fantastic and a fake news story on the FBI bust of a Jamaican steel drum band in NYC for terrorism.

Great times.

donkeytale said...

Fairleft posted something in the Trump Immigration story on the Graun. I went to his page but didnt delve into commentary. He/she is a racist minuteman.

I believe he.she also poasts ocassionally at Moon of Alabama which is a fried Putinbot site.

In my heart of hearts he is a she.

socrates said...

After watching the short clip of Frost pulling a Mr. Magoo trying to read small print on a windy day, I googled and saw that the man went on to recite something from memory. Thanks for telling the rest of the story for the sake of prepostericity.

There is a thread which runs through our writings. It is extremely goofy or you use the word infotainment. I do understand your schtick. And you ended up understanding mine. It doesn't mean we are the same person or agree on everything. It take a village. Scratch that. It takes a common point for strangers or acquaintances to say, aha gotcha. Not gotcha, you are busted. Even here with all this blogger room, there can be misconceptions and mis-nomar garciaparra's.

Yes, I do miss Nomar and I am digressing.

He'd swing at anything. You might want the batter to go chasing something outside of the strike zone, but not that with kid.

I am different with my writing whether it is a comment or a front page styled, diary, entry article piece. The latter I do try to proofread them. The former I might do that also, but in general, I will throw up comments pulled out of me arse and try to see what sticks.

I was born for forums. I was born for serial drama and plot twists.

I was not born for a popularity contest, though like with yourself, one can become a big fish in the smaller ponds of irrelevance.

We basically and apparently outlasted just about everyone and now speak for all on the fringes of the mainstream, keyboard commando movement.

That's a shame about Marisacat. TLNL once spoke of some health concerns. I don't like to speculate on people. We do know about Annette Appollo. There are people obviously with plenty of time on their hands, enough so to crank out a lot of volume content in this new era.

Ultimately, however, Father Time remains undefeated. That is a cliche that has never been disproved.

Philosophically while we are all here, we can attempt to reach immortality outside of the limitations of the body.

You can't arrest an idea or something.

The key to figuring out #BlackLivesMatter may rest in donkratising the people who coined the phrase. I now see it was made by a small group of ladies in response to the Trayvon Martin murder.

But who are they really? Are they Daily Kos people? Are they legit and separate? Were they legit and separate, but somehow they are allied with Netroots, etc.? That type of research takes time and putting on one's academic in spirit hat. Or else we are just adding more noise.

I am positive BLM Boston did a great job and it's not just because they went after Hillary.

They thought it through. They cut to the chase. They didn't go for the drama and media attention. They got it eventually. I am not sure why it took a week for the meeting to be put online.

I will get to the new Atlantic article on BLM. Thanks for the link. I tweeted it.

I found yet another person who works for TWIB (This Week in Blackness & part of Netroots hierarchy) who is a corporate, fake lefty. She is a big wig for KIPP charter schools.

I jumped on this aspect right from the beginning, once I found out DeRay = TFA. It is pretty bizarre. It is like the Koch affiliated Cop Block people stealing the Cops Suck movement's mojo.


socrates said...

It's all about co-optation and the losers who are unaware of the concept of deal breakers. Cop Block wants to abolish police and replace them with private cops. This is the area where Mark Ames and his buddies really did well exposing the libertarian shell game. And Bernie is always attacking the Koch people. We too did our small part. I think what works best with the regular guy movement is this utter sincerity. We are not beholden to the tip jar or Soros. I would love to hear your take on Soros. To me it is clear he is a neoliberal. He appears to me to be as dangerous as the Koch Dudes.

But fook u to the Breitbart Cult. I am definitely fascinated by the idea of people being herded into picking sides. That's where your philosophy came into play and why I liked your schtick.

It must have been the right woos left junk I linked to that finally got us on the same page. I think Chippy Berlet coined that phrase and mostly about 9/11, unless I'm mistaken. One of the first websites I noticed around 2001 was the Rense website. At first, it looked okay, as in alternative media. The learning curve wasn't too difficult to grok that it was indeed right woos left anti-semitism and conspiracy gobbledygook. Mike Rivero was another one.

You have consistently argued against the idea of paid fakes all over the internet. One of your key debate points is why would such and such care about the twelve blowhards over there? I don't buy that argument. Sorry. All it takes is one nutjob solved and somewhere some paid fake receives his or her JTRIG bonus money.

If there's anything I've truly grokked since the Snowden docs were released, it's that the propping up of the illusion of the war on terror is just as important as any tangible results.

We now know that one fourth of all hackers are probable informants. We do know that the Military-Industrial complex is planting "conspiracy stories." Everything I used to write on paid fakes and useful idiots has been confirmed.

The beauty of the paid fake or useful idiot clarification system is that it encompasses all the numbnuts who distort social reality via the internet whether they are paid or not.

Yes, we have pay stubs for Hal Turner and thanks to Anonymous.

I laugh out loud (lol for short) sometimes thinking how busted the ptb's are, both historically and in the present.


socrates said...

As for DFQ2 ratings, we are missing the numbers for the first year or two. There was a time when I actually compared the alexa numbers for this blog with both MLW and Pffugee. I am not confident in those numbers, but we were ahead of the other two places.

It's like Hillary versus Bernie. She has all the money and whatnot forcing Bernie to do a guerrilla styled presidential campaign.

I also showed what one poor blogger can accomplish facing the money and organisation of paid fakes. I hate to sound arrogant, but I own McCain, Walker, even Liberal Grouch and Osborne. I own Breitbart. I took ownership of the zeitgeist, little old me.

What I own transcends money. Gravitas cannot be purchased. Long term supertroll campaigns cannot be defeated. They just can't when one's heart is in the right place.

@fairleft is on Twitter, but he doesn't seem to have made a dent there. His Guardian address is for those keeping score at home. His quote at the top is "Hate Twitter but post occasionally there @fairleft, if you just can't get enough of leftness and fairness."

In academics, folks would debate fair play versus I think fair share. Fakeleft = fair play. It goes to the heart of a post you made the last couple days or so about how some Black people may believe in capitalism and simply want the playing field leveled.

If Massachusetts can vote in a Republican to take over Teddy Kennedy's seat, I imagine Bernie Sanders can win votes that talking heads will never be able to comprehend or forecast.

I think one of the reasons Hillary is stalling on debates is because there is a time crunch for people to register Democrat and be able to vote in the primaries. I am not sure if that is the rule everywhere, but I noticed a tweet about New York and that folks have until October such and such to get their Democratic Party primary voting power legalised.

donkeytale said...

Ironically, MLW did very well during the FLH busting MAMZ era. I followed teh Alexas during that period knowing they aren't all that accurate but better than nought.

Francis handed her a gift and got himself banned for his troubles. No to mention all the rest of his who soon followed.

Booman has always done surprisingly well in the ratings. During the Nowhere heyday we beat Booman occasionally and always trashed MLW. Nowhere was a surprise hit. Marisacat obviously read it as probably a number of Meta-icians back in the day since Brian was one of the first to trash DKOS in a big way.

Peeder always stated that PFF beat MLW, Booman and all the Kos diaspora blogs. His schtick was based on unique visitors from a service to which he subscribed but never did publish for the record. Perhaps he was no allowed by the user license.

Unique visitors is probably more accurate than page views. And yes, I do recall at least a few times when you beat Pffugee, but we were talking down in the 1.1 million rankings or so by that time. This was closer to the end of pffugee.

donkeytale said...

"PFF beat all the Kos diaspora blogs combined."

It probably tailed off at the end which is one of the reasons he pulled the plug.

Devore and your friend Something were so busy trying to normalise it they killed it.

Marisacat was smart to ban Devore. She sucked. Clueless and untalented while believeing herslef to be oh so precious and clever.

donkeytale said...

She was like Commentman and his ilk on FSZ. Why did loosers always want to find the center of the blog herd?

donkeytale said...

More dt prescience on display...and this time I'm ahead of the King of all prediction modelling...

natesilver: I don’t know, Micah. I’m not speaking for black or Hispanic voters, but there are a lot of them who might say racial injustice is more at the center of America’s problems than economic injustice.

And non-white voters are sometimes extremely pragmatic. They’re concerned about grave problems that their families face today, and they aren’t necessarily looking for a socialist revolution.

hjenten-heynawl: I think that’s exactly right. Look at why someone like Gary Hart, Jerry Brown, Paul Tsongas or Bill Bradley hit a brick wall. It’s because of minority voters. They didn’t give two [expletive deleted] about what these liberal white alternatives were selling. I’d also point out that black Democrats are far more likely to identify as moderate or conservative (67 percent) than white Democrats (50 percent), according to the General Social Survey. That’s a mountain that Sanders needs to climb.

socrates said...

FakeLeft has absolutely nothing at Twitter on the civil rights movement in which Blacks take the disproportionate beating. One think BLM must do is include all the people who are abused by cops and the system, and to their credit, I saw many of them sticking up for the white kid Hammond.

Yes, you are quite prescient and many of your points are later revealed by so-called social reality players. Bravo, Mr. Bond. No sarcasm.

I would love to read the thread where DeVore got banned by Marisa.

I finished the Atlantic discussion article and yeah, methinks some of these "journos" are reading us and finding ideas from such thinking. Or it is a coincidence.

It is not arrogance to say that we have been at the forefront of this stuff. Maybe it was luck. Personally we started it seems before anyone else. And you led that discussion. Then Hillary said all lives matter and I was fortunate enough to pounce on that in real time.

It was the perfect storm for a big American story forming and ourselves positioning well to partake in it.

Again, I am a self-described cybersleuth or trollbuster. I hope people realise that when I zoom in on whatever next I become obsessed with.

That is a very interesting analysis you scooped, that Black people can be some of the most reactionary, conservative people of them all. This is tough to grok considering their historic allegiance to the Democratic Party, at least over many recent decades.

My take is that BLM Boston did not get the coverage it deserved in comparison to the Netroots event and then Seattle.

Cable news likes to saturate us with Trump. They also like the click bait stories over real news. They gobbled up the Shaun King story. Don Lemon is looking like quite the moron with his throwing King under the bus. I have real issues with Shaun King and do not trust him. Same with DeRay. But it takes some fancy writing to articulate those issues. Otherwise, one could easily be spun as some of those lily white Sanders supporters or at worse a Breitbart Nut.

The Seattle protester wore Sarah Palin buttons. That is a Deal. Breaker.

Bernie extended his hand to them. He allowed them to take over for I believe twenty minutes. When it became time to hand it back to Bernie, that never happened. They wee determined to shut it down as was done at Phoenix Nutroots.

There was a point when this blog was actually in the 100,000 to 200,000 range, not the typical 11 millionth slot.

But that takes a lot of work not only to reach but to maintain.

And yes, I was referring to the post-PFF, post-MLW era of click hit relevance.

It is what it is. I wonder if Brian Nowhere is Anywhere to be found. It'd be funny to track him down and add him to this blogroll. Then maybe we can finally make a substantial dent.

I would love for a smart, Black blogger to write here also.

It's difficult for one or two people to maintain big boy audience numbers. But get that number up to five or more and you better believe we would make it inside the 100,000 level for blog attendance numbers.

A lot of blogging is about persistence.

Whoever "Susan Something" is, she was despicable for deleting her comments here. Ironically or something else, I think she was from Seattle or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

I am almost ready to predict Sanders wins the nomination.

At a minimum, I have been vindicated for saying he poses the greatest threat to Hillary's coronation. I made Dr. Jason Johnson of NBC look like an idiot, just like I did to Marc Lamont Hill. It is not that I am racist. It's that I am not and will go after anyone I suspect is full of it regardless of race, religion, or whatnot.

socrates said...

Fakeleft rarely addresses racism, but when he does, it tends to look like this:

"And we need to understand that the entire foundation of the US is built on a racial hierarchy that has always said that white its better than black ..." This hasn't been true since the institutionalization of the racism called affirmative action. It is apparently taboo to notice the obvious, the advantage for Barack Obama, Rachel Dolezal, and countless others of being black. Much of the resentment against blacks is fueled by affirmative action, which has long outlasted its usefulness. People should be judged by their character and track record, not by the color of their skin.

donkeytale said...

No, Devore wasn't there when MCat banned her. The old lady made an announcement because Devore had gotten under her skin somehow.

I happened to be lurking and immediately posted a "BREAKING!!!!Miss Devore banned by Marisacat" schtick. Devore came in and said Wut? Then she came back later and admitted that it seemed to be true. I felt sorry for Devore at that point. But those freaking recipe diaries and the paens to shopping at Trader Joes were enough to make one want to vomit in his cornflakes.

Maybe I took superfluous schit too seriously in that era. I suppose many of us did.

Now, I'm considering re-posting the FDL version of "Flutter Wings" for preposterity sake. It seems to be the final version. I just ran through it again and only requires a few more edits, a word here and there.

I recognise that you aren't into the literary formula but this is actually straight autobio, a string of incredulous events in my life that unfolded during a brief couple years in the middle 90s that were set up by the deterioration of my second marriage.

It is 1000% non-fiction.

donkeytale said...

Brian was a very cool guy, a local lead guitar God on the Chicago alt rock scene who got married, had kids and settled into his father in laws (I believe) business. We had that in common, petit bourgeois business people. There were always people commenting about the music scene so I think a lot o his following grew from his being rather well known locally.

It would be awesome if he posted here. Eric S ditto. I would even welcome Fairleft and noom. Of course, Stu Piddy and Byron. Francis. Vox. All the best of the best. Alas, I too can be a hopeless dreamer at times.

Brian's wife seemed to enjoy my schtick too, as you say your GF does. I always do better with the ladeez I gather and frankly, that's the way (uh-huh uh-huh) I like it. Women reule.

Me anyway.

donkeytale said...

TLNL goes without saying because it's been said so many times by both of us.

I guess we are the last of the breed, like those two idiots in Waiting for Godot, hanging around to see what happens at the end of the day.

Actually, there were three idiots, I know because I played the deaf mute one in college. LOL. Perfect role for me. I suck at acting.

donkeytale said...

I did manage a glorious pratfall which got huge laffs, but truth be known I actually hurt myself in so doing because in the spirit of the moment I didn't break my fall and hit both tale bone and head hard off the stage floor. Afterwards, the Prof asked me if I was OK, he knew I was hurting.

This was my frosh year when I couldn't find any classes I wanted to take and needing to be fulltime to keep my grants I signed up for a tragedy in drama that was listed as English but I didnt realise it was a upper class level requirement for theatre majors and the class project was to stage one act from a play for the drama department at the end of the semester. Attendance by all drama majors was required.

The prof was this really cool older guy who never blinked when I met with him at beginning of the semester. He was like, sure why not. We read and discussed plays from Aeschylus through Beckett ad Ionesco. I'm sure the class picked Godot so I could have a role that didn't require dialogue. It was great fun, the most memorable schtick ever in college for me besides stealing books from the bookstore.

There were only like 6 people in the class.

donkeytale said...

In fact, I was a complete mess that one year of college before I dropped out. The ole drugs and alcohol schtick. There was a bar at the end of the block that served me and my roomies although none of us were legal age.

Both semesters I was broke by halftime from spending all me dough at the bar and on weed.


Also, I would cut class and go to the horse races for some dumb reason thinking if I could get lucky my money woes would be over.

Once I showed up to the Tragedy course drunk on my ass from being out all night whooping it up. Neither the class nor the prof said anything. This was a small room with a conference table that we sat around. LOL.

God, if I am a terrible human being now (and I am) I was about 1000% worse then.

donkeytale said...

I had a nother go at a juniour college in LA a year or two later, also memorable because I lasted only one semester, then tried to entice my GF to move to SF with me. I went. She stayed behind in LA, promising to come but never quite making it. Ah, the bittersweet joy of it all.

I was the loneliest man alive.

donkeytale said...

I may have written about this desperate time on pffugee, probably lost to history now, "The Lagers of my Life".

Sharing an apartment in Haight Ashbury (5 years post summer of love) with two music majours who were basically not around because they spend their entire lives practicing.

One of them had a great music collection. This is where I discovered Van Morrison "Astral Weeks" album.

One of the veddy best. I used to listen to it over and over as it matched my mood to a T.

donkeytale said...

Slightly later, I discovered the parallels with Henry Miller. He went to Paris expecting his wife to follow but she never made it. He wrote an enduring classic from his experience.

I am an enduring blogger.

In the time and distance of the Universe, that makes us the same. No, I am not his reincarnation because ole Henry managed to last a long time into his 90s.

I did manage to visit his legendary Big Sur cabin one time after it had been turned into a museum by one of his semi-famous painterly buddies from whom you could buy a signed print of his (the artist's) work. The one I bought was a crowd scene of a protest march with the caption "people of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your loneliness!"

Emil something or other was his name. He was so old he could barely talk and his eyes had a film over them so he may also have been blind. This was the late 1980s I reckon.

Second wife era.

donkeytale said...

Emil White

socrates said...

It's not that I am averse to the literary technique. It's that I never learned to write that way. I can read it. I can appreciate it. I can discuss it. I just can't write it.

I had a similar experience with yourself in regards to the acting bug. I too had contact with professionals, high brow actors and directors no one has ever heard of or not many outside of show business.

I just couldn't do it. I overdid it. I overthought it.

I suppose method acting is when the actor takes an emotional memory and applies it to the role and dramatic situation. I was incapable of doing that. I would go off in my head creating a novel.

The closest I could come to writing fiction would be something similar to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I haven't read it in decades, but it seemed to be about Pirsig going on motorcycle trips with his son. But, that was only a vehicle for the writer to go off on non-fiction, philosophical rants.

I have found some of your Pffugee diaries intact at archive dot org. It seems to be hit or miss for that. If you tell me when you posted specific articles, it may be much easier to locate them. You also seemed to pack a lot into the first half of entries, sometimes all of your entry. We both know DKos had some rule about putting too much into the top part. And we both know that many links at wayback machine only provide that front page part.

I found one which I hope you don't repost. It's something about me being an aspie. Something about Assange too.

Here's one, all intact,
La Noche de los Angeles:

"Failreft Supports the Return of Taliban Rule"

There's "Politricks and the Anglo Slanguage."

I know. You'd have to pick and choose your best, edit, update. Archive dot org might not be the complete bust we spun it as. Though it is fairly ridiculous how incomplete it is.

socrates said...

I saw Factotum last night. It's the movie version of one of Bukowski's books.

Maybe we saw or heard about his life and then figured why the f even try?

Blogging is a whole new universe. I think despite our collective flaws, we have been on the cutting edge of a new form of politics and literature.

Unfortunately with all these scrubbings and blog shutdowns, we also appear to be on the cutting board of this new epoch.

socrates said...

It looks like something changed in regards to Pffugee and the archive machine around 2012.

For for example, there are 14 archive grabs from Sept. 2010 to November 2011.

"The Infoboobtubes and its Discontents" is intact.

"Occupy the Criminal Injustice System!" is intact.

Maybe that wasn't your best stuff. You would know best what would merit reposting/rehashing.

Writing is not that easy, even for those us who are writers. Who wants to try to rewrite something that was lost?

Yes, we are writers. And there are a lot of us. In a way the internet has leveled the playing field. It may be the same old, same old where thinkers have to hedge between what they want to write with what will get published and enable them to eat food.

We may not be great or even good writers. Only narcissists speak of their own greatness. Ugh, wait a sec, but that was satire. The point is we are writers. Even the person posting original two sentence tweets is a writer. They are referred to as micro-writers.

socrates said...

Some dude apparently smoked a lot of weed then wrote, "With the FBI Investigating Clinton's Emails, Bernie Sanders Should Be Considered the Democratic Frontrunner."

Biden met with Elizabeth Warren yesterday. If she sells out somehow, I would be very disappointed. The speculation is she may have ben asked about the possibility of running with JoeJoe.

The DLC DINOs are clearly worried about Bernie. I wouldn't call him the front runner, however. He has made a serious dent and poses the greatest threat to Hillary's coronation.

It will take another month or two, bigger crowds, that email stuff not going way, say new polls showing the Black man has shifted his vote towards Bernardo Sandernista.

A few of us got mildly giddy listening to Howard Dean and then Johnny Boy Edwards. Bernie Sanders to the leftist is a wet dream in comparison. He is the intrepid leftier than thou's "rich man's" Kucinich.

Yes, you and Counterpunch provide some solid points that Bernie is not the second coming of Leonardo Trotskinki. I am not good with names. Some of those might need to be googled.

I think Warren probably told Joe that she is not ready and may never be to become a vp candidate. I bet she was nice to him, blah, blah.

I also think she is ready to endorse Bernie, but that she is waiting for the right time.

I would be shocked if Warren threw her support to Joe Biden. It would be the lowest, slimiest, hypocritical move in political herstory.

Bernie might be inevitable. He definitely poses the most serious threat to LeBron, I mean Hillary.

But let's slow down and not go for cheap page hits. I am the biggest Bernie fan there is. I have offered him my unpaid campaign work in return for a handshake and one free meal. Even I am not ready to say Bernie is numero uno. Yet, this is a developing story and perhaps the most interesting presidential election in history. Though I admit I missed out on other ones. Lincoln was before my time. I was in diapers for 1968. All I can do for those stories is mechanically reproduce what is out there for primary and secondary sources then rely on integral awareness to put together social reality's two plus two equals four mailed in analysis.

donkeytale said...

Biden supposedly is saying that if he runs he promises to serve only one term because of hus age. This means his VP pick is multiply important.

Warren makes sense because it paves the road to the WH for her in 2020 thus bypassing Hillary altogether.

The question is can Biden win the nom if Hillary is not fatally flawed and Sanders is also in? Assuming Warren is his VP I'm not sure how that would play out but it would seem to improve Bernie's chances a bit.

The 538 boys seem to think Sanders has a 5% chance if no Hillary fatal flaw....and you thot I was low at 37.5%. According to them there just isn't room for him to grow enough among blacks, latinos and chicks. He's boxed out, even if he wins the BLM vote that is still a minourity of minourities and it isn't even clear that the younger activist blacks will turn out for anybody. Bern hasn't begun to graze the surface of the latino milieu which went 2/3s for Hillary in 2008.

The comparison of Bernie with Obama in 2007 also doesn't hold up under scrutiny. Obama had the black vote automatically, he had establishment endorsements and was considered an up and coming party one in the DLC was going to gang up on him. Bernie has none of these advantages. However, he does have that anti-establishment mood in his favour which is why i am more optimistic of his chances. The boys in the 538 bus give a nod to this sentiment but don't believe it will be enough to overcome the rank and file, that white liberals simply dont have enough votes on their own to grab the nom.

They also aren't sanguine about Biden's chances if Hillary is not fatally flawed.

This is Nate Silver we're talking about so you have to pay attention to his schtick no matter what you believe in your heart. He is saying even at this point in 2007 Hillary didn't have the state by state polling strength she holds today.

They agree that it will be the fatal error only that will doom Hill and then there will be an opening for Biden so Bernie has his work cut out.

But I am all about taking the underdog and the points.

donkeytale said...

My feeling about Bukowski is perhaps different because he was a pretty big deal in LA while alive, far from an unknown like us.

That's why he's had films of his work made by H-wood hipsters because he was a mascot of sorts.

His fiction was published in the underground papers which at the time were above ground popular and sold right alongside the LA Times in the vending machines all over town. Factotum and Post Office both were serialised if I recall correctly.

His poetry readings were attended by hundreds of people. He was like us lumpen proles, only older. Blue collar drunks, stoned all day, unemployed and didn't give two shits. Those were the days.

He was more image then poet. It wasn't til later that I actually started to appreciate his work. When he was alive it was more like performance art.

I think some of mine stands up alongside his, especially the White Album and Poetess Friend (an early Booman masterpiece which may still be alive somewhere) among a few others. Some of my illusionsofmagicians work.

Maybe We hold these Tweets fits in there too.

socrates said...

I have a new idea for a blog entry: "I am out of ideas and am done."

The problem is I've got nothing. It would just be a title.

socrates said...

Thanks for the insights on Chinaski. Post Office is the book I will read when I get around to it.

Look, we all have to eat. Luckily for many poor artists, they had admirers and friends willing to cook them up a sandwich and offer up the couch.

I don't know what it is about booze. It must be the addiction part of it why folks can't stay away from the sauce. It creates headaches. It is fattening. It is a depressant. I know it sucks for folks to have to give up something, as it is a form of death. But it is a material death. Except for the real health consequences of quitting (the shakes?), it's simply not a good drug.

I'm not slamming you personally. I'm pretty sure you never fell to Bukowski's depths.

He had the pure spirit of the contrarian.

As do you.

I do also but am able to hide behind the skirts of the image of groovy peace.

There are many roads one can take. It is best to take the road less traveled not only because there is less traffic.

People need to stop beating themselves up. I learned that lesson the hard way.

It's very possible Bernie will be elected. 37% odds are not too shabby.

The inclusion of Biden would be a desperate maneuver. The losers in power elected Hillary as Queen-elect and they are stuck with her.

I will predict no way on earth Warren joins up with Biden. What was she going to do, refuse to meet with the vice president?

Deez Nuts has endorsed Bernie Sanders. Unfortunately, he is too young to vote.

There was a troll back in my chemmie days with that name or very similar. That is a strange name. I never understood it. Yes, I get it. "This is my nut sack."

But beyond that, I don't think it is very funny or original. It is okay though when put into context with other fake names added to the substitute teacher's sign in list.

No, I will not reproduce those.

I will say this. As a leftier than thou I never sent anyone to the office. But these kids nowadays or a decade ago or wtf when I was still teaching, they are the salty sailors. If I had a nickel for every time I said that's inappropriate or watch your language, I'd have some cash on me, after rolling up said change into those bank wrappers. No, I am no pro-bank, but if you chuck your change into those supermarket machines, they are going to apply a fee for your money.

This Dwight Howard thing must be kicking in. I take deeper breaths now.

I found another person associated with TWIB (the anti-Bernie he so fake Black netroots group at Twitter). She went to Harvard and works for Google.

Now I am not saying Black people or whites like you are bad for getting into business. I see Marcus Garvey was interested in finances. But I truly want to get to DuBois and/or McLuhan or Bukowski, something tangible.

Hillary is stalling on debates. It is remarkable.

She acts as if she is Obama and the incumbent going for a re-coronation.

I'm wondering why the losers who polled and came up with an 80% Hillary Black vote can't update us with some numbers. That's what the people want. They want easy to crunch and digest news bits.

It is starting to stall out a bit like a lame soap opera. The presidential election seems to be on the same schedule as the NBA. By October/November, we should have a better idea how to reformulate the power rankings and Vegas numbers for both institutions.

donkeytale said...

LOL. "I'm Dunn." Very astute comment by you.

That would be pure zen. A blank screen. The White Album cover.

I scoured my back pages at Booman's and found a few poems that I'd recreated from memory after he ditched my IOM masterworks.

I also stumbled on MOBETTAMETA which consists of Booman lamenting how he can't make a buck from teh DLC if trolls keep trashing his site. Mainly he's on about Ducktape Fatwa who posted a "we're all Hisbullah now" but Man Without a Country (Shadowthief) and Stu Piddy and yurs twuly come in for some abuse too.

Supersoling, Brinn, Catnip and fatwa hisslef slobber all over the thread. Super was everywhere during that era. LOL.

Interesting (almost), someone has continuously posted at least some schtick there since 2006.

Time flies on the internets.

The infoboobtubes piece you mention I think is one of my masterworks. I believe it's the schtick theft of Adorno and Hockheimer Culture Industry is it not?

A precurser of both Mediums Massage and Conspiracy.

I also found an early attempt at literature, the first Ricky Ricardo Joaquin thingie which I should probably work on. I saved that too. It was meant to be a Part I but I never got around to finishing it, largely because it mentions some sensitive personal interactions. He's still alive out there and his real name can be sussed by a talented cybersleuth from reading the story so I might let it rest. I keep thinking of going back out west to visit family and friends but You Can't go Home Again as the book was titled..

Barely, from what my sis tells me. And there is

I saved them all along with the Flutter Wings thingie from Shadowthiefproof.

I wish MSOC would show some class and repost her site to Blogger or Wordpress. I did a pretty good poem describing a Bukowski reading I attended in like 1973 and there were several pretty good schticks there.

donkeytale said...

Linkie thingie

donkeytale said...

Booze is the best thing, especially when mixed with Valium and weed.

Of course it is also the worst thing that's what makes it so hard.

I been down there pretty low in Chinaskiville, holmes.

I stopped and cleaned up then fell down and got back up. Several times. It has been a lifelong battle.

Maybe I shoulda stayed the course a la Charles.

Probably be dead already but who knows? May have sparked a flame within me to accomplish grateness. Is it better to be dead grateness or a living nobody?

As it stands right now I'm pretty happy to be here in seeming good health. Knock on wood. I have had so much good and bad happen to me I'm kinda full and not really worried about immortality or the void. I'm good with either. Just not today.

I watched a music video which posted Ghandi schtick.

He was overrated at least as far as schtick goes. Cliche as hell, that is unless he said it first and made him a cliche.

That would suck.

Or maybe not.

donkeytale said...

"Ricky's barely alive is what my sis tells me. And then there is another friend I still chat with occasionally. Houston Rollett in my gay masterpiece.

I think of the Lennon tune about all those places have their meaning, etc. etc.

Come to think, I sung that tune at me wedding to Frau Tale. "In my Life."

LOL. There's video somewhere thank god not online. Handheld video camera, the sound was terrible like those bad live concert youtubes you run across of songs you wish to here until you realise they were recorded from the audience via videocam.

Her niece expertly played the harpsichord-like break on the piano. I played rhythm acoustic guitar. It turned out OK I guess, nobody complained. I paid for the open bar. They loved that I know for sure.

socrates said...

You had various milieus consolidate page views off of the 2000 presidential debacle. The monkey wrench was 9/11. That had a bizarre, overwhelming impact on social media experience. You couldn't escape it.

You had alternative internet. You had Daily Kos. Democratic Underground used to have power, a second tier to DKos only because of Moulitsas' name power.

Both were DLC honeypots, imho. It's not even an opinion. I saw Cindy Sheehan get driven off of Daily Kos. Dave ended up mocking DKos for the better and more democrats schtick.'

On the side though were the Huffington's, the hybrids who combined more mainstream news formulas with peanut gallery assemblage.

Huffington styled internet obviously won out.

Whether many of the forums were rigged from the start or not, paid fakes and useful idiots at nearly every old-school big boy forum repulsed the regular guys.

MoBettaMetaWTF, I do remember that. I remember probably smoking a lot of weed and studying their archives.

MarisaCat was very good for Meta. And I totally agree with your implied analysis they had something stuck up their butts.

It's the critical tradition.

It's the old-school salon schtick. It's portrait of the artist as a young man schtick.

I am repulsed by hypocrisy and co-optation. This is why I never went too far with the bashing Republicans platform. I did at first. Then it's wait a second, pal. Key search tags would be Hal Turner, right woos left.... I am simply repeating myself. This is what I mean by that we have entered the era of no new ideas.

That is not necessarily a bad thing.

You are legit because you did write about the criminal justice system all during your top ranking in the big fish/small pond category.

It was predetermined by fate you would go through the DKos cookie cutter and herding apparatus. You love politics. You are liberal. You had no chance, son.

socrates said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about. You are a regular guy with a normal and boring job. It was a fluke I found that out. You are not Aaron Walker posting about popcorn days and Bwett. Although it's always best to stay safe.

One thing that helped me get over the horror of being outed was seeing all these looooosers who willingly cough up their photos and lives, the ones on Facebook primarily, but now every place seems to be working with FB. That to me is weird, how all these different places all of a sudden moved to Facebook comment software.

FB was perhaps the first milieu outed by masses of witness automatons for being tied to the CIA or wtf. Of course back in those days such people were scorned as kooks. Said kooks have been vindicated.

socrates said...

I try to tweet some of your gems, e.g. this one:

Your analysis is good and current.

I am rereading Assange's when google met sally schtick. I also am onto a Nate Silver cohort piece titled, This Is How Bernie Sanders Could Win:

socrates said...

Aaah, that is Nate Silver and having a round table. They are trying to calm Bernie people the f*** down. Sorry if you already posted the link.

I am devouring the Assange article. He truly is a regular guy. I assume you saw that originally from last October.

I like that kid and hope he can resume free travel soon. I have no clue about Assange. I bet the U.S. military would love to lock him and up and throw away the key like DeRay wanted done to Chelsea Manning.

socrates said...

Michael Denvir · Los Angeles, California
You are so completely misinformed about Sanders' policies on institutional racism. How can you call yourself experts when your opinions rest on misinformed opinion? Sanders' policies are to the left of Clinton on minority issues and are likely to resonate with black and latino audiences, but you treat old poll numbers like some unmovable fact. Just because you quote numbers and math does not make any of this the least bit scientific. Infuriating to read this lazy analysis from people who should be up to date on the issues.

socrates said...

I see that your boy Nate Silver was exposed as an idiot who isn't always right:

donkeytale said...

I dunno, one short piece of hackwork from a well-known hack site in support of your bias lacks scientific validity. All the polls were wrong about the UK election. Silver was merely reporting facts presciently as usual, well ahead of the below report. Methinks it is the Politico dunderhead who has it wrong. Of course he hates Sliver. He's a pundit and pundits are an endangered species after 2012.

I wouldn't automatically take a dump on someone just because their analysis conflicts with mine. Hardly fitting for an esteemed academic mind such as yourself. This is why they play the game and Silver laces them up when leg at a time too. We shall see what we shall see come 2016.

It is interesting that MAMZ predicted the electoral college even better than Silver in 2012. My guess is the Kos Kops are also backing Bernie this time around. But I don't hold that against the Bern.

donkeytale said...

Yeah, Mcat had xlnt meta schtick. When she banned Meta it was the beginning of the end for her site.

Old school salon was correct too. The problem with her was the mundane repetitive political cynicism was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I mean, after you read "we're so screwed" a million times over and over again you're like, OK what else then?

Very boring and totally self defeating. The old girl needed a shot of love is my take.

But as they say, it is far better to give than to receive. I don't think she was capable of either. Except maybe with her house cats. Sad to think she ended that way, but a fitting metaphor for the entire post 2000 milieu as you correctly termed it.

donkeytale said...

And never forget she dissed me as astroturf for suggesting the way out of her political wilderness ran through the Demotardic apparatus.

What. Bernie. Is. Doing. Now. 8. years. later.

Always trust donkeytale prescience. At least you have the decency now to admit you were wrong to believe in her instead of me.

donkeytale said...

Come to think of it, Marisacat was a total piece of pseudo intellectual bull shiite. Her "salon" and her acolytes with the rare exception were same.

If I were Mark Ames I would be dancing on her grave, but I am far too generous of spirit for that.


socrates said...

Sometimes we labor to connect. The grapevine used to ask why does it seem that donkeytale and socrates are talking over each other. Lately we have definitely been more on the same page.

I was shocked [and chagrined] to find the link showing Silver was climbing walls trying to figure out why his greatness had failed him. The copy and paste peanut gallery comment was from his website. The irony of linking to the Politico dude is that I believe that writer was someone I briefly torched through the twitter supertroll network.

I don't understand Silver's odds. Yes, that round table made some good points. But how does the Sanders' side (if there is one at 538 wtf) end up thinking Bernie has a 2% non fat milky chance with Silver being generous with a 5% Bernie point spread? Huh? I did not know that Bernie has the same chances as Ben Carson to win the presidential title.

I believe Bernie has a better chance than Trump and that isn't a crazy notion. The media manipulates and distorts, period?

I like the way we phrase it. You were smart to use baseball and runs. I see Silver and his friends like to use college scores, as in Alabama crushing Division 4 AAA Holy Cross 81-3, as if somehow the latter or say Vermont Community College somehow showed up on Hillary's schedule rather than Auburn.

Fuuuummmmmmmbleeeeeee!!!!! Whooooooaaaaa Nellllliiiieeee!!! Or from the Seinfeld episode, "Hooootttttt tamaallllleeeess"

I guess you had to be there.

Yes I am busted. It was getting late. I had to come up with something, so I googled Nate Silver sucks or was wrong or something.

And I also noticed the part about Markos Moulitsas. It was cringe worthy.

We should definitely keep in mind what you wrote previously. There is a big difference between the regular guys who latch onto DKos/Netroots and the fat cats at the top who own DKos/Netroots.

The peanut gallery will definitely back Bernard. The top will not.

Yes, the 2000 and 2004 presidential election debacle shaped the trajectory of social media. As did the Spy Factory. As did a number of other things.

We were herded into pro-Republicans and pro-Democrats camps. Then there were the offshoots who broke off and said it is not that simple and we are thoughtful, so bugger off ye paid fakes and useful idiots.

Every blog that killed off meta shot itself in the foot. I agree.

You say it happened at Marisacat's. It also happened at My Left Wing. Maryscott said okay that was fun exposing Moulitsas, but it's time to get back to keyboard commando-ing a better world.

Sure that is all well and good if it is original and timely. The people who formed the base of MLW, however, at the end post-meta were some of the worst bloggers anywhere. No one liked karmafish. No one could understand why he had so much power at MLW and how he was anything other than the political side of Mossad.

By that time the wolves had taken over the hen house. There was no spoon or something.

This will probably sound bad, but Dave Weintraub dying was similar to the J.F.K assassination. Something changed. Innocence was lost.

The marisacat model was born of the 2000's and was destined to fade away, especially since Marisa seemed unwilling to evolve. Now if she had health concerns and 20 cats as you seem to be saying, then oh well, God bless her and she tried her best within a specific time frame.

And yes again, no one wants boring. That is the curse of Aaron Walker and the fake popcorn movement.

What we have in common is that both of us were attacked as things we were not, we persevered, and were ultimately vindicated.

To Mark Ames' credit, the man never punched down. He would never go after someone like Marisa or myself for that matter. It's the same with Counterpunch. They are going to take the hits from me, keep following me as I do them, and we continue forward in the ultimate race to find out who is prescient and who is irrelevant infotainment.

donkeytale said...

Silver also believes Trump has no realistic shot.

There are ample reasons but the biggest stated: the primary/caucus system itslef delivers votes state by state, proportionally so the current national polling essentially is like comparing apples and oranges.

I'm not saying Silver is correct here but he does have a track record that is tough to ignore. With Bernie I believe it is the demographic issue especially in the bigger more minourity laden states. They also offer the DT endorsed theory that latinos and blacks have much more immediate pragmatic concerns and are less willing to take a shot on a leftier than thou if they don't think he can deliver the canned goods.

In fact, the minority contingent polls more conservative overall than white progressives.

Hillary, or I should say Bill, got credit for delivering an upbeat economy in the 90s.

Bernie, not that it is his fault at all, hasn't really delivered any tangible benefits to anyone outside of tiny Vermont. He will face massive obstruction as a socialist.

Also, I think there is the caveat that Hillary could flame out thus increasing teh Bern's odds.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I done some good work in my brief stint at Boomans. The poetry schtick wasn't half bad in 2005 but especially sticking it to the Kos Konvention and how it represented blog sell-out right in his face in a humourously satirical fashion which he didnt appreciate in 2006 when he banned me for the 3-4th time.

By 2006 in MOBETAMETA he admitted that banning the trolls was all about raking the bucks from the DLC for him.

This an early example of donkeytale prescience along with my prediction in 2005 that Obama would be the man in 2008.

donkeytale said...

Your commentary of late has been on fire. We are on similar if not same pages. I would say it is two part harmony.

socrates said...

Thanks, that's very kind of you and right back atcha.

There is breaking news and yet again, this shows the brilliance of Twitter.

"Joe Biden’s wife Jill confirms he isn’t running for President in 2016"

socrates said...

I wouldn't have known that so quickly without Twitter. Reda ‏@StCyrlyMe2 posted the link. Oh my, a little bit back in time I tweeted her about Hillary being a numbnut. She went all-cap and to paraphrase, we the Black vote will get it done.

I like her. I like her a lot. She and I have stuff in common, mostly an addiction to watching and then critiquing cable news shows.

socrates said...

It all depends. There is no denying Nate Silver's brilliance. He brings the pie in the sky Sanders supporter back to earth.

Perhaps there is not much difference in Silver's analysis than ours. It's just that his numbers equate to a minimal number while we give Bernie better overall odds.

Silver is being a bit unethical as was Marc Lamont Hill with his Bernie has no chance declaration.

There is an easy analogy to why that shouldn't be done. California votes last. What about the people who want to vote, but by the time they get around to it later in the day, they see their candidate has already lost or it looks that way?

You are correct this is a state by state thingie and cannot be reduced to some magical across the board brass tacks polling score.

Hillary will clearly win some states. There will be no contest. It's like your talking about big boy state Texas. Hillary will win that one. I trust you since you live there. But you are also correct that if Bernie hits a certain threshold, despite having zero chance of winning Texas, that will be a harbinger of something real and good for our good friend Bernie.

Bernie should have fantastic chances of easily winning some states, say Vermont and Massachusetts?

That is where the field goal posts have been moved, that Bernsies will win a few Northeast states, maybe Oregon too. But I see it that Bernie could win California. He could win Minnesota and lots of the traditional leftier than thou states.

California is a huge pile of delegates.

This is great news Biden isn't running or I am not sure. He would have probably tapped into Hillary's votes as we both seemed to agree. My question, and please pardon my ignorance, but how do the delegates work in the end? Could Biden have basically ran and gobbled up 10-20% of votes, then give them to Hillary? I can't believe it works that way. But then again, those Biden delegates have to go somewhere. I plead ignorance.

socrates said...

New York has a very big pile of delegate power also. I see no reason why Berns couldn't win NY also.

I am predicting that Bernie will have to use the strategy that propelled Bill Clinton or maybe Obama too into office. The repukes win all their redneck states, but the Dems win enough of the big states to win anyway.

Bernie is also in the mix for winning votes no one talks about. I am voting for the first time in a very long time. I am voting for Bernie. I was never called for my vote in the polls. There could be a lot of people like me who can make up some ground on the DINO fat knuckle grasp vote. And the Snowden vote. That should technically go to Bernie.

Old school Republicans will never vote for Sanders. But there could be younger people "evolving" and getting ready to vote for Bernie over Hillary.

Hill's voting base doesn't seem all too confident in her trustworthiness/truthiness.

Some people may be voting for Sanders who simply are still in the stranglehold of a media attempting to coronate Hillary.

She is trying to run out the clock. I appreciate Nate Silver, but he seems to be still in the Jason Johnson/Lamont Hill phase of Bernie's got nothing. They are not even to the stage of accepting there has been a "significant tightening." The biggest point of all is that it is a two person democratic party race. There has yet to be a debate.

In place of those has been the last couple months of BLM political activity. Polling seems extremely overrated at this juncture, except for the part which fits my bias that it is Red Sox-Yankees 2004. Whoever wins, wins it all. Just replace Bernie and Hillary. Or LeBron James. Whatever works.

donkeytale said...

Sanders is definitely the outsider which wins my vote everytime. Unfortunately he is overshadowed by Trump's antics. The GOP again holds all the infotainment cards.

How could Wisconsin keep voting in Walker? The guy looks and acts deranged. He could have been a background loony in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest.

Worst. Haircut. Of. All. Time.

I pay attention the things that truly matter in presiditzial run-ups.

Looks and media personality. Trump pulls it off because he is so over the top in both categories. Walker is like Trump's mirror opposite.

Bernie is doing fine, whether he wins it all or not this is a great time for fake lefties of which he is perhaps the finest exemplar this side of Alexis Tsipras.

He sorta reminds me of Gene McCarthy in 1968 who got off to a huge start in certain well placed early primaries but the RFK entered and won California primary and then of course that night at the Ambassador Hotel (which never recovered from that night and eventually shut down). The fact that the establishment player Humphrey won and then lost to nutter Nixon should be a sobering herstory lesson for all us bernie supporters.

Hillary is the new Humphrey? Or is there no one on the GOP side as diabolically cunning a pol as Nixon? Questions seeking answers.

I'm dunn

donkeytale said...

Perish this thot: Is Trump the new Nixon?

donkeytale said...

Sure enuff

donkeytale said...

Now I'm really done.