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Friday, January 15, 2016

Donkeytale proven wrong on Marche article

       Leonardo Doritos tried to reason with donkeytale.

This is "I told you so" 101.

You call this boring?

                           Uh-huh, my wedding cost from $3-5 million!

She married some clown from Goldman Sachs.

Bill looks like a wino. But I'm repeating myself at this point.

I will mail in the rest from Twitter. Sorry, bro, you lost this one.

                                        It's in the hole.

In conclusion, I am the winner. You are the loser.

That article is the anchor punch. I am talking Mike Tyson winning fights in the first round.

Here's the link.

The title is, "MY EDGY FORAY INTO CREATIVE NON-FICTION: On Bernie, Trump & White Privilege," by Carl Diggler.

But that's not all. We have Jacobin as backup support.

Here's the link.

And to rub salt into your contrarian wounds, here's one more:

For the Love of God, Stop Comparing Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Here's that link.

I finally got around to doing the eye test part of the zeitgeist sniffing project. Bernie passes. He's authentic.


donkeytale said...

Sorry, I did notice this most excellent love siren and now the others on Twitter. I didn't mean to blow off my Adjunct Professor of Zeitgeist Theory duties but then it became so nice to take a little break from the action that I couldn't even muster a response to your polemical challenge here against the Thesis put forth by Marche.

Let me clarify, the election itself is definitely not boring.

But MY schtick relative to the election was boring me in extremis. I was (and am) bored with myslef. In fact, I think that was the term I used. "The schtick is very boring." I didn't mean yours or even "it." I meant "moi."

This is a common dilemma for those of us who are prescient. We called this exact scenario back in July I believe. Maybe earlier.

You have updated it since with more bold predictions that Bernie has the election in the bag and I agree that things are looking extremely bright for the Bern at the moment, unless you still are also stating that the polls are wrong?


Yes, I cannot keep on keeping on repeating the same schtick over and over and over again (my fren) more than about 5 months or so, even when it confirms that I am correct, even for something as important as this election and Bernie's recent ascent in Iowa and NH as well as what appears to be some gains nationally (again, if polls can be believed). I was beginning to feel like I was CNN or something with all the repetition all the live long day.

I'm enjoying the break and yes still following your Twitter at least once in awhile.

You have been prescient as hell, my fren.

Keep up the great work and I'll be back probably right after the IA/NH results are in.

I'm in blog detox I guess is one way of looking at it and enjoying the scenery along the way.

Lenny Fritos said...

It's good to take a break. I doubt either of us had a clue that article you linked to would turn into a barn burner. Nor could either of us have predicted this new Brock smear stuff.

Dixon says his head is spinning. It is mysterious what will happen.

I was against quantitative sociology, but a case could be made that social scientists should chart all data and understand who exactly responded.

It's weird. It's historic. It's happening in real time.

I thought the whitey ad was a bit awkward before hearing of Brock's smear. I saw the ad with no preconceived notions. But then by the end Bernie approved of a number of exotic races. I bow down to the beauty and grace of Black people. I admit to a fetishism exacerbated by internet addiction.

I thought that was a very clever love siren. I pinned one of I think three tweets concerning yourself. I thought it might bring some page views here. We can't always rely on the Russians.

There's too much to say. I got lucky. Of course there is a breed of racism amongst the lily-whites. But not all or even most. That Marche article is similar to the Coates slamming Bern on reparations. It showed no awareness for David Brock smears calling Bernie and his supporters racist. He said Bernie was supporting white supremacy. Nothing on Hillary. No self-awareness at all of astroturf.

In my extensive research I saw someone saying Kevin Nealon has a landline schtick with polls. He doesn't mention The View.

The key donkeytale is to anticipate the next chess move. The Hillary side is getting demented. The email rumours are getting louder finally making it out of Breitbart world to CNN et al.

It's extremely interesting. I don't think we'll ever get all the answers to our questions. There will be exit polls based on race?

The polls are skewed. We know the polls in general are accurate in theory.

It got boring. People can research it for themselves. There are articles, etc..

No, I am not promoting polls good for Bernie if I say they are garbage when Hillary is winning by 50 points or wtf in South Carolina.

Maybe I will give it a rest at Twitter.

Maybe quit while I'm ahead.

I wouldn't mind writing a long-form for here. Slow down the clock.

Academically, not trying to be prescient, but it is historic fact in real time that Hillary Clinton is running a racist campaign. The irony is she is being racist in an attempt to Svengali the Black vote.

David Brock is a Netroots type loser. I also tweeted this is not an attack on peanuts, masses of peanuts in the gallery.

You just had bad luck. I was psyched as you can imagine to see that my pasty white knee-jerk reaction was correct and written up by other websites. Equating Trump and Bernie supporters is a ridiculous, sleazy thing to do.

So yes in conclusion, Marche and Coates are the same guy. Useful idiots.

Oh, and you know one is racking up hits on Twitter when ye see the reemergence of the Good Guy FBI schtick. But I ain't gonna be Bernie and do the blogging equivalent of the eight hour Berniebuster. Okay maybe I was prescient to say this wasn't Bernie's first rodeo and that he was no sheepherder, in it to win it, his words, etc..

You were prescient. You were 50-50 from way back in time. I think we agreed on that. He was getting big crowds and individual donations. Hillary and her team freaking out lately must mean something.

Lenny Fritos said...

It was weird how it truly went nuts after we put our correspondence on hold. There's so much going on.

It'd be insane if Bernie wins Iowa by 15 and NH by 35 or some kind of padding of the Bern stats.

I don't trust this recent Bernie bump or I wish it were better defined.

I don't mean I trust Hillary as an automatic coronation or dominant front runner.

They do their own polling. Her freaking out seems to say Bernie has solid leads in both states. Maybe Bernie has made inroads with the Black vote in S. Carolina.

Real people are excited by Bernie Sanders.

A middle of the road friend donated ten dollars.

Being a bernbot is more than the internet. Sure it must be appreciated all the BernBots who posted factual schticks.

But you are prescient in that there is more to life than being internet freaks trapped within a McLuhan-ish styled nightmare.

We were probably prescient because we are not brain dead. One would have had to been the most clueless of numbnut to not know who Bernie is.

Then it became why not very soon. He got donations. He got crowds. He even got some positive movement in polls. Then the Black Live Matters stuff took over.

I think it's just been a marvelous campaign by Bernie and Symone.

Thank God the molasses season is about to end, the silly season. Basically we have four early ones spread out to gobble up on their own terms. Great infotainment to look forward to. March 1st is going to be huge. O'Malley hopefully steps down after Iowa. Enough is enough with Martin O'Malley.

donkeytale said...

Oh, I'm not admitting you won anything and I completely disagree with yout take on the Marche article...although I didn't realize some guy named "Marche" even wrote it until I saw this headline. Comparisons are worthy. They aren't necessarily symmetrical.

The doof in Jacobin is an udder moron. You can always google and find support of any idiocy. Which you Captain Obviously did. That specious article was worthy of Salon or HuffPo in its shallow pseudo intellectual self negation, true irrelevance in search of relevance.

The Coates schtick is a lot like Malcolm. He is more radical and uncompromising. It is funny to assume Malcolm would kow tow to Bernie or JFK or LBJ. He wouldnt. That was MLK, the original Killer Mike trying to work with whitey for some incremental gains.

Coates, like Malcolm and Tale doesn't let fetishism as you succinctly put it stand in the way of the actual truth, which is hwere prescience lives. He is a true leftier than thou and reparations are a leftier than thou concept. My guess is Bernie secretly agrees but he is exposed here because truly if Bernie wants to win he has to tone it down for the average Amerikkkan chuckleheaded consumer.

You better get used to this pushing to the leftier edge. Bernie is following on Obama's footsteps and if successful there will be more compromises that leftiers won't also appreciate Bernie making. But consider it progress where Obama was pushed by a clown like West Bernie is pushed by a truly thought provoking leftier than Corny such as Coates.

Coates is the real deal.

Coates is showing that Bernie is not all that a bag of Jesus chips. Yes, he too has to make his compromises to the omnipotent white man just as Obama did in order to win. Backing off reparations is smart politically but it is ...political.

donkeytale said...

Marche was comparing the Trump and Sanders fan bases. It was nothing less than spot on, although I understand people hate being caught in the headlamps of accuracy. Now, if you want to critique his conclusions I have no problem with that but I found the article pretty much summing up my own critique of the Whiteysphere that is more than a decade old.

And guess what? The same half-assed critique like by that moron on Jacoffabin Magazine has always been the consistent response by white, uber comfortable self satisfied smug lefties.

I can google too:

"The 162-year-old Republican party of Lincoln and Reagan, and the 188-year-old Democratic party of Roosevelt and Kennedy, are facing simultaneous revolts from their own rank and file that threaten to reshape the American political landscape. Both find themselves assailed by a popular uprising against Washington: Democrats disappointed that their president hasn’t achieved more in seven years, Republicans riled that their control of both houses of Congress has yielded little – and independents despairing of unprecedented deadlock on Capitol Hill.

Sanders told the MSNBC channel last week: “What we are doing in this campaign, it just blows my mind every day because I see it clearly, we’re taking on not only Wall Street and the economic establishment, we’re taking on the political establishment.”

“.....there is a confluence of anger at the pillars of American society. Look at what people have confidence in: Congress is down below used car dealers and reporters. We’re in an era when nobody likes anything and the two people most vocal about not liking things are Trump and Sanders. From two different directions, they’ve attracted people who like the way they see the world.”

They divide along a line seldom acknowledged in US discourse: class. Sanders draws strong support from graduates and students, whereas most of Trump’s followers are on low incomes and did not go to university. One hammers Wall Street, the other demonises immigrants, but both are perceived as authentic and unspun, right down to their oddball hair. They are two sides of the same coin.

The comparison is tooth grindingly obvious just as it was in 2012 on FDL and 2007 on MLW and 2016 on DFQ2. Whitey in denial doesn't change the facts on the ground.

And Bernie is a huge step up. Number 1, he is inside the party apparatus which means he can compete on a level playing field unlike loosers such as Nader and Stein, former darlings of the white dilettante crowd. More crucially he is raising money, gobs of money and he can get his message broadly communicated to the minourities who never would hear or relate to Nader or Stein in any event.

Bernie is a man of the people. His message is pure zen. It embodies truth before the words are formed in his mouth.

He is gaining the great momentum. He is the bus and you are driving it, my fren.

Although for today I hope you are safe and warm inside watching the snow fall.

Lenny Fritos said...

You seem to be assuming Coates is a radical. Is DeRay Mckesson a radical? Coates is a corporate journo in some foundation fellowship of the the elites society.

My goal isn't to investigate Coates. I also admit I am terrified to try to spell his first name. We are falling into Brock's scorpion web. They are trying to turn us into sheep herders.

And I admit the entry above wasn't the most cogent. The anchor punch was the Diggler article, not Jacobin. And I also see you sidestepped the for the love of God part of the schtick.

The main point was here's Doritos who actually looks like Charlton Heston with a fake mustache. Then there is the diggler.

Okay, I admit DigglerBreath is the male equivalent of CommieGirl at Wonkette. How we doing on the snark metre?

Or this is Amerikkka? Spell it as meter?

Is it my fault theatre is just a much more classy way of spelling than its Americanised version?

Coates messed up in that he presented nothing on Hillary. There was nothing journalistic about what he wrote, not when seen in context. Reparations is his hobby horse. I have no problem with reparations. It makes sense. It won't solve the structural issues, but twenty grand is twenty grand or whatever lump sum people would get.

I think Bernie's response was it has only 17% support. Maybe that was Bernie's way of saying he too is a progressive who gets things done.

It is in Black folks' interests to vote for Bernie over Hillary. Apparently the Black vote is the only thing holding back Bernie beating Hillary. I am not sure that is true, but that's been the ongoing narrative.

Of course no one is perfect including Colonel Sanders.

Yes, lots of folks call Bernie that. I also see people calling him Saunders.

Where's Coates' other political stuff? Kareem wrote up a schtick months ago. You see all these peoples' true colours if you dare to look.

Remember our buddy Marc Lamont Hill? He's another radical?

You got trolled hard by The Diggler. I am an unbiased reporter/journo blogger at times. I am simply reporting what the Diggler said and it stunned you, just as Ali stunned Foreman. Those were not phantom punches. They are called anchor punches. I guess you have forgotten the great wisdom dispensed by Ali in the Cosell Chronicles or whatever phrase defines Ali and Cosell shooting the breeze.

donkeytale said...

Coates is quite radical by comparison. The elitist tag is simply lazy thinking. OK. Marcuse was also an elitist. Your Frankfurt School boys were also elitists.

Brock is a clown. There is no reason even to go there. I could compare him to West but even that would be unfair. West has some gravitas although it is 30 years old.

Coates was making an excellent point. He praised Bernie. If he votes at all then I'm guessing its Bernie. Still, you need to avoid the either/or condundrum. That my fren is pseudo intellectualism. There are gradations and contexts. Complexity cannot be ground into us vs them.

The left is nothing without self criticism. Without it the left becomes fascist.

"You are either a Bern bot or a useful idiot" is a false dichotomy. It doesn't become you.

But I do understand in the throes of the political race the herd instinct reules and the herd must band together and multiply.

It's just that, well, I'm never going to be in the herd. Call that a weakness. Call it my existential crisis.

You are wrong about Coates. He isn't politically motivated. He is a social critic and he is attacking racism.

His work is superior. I think you are the one who needs to check it out, but first check your white bernbottery at the front door.

Lenny Fritos said...

You're a good guy, but this is what you are basically supporting:

That's Ben Dixon ranting about Brock, Hillary and an "augmented" Southern strategy.

He also speaks of Black elites. He is a sophisticated Black man who I believe moved to Massachusetts for college and stayed. I am not sure. That's what it seems.

This doesn't seem the time and place to be peddling divide and conquer rhetoric which will help Hillary. I am not sure it helps her that much. It just never stops, so it continues to be one of the main threads throughout this nomination process.

If you want to spin hippies and union supporting whites as racist, go ahead. It's a free internet. It doesn't mean, however, that you have clean hands. Yes, you have been pure brilliance over the years pointing out white hypocrisy and racism. Unfortunately along the way you lost your radical gumption. You are perilously close to serving a sheep herder role. There is always a devil's advocate. There is always an even bigger context. And perhaps this is what McLuhan meant by that content and perhaps even context no longer seems to matter in this electrically connected world.

The irony is Hillary is calling people like me and Bernie right wing trolls. That we are taking plays out of Rove's playbook.

You already lost the Firedoglakelake vote. Ironically, it appears that our buddy Kevin at Shadowproof is fully feeling the Bern.

Everything we do must serve the purpose of putting Bernie into the big cheese seat.

It's fine to be critical. I respect that you are not going to blindly kiss Bernie's butt. Yet it might be a better use of your time to help that end game rather than get some personal satisfaction out of being the rare white man who isn't racist. So you look great and Hillary becomes president? Is that your end game?

donkeytale said...

BTW, Coates works for the Atlantic which is hardly "corporate journalism."

He is a brilliant researcher and writer. Sorry, but that too is conspiracy fact. He went to Howard. His dad was a Black Panther turned working class stiff and he grew up outside the black middle class.

It is also conspiracy fact that he was offered a much higher paying regular gig at the truly corporate NYT (although the NYT is a family owned coproration) and he turned it down.

Lenny Fritos said...

I know time is short, but the Dixon clip is about ten minutes and he is saying exactly what I am saying. And as a Black man, I don't think you have the upper hand on him. Maybe on me, but not Ben.

If you are not afraid of putting your voice on the internet, maybe you should go on his show. I don't think I'm talented enough. Or it's because I have social anxiety.

Maybe you are correct about Coates and he's a great thinker, etc..

I just need more proof that is true.

I'm a little bit more concerned with who is the next president than how great or fake a guy Coates is.

donkeytale said...

No, I nailed the failed FDL whitey third party conundrum and how the winning leftist strategy requires working inside the Demotardic party apparatus and gaining the support of the growing minority hegemony within the party.

Dude, I loves me sum Ben Dixon. I understand where he and you are coming from as the unknown angry guy on the cyber street. I'm right there with you. Still, throwing brilliant critics from the (true)left under the bus simply because you are afraid it will somehow cost Bernie the election is simpletonian thinking. It's actually absurd.

No, it is reactionary. You are veering into cult of personality stuff there.

I urge you to keep your intellectual chops apart from the playing of politics and to acknowledge the difference. This is important for your own credibility especially down the road when Bernie wins and starts the much harder job of being Presidit in our gridlocked system of kowtowing compromise.

I'm dunn. This is why I stepped back in the first place. We are talking apples and oranges much too often. I support Bernie 100%. I believe he has a great chance and I believe the Doritos and the Jings and the Dixons are a big part of that online effort.

Still, there is a whole other intellectual world out there that doesn't require comparison or cooptation into the Cult of Bernie.

My guess is Bernie will reject the Cult of Bernie. He already does.

donkeytale said...

I will watch Dixon and I thank you for making me aware of him in the first place.

I laughed about going on his show and your social anxiety. YOU should go on his show. It would be awesome. The issue of social anxiety is it can be overcome.

I just read where Killer Mike is a huge fan of Coates, even though they disagree on Coates critique. There is mutual respect.

We have that amongst us too. And I have huge respect for Ben Dixon. I love his schtick. I hope he makes it, although then he will become part of the "New Elite." This is unavoidable, this nonsense labeling which in fact pulls people of like mind and politics apart and is defeatist.

This too is conspiracy fact. Let's celebrate our honest criticisms and make them contructive in the new world that is developing before our eyes.

You are the man. You are on fire and I love it.

Yes, the Doritos picture is awesome.

donkeytale said...

I was thinking about an earlier discussion we had vis a vis the podcast/social anxiety question, then I saw my "Asians reule"dairy on the front page and went to the thread as I always do to become amazed once again at our brilliance, when I saw this bit:

"It is like singing in front of people. Once you loose the self-consciousness and just get into doing it, you will be amazed at how many people will like it even when you know you actually suck. People like us are our own worst critics and that helps us produce quality work but also holds us back."

That's the whole thing especially for introverts. Just have to acknowledge the butterflies and get after it. To be is to do. Introverts are always perfectionists who feel we fail if we make one social mistake. Therefore we say nothing.

The fact is, we all suck. Them and me and you.

And yet, introverts are sure that we suck more than they do.

And it is simply not true.

It's like asking that girl out for a date who you really dig but just know without knowing she thinks you are a looser.

So you never ask her.

The not asking at all is what makes you a looser....not the fact she turns you down.

And guess what, she probably turned you down not because she felt superior to you but because she felt like you were too smart for her and she would embarrass herself in your huge intellectual presence.

Lenny Fritos said...

We were just being ourselves as usual talking over one another. Both points probably stand on their own and do not contradict. Coates apparently doesn't realise there is a lot on the line concerning Hill/Bern. Maybe I realise it too much.

It is a tough balancing act, to avoid not giving something enough context or too much.

Yes, I am a BernBot operative and it has clouded my personal goal of exuding intellectual greatness in Ali terms for my own schtick. I may be unpaid, but I am still a political operative for Bernie. I admit it.

The mind races.

Lenny Fritos said...

The great thing about Dixon is he tends to cover the exact topics we do and it is basically an old-school radio show. You don't have to watch the screen. So if you're cleaning the dishes or wtf, you can play it in the background.

I don't know about myself being a factor. I think long-term I am, same as you. Not saying this as egotistical blowhard. Wouldn't be prudent.

Jeanette was a definite factor.

Dixon is a huge factor.

I only came about him recently too. He showed up in youtube. Then I found him at Twitter. He's kind of a Dave Weintraub type building his own progressive coalition.

I'm a troll. I wasn't always like this. But when one is cornered in a metaphysical way, all bets become off the table. Nothing more is to be doubled down and ginned up. I have consciously decided to enter the bizarro world. It is a genre which fits my few but verified talents. The stream of blah blah blah, that kind of schtick, but the good kind of blah if you know what I ramble.

Lenny Fritos said...

I gotta be me?

Lenny Fritos said...

One of us should truly write up a long-form on medium cheese, on its place in the social structure. This Sammy Davis/Judy Garland, Frankie schlinkschlein is depressing as all f_ _ _.

The Cult of Personality junk.

Lenny Fritos said...

I see even The Three Stooges were racist here and there.

You and Coates make strong points. However, Bernie is not the enemy and needs your support. Any smear on Bernie must also include its context to Hillary Clinton. Or one is simply being an intellectual wanker. Yes, intellect is good, wanking is probably okay too, but not in public. Thanks in advance.

donkeytale said...

Bernie needs my support and he has it but he needs free thinking critical thinkers if this is going to be a "political revolution" that stands the test of time.

The idea that there needs to be this yin and yang response to every idea that doesn't extol the virtuousness of Bernie in cult-like fashion is just trash. It is the mind sludge engendered by fake Twitter wars.

Dude, Bernie will not gain or loose a single vote because Coates didn't mention Hillary. Coates point isn't even about reparations anyway. He surely knows that these are symbolic and have little to zero chance. But Coates point is also Malcolm's point: if you expect the white man, even a zen white man who becomes presidit with his heart affixed in the perfect place, to have the ability bail out the black man from the centuries of systemic racist oppression...fuhgeddibout it. There is no salvation from without.

It wasn't that long ago (like at this very moment, somewhere) when today's BernBots are excoriating ObamaBots for their very bot-like tendencies all the while exhibiting bot like tendencies themselves, even worse because they are blind to the recent past.

The recent past for Obamabots was Bush....and Iraq, and the worst recession since the great depression....BernBots have huge relative advantages.

Let us not squander those advantages by not adding the enlightenment to our schticks. And remembering that Bernie is able to move leftier because the ground was moved and the stage was set by all that which precedes.

Let us not be trapped within the past but emboldened by the lessons we have learned from the past.

And one of those lessons should be that one man alone cannot make the difference.

The election of Bernie is not an end in itself. It is not a beginning either.

It is a continuation along a hard path to where we need to be.

And we need to be there in solidarity alongside the ObamaBots, the HillBots, the AngryTrumpBots, the Derays, the Coates, the Cornies, the Killer Mikes, the true lefts, the fake lefts and everyone breathing whose hearts bleed in the pain and suffering caused by the wrong turn taken since 1981 (or thereabouts) starting with Reagan.

Yes, BernBots will also require HillBots to defeat the TrumpBots.

Bet on it.

Lenny Fritos said...


Everything went sour with the Reagan counter-revolution?

And there you go again lumping everyone into the same television show. Marcuse warned against this. He said if you lump everything together, the powerful, nasty ingredients will ruin the overall society cake.

I thank you for this.

Why not simply admit you took a break from following the nooks and crannies, that you were all set with a narrative based on Trump as Mussolini and Hillary as some kind of foreign policy expert with Bern as underachieving sheep herder?

Remember when Gloria cheated on Mike and Archie told his daughter he had more respect for Meathead after all was said and done?

I'm not grokking this neoliberal advocacy which seeps into your commentary. I respect your brilliance or fear being trolled on by you. Either way, I am pretty sure things weren't hunky dory pre-Ronnie.

You are the progressive supertroll who gets things done? I am the kooky supertroll in the attic with no authentic plans to pay for my blogging ideas? It's the Military-Industrial Complex and all the other forms of corruption that are holding us back, not some pseudo-debate that's been going on for decades. You know, good cop, bad cop, but God bless f*cken Amerikkka?

Maybe I am too radical and you are too milquetoast?

Man, the bottom line is that I've been the stereotypical raging left my whole life. It boils down to what John Lewis said to BLM in Georgia:

"That was another time and another place."

Go watch some t.v., John. Retire. You lost your fastball. Maybe wait by the phone for some nice person to poll you. Not you, John Lewis.

Lenny Fritos said...

I linked to your comment at Twitter. I may not understand SEO or why the Russians are all over this blog. What is their endgame?

Disclosure: Triple F made famous the phrase, "What is your endgame." BK gets full credit for the doubling down/ginning it up schtick. Although, it was yourself who spoke of the top of the zeitgeist and BK stole that schtick from you or forgot to tell Judge Triple F where he got that information. In the deliberation process our good buddy Judge appointed by O'Malley by the way, Triple F would have known I may have been at the top of the zeitgeist, but it wasn't myself making the claim. I would only realise my greatness later on, a few years later.

But even then I spoke of driving the bus. I wasn't saying I was God or better than God or even that John Lennon was my favourite Beatle.

Lenny Fritos said...

I won't bombard you like usual. If I feel an itch to write, I'll start a new blog entry and let it rip.

But here is a new article I haven't read yet which seems to be what Coates forgot to include in his Bernie smear article.

I found this via GoodTwitty who's #1 topic is gun control. Everything he or she posts usually concerns guns, as in they are not good. But apparently he or she is still pro-Bernie. Good Twitty wrote:

"Sanders Is Same As Obama & Clinton on Reparations as A Campaign Issue -But Much Better On Jobs , Income & Education"

He was linking to a HuffPost Black Voices tweet and link to:

Bernie Sanders Doesn't Support Reparations. Why Is That So Surprising?

Lenny Fritos said...

whose not who's? :/

Lenny Fritos said...

Coates busted as big, fat ego on MSNBC:

Lenny Fritos said...

Cornel West is corny and Coates is greatness? Gotcha. I see what you're trying to do.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is riotous! You equate Coates to Malcolm X when it turns out he is a self-admitted snob who lived the high life in France. He is rich and famous. So it's no surprise he attacked Bernie and helped Hillary; Because that's what "winners" do.

donkeytale said...

I see what's going on here. We are driving separate buses down separate roads.

You have parked on BernBot Blvd and I'm OK with that. The fried rhetorical escalation is probably a result of too much time inside the hive mind of Twitter,
but that's OK too. It is indeed riotouse to watch.

However, this diagogie still isn't fruitful.

I make valid points and you throw back that I'm "equating" Coates who is rich and famous and neoliberal according to you. LOL. And Killer Mike is a man of the people worth how many millions? And Corny West is a man of the people who has spent his entire life protected by Ivy League walls. Dude, "elite is elite." There are not separate elits separated only by your imagination and Twitter confirmations.

Coates makes valid points about the white man's legacy and lack of concern towards the black man he has exploited for centuries and to you that means he's pimping for Hillary. He infers the truth: no white man, even the zen-like Bern will overcome the systemic injustice alone. He offers valid history that says nothing about Hilary or Bernie for President other than he points out the obvious limits of either one's ability to change the paradigm for African Americans.

This is the Malcolm school of thought. He descends from Malcolm. If that's an equation then it is clearly Malcolm > Coates of course.

MLK > than Killer Mike too.

So what?

And of course I am also now a neoliberal too, is that it?

From paid fake to neoliberal it's been a long and winding road.

Of windbaggery. LOL. Good night and good luck. See you in November or better yet, in February after the inauguration and the hard work that will beckon Presidit Bernie truly begins.

Lenny Fritos said...

Am I supposed to cry or something?